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Swami Vivekanand College, Sagar, Madhya Pradesh


Swami Vivekanand College, Sagar, Madhya Pradesh
Address: Plot / Street / Area
Opp. Railway Station, Makronia,
Deen Dayal Nagar, Yadav Colony
Sagar (District Sagar)
Madhya Pradesh, India
Pin Code : 470003

Swami Vivekanand College, Sagar Madhya Pradesh is a recognised institute / college. Swami Vivekanand College, Sagar Madhya Pradesh is managed by Society: Prakhar Pragya Shiksha Prasar Evam Samaj Kalyan Samiti Sagar, 224 Yadav Colony, Madhukar Shah, Ward Sagar. Swami Vivekanand College, Sagar Madhya Pradesh was established on / in 2008 or 2006.

Swami Vivekanand College is situated in Sagar of Madhya Pradesh state (Province) in India. This data has been provided by www.punjabcolleges.com. Fax # of Swami Vivekanand College, Sagar Madhya Pradesh is 226903.

Mobile No(s) of concerned persons at Swami Vivekanand College, Sagar Madhya Pradesh are 09425170834.

email ID(s) is Swami Vivekanand College Sagar Madhya Pradesh

Website of Swami Vivekanand College, Sagar Madhya Pradesh is www.svncollegesagar.org.

Contact Details of Swami Vivekanand College, Sagar Madhya Pradesh are : Contact Details: 07582-22603
STD Code : 07582 Telephone No : 271601
Pin Code : 470004

It seems that following two colleges are different:
Swami Vivekanand College, Sagar
Swami Vivekanand Mahavidyalaya, Sagar
It seems that both these institutes have been situated at different locations.


Number of seats in Swami Vivekanand College, Sagar Madhya Pradesh is 100.
Swami Vivekanand College, Sagar Madhya Pradesh runs course(s) in Education stream(s).
B Ed

Approval details: Swami Vivekanand College is affiliated with Board of Secondary Education Madhya Pradesh (MPBSE), Bhopal (Madhya Pradesh)

Profile of Swami Vivekanand College

Date of Submission : 28/06/2010, Monday 10:40 PM
Teacher Education Institution Registration Details
Reference ID : WMPSAGIN-2712
TAN. No : JBPP02667A

NACC Accredited : No
--NCTE NACC Grade : NA
--Year of NACC Accredation : NA
Minority : No
--Minorty Type : NA
--Religion : NA
--Language : NA
Location college/institution : Rural
Located in : institusional
Building Type : Its own campus
Total Area(Sq.Mts.) : 39700
Total Built up Area(Sq.Mts.) : 1600
Nature of land holding : Ownership
Type of Land(Lease) : Private
Construction completed Date : 01/07/2005
Shared Campus Area :
Campus shared by : By Registration
Khasra No./Plot No./Survey No. : Educational Plat 4/2, 5,
Revenue Village of the land : Gambhiriya
Land is free from all encumbrances ? : Yes
Type of college/institution : Co-education college
Management of the college/institution : Self financed institution(Private)
Management of college/Institute : NA
Institution or its Managing society/body registered ? : Yes
Registration Act : 1973
No. of Non Teaching Staff(Male) : 9
No. of Non Teaching Staff(Female) : 3
No. of Non Teaching Staff(Total) : 12
Area of Reading Room(Sq.Mts.) : 100
Seating Capacity : 40
Titles of Teacher Education(Library) : 2150
Books of Teacher Education : 3450
No.of Journals : 7
No of Encyclopedias(Library) : 10
Area of Lab : 100
No of Computers : 17
Internet Access ? : Yes
LAN : Yes
Availability of LCD Projector : Yes
Availability of OHP : Yes
Availability of TV : Yes
Availability of VCR : Yes

Name of Experiment(Psycho Lab) :
General Mental, Ability Test, Intelligence Test Verbal, Indian Child Intelligence Test, New Children Performance Test, Indian, Draw a Men Test, Non Verbal Intelligence Test, Non Language Intelligence Test, Pass along intelligence Test, Seguin Form Board Test, Cube Construction Test, Problem Solving Ability Test, Reasoning Ability Test, Differential Aptitude Test, General Science Aptitude Test, Creativity Test, Verbal Concept Formation Test, Hoffmen Concept Formation Test, Thematic Apperception Test, Children Apperception Test

Name of Appratus(Psycho Lab) : Color Preference Apparatus, Size Constancy Appratus, Color Contrast Appratus, Memory Drum App., Language Learning Appratus, Finger Maze Appratus, Tachistoscope Appratus, Tachniscope Card, Sentence completion Test, Memory Test
Area of science Lab : NA

Physical Science Name Experiment : NA
Name of Charts(Physical Science) : NA
Name Experiment(Biological Science) : NA
Name Charts(Biological Science) : NA
Name Model(Biological Science) : NA
Area of Lab(Language Lab) : NA
Name of Equipments(Language Lab) : NA
Name of Charts(Language Lab) : NA
Indoor Game Area : NA
Indoor Game(D.Ed/B.Ed./M.Ed.courses) : NA
Outdoor Games(D.Ed/B.Ed./M.Ed.courses) : NA
Area of Outdoor Games : NA
Name & No. of Instruments(arts & carfts) : NA
Name Charts(arts & carfts) : NA
Name of Models(arts & carfts) : NA
Name of Instruments(Health and Physical...) : NA
No of Instruments(Health and Physical... ) : NA
Name Charts(Mathematics Resource Center) : NA
Name Model(Mathematics Resource Center) : NA
Name of Instruments (Anatomy,Physiology) : Humen Skelton, weighing machine, Anthropometric kit, Skinfold Calipers, Respirometer, Haemoglobino meter, Desirable Weight and Height Tables, First Aid Box, Communicable & Non- Communicable Diseases Charts, Road Safety Devices Charts, Human Body organ/ System Models, Food Nutrient Charts

Name of Charts (Anatomy,Physiology ...) : A Generalized Cell Chart, The Blood Cell Chart, The Muscular System Charts, Skeletal System Chart, Nervous System Chart, Human Ear Chart, Circulatory System Chart, Digestive System Chart, Heart Chart, Respiratory Chart, Endocrine System Chart, Urinary System Chart, Joints System Chart, Reproductive System Chart

Name of Equipments(Atheletic Care) : Infrared Lamp, Ultraviolet Lamp. Short Wave Diathermy , Motorized treadmill, Bicycle Ergo meter, Lold Spray, Gymnasium, First Aid Box, Wheel Chair, Ultrasound Therapy, B.P. Apparatus

Name of Charts(Atheletic Care) : Back Sprain Charts, Tennis Elbow Chart, Knee Contusion, Knee Dislocation, Water on the Knee, Shoulder Contusion, Shoulder Sprain, Foot Hematoma, Hamstring Muscle Strain Charts, Ankle Sprain Charts, Arm Fracture Ford rim Chart, Arm Fracture Humerus Charts

Name and No. of Instrumernts(Cultural Facility) : Video-Audio Tape - 3, Audio - Video Cassette - 25, Drum -5, Harmonium - 2, Tabla - 10, Flute - 5, Manjira - 10 Digital Camera, DVD Recorder & Player, Slide Projector, Video Camera (Handy Cam Digital), Lezium- 50, Dumbles - 50, Indian Clubs - 50, Suitable and adequate instruments should be provided as and when needed for various activities. Other equipment required for minor games, recreational games

Name & No. of Instruments(Athletics) : Measuring tape (steel) thirty meter - 3, Measuring tape (steel) fifty meter- 2, Measuring tape (steel) one hundred meter- 2 , measuring tape (Steel) fifteen meter- 2, Hurdles - 14 , Starting Clapper - 3 ,Wire for marking the track (fifty meter- 1, Stop watches - 8 , Starting blocks -21, High jump stands 1, Vaulting box -1, Discuss men & women - 14 , Shot-put - Men & Women -14 , Hammers (for men & women)-6 Stop boards -2 , Stands, Flag poles -8, Javelin - Men & Women 12 Take off boards - 3, Mattress -40 , Weight Lifting Set (Olympic set), Landing for High Jump and Relay Baton -12

Size of Track(Athletics) : Be have a multi-purpose Play Field 400 Meter and 6 Lines athletic track, Gymnasium and al hall indoor games and sports

Indoor Games(C.P.Ed/B.P.Ed./M.P.Ed.courses) : Indoor Games - Badminton, Table Tennis, Chess, Gymnastic, Judo, Race ling, Pool Table, Carom Board, Number of instruments - Badminton Post - 2 Set, Badminton Net - 7, Badminton Racket - 12, Shuttle Cock - 12 Darzen, Table Tennis Table -2 , Table Tennis Ball - 12 Darzen, Table Tennis Bat - 15, Chess Map - 10, Parallel Bars-1 Uneven parallel bars-1, Horizontal bar -1 Two roman rings-1 , Climbing ropes Manila - 6 , Mats(twelve rubber, twelve coir), Balance beam (adjustable sets)-1 One Pummeled Horse - 1 Set, Vaulting Table - 1 Set , Beat board - 2, Crash mat -1, Judo Mat - 1 Set, Race Ling -1 Set

Indoor Game[Area](C.P.Ed/B.P.Ed./M.P.Ed.courses) : 500
Out Door Games - Volleyball, Football, Cricket, Basketball, Kho- Kho, Hockey, Hand Ball, Lawn Tennis,

Outdoor Games(C.P.Ed/B.P.Ed./M.P.Ed.courses) : Number of instruments - Volleyball Net -5, Volleyball - 21, Antenna - 6, Football Post - 2 Set, Football - 20, Football Net - 4 Set, Post Wit Flags - 10, Cricket Batting Pad - 4 Set, Cricket Batting Gloves - 5 Set, Abdominal Guard - 5, Helmet -4, Wicket Keeping Gloves - 3 Set, Wicket Keeping Lag Guard - 2 Set, Stump - 15, Bails - 12, Cricket Ball - 30, Cricket Bat - 10, Kho-Kho Post - 2 Set, Hocke Post - 2 Set, Hockey Ball, 12 Darzen, Hickey Stick - 32, Hocke Goal Keeping Kit - 2, Hand Ball Post - 2 Set, Handball Ball - 15, Hand Ball Net - 4, Lawn Tennis Post - 3 , Lawn Tennis Ball - 25, Tennis Racket - 10, Lawn Tennis Net -
Area of Alloted Outdoor Games : 50000
Gym Facility for Women : Yes
Area of Men Gym(sq.Mts.) : 150
No of Stnations(men) : 12
Area of Women Gym : 150
No of Stnations(women) : 12
Mode of Salary : Cheque
Salary Transfer(Faculty) : Salary transferred by che
Account Details of Bank (Salary) : 5197
Date of Opening of Bank A/c : 01/07/2006
Opening Balance : 19365
Fees : 1462350
Donation : 0
MISC : 39025
Total Amount Receipts : 1520740
Expenditure Teacher Salary : 515210
Expenditure Non Teacher Salary : 315600
Expenditure Library : 38900
Expenditure Laboratory : 75320
Expenditure Furniture : 50600
Expenditure Misc : 525110
Total Expenditure : 1520740
Balance of Funds Available During Year : 00
Name of Auditor/CA : Dushyant Goyal
Address of Auditor/CA : 9 Tagroe Memorial Complex Opp. Govt. High School, Sagar
Phone NO. : 07582225046

Teaching Faculty Details
Teacher id Designation
WMPSAGTE-13131 Lecturer
WMPSAGTE-13121 Lecturer
WMPSAGTE-13142 Lecturer
WMPSAGTE-13170 Lecturer
WMPSAGTE-20340 Principal
WMPSAGTE-13182 Lecturer

Composition of Society/Trust
Name Address
Shri S.D.P. Tiwari Madhukarsah Ward, Sagar (M.P.)
Smt. Shri devi Tiwari Yadav Colony Sagar (M.P.)
Shri Ajay Tiwari Madhukar Shah Ward, Sagar (M.P.)
Shri Anil Sir Gram Shahgarh Dist. Sagar (M.P.)
Shri Kedar Prasad Bidilya Gram Kerwana Dist. Damoh
Shri Sanjay Namdeo PWD Quarters Tehshili Sagar (M.P.)

Media coverage of Swami Vivekanand College, Sagar Madhya Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh

NCTE appeal order for PRAKHAR PRAGYA SHIKSHA PRASAR EVAM SAMAJ KALYAN Samitis Swami Vivekanand College Sagar

Hans Bhawan, Wing II, 1, Bahadurshah Zafar Marg, New Delhi - 110002


WHEREAS the appeal of Prakhar Pragya Shiksha Prasar Avam Samaj Kalyan Samiti, Sagar, Madhya Pradesh dated 14-06-2010 is against the Order No. WRCAPP517-REJECTION-133-2010-67302 dated 23-04-2010 of the Western Regional Committee, refusing recognition for conducting D.El.Ed course on the grounds “The FDRs mentioned in the online application and those submitted by the institution do not match”

AND WHEREAS the Correspondent, Prakhar Pragya Shiksha Prasar Avam Samaj Kalyan Samiti (hereinafter referred to as the appellant), preferred an appeal dated 18-06-2010 to the National Council for Teacher Education, New Delhi (hereinafter referred to as the Council) under Section 18 of the NCTE Act, 1993 against the said Order.

AND WHEREAS Sh. A.K.Tiwari, Secretary, Sh. Giriraj Vijunarayana, Member,
Prakhar Pragya Shiksha Prasar Avam Samaj Kalyan Samiti, Sagar, Madhya Pradesh, presented the case of the appellant institution on 19-08-2010. In the appeal and during personal presentation it was submitted that the society submitted two applications for D.Ed course in two different locations. WRC rejected the application of SVNIT Institute and while doing so the FDRs attached with the application filed for Prakar Pragya Shiksha Prasar Avam Samaj Kalyan Samiti, Sagar were considered and hence the mismatch took place.

AND WHEREAS the Council noted that the applicant having sent separate FDRs with his applications for the D.Ed course in different locations and the WRC having rejected one application, should consider the correct set of FDRs for processing the application of the institution proposed at Sagar setting right the mismatch. In the circumstances the Council came to the conclusion that the appeal deserved to be accepted, the order of the WRC reversed with the direction to process the application further, on merit.

AND WHEREAS after perusal of documents, memorandum of appeal, affidavit and after considering oral arguments advanced during hearing, the Council reached the conclusion that there was enough ground to accept the appeal and reverse the order of the WRC dt. 23-04-10 with the direction to process the application further, merit.

NOW THEREFORE, the Council hereby reverses the Order appealed against.

(S.V.S Chaudhary)
Vice - Chairperson

1. The Secretary, Prakhar Pragya Shiksha Prasar Avam Samaj Kalyan Samiti, Plot No. 224, Street- Yadav colony, Vill- Sagar, Tehsil- Sagar, Sagar - -, Madhya Pradesh
2. The Secretary, Ministry of Human Resource Development, Department of School Education and Literacy, Shastri Bhawan, New Delhi.
3. Regional Director, Western Regional Committee, Manas Bhawan, Shayamala Hills, Bhopal - 462002.
4. PS to Chairperson
5. The Secretary, Education (looking after Teacher Education) Government of Madhya Pradesh, Bhopal.

Summary: Swami Vivekanand College, Sagar Madhya Pradesh website, mobile, contact address and approval / recognition details.