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Fakir Mohan University, Balasore, Orissa


Fakir Mohan University, Balasore, Orissa
Address: Plot / Street / Area
Vyas Vihar
Balasore (District Balasore)
Orissa, India

Fakir Mohan University, Balasore Orissa is a University recognised by UGC. Status: State University. Fakir Mohan University, Balasore Orissa is also known as FM University Balasore.
Fakir Mohan University is situated in Balasore of Orissa state (Province) in India. This data has been provided by www.punjabcolleges.com. Balasore comes under Balasore Tehsil, Balasore District.

Fax # of Fakir Mohan University, Balasore Orissa is 06782-264244.

email ID(s) is Fakir Mohan University Balasore Orissa

Website of Fakir Mohan University, Balasore Orissa is http://www.fmuniversity.nic.in/.

Vice Chancellor : Prof Sukadev Nanda, Phone : 06782-264244, 9437264717.

Registrar : Maj (Dr)A.K Panda Phone : 9437103129.

Contact Details of Fakir Mohan University, Balasore Orissa are : Tel:06782- 264244, 261711, 263732, 261711, 262129
Website: http://www.fmuniversity.org

DIRECTOR : Prof. Bhagaban Das
Asst. Director : Dr. Santosh Kumar Agarwalla

Some departments of the university:
Department of Bio-tech Bio-science Telephone: +91-6782-261580
Department of Business Management Telephone: +91-6782-241842
Department of Environment Sciences Telephone: +91-6782-241844
Department of Information and Communication Technologies Telephone: +91-6782-240286
Department of Population Studies Telephone: +91-6782-241843


Bio-Science & Bio Technology: M.Tech in Biotechnology, M.Tech. in Bioinformatics
Business Management: Executive MBA, M.Com.
Environmental Sciences: M. Phil, M.Sc. (Chemistry)
Applied Physics & Ballistics: M.Phil. (Physics), M.Sc. (Physics)
Information & Communication Technology : M. Tech in Comp Sc
Population Studies: M. Phil, M.S.W.
Social Science: M.Phil in Pol Science, M.Phil in Economics, M.Phil in Sociology
PG Diploma in Human Rights & Duties, M.A. (Odia), M.A. (English)
OTHERS: M.A. in PMIR (2 years) , Integrated MBA (5 years), M.Phil. (History) , M.Phil. (Odia), LL.M.


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Vice Chancellor (Fakir Mohan University)
Job Vacancy: 20th March, 2014
Vice Chancellor

Reader and Lecturer (Job Vacancy)

Professor, Reader and Lecturer (Job Vacancy)

Supply of SP SS software (Tender)

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Supply of PAN Cards (Tender)

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The Fakir Mohan University, Vyasa Vihar, Balasore was established by the Government of Orissa, under Section 32 of the Orissa Universities Act, 1989 (Act 5 of 1989) and it was notified vide the Government's Notification No. 973 dated 3rd July, 1999. The University has also been duly recognized by the UGC under section 2(f) of the UGC Act by the Notification No. F-9-1 / 2000 (CPP-I), dated 11th February 2000 as well as under section 12(B), vide UGC letter No. F.9-1 /2000 (CPP-I) dated 23rd December, 2005. It has also been accredited by the Association of Indian Universities, vide their letter No. Meet: SC: 261:2K/108693, dated 22nd August, 2000. The University is functioning from its present campus at Vyasa Vihar. New campus at Nuapadhi has already started functioning. All the P.G. Departments of the University are computer based. Automation of the office and the library is going to be completed soon.
Special Distinctions of the University
1. Non-negotiable academic calendar and timely publication of results.
2. Up to date in distribution of Degrees and Certificates.
3. All PG Departments are computer based.
4. All students are covered under Health insurance.
5. Basic Mathematics and Reasoning are imparted to all PG students to Equip them in employment market.
6. Personality Development Programs including Campus interviews are undertaken for the students.

Fakir Mohan University founded by the government of Orissa is recognized by the U.G.C. under section 2 of the act of U.G.C. The university received permission to obtain financial help under section 12 of the U.G.C act. It has also been granted commission by the Association of Indian Universities. The university Fakir Mohan is a branch out of the Utkal university. Due to the huge size of the Utkal university a part of this institution was separated and it received independent status. The university caters to students coming from all kinds of backgrounds. A high standard of teaching is maintained in order to keep up the reputation of the university. The university campus located at Balasore has a serene atmosphere and is very well-maintained.

The founding members of the university Fakir Mohan are as follows:
# Registrar: DR. A.C. Kar, O.E.S.(I)
* Comptroller of finance: Sri S. Marandi, O.F.S.(I)

* Controller of examinations: Dr. C.S. Dash, O.E.S.(I)

* Chairman and member of the P.G. Council: Professor: D. P. Mishra

* Vice-Chancellor: professor: Sukadev Nanda

* Chancellor: Sri Rameshwar Thakur

The members of the post -graduate council are as follows:
* Dr. A.N. Misra who is the Professor & Head of the Department of Bio-Science & Biotechnology

* Dr. D. P. Mishra who is the Professor & Head of the Deptartment of Business Management & Warden of Hostel

* Dr. N.C. Dash who is the Professor & Head of the Department of Population Studies

* Dr. B.N Naik who is the Head of the Department of Environmental Science

* Dr. B.B. Mahapatra who is the lecturer in Post-Graduate Department of Business Management and officer on Special duty

The various departments of Fakir Mohan university are as follows:

* Department Of Business Management

* Information & Communication Technology

* Dept of Bioscience & Biotechnology

* Department of Environmental Sciences

This university has been said to produce the best of academicians in the state of Orissa.

Profile of University

The Fakir Mohan University, Orissa was established by the Government of Orissa under Section 32 of the Orissa University Act, 1989. The University has also been duly recognized by the UGC. It has also been accredited by the Association of Indian Universities.

In reality, it become the largest University from the point of view of the numerical strength of colleges and students in India. The State, however, ultimately decided to open two University, Fakir Mohan University at Balasore and North Orissa University at Baripada in July 1999 Fakir Mohan University

Fakir Mohan University (FMU), a public university, is located at Balasore in the state of Orissa. It was established in 1999 by the Government of Orissa under University Act, 1989. The university has been recognized by the University Grant Commission, UGC, and the Association of Indian Universities (AIU). The University has been named after Fakir Mohan Senapati, the legendary father of Oriya literature and one of the builders of modern Orissa.

Address : Fakir Mohan University
Vyas Vihar Balasore - 756 019 Orissa
Type : State University
Tel : (06782) 264244,261711,263732
Website : http://www.fmuniversity.org
Vice Chancellor : Prof Sukadev Nanda
Phone : 06782-264244, 9437264717
Registrar : Maj (Dr)A.K Panda
Phone : 9437103129


The Fakir Mohan University, Balasore in Orissa came into existence due to the unmanageable size of Utkal University. It was established in 1999, under Orissa University Act, 1989.

Balasore, which evokes an image of intellectual capability of its populace in the country has a glorious history. The name Balasore originated from a Persian word 'Bala-e-sar' meaning a sea- shore town. But the locals believe that the word Balasore is derived from its original Sanskrit root 'Baneswar', the citadel of a famous Saivite cult. A north-eastern district of Orissa, Balasore, is surrounded by the Bay of Bengal in the east, the district of Midnapur (West Bengal) in the north-east, the forest of Mayurbhanj & Keonjhar districts in the north and Bhadrak in the south. The town has long been known for its maritime glories, the golden sea-beach and defence establishments at Chandipur.

Originally named Balasore College, Fakir Mohan College was established on 6th July 1944. On 2nd August 1949, it was renamed Fakir Mohan College after the great Oriya poet and novelist Vyasakabi Fakir Mohan Senapati. Since 1946, with the opening of honours in various subjects, the college has carved out a name for itself in the academic echelons of the state. The college has Post Graduate teaching facilities in Commerce (1979-80), Mathematics (1985-86), Physics (1988-89), Political Science (1992-93) and Oriya (1994-95). Conferment of autonomy in 1999 opened up new opportunities and challenges and the college rose to the occasion by capitalizing on the benefits of autonomy. The college was conferred with CPE status in the year 2006-07. The college also provides Degree Courses, (Self Financing) in Business Administration (Hons.), Computer Science (Hons), UGC sponsored Career Oriented Programme (COP)-one year certificate course in Business English, Two year Diploma in Journalism and Mass Communication, Lateral Entry- IGNOU Study Center-2106, IGNOU ODL Convergence scheme under Distant Education Council - FMC7501, Computer Point for Computer Literacy.

The College provides Joint Venture Computer Education Programme in collaboration with Computer Point for the bona fide students of the college. It also has a study center of IGNOU, which facilitates lateral entry into various courses.

The college is located at Balasore town, 200 Kms. from the state capital Bhubaneswar, and 250 Kms. from Kolkata. It is well linked with other parts of the state and the country by roadways and railways. The college is 3 Kms. from the National Highway No.5 and 1 Km. from the Balasore Railway station, on the South Eastern Railways.

The climate of Balasore town is moderate throughout the year due to its proximity to the Bay of Bengal.

The college aims at providing quality education, transforming the students in to good citizens by inculcating a sense of values in them and moulding their character and conduct to face the challenges of life.

With a view to making the college a center for excellence, the college envisions to open more professional courses in Management, Information Technology, Bio-technology, Bio-informatics and Environmental Studies, etc., and make them effective by developing the existing infrastructure. It envisions to make courses more participating and career oriented. The college shall strengthen healthy practices and support services for effective implementation of education to real life situations.

Vission And Mission

The Fakir Mohan University is committed to develop itself as a value and need based quality education provider in the state of Orissa in general and Balasore and Bhadrak districts in particular. It has the ultimate objective of producing qualified and competent manpower responsive to the changing needs of the society at the national and international levels.

In its quest for being an outstanding centre for learning and development of human resource, it cherishes a clear vision and mission. It has become very consistent in its recruitment policy and, as a result, it has recruited very brilliant scholars specializing in various areas of the five front line subjects possessing enormous employment and entrepreneurship potential.

The Vision of the University is to excel in five ethoses:
The culture of Excellence
The Culture of Innovation
The Culture of Quality
The Culture of Flexibility and Dynamism
The Culture of Sustainability
The Mission of the University

It has following missions through which it seeks to stimulate and promote professional competency among the students & faculty:

To provide opportunities to students and faculty to acquire higher qualification and experience.

To provide continuous learning opportunities for students, faculty, staff and working professionals.

To provide wide scope for research, design and development.

To provide consultancy relevant to areas of specialization and expertise.

To provide scope for practicing innovative teaching and learning methods.

To provide access to the best intellectual resources.

To encourage college and other institutions to develop coordination in academic and research activities of common interest including rudimentary research exposure to undergraduate students.

To promote University-Industry-Government interface.

To help institutions to take active interest in the development of rural areas and weaker sections of society by transpiring appropriate technology and providing follow up action.

To serve as a centre for generation and provide opportunities for exchanging ideas among institutions, research organizations and the state Government, so as to promote entrepreneurial culture among students and to assist them through expertise available in the institutions.

To help mobilize resources through Alumni, Users, Social Workers, Philanthropists and other organizations both from within and outside India.

To promote research and development of sophisticated laboratories, Institute Chairs, Scholarships, Fellowships, Prizes, Medals, organize special lectures, seminars, conferences, workshops, etc.

To devise schemes and methods for effective periodic evaluation of performance of projects, faculties, staff and students, internal evaluation through Academic and Administrative Audit Committees (AAAC) and the NAAC.

To take steps for facilitating appropriate environment in the institutions of education to achieve harmonious relationship among teachers, students and staff.

To take up special programmes for developing institutions, and enabling them to join the main stream of national life.

To promote healthy competitions among projects, programmes, centres and colleges which will be conducive to the creation of an acclaimed quality brand image of F.M. University.

The programmes and activities taken up by the University always strive to promote mental and attitudinal changes in people and enthuse to face challenges of life boldly and successfully. These activities mainly focus on the following aspects:
1. Human Resource Development.
2. Capacity Building in the thrust area specified by the Government from time to time.
3. Entrepreneurship development in the local area.
4. Technology Development.

Vice-Chancellor Messages

Vice Chancellor, Fakir Mohan University, Balasore, Orissa. Healthy roots of national life are to be found in healthy growth of education. Since Indepedence continuous effort is being made to expand educational opportunities, to raise the quality of education at all stages with emphasis on science and technology and cultivation of moral and social values. The whole educational system aims at character building of which moral and social disciplines form essential components.

This university came into existence in 1999 and named after Fakir Mohan Senapati, an illustrious son of Orissa and the father of Modern Oriya Prose Literature. This part of Orissa has a long tradition in learning and scholarship. The establishment of this university to promote higher education has fulfilled the long cherished desire of the people of North Orissa.

Fakir Mohan University is a young university of nine-years old but it has established a strong reputation for its focus on science, technology management and other fields of education. Our vision is to establish a scientific and technical university of excellence to nurture the skills and promote service to society, to humanity and the world at large. The dual emphasis that our mission statement has placed is on quality of teaching and research. Our teachers are putting their sincere efforts for doing good research along with good teaching. Efforts are being made to make our students enlightened and intellectually superb to face the challenges of globalization.

29th April 2009


Placement Cell is an essential component in any professional education. As this University has opened seven regular professional /technical courses, the need for a training and placement cell is obvious for the students. The cell has started its work to contact industries through out India for the summer training /project work of the students. A senior faculty member is looking after the Training and Placement Cell.

The Cell has taken up career guidance for students and arranged Campus Interviews. It has also arranged Entrepreneurship Motivation Camp for the students to take up Entrepreneurship as an alternative career. The MaFoi Academy was entrusted for such activities during 2007-08.


The central library of Fakir Mohan University was established in the year 1999. The library was named as Dr. Harekrushna Mahatab Library on 11th July 2005 in the memory of Late Dr. Harekrushna Mahatab, a great freedom fighter and former premier as well as ex-chief minister of Orissa who hailed from this locality. The ground floor of the library building was constructed out of MPLAD fund of Prof. Manmathnath Das, an eminent historian of India. The first floor was constructed with financial support of Sri Mahameghabahan Aira Kharavel Swain from his MPLAD fund.

The library aims at selecting, acquiring, storing, retrieving and disseminating information for the greater interest of the academic community of the university.

To achieve the objectives, the library acquires books, journals, reports and theses of national and international repute to build up information services for its users.

The library is managed by the Library Committee, constituted as per the statute of the University. The function of the library committee is to formulate development plans and policies of library and frame relevant rules subject to the approval of the authorities of the University. The day-to-day administration and management of library is to be looked after by the librarian under the supervision of Director, University Library, as per the statutes.

Staff of the Library
At present the library is having following staffs:
Prof. Govind Chandra Rout, Director
Dr. B.P. Dash, Deputy Director
Mr. M.K. Acharya, Librarian (Casual)
Library Assistant: 04 (Contractual)
Mr. A.K. Jee
Miss S. Dash
Mr. M. Mohapatra
Mr. P.C. Muduli
Peon: 03 (1-Regular, 2- Contractual)
Mr. R.K. Pradhan (Regular)
H.K. Das (Contractual)
S.K. Dwibedy (Contractual)

The Library receives its financial assistance from PGR Fund (University's own Fund) and UGC.
Library Working Hours
The Library remains open from 9.00 am to 6.00 pm on all working days.

Units of Library
The Library has been divided into following units:
Stack Room
Administrative Unit
Reading Room cum Reference
Reprographic Unit
Internet Facilitation Unit
Newspaper and Journals

All students, research scholars, members of the faculties, employees of the University can be the members of the library.

Library Automation
The automation of Library is in progress with the support of FMULIB software package provided by Exilant, Bhubaneswar.


Balasore district was part of the ancient Kalinga which later became a territory of Toshala or Utkal, till the death of Mukunda Dev. It was annexed by Moghuls in 1568 and remained as a part of their suzerainty up to the middle of eighteenth century, to be precised up to 1750-51.Then the Marahattas occupied this part of Orissa and it became a part of the dominion of the Marahatta Rajas of Nagpur.The East India Company ceded this part through a treaty called treaty of Deogaon in 1803 and it became a part of Bengal Presidency up to 1912.But the first English Settlement came into existence in Balasore region in 1634 while Sahajahan was the emperor at Delhi. The first of English factories was established in this region in 1640.During this period Dutch and Danish settlements were also founded inthis region. Balasore as a separate district was created in October,1828 while it was in the Bengal Presidency.With the creation of Bihar province,Orissa was diverted along with Balasore district from Bengal to Bihar.But with the creation of Orissa as a separate State on 1st April,1936 Balasore became an integral part of Orissa State.The national movement of independence surged ahead with the visit of Mahatma Gandhi in 1921. Similarly Praja Andolan was initiated against the ruler of Nilagiri State.The state of Nilagiri merged with state of Orissa in January,1948 and became a part of Balasore district.In 3rd April,1993 Bhadrak Sub-division became a separate district and from this day Balasore remains a district of Orissa with two Sub-divisions namely Balasore and Nilagiri having 7 Tahasils namely Balasore,Soro,Simulia,Nilagiri,Jaleswar,Basta & Baliapal and 12 Blocks namely Bhograi, Jaleswar, Baliapal, Basta, Balasore, Remuna, Nilagiri, Oupada, Khaira, Soro & Bahanaga. The name of the district is being derived from the name of the town, which is old and important. The name Balasore is recognised from the Persian word BALA-E-SHORE which means 'TOWN IN THE SEA'. The historical legend ascribes that the district has been named as per the LORD BANESHWAR (LORD SHIVA) of the town., which subsequently changed to Balasore during MUGHUL Rules.

The district Balasore accounts for people of different religions viz :- Hindu,Muslim,Sikh, Christian etc. with many a caste, creed and community.The copper coin Collected from Bhograi and the collection of statue of Lord Budha from places like Avana,Kupari,Basta & Ajodhya magnify the existence of Budhaism in Balasore and it is expected to be popular during ' Bhoumakar '.The statue of Lord Jaina at Jaleswar,Balasore & Avana hints about Jainism at Balasore and expected to be popular in 10th -11th century. Balasore is highly famous as for ' Saibapitha ' .Many a temples of (LORD SHIVA ) are seen in various places of Balasore.The temples of Lord Shiva are highly popular at Chandaneshwar Baneshwar Jhadeshwar Panchalingeshwar Bhusandeshwar, Maninageshwar . District Balasore has got fame as ' Saktapitha ' as found from 'Bhudhar Chandi' of Sajanagarh,' Danda Kali' of Khantapara and ' Chandi Mandir ' of Kharjureshwar.The Sun temple of Ajodhya, Seragarh, Nilagiri & Bardhanpur Gifts picture about 'Sun Devotee '. Vaishnab Dharma was popular from Gupta dynasty.

Vishnu temples at different places of Balasore and Khirochora temple ( built during 2nd Narasingha Dev ) highlights the facts.The two Jagannath temples at the heart of Balasore & Jagannath temple at Nilagiri ,Mangalpur,Gud,Jaleswar,Kamarda,Deuligan & Baliapal magnify the culture of Balasore. Many a Masjids,Churches,Gurudwar ( at Remuna ) etc. identify about different religion and place of workship at Balasore.

The famous festivals like Makara Sankranti, Raja Sankranti,Ganga Mela,Durga Puja,Kali Puja,Gonesh Chaturthi,Saraswati Puja,Laxmi Puja,Bishwakarma Puja,Chandan festival,Car festival, Maha Shivaratri,Dola Purnima, Idd, Moharrum ,Christmas Day etc.are performed with pump and ceremony by the people of Balasore. Balasore is famous for the most attractive and enjoyable game ' Akhada ' played during Durga Puja by Hindus & during Moharrum by Muslims.

The pre Independence Political Scenerio of Balasore is highly commendable and people of Balasore had played dynamic role for separate Orissa province and also for freedom movement.'Inchudi Salt Revolution ( Lavana Satyagrah)' and 'Srijang Satyagrah ' for non-payment of Revenue Tax are famous in National Scenerio as part of struggle for freedom movement.

Education plays an important role in Balasore both before and after Independence. At present many a primary & secondary schools both in English and Regional language medium are imparting School Education. Many a Degree Colleges Law College,College of Education,Engineering School and Colleges,Song & Music colleges,Art and Craft Colleges,Industrial Training Institutes, Management Colleges & Computer Institutes are found at different parts of District. Fakir Mohan University of Balasore is in a rappid progressive stage.Balasore is also highly repute in the field of Drama , Theatre ,Music & Litreture. The Radha Govinda Theatre ,Bharati Theatre ,Sunhat Theatre & Juvenile Theatre were highly reputed before Independence and the institutions like Srashtha,Fakir Mohan Natya Parishad, Fakir Mohan Sahitya Parishad, Chadrabhaga, Nrutya Sangeeta Kala Mandir,Sai Kala Mandir etc. after Independence are highly repute in the field of Culture.

Balasore is highly popular in 1st part of the 17th century for port culture. Pipilli, Sartha, Chhanua & Balasore were important ports the then time.People form this place were going abroad especially to Lacadive and Maldiv iland through sea root with the help of boat for business purpose.

People of Balasore had also played dominant role for language revolution in making separate Orissa province. The important news papers ' Bodhadayeenee ' and 'Balasore Sambad Bahika ', by the efforts of Vysa Kabi Fakir Mohan Senapati had shown the seeds for Oriya language revolution and for development of Oriya literature.The Orissa cultural history will ever remember the contribution of Raja Baikuntha Nath Dev, Vysa Kabi Fakir Mohan and Rai Bahadur Radha Chran Das for their long efforts in making Orissa a separate Province and to magnify Oriya language and literature.

Academic Program

Fakir Mohan University comprises study programs in the following departments:
1. Postgraduate Department of Bio-Technology, which offers M. Sc degree in the following courses: Cell Biology, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Animal and Plant Genetic Engineering, Environmental Biotechnology, Developmental Biology, Signal Transduction, Biosensors, Immunology, Proteomics and Genomics, and Bio-Instrumentation.

2. Postgraduate Department of Business Management, which offers M.B.A degree.

3. Postgraduate Department of Environment Sciences, which offers M. Sc degree.

4. Postgraduate Department of Population Studies, which offers M.A degree.

5. Postgraduate Department of Information & Communication Technology, which offers M. Sc in Information Technology (MCA) and M.Tech.

6. Postgraduate Department of Applied Physics & Ballistics, which offers M.Sc degree.

7. Postgraduate Department of Social Sciences, which offers M.A degree in Political Science, Economy, and Sociology.

8. Centre of Distance & Continuing Education (CDCE ), which offers Diploma in AIDs & Family Education (DAFE), Postgraduate Diploma Computer Application (PGDCA), Bachelor in Library & Information Sc. (B.LI Sc), Bachelor in Computer Application (BCA), Master in Computer Application(MCA), Master in Business Administration (MBA), Master in Library & Information Science (MLIS), and integrated 5-year course for MBA degree.

There are also self-financing courses for the degrees of M.Phil, M.Tech, and Executive MBA in the departments of Environmental Sciences, Population Studies, Information & Communication Technology, and Business Management. Of all the departments, the Applied Physics and Ballistics, Information and Communication Technology, and the Department of Business Management are located at Campus 1, while the rest are at Campus 2.

Educational Streams

Fakir Mohan University conducts multi-level courses in a number of disciplines. PhD, Post graduate, Under graduate and Diploma courses are offered in almost all conventional and professional streams. Admission into most courses is made through written Entrance Test (with coding and decoding system).

Fakir Mohan University also offers Distance Education facility for people who can not go to class to do regular classes. Fakir Mohan University Directorate of Distance & Continuing Education (FMU-DDCE) takes care of the diastance learning.

The university has made a collection of various books and journals in its library where reading room facility is also provided. A personal Advisory System for proper interaction of students and teachers has been introduced. The University organizes various social work/ service programs in the adopted villages and in the University campus through NSS. Cultural Council Organizes cultural programs and Sports Council conducts Annual athletic meets besides conducting various activities in affiliated colleges. The University has already interacted with various industries for vocational training and placement of students.


* Bioscience & Biotechnology

* Environment Sciences

* Population Studies

* Business Management

* Information & Communication

Summary: Fakir Mohan University, Balasore Orissa website, mobile, contact address and approval / recognition details.