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List of Placement Consultants Colleges in Chennai (Madras) (Tamil Nadu)

There are many Placement Consultants colleges in Tamil Nadu. These are situated in different cities. These Placement Consultants colleges in Tamil Nadu are affiliated with concerned university in the state. The following colleges have been listed on this site, you can click on any college name to get more information the college of your choice.

Chennai (Madras) Colleges

  1. A1 Tech solutions, Chennai (Madras)
  2. AandS Software Technologies, Chennai (Madras)
  3. Aargee Associates, Chennai (Madras)
  4. Abbaconsultants, Chennai (Madras)
  5. ACS Consultancy, Chennai (Madras)
  6. Added Values Consulting, Chennai (Madras)
  7. Agile and Young Minds IT Services Pvt Ltd, Chennai (Madras)
  8. Albedo Infotech Pvt Ltd, Chennai (Madras)
  9. Amsoft Services, Chennai (Madras)
  10. Arcus Consulting P Ltd, Chennai (Madras)
  11. Auro consulting, Chennai (Madras)
  12. Best Choice Consultant, Chennai (Madras)
  13. BloomSoft, Chennai (Madras)
  14. BrainSource Management Consultants, Chennai (Madras)
  15. Cache Next Generation, Chennai (Madras)
  16. Career +, Chennai (Madras)
  17. career-movers, Chennai (Madras)
  18. careerworld - LCS, Chennai (Madras)
  19. carnay, Chennai (Madras)
  20. Clear Vision, Chennai (Madras)
  21. Cobra S/W and HRD Consultants, Chennai (Madras)
  22. cogentconsultancyservices, Chennai (Madras)
  23. Coherent Consultancy Services, Chennai (Madras)
  24. COHERENT CONSULTANT, Chennai (Madras)
  25. CRM Today India, Chennai (Madras)
  26. CxO Hunt, Chennai (Madras)
  27. Cynosure Corporate Solutions, Chennai (Madras)
  28. Dream work consultants, Chennai (Madras)
  29. Dynamic HR Solutions, Chennai (Madras)
  30. EJS Solutions, Chennai (Madras)
  31. Ergasia Global Soltuions, Chennai (Madras)
  32. ExpressAsia, Chennai (Madras)
  33. FYMC, Chennai (Madras)
  34. Gem Consultancy Service, Chennai (Madras)
  35. Good Relations Consultants, Chennai (Madras)
  36. Gramar IT Solutions, Chennai (Madras)
  37. Gravity Power Consultants, Chennai (Madras)
  38. GRPO Consultants, Chennai (Madras)
  39. Hasu Infotech India (P) Ltd,, Chennai (Madras)
  40. Head ERP Solutions Pvt Ltd, Chennai (Madras)
  41. hiflier consultants, Chennai (Madras)
  42. High Places International, Chennai (Madras)
  43. IAGE Consulting Services, Chennai (Madras)
  44. Indusbee Technology Servecies, Chennai (Madras)
  45. Infeon Global Solutions, Chennai (Madras)
  46. Infon Technologies, Chennai (Madras)
  47. Infronic Solutiong Pvt Limited, Chennai (Madras)
  48. Iseo Systems PvtLtd, Chennai (Madras)
  49. Job Cookies, Chennai (Madras)
  50. Just-In-Time Management Solutions, Chennai (Madras)
  51. KROWNOS, Chennai (Madras)
  52. LandT Venture Placement Consultancy, Chennai (Madras)
  53. Lilly Career Mangement Pvt Ltd, Chennai (Madras)
  54. Logon Consultancy Services Pvt Ltd, Chennai (Madras)
  55. logon consultancy services pvt ltd, Chennai (Madras)
  56. ma foi, Chennai (Madras)
  57. Mark Consultancy, Chennai (Madras)
  58. MAVARA HR SOLUTIONS, Chennai (Madras)
  59. Mify Jobs, Chennai (Madras)
  60. Millennium blubeach Mgmt Services, Chennai (Madras)
  61. MultiOp Placements, Chennai (Madras)
  62. Nectar CyberTech Private Limited, Chennai (Madras)
  63. Niche Consultancy Services, Chennai (Madras)
  64. OrangeMind, Chennai (Madras)
  65. Panache BPO Services (P) Ltd, Chennai (Madras)
  66. Paramount Dataware PvtLtd, Chennai (Madras)
  67. Pau Consultants, Chennai (Madras)
  68. Pavan Consultancy, Chennai (Madras)
  70. People Source Consulting, Chennai (Madras)
  71. Pinksoft Consultants, Chennai (Madras)
  72. Pinnacle Management Consultant, Chennai (Madras)
  73. Pinnacle Solutions and Services, Chennai (Madras)
  74. Place First, Chennai (Madras)
  75. Placenet consultant, Chennai (Madras)
  76. play ideas, Chennai (Madras)
  77. Plus Consulting, Chennai (Madras)
  78. Plutus Pharma Network Pvt Ltd, Chennai (Madras)
  79. Pravritti placement, Chennai (Madras)
  80. proliwa solutions, Chennai (Madras)
  81. Provoquer Consulting Services, Chennai (Madras)
  82. Quibus Technologies, Chennai (Madras)
  83. Qusol Consultancy, Chennai (Madras)
  84. R Four Jobs, Chennai (Madras)
  85. R Tech HR Solutions, Chennai (Madras)
  86. Rajarajan Academy of hlltd, Chennai (Madras)
  87. ResourceTree Consultancy, Chennai (Madras)
  88. Right Angle Management Solutions, Chennai (Madras)
  89. Ripples Infotech, Chennai (Madras)
  90. RK IT Solutions, Chennai (Madras)
  91. Royal soft soltions, Chennai (Madras)
  92. Rujas Management Consultants Pvt Ltd, Chennai (Madras)
  93. Sai HR, Chennai (Madras)
  94. Sanzion IT Enabled Solution, Chennai (Madras)
  95. Saran associates, Chennai (Madras)
  96. Sensoft International Services, Chennai (Madras)
  97. Shanvi HR and Staffing Services, Chennai (Madras)
  98. Sirsai Multi Sourcing Pvt Ltd, Chennai (Madras)
  99. Smart Business Consultancy Services, Chennai (Madras)
  100. Smart hr solutions, Chennai (Madras)
  101. Soft Search, Chennai (Madras)
  102. Softtech global solutions pvt ltd, Chennai (Madras)
  103. Spider Infotech, Chennai (Madras)
  104. Sr Assosiates, Chennai (Madras)
  106. Sri Soft Solution, Chennai (Madras)
  107. Sri Vajra Consultancy, Chennai (Madras)
  108. Sudershan, Chennai (Madras)
  109. SurgeForth Technologies Pvt Ltd, Chennai (Madras)
  110. Swasthik Sahits Solutions Private Limited, Chennai (Madras)
  111. Swift Resourcing, Chennai (Madras)
  112. Syena consultants Pvt Ltd, Chennai (Madras)
  113. Systole Consultancy Private Limited, Chennai (Madras)
  114. Team one human resources services (p) ltd, Chennai (Madras)
  115. Technowaves, Chennai (Madras)
  116. TechPro Solutions, Chennai (Madras)
  117. TECS, Chennai (Madras)
  118. Terra Cogency Solutions, Chennai (Madras)
  119. Thaya consultancy, Chennai (Madras)
  120. The7Pro Management, Chennai (Madras)
  121. Third binary, Chennai (Madras)
  122. Titanics Ltd, Chennai (Madras)
  123. Trak technologies, Chennai (Madras)
  124. Trinity Associates, Chennai (Madras)
  125. Trojan Management Services, Chennai (Madras)
  126. Ultimate Hr Management, Chennai (Madras)
  127. UR Tech Solutions, Chennai (Madras)
  128. Valuewing Consultancy Services Pvt Ltd, Chennai (Madras)
  129. Vascon Global, Chennai (Madras)
  130. vconneckt consulting services, Chennai (Madras)
  131. Vesta Management Services, Chennai (Madras)
  132. Vetri Management, Chennai (Madras)
  133. VT Manpower Consultancy Services Pvt Ltd, Chennai (Madras)
  134. Will consulting services, Chennai (Madras)
  135. XLOG technologies and Consulting, Chennai (Madras)