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University of Rajasthan, Jaipur, Rajasthan

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University of Rajasthan, Jaipur, Rajasthan
Address:JLN Marg
Jaipur (District Jaipur)
Rajasthan, India
Pin Code : 302004
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University of Rajasthan, Jaipur Rajasthan is a University recognised by UGC. Status: State University.

University of Rajasthan, Jaipur Rajasthan is also known as Rajasthan University (Formerly: University of Rajputana), Rajasthan Vishwavidyalaya.

University of Rajasthan, Jaipur Rajasthan was established on / in 8th January, 1947.

Principal of University of Rajasthan, Jaipur Rajasthan is Prof Ashok K Nagawat.

University of Rajasthan, Jaipur Rajasthan is situated in Jaipur of Rajasthan state (Province) in India. This data has been provided by www.punjabcolleges.com. Jaipur comes under Jaipur Tehsil, Jaipur District.

Fax # of University of Rajasthan, Jaipur Rajasthan is 0141-2711799, 2709582.

Contact Person(s) of the University of Rajasthan, Jaipur Rajasthan is (are): Prof Mathureshwar Pareek, Co-Ordinator PMET 2010.

Mobile No(s) of concerned persons at University of Rajasthan, Jaipur Rajasthan are 94607-88826, 94143-48834, 94143-11217, 98288-97223.

email ID(s) is University of Rajasthan Jaipur Rajasthan

Website of University of Rajasthan, Jaipur Rajasthan is http://www.uniraj.ernet.in/.

Vice Chancellor : Dr Narendra K Jain, Tel : 0141 2707863(O) 2703350(R).

Registrar : Registrar : Tel : 0141 2706813(O) 2551180(R), Fax : 2711799, 2709582.

Contact Details of University of Rajasthan, Jaipur Rajasthan are : Telephone: +91-141-2711070, 2711071, 2706813, 2551180, 2711169
Tel : 141-511070, 2711070, 2708824 (Exam Enquiry)
E-mail : clibrary@jpl.vsnl.net.in , vc@uniraj.ernet.in
Reg. Phone : 141 - 511206
EPABX : 2707980, 2711980

Exam. Enquiry: Telephone: +91-141-2708824
PMET 2010 Co-ordinator Prof Mathureshwar Pareek


Regular Courses by Rajasthan University
Department Course - Classification
Anthropology M. A.-Anthropology
Arts M. A.-Drama
M. A.-Drawing & Painting
P. G. Diploma-Dramatics in Bridge Course
Biotechnology B.Tech.-Bio technology
M.Sc.-Bio Technology
Botany M.Sc.-Botany
Business Administration B.B.A.-Business Administration
M.B.A.-Business Administration
Business and Industrial Management M.Sc.-International Business
Chemistry M.Sc.-Chemistry
Civil Engineering BE-Civil Engineering
Commerce M.Com.-Commerce
Computer Applications MCA-Computer Applications
Computer Science & Engineering BE-Computer Engineering
Economics M. A.-Economics
M.Sc.-Home Science
Education B. Ed.-Education
Electrical Engineering BE-Electrical Engineering
Engineering & Technology BE-Applied Electronics & Instrumentation Engg.
BE-Electronics Instrumentation & Control
BE-Fashion Designing
BE-Textile Chemistry
English and Foreign Languages M. A.-English
Environmental Sciences M.Sc.-Environmental Science
European Studies M. A.-European Studies
Food Technology BE-Food Technology
French B. A.-French
Diploma Programmes-French
M. A.-French
P. G. Diploma-French
Post Diploma Programme-French
Post Diploma Programme-Master in European Studies
Geography M. A.-Geography
Geology M.Sc.-Geology
Hindi M. A.-Hindi
History M. A.-History
Information Technology BE-Information Technology
M.Sc.-Information Technology
Law Diploma Programmes-Law
Library and Information Science B. Lib. I. Sc.-Library and Information Science
Diploma Programmes-Library and Information Science
M. Lib. I. Sc.-Library and Information Science
Maths M. A.-Mathematics
Mechanical Engineering BE-Mechanical Engineering
Medicine BDS-Dental Surgery
Microbiology M.Sc.-Micro Biology
Music & Dance M.Mus-Indian Music
Nursing B. Sc.-Nursing
Pharmacy B.Pharm.-Pharmacy
Diploma Programmes-Pharmacy
Philosophy M. A.-Philosophy
Physical Education B.P.Ed-Physical Education
M. P. Ed.-Physical Education
Political Science M. A.-Political Science
Psychology M.Sc.-Psychology
Public Administration M. A.-Public Administration
Sanskrit M. A.-Sanskrit
Sociology M. A.-Sociology
Statistics M. A.-Statistics
Textile Designing & Printing BE-Textile Technology
Yoga P. G. Diploma-Yoga
Zoology M.Sc.-Zoology

The post-graduate courses include:
(i) Biotechnology
(ii) Microbiology
(iii) Information Technology
(iv) Journalism and Mass Communication
(v) Finance Control
(vi) Management

The under-graduate courses are:
(vii) Computer Applications
(viii) Business Administration
(ix) Fine Arts
(x) Film Production and Technology
(xi) Food Technology

Department of Public Administration
Centre for converging technologies
Centre for Development of Physics Education
Centre for South Asia Studies
Social Science Research Center
Gandhi Bhawan
Department of English
Department of Hindi
Department of Sanskrit
Department of Philosophy
Department of History of Indian Culture
Department of Mass Communication and Journalism
Centre for Jain Studies
Department of Accountancy & Business Statistics
Department of Business Administration
Department of Economic Administration & Financial Management.
Department of Education
Department of Library Science
Department of Physical Education
Department of Dramatics
Department of Music
Department of Fine Arts
Department of Drawing and Painting
Department of Law
R. A. Podar Institute of Management
Department of Botany
Department of Chemistry
Department of Physics
Department of Geography
Department of Zoology
Department of Mathematics
Department of Geology
Department of Home Science
Department of Psychology
Department of Statistics
Department of Anthropology
Department of Economics
Department of Political Science
Department of Sociology

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Profile of University of Rajasthan

University of Rajasthan is a vibrant community of scholars who stand in the service of Rajasthan and that of the country as a whole.

The University of Rajasthan is the oldest institution of higher learning in Rajasthan. It was established on 8th January, 1947, as the University of Rajputana with the main objective of disseminating knowledge and catering to the needs of the students of Rajasthan. It had jurisdiction over the entire state. In the year 1956, the Rajputana University was renamed as the University of Rajasthan, keeping intact its enveloping jurisdiction. With the successive creation of other universities, its affiliating jurisdiction has come down, but it is still the hub of Higher Education in Rajasthan paving the way for the other universities. It attracts students from all over Rajasthan and other parts of India and abroad.

University of Rajasthan is a multi-faculty University and is recognized under 2f and 12B of U.G.C since its inception. It has 36 Post Graduate Departments, 15 recognized Research Centers ,6 Constituent Colleges and 500 Affiliated Colleges spanning 6 districts. The location of the University is Urban and its Central Campus is spread over 285.50 acres and the satellite campus, comprising the Constituent Colleges, is spread over 149.53 acres.

The Goals and Objectives
Excellence in Education and Research
To create, preserve and disseminate knowledge
To impart higher education with quality and social relevance
To inculcate amongst students a sense of discipline and dedication
To pursue high quality research in diverse fields
To give priorities to studies of frontier problems concerning national economy, social development and defense
To emphasis interdisciplinary research
To establish academic links and scientific cooperation with national and international institutions
To create and strengthen of infrastructure through R and D projects

The University aims to impart higher education with quality and social relevance. It provides academic and research facilities in various streams to the students studying in University Departments, university Constituent Colleges and Affiliated Colleges/Institutions. University of Rajasthan offers 37 Ph.D. Programs, 20 M.Phil courses, 48 Master degree courses, and 14 Bachelor degree courses. Besides focusing on dissemination of knowledge and search for excellence in teaching and research, the University prepares the students as good future citizens and endeavors to inculcate amongst them a sense of discipline and dedication. The University is transforming its curricular activities keeping in view the recent trends of development.

The University generates cost effective resources to achieve financial self-sufficiency. Self financing courses are offered both at U.G. and P.G. level. Being both teaching and affiliating University, it ensures equitable distribution of facilities for higher education in different parts of the state under its jurisdiction. The University encourages its teachers to undertake research activities and gives financial support to attend seminars and workshops. Financial grants are also given for Organizing Conferences. Interdisciplinary approach and collaborative research are being encouraged to achieve excellence in education.

The Teaching Units
The University of Rajasthan consists of the following components:
(a) Constituent Colleges
(b) Post -graduate Teaching Departments
(c) Research Centers
(d) Constituent Colleges

Undergraduate teaching is imparted in the 6 constituent colleges of the University, by the teaching faculty appointed in the University Post Graduate Departments:
(i) University Commerce college (Commerce Faculty)
(ii) University Law College (Law Faculty)
(iii) University Evening Law College (Law Faculty)
(iv) University Maharanis college (Multi-faculty College for Women)
(v) University Maharajas College ( Science Faculty)
(vi) University Rajasthan College (Arts and Social Sciences)

Looking to the needs and demands of students, the University started evening courses at Rajasthan College and Commerce College on self-financing basis.

All the constituent colleges provide library and sports facilities and motivate the students to join NCC and NSS programmes. Besides these, the colleges organize seminars, workshops, lectures and discussions to strengthen academic inputs.

(b) The P.G. Teaching Departments
37 P.G. Teaching Departments are in existence in faculties of Arts, Science, Social Science, Commerce, Law, Management, Fine Arts, Education and Library Science. Admissions to the P.G. Courses offered are based on entrance tests and merit. Some of the P.G. Departments run need-based self-financing courses also. Many eminent scholars have been teachers at the P.G. Departments. The well-known personalities include : Professors Raja Chelliah, Raj Krishna, L.S. Ramaswami, C.V. Subramaniam, M.V. Mathur, P.N. Srivastava, R.K. Kaul, R.C. Mehrotra, Yogendra Singh, G. Ranganathan, Satish Chandra, Dayakrishna, Om Prakash, Iqbal Narain, G.C. Pande, B.L.Saraf, S.Loknathan, S.P.Verma, C.P.Bhambhri, V. R. Mehta, Y.K.Alagh, C.Rangarajan etc.

Research support and Special Assistance have been made available to some departments by the UGC. A couple of departments are actively engaged in innovative research, and they are recognized for the FIST, COSIST and DST DAAD programmes of the University Grants Commission and the DST. The researches done by the faculty members have been in evidence by publications of articles in reputed journals. Some teachers have been honoured with international and national awards and citations.

Depending upon the disciplinary advancement, needs of the students and the demands of society, syllabi have been reviewed from time to time. The process of globalization, has also prompted formulation of new courses and this may go a long way in providing jobs to the students. Some of the new courses are as follows:

(c) Research Centers
The University also provides opportunities to the deserving students and teachers to undertake research in the fields of their specialization. For this purpose, Research Centers were established. These research centers have strengthened research, and some of them offer M. Phil Programmes of study. The following Centers are in existence:

1. Centre for Development of Physics Education*
2. Indira Gandhi Centre for Human Ecology, Environmental and Population Studies*
3. Centre for Gandhian Studies*
4. South Asia Studies Centre*
5. Centre for Women Studies
6. Social Science Research Centre
7. Centre for Jain Studies
8. Centre for Rajasthan Studies
9. Centre for Adult and Continuing Education
10. Centre for Local-Self Government
11. Centre for Non-Conventional Energy Resources

* Status of Teaching Department

Teaching Learning and Evaluation

Aims of Teaching
To develop an understanding of and skills in various modes of inquiry and of critical thinking and problem solving.
To provide a supportive environment
To develop and demonstrate an understanding and appreciation of the rich complexity of human experience in terms of both its convergence and divergence.
To develop and demonstrate an informed sense of thoughtful ethical choice and concerned community involvement
To inspire students to explore accurate and useful knowledge
To expand and enrich learning of students with a view to advance knowledge

The University allocates majority of its budget for academic programs. Students are admitted either on the basis of entrance test or merit. Many departments and all the Constituent Colleges have their own library in addition to the Central Library. Modern teaching methods and teaching aids are employed for effective teaching involving blending of teaching techniques to suit specific needs of a course (interactive participation of students, tutorials, brainstorming sessions, case studies, collaborative learning and active learning strategy). The emphasis is given on problem solving and skills in critical- thinking.

Evaluation of the students is done on an objective basis. Examiners and Co-examiners are appointed for this purpose by the respective BOS. The method of evaluation has undergone changes recently to accommodate new trends. Opportunity for re-evaluation is also given to the students.Question papers are set by senior faculty members and the external examiners appointed by the Board of Studies. University adheres to the academic calendar and the results are declared within a month of the last examination.

Research, Consultancy and Extension
All faculty members are actively involved in research. They are guiding research in their respective disciplines. Besides this, teachers are publishing their articles / research papers in reputed national and international journals. Many faculty members of the University are working on research projects. There are more than one thousand full time research scholars registered for Ph.D. and Post Doctoral Work and a few of them are getting fellowships and scholarships.

There are 81 ongoing Research Projects with an outlay of Rs. 8 Crores. More than 2700 Research Papers and more than 250 Books have been published in the last five years. International linkages and collaborative programs with research institutes and Universities from countries such as USA, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Australia, Canada, Japan, UK, Norway, Sweden, Brazil, Russia, Mexico, Finland and France. Academic links and collaborations at National level exist with research support by several agencies such as UGC, DST, DAE, DRDO, ICSSR, CSIR, ICHR, ICAR and ICMR. University Teachers have served as Hony. Editors of several journals of high standing. A few University PG departments publish journals of their own on a regular basis.

The Support Services in the University

To strengthen teaching and research, support services are being provided by the University. The University has one of the best university libraries in India. It has nearly 3.33 lakh books, hundreds of journals, microfilms, and magnificent archival documents. Photostating and internet access are also made available at the library. The library also provides inter-library loan facility to its members.

The University has a modern Sports Complex. It has also a swimming pool, which has been a venue of many National Swimming Meets. The University has always accorded a high priority to games and sports. Facilities for all major indoor and outdoor games are available at the Constituent Colleges as well. Fully developed indoor stadium along with a yoga centre are the unique attractions of the Sports Complex. Besides this, the Department of Physical Education has started a postgraduate diploma and a masters programme in Physical Education.

The University provides Allopathic, Ayurvedic, and Homeopathic facilities at its Health Center. Medicines are provided free of cost. Health checkups are arranged from time to time. Blood donation camps are also organized . Consultation is also available to the outsiders.

A Students Advisory Bureau exists since 1962 with the motto: "We do not believe in framing the future for next generation, rather we wish to frame the next generation for the future."

Residential accommodation is provided to the teachers and the Students. The university has 16 hostels, 9 for boys, 7 for girls. The University is going to construct two hostels one for SC girls and other for SC boys with 45% assistance from the ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment with a cost of Rs. 5 crores. Besides hostels, there are Teachers Hostel, Working Women Hostel and faculty residences located at the main campus. Some residences are for the non-teaching employees as well. The University has an eco-friendly environment. The nursery-cum-garden office of the university looks after lawns and parks. The university has nursery which has some rare plants and shrubs.

In order to stimulate and coordinate various activities of the students the Dean of Students Welfare is provided grants and facilities. The Dean, Students Welfare, is also Advisor of International Students.

The University has also an Academic Staff College which was set-up by the UGC in 1988 for an overall development of young university and college teachers. The ASC organizes Refresher and Orientation Programmes. The Refresher Courses are discipline-specific, whereas the Orientation Programmes are interdisciplinary. The later aims to enhance over all intellectual worth of the teacher. The ASC is ranked one of the first ten best Academic Staff Colleges of India.

University Service and Instrumentation Center is also functioning. The center has an adequate workshop under its control with facilities for mechanical (Lathe machines, Milling Machines etc.), glass blowing, electronics, welding, and gas filling shops and an analytical instrument sections. The center houses costly instruments such as (1) Semiautomatic X-Ray Diffractometer DIANO (USA) make, (2) Phillips Liquid Nitrogen Plant with 6 liter per hour capacity.

The University has established a UGC Infonet Center which coordinates all the activity of UGC Infonet Project at University of Rajasthan end. The centre will further distribute and maintain the internet connectivity over Campus Wide Area Network making it available to constituent colleges, teaching departments, research centers, and administrative units. The Center maintains and host University Website and Mail-server. The center will also coordinate and maintain Intranet of University when it comes up.

The University has a Press. It looks after the requirements of the university. It is being modernized with assistance from UGC during the tenth plan.

The Guest House of the university is well maintained. It is the pride of the University. Recently it was expanded with seven rooms.

Healthy Practices in the University

Strict adherence is observed to the Academic Calendar formulated for each year by the Academic Council

National and International Seminars, Lectures and Workshops are regularly organized and faculty members are given all possible financial and academic backup to participate in such events at both the National and International levels. Eminent Scholars come to the University as visiting faculty.

Statutory bodies like the Senate, the Syndicate, the Academic Council, the Faculties, the Research Board, the Boards of Studies are regularly in their meetings and both vibrant and vigilant in their deliberations.

The University examination system is now fully computerised. The results of the entrance examinations are declared within twenty four hours.

The University Press looks after the printing requirements of the University. During the Xth Plan, it is being modernized.

To provide financial assistance to the needy students, a University Corpus Fund has been created.

To ameliorate the grievance of every strata of University Community a standing mechanism has been evolved wherein three separate Grievance Committees function on a continuing basis.

The University of Rajasthan has been striving with fullest commitment to uphold the Hand Book and to sincerely implement the rules and regulations provided therein.

Jaipur is located approximately 270 Kms South of Delhi and 250 Kms West of Agra.
Very well connected by air to all important Metropolitan cities of India .
Direct Flight to Dubai, Bangkok, Singapore and regular train services to all major cities of India

Vice-Chancellor Prof. Furqan Qamar Profile
Phones: 91-141-2707863(0); Fax: 91-141-2711799
E-mails:vc@uniraj.ernet.in; furqan.jmi@gmail.com; qamar.pc@gmail.com;

Work Experience:
Teaching postgraduate and undergraduate courses in Accounting, Finance, Research Methods, Advanced data Analysis in universities in India and abroad since 1981.

Research studies in the areas of educational finance, policy, planning and management of educational institution, Policy Research, Program Evaluation, Impact Analysis, Socio-Economic Survey, Institutional Evaluation, Educational Management

Publications: Two Books, three Monographs, Over two dozen Research Papers and numerous articles and book reviews in such refereed journals as Management Review, Education and Social Change, Journal of Higher Education, Journal of Educational Planning & Administration, Journal of Higher Education

Supervising research studies leading to the degree of PhD in Accounting, Finance, Commerce, Business and Management for research scholars enrolled in Indian and foreign universities in the areas of Educational Management, Educational Finance, Cross-cultural Management, Technology Management and Behavioural Finance

Consultancy: Academic and Administrative Audit of institutions of Higher Education, Cost Savings and Resource use efficiency in the institutions of higher learning. Total Quality Management in the Institutions of Higher Education, Project planning & Development and Feasibility Analysis for institutions of higher education.

Administrative Experience: Honorary Director of the Centre for Management Studies, Coordinator of International Relations, Coordinator of Vocational Programmes in Business Studies, Officer on Special Duty in charge of Developments, Provost of Boys Hall of Residence

Seminars, Conferences, Management and Executive Development Programme: Have conceived, planned, developed organised and implemented a number of Seminars, Conferences, MDPs, EDPs and FDPs

Invited Speakers & Participants in Seminars & Conferences: have been invited as speakers, moderator and chairpersons in numerous, seminars, conferences and executive development programme in institutions of repute.

Academic Qualification:
Advanced Management Programme (AMP, 2005) An Intensive Short-term Programme for Senior Level Management Experts held at Clare College, Cambridge (UK)

Ph.D. (1989), awarded on Dissertation entitled "Financial Management in Residential Universities of UP" University of Lucknow

M. Com. (1981), University of Lucknow; First Division and First Position;

B. Com. (1979), Lucknow Christian Degree College, Lucknow University, First Division with First Position in the College and Fourth Position in the University;

Intermediate (1977), U.P. Board of Secondary Education, First Division;

High School (1975), U.P. Board of Secondary Education, First Division;

Positions Held:
Adviser (Education), Planning Commission, Government of India, since March 5, 2008 (On deputation from Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi)

Professor & Honorary Director, Centre for Management Studies, Jamia Millia Islamia, Since February 15, 2002 (On deputation to Planning Commission, since March 2008); also Professor UAE campus of the South Eastern University, October 8, 1995 to October 1998

Reader, Department of Commerce & Business Studies, Jamia Millia Islamia, April 1994 to February 2002;

Senior Lecturer, Department of Commerce, Jamia Millia Islamia, July 1989 to April 1994; Lecturer, Department of Commerce, Jamia Millia Islamia, July 1984 to July 1989

JRF/SRF, Department of Commerce, University of Lucknow, May 1982 to July 1984; Teaching Assistant, Lucknow Christian Degree College, August 1981 to April 1982

Memberships of National level Committees:
Membership of MHRD Committees: Sub Committee of Central Advisory Board on Education on Universalisation of Secondary Education; Committee on Private Universities; Working Group on Autonomy and Accountability in Higher Education

Membersip of UGC Committees: Committee for Promotion of Indian Higher Education Abroad; Committee to develop modalities for financial assistance to teachers for personal computers; Committee to devise Unique Enrolment Number; Committee to frame qualification for faculty members in professional and technical courses; Drafting Committee of XI Plan for Higher Education; Expert Committee on National Graduate Repository; Expert Committee on Strengthening Management Departments in Universities; Expert Committee to develop guidelines for Training and Development Programme of Academic Administrator; Committee for developing guidelines for setting up 370 new colleges in low GER districts; Committee for developing guidelines for incentivising state governments for expansion, inclusion and excellence in higher education; Committee for developing modalities for strengthening non-12B colleges; Committee for developing modalities for strengthening and upgrading accredited universities and colleges; Committee for establishing an Inter University Centre on Higher Education Policy; Working Group on Higher Education Management Information System; Coordinated 4 regional and 1 national level conferences of Vice Chancellors; UGC: Member, Expert Committee on Deemed Universities; Visiting Committees for assessment of development needs of universities;

Membership AICTE Committees: Expert member of All India Board for Management Studies; Standing Committee on New Institutions and Increase in Intake; Taskforce on developing National Policy for Faculty Augmentation; Committee for designing and developing policy for Fellow Programmes in Management in AICTE approved institutions; coordinated national level conference of Vice Chancellors of technical universities; Expert Committee for Approval of New institutions; Hearing Committee; Expert Committee for Accreditation; UGC-AICTE Joint Expert Committees for Deemed University

Membership of other national level bodies/orgnisations: NCTE Committee for Manpower Planning in Teacher Education; Delhi Government Committee to work out modalities for implementation 20% seats for socially and economically weaker section of the society; Hamdard Education Society; Academic Council, Jamia Hamdard; Board of Management, University Business School, Central University, Hyderabad; Board of Management, University Business School, Guru Gobind Singh Indra Prastha University (GGSIP University); Board of Management, Business School, NEHU; Faculty Committee, Faculty of Management Studies and Research, Aligarh Muslim University; Board of Studies, Department of Management, University of Jammu, J&K; NAAC Expert Committee for Assessment and Accreditation of Universities

Research Reports:
Research Project 'Resource Utilization in Higher Education', (Co-Investigator) The Study was undertaken at the National Institute of Educational Planning and Administration (NIEPA) and was funded by the Planning Commission, Government of India.

Research Project on 'Socio-economic Background of Scheduled Caste and their Development Participation' (Joint Project Director), The Project was sponsored by the Delhi Scheduled Caste Financial and Development Corporation, India

Research Project on 'Internal and External Resource Utilization in Education in School Education' (Co investigator), The National Institute of Educational Planning and Administration (NIEPA) funded the Project.

Research Project on "Financing of Senior Secondary Education in Delhi" The project is sponsored by the National Institute of Educational Planning & Administration

Research Project on, Financing of Secondary Education in the National Capital Territory of Delhi, NIEPA;

Research Project on Quality and Excellence in Higher Education, Identification of Quality Gaps and Investment Needs, funded by the University Grants Commission (UGC)

Promoting Indian Higher Education Abroad: A Group Report, Report on Policy Perspective Seminar on Internationalization of Higher Education and operation of Foreign Universities in India, Mimeographed, National Institute of Educational Planning and Administration (NIEPA);

Financial Control in Indian Universities, New Delhi, Anamika Publishers, 1995

Scheduled Castes: Their socio-economic status and development aspirations, New Delhi, Inter India Publications, 1996

Research Papers:
Financing Pattern and Cost Structure in Secondary Schools, In Tilak, Jandhyala B. G (ed), Financing of Secondary Education in India- Grants-in-Aid Policies and Practices in States, Shipra Publications, 2008

Management Education in India: Contemporary Status and Future Concerns, The Indian Journal of Commerce, Vol 57(2) April-June 2004

An Empirical Analysis of Grants-in Aid Rules, Financing Pattern and Cost Structure in Secondary Schools of Delhi, Journal of Educational Planning & Administration, Vol XVII (3) July 2003

Foreign Direct Investment in India: Policy Initiatives and Contemporary Status, Pranjana: The Journal of Management Awareness, Vol. 6 (1) Jan-July, 2003,

Managing the Diverse Work Force: A Review of Contemporary International Research Efforts in Understanding Job Satisfaction, Pragyan: a bi-annual journal of Management & Information Technology from the Institute of Management Studies, Volume 1 (1), July, 2003, 13-Apr

Profitability and Resource Use Efficiency in Scheduled Commercial Banks in India: A comparative analysis of Foreign, New Private Sector, Old Private Sector and Public Sector Banks, Synthesis: The Journal of BLS Institute of Management, Vol. 1 (1), July - December, 2003, 16-Jan

Saving Behavior and Investment Preference among Average Urban Household: Some Empirical Evidences, Indian Hournal of Commerce, Vol 56(1); January-March 2003

Does Nationality Affect Job Satisfaction (Co-author), Management Review, IIM Bangalore, Vol 14(4), December 2002

Effect of Education on Occupational Choices, Saving Behavior and Investment Preferences of Average Urban Household, Margin, Vol 34 (2&3); 2002

National Origin of Workers and its Implications on Satisfaction from Reward in a Culturally Diverse Work Environment of UAE, Indian Journal of Commerce, Volume 55, No. 3, July-September, 2002

Higher Education During Five Year Plans: Policy Shifts in Thrust Areas and Funding Mechanism, In NIEPA, Higher Education during 10thFive Year Plan: A Proposal, Mimeo, 2001;

Multiple Educational Delivery System: An Investigation into the Cost, Quality and Resource Use Efficiency in the Senior Secondary Schools of Delhi (Co-author), Journal of Educational Planning and Administration, Volume XIV No. 3, July 2000

Pattern of Utilization of Infrastructure and Physical Resources in Primary Schools in Rural Andhra Pradesh, Journal of Education and Social Change, Volume X No. 3, October-December 996

Budgetary Practices in Colleges of Higher Education, (Co-author), Journal of Educational Planning and Administration, Vol. 9 No. 3, July 1995;

Efficient Utilisation of Resources, (Co-author), Journal of Education and Social Change-Vol. IV, No 2, July-September 1990;

Financial Management in Higher Education: A Bibliographical Review, In Saeed M., Survey of Research in Commerce and Management Vol. 1, Ashish, New Delhi, 1990.

Financial Management: An Imperative to the temples of Higher Learning, Journal of Higher Education-Vol. 9,No. 4, spring 1984.

Assessment and Accreditation of Institutions of Higher Education: Why Mandatory? University News, Volume 38 No.26

Budgeting in Colleges (Co-author), University News, November 13, 1995;

Examination: An Exercise in futility, The Hindustan Times, New Delhi, May 11, 1987.

Income Tax Laws and Private Philanthropic Contribution to Education, The Hindustan Times, New Delhi, October28, 1985.

Politics of Public Accountability, The Hindustan Times, April 14, 1992.

Relegating Higher Education, The Hindustan Times, New Delhi, November 16, 1990.

Who should Manage a University, The Hindustan Times New Delhi, January, 25, 1987.

PhDs Supervised:
Have supervised PhD theses leading to award of degrees in such areas as Cost and Performance Appraisal in education sector; Budgetary Practices in higher educational instituions; Diversity and cross-cultural management; Saving Behaviour and Investment Preferences; Technology Transfer and Technology Development; Venture Capital Financing;

Other Experiences:
Hony Director, Centre for Management Studies, Coordinator, International Relations, Coordinator, Vocational Programmes in Business Studies; OSD Development; Coordinator, Development Cell; Provost, Boys Hall of Residence; Warden of Hostel

Member Secretary, Academic and Administrative Audit Committee for the Years 1999-2000 and 2000-2001; Coordinator, Study Group on Cost Savings & Resource Use Efficiency in Higher Education, (2000-2001); Coordinator, Committee for developing 10th Plan Proposal; Coordinator, Committee for preparation of Proposals and Presentation for "Universities with Potential of Excellence"

The University of Rajasthan is considered one of the oldest institutions of higher learning in Rajasthan. It was established on 8th January, 1947, in the name of 'University of Rajputana' with the main objective of distributing knowledge and catering to the needs of the students of whole Rajasthan. It had jurisdiction over the entire state.

In the year 1956, the Rajputana University was renamed as the University of Rajasthan, keeping in one piece its enveloping jurisdiction. With the successive creation of other universities, its affiliating jurisdiction has come down but it is regarded as the hub of Higher Education in Rajasthan paving the way for the other universities. It attracts students from all over Rajasthan and other parts of India and abroad. 'University of Rajasthan' is a multi-faculty University and is recognized under 2F and 12B of University Grant Commission (U.G.C) since its inception.

However, it contains 36 Post Graduate Departments, 15 recognized Research Centers, 6 Constituent Colleges and 500 Affiliated Colleges spanning 6 districts. The location of the University is overall urban and hip.

The University was established on 8 January 1947 as the University of Rajputana and was renamed to its current name (Rajasthan University) in 1956. With constant creation of other universities, its affiliating jurisdiction has come down. However, it is still the hub of higher education in Rajasthan.

University of Rajasthan, Jaipur, is one of the oldest universities of Rajasthan that has also been accredited with A+ by NAAC India. Initially, the University had its jurisdiction spread over the entire state of Rajasthan. However, owing to the successive creation of other universities, its affiliating jurisdiction came down, but the University is still the hub of higher education in Rajasthan.

Educational Streams
Presently, the University of Rajasthan offers Ph.D. Programs, M.Phil courses, Master degree courses and Bachelor degree courses. P.G. Teaching Departments are in existence in faculties of Arts, Science, Social Science, Commerce, Law, Management, Fine Arts, Education and Library Science. The University also provides facilities for academic and research activities in several streams to the students studying in University Departments, university Constituent Colleges and Affiliated Colleges/Institutions. Apart from focusing on the dissemination of knowledge and search for excellence in teaching and research, the University also focuses on the good future of the students, so that they can evolve into better citizens and endeavors to inculcate amongst them a sense of discipline and dedication.

Rajasthan University hosts a number of hostels, a modern sports complex, a large library in the campus and a modern and large swimming pool with professional coaching for facilitating the students with a better environment for study. Recognizing role of sports and extra-curricular activities, the university encourages the students to participate in these.

University of Rajasthan is the oldest university in the Indian state of Rajasthan.It was set up on 8 January 1947 as the University of Rajputana and was renamed to its current name in 1956.

University of Rajasthan is the centre of tertiary education in Rajasthan and attracts students from other parts of India and overseas. The central campus is located in city of Jaipur. The University of Rajasthan has 6 constituent colleges, 11 recognised research centres, 37 Post Graduate departments and 305 affiliated colleges. The University offers 37 Ph.D programs, 20 M.Phil courses, 48 Master's degree courses and 14 Bachelor degree courses. It has been accredited A+ by NAAC India. The University of Rajasthan is the oldest institution of higher learning in Rajasthan. It was established on 8th January, 1947, as the University of Rajputana with the main objective of disseminating knowledge and catering to the needs of the students of Rajasthan. It had jurisdiction over the entire state. In the year 1956, the Rajputana University was renamed as the University of Rajasthan, keeping intact its enveloping jurisdiction. With the successive creation of other universities, its affiliating jurisdiction has come down, but it is still the hub of Higher Education in Rajasthan paving the way for the other universities. It attracts students from all over Rajasthan and other parts of India and abroad.

University of Rajasthan is a multi-faculty University and is recognized under 2f and 12B of U.G.C since its inception. It has 36 Post Graduate Departments, 15 recognized Research Centers ,6 Constituent Colleges and 500 Affiliated Colleges spanning 6 districts. The location of the University is Urban and its Central Campus is spread over 285.50 acres and the satellite campus, comprising the Constituent Colleges, is spread over 149.53 acres.

The University of Rajasthan has been striving with fullest commitment to uphold the Hand Book and to sincerely implement the rules and regulations provided therein.


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News: 4th November, 2014
Governor accepts VCs resignation
VC offers to quit over Raje govt non cooperation (University of Rajasthan)
News: 3rd November, 2014
VC offers to quit over Raje govt non cooperation

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Bar Council lifts ban on RU Law courses (News)
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Students union elections today, Univ beefs up security cover (News)
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Post Graduate Program in Management (Admission Notice)
PMET 2010 ()
Supply of Microwave Synthesizer system (Tender)

Media coverage of University of Rajasthan, Jaipur Rajasthan, Rajasthan

Rajasthan University begin online admission process

JAIPUR: Rajasthan University has started its admission process for the 2012-13 session with the opening of online applications. The new system is expected to do away with long queues at both admission and information kiosks.

The new admission process of the university is not without hitches though as faults in the computers halted the process. Admissions are on for RUs 38 PG departments and nine centre of excellence along with its six constituent colleges for a total of 10,000 seats.

Colleges sans accreditation to loose UGC fund

Jaipur: Fund allocation from the University Grants Commission (UGC) without an accreditation may now become impossible for universities.
Sources say the UGC will not release funds without accreditation from a recognised agency like National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC) very soon.

The UGC has made accreditation of all the universities compulsory and the funds will not be allocated until a university is accredited, informed R P Yadav, Vice-Chancellor of Rajasthan Technical University (RTU).

It is believed the step has been taken to establish a standard of education among the varsities.However, good news for the universities is that the mandatory inspection by an expert committee for getting the funds from the UGC will no longer be required in coming months.The UGC has increased the role of board of studies, academic council and executive council of the University for any allocation of funds.

The UGC is considering a proposal for the 12th plan, if accepted, will allow allocation of the funds to any department of the university after it gets a clearance from the board of studies, academic council and executive council. No one from the UGC department will inspect the department over this allocation, said an official of the University of Rajasthan (RU).
The UGC move will make it easy for the varsities to get funds from it as the present system involves a long process including submitting the proposal to the university by the concerned department and sending it to the UGC and then to the expert committee to evaluate the process, which is a very long, time consuming and hectic process.

These days, when major bodies are going in for self disclosures and self declarations, the UGC is laying stress on self disclosures and the faculties who will be playing an active and important role for judicious use of money, said a UGC official.

RU to introduce new course in finance from next year

Jaipur: The University of Rajasthan (RU) has decided to introduce a new course in bachelor’s programme from the next academic session.There is a need of financial courses in the job market and the plain bachelor degree in commerce has become an obsolete. A need was being felt to introduce a new course in the RU. So, with changing economy, new courses are being designed and introduced with this course in financial market.

Prof T N Mathur, academic assistant to the Vice Chancellor, said, “Over the years, the importance of bachelor of commerce (B com) has decreased over the years. Students need to purse specialised courses after graduation to find a good job. On these lines, the RU will be introducing a bachelor’s programme in the field of finance to empower students with the latest in the financial market.”
The course has recently been approved by academic council and has also been given a nod by the syndicate of the RU. “The course will be started from the next academic session and we will soon decide the number of students to be admitted in this course,” added Mathur.The introduction of this course will be an added advantage to the students willing to make a career in finance sector as recently the CBSE has decided to introduce a course similar to this one at the school level and studying this course at bachelor’s level will benefit the students and their future employers alike.

Students are also excited to study this course and feel it will allow them to stay in Jaipur as anybody who wanted to pursue a bachelor’s programme in the financial market had to go out of the state.

RU to introduce new course in finance from next year

Jaipur: The University of Rajasthan (RU) has decided to introduce a new course in bachelor’s programme from the next academic session.There is a need of financial courses in the job market and the plain bachelor degree in commerce has become an obsolete. A need was being felt to introduce a new course in the RU. So, with changing economy, new courses are being designed and introduced with this course in financial market.
Prof T N Mathur, academic assistant to the Vice Chancellor, said, “Over the years, the importance of bachelor of commerce (B com) has decreased over the years. Students need to purse specialised courses after graduation to find a good job. On these lines, the RU will be introducing a bachelor’s programme in the field of finance to empower students with the latest in the financial market.”

The course has recently been approved by academic council and has also been given a nod by the syndicate of the RU. “The course will be started from the next academic session and we will soon decide the number of students to be admitted in this course,” added Mathur.
The introduction of this course will be an added advantage to the students willing to make a career in finance sector as recently the CBSE has decided to introduce a course similar to this one at the school level and studying this course at bachelor’s level will benefit the students and their future employers alike.

Students are also excited to study this course and feel it will allow them to stay in Jaipur as anybody who wanted to pursue a bachelor’s programme in the financial market had to go out of the state.

Gehlot inaugurates students union office at law college, woos youths

Jaipur: Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot inaugurated students union office of University Law College amidst tight security.The inaugural function was deferred by evening after the demand of several students slated to appear at semester examinations during the morning hours on Monday.Gehlot assured students to look into their problems besides constructing girls hostel on the campus.Reiterating his governments commitment to higher education, he said that he got opened Law University in Jodhpur in his last tenure.

During my previous tenure, a national-level law university was opened in Jodhpur and its doing well, said the chief minister. Speaking on the occasion, minister of state Murali Lal Meena informed students and several others about the government policies for farmers and students. Its only after Congress came to power that students union elections resumed in the Rajasthan, added Meena.Chief minister also inaugurated online complaint redressal system which will enable students to file complaints online regarding any of their problems on the campus.

The function was held under tight police security as there were reportedly a few student leaders trying to create disturbances in the function. The police had a tough time controlling the jostling students trying to find space at the venue.Earlier, Rajasthan University Students Union (RUSU) president Prabha Choudhary protested along with her supporters at the vice-chancellors secretariat in the campus.She was demanding her name being included on the inauguration stone of the opening of solar panel in girls hostel which was to be inaugurated by the chief minister Ashok Gehlot himself on Monday.The inauguration was later cancelled due to the strong protest launched by some students under her leadership.

Angry VC marks faculty at RU absent in advance

Jaipur: In an inspection visit made in Rajasthan College by the Rajasthan University (RU) Vice Chancellor (VC) B L Sharma, the VC marked faculty members absent in advance. He also marked cross against the names of the faculty members who were present in the college on Monday but had not signed in the register till that time.Sources have informed that after inspecting, VC asked for the attendance register and marked cross against the names of the faculty members in advance for Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.Several faculty members informed that they were present in the college and they should not be marked absent but they were told by the VC that they had been called on telephone.Speaking to DNA, Jayant Singh of statistics department informed that many faculty members including R C Saxena, O P Sharma, K K Sharma and a few others were present in the college and had not signed but were marked absent by the VC.

Syndicate member and a political science faculty member Inakashi Chaturvedi who has been marked absent said that she was present in the college and had taken her classes.Vice principal of the college, Sheila Rai has also been marked crossed on December 20 and December 21. She said, I was away on leave and had been out of India; I dont know why I have been marked absent on the days which are yet to come.

Interestingly, administrative secretary of VC Rajesh Sharma and also a faculty member who was with the VC during the inspection has also been marked crossed in the attendance register informed the sources. The faculty members said that the VC might be avenging the conflict which arose between the college faculty and VC over not having mentioned the Principals name on the inaugural stone of smart classes in a recent college function.

We have sent a fax to the chief minister complaining about the errant behaviour of the vice chancellor, said Jayant Singh, president of Rajasthan University Teachers association (RUTA). The VC could not be contacted for a comment.

Staff crunch in Rajasthan University for past 6 yrs

Jaipur: The University of Rajasthan (RU) has been reeling under severe faculty crunch for several years and it was in 2005, when the last recruitment was held. About 10 professors were recruited in 2005 during the tenure of vice-chancellor NK Jain, said Bhupendra Singh Shekhwat, public relations officer of RU. By July 2012, about 24 faculties from various departments will retire.

At present, there are about 450 permanent faculty members in RU.In sociology department, there are only seven faculty members of whom one will retire by July 2012. Notably, the department has about 350 students on the campus and thousands in various associate colleges. Speaking to DNA, HoD Rajiv Gupta, said sociology department is unable to cope with its current strength and it urgently needs faculties. We need more faculties as there are a large number of students pursuing the subject, said Gupta.

Ditto with the psychology department, which has only 13 faculty members. The department needs more senior faculties. Else it will be difficult to run it. said prof Asha Hinger, who retired recently.

There are only nine faculty members in the statistics department. I had joined RU in 1980 and there were 22 faculties then, but now its just nine, said a professor.Vice-chancellor BL Sharma said the recruitment would start soon. We have already begun the process of career advancement scheme and will soon start fresh recruitments. We are waiting for some change in eligibility norms from UGC, he said.

RU has not given degrees since 2003

Jaipur: For the past 8 years, the wait, of those passing out from the Rajasthan University, for degrees has turned out to be futile as their patience has not yielded any results. The students are at the receiving end due to the lackadaisical attitude of the university. The students have to bear the consequences as their career is at stake. I had to quit a job as I was not able to show my degree to my employers. I only had a provisional certificate, said Bhawna Somani who has been waiting for her degree since 2003.

Stacks of final year mark sheets are lying unattended in the administrative office of the university. These belong to students who passed out after 2002. The condition of these mark sheets lying in the loft is very bad as they have been lying there for years.

The situation is even more pitiable in the case of professional courses. The university has not distributed degrees in the professional courses after the year 1992.

Controller of Examinations, PL Raigar, sounded helpless when asked about the reason for not distributing the degrees. He said that degrees have not been distributed as there is a staff crunch and also for the want of a printer. We are yet to identify a printer for doing this work, I agree we have not issued degrees since many years, lack of employees to examine the degrees is also another reason for not issuing them, said Raigar. Raigar informed that RU has not awarded the tender for printing the degrees. It is surprising that in 1987, for 2 lakh students in RU, the sanctioned strength of non-teaching employees was 1,400 which in 2011 the number fell to 600 employees along with another 300 contractual employees, while the number of students in the university has risen to 8 lakhs.

Sources have informed that the reason for the delay is a dispute of university administration with the non-teaching staff. Sources said that the university wants to pay the non-teaching staff money to check the degree as it used to pay them in the year 2002, while the employees are asking for a revised rate and have declined to examine the degrees.

A positive step for positive children

Raghu Rai hopes for a nice home for them. Jatin Das too wishes them to have a solid roof over their heads. Young artist Anoop Kamth does not want to see them wander hither and thither in search of a home either. Senior journalist Usha Rai wants to support the cause too. The children that have these top artists riled up and rallying are special ones – HIV positive children, who have been ostracised by the society. Not only are they ignored but their very existence is acknowledged by few.

In Hanuman Nagar area of Jaipur are these 19 children, and others like them, about 2000-odd all over the state of Rajasthan, who have the deadly AIDS virus in their bodies. Brajesh Dubey of Rajasthan Network for People Living with HIV-AIDS Plus (RNP +), who takes care of these children, says he has had to change four houses in the last two years with these children in tow. Although he claims to have got used to changing houses at short notices, the last one was too abrupt. No sooner did the landlord learn of their HIV status than he served a notice of seven days to vacate the house. He would hear of nothing short of getting his house back within seven days! The landlord claimed that the residents of the neighbourhood were not comfortable with HIV positive children living in their midst.

The children and I had moved into this house this November 1! Its not easy to find one so soon. The children would be on the streets this way. However, we got some more time to look for a new house. This matter had been picked up by some newspapers. Renowned photographer Raghu Rai read this news and he got in touch with us. He wanted the children to have a house of their own. But that would require a huge amount of money which wasnt easy, recalls Brajesh Dubey, who also mentions coming in contact with noted film producer Noel Mac Pereira, keen to make a positive difference to the lives of these HIV positive children.

The Positive Art programme is Pereiras brainchild. Getting people together for this, looking for a place to organise it and then to get Shashi Sahay of Life Long Learning Department of Rajasthan University to work along within this programme – it was all spearheaded by Pereira alone. The accommodation arrangement for children from all over the state was made possible with the help of Ms Sahay. Pereira, who is looking to make a film on the lives of HIV-affected children, has a target of collecting about Rs two crore in order to build a permanent home for these 19 children of Jaipur. Emboldened by the support of these eminent artists, painters and photographers, Brajesh Dubey hopes to get one built for all such children across the state.

Raghu Rai has donated two of his award-winning photographs for their cause. He mentioned the plight of these children to some of his friends and they followed suit. Jatin Das and Manu Parekh lead the way with their paintings, followed by Bikash Poddar, Ashish Poddar, Himmat Shah, Gopi Gajwani, Tirthankar Biswas and Anoop and Ritu Kamth. Now, RNP+ has a collection of paintings and works by these artists which they intend to auction to fetch money. The money would hopefully ensure that these children with AIDS have a roof of their own, so that they have only the disease to contend with, and not the daily mortification.

At the Positive Art congregation, the children got together to make their own paintings. According to Ms Shashi Sahay, top twelve paintings will be turned into a calendar and sold to collect money.

The coming New Year may be full of promises for these young ones. During the NRI summit to be held in Jaipur between January 7 and 9, the paintings and photographs collected from these eminent artists would go under the hammer. The money thus collected will hope to finance a new home for these special kids. Bikash Poddar adds that if the amount collected is insufficient, he, along with the others, would pitch in with more efforts to accomplish the objective. The onus lies not just with them; its ours too.

Barred RU students stage dharna

Jaipur: Several students of the University of Rajasthan (RU), who were barred from appearing in the ongoing semester examinations, staged a dharna outside the universitys main gate on Wednesday. They were led by student organisation ABVP.A large number of students gathered at RUs main gate and protested against the universitys decision to declare more than 300 students as non-collegiate, making them ineligible to write semester examinations. The group later went to the Vice-Chancellors Secretariat and demanded a rollback of the order.Since the vice-chancellor had gone to attend a meeting at the UGC in New Delhi, the students could not meet him. They then submitted a memorandum of their demand to the chief proctor RL Godara.

If our demands are not met then they we intensify our movement, the student leaders said after their meeting with Godara.

Sources in the university said admissions in some departments were going on till the month of November and that the administration was not at all prepared for the semester examinations. The courses were not complete. Just 10 days ago, vice-chancellor BL Sharma had convened a meeting of all the Heads of Departments (HoD) and asked them to finish the pending course so that the semester examinations could take place, a source informed.

This study material should have been covered over a span of six months, he said, adding that even the question papers were not prepared for a lot of subjects.

Notably, the university has started the semester system for its post-graduate courses from this year itself.Students, who were declared ineligible for writing the semester exam, protest outside the Rajasthan University on Wednesday

Shots fired in RU, Cops deny report

Jaipur: Yet another incident of firing at the University of Rajasthan campus on Tuesday exposed the sorry state of security in the educational institute.Gunshots were fired on the campus around 2:30am on Tuesday, near the staff quarters of the RU campus near Jhalana where the faculty members and officers reside. A few youth armed with weapons fired three rounds near the house of administrative secretary to the vice chancellor Rajesh Kumar Sharma.

The 25 families, who live there, panicked and started searching for the miscreants. Though they reported the matter to the Gandhi Nagar police, the police dismissed it saying, It was the sound of firecrackers. However, there have been conflicting claims by different university officials over the issue.RU spokesperson Bhupendra Singh Shekhawat confirmed the incident and said he and a few others lodged a compliant at the Gandhi Nagar Police station, but universitys chief proctor RL Godara denied the occurrence of any such incident. No such incident happened, he said.

The difference in statements of the university officials became clear when Rajesh Kumar Sharma, in front of whose house, the incident occurred refused to comment on the issue. Shekhawat said the families, have sent a written complaint about the gunshot firing incident to the Vice-Chancellor, registrar and chief proctor of the university.

We have registered a complaint with the Gandhi Nagar police. Surprisingly, even after hearing the gunshots, the police van did not come. Shekhawat said. Despite this, the police have denied receiving any complaint and Gandhi Nagar ACP Tejpal Singh said only crackers were burst on the campus.

Failed RU students declared ineligible for semester tests

Jaipur: It seemed that University of Rajasthan (RU) and its students are not on same page as far as semester examinations are concerned. Chaos prevailed on the campus as the semester examinations began on Monday.The RU barred several students from appearing in the semester exams and declared them non-collegiate as they had failed in the internal tests.The students complained that they were not aware of the importance of internal tests and were not told about their importance. The faculties, however, have different take and said that the students were duly informed that the tests would carry marks and make them eligible for the semester examinations. A large number of students who had not cleared the internal tests or had less than 75 per cent attendance in classes, were not allowed to sit in the examinations. They were declared non-collegiate by the university.

We have not been informed about the rules. We thought it was simply a college test and the marks wont be counted, said Ajay Meena, a student of social sciences.On the other hand, many faculties maintained that as these students hardly turn up in classes, they may not be aware of many rules announced by the RU from time to time. Meanwhile, the agitated students protested at the vice-chancellors secretariat and demanded that the decision be rolled back. However, the university officials refused to accept their demand.

Youth opens fire in RU

Jaipur: A student leader triggered mayhem in the University of Rajasthan on Saturday when he opened fire during the inaugural function of the union office. The former university student, Abhishek Meena, allegedly fired a single round from a country-made pistol, in the presence of a huge gathering of students, faculty, policemen, and guests, to register his anger over internal conflict between student leaders. The incident happened moments before actor Esha Deol arrived in RU to participate in the same programme.

Meena fired a bullet in the air without warning. Students standing around him and watching the function panicked at the sight of the pistol, which he chose to brandish as a gesture of bravery, after the audacious act. He was immediately caught and arrested by police officials who were present on the occasion. RU vice chancellor B L Sharma, left the place soon after. Several guests followed him out of the university amidst the commotion that had set in after the incident.

Sources said Abhishek Meena, a close aide of student leader Naresh Meena, who was instrumental in the victory of RUSU President Prabha Choudhary was angry over the alleged mistreatment meted out to his leader.

Big cats stray into city, locals lose sleep

Jaipur: Broken boundary of Amrita Devi Park and Jhalana Forest Area and fear of another panther straying into the residential area is giving sleepless nights to the residents in nearby Jawahar Nagar and Jhalana area.Not only the residents of Jhalana and Jawahar Nagar, but even the inmates of hostels in Rajasthan University (RU) campus are a worried lot after Wednesday nights incident of straying of a panther. Pointing to the broken boundary of RU that touches the forest area, LLB student Prem Chand who resides in nearby Aravali Hostel said that often blue-bull and deer stray into the university campus through this. Last winter we had heard about a panther attacking a guard near girls canteen, he added.

The straying of panther on the road on Wednesday night has worried the inmates of Aravali, JC Bose and Ambedkar hostels. We are under constant fear that now any wild animal might stray into our hostels through this broken boundary, BEd student Krishna Gopal Meena said.Assistant executive engineer at RUs Engineering Department VK Gupta assured that the broken wall will be repaired shortly.The residents of Jawahar Nagar (edging the forest) too are a worried lot. Neha Jain and Ritu Bhansali have stopped sending their kids out after sun-set after Wednesdays incident.Not only is the boundary wall broken at several places, but even the iron fencing is being dismantled by those who sneak into the nearby jungle to get fire wood. Blue bulls and deer often come on road. A few months ago a blue-bull was found killed by some big cat. Are authorities now waiting for the panthers to strike us? said Neha.
Ladu Ram a priest of a temple in JDA Colony in Jhalana says, All the residents here were very frightened last night and will continue in this manner in the future too.

Rajasthan University: Last date of submitting exam form extended

Jaipur: The University of Rajasthan extended the date for submission of annual examination forms amid loud protests by students. An official release from administration said the last date for the submission of forms has been extended till November 30. Earlier, the last date for submission of form was November 26. Students can deposit their examination forms till November 30 without late fee, a university official said.The students enrolled with the university scrambled to get their examination forms deposited at various counters across the city. Applicants queued up before colleges and banks and at some centres the long queue spilled out onto the streets obstructing the flow of traffic.The rush at the counters was despite the fact that students were given an option to submit their forms online by the university administration. But the online system did not go down well with many students and they found it quite cumbersome.

I have been trying since last three days to fill my form online, but every time, the website omits the name of the subjects I have taken in my undergraduate course, Jyoti Meena, a student of Maharanis College said.
The university administration had introduced the downloading of online exam forms from the present academic session. The rush at colleges and banks was evident even before the counters opened for collection of forms on Friday.

Students flocked centres and queued up in anticipation of heavy rush. Taking a stock of situation, the university administration finally declared on Friday evening its decision to extend the last date for submission of the examination date, offering relief to lakhs of students enrolled in the colleges affiliated to it. According to officials, seven lakh students would take their exams for the academic session 2011-12.

Jaipur: Congress, BJP leaders booked for rape

Jaipur: A sessions court in Jaipur has directed the police to register FIR against seventeen people including, former elected representatives and serving police officers, on charges of drugging and raping a woman. The decision came on a petition filed by the victim, a resident of Sirsa, Haryana, who accused her husband of forcing her into prostitution.Acting on the petition, the court directed Vaishali Nagar police station in city to register formal complaints against former state minister Jogeshwar Garg, former member of parliament (MP) Nihalchand Meghwal, former Rajasthan University Students' Union president, Pushpendra Bhardwaj, assistant commissioner of police, Sodala, Jaipur, Anil Rao and 13 others on charges of rape. The court directed the police to investigate the victim's complaint and report the findings in the next hearing.In her complaint filed with the court, the victim said she was married to one Om Prakash on December 20, 2010. She accused the seventeen accused of raping her between February and September 2011 in different parts of the city.
In its last hearing the counsel for Pushpendra Bhardwaj had argued that the victim had already filed an FIR in the Dabwali police station in Sirsa, Harayana. The counsel informed the court that the Dabwali police station was already investigating the complaint. In such a situation, he argued, the complaint has filed to misuse the judicial process.

Can't Rahul Gandhi see the suffering of Rajasthan? : Vasundhara Raje

Jaipur: Ex CM Vasundhara Raje took a dig at the reshuffle of current CM Ashok Gehlot's cabinet and told that though some of the corrupt had been removed from office the dacoits still held plum positions in the ministry. She added that those like Shanti Dhariwal, Babulal Nagar were responsible for corruption anjd nepotism too, but remain unscathed.She said this while addressing a gathering on Tuesday where she also inaugurated the office of Rajasthan University's student's union's general secretary, Amit Sharma.

Taking potshots at Rahul Gandhi she said that Rahul could see the poverty in UP but failed to feel for the widespread poverty and public outrage in Rajasthan.

RU chief proctor gets summons from WC

Jaipur: Chief proctor and warden of Rajasthan University (RU) RL Godara was summoned on Thursday by Women Commission as per the sources.He was summoned by the commission for his alleged misbehaviour with a research scholar of the university after a complaint was filed against him by the scholar. When contacted chief warden was not willing to speak on the issue and said that he was in a meeting.

The girl had alleged that Godara had misbehaved with her and she was illegally expelled from the hostel. Sources informed that she had then met RU officials and raised her allegations but no action was taken. She then registered a compliant with the police and Women Commission. Students had been protesting against this alleged misbehaviour by warden and had been demanding action against him.

RU had refuted the charges and issued a statement informing that the student was an illegal occupant in Lakshmi Bai Hostel and also had amount outstanding against her. In a statement, warden Zoya Chakraborti had said that the girl was trying to pressurise administration with such complaints. The girl could not be contacted as sources close to her informed that she was out of the state.

RU unions up in arms against ban on protest

Jaipur: Newtons third law states that for every action theres an equal reaction and the University of Rajasthan (RU) will witness the same on Thursday. Various RU unions have decided to vehemently oppose the Tuesdays decision of the university of putting a ban on demonstrations.

The president of the Rajasthan University Teachers Association (RUTA) Jayant Singh informed that in wake of the ban, unions of the teachers, employees as well as technical employees will call for an aggressive demonstration in front of vice-chancellors Secretariat and the copies of the official order banning the demonstrations will be burnt. The joint statement issued by RUTA, non-teaching union, RUSU and association of technical employees criticised the order of the registrar of the university and demanded that this order should be repealed. The statement termed it undemocratic.

Speaking to reporters, RUTA president Jayant Singh said that such orders are an attempt to divert the attention from the universitys real issues and will not be tolerated. Notably in the order issued by the registrar of RU on Tuesday, all kinds of protest, demonstration and even slogan-shouting on universitys campus were banned and the places include proximity to vice-chancellors secretariat, Central Office , Central Library and other offices.

Student protest turns violent, five arrested

Jaipur: An agitation to protest against University of Rajasthan's (RU) chief proctor RL Godara for his alleged harassment of a student of botany turned aggressive when they tried to block the Jawaharlal Nehru Marg and burnt Godara's effigy.
The police, present at the gates, tried to stop the agitating students who manhandled an RPS officer but failed. Sensing that the situation was getting out of control, the police lathicharged and five student leaders, including the RUSU General Secretary Amit Sharma, were put under preventive arrest.

Angered by the arrests, students came in large numbers and demanded release of student and action against the chief proctor. The students were later in the evening released on bail.The matter relates to allegations levelled against chief proctor by a research scholar who had been living in Laxmi Bai hostel. She had alleged that Godara had misbehaved with her and she was illegally expelled from the hostel.

Pillay to coach budding hockey players

Jaipur: Former captain of Indian Hockey team Dhanraj Pillay will coach promising hockey players of Rajasthan at the proposed Hockey Academy that is expected to come up in Jaipur in 2012.
Pillay, one of the most mercurial strikers of Indian hockey in the astro-turf era, was the chief guest at the concluding function of Six-A-Side Hockey Tourney at Rajasthan University Ground on Monday.

After distributing prizes, Pillay, mesmerised by the potential of hockey players in the state, proposed for a Hockey Academy in Jaipur by 2012.
Standing next to him was Jaipur MP Mahesh Joshi, who immediately accepted Pillay's wish and announced establishing a world class hockey academy in Jaipur by next year. Emboldened by Joshi's prompt response, Pillay went a step further announcing he would provide best quality kits to the youngsters at the future academy.

"Let the Academy come up in Jaipur next year and I will render the best quality kits from Jallandhar for the trainees here, be it 50 boys or 50 girls." The star forward further announced that he would coach the pupils at the Academy 15 days every three months.He also invited the best goal scorer of the final Charitra Bishnoi, to play with Air India in Mumbai.

"You have great potential…come to Mumbai and play for Air India." Pillay, who played four Olympics and four World Cup also urged prime minister Dr Manmohan Singh to intervene to salvage Indian hockey, presently stuck in the ego clash of the two warring factions of Indian Hockey the Hockey India (HI) and Indian Hockey Federation (IHF).

World Hockey governing body FIH has already shifted Champions Trophy from India and if IHF-HI impasse is not resolved even Olympic Qualifiers slated for February might be taken away from India. "I feel the government and even the prime minister, if need arises, should intervene quickly.
The government should form a group of some former players and talk to FIH to keep country's prospects of playing in Olympics alive.

Rs 50-cr on offer from UGC; RU frontrunner in the race

Jaipur: The University of Rajasthan (RU) has emerged among the top ten universities of the country for a mammoth UGC grant of Rs 50 crore for achieving an ambitious scheme of University Grant Commission (UGC). However, the UGC will grant the sum to only six universities of the country and the RU officials are working hard to convince the central educational body to do the same.The UGC under its approach to strengthen the academic and physical infrastructure for achieving excellence in teaching and research has been giving grants to the tune of Rs 50 crore to a few universities.

A team of UGC, under the leadership of eminent educationist and former V-C of Jawaharlal Nehru University Prof GK Chadha, had been doing various rounds of inspection at RU in the past six months and found the university eligible to make to the list of shortlisted universities. After further screening, RU is now among the final 10 universities, which include Banaras Hindu University (BHU) and few universities from Punjab, Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh.

Giving the details, Sociology department head Prof Rajiv Gupta informed that the vice- chancellor has been making rounds at the UGC frequently, giving presentations on various aspects of the university. He further said a team of professors along with V-C will be soon going to the UGC for final round of presentations shortly that will decide who makes to the list of six universities for Rs50-crore grant.

Various faculties of the university are optimistic about the chances of RU because of the quality of research work done in university, apart from its infrastructure. And their optimism may ring true as last year out of four RU constituent colleges, two colleges — Maharani College and Maharaja College were given a grant of Rs1 crore under scheme. Our record is very good; we have been doing quality research whether it is in social or in pure science, said Prof Gupta.

Rs 50-cr on offer from UGC; RU frontrunner in the race

Jaipur: The University of Rajasthan (RU) has emerged among the top ten universities of the country for a mammoth UGC grant of Rs 50 crore for achieving an ambitious scheme of University Grant Commission (UGC). However, the UGC will grant the sum to only six universities of the country and the RU officials are working hard to convince the central educational body to do the same.

The UGC under its approach to strengthen the academic and physical infrastructure for achieving excellence in teaching and research has been giving grants to the tune of Rs 50 crore to a few universities.

A team of UGC, under the leadership of eminent educationist and former V-C of Jawaharlal Nehru University Prof GK Chadha, had been doing various rounds of inspection at RU in the past six months and found the university eligible to make to the list of shortlisted universities. After further screening, RU is now among the final 10 universities, which include Banaras Hindu University (BHU) and few universities from Punjab, Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh.Giving the details, Sociology department head Prof Rajiv Gupta informed that the vice- chancellor has been making rounds at the UGC frequently, giving presentations on various aspects of the university. He further said a team of professors along with V-C will be soon going to the UGC for final round of presentations shortly that will decide who makes to the list of six universities for Rs50-crore grant.

Various faculties of the university are optimistic about the chances of RU because of the quality of research work done in university, apart from its infrastructure. And their optimism may ring true as last year out of four RU constituent colleges, two colleges — Maharani College and Maharaja College were given a grant of Rs1 crore under scheme. Our record is very good; we have been doing quality research whether it is in social or in pure science, said Prof Gupta.

RU elections: Trying to influence syndicate?

Jaipur: In the run up to the syndicate elections of the Rajasthan University (RU) — scheduled for October 1— the university is witnessing various colours of electioneering by the different candidates in the fray.

One of such campaign has been witnessed recently when in support of a candidate for syndicate some sitting syndicate members issued an appeal. The pamphlet appeals to the voters to cast their vote in his favour for solving their problems related to notional fixation, career advancement scheme (CAS) pension fund and other issues.The appeal has been signed by Prof DP Jaroli, Prof SL Kothari, Prof Satish Rai, Prof HS Sharma, Dr Subhash Garg who is general secretary of Rajasthan university college teachers association ( RUCTA) and Dr KB Sharma who are all members of the syndicate.

In the past it has never happened that current members of the syndicate had made a signature campaign in support of a candidate as signature campaign by the syndicate members in support can influence the decision of the voters. We have not done this campaign with intention of influencing the voters, we just supported him, off course if the candidate is chosen it will be a help, said Prof SL Kothari.

I have done the signatures on personal basis and dont want to influence the voters, I hope that they will use their minds and decide accordingly, whats the harm is a deserving person comes? said Prof Satish Rai.

I didnt want to influence the voters and have given my consent as president of pensioners association and I agree that syndicate members should not do any kind of signature campaign, said Prof HS Sharma who is a nominated member of the governor.Interestingly, Prof Jaroli and Prof Kothari are nominated members of the vice-chancellor while Dr Subhash Garg and Prof Satish Rai are nominated by the state government.

RU VC asks students to monitor teachers

Jaipur: Students enrolled in Rajasthan University and its constituent colleges will now decide if their teachers are competent enough to lecture them. They will also report on the time they devote to the department on a daily basis.
Vice-chancellor BL Sharma issued written instructions to all heads of department in the university to be at workplace for atleast five hours while making it clear that any laxity, if reported by students, would warrant action against the erring lecturers. The orders issued by the V-C read: "Students would give their feedback on how lecturers are teaching them and if they are coming on time in the classes."

The order further mentions that the faculty members must ensure they are present in their departments and colleges for not less than five hours daily.

The VC's decisions have not gone down well with the teaching community. Teachers questioned the requirement for this notice in the first place.

"Are we not taking our classes regularly? Why does the VC needs to issue an order to this end? We give our quality time here and also take lectures in the constituent colleges during the day," Jayant Singh, the president of Rajasthan University Teachers Association, said.

Singh said that there were other pressing challenges before the university, like filling vacant posts and offering promotions due to the teachers, which need immediate attention.

"Why does the VC not ask for feedback on these issues," Jayant Singh said.

Most teachers said that nobody minds spending time in the university, but were concerned about the lack of facilities for teaching and infrastructure in the university. "We don't have a proper place to sit in the departments. So, where will we sit? Give us some dignity and we will give our quality time," said faculty member Meenakshi Chaturvedi.

Junior employees protest at Joshis house

Jaipur: Junior employees of the University of Rajasthan staged a demonstration on Sunday in front of the residence of MP Mahesh Joshi and presented their memorandum to him.

The president of the union of junior employees Mohammed Mustafa said that they have requested Joshi to take their charter of demands to the state government which includes filling up the posts which have been vacant for the past 25 years.

The University of Rajasthan is marred by the problem of ad-hocism, there are no appointments. Every year 60-75 per cent employees are getting retired and as a result several posts are vacant and even though the nature of work is permanent still ad hocism is being promoted in the university, said Mustafa.

He added that even the people employed on ad hoc basis or on contract basis do not get salaries on time.As the number of students taking admission is increasing, the union demanded that the annual grant given to the university by the state government should be increased.

And also a separate grant for the pension fund should be given to the retired employees.

Notably, the Jaipur MP Mahesh Joshi had promised during the elections to make University of Rajasthan a central university but he couldnt do so, he added. Meanwhile, Mahesh Joshi said that since he has been associated with the university in past as its president, he is sympathetic towards the employees demands and will take up the matter with the state government.

I will soon speak to the chief minister on this issue and hope that an amicable solution is reached, said Joshi.

Students protest against deans casteist remark

Jaipur: It has been close to a month since the Rajasthan University Students Union (RUSU) elections ended, but the students politics refuses to die down.

On Monday, the vice-chancellor secretariat was again besieged by agitating student leaders. Lead by Mahendra Singh Rathore and Shyam Meena, they started laying siege outside the VC secretariat in the morning and demanded action against chief proctor RL Godara and Dean of Students Welfare RD Gurjar for their alleged casteist remarks against some students.

Later in the day, angry student leaders declared an indefinite hunger strike demanding action against the officials and cancelling the suspension of various student leaders last week.The group of students claimed that the officials who called them to resolve the issue of alleged malpractice in the RUSU elections addressed some students in a casteist way and allegedly asked them to not contest elections in future. The enraged students have lodged a complaint against the university officials in the ST-SC cell on Monday.As the information reached other students, they started agitating in front of the VC secretariat and the police had a tough time controlling the crowd. No university official was present during the agitation and senior police officials were seen pacifying the student leaders.

Notably, the grievance cell of the university is enquiring the various cases of alleged irregularities committed in the RUSU elections and has convened few meetings in past which ended without any conclusive action.

When contacted about the time frame required to make their decision in the cases of alleged irregularities, the dean of students welfare informed that the process was underway and that he could not commit on a time frame during which the enquiry would be concluded.

Law College put through wringer

Jaipur: A special audit in five-year LLB course is under process at the Rajasthan University (RU) as the finance and audit department is currently scrutinising all the records and documents of the Law College for the past three years, as there has not been any audit of this law school since it started in the year 2008.As per the sources, there were several complaints of financial irregularities against the college director Prof Mridul Srivastava who is also the dean of the college.It is alleged that funds meant for the tuition fee have been used for personal works by the director and have not been used for college work.

Notably the tuition fee of this course is Rs 66,000 per annum which is similar to the renowned National Law University in Jodhpur and Bangalore, but the facilities here do not match the Jodhpur and Bangalore institutes. The teaching faculty here comprise mainly fresh pass-outs from colleges who lack teaching experience. There are about 21 faculty members of whom 17 are under qualified as per UGC norms which say that minimum qualification to teach should be NET-SLET qualified and PhD.Currently there are about 450 students in this five-year course. A source informed that university high-ups were aware of these complaints but did not take action on the complaints of the students.

Entrance test must for all research aspirants

Jaipur: Now, students who have cleared NET and SLET will have to appear a test — MPhil PhD Admission Test (MPAT) — in order to study PhD courses.
As per the research section of University of Rajasthan, a notification has been issued by University Grants Commission (UGC) informing that students who have cleared national eligibility test (NET) or state level eligibility test (SLET) will also have to appear and clear MPAT to get registered for studying Doctorate of Philosophy (PhD).

Research deputy registrar Dr Neelu Mahajan while giving details informed that the universitys norm would start from this year.

Confirming the decision, UGC official said that Last year relaxation was given to NET and SLET candidates; however, this year they will have to appear in pre-Phd entrance
Many university professors however, feel that there is no need to include NET-SLET cleared candidates in the pre-PhD exam.

This is really uncalled for. If a scholar has cleared national eligibility test then, what is the need to sit for an entrance test of a local university, said Prof Reena Mathur, head, Zoology department.

Another Economics department professor Alpana Katija she doesnt think there was any need and that those were sensitive issues which affect thousands of students and UGC officials should not take decisions so casually.

The student community is also taken aback at the development, Its shocking, we worked so hard for NET but we have been put in the same bracket as others who never cleared NET. Is there any difference between them and us? said Bimla Choudhary, who has cleared NET and holds MSc degree in Biochemistry.

As a registered scholar, I think that NET-qualified students should be interviewed by a panel of experts but written exam is unnecessary, in fact they should give extra credit points for NET-qualified students, said a research scholar.

RUSU Leader proposes open debate

Jaipur: With nomination filing date of Rajasthan Univesrity Students Union (RUSU) elections draws near, the rounds of allegation and counter-allegation have intensified among the students leaders to catch the attention of voters.

Alleging Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad (ABVP) for corruption, Sumit Bhagasara, state president of NSUI has proposed to organise an open house debate inside the Rajasthan Universitys campus. The debate is being planned after August 17 among all the leaders contesting election independently or under the banner of different student organisations.

Sumit said, We are planning to organise an open house discussion for all contestants in the university premises. It will provide leaders a platform to unfold their plans and objection in front of voters.

It will also expose the leaders who have done nothing for the students and are trying to mislead the voters, he added. He alleged the RUSU leaders that they are trying to mislead the students on the issue of corruption.

Present union leaders have cheated the students in the name of Ghumar. They have already collected the donation from outside and now they are ignoring the donors on question of Ghumar as they will have to return the money, said Sumit.

They had enough time to organise this event but they didnt. They would also invite the present union leaders and ABVP contestant in this open debate to clear their stand, he added. Meanwhile, a former ABVP university president Ashok Lahoti said that this is merely a publicity stunt.

NSUI cant hold this open debate due to code of conduct. If they were really interested in such debates they would have do it well in time, said Lahoti. He said that this is not a new concept as such events had been the part of elections before 1994. After the code of conduct, only university administration can organise such event and not leaders or organisation.

Student leaders revisit schools to duck poll conduct

Jaipur: In a bid to avoid violation of moral code of conduct announced by the Rajasthan University, student leaders are now addressing the voters and supporters in meetings outside the university campus and constituents colleges.

A similar meeting was organised by Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad (ABVP) in Adarsh Vidya Mandir School on Wednesday. The meeting was specially organised for girl students of various university and constituent colleges.The meeting was addressed by various office-bearers of ABVP and student leaders to explain the ideology of ABVP and various initiatives taken by the present student union for the welfare of the students.

The activity of National Students Union of India (NSUI) inside the campus is a low-key affair now as the organisation's members are believed to be scattered in various other districts for the campaign.About 800 students were brought from various colleges and university department to the venue in buses. Another meeting would be organised for boys at the same venue on Thursday.

However, office-bearers and ABVP workers are trying to justify their stand with the clue they are strictly following the moral code of conduct issued by the university. They said that according the code election rally or mass meetings should not disturb the academic atmosphere in the university and they have followed the rule by organising the meeting outside the campus. The entire exercise can be viewed under other rules that restrict the leaders and their supporters to the entire Maharani's College, which is the biggest vote bank for the leaders other than Law College in the university.

According to the code of conduct, only women candidates and women supporters are being allowed to campaign in Maharani's College. Rest of the students will have to take written permission from the college principal. Owing to such rules, students are forces to hold meetings outside the campus.

Protests rock RU; deans office locked

Jaipur: Protesting against the controversial implementation of the election code of conduct, students and supporters of Akhil Bharatiya Vidhyarthi Parishad (ABVP) demanded resignation of professor RD Gurjar, dean students welfare (DWS), and locked his office alleging him for working against the interest of the contestants.

Manish Yadav, president, Rajasthan University Students Union (RUSU), first locked the DWS office and then demonstrated in front of the V-C secretariat. Yadav alleged the dean of violating the varsity rules to favour NSUI. He said that election code should come in force from August 11, but in a bid to cancel Ghumar, the university has deliberately implemented it from August 3, which is against the rule book of university.

We are protesting ipeacefully. If our demands are not met, we will intensify our protest and will adopt other routes too, Yadav said. We will definitely organise Ghumar be it before election or after elections, he added. Yadav claimed that as many as five universities had earlier given their consent to attend this cultural festival.

The university has deliberately created uncertainty over the code of conduct to cancel Ghumar, said Yadav. Gurjar is favouring NSUI to get long-term favours from the Congress government, he alleged.

However, the university administration has said that everything is being done strictly according to law. According to the norms of the election commission of India, the code of conduct has been implemented from August 3. We want to conduct peaceful elections in the university. Everything is being done according to law, said RD Gurjar.

Students union polls on Aug 20

Jaipur: Soon after admissions were completed in the state universities and government colleges, the state government has announced the date for students union elections to be held on August 20.

However, the governments move largely pertains to the guideline of the Lyngdoh Committee recommendations, where the elections process had to be completed by August 25. The state government would forward the written directions to the institutions in a day or two.

The polling for students union elections has been scheduled on August 20 across all the state universities and colleges. The institutes may decide schedule of nominations according to their suitability, but the elections have to be completed by August 20, said Madhukar Gupta, principal secretary, higher education department.

However, officials in the university informed that the code of conduct would come in force at least 10 days before the date scheduled for polling.

As per Lyngdoh Committee recommendations the code of conduct will have to be implemented at least 10 days before the date of polling. It depends on universities to decide other schedule including nominations etc, said prof RD Gurjar, dean, students welfare, University of Rajasthan.Meanwhile, the fate of Inter-University Youth Festival at Rajasthan University, which had been rescheduled for August 10,11,12 this year, is again doubtful with the code of conduct being implemented in the state universities and colleges to be effective from August 10.On the other hand, the students union leaders assert that they would get very less time for campaigning.

The elections would fall on August 20, on Saturday this year. It will include Independence Day, a Sunday and a Saturday. That reduces three working days and the students have just taken admissions, said Vidhyadhar Meel, students union leader, NSUI.

After seat hike, ABVP targets corruption

Jaipur: After a series of protests against seat hike in the University of Rajasthan, the Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad (ABVP) activists are now raising voices against national issues of concern. On Wednesday, thousands of ABVP activists took part in rallies organised in different cities of the state against the rising corruption.

ABVP representatives claim to have called 53,000 activists on roads across the state to mark their protest against rising corruption. They are also preparing a draft memorandum to be submitted to the President of India. The ABVP activists are also planning to launch a national drive against corruption on August 9.

We have prepared a 13 point memorandum to be presented to the president of India which includes black money in foreign banks, strict laws to counter corruption, election reforms, including NGOs under purview of corruptible practices, regulation to reduce commercialisation in education, said Mangilal Chaudhary, spokesperson ABVP.

In Jaipur, thousands rallied 4 km distance that started from Albert Hall and concluded at main gate RU. There are almost 3,000 activists including girls and boys who actively participated in the protest rally, said Kamal Swami, coordinator, ABVP.

Dark clouds again hover over varsity festival

Jaipur: The much awaited International Cultural and Youth Festival of the University of Rajasthan, Ghoomar, is again under clouds due to lack of participating universities, shortage of funds and student elections being round the corner.

While the students union is trying to hold the event between August 10-12, it may intervene the notification period for student elections, that has to be completed by August 25 as per the Lyngdoh Committee recommendations. Similarly, the Students Welfare department will be responsible for organising the event and the student elections, too.

Sources in the university informed that the budget was estimated at Rs 14 lakh for the event where at least five universities from other states or countries are required to confirm participation.

We have demanded the university administration to sanction additional fund of `4 lakh for the event. Similarly, we are waiting for the confirmation from other participating universities as well, said Prof RD Gurjar, dean, students welfare.

Meanwhile, the students union office bearers said they havent received confirmation from participating universities as the admissions are still under process.

Dark clouds again hover over varsity festival

Jaipur: The much awaited International Cultural and Youth Festival of the University of Rajasthan, Ghoomar, is again under clouds due to lack of participating universities, shortage of funds and student elections being round the corner.

While the students union is trying to hold the event between August 10-12, it may intervene the notification period for student elections, that has to be completed by August 25 as per the Lyngdoh Committee recommendations. Similarly, the Students Welfare department will be responsible for organising the event and the student elections, too.

Sources in the university informed that the budget was estimated at Rs 14 lakh for the event where at least five universities from other states or countries are required to confirm participation.

We have demanded the university administration to sanction additional fund of `4 lakh for the event. Similarly, we are waiting for the confirmation from other participating universities as well, said Prof RD Gurjar, dean, students welfare.

Meanwhile, the students union office bearers said they havent received confirmation from participating universities as the admissions are still under process.

8 Rajasthan University students clear Indian Statistical Services Examination

Jaipur: Eight students of Rajasthan University have cleared the Indian Statistical Services Examination conducted by the Union Public Services Commission. The teachers in the department of statistics claim this is the highest number of students from a single university to clear the examination in the country.

We have the privilege to claim maximum number of eight selections for the coveted service across the country. Its an example to set for lakh of students rushing in for coaching that regular studies in the university can lead them to success, said Professor Amit Sharma, head, Department of Statistics.

Teachers in the department felt relieved with the news amid usual protest happening on the campus.

Saffron tone to police action in Rajasthan University

Jaipur: The police lathicharge on the activists of the Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad (ABVP) has taken a political turn after senior leaders have condemned the attack and demanded the state government to establish a government college in the city.Education minister in the previous BJP regime, MLA Kalicharan Saraf, has demanded that chief minister Ashok Gehlot must order a probe in the lathicharge incident a few days ago on the protesting activists of the ABVP at the main gate of the university.

The police officials unnecessarily thrashed the ABVP activists while they were silently protesting for their demand of hike in the number of seats. Prior to the ABVP protest, the Congress-backed NSUI had not been treated in such a manner. The police and university administrations actions were politically biased, said Saraf.Meanwhile, Saraf has also demanded the state government set up a government college in the city.

There is lack of enough opportunities for students seeking admission in government higher educational institutions. It is unfortunate that the Capital still lacks a government college. The government is only encouraging commercialisation of education, added Saraf.On the other hand, the police justifies its action as necessary to maintain law and order.

We have not only to maintain law and order on the campus but ensure common people are not affected with student activities. Sometimes the use of force is required to disburse agitating mob of students, said Ash Mohammed, SHO, Gandhinagar Police Station.

Various student organisations had been protesting outside the main gate of the university demanding a seat hike after there was a mad rush for seats this year amid high rising cut-offs.

RU bunks Lyngdoh class on polls

Jaipur: Just when the student elections are knocking the door of university, similar chaos is unfolding following which the student elections were banned in the state six years ago.

In 2005, the elections in the universities and colleges were banned following high court instructions. However, the ban was lifted last year only as the Congress had included in its election manifesto to reinstate the student body elections.

While the elections were decided as per the Lyngdoh Committee recommendations, university officials claim that holding elections is not mandatory.

The Lyngdoh Committee recommendations aimed at conducting elections just to educate students about democratic process that should not disturb peace of society. What we are observing since the session started, is that some outsiders are out to gain publicity through media, says prof RD Gurjar, dean, students welfare.A public interest litigation, too, was filed by the then prof Gurjar, as he was principal of Rajasthan College in 2003-04.
It is also learnt that the Lyngdoh committee also prohibited the entry of outsiders in any activity on the campus.

However, the committee recommendations are subject to elections only and they become effective with the code of conduct being enforced immediately with the notification for elections.On the other hand, the students union office bearers accused the university administration of failing to maintain law and order even when the elections are not round the corner.

Its the responsibility of university administration to ensure law and order as expected in the Lyngdoh committee recommendations and the university has failed miserably to realise the expectations of the committee, said Manish Yadav, president, Rajasthan University Students Union.Interestingly, even the elected officers bearers of RUSU had been accused of being involved in criminal activities as the general secretary of RUSU, Narsi Kirad, had been accused of in an attempt to murder case on the university campus a few weeks ago.It may be noted that the Lyngdoh committee recommendations had also aimed at eradicating criminal activities on the campus.

Cops thrash students in RU to break stir

Jaipur: The ABVP protest demanding hike in number of seats turned violent when it was opposed by another group of students on Saturday. Around six students were arrested and four injured in the clash occurred at the main gate of the university.

"We have arrested six students for disrupting peace on the campus. The students had to be dispersed by force as the common students were being stopped into entering the university," said Ash Mohammad, SHO Gandhinagar police station.

"We had been peacefully protesting for our demands when a group of students interrupted and attacked with iron rods on our activists. We have lodged an FIR against them," said Subhash Bharatiya, spokesperson of ABVP.He informed that the injured activists had been admitted to hospitals for treatment. We have demanded university administration and police to ensure that outsider students don't interrupt the activities of the university. According to sources, the clash between ABVP activists and another group of students erupted after heated arguments over closing the main door. While the ABVP activists closed the main gate, other students clashed with them to open the gate as it was the only entry point on the campus.

On the previous day, the National Students Union India (NSUI) activists had also closed the main gate of the university.

However on Saturday, things were different. The ABVP's protest was opposed by a group of students, including some hostellers. Even the ABVP activists have lodged the named FIR against some students.

Seat hike lowers education standard, says RU

Jaipur: Amid frequent protests by students demanding an increase in the number of seats in Rajasthan University (RU), the varsity administration on Thursday said that seat hike was likely to affect the quality of education in the classrooms.The administration claimed that the university was already short of resources and a disproportional hike in seats may deter education quality. The uneven seat hike may not be appropriate as there is already crunch of teaching faculty in the constituent colleges and departments of the university. Similarly, there are not enough availability of resources for practical labs in the university, said an official in the V-C secretariat.

According to university officials, the seat hike reached almost 33 per cent last year and seats were increased in various phases. Subsequently, the total number of seats in colleges has gone up from 110 to 130 per section after the last years increase in seats. Such increase in the number of seats may overburden the infrastructure, risking the quality of education, added the officials.

Meanwhile, the Public Relations Cell of the university said that there will be an additional requirement of teachers with the new semester system this year. The semester system includes internal assessment and continuous evaluation. That could only be possible when the students have enough attention from the teachers, said PRO of RU Bhupendra Singh Shekhawat.The university has also decided to call a meeting of deans of faculties to discuss the negative impact of seat hike in the colleges.

On the other hand, leaders of the National Students Union of India continued their hunger strike for the second day. We wont call off the strike till the university meets our demands, said a leader of NSUI Vidhyadhar Meel. Students on hunger strike even rejected the call from the administration to resolve the issue, said Meel.

RU admin tried to hush up matter a month ago

Jaipur: The Rajasthan University (RU) research scholar, who alleged sexual harassment by assistant professors of Physics department — RK Singhal and SN Dolia, had earlier approached university administration seeking action against them. However, when the university instead of conducting inquiry tried to hush up the incident, she lodged an FIR against her guides at the Gandhi Nagar police station.

Now when the police have already arrested RK Singhal and the role of other teacher is being probed, the university woke up to constituting a two-member committee comprising retired justice Vinod Shankar Dave and former justice Kishori Lal Mathur to conduct inquiry into the Matter. Also the RU vice-chancellor BL Sharma has ordered suspension of both the assistant professors after police registered case against them.

The girl has said that despite her complaint before the university administration a few weeks back, no action was taken by the authorities. Finally, she approached the police with her parents to lodge an FIR against the faculty members, said Mahendra Singh Choudhary, DCP (east).In another revelation, both the accused faculty members had also approached the university administration with written complaints a few days ago, denying allegations levelled by the research scholar.However, the university sources claim that it was a preventive measure taken by the teachers to suppress the matter.Meanwhile, the university administration faced severe criticism from various sections of teachers and students as they claimed that when the victim had approached them, why the matter was not referred to the sexual harassment cell at RU.

The RU administration must have ordered an inquiry at the time both the accused assistant professors had submitted their written complaint. Had the administration taken timely action, such situation would have been avoided, said Jayant Singh, general secretary, Rajasthan University Teachers Association.

RU online system: Staff raise concern about loopholes

Jaipur: The officials in Rajasthan University (RU) claimed to have prepared enough to process seven lakh online examination forms from students. However, the non-teaching employees of the university said that the online system launched this year, had loopholes that have to be considered while implementing it.

Till now, RU had been submitting admissions forms through online mode and now, the university targets examination forms to be submitted in similar manner.

According to university sources, the vice-chancellor BL Sharma has constituted a committee to implement the online examination forms system. The committee is said to be constituted of controller of examinations, director of examinations and staff being employed with Infonet Centre where the online admissions were processed.

"The university shall focus to provide sufficient training to the administrative employees as there is no such provision made till yet," said Raju Singh, chief, Non-Teaching Employees Union, Rajasthan University. He said that process of online examination forms for almost 7 lakh candidates at one time may be a challenging task if the staff hasn't been properly trained.

Sources also claim that the online process of admissions with 27,000 applicants had not been totally successful due to lack of computer awareness among students.

"Most of the applicants hail from rural areas and they just spent extra money on internet cafes to fill the online admissions form," added Singh.Some students had problems in the online system of admission because they had to submit the hard copy of forms to each department.

"Though the process is online, we still had to submit the hard copies to the departments. Similarly, there was crisis when the server went down and it was difficult to complete the online admissions form," said Raghav Sharma, student who applied for admission to RU.

PhD students out of teacher job race, may move court

Jaipur: The recent Rajasthan University decision to exempt those students who have secured PhD seats through an entrance test from appearing for the National Eligibility Test (NET) and State Level Eligibility Test (SLET) for appointment as teachers, has shattered the dreams of hundreds of other PhD students.

The university's decision follows the latest UGC guidelines regarding the minimum qualification of teachers in universities, where exemption from examinations like NET-SLET has been allowed only to such candidates who have secured admission to PhD through entrance tests.

Recently, the university had forwarded the process to fill up 350 odd teaching staff vacancies declared in 2007. The university had received thousand applications for posts of professors, associate professors and assistant professors.

"There could be almost 4,000-5,000 applicants who would be eliminated just because they don't have qualifications other than PhD. Similarly, there is not a single student who has secured a PhD seat after clearing an entrance test as they were introduced only last year," said Babeet Kumar, a PhD student in the Botany department.

Now, research students are planning to move court against the university's decision claiming the future of thousands of students stands threatened.

Meanwhile, they criticized the university's decision, delayed by almost one year, to implement the UGC guidelines for introducing entrance tests for PhD candidates.

Results pending, RU extends last date

Jaipur: The University of Rajasthan (RU) was just about to close the admission process when it was realised that the results for some final year examination were yet to be declared.The university has now kept the option open for such students by extending the deadline to submit forms online up to July 5 while July 7 is deadline to submit hard copies of admission forms.

However, the university hasnt granted any relaxation for other applicants as the deadline with late fee of Rs 50 remains till June 26. In the meanwhile, the students completing graduation this year are in dilemma as their final year results had not been announced yet.

The students awaiting their final year results were not able to submit the applications for admissions to various post graduate degrees and diploma courses. To facilitate such students, the university administration has allowed them to submit applications online till July 5 and submit the hard copies at their respective departments by July 7, said professor Rajeev Gupta, convener, centralised admissions committee, Rajasthan University.

Meanwhile, the student leaders have criticized the universitys delay in declaration of the results. The university administration had been publicizing its early declaration of results this year where it has failed miserably. Even the authorities were ignorant of the basic fact before deciding schedule for admission process this year. We have now demanded the vice-chancellor to further extend the date of online admission to help a large number of students, said General Secretary of RU Students Union Narsi Kirad.

It is learnt that major chunk of applications received by the university by June 20 were from students applying for undergraduate courses.

Online admissions prove bane for rural students

Jaipur: While the Rajasthan University (RU) authorities claim that the newly introduced online procedure for admissions, started from this year, is receiving an encouraging response from students, the new system is proving to be a bane than boon for the students from rural areas of the state.

Due to technical glitches and slow speed of internet in rural area, students have to spend more for applying online as the cyber cafe owners are taking an undue advantage of the situation and fleecing the rural students.

Sampat Ram Jat, who hails from Neem Ka Thana village in Khetri constituency, represented by the Higher Education Minister Jitendra Singh said, I have been trying to complete the admissions procedure since last 3-4 days through various cyber cafes in my vicinity. Every time, I had faced some or other technical problem due to internet connection speed or other technical snag.

Jat further said that the area nearby his hometown is not well connected with internet and he may have to travel to other town to complete the admission process. It is learnt that the university had also extended the deadline for admissions by June 15 to June 20, largely due to the reason.Varsity authorities claimed that the students may undergo two various procedures for filling in the application form. , RU Public Relations Officer (PRO) Bhupendra Singh Shekhawat said, The university has provided for complete online admissions and partial online admissions. If the student is facing any technical problem in complete online admissions, they can go for partial online admissions.
However, the online admission process has not completely reduced the hassle for students as they have to submit the hard copies to respective departments or colleges in both complete and online admissions process.

Students even claim that the cyber cafe owners had been taking advantage of the technical glitches during online admission process.

RU: Now, submit forms till June 20

Jaipur: The Rajasthan University (RU) has extended the last date of submitting the application forms for the upcoming academic session by four days as the students will be able to submit the forms by June 20, against June 16 scheduled earlier. The Public Relations Cell of the University of Rajasthan informed that the students would be able to apply for admissions by June 25 with a late fee of Rs 50.

The university has decided to extend the date to facilitate the students who were not able to complete the application procedure by the due date. Now they will be able to submit the forms by June 20 and by June 25 with late fee of Rs 50, said Bhupendra Singh Shekhawat, RU Public Relations Officer (PRO).It is learnt that the university had introduced online admission process for the first time this year. However, the admissions process wasnt completely made online. The students have been given options for complete online process and partial online process, added Shekhawat.

Interestingly, the university administration had claimed that the online applications would reduce the rush of the students in the campus. However, the students still have to submit the applications at the respective departments. Sources in the university claim that its for the reason that the administration has now decided to extend the applications deadline for admissions.

After completing the application through online mode I had expected no rush at the respective counters. But the scene was totally different when I reached the window where applications were submitted, said Neha Sharma, who applied for admission in the Maharani College.

RU to follow UGC norms for hiring teachers

Jaipur: The Rajasthan University (RU) has adopted the UGC regulations on minimum qualifications for appointment of teachers in the syndicate meeting held on Wednesday as the recruitments are under process for 350 odd teaching staff in the university. University sources claim that the move is another step towards the direction of recruitment of the staff that had been pending for the last four years. In the previous meeting, held a month back, the syndicate had decided to appoint selections panel for various departments for the applicants. The Public Relations Cell of the university informed, The University has set up a four member committee headed by Prof HS Sharma to study and implement the provisions for appointment of teaching staff, said Bhupendra Singh Shekhawat, RUs Public Relations Officer (PRO).

According to the UGC regulations, the direct recruitment to the posts of assistant professors, associate professors and Professors in the Universities and Colleges would be processed through all India merit and selections by the duly constituted selection committees.

Earlier, the PhD degree holders were eligible to apply for the positions in the teaching staff, now only NET-SLET qualified candidates are eligible for teaching positions under latest UGC guidelines, said Prof Rajeev Saxena, former member of RU syndicate. However, the university had received around 20,000 applications for 350 odd positions of professors, associate professors and assistant professors from all sorts of applicants.

The university also accepted financial support of $3000 on recurring basis by renowned economist Prof Arvind Pangaria, a former RU student and employed with Columbia University (USA). Decisions were made to initialise the process for conducting International Ghoomar festival by appointing a committee headed by dean, students welfare including registrar and finance officer of the university.Syndicate members also discussed the progress of academic reforms suggested by UGC concerning semester system and continuous assessment at post graduate level.

Commerce, economics score over science

Jaipur: As admission season nears, students are busy filling application forms for various courses available in Rajasthan University. According to the experts, commerce, economics, computer science and law are favourites among students at the graduation level.

Interestingly, experts have observed that most students with biology in class 12 go for other streams.

The craze among students to go for medical profession has reduced due to longer time needed to become an established doctor. Instead, biology students are seen choosing courses like computer science, hotel management and even tourism management, said career counsellor Prof Deepak Saxena. He said students nowadays are even leaving their streams like biotechnology or nanotechnology. It seems students are more interested in immediate returns rather than waiting so long for a rewarding career. The courses have emerged as good career option, still it needs a lot of research to be pursued further, he added. Saxena claims there are some biology students who even take up commerce at college level. While girls still prefer zoology or botany at college level, home science remains another favourite option when it comes to college studies.

Officials in the university, too, have observed the changing trends for preferences among students entering college this year. We have seen that law, commerce and economics are again in demand as students prefer to go for an MBA degree after graduation. It may be possible that the cut-offs for such courses would go higher compared to science streams, said Bhupendra Singh Shekhawat, PRO, Rajasthan University.

While the university has adopted online admission system this year, the first cut-off list is expected to be declared within a week.

One in every 10 RAS officers under ACB lens

Jaipur: One out of every 10 officers of the Rajasthan Administrative Services (RAS) is facing the heat of Anti-Corruption Bureau (ACB), while the total strength of RAS cadre comes close to 750.

According to the latest data provided by the ACB, as many as 75 cases of misuse of office and embezzlement have been registered against RAS officers in a period spanning over 12 years. However, even after so many years, these cases are pending due to various reasons. "We are trying our best to bring the culprits to justice. But some of the cases against the RAS and other gazetted officers are pending due to stay orders of high court or delay in sanctions in prosecution. We have discussed the issue with the advocate general to get the stays vacated," said Ajit Singh, Additional Director General (AGP), anti-corruption.

Shayam Singh Rajpurohit tops the list of the tainted RAS officers as 10 cases are pending against him alone, followed by Bagh Singh Rao booked in seven cases. But, both have obtained stay orders from the high court against their prosecution. Other officers who have multiple cases of corruption include Lal Chand Ojha (five cases) and JD Desai (four cases). The RAS officers are not the only ones to be in the dock; those working in subordinate services are also not far behind. There are 433 pending cases against the other gazetted officers.

Mohan Lal Vishnoi, block development officer (BDO) of Panchayat Samiti Sheo in Barmer district, has as many as 38 cases pending against him. Some of the high-profile cases in the recent times against the gazetted officers include JP Sharma, conservator of forest (CF) in Sikar, Dr PP Gupta, superintendent of MBS Hospital in Kota, KL Kamal, former vice-chancellor of Rajasthan University, RS Makkad, additional district collector in Sriganganagar, Nishkam Divakar, secretary of Ajmer UIT in 2008, and Mohinder Kumar, chief flying instructor at the state flying school.
Interestingly, there are only a few officials of the state police services who are in the firing lines of ACB.

Semester system for PG courses in RU

Jaipur: Among the academic reform measures suggested by the University Grants Commission (UGC), postgraduate (PG) students of the Rajasthan University will be taught and examined in a new manner from the next session.The academic council, in its meeting on Monday, decided to implement certain recommendations but only for the PG courses. The reforms include semester system at PG level and continuous assessment, grading system and credit-based curriculum and would cover only regular students at the 38 PG departments.

While the UGC's proposed academic reforms had to be implemented in all undergraduate courses and all colleges, the university administration is proceeding with partial implementation in a phased manner. With introduction of the semester system at PG levels, the university will be conducting examinations twice a year for regular students.

"At present, the academic council has decided to implement the academic reforms for students taking admission in the upcoming session in regular courses of all the 38 PG departments on the campus. It doesn't pertain to undergraduate courses, any constituent college or affiliated college," said Bhupendra Singh Shekhawat, PRO, University of Rajasthan. However, candidates appearing as non- collegiate for PG courses will be examined annually, as being done traditionally.

Similarly, the university is partially implementing the Choice-Based Credit System (CBCS). "Under the UGC's CBCS, students can opt for a paper in any other department. For example, an MSc. physics student is eligible to appear for a paper in philosophy and earn the credit. But, that provision has been deferred. We have only decided to implement CBCS in same department where an MSc. physics student can take any combination of papers according to their choice," said Prof Somdeo, who headed the committee to draft the ordinance to implement UGC recommendations.

RU delays info under RTI, R 10,000 fine imposed

Jaipur: The state information commission has slapped a Rs 10,000 fine on the registrar of the University of Rajasthan (RU) for delaying information sought under the Right to Information Act and violating the Section 4 (1) (B) of the Act.

The sub-section of the RTI Act specifies that every public authority has to prepare a manual containing details about its functioning, which shall be made available whenever asked for by any citizen. The manual should specify as what a particular office does and how, said Kamal Tank, the appellant and representative of Suchna ka Adhikar Manch Rajasthan. Tank said the manual was to be published by October 13, 2005 but several public authorities like the RU failed to do so.The appellant claims that the University of Rajasthan didnt furnish the information sought under the RTI Act following which the appeals were pending with the state information commission. Despite first and second appeals, the registrar of the university didnt find it necessary to respond even to the state information commission. Subsequently, the university has been asked to pay Rs 10,000 within 21 days, Tank added.

He said if public authorities prepare and publish such manuals, it will reduce the burden of RTI applications received by the commission. People wont have to file RTI applications every time, Tank added.

Rajasthan University revises schedule for exams

Jaipur: The University of Rajasthan has revised the schedule for its various examinations after their dates clashed with competitive entrance tests. Almost 19 examinations of various postgraduate courses, BCA and BPEd, scheduled between April 30 and May 25, have been resheduled considering the students concerns, informed the universitys public relations cell.

The detailed information will be published on the universitys website. It has been learnt that the university has decided to revise the time-table considering demands raised from few student groups over the past few days. However, the examination centres would remain same.With the changed dates, the exams will be held till June 10. The examinations scheduled on April 30, May 2, May 3, May 13 and May 25 will now be held between May 6 and June 10. The subjects of which the schedule has been changed include geography, sociology, political science, history, public administration, maths, pharma (Chem), etc

Student suicide: No FIR from Rajasthan University yet

Jaipur: Nearly a week after a girl committed suicide in her Rajasthan University hostel room, the university authorities has not made a formal complaint at the local police station. The university had suspended the hostel warden the same night, but in the absence of a formal complaint, an FIR in the suicide of the girl Indu Solanki was registered only when her father approached the police on Monday.

An FIR was not registered till Monday as suicide is a non-cognizable offence under Section 174 of the CrPC. We could take no action as neither the university administration nor any family member of the girl had lodged an FIR, said Ash Mohammed, SHO, Gandhi Nagar police station. Police claimed to have initiated a preliminary inquiry in the case and handed over the girls body to her family members. However, no FIR was registered.

When asked why didnt the university administration register any police complaint regarding the girls suicide which happened on the campus, Chief Proctor Mohan Singh Poonia said, It was the responsibility of the chief warden or hostel warden to report the incident at the hostel premises. However, the girls family could also have taken a lead into the matter.
On the other hand, university professors criticised authorities inaction. At least someone from the university administration should have assisted the police. Instead, the administration has formed a probe committee and suspended the chief warden and hostel warden, said Prof Rajeev Saxena, a syndicate member, who also wrote to the state Governor.Meanwhile, sources claimed that the girls father, Babulal Solanki, had written a letter to the Rajasthan University V-C and the state Governor 2-3 days ago, requesting the authorities to expedite the police inquiry. The copy of the letter has been received by the committee probing the matter at the university level.

We have received a copy of the letter addressed to the V-C and Governor, in which the girls father had requested to expedite the police inquiry, said Prof Rajiv Gupta, member of the committee. It has also been learnt that Solanki met the chief minister on Monday following which the police and university administration came into action.

Central university to get new campus

Jaipur: The foundation laying ceremony of the new building of the Central University of Rajasthan (CUR) at its permanent site at Bandar Sidri, Kishangarh, Ajmer, will be held on April 26.

The university officials informed the ceremony will be presided over by Union Human Resource Development (HRD) and telecommunications minister Kapil Sibal, minister of state for telecom Sachin Pilot, Rajasthan chief minister Ashok Gehlot, vice-chancellor (VC) MM Salunkhe among other officials.

We have received the consent from the Union HRD ministry for the foundation laying ceremony on April 26 and preparations are on swing, said varsity OSD Prof NV Thakkar. While the universitys permanent site is ready with four new buildings, the foundation laying ceremony will be held for the new building. Master plan of the 518-acre university has been recently approved. We are ready to shift to the permanent site by August, added Thakkar.The universitys master plan has been designed in accordance with the GRIHA norms prescribed by The Energy and Resources Institute to make it eco-friendly and conserving energy resources.

Forgery racket busted, 1 arrested

Jaipur: Driving licences, university marksheets or property documents — anything you can name of — were bought from a printing shop before city police exposed the racket on Saturday. The accused, Rajesh Kumawat, was arrested in Jalupura area and printing accessories were seized from his shop near JP Phatak area.Police Commissioner of Jaipur BL Soni said, Rajesh used to prepare the counterfeit documents using a scanner and a colour printer, the documents were priced at different rates depending upon the type of document.

Acting on a tip-off, police sent a bogus customer to Rajesh for a driving licence and a marksheet of Rajasthan University. The accused demanded Rs 500 for each of the document. Rajesh got both the counterfeit prepared in the name of Mamraj as requested by the bogus customer.

He was arrested from Jalupura area when he arrived to deliver the documents. The bogus customer identified him and the computer scanner, printer, rubber stamps and other materials used in preparing forged documents were seized from his shop.

A police official said, He had the formats of various important documents including PAN card stored on his computer and used to print and laminate them as requested by the customer.

The 32-year-old accused is a native of Tonk district and used to stay in Jaipur.

Flaw in Rajasthan University ad baffles students

Jaipur: A mistake in the list of roll numbers of students whose examination centres were changed, published in newspapers led to confusion among several students of B.Com 1st year of the Rajasthan University (RU) on Wednesday. Students were seen running from door to door before finally reaching the examination hall.

On Tuesday, a notification published in few newspapers said students having roll numbers between 38582-39268 have to appear at the changed centre in PG School of Humanities and those with roll numbers between 33269-39699 have to appear in PG School of Social Sciences. However, the university administration realised its mistake as the roll numbers between 33269 were wrongly published instead of series starting from 38269.

I was confused with the advertisement till I called on the centre of examination that was alloted at Stani Memorial College. If I had gone with the advertisement, I would have missed the exam as the changed centre was PG School of Social Sciences, almost 10 kms away and the exam had already started, said Gaurav Jain, a first year student.However, hundreds of students were seen running from one centre to another.While University officials accept the mistake, they denied claims of students to have missed exams.

We had printed the clarification on the following day, said Bhupendra Singh Shekhawat, Public Relations Officer, RU.

RU estimates R 38 cr deficit budget, mull srevenues options

Jaipur: The University of Rajasthan has estimated a deficit of Rs 38.42 crore for the upcoming financial year 2011-12 in the budget document, approved by the Syndicate in a meeting held on Sunday.The public relations cell of the university informed that the expenditures of the university have been estimated at Rs 246.64 crore and the estimated revenue to be gained is estimated at Rs 208.21 crore in the upcoming financial year.

Last year, the university estimated deficit at Rs 85 crore which was later was reduced to only Rs 18 crore in the end of the financial year because the arrears to teaching staff as per Sixth Pay Commission, amounting to Rs 54 crore, could not be paid last year due to lack of revenue.

The university officials claim that the major portion of revenue is being spent on salaries, examinations and infrastructural costs like electricity and water bills. However, the finance department seems to be hopeful for extra revenue collection by means other than hiking fee of students.

We have to consider other possible means for generating revenue to reduce the budget deficit, said BL Garg, officiating registrar, Rajasthan University. Now, we have to devise other means of revenue generation. Last year, the state government had contributed Rs 9 crore apart from Rs 5-6 crore gained through the means of increasing examination fee and affiliation fee. The deficit still totalled to almost Rs 18 crore, added Garg. Meanwhile, the university syndicate also approved the expenditures in examination and administrative duties.

Want to beat radiation? Perform yagya, says RU professor

Jaipur: As the tsunami-ravaged Japan weighs its options in grappling with the dangerously high radiation levels following meltdown in nuclear reactors in Fukushima, a physics professor in Rajasthan University has come forward with a unique and highly unbelievable solution. Prof YK Vijay, director, Centre for Development of Physics Education, University of Rajasthan, believes the ancient ritual of Yagya, as performed in Vedic age, may counter radioactive pollution in areas affected by nuclear radiation.Prof Vijay claims that during experiments in a closed room, it was revealed that the clouds of smoke released from yagya reduced 30 per cent of radioactivity. And all this while we wonder what he was doing when all of Delhi thought of ways to control radioactivity following theft of a nuclear apparatus from DU lab last year. In his research, the professor claimed, he was assisted by a priest from the Chomu region.

While experts might scoff at the veracity of the experiment, an upbeat Prof Vijay said, Clouds of smoke can prevent harmful radiations of β-rays as they are formed of electron-charged particles. While γ-rays are neutral, more penetrating and can be prevented by concrete or lead shield only. While in nuclear waste from reactors, most activities are from β-rays that are short-lived but highly effective due to their penetration into skin.

Radiations of β-rays couldnt reach the detector in presence of clouds of smoke in a closed room, he said, adding, Our experiments reveal that cloud of smoke acts as radioactive shield and the technique may be useful for radiation-affected areas in Japan too.Swami Keshawananda, follower of Arya Samaj, who participated in the experiment conducted on the university campus, seems to be inspired from an article written by Swami Dayananda Saraswati that was published in Ved Bhashya.

University to penalise poster boys

Jaipur: Aspiring student leaders of Rajasthan University (RU) may have to pay an extra price if they try to woo their voters through posters. Greeting students for examinations or welcoming freshers by pasting posters on walls inside or outside RU campus will lead to stern action by the university.

The poster boys in the campus are likely to face stern action as the RU administration may lodge FIR against anyone found violating the Prevention of Damages to Public Property Act.As the students are preparing for the examinations, the aspiring student leaders, eyeing the next union elections have started pasting posters on the university walls. According to RU Public Relations Cell, one FIR was lodged on Monday against Mukesh Kumar Sharma Sant in Gandhi Nagar police station as his posters were found on various corners in the campus. Immediately after this incident, the university released a warning to alert other students. RU officials claimed that those violating these rules will not be allowed to contest election in future.

Student leader behind SMS strike surrenders

Jaipur: While the police was searching frantically for Rajasthan College students union leader Kanaram Jat, who had allegedly thrashed a resident doctor on the SMS Hospital campus, Jat surrendered at the city police commissioners office on Tuesday morning. Earlier, police had arrested his two allies Dinesh alias Dara Singh and Mukesh Kumar, who are lodged in Moti Doongri police station.Sources said Kanaram has surrendered as he will not be allowed to appear for final year paper on Wednesday.

The university students union, taking it as a prestige issue, joined the stir demanding revoking Jats suspension. We have asked the V-C to withdraw suspension of all the three students including Jat as he is not a criminal but took the step because of the doctors behaviour, said Manish Yadav, president, Rajasthan University Students Union.

RU refuses to host Ghoomar for lack of funds

Jaipur: The annual inter-university cultural festival Ghoomar hosted by University of Rajasthan (RU) has not be organised since 2005. The event, usually organised in the months of January-February every year, was a platform that saw confluence of budding talents from all over India. Interestingly, the money collected from around 25,000 students, under Students Welfare fund ( `25 per student) will again remain unused, as the examinations are round the corner.The Students Welfare Department, which coordinates with the students union of various universities of India and foreign countries seem to remain dormant this year. Till now, we have not received any proposal to organise the event. We will check accounts of various departments and colleges affiliated to the University of Rajasthan if they had collected funds in the beginning of this session, said RD Gurjar, dean, students welfare, RU.A lot of weddings are organised in the month of February. This leads to booking of logistics such as tents and cots, which escalates the overall budget for organising an event. However, this year we dont have enough funds to organise the event, said Manish Yadav, president, Rajasthan University students union.

The students union has agreed that the event can only be held after the next session begins. The dates for organising the annual fest clashed with the examination dates of various universities from other states, which were supposed to participate, said Yadav.According to Rajpal Sharma, vice-president, Rajasthan Youth Congress and former president of Rajasthan University Students Union (RUSU), since the students union elections were banned in 2005 by the high court, therefore in the absence of an organising body the annual event could not be held. Traditionally, the annual fest was held after the students elections and before completion of the academic year, he said.
Sharma even claim that at least two to three months is required to get the preparations done for the event. All the universities who take part in the annual fest are notified at least one month prior to the event, said Ranvir Singh Gudha, former MLA and ex-president, RU.Similarly, former student leaders argue that Ghoomar is a kind of farewell organised for the outgoing students. It is hoped that the event will now be organised in July, this year.

Semester system for varsity PG students

Jaipur: The University of Rajasthan (RU) has finally decided to introduce semester system for the postgraduate (PG) classes from the next session. The decision will come into effect from July this year.As per the plan, students of postgraduate courses from all faculties and departments will have to appear in exams twice a year. The decision pertains to five-point guidelines as directed by the University Grants Commission (UGC) to all the universities across the country to upgrade academic and examination pattern.The university will also revise the syllabus, evaluation system and teaching methods as suggested by the UGC.
"The academic council has decided to introduce the semester system this year as part of reformative measures recommended by the UGC. The semester will start from July and January every year. It was also decided to introduce choice-based credit system and internal evaluation for postgraduate students," said Bhupendra Singh Shekhawat, public relations officer, Rajasthan University.

Similarly, the university administration has also cancelled holidays on 1st and 3rd Saturdays of every month.While the semester system will affect almost 20,000 regular students of the university under postgraduate courses, declaring results on time will be a challenge for the examination wing due to shortage of staff.
Besides, the examinations for 60,000 non-collegiate students (commerce and arts) will be held once a year as per the old pattern.University officials believe that the problem can be sorted out with technology-enabled administration as most of the employees are not tech savvy.

"We cannot recruit additional staff without taking government's permission. But, we can use technology and computers to enable smooth functioning of administrative duties. We can even impart training to working staff," said BL Garg, registrar, RU.

Semester system for varsity PG students

Jaipur: The University of Rajasthan (RU) has finally decided to introduce semester system for the postgraduate (PG) classes from the next session. The decision will come into effect from July this year.

As per the plan, students of postgraduate courses from all faculties and departments will have to appear in exams twice a year. The decision pertains to five-point guidelines as directed by the University Grants Commission (UGC) to all the universities across the country to upgrade academic and examination pattern.

The university will also revise the syllabus, evaluation system and teaching methods as suggested by the UGC.

The academic council has decided to introduce the semester system this year as part of reformative measures recommended by the UGC. The semester will start from July and January every year. It was also decided to introduce choice-based credit system and internal evaluation for postgraduate students, said Bhupendra Singh Shekhawat, public relations officer, Rajasthan University.

Similarly, the university administration has also cancelled holidays on 1st and 3rd Saturdays of every month.While the semester system will affect almost 20,000 regular students of the university under postgraduate courses, declaring results on time will be a challenge for the examination wing due to shortage of staff.
Besides, the examinations for 60,000 non-collegiate students (commerce and arts) will be held once a year as per the old pattern.

University officials believe that the problem can be sorted out with technology-enabled administration as most of the employees are not tech savvy.

We cannot recruit additional staff without taking governments permission. But, we can use technology and computers to enable smooth functioning of administrative duties. We can even impart training to working staff, said BL Garg, registrar, RU.

CM leaves, students start action

Jaipur: Chaos prevailed at the inaugural function of students union office at the Law College of Rajasthan University on Wednesday when a group of students from Jamwaramgarh tried to disrupt the programme.
The police, however, managed to control the agitating students till chief minister was present in the function but the situation went out of control after Ashok Gehlot left.According to reports, students of Laxmi Bai Teachers Training College in Jamwaramgarh arrived at the event with intention to meet chief minister and press for their demands. However, when they tried to enter the tent, they were stopped by the police. Irked, students clashed with the securitymen after which the police thrashed a few student leaders.

After the chief minister left the venue, students climbed on the stage and threatened to stop the function. The students were later pacified by other students and then the programme resumed. Meanwhile, a group of students, said to be supporters of Kirori Lal Meena, tried to disrupt the event as they got annoyed as their leader was not invited for the event.

Raj univ to bring medical experts under one roof

Jaipur: The two-day International Conference on Multidisciplinary Approaches to Diabetes Research and Health (ICMADRH) 2010 will be held in Rajasthan University (RU) from November 14 to 16. The aim of the conference is to bring clinicians from allopathy, ayurveda, homoeopathy, unani-medicines, naturopathy and other related departments like endocrinology, dentistry, dieticians, diabetologists, pharmacologists, scientists and technologists under one umbrella to discuss about the diabetes field.

The conference will give an opportunity to scientists to learn the insights about diabetes and challenge the new ideas and proposals in regard to the prevention and treatment of diabetes which kills people on a daily basis, Hemant Pareek, organising secretary of the conference said.

The conference is being organised by the Centre for Advance Studies (CAS) in RU and Zoology department in Shri Kalyan College, Sikar. To celebrate the World Diabetes Day on November 14, health check-up camp and public awareness exhibition will be organised during the meet.

We have already received 150 abstracts for research papers and 200 confirmed registration for the conference. Scientists and doctors from US, Russia, Iran, Japan, South Korea, Sultanate of Oman, Netherlands while scientists from national laboratories like Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) and Central Drug Research Institute (CDRI) among others will also be participating in the event, Hemant Pareek said.

Raj univ in grip of lawlessness

Jaipur: Chaos and lawlessness ruled University of Rajasthan campus on Tuesday as hooligans drove everybody out of their classrooms, other buildings and colleges. They climbed on the rooftops of RU administrative building and library and threatened to jump off to press for their demands.

These people, posing as students, were protesting against the polices atrocities on the fellow agitators and newsmen on Monday near Civil Lines. Activists affiliated to the Akhil Bharatiya Vidhayarthi Parishad (ABVP) led the protesting students, while other students organisation and even non-students were also evolved in hooliganism.

One student, Mahendra Singh Shekhawat, allegedly attempted to set himself ablaze by drenching in petrol during the ruckus.

He was immediately taken away by the police. A case has been registered against him on charges of attempting to suicide under section 309 of IPC, said Hawa Singh Ghumaria, superintendent of police (Jaipur city-East).

Former president of university students union Jitendra Meena was also among the protesters. They demanded release of 85 people, including Naresh Meena, who led Mondays rally. The rally turned violent at concluding stage and the police resorted to lathi-charge and arrests.
Collector Kuldeep Ranka said that the protesters demands were beyond the purview of the district administration and they were explained that the court was the authority to decide on the release of arrested students. The administration finally brokered the peace by releasing 62 people, out of the total 85, who were detained as preventive measure under section 151 of IPC. The agitators, thereafter, climbed down the university buildings.

Meanwhile, Member of Parliament from Dausa Kirori Lal Meena along with a group of students gave a memorandum to district administration, addressed to home minister Shanti Dhariwal.

RULET 2009 Rajasthan University Law Entrance Test: BA, LLB


RULET is conducted for Admission into Five Year Degree B.A., LL.B. (Integrated Course). A Course with all modern teaching techniques and modern courses.

Number of Seats: 80 + 5 for NRI
Last date to Apply: April 13, 2009
Date of Entrance Test: May 27, 2009 (9.00 a.m. to 11.00 a.m)
Entrance Test Fee: Rs. 1000
Eligibility for RULET: 10+2 (XII) with at least 50% marks (For SC/ST 45%)
Age Limit:21 years on July 01, 2009
Course Fee: Rs. 33,000/- (for NRI equivalent to US $ 4125) each Semester.

How to Apply:
Download application form from the University website from February 2, 2009.

Application Submission:

Print out/down-load online application form to be submitted along with a D.D. of Rs. 1000/-drawn in the favour of "Director, Five Year Law Course, University of Rajasthan, Jaipur" payable at Jaipur. Incomplete form without entrance fee will not be entertained. Forms received after April 13, 2009 will be rejected without any correspondence.

Pattern for RULET Exam:

The admissions would be on the basis of:

1. Entrance Test (200 marks)
2. Personal Interview (60 marks)
3. Group Discussion (40 marks)

The Admission test paper shall be of multiple choice questions. The questions shall comprise

1. Test of Language Ability (50 marks)
2. Legal Reasoning (30 marks)
3. Aptitude of Learning (30 marks)
4. General Knowledge (30 marks)
5. General Science (30 marks)
6. Social Studies (30 marks).

Important Dates for RULET:
Result will be declared on: June 7, 2009
Last date for completing admission formalities: June 19, 2009
Notification of Vacant Seats: June 22, 2009
Completion of admissions: June 29, 2009.
Address to Send Application Form

Application form must reach by Registered post/Speed post at the following address:

The Director,
Five Year Law Course,
Department of Law,
University of Rajasthan,
Jaipur -302055

Phone: 0141-2712307, 2711169


Download RULET Advertisement:http://www.uniraj.ernet.in/rulet2009/advt.pdf

Download RULET Application Form:http://www.uniraj.ernet.in/rulet2009/appform.pdf

Rajasthan University: Court pulls up VC for not appointing dean

Jaipur: The vice-chancellor and registrar of the University of Rajasthan have been issued show cause notice by the Rajasthan high court for not appointing dean in the faculty of management studies of the university for more than six months.A single bench of justice Manish Bhandari has given this order on the petition of Prof Rajesh Kothari.The court also allowed the petitioner to file an application of stay if the vice-chancellor convenes a meeting, where the presence of the dean is essential.The petition said that as per the rules of the university, the post of the dean cannot remain vacant and only a professor can work as deans.The rules also points that a professor cannot become dean for three years if he has been a dean once.Petition informs that professor Gitika Kapoor had left the deans seat in August 2010 and now the petitioner is only working in the department as professor. It also stated that the position has been kept vacant instead of appointing Kapoor as the dean.

The single bench said that rules are being ignored in the university and that the presence of a dean of management is essential during the meetings of the syndicate, senate and academic council.In an important decision, a division bench headed by chief justice Arun Mishra turned down the request of the government, asking the Rajasthan high court to lift the temporary ban on execution of 90 B, a controversial pertaining to land use conversions.

Rajasthan University housefull, private universities open doors

Jaipur: With the state universities and government colleges failing to meet the demands of more seats, the private universities are now up to latch on the opportunity by reducing the cost of education.However, with steep fees ranging anything between Rs 50,000 to Rs 1,00,000 for regular degree courses, the 21 private universities set up in state during the past three years failed to attract many students.But now officials in the higher education department assert that the rise in competition would make higher education more affordable in private universities.
The idea of private universities is to create competitive environment in higher education which will certainly reduce the cost of education, said Madhukar Gupta, principal secretary, higher education. He feels that the state would need more institutions of higher learning as per UGC recommendations, there should one university after every 50 colleges in the state.

Our state has nearly 1,400 government and private colleges, which in turn should have at least 70 universities, added Gupta.
Even private universities foresee huge potential in higher education. We expect that the exodus of students from Rajasthan would slow down in years to come as there is great scope for good educational institutions in higher learning. In the very first year, we have received encouraging response from students seeking admission at our university, said Upinder Dhar, vice-chancellor, JK Laxmipat university, which will open this year.
However, academicians say that higher education is now being commercialised and private institutions are merely industrial houses.

It is unfortunate that the quality of education and regulations are at risk in private institutions being set up with commercial purposes only. The government should make strict regulations to ensure that the private universities cant exploit students or faculties, said prof KL Kamal, former vice-chancellor of Rajasthan University.

Online admissions baffle Rajasthan University students

Jaipur: The online admission process introduced by the University of Rajasthan this year is a significant step for both the varsity and its students, however, students seeking admission in second and third year are in dilemma.

I have yet not received the mark sheet from the university for the first year exams that has to be submitted for admission to second year, said Raghuveer Sharma, a student of Rajasthan University.Sharma had appeared in the first year exams as a non-collegiate candidate and now wishes to seek admission against vacant seats in the Rajasthan College as he fulfils criteria for admission to second year.The online admission system does not have any option for such candidates. Since the admission process has been made completely online, such students are in dilemma. Similarly, the late declaration of results had also been reason for the hue and cry among students applying for admission to postgraduate courses.

When contacted, the admissions board authorities asserted that they have called a special meeting to discuss the impending issues. We have called a special meeting on Thursday to discuss problems of students seeking admissions in higher classes. Some students have approached us seeking relaxation in the last date for admission since there results had been delayed for some reason, said Prof Rajiv Gupta, convenor, centralised admissions committee, Rajasthan University.

Meanwhile, sources in the university informed that total applications received by July 5 is up to 54,000 including undergraduate and postgraduate courses. However, a major chunk of applicants are confined up to undergraduate courses only. Student leaders have also geared up to demand relaxation for such applicants.

We will be asking the V-C to give relaxation to candidates who didnt get enough time to apply as their results had been delayed. Similarly, there is no provision for manual applications that creates trouble for non-collegiate students seeking admission to second year as regular candidates, said Narsi Kirad, general secretary, Rajasthan University Students Union.

Colleges affiliated with this University

Total number of colleges affiliated with this University = 409
2 Acharya Chanakya Shiksha Pratishthan, Kotputli
4 Adarsh Shikshak Prashikshan Mahavidhyalay, Nechhwa
5 Adrash B Ed College, Jaipur
6 Agrawal PG College, Jaipur
8 Agrsen Mahila Teacher Training Sansthan, Kherli
11 Alankar Mahila Mahavidyalaya, Jaipur
12 Alwar Teacher Training College, Alwar
13 Ambika Shikshak Prashikshan Mahavidyalaya, Malsisar
14 Amman Teachers Training College, Dhola Khera
15 AN B Ed College, Chomu
16 AN Teacher Training College, Sikar
17 Anand Mahila Teacher Training College, Bharatpur
18 Annpurna Teacher Training College, Sikar
19 Anuradha Mahila Teacher Training College, Bhakrota
20 Aravali POST GRADUATE College, Neem Ka Thana
21 Aravali Teachers Training College, Neem Ka Thana
22 Arjun Ram Shikshan Prashikshan Mahavidyalaya, Sikar
24 Arya Mahila Teacher Training College, Kotputli
25 Arya Shikshak Prashikshan Mahavidyalaya, Daulatpura
28 B R Memorial TEACHER TRAINING College, Jhotwara
29 Baba Bhagwan Das Teacher Trining College, Mundawar
30 Baba Ganganath Teacher Training College, Navalgarh
34 Baba Narayn Das TEACHER TRAINING College, Virat Nagar
35 Baba Narsingh Das Mahila Shikshak Prashikshan Mahavidyalaya (BNDMSPM), Nechhwa
36 Baba Shyam Teacher Training College, Sikar
37 Bagaria B Ed College, Laxmangarh
39 Bal Bharti Teacher Training College, Alwar
41 BD Memorial Kalyan Sansthan, Jaipur
42 Bhanwar Kanwar Sugan Singh Shiksha Mahavidhyalaya, Udaipurwati
44 Bharti Vidhya Bhawan B Ed College, Banswara
48 Bhartiya Shikshak Prashikshan Mahavidhyalay, Kishangarh Bas
49 Bhartiya Teacher Training College, Shrimadhopur
50 Bhartiya TEACHER TRAINING College, Sikar
53 Biyani Girls College, Jaipur
54 BPS Teacher Training College, Sri Madhopur
55 BR College of Education, Dubra
56 BR Teacher Training College (Narnol Road), Behror
57 BR Teacher Training College Sriyani, Behror
58 Bright Future TEACHER TRAINING College, Jaipur
60 Brijesh Mahila Shikshak Prakshishan Mahavidhyalay, Badi
61 BS Memorial B Ed College, Ranoli
62 Cambridge Court College of Education, Sitapura
63 Career Mahavidyalya, Beri Village
64 Chandra Prabha Digamber Jain Mahila Shikshak Prashikshan Mahavidhayala, Tijara
66 Choudhary Charan Singh Shiksha Samiti, Ranoli
67 Choudhary Jagan Singh Educational Institute, Tuhiya
68 Choudhary TEACHER TRAINING College, Kotputli
69 DCS TEACHER TRAINING Mahila College, Sanganer
70 Deen Dayal Teacher Training College, Bari
71 Deep International College for Education, Jaipur
72 Deep International College of Education, Alwar
73 Deepshiksha Teachers Training College, Sitapura
75 Devi Shakambari Mahila Mahavidyalaya, Jaipur
76 Dhatarwal Teachers Training College, Mandrella
77 Dholaplus B Ed College, Kalsara
79 Dr Radha Krishna TEACHER TRAINING College, Kishangarh
80 DRM COLLEGE, Maniya Village
84 Gandhi Vidya Mandir Mahila Teacher Training College, Neem Ka Thana
85 Gangadhar Teachers Training College, Mandella
86 Ganpati Mahila Mahavidyalaya, Khejroli Village
88 Gaurav College of Education, Chomu
90 Gendi Devi Shikshan Sansthan, Jaipur
91 Global Teacher Training College, Behror
94 Government Girls College, Chomu
95 Government PG College, Dholpur
97 GR Memorial College, Mehara-Jatuwas
98 Gyan Vihar College, Nawalgarh
100 Hans TEACHER TRAINING College, Jaipur
104 ICG Institute of Educational Research and Development, Jaipur
105 IGM Teachers Training College, Jaipur
106 India Overseas College For Educuation, Shyopur
107 Indian Angels Mahila TEACHER TRAINING College, Sanganer
108 Indian Girls College Of Education, Jhunjhunu
109 Indian Teacher Training College, Singhana
110 Indian Teacher Training College, Jhunjhunu
111 Jagan Teacher Training College, Aloda
113 Jai Shree Dayal Teacher Training College, Neem Ka Thana
114 Jaipur Surya College of Science and Bussiness Administration, Jaipur
116 Jasoda Devi Teachers Training College, Sanganer
117 Jiwani B Ed College, Chirawa
118 Jobner Mahavidyalaya, Jobner Village
119 Kanoria B Ed College, Mukundgarh
120 Kanoria College formerly: Sharda Sadan College, Mukundgarh
122 Karam Vidhya Mandir Shikshan sansthan, Mundawar
123 Khandela Co Education College, Khandela
126 KMD Memorial College of Education, Jaipur
127 Late Pandit Surya Narayan Raj Mishra Teacher Training College, Dausa
128 Laxmi Teacher Training Mahila College, Bayana
130 LBS Teacher Training Institute, Behror
131 LN Institute of Teacher Education, Kanwat
132 Lokesh TEACHER TRAINING College, Machwa
134 Lord Krishna College of Education, Behror
137 Maa Bharti Teacher Training College, Dundlod
138 Maa Kasturba Gandhi Mahila Teacher Training College, Bharatpur
139 Mahabalidani Pannadhay Mahila Teacher Training College, Delwara
141 Maharaja College of Education, Behror
142 Maharaja Surajmal Teacher Training College, Bharatpur
143 Maharani Shri Jaya MSJ College, Bharatpur
144 Maharishi Dayanand Balika Vigyan Mahavidyalaya, Jhunjhunu
145 Maharishi Sandipani TEACHER TRAINING College, Sarund
146 Maharshi Dayanand B Ed College, Jaipur
150 Mahatma Jyoti Ba Phule TEACHER TRAINING College, Chomu
152 Mahila Teacher Training Institute, Reengus
153 Mahtama Gandhi Teacher Training College, Sri Madhopur
154 Mandawa College, Mandawa Town
155 Mandiya Teacher Training College, Sikar
156 Manu Oxford Teacher Training College, Nawalgarh
157 MARIGOLD B ED COLLEGE, Needar Village
158 Marudhara Shikshak Prakshishan Mahavidhyalay, Laxmangarh
161 Meera Girls College, Jaipur
163 Mehta Teacher Training College, Jaipur
168 Modern Teacher Training College, Jhunjhunu
170 Monika Virmani Teacher Training College, Alwar
174 National Teacher Training College for Girls, Alwar
177 Navjeevan Balika Mahavidyalaya, Puranabas Village
179 Navodoya Mahila Teacher Training College, Jaipur
182 Neelkanth Teachers Training College, Jhunjhunu
184 NK Girls College, Rajawar
187 Om Shiv Mahila Teacher Training College, Dausa
189 Parishkar Institute of Education, Jaipur
190 Poddar International College, Jaipur
192 Poonam Girls College, Mandawa
193 Prakash Shikshak Prakshishan Mahavidhyalaya, Dholpur
195 Pratibha Mahila Teacher Training College, Jaipur
196 Prince Academy of Higher Education, Nani
197 Prince Shikshak Prashikshan Mahavidhyalay, Sikar
198 Princess Teacher Traning College, Chomu
199 Priya Teacher Training College, Sikar
200 Pt Deen Dayal Upadhyay Smriti Mahila Shikshak Prakshishan Mahavidhyalay, Bandikui
202 Raj Shikshak Prashikshan Mahila Mahavidhyalay, Udaipurwati
204 Rajasthan B Ed College, Dausa
205 Rajasthan College, Bissau
207 Rajasthan Sangeet Sansthan, Jaipur
208 Rajasthan School of Art, Jaipur
209 Rajasthan Shiksha Mahavidyalaya, Jaipur
210 Rajasthan Sikshak Prashikshan Mahavidhyalay, Bahalla
211 Rajasthan TEACHER TRAINING College, Jaipur
212 Rajasthan Teacher Training College, Trilokpura
213 Rajasthan Teacher Training College, Bissau
214 Rajasthan Teacher Training College, Chirawa
215 Rajasthan Teachers Training College, Bikaner
217 Rajasthan Women Teacher Training College, Jhunjhunu
219 Ram Krishnan College of Education, Jaipur
220 Ram Prasad Bohara B Ed College, Buhana
221 Rama Devi Mahila Mahavidyalaya, Jhunjhunu
222 Ramakrishna Mahila Teacher Training College, Lakhana
223 Ramanand Vidhya Mandir Mahila Teacher Training Mahavidhalaya, Thanagazi
226 Rao Umrao Singh Teacher Training College, Behror
227 Ravindra Academy PG Girls College, Chirawa
231 RKJK Barasia PG College, Surajgarh
232 RL Saharia Government College, Jaipur
234 Rural Girls PG College Gudha Gaurji, Jhunjhunu
237 Saint Joshep TEACHER TRAINING College, Sanganer
238 Salasar Balaji BEd College, Sikar
243 Sanjeevan College of Teaching Education, Dausa
244 Sanskar Bharti Mahila Teacher Training College, Sanganer
246 Sant Jayacharya Girls College, Ram Nagar
247 Sant Jogendra Teacher Training College, Kotputli
248 Sant Kabeer TEACHER TRAINING College, Dudu
249 Saraswati B Ed College, Jaipur
252 Saraswati Teacher Training College, Palsana
255 Sarbati Devi Women Teacher Training College, Kotputali
256 Sarda Sadan College of Education , Mandholi
257 Sardar Patel College of Education Aloda Danta Ramgarh, Sikar
260 Savitri Bai Phule Shikshak Prashikshan Mahila Mahavidyalaya, Bagawara
261 SBS Memorial Teacher Training College, Sabalpura
264 Seth Motilal Post Graduate College, Jhunjhunu
265 Seth Motilal Shiksha Kendra Mahavidyalaya, Jhunjhunu
268 Sh Veer Tajaji College, Radawas Village
270 Shaheed Bhagat Singh Vidhi Mahavidyalaya, Jaipur
271 Shankara Institute of Education, Jaipur
272 Shanti Niketan Teachers Training College, Behror
274 Sharda TEACHER TRAINING college, Chomu
276 Shekhawati B ED College, Sikar
277 Shekhawati Teachers Training College, Udaipurwati
281 Shiv Saraswati Mahila Teacher Training College, Kotputli
283 Shravani Jhajdiya Institute of Education, Singhana
284 Shree Agreshen Shikshak Mahila Teacher Training College, Bharatpur
285 Shree BL Memorial TEACHER TRAINING College, Jamwaramgarh
286 Shree Kesa Balaji Teacher Training College, Katrathal
289 Shree Radha Kishan Educational Institute, Kumhar
291 Shree Ram Mahila Teacher Training College, Neem Ka Thana
292 Shree Ram Teachers Training College, Kanwat
293 Shree Ramswaroop Agarwal Teacher Training College, Sarawali Mandawar
294 Shree Seva Sikshak Teacher Training College, Virat Nagar
299 Shri Bankey Bihari Kanaiyalal Mahila Teacher Training College, Deeg
300 Shri Bankey Bihari Mahavidyalaya, Rajakhera
302 Shri Bhagwan Das Todi College, Sikar
304 Shri Bhawani Niketan POST GRADUATE (Boys) College, Jaipur
306 Shri Chavoveero Girls POST GRADUATE College, Bagar
307 Shri Govind Teacher Training College, Bisau
310 Shri Kanhiya Lal College of Teachers Education, Dholpur
311 Shri Karni Kanya Mahavidyalaya, Jhunjhunu
312 Shri Krishna Girls College, Kanwat Village
313 Shri Krishna Satsang Balika Mahavidyalaya, Sikar
314 Shri Krishna TEACHER TRAINING College, Kotputli
321 Shri Ramakant Vyas Mahila Prashikshan Mahavidyalaya, Chirawa
323 Shri RK B Ed College, Bissau
327 Shri Shastri Teacher Training College, Shrimadhopur
328 Shri Shyam Teacher Training College, Shahpur
329 Shri Sirdi Sai Baba BEd Girls College, Jaipur
330 Shri Taijal Teacher Training College, Reengus
331 Shyam Teacher Training College, Kotputli
332 Siddharath Teachers Training College, chaksu
335 Sipahi Rajendra Kumar Memorial Mahavidyalaya, Khanpur
337 Smt Asha Devi POST GRADUATE College, Patan Village
338 Smt GA Kedia Gramin Girls College, Binjusar Village
339 Smt Gomati Devi College, Binjusar Village
341 Smt Harkori Devi Mahila Teacher Training College, Jhunjhunu
342 Smt Jyanki Devi Teacher Training College, Dumra
343 Smt Kamla Devi Teacher Training College, Phulera
348 Smt Narayani Devi Mahila Teacher Training College, Behror
349 Smt Parmeshwari Devi Dhanraj Khetan Mahila B Ed College, Sikar
350 Smt Ramkumari Post Graduate Mahila Mahavidyalaya, Mukundgarh Mandi
351 Smt Ramkumari Teacher Training (Shiksha Shastri) College, Mukundgarh
352 SN College of Education, Dholpur
353 SN POST GRADUATE Mahila Mahavidyalaya, Nawalgarh
355 SPDD Khaitan Girls College, Ramgarh Shekhawati
357 Sri Krishna Sansthan Teacher Training College, Chomu
358 SS Jain Subodh Girls College, Jaipur
361 St Wilfreds TEACHER TRAINING College, Jaipur
362 St Xaviers Teacher Training College, Jaipur
363 Suarya Educational Institute , Bharatpur
365 Subodh B Ed College, Sikar
366 Sugni Devi Teacher Training College, Alwar
371 SVP B Ed College, Palsana
372 Swami Keshwanand College of Arts and Science, Bhadhader
374 TAGORE B ED COLLEGE, Udaipurwati
375 Tagore College, Reengas
377 Tagore Teacher Training College, Kalyanpura (Thoi)
380 Thakur Durg Pal Singh Memorial Teacher Training College, Alwar
381 Tilak Teacher Training College, Jaipur
382 Trilok Singh Teacher Training College, Laxmangarh
384 Ujas College of Education, Jaipur
385 Uma Mahila Teacher Training College, Dausa
386 Umrao Singh Arya College, Buhana
387 Universal Teacher Training College, Mahuwa
388 Varda College of Education, Neem Ka Thana
391 Varsha Teachers Training College, Jhunjhunu
393 Vasundhara Mahila Teacher Training College, Laxmangarh
394 Vedic Shikshan Prakshishan Mahavidhyalay, Behror
399 VINAYAK B ED COLLEGE, Lakshmangarh (Laxmangarh)
400 Vinayak Girls College, Chomu
401 Vinayak TEACHER TRAINING College, Chomu
403 Vivek Bharti Teacher Training College, Laxmangarh
404 Vivek TEACHER TRAINING College, Kalwar
405 Vivekanand Mahila Sikshak Prashikshan Mahavidhyalay, Dholpur
406 Vivekanand Teacher Training College, Bajor
408 Wansh Higher Education Institute, Dholpur
409 Yaduvanshi College of Education, Sohali

Some other Colleges in Rajasthan
Pragya Women Teacher Training College, Jagatpur
Jagatpur (District Jaipur)
Govt Polytechnic College, Churu

Churu (District )
Lords International College of Management, Alwar
Tijara - Delhi Highway, Chikani
Alwar (District Alwar)
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