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List of Top Ranking Colleges in Patiala

This page contains information about :
Colleges and Universities in Patiala
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Medical colleges in Patiala
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B.Com, M.Sc., MCA, B.Tech, B.Pharmacy, Diploma in Pharmacy, M.Tech, Ph.D., ITI, MBA, BBA, MCA, BBA, top ranking, best colleges in Patiala.

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  1. Career Institute of Management And Technology for Women, Patiala
  2. Patiala College For Women, Patiala
  3. IIHT (Hardware and Network Training), Patiala
  4. Rayat Bahra Patiala Campus (Shri Balaji Group of Institutions), Patiala
  5. Chanakya School of Management and Business Studies, Patiala
  6. Kay Jay School of Management and Technology, Patiala
  7. SK Infosys, Patiala
  8. Vaishno Mata Computers, Patiala
  9. Indian Institue of Management and Computer Technology, Patiala
  10. GN College of Education, Patiala
  11. Asian College of Education, Patiala
  12. Thapar University, Patiala
  13. Punjabi University, Patiala
  14. Government Ayurvedic College, Patiala
  15. Sri Guru Harkrishan College of Management and Technology, Patiala
  16. Government Dental College and Hospital, Patiala
  17. Luxmi Bai Institute of Dental Sciences and Hospital, Patiala
  18. Government College of Education, Patiala
  19. Punjab Aircraft Maintenance Engineering College, Patiala
  20. College of Management and Technology, Patiala
  21. Malwa Institute of Management Rakhra, Patiala
  22. Government Medical College and Rajindra Hospital, Patiala
  23. Adarsh College of Nursing Chounth Samana, Patiala
  24. Government Bikram College of Commerce, Patiala
  25. Government Polytechnic College for Girls, Patiala
  26. Government Mohindra College, Patiala
  27. Gurmat College, Patiala
  28. Khalsa College, Patiala
  29. Multani Mal Modi College, Patiala
  30. Jasdev Singh Sandhu Degree College, Patiala
  31. Punjab College of Law Raipur, Patiala
  32. Punjab Institute of Oriental and Indian Languages, Patiala
  33. Govt College of Nursing, Patiala
  34. Prof Gursewak Singh Punjab Government College of Physical Education, Patiala
  35. Netaji Subhas National Institute of Sports (NIS), Patiala
  36. Punjabi University - Punjab School of Law, Patiala
  37. Punjabi University - Punjab School of Management Studies, Patiala
  38. Punjabi University - University College of Engineering UCOE, Patiala
  39. Patiala Institute of Engineering and Technology for Women (PIET), Patiala
  40. Jasdev Singh Sandhu Institute of Engineering and Technology JSSIET Kauli, Patiala
  41. Punjabi University - IAS and Allied Services Training Centre, Patiala
  42. Rajiv Gandhi National University of Law (RGNUL), Patiala
  43. Punjab Public Service Commission (PPSC), Patiala
  44. CMT Group, Patiala
  45. Bhai Gurdas General Nursing School, Patiala
  46. Sant Inder Dass Nursing Institute, Patiala
  47. Malwa Industrial Training Centre Dhablan, Patiala
  48. Centre for Advanced Media Studies (CAMS), Patiala
  49. Shree Ganesh Group of Institutions, Patiala
  50. Government ITI, Patiala
  51. Swift Group of College (SGOC), Patiala
  52. National Institute of Ayurvedic Pharmaceutical Reaserch (NIAPR), Patiala
  53. Luxmi Bai Institute of Management And Technology, Patiala
  54. Thapar Polytechnic College, Patiala
  55. Asian Institution, Patiala
  56. Asian School of Bio-Sciences, Patiala
  57. Asian School of Mathematics, Patiala
  58. Asian School of Economics, Patiala
  59. Asian School of Computer Sciences, Patiala
  60. Asian School of Commerce, Patiala
  61. Asian School of Management, Patiala
  62. Guru Nanak Institute of Medical Technology, Patiala
  63. Sri Guru Harkrishan Group of College, Patiala
  64. Takshila Management amd Technology, Patiala
  65. Government College for Girls, Patiala
  66. Luxmi Bai Group, Patiala
  67. Shri Balaji Faculty of Information Technology and Business Management, Patiala
  68. Swift Institute of Management and Technology, Patiala
  69. Government In Service Training Centre (GISTC), Patiala
  70. Shri Balaji Paramedical Institute, Patiala
  71. Shri Balaji College of Polytechnic, Patiala
  72. Key Jey Group of Insititutes Rasulpur, Patiala
  73. Punjab Sate Medical and Dental Teachers Association (PSMDTA), Patiala
  74. LM Thapar School of Management, Patiala
  75. Association of IT and Management College in Punjab, Patiala
  76. Guru Ram Dass Polytechnic, Patiala
  77. Bahra Institute Of Pharmacy, Patiala
  78. Surya World Institution of Business Management, Patiala
  79. Swift Technical Campus, Patiala
  80. Government Mata Kaushalya Hospital School of Nursing, Patiala
  81. Industrial Training Institute (ITI Women), Patiala
  82. Shri Guru Nanak Institute of Medical Technology, Patiala
  83. Ajaib Chitkar Arts and Crafts Institute, Patiala
  84. Ajaib Chitarkar ITC, Patiala
  85. Patiala Art and Craft Teacher Training Institute, Patiala
  86. Punjab Crafts and Medical Training Institute, Patiala
  87. Sant Inder Dass ITC, Patiala
  88. Alfa ITC, Patiala
  89. Honey Arts and Crafts Institute, Patiala
  90. Shivalik Industrial Training Centre, Patiala
  91. NIS Sparata (ITI), Patiala
  92. Dr MR Choudhary Institute of HRD (ITI), Patiala
  93. Educomp Solutions Ltd (ITI), Patiala
  94. SR Educational Society Central Jail (ITI), Patiala
  95. Malwa Group of Institutes, Patiala
  96. Bahra Polytechnic, Patiala
  97. Tohra Institute of Advanced Studies in Sikhism, Patiala
  98. INIFD, Patiala
  99. Ashoka Institute of Nursing, Patiala
  100. Democratic Students Organisation DSO, Patiala
  101. Govt Aided Schools Progressive Front, Patiala
  102. Navjivini Institute of Special Education and Research (NISER), Patiala
  103. North Regional Language Centre (NRLC), Patiala
  104. Punjab Jail Training School, Patiala
  105. Bahra College of Law, Patiala
  106. GN Group of Institutes, Patiala
  107. GN Girls College, Patiala
  108. Ashoka Group of Institutions, Patiala
  109. Shivalik ITOT (CTI) Bir Kauli, Patiala
  110. Rakhra College of Education Rakhra, Patiala
  111. Govt Mohindra College of Law, Patiala
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