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List of Top Ranking Colleges in Nagercoil

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  1. Jayamatha Engineering College (JEC) Thirurajapuram, Nagercoil
  2. Holy Cross College, Nagercoil
  3. NMS Kamaraj Polytechnic college, Nagercoil
  4. ST Hindu College, Nagercoil
  5. Scott Christian College (Autonomous), Nagercoil
  6. Sree Ayyappa College for Women, Nagercoil
  7. Vins Christian College of Engineering (VCCE), Nagercoil
  8. Womens Christian College, Nagercoil
  9. Pioneer Kumarasamy College, Nagercoil
  10. Sivanthi Aditanar College, Nagercoil
  11. CSI Institute of Technology, Nagercoil
  14. Morning Star Polytechnic College Chunkankadai, Nagercoil
  15. Government Polytechnic College, Nagercoil
  16. Moderator Gnanadason Polytechnic College, Nagercoil
  17. Bishop Agniswamy College of Education, Nagercoil
  18. Rajas International Institute of Technology for Women, Nagercoil
  19. James College of Engineering and Technology Navalkadu, Nagercoil
  20. Government Ayurveda Medical College And Hospital, Nagercoil
  21. Industrial Training Institute (ITI), Nagercoil
  22. Industrial Training Institute (ITI Women), Nagercoil
  23. Sun School of Enginering, Nagercoil
  24. Sree Krishna Womens Engineering College, Nagercoil
  25. Arunachala College of Engineering for Women, Nagercoil
  26. Luise James Teacher Training Institute, Nagercoil
  27. Good Shepherd College of Education, Nagercoil
  28. Dr Jeyasekharan School of Nursing, Nagercoil
  29. NVKS Teacher Training Institute, Nagercoil
  30. The Rajas International School, Nagercoil

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