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Mohanlal Sukhadia University, Udaipur, Rajasthan


Mohanlal Sukhadia University, Udaipur, Rajasthan
Address:Pratap Nagar
Rajasthan, India
Pin Code : 313039

Mohanlal Sukhadia University, Udaipur Rajasthan is a University recognised by UGC. Mohanlal Sukhadia University, Udaipur Rajasthan is also known as Mohan Lal Sukhadia University. Mohanlal Sukhadia University, Udaipur Rajasthan was established on / in 1998.

Mohanlal Sukhadia University is situated in Udaipur of Rajasthan state (Province) in India. This data has been provided by www.punjabcolleges.com. Fax # of Mohanlal Sukhadia University, Udaipur Rajasthan is 0294-2471150, 2470259.

Residence Phone No(s) of concerned peron(s) of Mohanlal Sukhadia University, Udaipur Rajasthan is (are) : 2529313.

email ID(s) is Mohanlal Sukhadia University Udaipur Rajasthan

Website of Mohanlal Sukhadia University, Udaipur Rajasthan is www.mlsu.ac.in/.

Contact Details of Mohanlal Sukhadia University, Udaipur Rajasthan are : Telephone: +91-294-2470166, 2471150, 2470259, 2471035, 2413955, 2470143

Departments of the University
Faculty of Commerce: B.Com, M.Com
Faculty of Law
Faculty of Sciences
Faculty of Humanities
Faculty of Social Sciences
Faculty of Sciences
Department Of Pharmaceutical Sciences
College of Social Sciences and Humanities


Faculty of Science

Ph.D. Courses

Env.Science Zoology

Post Graduate Courses
M. Sc.

Environmental Science
Information Technology
M.Sc. Tech (Geology)
M.Tech (NanoTechnology)
M.C.A. (Three Years Course)

Bachelor in Science
Maths, Physics & Chemistry
Maths, Physics & Geology
Maths, Statistics & Physics
Maths, Statistics & Geology
Maths, Statistics & Chemistry
Botany, Zoology & Chemistry
Botany, Geology & Chemistry
Maths, Physics & Computer Science
Environmental Sc., Chemistry & Botany / Zoology.
Geology, Chemistry & Botany
Geology, Chemistry & Environmental Sciences
Geology, Chemistry & Maths

Diploma Courses

Computer Hardware & Networking

Faculty of Commerce
Ph.D. Course
Accountancy & Statistics
Banking & Business Economics
Business Administration

Post Graduate Courses

Accountancy & Statistics
Banking & Business Eco.
Business Administration


Accountancy & Statistics
Business Administration

Professional Courses


Bachelor in Commerce

Accountancy & Statistics
Business Administration
Banking & Business Economics

Faculty of Law

L.L.B. Integrated (Five Years)

P.G. Diploma

Labour Practices,Labour Welfare & Labour Management (1 Year Course)
Faculty of Management Studies

Two Years M.B.A. Regular Course
Three Years M.B.A.Executive Course
Three Years B.B.M. Course
One Year Diploma in Marketing Management.
One Year Diploma in Tourism & Hotel Management

Faculty of Social Sciences & Humanities
Ph.D. Courses Economics
Drawing & Painting
Public Administration
Rajasthani Political Science
Jain Vidhya & Prakrit

Post Graduate Course

Social Sciences
Economics, Political Science, Public Administration, Sociology, Geography, Psychology
Sanskrit, Prakrit, Hindi, Rajasthani, Urdu, English, Drawing, History, Philosophy


Social Sciences
Economic, Political Science, Public Administration, Sociology, Geography, Psychology


Sanskrit, Prakrit, Hindi, Urdu, English, History

M.Lib & Information Sc.

One Year Course.

Bachelor of Arts

Economics/Sanskrit Literature/Music/Sindhi
Geography/Rajasthani Literature/Philosophy/Mahila Adhyayan
Political Science/Urdu Literature/Drawing & Painting
Statistics/Population Research
Psychology/Prakrit Literature/History/Forest Resources&their uses
- Public Administration/Hindi Literature/Home Science/Rural Development & Extension/ Computer Application
Sociology/English Literature/Maths

B.A. Hons


B. Lib & Information Sc.

One Year Course.

Certificate Courses
English Language (1 Year Part time)
P.G.Diploma in Journalism (1 Year Full time)
Diploma in Fashion Merchandising & Readymade Garments(1 Year Full time)
Diploma in Textile Designing (1 Year Full time)
Diploma in Population Research (1 Year Part time)
Diploma in Pali,Buddhism and Non-Violence (1 Year Part time)
Shraman Parampara and Contemporary Values (1 Year Part time)

Faculty of Commerce
Business Administration
Accountancy &Statistics
Banking & Business Economics

Faculty of Law
Faculty of Humanities Departments
Jainology & Prakrit
Visual Arts

Faculty of Social Sciences
Political Science
Public Administration
Library Science

Faculty of Science
Environmental Sciences
Mathematics & Statistics

Profile of Mohanlal Sukhadia University

About Us
Mohanlal Sukhadia University, Udaipur is a Multi-Faculty affiliating University established under U. G. C. Act. The University consists of four constituent colleges and 110 affiliated colleges from the districts of Udaipur, Chittorgarh, Rajasmand,Banswara, Dungarpur and Sirohi.

Mohanlal Sukhadia University or MLSU Udaipur is a multi-faculty affiliating university established under University Grants Commission, UGC Act. It consists of four constituent colleges and various affiliated colleges across Rajasthan. Mohanlal Sukhadia University has been given B++ accreditation by the National Assessment and Accreditation Council, NAAC.

Mohanlal Sukhadia University, previously Udaipur University, was established in the tribal area of Southern Rajasthan with its headquarters at Udaipur. This Agricultural University was turned into a multi-faculty university in 1964 named as University of Udaipur. As a mark of respect to the Late Shri Mohan Lal Sukhadia, the architect of modern Rajasthan, the university was renamed as Mohanlal Sukhadia University in 1984.

The erstwhile Udaipur University was established in the tribal area of Southern Rajasthan with headquarters at Udaipur. This Agricultural University was turned into a multi-faculty university in 1964 named as University of Udaipur. As a mark of respect in the memory of Late Shri. Mohan Lal Sukhadia, the architect of modern Rajasthan, the University was renamed as Mohanlal Sukhadia University in 1984.

Profile of University
Mohanlal Sukhadia University, A Multi-Faculty affiliating University established under U. G. C. Act, Mohanlal Sukhadia University, Udaipur is one of the famous universities in Rajasthan. The University is known for it's commitment towards imparting quality education and knowledge.

The university comprises of four constituent colleges and 110 affiliated colleges. It has jurisdiction over 6 districts including Udaipur, Chittorgarh, Rajasmand, Banswara, Dungarpur and Sirohi.

The university was established with the name of Udaipur University in the tribal area of Southern Rajasthan. It had headquarters at Udaipur. It was an Agricultural University at the time of establishment and was turned into a multi-faculty university in 1964 named as University of Udaipur. In the memory of Late Sh. Mohan Lal Sukhadia, the architect of modern Rajasthan, the University was renamed as Mohanlal Sukhadia University in 1984.

The varsity offers post-graduate, graduate courses under different faculties. Admission to Ph.D. programs is open throughout the year. Applications for admissions to other courses are invited normally during June -July period of every year through admission notices.

Mohanlal Sukhadia University has two campuses. All departments of Science faculty (University College of Science), Commerce faculty (University College of Commerce and Management Studies), Geology Department, Girls Hostel, University Guest House, Professors quarters, Teachers quarters, M.B. Main Hostel etc are located in the old campus, popularly known locally as "M.B. College". This campus is located about 2.5 km from Railway station, 2kms from Bus stand and is on the Udaipur-Chitorgarh (Udaipur airport Road) road.

Administrative building (Office of VC, Registrar, Comptroller, Examination etc.), University Central Library, Vigyan Bhawan ( Computer Centre, MCA, IT Departments), Faculty of Management Studies (MBA, MTM courses), Pharmacy (B.Pharma, M.Pharma), Departments of humanities and Social Sciences (University College of Social Science and Humanities), Law college, Vice-Chancellor Residence, University auditorium etc. are located in the new campus. New campus is popularly known as 'Arts College, University".

The Home Science College and C.T.A.E of Maharana Pratap Agricultural and Technology University are also located near to the new campus. From Railway station or from Bus Stand, new campus is about 4 km towards Ashok Nagar-Ayad area.

The University claims to have good research facilities for the students studying under different faculties like Science and Computer Applications. University workshop is equipped with Sophisticated Lathe, Milling and drilling machines, Electronic Testing and Measuring equipments etc. Students of M.Sc. Physics are trained in machine drawing, operation of Lathe and drilling machines, glass blowing techniques, PCB fabrication etc. students of physics faculty have access to UGC Instrument Maintenance Facility, University Internet Centre, Computational and Graphics Laboratory, X-ray Diffraction facility, Thin Film Laboratory, Vibration Sample Magnetometer (VSM) facility,

The university is also known for its Library System. It has a Central position in the academic activities of the University. The Sukhadia University Library System consists of 7 Libraries including University Central Library, College of Science Library, College of Social Science & Humanities Library, College of Commerce & Management Library, College of Law Library, Faculty of Management Studies Library, and University Department of Geology Library. The library system of the university is considered to be a heart of the University and aims at injecting knowledge into fresh mind continuously.

The university also provides hostel facility to deserving students. Science hostel which is for boys is situated on old station road. The hostel gives admission to students from the colleges of Sciences. Nehru hostel, situated near Sevashram Chouraya, has two blocks - A and B block. In addition to this an International wing for overseas students from all faculties is available in the A block. Admission to A block is restricted to students from commerce and Management faculties whereas students from Social Sciences, Humanities and Law can get admission in the B block. For girls, accommodation is available in the University girl's hostel, situated in the Old Campus (M.B.College) on Durga Nursery Marg and Women's Hostel in Ravindra Nagar, Udaipur. Research Hostel located near Science Hostel is for research students from all the faculties. All the hostels are well equipped with modern facilities.

There are four constituent colleges of the University -
College of Science
College of Social Sciences & Humanities
College of Commerce and Management Studies
College of Law

Educational Streams
MLSU Udaipur offers Certificate, Diploma, Under-Graduate, Post-Graduate and PhD Courses in all of its departments. Admission to most of the courses is made on the basis of merit in qualifying examination. No student is allowed to pursue more than one regular course/diploma/certificate at a time.

Admission to PhD programmes is open throughout the year. Applications for admissions to other courses are invited usually during June-July every year through admission notices. Students of UG and PG courses pursue a diploma along with their regular course. There is no theory written examination system in most of the add-on diploma and certificate courses. Students are tested using on-line multiple choice questions and practical examinations.

MLSU Udaipur provides facilities like hostels, guest house, library, laboratories and workshops. Hostels are provided to students with all the residential facilities. The library contains a large volume of books and journal on all subjects. Laboratories at Mohanlal Sukhadia University have all the neccessary equipments and instruments. There is also a Computer Centre with Internet facility. Population Research Centre, Centre for Women Studies and Sports Board are some organization functioning within the university. Placement cell is active round the year for the welfare of its learners.

The University conducts admissions during the month of July. The students are required to apply with prescribed application forms. There will be a list of documents to be submitted along with the application form.

The admission lists of various classes with last date for depositing fees is put on the notice board of the College/ Department concerned. No separate postal intimation is dispatched. For admission to M.Sc. courses, all procedures are done by the Head of the Department concerned.

Admission to most of the courses is made on the basis of merit that is prepared on the basis of marks obtained in Senior Secondary or equivalent examination. For first year L.L.B, M.Sc. (Prev), M.B.A, MCA, M.Sc (IT) and other courses, entrance exams is conducted. For these courses separate admission notification is issued by the University.

No student is allowed to offer more than one regular course/Diploma/certificate at a time. However they can offer part time Diploma / Certificate courses provided the timings of this courses do not interfere with their regular courses.

University Central Library
INTRODUCTION : The University Library System has a Central position in the academic activities of the University. It is considered to be a heart of the University which should be injected with fresh blood continuously.

The University Central Library was constituted in 1962 and the Extension Library of the University of Rajasthan working in the Udaipur was merged into it in 1966 . The College Libraries were created gradually with the establishment of the Colleges. In 1987 the Rajasthan Agricultural University was spilt up from the University and all the College Libraries of Agricultural wing became the part of the Rajasthan Agricultural University. The Sukhadia University Library System consists of the following Libraries :

1. University Central Library
2. College of Science Library
3. College of Social Science & Humanities Library
4. College of Commerce & Management Library
5. College of Law Library
6. Faculty of Management Studies Library
7. University Department of Geology Library

There are two separate libraries in the Science faculty (i) College of Science Library and (ii) Department of Geology Library which has been transferred from University of Rajasthan. Similarly in the College of Commerce and management .

2- Studies, two units of Libraries Are working side by side (i) Main Library of the College and (ii) M.B.A. Programme Library.

The Central Library concentrates on research support services where as the college libraries look after the specific needs of Under-graduate and Post-Graduate teaching courses of the respective College.

The University Central Library caters to the needs basically of the Post-Graduate Students, Research Scholars and the faculty members of the University, catering the needs of the Research Scholars and Faculty members through INTERNET.

The Central Library has set up the Information and Library Network ( INFLIBNET) Cell with the assistance of UGC . This cell is equipped with modern infrastructures. This cell regularly inputs records in the National database being developed by the INFLIBNET at Ahmedabad. This library is member of INFLIBNET and DELNET (Development Library Network) New Delhi, which has recently developed its WebPages . Readers can access our library record on the Internet. The library also provides all possible information through Internet required by the research scholars.

The Central Library has its own building. This building is presently occupied by the Central Library and University Administrative office. All Other libraries are housed in respective college/department buildings.

Under Act and Statutes No. 5(3) (a) of the University, there is a Library Committee to render advice to the Academic Council in connection with all library matters. The Vice-Chancellor is the Chairman and the University Librarian/Officer-in-charge acts as the Secretary. The Chairman of Library Committee of all the colleges/department are the members of this committee. The library is being looked after by the following officers :-

Officer-in-charge Presently Prof. Maheep Bhatnagar

Faculty of Humanities
Prof. S.R. Vyas, 2470143

English HOD -Dr. Ashutosh Mohan, 2470143, 2470509 Extn 220
History HOD - Dr. Meena Gaur, 2470143, 2470509, Extn 240
Hindi, HOD - Dean, UCSSH, 2470143, 2470509, Extn 250
Rajasthani, HOD - Dean, UCSSH, 2470143, 2470509, Extn 330
Sanskrit, HOD - Dr. Kusum Choudhary, 2470143, 2470509, Extn 340
Jainology & Prakrit, HOD - Dr. H. C. Jain, 2470143, 2470509, Extn 310
Philosophy, HOD - Prof. S.R. Vyas, 2470143, 2470509, Extn 280
Music, HOD - Dr. P.S. Bhandari, 2470143, 2470509, Extn 270
Visual Arts, HOD - Dr. Hemant Dwivedi, 2470143, 2470509, Extn 370

Faculty of Social Sciences
Chairman: Prof. R.N. Vyas, 2470143

Economics, HOD - Prof. Farida Shah, 2470143, 2470509, Extn 210
Geography, HOD - Prof. Sadhana Kothari, 2470143, 2470509, Extn 230
Political Science, HOD - Prof. Mrs. Janeb Banu, 2470143, 2470509, Extn 290
Public Administration, HOD - Dr. C. R. Suthar, 2470143, 2470509, Extn 193
Psychology, HOD - Prof. Vijay Laxmi Chouhan, 2470143, 2470509, Extn 320
Sociology, HOD - Dr. Balveer Singh, 2470143, 2470509, Extn 350
Library Science, HOD - Dr. T.D. Tilwani, 2470143, 2470509, Extn 260

Faculty of Science
Chairman: Prof. D.K.Bhatt, 2413955 Extn 200

Botany, HOD - Prof. N. C. Aery, 2413955, 2412009 Extn 217
Chemistry, HOD - Dr. R.K.Malkani, 2413955, 2412009 Extn 220
Physics, HOD - Prof. Rajesh Pandey, 2413955, Extn 240, 2423641
Zoology, HOD - Prof. Maheep Bhatnagar, 2413955, 2412009 Extn 250
Mathematics & Statistics, HOD - Dr. V.L. Mandowara, 2413955, 2412009 Extn 231
Geology, HOD - Prof. P.C. Avadich, 2413955, 2414366 Extn 415
Bio-technology, HOD - Prof. S.D. Purohit (Incharge), 2413955, 2410300
Environmental Science, Prof. D.K. Bhatt (Incharge), 2413955, 2412009
Polymer Science, HOD - Prof. S.C. Ameta (Incharge), 2413955

Faculty of Commerce
Chairman: Prof. K.C. Sodani, 2412009 Extn 300

Business Administration, HOD - Prof. D.S. Chundawat, 2412009, 2413955Extn.330
Accountancy & Statistics, HOD - Prof. R.L. Tamboli, 2412009, 2413955, Extn320
Banking & Business Economics, HOD - Dr. P.K. Singh, 2412009, 2413955 Extn.320
Faculty of Management, HOD - Chairman: Prof. P.K. Jain, 2470208

Others Department & Units
M.C.A, Prof. K. Venugopalan, Director Computer Center, 2471370, 2413955
Informatics & Computational Sciences (BCA, M.Sc. IT), Prof. K.Venugopalan, Course Director, 2471310, 5060138

M.Sc. Industrial Chemistry, Prof.A.K. Goswami, 2413955 Extn 225
M.I.B., Prof. I.V.Trivedi,Course Director, 2412009,2413955
M.H.R.M, Prof. .D.S.Chundawat, Course Director, 2423020, 2412009
M.Sc (Biotechnology), Prof. .S.D.Purohit, Co-ordinator & Incharge, 2410300, 2413955
B.B.M, Prof. K.C. Sodani, 2412009 Extn 300


Images / newspaper cuttings related to Mohanlal Sukhadia University

Asstt Librarian on regular basis (Mohanlal Sukhadia University)
Job Vacancy: 22nd March, 2015
Asstt Librarian on regular basis

Pre Medical Test PC PMT 2010 2011 (Entrance Test)
MBA Programmes (Admission Notice)
Pre examination work (Tender)
Asstt Professor for Pharmacy (Job Vacancy)
Supply of Books (Tender)
MA, MCom and MSc (Admission Notice)
Post graduate programme (Admission Notice)
Supply of Answer books (Tender)
Asstt Professor and Librarian (Job Vacancy)
Construction of UCCMS Academic Block (Tender)
Asstt Librarian on regular basis (Job Vacancy)

Media coverage of Mohanlal Sukhadia University, Udaipur Rajasthan, Rajasthan

VCs worried over grants, affiliations

Jaipur-Udaipur: The vice-chancellors of the state universities are united against the University Grants Commissions regulation of Section 12B that would make the release of grants tougher.During two days conference of Vice-Chancellors Conference being held in Udaipur, the vice-chancellors had put across their discontent.

The regulations of the University Grants Commission have made the affiliations very difficult for newly-established colleges and universities. In that case, the new colleges and universities wont be able to receive adequate funds from the university that they deserve, said vice-chancellor of Mohanlal Sukhdia University, Udaipur Prof Indravardhan Trivedi.The university is the host for the conference. He informed that the section 12B of the UGC also proposes that the funds would be released only to colleges and universities having permanent affiliation. After detailed discussions on higher education and UGC norms, almost 50 vice-chancellors from 5 states had passed a resolution to address the UGC for revising the regulations of grants and affiliation, added Prof Trivedi.

Similarly, vice-chancellors also believe that the proposed regulation may deter the growth of colleges in rural areas. The state universities also act as affiliating bodies for the colleges and the proposed regulation of UGC are quite rigid that may deter the growth of colleges in rural areas with stricter rules of releasing grants. For that reason, the vice-chancellors have passed the resolution to raise voice against UGCs move, said president of Association of Indian Universities Prof Pankaj T Chande.

However, the vice-chancellors of the state universities have also raised concerns over coordination of the state universities. There should be a platform to discuss the issues of state universities looking for least intervention from the state government, added Prof Chande.

Even PhDs, MBAs line up to grab peons job in varsity

Jaipur: Government jobs are still the most sought after, be it for peons position. Last month, Udaipurs Mohanlal Sukhadia University had invited applications for 15 positions of peon. When the short listing was over, the university figured out almost 3,440 applications for the jobs including a number of high-profile candidates.

The university officials admit that some applications have been received from candidates who have done PhD, MBA and MCA. Officials reveal that a number of applications have also been received from candidates who have studied till Masters level, for positions for which even Class 8 pass candidates are eligible.

Its the job security in the government sector that attracts educated people. We have received several applications from candidates having professional degrees, PhD and many with Masters degree. Till date, we have processed screening at the preliminary level only and the selected candidates would soon be finalised, said Prof IV Trivedi, V-C, Mohanlal Sukhadia University.
On the other hand, the candidates who have applied for the post of peon claim that severe job crisis had compelled them to apply for the position. The basic salary offered for the position is Rs 4,700 per month up to Rs 7,440 with increments. When contacted, one of the candidates with an MBA degree said, After spending thousands of rupees for my MBA degree, Im still struggling for a job. Ultimately, I decided to apply for the position of peon.

I have not disclosed my plans to my parents yet as they would be shocked. I will tell them once I get the job, he added.However, the university officials informed that the recruitment process would soon be completed after interviewing the shortlisted candidates. Officials informed they would select around 150 candidates for interview to be held soon.

Five students booked for ragging in Rajasthan

Jaipur: Criminal cases were slapped against five students of a university in Udaipur on Friday after a first-year Bachelor of Science (BSc) student went into depression after he was ragged, police said.Mohanlal Sukhadia University's student Sanjay Chauhan alleged he was made to stand in unusual postures and thrashed severely by his seniors when he protested. He claimed that he was "harassed physically and mentally".
The varsity authorities have also issued notices to the accused students and referred the matter to the university's disciplinary committee.
Police said the incident took place at the university's Science College in Udaipur Thursday, 400 km from here.Chauhan alleged in his police complaint that Harish Kapaliya, Hemant Raigar, Ankit Paliwal, Arvind and Saurabh Choudhary thrashed him severely when he tried to protest the ragging.

A police officer told IANS: "We have lodged a first information report for wrongful restraint and voluntarily causing hurt."
The incident comes close on the heels of a ragging incident in Jodhpur's Jai Narain Vyas University where 16 students were booked for ragging an engineering student Monday. Keeping in view the increasing number of ragging incidents in Rajasthan, some universities have made it mandatory for all the students to sign an affidavit during admissions stating that they would not indulge in any ragging-related activities.

Acting on Supreme Court directives, some higher education institutions have equipped themselves with CCTV cameras and asked the student counsellors to check ragging activities. However, many colleges have failed to comply with the norms.

Summary: Mohanlal Sukhadia University, Udaipur Rajasthan website, mobile, contact address and approval / recognition details.