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Banasthali University Banasthali Vidyapith, Jaipur, Rajasthan


Banasthali University Banasthali Vidyapith, Jaipur, Rajasthan
Address:Jaipur Office:
Banasthali Vidyapith, C-62, Sarojini Marg, C-Scheme
Jaipur (District Jaipur)
Rajasthan, India
Pin Code : 304022

Banasthali University Banasthali Vidyapith, Jaipur Rajasthan is a recognised institute / college. Status: Deemed University, For Women only. Banasthali University Banasthali Vidyapith, Jaipur Rajasthan is also known as Banasthali Vidyapeet Jaipur. Banasthali University Banasthali Vidyapith, Jaipur Rajasthan was established on / in 25.10.1983.

Banasthali University Banasthali Vidyapith is situated in Jaipur of Rajasthan state (Province) in India. This data has been provided by www.punjabcolleges.com. Jaipur comes under Jaipur Tehsil, Jaipur District.

Fax # of Banasthali University Banasthali Vidyapith, Jaipur Rajasthan is 01438-228365, 01432-28365.

email ID(s) is Banasthali University Banasthali Vidyapith Jaipur Rajasthan

Website of Banasthali University Banasthali Vidyapith, Jaipur Rajasthan is www.banasthali.org/.

Vice Chancellor : Prof. Aditya Shastri.

Contact Details of Banasthali University Banasthali Vidyapith, Jaipur Rajasthan are : Jaipur Telephone: +91-141-5118721/22, 2316500

Contact Details of Banasthali University, Banasthali Vidyapith Rajasthan are : Telephone: 22831, 228340

Campus: P.O. Banasthali Vidyapith-304022, Dist Tonk
Campus Phone : 01438- 228787, 228341
Campus Telephone: +91-1432-28324

Chairman : Prof Diwakar Shastri.
Vice Chancellor : Prof Aditya Shastri Telephone: +91-1438-228787.

How To Reach
72 km. from Jaipur. 8 km. off. Jaipur-Kota Road at 65 km. stone. There are 14 buses of Rajasthan Roadways Transport Corporation at Jaipur-Banasthali route.

Banasthali Newai Railway station is on the Jaipur-Swaimadhopur-Mumbai broad gauge line of the Western Railway. It is equidistance from Jaipur and Swaimadhopur, 66 Kms from both.

Jaipur is on Delhi-Ahmedabad Broad-guage main line of Western Railway and there are direct trains to Jaipur from Delhi-Junction, Agra Fort, Ahmedabad, Indore, Mumbai, Udaipur, Bikaner, Jodhpur, Chennai, Bangalore, Howrah etc.

Swaimadhopur is on Delhi-Mumbai Central Broad gauge main line of the Western Railways. Their are direct trains to Swaimadhopur from Agra Fort also.

AIR LINK : Banasthali has its own licenced Air Field (09/26). Jaipur Airport is 59 km.


Banasthali University Banasthali Vidyapith, Jaipur Rajasthan runs course(s) in Computer Applications, Engineering, Information Technology, Business Management stream(s).
Bachelor of Computer Applications(BCA), Bachelor of Business Administration(BBA), M.Sc(CS), Master of Computer Applications(MCA), Master of Business Administration(MBA), M.Tech(Computer Science), M.Tech(Software Engineering)

Information Technology courses in Apaji Institute of Mathematics and Applied Computer Technology, Banasthali Vidyapith at Bansathali and Jaipur both.

Departments of University: Faculty of Educaiton

BV Women Institute For Studies In Dev Oriented Management, Banasthali Vidyapith, Jaipur runs MBA course

Profile of Banasthali University Banasthali Vidyapith

Indias emerging status as IT superpower and predictions of NASSCOM-McKinsey report and others envisage acute shortfall in trained IT professionals in years to come. In order to meet the heavy demand on IT education the Institute has started an campus at Jaipur exclusively for IT courses. The Vidyapith has been receiving hundreds and thousands of application for the limited number of seats at its fully residential campus. Due to hostel and other limitations it can only admit a small percentage of all those who apply. Jaipur campus is expected to ease this bottleneck.


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Research Associate (Banasthali University Banasthali Vidyapith)
Job Vacancy: 17th March, 2015
Research Associate

Technical Staff (Job Vacancy)
Assistant Professor and Research Associate (Job Vacancy)
Medical Officer (Job Vacancy)
Computer Science And Mathmatics (Job Vacancy)
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MA BPEd B Sc and BBA etc (Admission Notice)
Position of Junior Research Fellow (Job Vacancy)
Warden for Girls Hostel (Job Vacancy)
Professor,Associate Professor and Asstt Professor (Job Vacancy)
Professor,Asstt Professor and Associate Professor (Job Vacancy)
MA,MSc,BPED and BEd Courses (Admission Notice)
Warden and Asstt Warden etc (Job Vacancy)
Professor, Asstt Professor and Associate Professor etc (Job Vacancy)
Lecturer for PCM and Hindi etc (Admission Notice)
Civil works (Tender)
Senior and Junior Residents (Job Vacancy)
Vanasthali me dushkarm ki ghatna se hazaro Students gusse me (News)
Banasthali varsity locked up victims to hide facts (News)
Varsity hid facts on sexual assaults, Womens panel (News)
Dean Faculty of Law (Job Vacancy)
National Seminar on Recent Trends (News)
Professor, Asstt Professor and Research Associate etc (Job Vacancy)
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Asstt Warden etc (Job Vacancy)
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Teachers for accountancy, Math and English etc (Job Vacancy)
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Age changes in Programme Coordinator (Corrigendum)
Admission Entrance Examinations (Entrance Test)
Entrance Examination to admission in various courses (Entrance Test)
Construction of Roads (Tender)
Renovation of Civil works (Tender)
Programmer and Lecturer (Job Vacancy)
Medical Officer (Job Vacancy)
Placement Officer (Job Vacancy)
Research Associate and Asstt Professor (Job Vacancy)
MA, MCom and B Ed (Admission Notice)
Research Associate (Job Vacancy)

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Banasthali is a unique, fully residential women s university which offers an integrated system extending from the primary to the Ph.D. level.

The origin of Banasthali is unique in more ways than one. Banasthali owes its existence neither to the zeal of an educationist, nor to that of a social reformer. It is also not the creation of a Philanthropist s purse. It has arisen like the fabled phoenix from the ashes of a blossoming flower Shanta Bai that had withered before its bloom. It is a spontaneous filling up of the vacuum caused by Shantabai s death.It was on October 6, 1935 that Smt. Ratan Shastri and Pandit Hiralal Shastri founded Banasthali to fill up the vacuum caused by the sudden death of their highly talented and promising daughter Shantabai. They had high expectations that she would work for women s cause when she would grow up. Love, eternal love has been the fountainhead of all the thinking and action and this spirit has been the motivating force.

Over these seventy one years Banasthali has developed into a National Centre for women s education. Banasthali s educational programme aims at an all-round development of the student s personality. To achieve its objective of synthesis of spiritual values and scientific achievements of the East and the West , it has evolved Five-fold Educational Programme (panchmukhi) comprising of the following aspects : (i) Physical, (ii) Practical, (iii) Aesthetic, (iv) Moral and (v) Intellectual. This way the students develop an integrated and balanced personality.

Banasthali is one of the five universities in India meant exclusively for Women. This institute has made full use of the autonomy provided under the deemed university status and has innovatively restructured the courses offered which include subjects ranging from the traditional as well as the areas to the emerging areas to the highest level of research (leading to the doctoral degree). Recently Banasthali has been accredited by National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC ) with A Grade (Five star Rating). Banasthali is a recipient of SANTBAL Award in the year 2000 for the services in the field of all round education of women.

The rural ambience is very conducive for promoting the ideology of simple living, and for imbibing and internalizing the values of self-reliance and tolerance. Following the philosophy of the balanced Panchmukhi system of education, the institute provides ample opportunities for integrated development of the personality. The stress on the positive aspects of the Indian heritage has resulted in a climate which has contributed significantly to the task of the upliftment of women to enable them to take on leadership roles with confidence.

Vision and Mission

The concept of Banasthali took form in an ethos of dedication to the nation. It also had before it a vision of Indian Culture. Therefore Banasthali s whole architecture stands upon the twin foundation pillars of Nationalism and Indian Culture.

While the Banasthali University was very clear about the perspective in which its educational efforts were to be made, it did not have a clear picture of the form and pattern of educational programme which was to be adopted, except that it should be able to promote development of a balanced and harmonious personality of the students and so should be different from the form of education prevalent at that time which emphasized book learning to utter neglect of all other aspects of education.

The Banasthali Universities aim of a full and balanced development of students personality got concrete expression in the form of Panchmukhi Shiksha which evolved out of initial experimentation. Panchmukhi Shiksha attempts a balance of the five aspects of education, namely Physical, Practical, Aesthetic, Moral and Intellectual.

The Banasthali University aims at the synthesis of spiritual values and scientific achievements of the East and the West. Its educational programme is based on the concept of " Panchmukhi Shiksha " and aims at all round harmonious development of personality. Emphasis on Indian culture and thought and simple living including khadi wearing are hallmarks of life at Banasthali.


Main statutory bodies of Banasthali University

General Council,
Executive Council,
Finance Council,
Academic Council,

Faculty of Education
Faculty of Fine Arts
Faculty of Home Science
Faculty of Humanities
Faculty of Management Studies
Faculty of Science
Faculty of Social Science
List of Officers

Vice Chancellor
Co-ordinator, School Education
Deans, including Deans/Heads of the Centres of Higher Education,

Panchmukhi Shiksha

Five Fold Education (Panchmukhi Shiksha)
Banasthali University aims at the synthesis of spiritual value of the East and scientific spirit of the West. It encourages the development of balanced personality through its five-fold educational Programme, known as ‘Panchmukhi Shiksha’. This programme, which evolved from experimentation, attempts a balance between five aspects of education: Physical, Practical, Aesthetic, Moral and Intellectual.
The main thrust of all the activities of the Banasthali University is the development of a complete personality. The institution firmly believes that the personality consists of interdependent components, each being equally important requiring equal attention. The ‘Panchmukhi Shiksha’ addresses the following aspects.

Physical: Under physical education programme various activities like parade , shooting, riding, flying, girl guiding, bulbul, swimming, yoga and various modern and traditional sports like kabbadi, kho-kho, hockey, basket ball, badminton, long jump, high jump etc . are included.

Aesthetic : After learning music & painting up to class v, students can choose either music (vocal or instrumental) or painting. Dance education is being provided to all levels.

Practical : Under practical education sanganary printing & dying, batique, bandhej, tailoring, embroidery, craft, papermache etc. are included under domestic education. Students are supposed to perform cleaning and washing and collective Shramadan.

Moral : The aim of moral education is to develop personality of the students, so as to cultivate in them the feeling of respect for all religions. It is achieved by the means of weekly prayers, talks, Veda, Geeta & Ramayana path etc. The common evening prayer and Udbodhen program is unique.

Intellectual : Intellectual education is being given to the students in order to avoid the relative aspects of modern education. Natural and social sciences with languages and Maths are being taught with sciences from the beginning . Education methods are adopted with the help of projects related to social and natural environment. Banasthali University never believes in examination-based education system. It gives emphasis on practical education.

This way the students develop an integrated and balanced personality.

Intramural Programmes

Games and Sports: Inter-Hostel Competitions are organized in 15 to 20 games . It is a year long programme and the winning hostel is awarded with the rolling trophy at the valedictory function. The objective is to encourage one and all to take part in sports and games.The results are quite encouraging. Through this programme we are able to motivate more than 75% of the students to take part in these competitions. Physical Fitness Activities are conducted daily in the campus for all the students in the morning (6.00 to 8.30) and evening (5.00 to 9.00). In the Morning Sessions at Vidula Maidan, various physical fitness activities for the students are conducted regularly, such as Yogasanas, Aerobics, Jogging, conditioning exercises, general fitness exercises & minor games. Evening Sessions at Vidula Maidan consist of major outdoor games and preparation for competition in elite sports e.g. Basketball, Volleyball, Hockey, Tennis, Kho-Kho, Kabaddi and Hand-ball & Throw ball. Indoor games like Table tennis and Badminton are played at Gyan Mandir

Mass Demonstrations: The campus facilitates the development of indigenous skills like sword fighting , Lathi, Javelin and lezium.

Horse Riding: Horse riding is a regular activity for the Students in the campus. Interested students avail this facility.

Banasthali Seva Dal: Banasthali Seva Dal was introduced in the University to train the students in March past, Ceremonial Parade and Rifle Shooting. Banasthali Seva Dal also runs the programme of girl guide, which was registered with “Bharat Scouts and Guides” in the year 1988-89. It organizes camps for girl guides and the eligible guides are selected to take part in state and national level camps. Number of students from the University have been honored with “Rashtrapati Award”. Two of our guides were selected to attend the international events of the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts at Pune (WAGGGS).

Swimming: Swimming is a regular activity. This facility is available to all the students as well as staff members and their family. More than 50% of the students learn swimming in the campus every year.

Shooting: Banasthali University has a Rifle Club named, Banasthali University Rifle Club. It is the member of National Rifle Association of India. We have a shooting range where training is imparted to the students for the shooting skills in accordance with the various competitions/programmes of Rifle Association of India.

Flying: Banasthali University has its own licensed airfield (09/26); and has a Pushpak Aircraft VTDNB. The University provides annual SPL (Students Pilot License) training to the students who clear an entrance test for this activity.

Extramural Programmes

Every year Inter University Competitions are organized at the University. The University teams also participate in various Inter University competition e.g. Basketball, Hockey, Badminton, Table tennis, Kho-Kho, Handball and Shooting.

Open Tournaments: The participation in open Tournament of the University at District, State and National level is in following games and sports : Basketball, Hockey, Kho-kho and Kabbadi.

Organization of Tournaments: Banasthali University has been organizing various inter-university tournaments since its inception.. The University has organized All India Inter University and Southwest Zone Inter University Championships in various games e.g. Hockey, Basketball, Shooting and Tennis. In the year 2001-2002 AIU sponsored Inter University South-West-Zone (Women) Basketball Championship was organized. Recently in February 2006, Banasthali University organized the National Inter University Women Hockey Tournament. Apart from Inter-university tournaments, Rajasthan State Senior and Junior Women Hockey Championship, District level Competitions are also organized at regular intervals.


The University has developed infrastructure for physical education over the past seven decades. At present, there are adequate and varied resources available to sustain the various activities on campus. Significant among them are :

Play Fields (Outdoors)

I. Vidula Maidan: Basket Ball courts (two) one court with flood lights, Tennis courts (two) one court with flood lights, Hockey field (one), Four Hundred meters cinder track with Eight lanes, Kho-Kho courts (two), Kabbadi courts (two) Volley Ball Courts (one) Throw Ball court (one) Hand Ball Court (one) Facility for field events (shot) discus, Javlin, High Jump, Long Jump etc.), Archery Range.

II. Lakshmi Bai Maidan: Field for mass demonstrations, march past and ceremonial parade.
III. Swimming Pool
IV. Horseriding field
V. Air Strip
VI. Shooting Range

Play Field (Indoors) Table Tennis Hall (Gyan Mandir), Partially enclosed Badminton Court (Gyan Mandir), Multigym (16 Stations) installed at Apaji Arogya Mandir.

Campus Life

Banasthali University has been a leading institution in the field of women education since 1935. The institution has an area extending to 850 acres having numerous buildings of different statures and sizes, housing various academic and administrative blocks. The campus has been broadly divided into the University division, School division and the residential blocks and is capable of fulfilling the basic requirements of its inhabitants.

a) Accommodation-
Banasthali University is a residential institution. There are 22 hostels with a capacity of housing 110 to 438 students. The network and Internet access has been extended to all hostels providing the students unlimited opportunities to unleash the power of the Internet. There are more than 220 fully equipped staff quarters of different types ,ranging from one storeyed houses to multi -storeyed modern apartments and one Working Women’s Hostel with more than 80 seats.

b) Sports
The campus has quality infrastructure for games and sports programmes. The Laxmi Bai maidan (26,690 sq. meters) is used for activities such as parade and annual fairs. It also has a stage and projection room for cultural programmes and regular film shows. The Vidula Maidan (41,950 sq. meters) has fields for games such as hockey, volleyball, basket ball, tennis, yoga, martial arts and mass physical display activities. In addition, space for indoor games such as badminton and table tennis is also available. The Swimming pool at the campus is open for students, staff and their family. Another unique activity carried on since long is horse riding for which there are 32 Horses and field called (25,390 sq. meters) ‘Veer Bala Maidan’. The infrastructure for games and sports is continuously upgraded in terms of quality as well facilities. For example very recently a Cricet Ground has been inaugurated as "Shakuntlam Play Ground" on January 26, 2008 by the President, Banasthali University. The ground witnessed South-West Zone inter university women s Criket Tournament organized from February 9 -19, 2008.

c) Air Strip
There is a licensed air strip of 50,191,418 sq. meters in the Banasthali University which is used for training the students in gliding and flying. This has been one of the activities introduced as early as 1960 even before Banasthali got the University status.

d) Central Library
The Central Library of Banasthali Campus network access to Internet is provided via around 8 Mbps Internet is access provided via different modes such as BSNL leased line, VSNL leased line and VSAT and a Campus wide network having its central server at the Apaji Institute. The network and cyber security is provided by using a gateway filter and antivirus and antispam solutions. The Network and Internet access have been extended to all hostels housing postgraduate students where a Computer with network is provided in each room. This provides the students unlimited opportunities to unleash the power of the Internet.

e) FM Radio Station-

A ‘Community FM Radio Station’ known as ‘Radio Banasthali’ broadcasts educational and entertainment programmes locally recorded by the students and staff of Banasthali University. It operates at 90.4 MHz and serves the campus and the community within a radius of 30 km around the Banasthali University.

f) Hospital
The Banasthali University has its own hospital, “Apaji Arogya Mandir" with 60 beds, qualified doctors and other hospital staff. The hospital works round the clock throughout the year.

g) Guest House-
Round the year there are guests in campus on Banasthali university assignments and/or parents and guardians of the students and visitors who are provided accommodation in the well- maintained university guest house. The staff here works on the principle of ATITHI DEVO BHAVAH.

h) Transport
Minibuses are run as shuttle service at the interval of 15 minutes. Bus is also provided to the Banasthali-Newai Railway station 7 kms. away from the campus. The Rajasthan Roadways provides regular to and fro bus service between Jaipur and the campus via Newai almost every hour from 6.00 am to 6.00 pm.

Besides these facilities, the following amenities are available at the campus:

a. UCO Bank, Co-operative Bank, SBI ATM
b. Post office with a facility of Speed Post
c. BSNL Electronic Exchange
d. Courier Service
e. Fully equipped shopping complexes and vegetable marts
f. College canteens

The IT infrastructure at Banasthali is comparable to any world class university. Apart from the state of the art Servers and Workstations at Apaji institute of Mathematics & Applied Computer Technology, every department and office of Banasthali has adequate computing facilities along with high bandwidth Internet access which is provided through a fibre optic Campus Network.

The most recent addition of Artech-Dalmia I.T. Center has increased this IT infrastructure manyfold. The center has been constructed with partial financial assistance from Shri M.H. Dalmia and Artech LTD. The center was inuagurated an January 9, 2008 by Srimant Vasundhara Raje Scindia, Hon ble Chief Minister of Rajasthan. The Centre has smart class rooms and high end computing laboratories for Computer Aided Design, Scientific Computing, Microelectronics & VLSI design, and Computational Biology.


Banasthali University is a residential institution. A student admitted to the University will compulsorily have to join a hostel unless the student is ward of a worker of the University and stays with him/her in the campus or the student belongs to a neighbouring village community within a radius of 2.5 Km. There are 22 student hostels in campus of the University. There is different number of rooms in each hostel ranging from 80 to 120. All rooms are well furnished with basic amenities provided. Each hostel has a separate Mess, Newspaper and Telephone facility

The addition of the two hostels Shri Shanta Aziram and Shri Shanta Niveshnam is a history as Banasthali University became the only University in Rajasthan and only the second in India to provide Personal Computers (PC) in every room of the hostel with Internet connectivity to the PG students, residents of the hostels. Two more hostels on the same model have been added namely Shri Shanta Yan and Shri Shanta Wasam and two more are under construction. There are a total of 22 hostels


The Banasthali Vidhyapith University is a fruitful gift to the women of the whole nation to pursue their study from the primary level to the Ph.D. level. It is also one of the five universities here in India meant only for Women.

The University was established by Smt. Ratan Shastri and Pandit Hiralal Shastri, in the memory of their talented daughter Shanta Bai, whom they wanted to serve as a social worker dedicated to the cause of women's upliftment.

The University germinated its root in 1935 and the name Banasthali Vidhyapith was opted in 1943. University had conferred the status of deemed university by the University Grants Commission (UGC) in 1983.

The University has recently been accredited by the National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC) with 'A' Grade. University is also a recipient of SANTBAL AWARD in the year 2000 for the services in the field of all round education of women.

The University has a campus at Jaipur also.

Contact Details:
Address : Banasthali Vidyapith
PO. Banasthali Vidyapith, Tonk,
Rajasthan - 304022,
Jaipur Campus
Banasthali Vidyapith,
C-62, Sarojini Marg,
C-Scheme, Jaipur (Raj.) - 302001

Type : Deemed University

Pin : 304022

Phone : 1435 - 28324

Fax : 1435 - 228365

E-mail (alt) : saditya@banasthali.ac.in, ds@bv.ernet.in

Website : www.banasthali.org

EPABX : 228341-52

Reg. Phone : 1435 - 28359

Vice Chancellor : Tel : 01438 228647(O)228323/653(R)

Fax : 228365

Registrar : Tel : 01438 228371(O)228340(R)

Fax : 228365, 228365


University Bansthali Vidyapeeth came into existence in the memory of Shanta Bai, daughter of Smt Ratan Shastri and Pandit Hiralal Shastri. The University developed its root in 1935 and the name Banasthali Vidhyapith was adopted in 1943. It had conferred the status of deemed university by the University Grants Commission, UGC in 1983.

Banasthali Vidhyapeeth University, a university for women, was established in 1935 by Smt. Ratan Shastri and Pandit Hiralal Shastri in the memory of their talented daughter Shanta Bai. A UGC recognized university, Banasthali Vidhyapeeth is one of the five universities in India meant only for women. The University has been accredited by the National Assessment and Accreditation Council, NAAC, with A Grade.

Educational Streams

Banasthali Vidhyapeeth imparts five fold Educational Program (Panchamukhi Siksha) to achieve the objective of synthesis of spiritual value and scientific achievements of the East and The West. The five fold educational program comprises Physical, Practical, Aesthetic, Moral and Intellectual. A British Council sponsored training program for young learners is also the part of school curriculum. School education comprises Elementary Education, Secondary Education and Senior Secondary School Certificate Examination (Class XI & XII), and higher education is covered through Undergraduate, Postgraduate and PhD programs.

Computer aided teaching with a High tech Computer lab makes easier to learning process. Hobby classes in Horse riding, Marshal Art, Classical dances and various certificate courses also come under university curriculum. Physical and mental capabilities of the students take shape as a sequel to the different co-curricular activities held through out the academic session like speech, recitation, story telling, extempore declamation, hand writing, mathematics quiz and learning craft.

Bansthali provides full residential facilities. Well maintained environmental friendly campus, specious playgrounds, swimming pool and canteens are the basic facilities at the university campuses. Banasthali FM broad-casting radio station (90.4Mhz) is the platform for creative and vibrant students. Students are encouraged to write and enhance their skills through the school magazine Kilkari.


Fine Arts
Home Science
Life Science
Mathematics & Computing
Social Science

Summary: Banasthali University Banasthali Vidyapith, Jaipur Rajasthan website, mobile, contact address and approval / recognition details.