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Netaji Subhas National Institute of Sports (NIS), Patiala, Punjab


Netaji Subhas National Institute of Sports (NIS), Patiala, Punjab
Address:Old Moti Bagh
Patiala (District Patiala)
Punjab, India
Pin Code : 147001

Netaji Subhas National Institute of Sports (NIS), Patiala Punjab is a recognised institute / college.
Principal of Netaji Subhas National Institute of Sports (NIS), Patiala Punjab is Gurdial Singh, Lt. Col. B.S. Ahluwalia Executive Director (Academics)(98880-06998), Dr. L. S. Ranawat.

Netaji Subhas National Institute of Sports (NIS) is situated in Patiala of Punjab state (Province) in India. This data has been provided by www.punjabcolleges.com. Patiala comes under Patiala Tehsil, Patiala District.

Fax # of Netaji Subhas National Institute of Sports (NIS), Patiala Punjab is 0175-2212070, 2321138, 0175-2320958.

Residence Phone No(s) of concerned peron(s) of Netaji Subhas National Institute of Sports (NIS), Patiala Punjab is (are) : 0175-2216837.

email ID(s) is Netaji Subhas National Institute of Sports (NIS) Patiala Punjab

Website of Netaji Subhas National Institute of Sports (NIS), Patiala Punjab is www.nsnis.org.

Contact Details of Netaji Subhas National Institute of Sports (NIS), Patiala Punjab are : Telephone: +91-175-221528, 2211539, 2320508, 2212070


Netaji Subhas National Institute of Sports (NIS), Patiala Punjab runs course(s) in Physical Edu. stream(s).
Diploma in Sports Medicine

Approval details: Netaji Subhas National Institute of Sports (NIS) is affiliated with Punjabi University, Patiala (Punjab)

Profile of Netaji Subhas National Institute of Sports (NIS)

Netaji Subhas National Institute of Sports, Patiala India which is also Asias largest Sports Institute is housed in the palatial monumental building and sprawling lawns built by the erstwhile Maharaja of Patiala whose descendants dedicated this complex for the promotion of sports to the people of India.

This Institute is popularly known as the Mecca of Indian Sports and has produced Coaches of high caliber and significantly contributed in rendering their expertise and assistance in the preparation of the national teams for various International competitions.

Housed in the erstwhile Palace of Maharaja (King) of Patiala ( Punjab), National Institute of Sports, which is now the Academic Wing of the Sports Authority of India was established by the Government of India on 7th May, 1961 with the objective of developing sports in the country on Scientific lines and to train the Coaches in different sports disciplines. The Institute was renamed as Netaji Subhas National Institute of Sports (NSNIS) on 23rd January, 1973.

National Institute of Sports is the main academic centre of Sports Authority of India. It is running the following academic courses in various disciplines

For training of sportspersons on scientific lines and to impart scientific knowledge to the students of academic courses, the Faculty of Sports Sciences with multi disciplines (Sports Medicine, Exercise Physiology, Bio-Chemistry, Physiotherapy, Sports Anthropometry, Bio-Mechanics, Kinesiology, Training Methods, Sports Psychology, Research Methodology) was established in 1983. Besides the teaching of various academic courses, the faculty is providing scientific back up to the national campers and talented children admitted under various S.A.I.

* General Medical Care of Athletes.
* Medical Evaluation of Athletes.
* Common Injuries in Sports.
* Prevention of Common Injuries in different Sports
* Drug Trials on Treatment of Injuries.

* Evaluation of Physiological Fitness of National athletes
* Measurement Analysis of Physiological Functions of Sportspersons.
* Physiological Demands in Various Games and Sports.
* Measurement of Physiological Functions at Altitude.

* Biochemical Fitness Tests.
* Hematological Studies in Athletes.
* Electrolyte Balance studies in Athletes.
* Lipid Profile in Athletes.
* Iron Status in Women Athletes.

· Anthropometrics Investigations of High Performance Athletes.
* Talent Spotting on the basis of Physical Growth Investigations.
* Evaluation of Muscles, Bones and Fat Masses.
* Physical Fitness in relation to various Anthropometrics Characteristics.

* High Speed Photography.
* Cinematographic Analysis.
* Kinematics Measurements.
* Kinetic/Dynamometric Analysis.
* Automated Analysis of Biomechanical Data.

* Performance Diagnostics.
* Sports Talent.
* Fitness Norms.
* Methods of Training.
* Motor Development.
* Training Process.

* Development of psychological profile.
* Psychological management of athletes.
* Evolution of sports specific test.
* Development of modified autogenic training.
* Predictive validity of psychomotor test.

In order to build up proficiency of budding outstanding sportspersons for excellence of the International level, the Sports Authority of India has set up Centres of Excellence at a number of places in the country. One such Centre has been set-up, at the Institute in October 2000. This Center of Excellence operates as a regular coaching camp, for the best available talent in India, This scheme is designed to provide two or possible three concurrent layers of highly skilled sportspersons, giving a wider choice of talent and continuity, for selection to the national teams.

Initially, at this centre, it was planned to introduce training in six disciplines, but later on, keeping in view the response of the sportspersons, it was decided to have training in four disciplines of Athletics, Cycling, Judo and Hockey.

We have appointed highly qualified and experienced coaches exclusively for handling the training of these outstanding boys and girls.

Fee will be accepted only on quarterly, half yearly and yearly basis
Quarterly membership : 5% of the normal rates
Half Yearly membership : 10% of the normal rates
Yearly membership : 15% of the normal rates

In order to build up proficiency of budding sportspersons, SAI Training Centre (STC), under the administrative control of Sports Authority of India, Netaji Subhas National Institute of Sports, Patiala is running Hostel and Day Boarding Scheme for selected players in following ten disciplines:-
Archery, Athletics, Boxing, Cycling, Fencing, Gymnastics, Hockey, Judo, Shooting, Wushu

Library and Documentation Services
The NIS Library being specialized one, falls in the category of special/technical Library. The books in the Library are on sport and games which include: Archery, Athletics, Badminton, Basketball, Boxing, Chess, Cycling, Cricket, football, Gymnastics, Golf, Hockey, Handball, Horse Riding, Judo, Kho-Kho, Kabaddi, Lawn Tennis, Mountaineering, Rowing, Swimming, shooting, Snooker, Table tennis, Volleyball, Weightlifting, Wrestling, Yoga and Yatching. In addition to the major disciplines the Library also maintains well equipped sections on the Allied subjects such as: Bio-chemistry, Sports Biomechanics, Sports Biology, Sports Medicine, exercise of Physiology, Anthropometry, sports Encyclopedia, Food Nutrition, Kinesiology, Sports Sociology, Physical Fitness and Physical Education etc.

The Library has a rich Reference Section which provides back volumes as well as current volumes of Technical Journals received from all parts of the world. We receive Journals from International Sports federations/Sports Associations, as the Library remains regularly intouch with the International Sports Documentation Centres.

Library which has a total collection of nearly 20,000 books provides a rich technical know how to our sports scientists, coaches, trainees and other readers etc. The Library is considered as the backbone of Teaching and Science Faculties and serves as a nucleus center for sports information to our Research Scholars from the different Universities – Post Graduate Colleges who visit this Library for various references etc. in pursuit of their higher studies and research in sports.

The Library procures latest best-selected sports literature from the sports developed countries at the Institute. The daily average of readership touches to around 300. The Library aims to provide a comprehensive multi-media sports information service to sports experts and to those who participate in the national and international programme. The unique service offered by the Library serves as national resource center for sports information. In addition to Central Library of sports located at Patiala there are three other Libraries functioning in the Academic Centres of Bangalore, Calcutta and Gandhinagar. These Libraries are also coming up gradually.

Research scholars from all over the country get feedback from NIS Library on receipt of reference queries relating to their research programme in sports. Inter-Library loan facilities are honoured on request, whenever possible through arranging Xerox copies.

The Library has valuable collection of the books pertaining to Olympic games and Asian games from its inception. These books are of very rare nature, which has detailed information about the conduct of these games. The First Asian games which was hosted by India in Delhi in year 1951 and the other Asian games which were held simultaneously at Manila in 1954, Tokyo in 1958, Jakarta in 1962, Bangkok in 1966, 1970 and 1978, Tehran in 1974, Delhi in 1982, Seoul in 1986, Beijing in 1990, Hiroshima in 1994 and Bangkok in 1998. Library has all the relevant literature pertaining to these important sports events. Similarly the section of Olympic games has also many rare books, which are highly referred by Research scholars and coaches.

The Documentation Service which is a bi-monthly Publication of NIS canters to 18 sports disciplines viz: Archery, Boxing, Cycling, Athletics, Gymnastics, Swimming, Judo, Weightlifting, Wrestling, Basketball, Hockey, Volleyball, Cricket, Football, Handball, Badminton, Lawn Tennis and Table Tennis which is published in English and Hindi. The Sports Documentation has an important role to play. The regular Bi-monthly service is well received by the Sports Lovers all over India and some Asian Countries like Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka and Mauritius etc. The valuable information provided in this service has enriched the sports coaches with latest technical articles written by experts along with latest Interpretation of Rules of games and sports as adopted by the International Sports Federations from time to time.

Subscribe to the only Sports and Sports sciences Journal in the country. Renowned Sports Scientists and Coaches contribute to the Journal on subjects of topical interest. Research Articles are published in the Journal covering the latest trends in Sports and Sports Sciences, New Techniques and Tactics and above all the Coach-Scientist interaction to attain excellence in sports.

Copies of the Journal are circulated throughout the country and overseas too.

The Journal is published in the month of January, April, July and October

The Annual Subscription is Rs. 100/- including postage.

Limited technical literature on sports in the country, particularly for the coaches working in the field wing and those engaged in training upcoming sportspersons has necessitated us to produce a treatise in every sports discipline covered in the academic courses at the NIS on the fundamentals of general theory and the methods of training: a subject profusely in vogue.

This compendium is the result of the Coaches empirical knowledge gained over the years in teaching and coaching, international seminars, higher studies overseas and coaching stints as also with the national camps for mega sports events.
These handy training manuals are the result of Coach-scientist interaction. Eleven training manuals have been published by the NIS so far as given hereunder:

Training Manual: Gymnastics
Training Manual: Cycling
Training Manual: Mind Training
Training Manual: Table Tennis
Training Manual: Talent Selection and Initial Training
Training Manual: Hockey
Training Manual: Boxing
Training Manual: Cricket
Training Manual: Badminton
Training Manual: Wrestling
Training Manual: Weightlifting

The second major responsibility of the Institute is the management of National Coaching Camps, for participation in the International competitions, in various sports, especially the priority disciplines of Athletics, Boxing, Hockey (Women), Weightlifting and Wrestling. The first priority is the senior national camps, while the junior national camps are also undertaken. The National Coaching Camps in various sports disciplines for international competitions at home and overseas are held from time to time at different venues in the country under the auspices of the national federation concerned and directly under the supervision of the Sports Authority of India, New Delhi. The training facilities, closer to the International standard, are provided at our two centers, NIS Patiala, and the High Altitude Training Center, Shilaroo (H.P). Sportspersons attending these camps are provided comfortable stay in the hostels of the Institute with nutritious food besides training facilities.

The Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports fully meets the financial implications involved in running the camps, such as:

i. Free Board and Lodging
ii. Training Kit
iii. Competition/Ceremonial Kit
iv. Equipment support

The National Coaching Camps are supervised by the Indian and foreign coaches as and when recommended by the federation concerned and approved by the Sports Authority of India.

The National Coaching Camps are backed by scientific tests at regular intervals. These tests are carried out by experienced scientists, mainly from the departments of Sports Medicine, Physiology, Sports Psychology, Sports Anthropometry, Bio-chemistry and Nutrition in the Faculty of Sports Sciences at the NIS, Patiala.

To know the progress of the national camps, Monitoring Committee meetings are held periodically to assess the progress of sportspersons before their participation in major international competitions. Representatives of the Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports, IOA, Federations, SAI and Government observers/experts and national coaches attend such meetings.

To organise the national coaching camps, the federations concerned chalk out yearly calendar for training/competition in conjunction with SAI/Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports and IOA. The yearly training plan is formulated by National Coaches and GTMT experts. This includes periodisation of training, competitions, performance and fitness targets, conduct of scientific tests/evaluations (Fitness: Medical, Biochemical, Anthropometrical Psychological and Physiological).

For such mega events, as the Olympics, Commonwealth games and Asian Games, special Coaching Camps are held for elite sportspersons and the training closely monitored and performance watched before the final selection of the Indian contingent.

The Institute is housed in an area of 268 acres. The Institute has enormous facilities for academic programmes and sports training and 4 hostels for the comfortable stay of the students, national players and coaches. The Institute is having 115 rooms which houses the office, library, museum, class rooms and staff club. One Guest House with lounge and conference hall is situated in the Institutes green belt. Department of Sports Medicine is providing all medical assistance to the players, students and staff. The sports training facilities are of international standard comprising of Gymnasium, Swimming Pool, Indoor Halls, Cycling Velodrome, Squash Courts, Conditioning Units, Hockey Fields (Grass and synthetic), Athletic Track (Cinder and synthetic) and Out Door Courts. For the recovery of players well maintained Sauna Bath, Steam Bath and Hydrotherapy facilities are available.

A departmental canteen, bank and post office caters all daily essential services to students.

Academic courses and holding of National Coaching Camps were started at the Institute from its inception. The Institute is producing high caliber coaches in sports disciplines through its Diploma in Sports Coaching and Master Course in Sports Coaching, who are not only in great demand within the country but overseas also. The Institute is presently conducting 6 courses pertaining to sports.

The Institute holds the key to sports development in India. The abundant talent in the country is well-looked after by its field wing coaches, working in the Regional and district centres all over the country.

In its aim to promote sports in the country, the Institute is doggedly engaged in multifarious activities, producing coaches of high caliber, organizing IOC solidarity courses, International clinics, congresses, seminars, workshops, conferences etc. And despite its preoccupation with such diverse activities, the task of training national teams for prestigious events like, the Olympic Games, Commonwealth Games, Asian Games and so forth, is entrusted to the Institute by the National Sports Federations for proper scientific coaching.

Since all training programmes at the Institute are geared to scientific requirements, a faculty of Sports Sciences has been established comprising of various departments like:-

Audio Video Aids, Publications and Library have been provided to Scientists, Research Fellows, Coaches, Teachers and Students to keep themselves abreast of the latest trends in sports development.

Important Contact Numbers
*Name*Phone No.
1*Executive Director*0175-2215289(Not for Gen. Enquiry)
3*Dy. Director (Fin)*0175-2223343
5*Incharge-Sports Sciences*0175-2211132
6*Incharge-Sports Medicine*0175-2320508
7*Incharge-National Camps*0175-2202474
8*Assistant Director(Admn)*0175-2320958
9*Computer Cell*0175-2301326
10*Scheme Section*0175-2321253
11*STC, Patiala*0175-2304233
12*Engineering Section*0175-2203932


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