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Amritsar College of Engineering and Technology ACET Manawala, Amritsar, Punjab

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Amritsar College of Engineering and Technology ACET Manawala, Amritsar, Punjab
Address:12km Stone, Amritsar - Jalndhar GT Road,
Via-Jandiala Guru
Meharbanpura Village
Amritsar (District Amritsar)
Punjab, India
Pin Code : 143001
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Amritsar College of Engineering and Technology ACET Manawala, Amritsar Punjab is a recognised institute / college. Amritsar College of Engineering and Technology ACET Manawala, Amritsar Punjab is managed by Society: Amritsar international foundation trust. Amritsar College of Engineering and Technology ACET Manawala, Amritsar Punjab was established on / in 2002.

Principal of Amritsar College of Engineering and Technology ACET Manawala, Amritsar Punjab is Dr H.N.Chandrawat, 0183-2440675(o), 9888602780, Dr MS Aujia, Dr VK Banga.

Amritsar College of Engineering and Technology ACET Manawala, Amritsar Punjab is situated in Amritsar of Punjab state (Province) in India. This data has been provided by www.punjabcolleges.com. Amritsar comes under Amritsar Tehsil, Amritsar District.

Fax # of Amritsar College of Engineering and Technology ACET Manawala, Amritsar Punjab is 0183-5069535, 2440675, 3097886, 5069528, 5069532.

Contact Person(s) of the Amritsar College of Engineering and Technology ACET Manawala, Amritsar Punjab is (are): Dr RS Bawa, Director, Advocate Amit Sharma.

Residence Phone No(s) of concerned peron(s) of Amritsar College of Engineering and Technology ACET Manawala, Amritsar Punjab is (are) : 0183-5092780.

Mobile No(s) of concerned persons at Amritsar College of Engineering and Technology ACET Manawala, Amritsar Punjab are 98722-10930, 99157-60086.

email ID(s) is Amritsar College of Engineering and Technology ACET Manawala Amritsar Punjab

Website of Amritsar College of Engineering and Technology ACET Manawala, Amritsar Punjab is www.acetamritsar.org.

Chairman : Sh. HL Sharma 98148-00474.

Contact Details of Amritsar College of Engineering and Technology ACET Manawala, Amritsar Punjab are : Telephone: +91-183-5069532, 5069530, 5069540, 2440674, 5069527, 60086
other email id: contact@acetedu.org
Advocate Amit Sharma, Managing Director

Gaurav Tejpal, Head, Department of Training & Placement,
Tel (O):+91-183-5069536, Mobile : 98883 00111, 98159 44496
Fax: 91-183-5069535
E-mail : gaurav_tejpal@acetedu.in


Amritsar College of Engineering and Technology ACET Manawala, Amritsar Punjab runs course(s) in Engineering, Computer Applications stream(s).
B.Tech, MCA, MBA., LEET, M.Tech

Approval details: Amritsar College of Engineering and Technology ACET Manawala is affiliated with Punjab Technical University PTU, Jalandhar (Punjab)

Profile of Amritsar College of Engineering and Technology ACET Manawala

Management is the key to success. A blend of wise management decisions makes any aim easier to achieve. Its the managerical skills that empowers us. Management is all about handling a set of decisions in such a way that the outcome flourishes. At ACET, we empower Technical education with efficient critical ideas, that makes Engineers work well in time critical situations. The key root of the people that made the difference are:

S.No. Name Designation
Sh. H.L.Sharma (Sr. Advocate), CHAIRMAN
Sh. Amit Sharma (Advocate), MANAGING DIRECTOR
Sh.Chaman Lal Sachdeva, MEMBER
Dr. Vaneet Sharma, MEMBER
Mrs. Neha Sharma, MEMBER
Mrs. Om Prabha, MEMBER
S. Manjeet Singh, MEMBER
Sh. Jatinder Kumar Dua, MEMBER
Sh. Rajinder Sharma, Member
Sh. Shuvam Sharma, MEMBER
Sh. Shiv Dutt Sharma, MEMBER

* Dr. Devinderpal Sharma (HOD) Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering. Amritsar College Engineering and Technology, Amritsar.
* Prof. M.S. Virk (HOD) Department of Mechanical Engineering. Amritsar College Engineering andamp; Technology, Amritsar. Mob. 987202109.
* Prof. Baljit Verma, Department of Applied Sciences, Amritsar College Engineering and Technology, Amritsar

* ISO 9001-2000 certified institution
* Separate hostel for boys and girls

* Dr S.K.Aggarwal, Dean, Academic Affairs 0183-2440675-76 (his Letters to the Editor published in The Tribune, reply to some query published in The Hindu)

Amritsar College of Engineering andandnbsp; Technology has been established by the Amritsar International Foundation (Trust) in 2002. It is situated in a pollution free and eco-friendly environment amidst lush green and sprawling lawns at the 12 km stone from Amritsar, near village Manawala. The Institute provides quality education, excellent and world class infrastructure, highly qualified and dedicated teaching faculty. In addition to this, the student of the college are also benefited by world ever computer workstations through Internet facility and fully air-conditioned computer centre having licensed softwares. The institute arranges frequent guest lectures and seminars from experts on different fields for imparting technical education of high quality.

The Institute has following laboratories : Physics, Chemistry, Electrical Engineering, Computer Centre with Internet facility (64 kbps band width), two Drawing halls.

ACET has two complete workshops complex/block houses for different sections of Mechanical Engineering. These workshops are Carpentry shop, Foundry shop, Fitting shop, Sheet Metal shop, Welding shop, Machine shop, Smithy shop and Electrical shop. These shops have been provided with the necessary facilities for imparting skills in workshop practice.

The Institute has well stocked library and a spacious reading hall. The library is kept open throughout the year on all working days from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. The books on all branches of engineering have been provided in large number so that the students are well served for their studies. The library also scribes all leading newspapers, many magazines and journals.

Separate hostel arrangements for boys and girls have been made in the city. Transport facilities for to and fro journey from hostel to the Institute are provided by the college.

We aspire to be among the preferred Engineering Colleges in India engaged in shaping up globally competent and well-chiselled technocrats and managers so as to emerge as an island of excellence.

To provide fully developed technical environment to the students to hone up their technical skills by imparting quality education.
* To promote research & development and consultancy programs.
* To build tradition of innovation, problem-solving and inter-disciplinary collaboration with academia and industry.
* To provide greater input of management education and professional communication skills.
* To create congenial environment for the faculty so that they help the students to achieve their desired goals.
* To ensure full fruition of the talent of the students.
* To develop the institute as a real temple of professional learning in the estimation of the community.
* To support merit lacking in means.

ACET strives to pursue global standards of excellence in imparting quality education to attain academic brilliance coupled with ethics. We aim to achieve and retain quality at all costs. The faculty stands committed to deliver the best in their respective functional domains. We believe in continuous critical self-appraisal.
Amritsar College of Engineering and Technology, Amritsar (ACET) was established in the year 2002. The premier institute has been duly approved by AICTE, New Delhi as well as by the Government of Punjab and Govt. of India. It is affiliated to Punjab Technical University, Jalandhar.

ACET symbolizes the maturing of Indian technical ability and can-do entrepreneurial spirit. The institute endeavors to educate the students to become not only competent professionals but also excellent human beings who contribute towards the welfare of the society and towards raising the quality of life of its people.

Due to the changed scenario ushering in an accelerating growth rate and intense global competition, we are faced with new challenges. More than ever before, skilled, talented and highly competent technocrats and able managers have become critical and instrumental as harbingers of evolutionary change. It is in this context that the College endeavors to have a meaningful interaction with industry so that real life problems may be discussed in the classrooms and solutions attempted in the well-equipped laboratories of the institute.

What Makes Acet One Of The Most Outstanding Technical Institutes In The Region?

NBA Accredited (Click Here for more details)

ACET is accredited by the National Board of Accreditation (NBA) for offering quality education and technical courses which can be well compared with the curriculum and standards of International Technical Institutes across the globe. The Accreditation depends on quality auditing system and establishing sufficient data for measuring the eminence and excellence of technical education.

The quality of teaching, faculty expertise, standards of infrastructure with special stress to library and laboratory facilities are the several considerations on which the accreditation team evaluates and arrives at a holistic conclusion of identifying the programmes and technical institutes as NBA accredited ones.

Highly Experienced And Dynamic Faculty
ACET recognizes that the excellence in education can be achieved only through nurturing the top of the line faculty. It is therefore continuous endeavor of the college to locate and recruit the best of the talent in India. The core faculty is supported by a distinguished set of visiting faculty comprising senior managers from industry and senior faculty members of other educational institutions. The concept of visiting faculty does not only provide an opportunity to the students to interact with the people in practicing disciplines of their interest but it also strengthens academia-industry interface. The staffing pattern of the faculty aims at bringing a balance between practical experience and theory.

Scholarships To Students
The Management Scholarship is awarded to the students on the basis of their financial background, academic performance in each of the following categories:
1. Merit Scholarship
2. Sports Scholarship
3. Special Scholarship. (NSS, NCC etc)

Excellent Placement Profile
Our strength is our placements. At ACET, Placement time is not merely annual ritual; it is a time for showcasing the very best in our young engineers to the industrial world. We have very dynamic placement & Training department. The objectives of department are manifold. They include:

Developing the students’ Technical knowledge and soft skills to meet the corporate recruitment process.

To motivate students to develop their overall personality in terms of career planning, goal setting and reskilling which will stand them in good stead even after getting the job.

To motivate students aspire for higher studies and guiding them to take competitive exams such as CAT, GATE, TOEFL, GRE, GMAT AND IELTS.

Aiming to Place the maximum number of students through campus & off-campus interviews conducted by the top notch companies.

Well Organized Teaching Methodology
Besides classroom learning: empirical learning through co-curricular activities, industry visits, guest lectures of industry and academic experts, presentation, seminars, quizzes, tutorials, continuous evaluation are all designed to encourage students and increase awareness levels. Value added courses to enhance skill sets and bridge the gap between academics and industrial and corporate expectations for better employability.

Lively Campus
Besides all above mentioned, the Lively and vibrant campus adds a new meaning to learning. With the facilities of Wi-Fi campus, banking, well furnished hostels, gymnasium, canteen, the campus of ACET is indeed self contained.
Transportation is also available for students and faculty.

ACET is accredited by the National Board of Accreditation (NBA) for offering quality education and technical courses which can be well compared with the curriculum and standards of International Technical Institutes across the globe. The Accreditation depends on quality auditing system and establishing sufficient data for measuring the eminence and excellence of technical education.

The quality of teaching, faculty expertise, standards of infrastructure with special stress to library and laboratory facilities are the several considerations on which the accreditation team evaluates and arrives at a holistic conclusion of identifying the programmes and technical institutes as NBA accredited ones.

By accreditation, we reassure our students and their parents that we are committed to quality delivery of technical education and the best career options with fairly good placements.

Accreditation signifies different things to different stake holders
* For the parents, it signifies that their child goes through a teaching-learning environment as per accepted good practices.
* For the students, it signifies that he has entered the portals of an institution which has the essential and desirable features of quality professional education.
* For the employers, it signifies that the students passing out have competence based on well grounded technical inputs.
* For AICTE, it signifies that the institutional performance is based on assessment through a competent body of quality assessors with strengths & weaknesses emanating as a feedback for policy-making.
* For the institution, it signifies its strengths, weaknesses and opportunities for future growth
* For the industry and infrastructure providers it signifies identification of quality of institutional capabilities and skills & knowledge.
* For the country, it signifies confidence in the suitability for sustaining stockpiles of market sensitive human capital and a pragmatic national development perspective.
* For the alumni, it signifies attachment through the pride of passing out with credential.

ACET was established in the year 2002 under the aegis of Amritsar International Foundation Trust. The Managing Committee is headed by Mr. H.L Sharma (Senior Advocate), an eminent lawyer and educationist and Mr. Amit Sharma (M.D.), an advocate of repute too.

The College combines tradition with modernity. Mr Amit Sharma, our honourable M.D, emphasizes this kind of relationship between students and teachers. With hisuntiring efforts, he ever remains girded up to bring up this College as one of the best institutions in northern India.

Sh. H. L. Sharma Senior Advocate Chairman
Sh. Amit Sharma Managing Director
Sh. Chaman Lal Member
Dr. Vaneet Sharma Member
Mrs. Neha Sharma Member
Mrs. Om Prabha Member
S. Manjit Singh Member
Sh. Rajinder Sharma Member
Mr. Shivom Sharma Member
Sh. Shiv Dutt Sharma Member
Sh. Jatinder Dua Member

Dear Aspirants
Charles Darwin has rightly remarked, "It is not the strongest that survive, neither it is the most intelligent, but those responsive to change." ACET has a unique culture that inculcates strong values in its students and yet making them adaptable to change. It is increasing demand for competent engineers and technocrats for executing various projects in private, public and government sectors in India and abroad which spurred the Management to start this College.

Our mission is to improve the quality of life in this region by improving the capabilities of human resources available and the impact of theory, practice and performance. The College strives to earn its reputation through its innovative teaching methodology and quality of its pragmatic programmes. In this era of unprecedented competition, one can't afford to luxuriate in rosy dreams. Today a career has to be carefully crafted by calibre combined with diligence, by inspiration blended with perspiration. We promise to lead you towards desired destinations.

ACET is an institute where growth is a way of life. It is our tradition to excel. Every effort shall be made to keep this tradition alive.

Setting a goal in life and achieving it are two different things. It is the achievement of the goal that requires single-minded devotion and dedication as well as literally burning the midnight oil for its realization. For most of you it is the time to gird up your loins and put in your best foot forward towards choicest careers and tremendous targets for the realization of your parents' as well as your dreams. I welcome the new aspirants to be a part of great tradition and assure you all that ACET's glorious growing reputation will give new dimensions to your life.

We inculcate in our students simple cricket wisdom: "Life is just like a one day match, with limited time and overs. We can't afford to be complacent and waste time and opportunities, because it is not remaining in the crease, but scoring that makes us win".

In addition to improving academic excellence, we have been organizing a variety of co-curricular activities for all-round development of the personality of the students. Our goal is to continuously improve the healthy learning environment and to achieve academic excellence for employability as world-class technocrats and entrepreneurs.

Apart from well-equipped labs. strengthened by latest technology, we have highly qualified, experienced and dedicated faculty that forms the backbone of this College. ACET happens to be a true temple of Saraswati where work is worshipped and sterling scholars work in a true team spirit and act as torch-bearers to the students.

”Give to the world the best you have, And the best will come back to you."

We believe in dedication, diligence, discipline, regularity and all that is very quintessence of the best to make you a human being so that humanity can be proud of you.
Amit Sharma
Managing Directo

Towards New Horizons
“The task of modern educator is not to cut down jungles, but to irrigate the deserts”
(C.S Lewis)

I deem it as a privilege to be part of Amritsar College of Engineering and Technology and to invite students to come and take advantage of the infrastructure and academic excellence of this elite institution.

To be successful in today’s world of breath-taking speed and highly competitive environment, requires a high degree of skills and a powerful mindset. At Amritsar College of Engineering and Technology we continuously strive to equip the students with the latest advances in the domain of knowledge and also empower them to be highly effective, fearless, stressfree and honest. We believe that every student has the potential to create his own place in the social and professional world, therefore, we strive to help the students realize their potential, upgrade it and use it for achieving excellence in every aspect of life. We create a different kind of value system, vigour and stimulus for the students to guide them on the path of lifelong attainment with welfare of mankind at the back of their mind.

We, at Amritsar College of Engineering and Technology, provide a healthy atmosphere for all round development of the students. This involves, ‘outside the syllabus teaching’, discussions, soft skills development, training in mental ability and problem solving, motivation and personality development for all the students. We believe in critical introspection and continuous upgradation of the teaching skills, methodologies and technologies for the teachers. We take legitimate pride in our achievements so far, but are honestly aware of our responsibilities and targets for the future. We wish to provide "Karamyogis" to the professional world and therefore

Our guiding principles are:
Duties before rights
First deserve then desire
Know more, Work more and Expect less

It is my earnest desire that more and more students from our own state as also from the whole of northern region, along with other states of the country, may get the benefit of expertise and academic excellence available in this elite institution.

Management Team
ACET was established in the year 2002 under the aegis of Amritsar International Foundation Trust. The Managing Committee is headed by Mr. H.L Sharma (Senior Advocate), an eminent lawyer and educationist and Mr. Amit Sharma (M.D.), an advocate of repute too.

The College combines tradition with modernity. Mr Amit Sharma, our honourable M.D, emphasizes this kind of relationship between students and teachers. With hisuntiring efforts, he ever remains girded up to bring up this College as one of the best institutions in northern India.

Sh. H. L. Sharma Senior Advocate Chairman
Sh. Amit Sharma Managing Director
Sh. Chaman Lal Member
Dr. Vaneet Sharma Member
Mrs. Neha Sharma Member
Mrs. Om Prabha Member
S. Manjit Singh Member
Sh. Rajinder Sharma Member
Mr. Shivom Sharma Member
Sh. Shiv Dutt Sharma Member
Sh. Jatinder Dua Member

Members of Academic advisory board are
1. Sh. H.L. Sharma Chairman
2. Sh. Amit Sharma, MD ACET Member
3. Dr. R.S. Bawa, Director Member
4. Dr. Surjit Singh, Principal,ACET Member
5. Dr. Subhash Chander,

Prof. and Ex. Head
Deptt. Commerce and Business Mgt., GNDU, Amritsar Member
6. Dr. Ashwani Kumar Member
7. Dr. Om Prabha Member
8. Principal LLRIET, MOGA Member Member
9. Dean Academics, ACET Member Secretary

Sr. No.-Name-Designation-Phone No.-Email-Id
1. Dr. R.S. Bawa Director 0183-5069534 rs_bawa1@rediffmail.com
2. Dr. S.K. Aggarwal Dean (Academic Affairs) 0183-5010426 sk_aggarwal@yahoo.co.in
3. Col.(Retd.) Gurmukh Singh Dean (Student Affairs) 0183-5010429 col_gurmukh@yahoo.com
4. Dr. Surjit Singh HOD-IT 0183-5014756 surjit.acet@yahoo.com
5. Dr. Y.P. Gupta HOD-ME 0183-5010434 aatamdev@yahoo.co.in
6. Col. (Retd.) Gurmukh Singh HOD-CSE 0183-5010429 col_gurmukh@yahoo.com
7. Prof. R. K.Mohindru HOD-APP 0183-5069528 mahindru.raman@gmail.com
8. Dr. Vijay Banga HOD- ECE/EEE 0183-5010423 v_banga@rediffmail.com
9. Dr. Harinder Singh Gill HOD-MBA/MCA 0183-5010433 harindersinghmajitha@yahoo.co.in
10. Er. Gaurav Tejpal HOD-Placement 0183-5069536 gaurav_tejpal@acetedu.in
11. Mr. Sanjeev Kumar Deputy Registrar (Finance) 0183-5069538 dhanik_monto@yahoo.co.in
12. Mr. Manoj Kumar Deputy Registrar (Administration) 0183-5069532 manojsharma_acet@yahoo.com
13. Er. Gaurav Tejpal Deputy Dean (Students Affairs) 0183-5069536 gaurav_tejpal@acetedu.in
14. Dr. Vijay Banga Chief Warden 0183-5010423 v_banga@rediffmail.com
15. Er. Loveleen Kaur Warden-Girls hostel 09888825522
16. Mr. Manoj Kumar Warden-Boys hostel 0183-5069532 manojsharma_acet@yahoo.com
17. Mr. Charan Singh Office Superintendant 0183-2587484

The College is duly approved for running all the programmes, as detailed below, by All-India Council for Technical Education, New Delhi and Government of Punjab.

Out of these seats, two-third seats are designated as State-quota seats and the remaining one-third seats are the Management/NRI seats. The eligibility and admission criteria for these two categories of seats are given below:

State-quota seats
Admission to these seats in each discipline shall be made centrally by the Punjab Technical University, Jalandhar or any other agency appointed by the Government of Punjab. For Bachelor of Technology programmes, the admission will be done on the basis of rank in the Common Entrance Test, CET conducted by the Punjab Technical University, Jalandhar or rank in AIEEE. Eligibility criteria for various programmes are given below:

Admission to First Semester of Bachelor of Technology programmes
* In each discipline, (15% of State-quota) are reserved for outside candidates on All-India basis and would be filled through merit in AIEEE. The remaining 85% seats are reserved for candidates from Punjab and rank in CET would be the admission criteria.

* All those candidates who have passed the 10+2 examination with Physics and Mathematics as compulsory subjects and one of the subjects of Chemistry / Biology / Bio-technology / Computer Science are eligible for admission.
* Admission to Third Semester of Bachelor in Technology programmes: There is a provision of direct admission to third semester for diploma holders. The discipline in which admission can be allowed will be notified by the Punjab Technical University. The candidates who have passed their Three-Years Diploma in any branch of engineering will be eligible for admission under this category.
* Master of Computer Applications (MCA): The College is running a Three-Year regular MCA programme from the year, 2003-04. For admission to this programme, following criteria would be followed. A Bachelors degree in any discipline from any recognized University with Mathematics at 10+2 level and the candidate should have appeared in the Entrance Test conducted for admission to MCA programmes in the State of Punjab.
* Master of Business Administration (MBA): The College is running two-year regular MBA programme from the year 2004-05 with 60 seats. The criteria for admission would be: A Bachelor's degree in any discipline from any recognized University and the candidate should have appeared in Management Entrance Test MET.
* M.Tech. ECE (Regular) The College is running two-year regular M.Tech. ECE (Regular) programme with 18 seats. The criteria for admission would be: 55% marks in B.E/B.Tech in ECE/Electronics & Instrumentation/Applied Electronics/Instrumentation & Control/EE/Electrical or M.Sc (Electronics).

Management-Quota / NRI Seats
There is provision for direct admission by the College to all programmes. One-third of the total seats allotted to any discipline are available for direct admission by the College. These seats will be filled up on the basis of the rank in appropriate Entrance Test or marks in the qualifying examination. For admission under this category, candidates are advised to contact admission cell.

Qualification Required
MCA - Graduation with Maths/ QT/ Statistics or Graduation and 10+2 with Maths.

MBA - Graduation in any stream
M.Tech(ECE) - 55% marks in B.E./ B.Tech in ECE/ Electronics & Instrumentation/ Applied Electronics/ Instrumentation & Control/ EEE/ Electrical/ M.Sc.(Electronics)
M.Tech(CAD/CAM) - 55% marks in B.E./ B.Tech in ME/ Industrial/ Production/ Manufacturing/ Welding/ Material Science/ Metallurgy.

Academic Overview
In addition to the academic information, each student must be aware of several other things such as registration, attendance requirement of the affiliating University, academic regulations governing various programmes, regulations regarding migration and fee structure. A brief outline of these is given below:

Each student has to register with the University at the start of each semester. The date of registration is notified by the University and every student is expected to register in person on the specified date(s) failing which a student may not be allowed to continue in that semester.

Attendance Requirement
In order to enable a student to appear in the semester examination, he/she should have attended at least seventy five percent of the scheduled lectures/ tutorials/laboratory classes. A student is marked present only when he/she attends the class. Any kind of leave, including medical leave, has to be within the remaining twenty five percent of the scheduled classes. A student having less than seventy five percent attendance will be detained and will be allowed to appear in the subsequent examination only after acquiring the desired level of attendance.

Academic Regulations
Every student is advised to read the detailed academic regulation of the Punjab Technical University as revised from time-to-time. The Academic Regulations are for
MCA Course
B.Tech (all Courses)

Maximum duration for completion of the Degree requirements
The maximum duration of the course shall be twice the duration of the respective regular course. This would apply to all the regular courses. This would apply directly to the current students who have not been able to clear their course within maximum duration stipulated under the unamended regulations. They may now take additional chance(s)/ examination (s) to clear their backlog.

Each student shall be allowed to appear in a maximum of 10 theory subjects in the University Examination at the end of the semester, including the regular subjects of the semester.

For B.Tech.: A total of 8 years for Bachelor of Engineering / Technology from the date of admission shall be given to a student to pass all the courses and to fulfil all other requirements for the completion of degree including attaining the required aggregate, failing which the candidature of the student shall stand cancelled and no degree shall be awarded.

For MBA: A total of 4 years for MBA from the date of admission shall be given to a student to pass all courses and to fulfil all other requirements for the completion of degree including attaining the required aggregate failing which the candidature of the student shall stand cancelled and no degree shall be awarded.

For MCA: A total of 6 years for MCA from date of admission, shall be given to a student to pass all the courses and to fulfill all other requirements for the completion of degree including attaining the required aggregate failing which the candidature of the student shall stand cancelled, and no degree shall be awarded

Regulations Regarding Migration
Migration of a student from one college/ institute to another within the University i.e (PTU) will be allowed after the completion of first year and at the start of the third semester provided:

* The candidate has qualified the Entrance Examination and his/her merit is higher than the last student admitted in that discipline in general category. However, where admission has been made on he basis of merit of the qualifying examination, his/her merit in the qualifying examinations shall be higher than the last student admitted in that course in general category.

a) For those courses where the first semester courses are the same, the migration shall be allowed on the basis of merit of the result of the first semester.

b) For engineering courses having different subjects in the first semester, the migration shall be allowed on the basis of the combined merit of the first and second semester.

* Preference shall be given to that candidate who was admitted on the basis of Entrance Examination.

* Shifting of branch/ category within the college/institution as per merit under PTU rules shall have precedence over inter-university migration.

* NOCs from the college where the student is seeking admission and the college from where he wants to migrate along with the approval from the university is required.

Department Applied Sciences
The department has well-qualified and experienced staff to teach Engineering Chemistry, Engineering Physics, Engineering Mathematics, Communication Skills and Environmental Sciences. The department has a well-equipped communication skills Lab.

The department also has well equipped laboratories to impart practical training in the subjects of Engineering Physics, Engineering Chemistry and Communication Skills.

Head of Department
Prof. R.K. Mohindru Professional Experience

Taught Chemistry in Chemistry Department and Agriculture Department of Khalsa College, Amritsar and presently teaching Environmental Sciences in ACET, Amritsar Above 42 yrs.

Administrative Experience
Head (Applied Sciences)
Department of Agriculture
Khalsa College, Amritsar 9 yrs. Head, Post-Graduate Department of Chemistry, Khalsa College, Amritsar 2 yrs, 6 months
Dean, Sciences, Khalsa College, Amritsar 2 yrs. 6 months Bursar, Khalsa College, Amritsar 5 yrs. Head, Deptt. of Applied Sciences, ACET, Amritsar 2 yr. Dean, Administration, ACET, Amritsar 1 yr. 8 months .

Civil Engineering
Civil Engineering is one of the oldest and the broadest Engineering fields. Civil Engineering focuses on the physical infrastracuture developement which includes Transportation Networks-Railways-Highways, Bridges, Tunnles etc. Civil Engineering's contribution to the world includes buidling of structures which shape the nations around the world. Civil Engineering discipline boost economic growth, safety and helps in achieving higher standards.

Department of computer science and Engineering
The Department of computer science and Engineering offers four year B. Tech program in Computer Science and Engineering based on semester system. Since its inception in 2002, the branch has attracted lot of young talent wanting to make in this field. Recent advancements in the field of Computer and Information Technology, has made this world a global village, with continuous thrust on avenues such as Information Super Highway, Software Development, Problem solving techniques and a host of other technologies. Keeping this thing in mind, Department of Computer Science & Engineering is in the process of improving the training and course contents beyond the regular curriculum which meet the latest challenges and advancements in Information Technology in knowledge driven world.

Department of Computer Science & Engineering at ACET has made every effort to give our nation engineers with a high caliber of technical expertise. It continues to foster and engender the innovation and breadth of vision necessary to excel in the blooming software and hardware industry.

The experienced faculty exposes the would-be computer engineers to a rigorous and exhaustive curriculum designed to bring out the best in them and to keep them in touch with the latest state of the art technology.

The experienced faculty exposes the would-be computer engineers to a rigorous and exhaustive curriculum designed to bring out the best in them and to keep them in touch with the latest state of the art technology.

Administrative Experience
Commanding officer of Infantry Division Signal Regiment, Amritsar. Colonel Administration in Corps HQ, Srinagar. Administrative Officer of Army Public School, Amritsar.

Research Work
CAD approach to MICS
Communication via Mains
Army Comm. Networks Integration

Planning and Provisioning of Static and Mobile Radio (HF, VHF, UHF), Radio Relay (UHF) Communication. Troposcatter, Microwave & Satellite Communication in Plains, Desert and Mountainous terrain of India. Field cables (WD-1, Coaxial Cable, PVC) & Permanent line Communication Routes.

Department ECE, EEE
The demand for electonics and electrical engineers is growing amazingly fast which is well understood by this department. The department has dedicated and experienced faculty. The department is conscious of its responsibility in the changing techno-economic enviroment of the country.

PG Program
M.Tech. (Electronics & Communication Engineering)
Eligibilty : At least 55% marks in B.Tech. (ECE) or M.Sc. (Applied Physics) with specialization in Electronics. There are 18 seats allocated for M.Tech. (Regular) course in ECE stream.

Department Information Technology
Information Technology is the latest discipline of science and technology gathering momentum to amalgamate the advance technologies toward fulfilling the modern needs of the society. This discipline is an offshoot of computer science based upon the solid foundation of computer technology integrated with electronic & communication science. Its usefulness and strength can be experienced in almost all branches of science & technology,commerce, entertainment and fine art. As a result of the expertise achieved, IT has brought all the countries into a global village through Internet where more than hundred million ordinary people are connected to each other. The outcome of IT enabled services has been felt and experienced in every segment of the society.

At ACET our efforts concentrate on improving computer labs infrastructure continuously by replacing the obsolete systems with latest state-of-the-art systems, computer peripherals and technologies. In addition to fulfilling the requirements of University curriculum, this department, in association with some national IT Training companies, has started providing industry need-based value added IT courses to our valued students in phased manner. By the time our students complete their degree course, they will be equipped with practical knowledge & experience of few additional courses needed by the industry. For this we have set up an online instruction Labs equipped with LCD projectors.

From time to time, IT experts from industry are also invited to deliver lectures to our students and faculty on new technologies. The students are encouraged and assisted to work for real projects of the industry. The department has an excellent team of highly qualified faculty (Ph.D, M.Tech ) with matching teaching, research and industry experience in their respective field of specialisation. Each faculty member is not only a teacher but also acts as a motivator, mentor and guide to the students towards fulfillment of their dreams and attainment of their goals. The placement record of our students and their excellent performance in the University examination bears testimony of our dedication and quality product.

Department Mechanical Engineering
This is the star-studded department of the institution. The department offers a degree of Bachelor of Technology in Mechanical Engineering. A dedicated faculty with state-of-the-art infrastructure, the Department is destined to touch new heights under the leadership of Yash Paul Gupta, Professor & HOD.

Department PG Department

The department was established in the year 2003 with the start of MCA programme.At present the Deptt. is offering two full time courses i.e. MCA and MBA (Affiliated to PTU & Approved by AICTE, New Delhi).Total number of seats allotted to MCA / MBA is 60 (40 seats are filled through counselling, 20 seats are filled under Management Quota).

Central Library
A Library is a collection of information, sources, resources and services. In this repository of knowledge, the information is acquired, processed, arranged and disseminated. The main objective of any Library is to cater to the literary needs of the users. Central Library of ACET has been in existence since May, 2002 and is developing day by day. Earlier, it was established in the Main Block but now its building has been shifted near the Mechanical Department. It houses a spacious section of the college building i.e. 650 sq.m. Fully air conditioned library provides comfortable and conducive environment of learning. Regular visits of students in the library makes it breathe an air of life & encouragement always. Central Library provides Wi Fi facility to access Internet. Seven departmental Libraries are working successfully under the aegis of Central Library.

Library Collection
The Central Library of ACET is adequately rich in its collection of books catering to most of the branches of knowledge especially in engineering, management studies and computer application. There is a collection of more than 39000 books (Text, References and General) in the Library.

Periodical Section
The periodical section enjoys the subscription of 59 journals ( National & International ) and 30 magazines (technical and general) along with the prominent dailies.

Technical Section
Central Library has set up a technical section where all the books are well processed. All the books are classified and cataloged according to the 22nd Edition of DDC and AACR-II respectively.

Reading area
It has a sitting capacity of about 200 students at a time. The reading area has been divided into two floor.

Circulation Section
The central library strictly follows the management principle i.e. the spirit of hive. Therefore, we are continuously available from 9:30 am to 4:00 pm for the issue and return of the books. Library follows the “Browne Charging System” for the circulation. Where 4 tickets are issued to each student and all the College employees are entitled to get 5 library tickets.

Archives/Maintenance Section
Recently, Central Library has established a Archives & Maintenance Section. All the back volumes of the journals & magazines have been well arranged in this section.

Central Library is providing open shelf system keeping in mind the objective of easy access to the documents. All the books have been arranged subject-wise.

Digital Library
We are living in an age of information explosion where it has become almost impossible for any library or information centre to acquire and store all the literature even in single field. Keeping the same thing in mind the College authorities have decided to set up a Digital Library and has got the membership of DELNET. A Digital Library is a library where reading material is kept in the form of CDs, DVDs, Databases and in other microforms. And the same is accessed with the help of computers. Our Digital Library has 21 well equipped computer systems and more than 250 CDs covering various subjects. Central Library has set up a cell for Digital Library within its premises. It works in two parts i.e. E-learning and DELNET. E-Learning is an on-line education program where the students can access various presentations, seminars, lectures etc. on the other hand, DELNET is a Developing Library Network which is highly helpful for resource sharing. To access the DELNET services go to www.delnet.nic.in through Internet explorer or Netscape. To log in one needs username and password. And the same can be obtained from the Incharge of Digital Library.

Central Library is also providing various services such as:
* Reference services
* Inter-Library loan service
* Reprographic service
* Documentation services
* Current Awareness services

Head of Central Library
Name & Designation Mr. Harinder Singh Sarkaria Librarian
Qualification M.Com., M.Lib. & Inf. Science, PGDCA & NVQ
Areas of Interest, Expertise, Research Role of DRTC, ILA & UGC in the development LIS in India
Administrative Experience 10 years
Contact Ph. No: 0183-5010424
librarydigi@gmail.com, sarkaria1976@yahoo.co.uk

Hostels (Boys and Girls)
Separate hostel facility for boys and girls within the campus is available for the students who take admission from other cities. Hostel has attached washrooms and geysers, air cooler and other necessities to make the life as simple and comfortable as possible. Boys and girls hostel has separate gymnasium and common room.

Hostel residents enjoy the transport facility to visit the city on every weekend. For the security of girl residents, the hostel attendants accompany them. Facilities like TV, Newspaper, Indoor Games (Carom-board, Chess) are also available in the hostel.

* Students are required to observe strict discipline in the hostels. Any attempt to create disturbance or cause damage to hostel propertyor indulge in indecent behavior with fellow residents or mess staff / other employees/ warden can lead to disciplinary action including expulsion from the Hostel, suspension, rustication from the College.
* Students (Boys) shall mark their attendance daily between 9.00 PM and 9.15 PM in the register maintained with the Hostel Warden.
* Absence without prior permission will involve disciplinary action.
* There would be no unnecessary movement or playing of games in the corridoors. No day scholar is allowed to stay in the college campus after the last College bus leaves the campus and on holidays. Any resident sheltering a day scholar will face expulsion from the hostel. Similarly, no resident student will be allowed to enter the gate except those who have been allowed by the warden to go outside for a particular purpose and for a particular period and they will be allowed to enter by showing the permission slip and the identity card at the main gate.
* No outside/ non-resident student will be allowed to stay in the hostels.
* No female guest is allowed to visit the room of the boys, hostel. No male guest is allowed to go beyond the guest room in the girl's hostel.
* Students will not be sitting / playing in the Hostel/Canteen/ lawns during working hours when their respective classes are being held.
* Students are responsible for glass, electrical and other fittings in their hostel rooms. They will have to pay for any breakage of these fittings. Any student found damaging, breaking hostel property anywhere will incur disciplinary action besides replacement of the property.
* Students should not possess or operate any electrically operated appliances. No intoxicants, weapons/ sticks are allowed to be kept / used in the hostel premises. Loud music is not allowed to be played in the hostel. No student will take any vehicle towards/ near the hostel area. No mobile phones are allowed inside the College with any students.If found, these are liable to be confiscated. Students will not plan or participate in strikes/ mass cuts or make unnecessary demands. Students are expected to know the facilities / difficulties at the time of allotment of hostel accommodation. Failure of electric supply or telephone line will not be the cause for missing classes / tests. Students are expected to make their own arrangements for such eventualities.
* Students will not directly or indirectly indulge in ragging. The concerned student will have to prove innocence in case of any reported incident of ragging, failing which he/ she will face expulsion from the hostel / College.
* A resident of hostel has to take meals in the mess. He/she has to pay for the number of diets as per the mess rules framed from time to time. A student who doesn't actually reside in the hostel without prior permission will lose the right to hostel accommodation, which will be cancelled forthwith besides incurring strict disciplinary action. Mess timings as fixed by the warden from time to time will be strictly adhered to. A code of decency will be followed in the mess. No MEALS will be served in rooms and no mess utensils are to be taken outside the dining hall.
* For availing mess-off, the students should inform the warden in writing at least 24 hours in advance of the diet from which the off is desired. A minimum of six consecutive diets are essential for availing the rebate. The duration of mess-off has to be intimated in advance. In the absence of any written notice in advance, no rebate will be allowed.
* No refund of hostel rent (in full or part) will be allowed after the initial allotment even if the student leaves the hostel on his own or is expelled from the hostel. Hostel security will be refundable only when the student leaves the College.
* Students will pay the mess bills in time every month.
* Any difficulty should be promptly reported to the warden/ attendant chowkidar and students will avoid visitor's coming to the Principal directly. Students will not disturb the Principal at all at night.

Additional Rules for Girl Residents
* No girl student will leave hostel / campus without written permission of the Warden/ Principal and without making entry in the Hostel Register and Main Gate Register, noting the exact time of leaving, destination and telephone number. Time of arrival will be noted on return.
* No girl will be allowed to return to the hostel without the permission slip duly signed by the parents with all entries completed.
* The student must be inside the hostel premises by 6.30 P.M during summer (April to September) and by 6.00 P.M during winter (October to March).
* Girls are not allowed out-pass on a working day.
* Once a girl comes on Monday, she will not be allowed to go home before Friday, unless she has the written permission of the parents or they personally come to pick up the resident.
* Permission slip should be completely filled and signed by the warden.
* No permission slip will be given to the students in advance. The slip will be given at the time of departure with exact time, address and phone number written.
* No girl should be allowed to leave the hostel before 5.45 A.M and after 6.00 P.M.
* Girls from distant places are not allowed to leave the hostel after 4.30 P.M.
* Girls are not allowed to visit friend's places or their relatives for night stay unless there is written permission of the parents. No guest is allowed to visit a resident girl except those mentioned by the parents in the hostel allotment application. Similarly only those incoming telephone calls will be entertained which have been allowed by parents in the allotment application. Maximum time of call will be 6 minutes. Use of STD will be allowed after making an entry in the Register about the telephone number dialed.
* Girls can't use the extension of phone or intercom at anytime.
* When the classes are going on, girl students are not allowed for movies or market.
* Girls can leave the hostel on holidays during 7.00 to 9.00 A.M or 4.00 to 4.30 P.M. only with duly signed slips from the warden.
* There will be no dance parties in the hostel.
* No birthdays will be celebrated after 9.00 P.M.
* At the time of admission to the hostel, parents I guardians should accompany the girl. They should also provide list of the persons who are permitted to meet the girl.

* Only authorized persons can meet the hostlers inside the hostel. Authorized persons can visit the hostlers on Saturdays or Sundays between 10.00 AM and 5.00 PM.
* Authorized persons are expected to fill up the visitor's register and also specify the relation with the hostler.
* Hostlers can meet their guests in the visitor's room only during the stipulated time.
* Guests would not be allowed to stay in the hostel. Only the mother or sister of the hostler can stay in the hostel for a maximum period of two days.
* The hostler must be inside the hostel premises by 6.30 P.M. during summers (April-September) and by 6.00 P.M. during winters (October- March)
* Hostlers should mark their attendance daily at the stipulated place at the time of attendance.
* The doors of the Hostel will be closed immediately after the attendance. Coming late to the hostel,without prior permission, would be considered a serious offence. All hostlers coming late to the hostel would mention this fact in the register provided for this purpose.
* A fine up to Rs. 50/- would be imposed on any hostlers reaching the hostel after the attendance is over.
* Hostlers should make it a point to switch off light and fan when they are going out of room. Non-compliance of this rule may result in a fine up to Rs. 200/
* Day scholars are not allowed to stay in the hostel.
* Cooking or keeping gas cylinder in hostel rooms is completely banned.
* Hostlers are advised not to keep money or jewellery in their rooms. In case of any loss, its sole responsibility shall lie with the hostlers.
* No hostler shall be allowed to change the room during the session.
* All hostlers are expected to maintain proper discipline in the hostel. Any attempt to create disturbance/damage hostel property/ indecent behaviour with fellow residents or employees or warden can lead to disciplinary action.
* In case of any infectious disease, the particular hostler can be asked to leave the hostel.
* Hostlers will be allowed to leave the college campus only after showing the gate pass collected from the hostel attendant by stating reason for leaving the campus. Also they have to make entry in the hostel register before leaving.
* Even during the college hours from 9.00 a.m. to 5.00 p.m., any hostler going outside the main gate must get written permission from their local guardians.
* If the girls want to visit their local guardians, normally. they have to be picked up from and dropped at the hostel by his/herr local guardians.
* Once the wards leave the college campus, they will themselves be responsible for their safety.
* The wards will have to get the application signed by the hostel warden before leaving the hostel. In case they want to leave the hostel for a period of more than 6 days, they must obtain approval of the Principal.
* Whenever a hostler has to go back to her home, the application seeking permission regarding this should be given to the hostel warden on day before their going to home.
* Hostlers can visit the city in groups on Saturday in the college bus. They are expected to maintain proper behaviour under instructions given by the warden. Disobedience of any sort may result in suitable disciplinary action.
* Strict disciplinary action will be taken against defaulters .

Medical Facilities for students & staff members with in the campus in form of dispensary. Doctor is available on all days of week from 3 pm to 7 pm. Free Medication are available for students & staff members.

The College has a hygienic eating joint, which caters to the needs of the students from early morning till night.

ACET has provided student and staff with in house bank facility. Oriental Bank of Commerce is functional in college premises.

Internet Lab
The institute has two well established Internet Labs. One lab is in the main Building having 40 computers. Other Internet lab is in the PG blocks having 18 Computers. Internet Connection is available 24/7 with 6 MBPS speed.
All the Hostels are also having Internet facility.

Department Applied Scienes
The department has well-qualified and experienced staff to teach Engineering Chemistry, Engineering Physics, Engineering Mathematics, Communication Skills and Environmental Sciences. The department has a well-equipped communication skills Lab.

The department also has well equipped laboratories to impart practical training in the subjects of Engineering Physics, Engineering Chemistry and Communication Skills.
Sr. No. Name of the Laboratories
* Student capacity
1 Engg. Chemistry Lab 32
2 Engg. Physics Lab 32
3 Communication Skills Lab 32

Communication Skills Lab
A commodious, well-equipped and finely laid-out Communications Skills Lab based on thirty seven computers and backed by 29" T.V. is the star attraction of the College. The accessories like a super-sensitive Sound System, Cordless Mikes, DVD Player, Audio-Video Cassette Player, Head Phones etc. give it an extra edge.

Over seventeen software’s including communication skills, spoken English, group discussion, interview, presentation skills, speech making skills, resume writing, personality development, remedial English grammar, problem solving skills and the like are accessible to the students through the individual computers. Besides catering to the syllabi needs of the Communication Skills students, the Lab. is open to the benefit of the general students as well.

Ms. Binod Kaur the lab In-charge has a good experience of spoken English & Teaching

Engineering Chemistry Lab
The College has a modern well equipped and efficiently managed spacious Engineering Chemistry laboratory. It is well connected with electricity water and L.P.G gas supply as well as it is attached with a store room for keeping chemicals and equipment and glassware.

Regarding equipments It is equipped with analytical instruments like Ph meter conductivity meter muffle furnace etc. Laboratory also has a faculty of electronic balance instead of analytical balance.

Laboratory can accommodate 30-40 students at a time and provide an ambient environment for conducting experiment for students.

Engineering Physics Lab
The College has a modern, spacious and well-equipped Engineering Physics Laboratory with all the required apparatus for the prescribed syllabus. It provides seating arrangement for 32 students. Charts/ Boards have been displayed for more clarity of the basics.

List of Experiment & Safety precautions have been displayed in the lab for the connivances of the students. Adjoining to lab a “Dark Room” is there for the experiment of LASER and spectroscopy.

Gymnasium facility is provided for the students with latest machines.

College provides excellent Sports infrastructure and facilities to all the students. The total playground area in the College Campus is 2.5 acres. There are three playgrounds in the college. College has tied up with a local stadium located at Manawala (Jagir Singh Sandhu Memorial Stadium) for various Sporting Activities like Football, Cricket and Athletics etc. College has infrastructure for games like Volleyball, Basketball, Badminton, Table-Tennis etc.
* Unparallel Success in P.T.U Inter College Swimming Competition held at GNDEC Ludhiana on 15 Sep 2010.
* Sports Committee of the college conducted a Badminton Tournament for girls on Sunday, 11 April 2010.
* Sports Committee of the college conducted a Badminton Tournament for girls on Sunday, 20 September 2009.
* Sports Committee of the college conducted a Table Tennis Tournament for boys on Sunday, 6 September 2009
* Sports Committee of the college conducted the Badminton Tournament(Girls) & Table Tennis Tournament(Boys) on Sunday 22 March 2009.
* Congratulations to Harkirat singh, BTech(ME), First Year student bags 2nd position in PTU Inter College Weight Lifting Tournament 2008
* Inter College Tournaments

Other Facilities
Seminar Hall:
College has a Seminar Hall. This hall is used for all kind of Presentation by Guest Lecturers, Company Officials. Students present their 6 /2 months project report in this Hall. The Hall has a capacity of 200 Students. Seminar Hall is fully Sound Proof and has got LCD Facility also.

Conference Hall
Conference Hall is used for meeting of College management , HOD’s and meeting with students. It has a capacity of 60.

College has a Auditorium equipped with proper light & sound system with the capacity of 1300 students .
Seminar Hall, Conference Hall, Auditorium, Labs and Faculty rooms are fully air-conditioned.

Lift Facility
For Physically Challenged, disabled persons and old age persons lift facility is provided.

Power backup
Two Generator sets are available in the campus for power backup.

First Generator Set 400 KVA
Second Generator Set 250 KVA

Two sewage treatment plants have been established with in the campus for treatment of sewage.

Apart from all these Facilities College also provides following facilities like Postal Services, Stationery Shop, Photostat, and Mobile Charger outlet.

Teaining and Placements
* Established in July 2004 to assist students to get first job through campus recruitment.
* Placement Cell has Big Working Area with 10 Computers with Wi-Fi connection.
* Experienced team of 6 members supported by all department co-ordinators, has achieved excellent results.
* Placement cell is performing following duties apart From campus Recruitment. Grooming Students for better placements by organizing Group discussion, HR Interviews Sessions, Communication Skills program, mock interview etc with in the campus.
* Support Students in arraigning them 6-8 weeks industrial training of the 4th Semester students in the reputed organization through out the country.
* Support Students in arraigning them 6 Months industrial training of the 7th Semester students in the reputed organization through out the country.
* Spreading information of general interest like dead lines to apply for MBA programs.
* Organizing seminars for guidance on higher education e.g. GRE, GMAT, CAT, GATE
* Organizing seminars for guidance on UPSC Examinations.


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Job Vacancy: 28th May, 2014
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Media coverage of Amritsar College of Engineering and Technology ACET Manawala, Amritsar Punjab, Punjab

Stop this now...

This refers to the Special Report The Death Manual by Manish Macwan (TSI, May 24, 2009), The Madras, Delhi and the Gujarat High courts have very rightly given the verdict that no human being should be allowed to go into the sewerage and drainage lines to clear blocks. It is shameful to see that even in this era of developed technology, men are being employed to go into the drains or sewerages for cleaning and many a times it proves to be fatal for the workers, as they are not provided with necessary safety tools such as oxygen masks, helmets, goggles, air blowers, safety belts torches etc. This age long practice continues on a large scale in almost all the towns and cities of our country resulting in the death of a number of manhole scavenger. It is the responsibility of municipal authorities to stop this inhuman act and employ mechanical devices to get the blocks cleared. The government should enact the law to stop this practice.

Dr. S.K. Aggarwal

Dean, Amritsar College of Engineering and Technology

Turbulent world economy

Turbulent world economy The US, which has always been leading in the global economy, is now out of breath and subsequently under the fear as world economy is roily. India is also feeling the burnt. Equity values in India have fallen so low that the gains made by the investors have been nearly wiped out. In many cases, the market rates of shares have fallen below the issue prices. To build up public confidence the government has cut the CRR to infuse an additional liquidity of Rs 40,000 crores. An additional 25,000 crores have been put to meet farm-loan waivers by banks . These efforts will give only a short-lived relief for the investors as sooner or later the stocks will resume their downward slide. Steps should be taken to check the easy give away of loans without verifying the credibility of the firms asking for it. We cannot think of improving the situation as long as the norms of lending are liberal.

Dr. S K Aggarwal

Dean, Amritsar College of Engineering

Campus placements at ACET

In campus interviews organised at the Amritsar College of Engineering and Technology (ACET), 77 students of B Tech (electronics) from the institute were picket up by NR Switches and Radio Company.

Department of training and placements head Gaurav Tejpal said this was the third campus placements in the institute and earlier Infosys and HCL had picked up 117 and 118, respectively, in the joint campus placement held during 2007-08.

College principal Dr Rajneesh Arora said 90 per cent students of the 2007 batch had been successfully placed and expected that students of the 2008 batch would also be employed by June 2008.

Workshop on patent services

The Amritsar College of Engineering and Technology, Manawala, and the Punjab State Council for Science and Technology, Chandigarh, held a workshop on patent awareness. The workshop was sponsored by TIFAC, Department of Science and Technology, New Delhi. Dr S.K. Aggarwal, dean, academic affairs, welcomed the delegates, while Dr H.N. Chandrawat, director of ACET, inaugurated the workshop.

The workshop threw light on patents, trademarks, geographical indications, layout design of integrated circuits, plant variety protection and farmers’ rights, copy rights, industrial designs and trade secrets.

Physics on mind, young lecturer pens his 6th book

Amit Sareen at 31, a lecturer in the Amritsar College of Engineering and Technology (ACET), can well be described as an authority on physics.

He has five books on the subject to his credit. And these books are not flukes as all of them have ISBN mark on them, signifying the recognition of his work internationally.

The five books titled “Concept of Electromagnetic Field Theory”, “Electrical Engineering Materials”, “Optics and Lasers”, “Electromagnetic Field Theory” and “Physics Engineering”. Out of these, “Optics and Lasers” and “Physics Engineering” have been co-authored by Samir Kalia, acting head of department at DAV College here.

His first book “Concept of Electromagnetic Field Theory” has been widely appreciated and is popular amongst students of B. Tech and M. Tech courses in Punjab, Uttar Pradesh, Orissa and Kerala. All the books have been published by Kalyani Publishers.

A postgraduate from Guru Nanak Dev University, Sareen is also pursuing his PhD in the field of bio-diesel under the guidance of Prof R.K. Bedi. He has been teaching in the ACET since August, 2003. Earlier, he also worked with the Galgotia College of Engineering and Technology, Greater Noida.

“It is not an easy task,” admits Sareen. “It took about nine months to complete my first book. It was also displayed at the national book fairs held in New Delhi and at the Colombo Book Fair in Sri Lanka, says Sareen.

The book has become a best seller in a short period. After the book fair, a number of national publications have approached him to author books for their publications.

Giving all the credit of his success to the Almighty and his parents, Madan Lal Sareen and Sudarshan, he says two of his books are in the pipeline and would be published soon.

47 engineering students get placement

In a bid to take fresh blood staright out of the educational institutions, a team of Perot System TSI Limited conducted a placement drive at the Amritsar College of Engineering and Technology recently.
As many as 1,700 students from 18 colleges appeared for the test. Of them 165 students were shortlisted for interview. Fortyseven students were selected for placement at a salary package of Rs 2.80 lakh each per annum.

Engineering students threaten to disrupt examinations

About 50 students of the Amritsar College of Engineering and Technology at Mannawala threatened to continue the strike against the management of the college for not allowing them to appear in the exams to be held from December 16.

The parents of the students today said that the teachers held a meeting yesterday to resolve the issue after a list of about 50 students prohibited from appearing in the exams was displayed yesterday.

They said the faculty and the management remained adamant on their decision and closed the college till December 16.

They said that they requested the Principal and the Managing Director of the college to allow their wards to appear in all the papers in the forthcoming examination but the college management remained adamant on their decision.

They said their wads had to suffer as the college had not provided teachers for two or three subjects for which they had to take private tuitions.

The management was allowing them to appear in only those papers for which they had not provided teachers.

It was for this reason that they had to miss classes due to which their lectures fell short.

They urged the management to allow the students to appear in all the papers saying that if they were not allowed to appear in the exams, they would boycott the internal examination. Besides, they would not allow the management to hold the examinations starting from December 16.

The Principal of the college, Dr H.N Chandravat, refuted the claims of the students and said that only two or three students, who had been detained, had been raising hue and cry. He said the college was closed to allow the students sufficient time for preparing for their exams.



Date of decision: October 12, 2006.

Harsimrat Singh and Ors. ...Petitioner(s)
Shri S.K. Salwan, VC and Anr. ...Respondent(s)

Shri Hemant Saini, Advocate for the petitioners.
Shri Anupam Gupta, Advocate for the respondents.

Surya Kant, J. (Oral)
The petitioners, who are students of Amritsar College of
Engineering and Technology, were subjected to the proceedings for using unfair means in the examination and were disqualified from appearing in any examination of the University for a period of two semesters.

Aggrieved, they approached this Court by way of CWP No.8080 of 2006 which was disposed of on May 23, 2006 with liberty to them to file an appeal before the appellate authority within a period of one week from the date a certified copy of that order was received and the said appeal was directed to be decided within one month from the date of its filing.

Meanwhile, the petitioners were permitted to appear in the next semester examination but with a clear rider that the same would not vest any rights upon them in any manner and would be subject to the final decision of the appellate authority.

Alleging non-compliance of the aforesaid order, the petitioners
have filed this contempt petition.

In response to the show cause notice, Shri Anupam Gupta, Learned Counsel, has put in appearance on behalf of the respondents. It is pointed out by him that though the petitioners had received copy of the order dated 23.5.2006 passed by this Court, duly attested by the Bench Secretary, on that very and has sent notarized copies thereof to the University authorities on 24.5.2006, however, formal appeal was filed by them on 13.6.2006 only. It is argued that since the appeal was filed after a period of one week from the date of receipt of copy of the order dated 23.5.2006, the appellate authority, in its wisdom, did not deem it appropriate to dispose of those appeals.

The factual averments noticed above, are not disputed by
Learned Counsel for the petitioners.

In view of the fact that the petitioners did not file appeal within
seven days upon receipt of the copy of the order dated May 23, 2006, though, it is difficult to hold that the respondents are guilty of willful or deliberate non-compliance of the aforesaid order, however, having regard to the fact that the future of a large number of students is involved and no prejudice or hardship is likely to be caused to the respondents, this petition is disposed of with a direction to the learned Vice Chancellor to consider the petitioners' appeal objectively and in accordance with the University regulations/law and dispose of the same within one month from today.

Disposed of.

Rule discharged.

Let a copy of this order, duly attested under the signatures of the Bench Secretary, be handed over to Learned Counsel for the respondents for information and necessary compliance.

[ Surya Kant ]

IT jobs for 48

In the joint campus placements session conducted at Guru Nanak Dev University here by i-flex Solutions, a leading provider of IT solutions to the financial market, 595 students of different IT courses (M.Tech, MCA, B.Tech. and M.Sc.) from 32 institutes of Punjab took part. A university spokesman said of the 48 students selected by the company, seven were from GND University, six from Beant College of Engineering and Technology, Gurdaspur; Five each from CEC, Landran (Mohali); and Giani Zail Singh College of Engineering and Technology, Bathinda; Four each from Apeejay Institute of Management, Jalandhar; and SBSCET, Ferozepore; and three each from Amritsar College of Engineering and Technology (Amritsar); and DAVIET, Jalandhar; and 11 from other 8 institutes of the state.

Earlier, i-flex solutions organised written test, pre-placement talk, technical interviews and HR interviews. In all, 196 students cleared the written test, 85 were declared successful in the technical interviews, from whom finally 48 were selected and offered salary package of Rs 2.22 lakh per annum each.

Bank Branch Inauguration

Inaugurated: The chairman of the Amritsar College of Engineering and Technology, Mr H.L. Sharma, inaugurated an extension counter of the Oriental Bank of Commerce on the college campus near Mannawala here on 26.03.2004. The Deputy General Manager of the bank, Mr Jasbir Singh, said the bank have added another branch for providing banking services to students of the college at their doorstep.

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