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Bharti Mahila PG College, Jaunpur, Uttar Pradesh


Bharti Mahila PG College, Jaunpur, Uttar Pradesh
Address:Plot No : 54/1 etc
Bharti Nagar, Jaunpur-Zafarabad Road
Post Office : Kuchehri
Jaunpur (District Jaunpur)
Uttar Pradesh, India
Pin Code : 222002

Bharti Mahila PG College, Jaunpur Uttar Pradesh is a recognised institute / college. Bharti Mahila PG College, Jaunpur Uttar Pradesh is managed by Society: Bharti Sansthan, Ganga Patti Kalan, Jaunpur.
Bharti Mahila PG College is situated in Jaunpur of Uttar Pradesh state (Province) in India. This data has been provided by www.punjabcolleges.com. Jaunpur comes under Sadar Tehsil, Jaunpur District.

Fax # of Bharti Mahila PG College, Jaunpur Uttar Pradesh is 261977.

email ID(s) is Bharti Mahila PG College Jaunpur Uttar Pradesh

Website of Bharti Mahila PG College, Jaunpur Uttar Pradesh is www.bmpgcollege.com/.

Contact Details of Bharti Mahila PG College, Jaunpur Uttar Pradesh are : STD Code : 05452 Telephone No : 261977


Bharti Mahila PG College, Jaunpur Uttar Pradesh runs course(s) in Education stream(s).

Profile of Bharti Mahila PG College

Date of Submission : 29/06/2010, Tuesday 3:06 PM
Teacher Education Institution Registration Details
Reference ID : NUPJNPIN-2647
TAN. No :

NACC Accredited :
--NCTE NACC Grade :
--Year of NACC Accredation :
Minority :
--Minorty Type : NA
--Religion :
--Language :
Location college/institution :
Located in :
Building Type :
Total Area(Sq.Mts.) : NA
Total Built up Area(Sq.Mts.) : NA
Nature of land holding : Yes
Type of Land(Lease) : 1973
Construction completed Date : 14
Shared Campus Area : 1
Campus shared by : 15
Khasra No./Plot No./Survey No. : 101
Revenue Village of the land : 50
Land is free from all encumbrances ? : 14
Type of college/institution : 3005
Management of the college/institution : 7
Management of college/Institute : 5
Institution or its Managing society/body registered ? : 38
Registration Act : 8
No. of Non Teaching Staff(Male) : Yes
No. of Non Teaching Staff(Female) : No
No. of Non Teaching Staff(Total) : Yes
Area of Reading Room(Sq.Mts.) : Yes
Seating Capacity : Yes
Titles of Teacher Education(Library) : Yes
Books of Teacher Education :
Intelligence Test, Creativity Test,
Personality Test, Neurotism Test,
Environmental Test etc.
No.of Journals :
Mathmetical Tool, Biological Model
and Tools Phychological Tools etc.
No of Encyclopedias(Library) : 38
Area of Lab : YES
No of Computers : 10
Internet Access ? : YES
LAN : 8
Availability of LCD Projector : 2
Availability of OHP : 38
Availability of TV : YES
Availability of VCR : 12
Name of Experiment(Psycho Lab) : 00
Name of Appratus(Psycho Lab) : NO
Area of science Lab :
Batminten, Basket Ball, Valley Ball etc.
Physical Science Name Experiment : 1500
Name of Charts(Physical Science) : YES
Name Experiment(Biological Science) : 10
Name Charts(Biological Science) : 5
Name Model(Biological Science) : YES
Area of Lab(Language Lab) : 8
Name of Equipments(Language Lab) : YES
Name of Charts(Language Lab) : 3
Indoor Game Area : NIL
Indoor Game(D.Ed/B.Ed./M.Ed.courses) : 00
Outdoor Games(D.Ed/B.Ed./M.Ed.courses) : NIL
Area of Outdoor Games : 00
Name & No. of Instruments(arts & carfts) : NIL
Name Charts(arts & carfts) : 00
Name of Models(arts & carfts) : 00
Name of Instruments(Health and Physical...) : 00
No of Instruments(Health and Physical... ) : 00
Name Charts(Mathematics Resource Center) : 00
Name Model(Mathematics Resource Center) : 00
Name of Instruments (Anatomy,Physiology... ) : No
Name of Charts (Anatomy,Physiology ...) : 00
Name of Equipments(Atheletic Care) : 00
Name of Charts(Atheletic Care) :
Name and No. of Instrumernts(Cultural Facility) :
Name & No. of Instruments(Athletics) : Cheque
Size of Track(Athletics) : Advice Note
Indoor Games(C.P.Ed/B.P.Ed./M.P.Ed.courses) : 442102010063103
Indoor Game[Area](C.P.Ed/B.P.Ed./M.P.Ed.courses) : 01/04/2007
Outdoor Games(C.P.Ed/B.P.Ed./M.P.Ed.courses) : 42487
Area of Alloted Outdoor Games : 2777200
Gym Facility for Women : 0
Area of Men Gym(sq.Mts.) : 328929
No of Stnations(men) : 3148616
Area of Women Gym : 974664
No of Stnations(women) : 760800
Mode of Salary : 35000
Salary Transfer(Faculty) : 26000
Account Details of Bank (Salary) : 74000
Date of Opening of Bank A/c : 1275124
Opening Balance : 3145588
Fees : 3027
Donation : Sanjay Gupta, FCA
Jagat Complex Jaycess Chauraha, Jaunpur
Total Amount Receipts : 05452265474

Teaching Faculty Details
Teacher id Designation
NUPJNPTE-22220 Lecturer
NUPJNPTE-22974 Lecturer
NUPJNPTE-22174 Lecturer
NUPAZGTE-22135 Lecturer
NUPJNPTE-23005 Lecturer

Composition of Society/Trust
Name Address
Kamlesh Shukla, President Raj Colony, Jaunpur
Ratnakar Singh, Vice President Bhiwaraha, Buxa, Jaunpur
Lal Saheb Singh, Vice President Shastri Nagar, Jaunpur
Vinod Kumar Singh, Vice President Salkhapur, Jaunpur
Jai Shankar Mishra, Vice President Husainabad, Jaunpur
Indra Bhuwan Singh, Secretory Line Bazar, Jaunpur
Vinay Kumar Singh, Dy, Secretory Ashok Talkies, Jaunpur
Uma Shankar Singh, Dupt. Secretory Rajmatipur, Pratapgarh
Bajrang Bahahur Singh, Dupt. Secretory Aami Shankarpur, Pratapgarh
Jai Prakash Singh Sathi, Treserar Bhupat Patti, Jaunpur
Ashok Kumar Singh, Member Birhadpur, Jaunpur
Jai Ram Singh, Member Husainabad, Jaunpur
R.K. Chaturvedi, Member Husainabad, Jaunpur
Murli Dhar Chaturvedi, Member Husainabad, Jaunpur
Bans Lochan Singh, Member Godhna, Jaunpur
Anil Kumar Singh, Member Shivpur, Varanasi
Narendra Kumar Srivastava, Member Husainabad, Jaunpur
Dr. Qamar Abbas, Member Sipah, Jaunpur
A.K. Singh, Member Shivpur, Varanasi
Vijay Bahadur Mishra, Member Kulhanamau, Jaunpur
Vinod Kumar Singh, Member Kasnahi, Jaunpuir
Rajesh Kumar Singh, Member Khunsapur, Jaunpur
Dr. Vijay Pratap Singh, Member Ramnagar, Bhadsara, Jaunpur
Mahendra Seth, Member Ram Talkies, Jaunpur
Sudhanshu Singh, Member Birhadpur, Jaunpur
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