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List of Top Ranking Colleges in Mansa

This page contains information about :
Colleges and Universities in Mansa
Engineering colleges in Mansa
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Management colleges in Mansa
Pharmacy Colleges in Mansa
Biotechnology colleges in Mansa
Computer colleges in Mansa
Medical colleges in Mansa
Nursing colleges in Mansa
Ayurvedic colleges in Mansa
B.Com, M.Sc., MCA, B.Tech, B.Pharmacy, Diploma in Pharmacy, M.Tech, Ph.D., ITI, MBA, BBA, MCA, BBA, top ranking, best colleges in Mansa.

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  1. Electra Technical College, Mansa
  2. New Electra Computer Centre, Mansa
  3. Nehru Memorial Government College, Mansa
  4. SD Kanya Mahavidyala, Mansa
  5. VSS Ayurvedic D Pharmacy College, Mansa
  6. Modern College of Education (Co-Educational), Mansa
  7. SS Jain College of Education (For Girls), Mansa
  8. VSSD Pharmacy College, Mansa
  9. Global College of Higher Education, Mansa
  10. SD Arts and BR Commerce College, Mansa
  11. Sheth LH Science College, Mansa
  12. Punjab Institute of Technology, Mansa
  13. Punjabi University Girls College, Mansa
  14. Bhagwati School of Nursing, Mansa
  15. Bibi Chann Kaur Institute of Nursing, Mansa
  16. Gian Sagar College of Nursing and Paramedical Science, Mansa
  17. Industrial Training Institute (ITI) (SC), Mansa
  18. MC Industrial School, Mansa
  19. Engineers ITC, Mansa
  20. Brilliant ITC Village Thhuthhian Wali, Mansa
  21. VSS ITC, Mansa
  22. Swami Vivekanand MBA College, Mansa
  23. Gian Sagar Medical College, Mansa
  24. Sangha College of Education, Mansa
  25. Divine Para Medical Institute, Mansa
  26. Dr Gurmail Kaur Technical College, Mansa
  27. ITI, Mansa
  28. Dashmesh College for Girls, Mansa
  29. Swami Vivekanand Education College, Mansa
  30. Sidhdharth PTC College, Mansa
  31. Sikh Missionary College, Mansa
  32. District Institute of Education & Training (DIET) Ahmedpur, Mansa
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