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List of Placement Consultants Colleges in Mumbai (Bombay) (Maharashtra)

There are many Placement Consultants colleges in Maharashtra. These are situated in different cities. These Placement Consultants colleges in Maharashtra are affiliated with concerned university in the state. The following colleges have been listed on this site, you can click on any college name to get more information the college of your choice.

Mumbai (Bombay) Colleges

  1. 2Soft Solutions, Mumbai (Bombay)
  2. Aarvi Encon, Mumbai (Bombay)
  3. ACE CORPORATE SERVICES, Mumbai (Bombay)
  4. Acro HR Solutions, Mumbai (Bombay)
  5. Advent Management Services, Mumbai (Bombay)
  6. AHR, Mumbai (Bombay)
  7. Amab India, Mumbai (Bombay)
  8. AMV Management Services, Mumbai (Bombay)
  9. Anand consultants, Mumbai (Bombay)
  10. Aspects Consultants Pvt Ltd, Mumbai (Bombay)
  11. Athena Consulting and Outsourcing, Mumbai (Bombay)
  12. Augmetier Postings, Mumbai (Bombay)
  13. BAY SCOUT INTERNATIONAL, Mumbai (Bombay)
  14. Beltronic Consultancy, Mumbai (Bombay)
  15. Brahma Recruiters, Mumbai (Bombay)
  16. Bramha Infotech, Mumbai (Bombay)
  17. BreedQ Consulting, Mumbai (Bombay)
  18. Business Enhancer, Mumbai (Bombay)
  19. CAAS Management Consultants, Mumbai (Bombay)
  20. Career Advisor, Mumbai (Bombay)
  21. Career Avenues I Pvt Ltd, Mumbai (Bombay)
  22. Career Growth, Mumbai (Bombay)
  23. Career Guiders, Mumbai (Bombay)
  24. Career Suit, Mumbai (Bombay)
  25. Classicsoft, Mumbai (Bombay)
  26. Click IT, Mumbai (Bombay)
  27. Conscript, Mumbai (Bombay)
  28. Core hr solution, Mumbai (Bombay)
  29. Cospower Corporation, Mumbai (Bombay)
  30. Disha HR Services, Mumbai (Bombay)
  31. Disha Human Resource Consultancy, Mumbai (Bombay)
  32. Enterprise Consulting, Mumbai (Bombay)
  33. evershine builders pvt. ltd., Mumbai (Bombay)
  34. Fact Personnel Pvt Ltd, Mumbai (Bombay)
  35. Falcon Human Resource Service Pvt Ltd, Mumbai (Bombay)
  36. Genesis Consulting, Mumbai (Bombay)
  37. GenNex Computer Services, Mumbai (Bombay)
  38. Global Talent Search, Mumbai (Bombay)
  39. Green Solutions, Mumbai (Bombay)
  40. HRC, Mumbai (Bombay)
  41. human resources bank, Mumbai (Bombay)
  42. HumanCapital, Mumbai (Bombay)
  43. I C Group, Mumbai (Bombay)
  44. Ibj Computersystems Pvt Ltd, Mumbai (Bombay)
  45. Intellecta, Mumbai (Bombay)
  46. Inter-Health Resources (India) Inc, Mumbai (Bombay)
  47. IT Resource Consulting Services, Mumbai (Bombay)
  48. JA Management Consultants Pvt Ltd, Mumbai (Bombay)
  49. Jasper Internationals, Mumbai (Bombay)
  50. JEMS, Mumbai (Bombay)
  51. Job Offers India.Com, Mumbai (Bombay)
  52. Joblinks, Mumbai (Bombay)
  53. Jobpoint, Mumbai (Bombay)
  54. Jobsure Consultancy, Mumbai (Bombay)
  55. Jsb Manpower Solution, Mumbai (Bombay)
  56. link bilgisayar,Istanbul, Mumbai (Bombay)
  57. M.K.CONSULTANT, Mumbai (Bombay)
  58. Maglev Group, Mumbai (Bombay)
  59. Mangalam Placement Pvt Ltd, Mumbai (Bombay)
  60. Manpower Placements and Consultants, Mumbai (Bombay)
  61. MESH CONSULTANTS PVT LTD, Mumbai (Bombay)
  62. Midas Consultancy Services, Mumbai (Bombay)
  63. Morpheus Human Consulting Pvt Ltd, Mumbai (Bombay)
  64. Muthreja Realtors, Mumbai (Bombay)
  65. Net employment services, Mumbai (Bombay)
  66. Netpro Solutions, Mumbai (Bombay)
  67. netsyscon, Mumbai (Bombay)
  68. Networx Consultants, Mumbai (Bombay)
  69. Nexus Corporation, Mumbai (Bombay)
  70. Overseas Employment Bureau, Mumbai (Bombay)
  71. Paradigm Solutions, Mumbai (Bombay)
  72. Paragon Consultancy Services, Mumbai (Bombay)
  73. Pearl HR Solution, Mumbai (Bombay)
  74. PII, Mumbai (Bombay)
  75. Proactive Services, Mumbai (Bombay)
  76. Protech Engineering Industries Ltd, Mumbai (Bombay)
  77. Quadrant Consultancy Services, Mumbai (Bombay)
  78. rank and file (consultants), Mumbai (Bombay)
  79. Recrich Consulting, Mumbai (Bombay)
  80. Recselt, Mumbai (Bombay)
  81. Right Track Consultants, Mumbai (Bombay)
  82. Rite Jobs Consultants (P) Ltd, Mumbai (Bombay)
  83. RYE Solutions, Mumbai (Bombay)
  84. Sani infotech, Mumbai (Bombay)
  85. Sapwood Ventures, Mumbai (Bombay)
  86. SB Placements, Mumbai (Bombay)
  87. Search Solutions, Mumbai (Bombay)
  88. Sharp Services, Mumbai (Bombay)
  89. Sharvi HR Solutionz, Mumbai (Bombay)
  90. ShellBeam LeafLay Consulting, Mumbai (Bombay)
  91. shree sai enterprises, Mumbai (Bombay)
  92. Silverline Associates, Mumbai (Bombay)
  93. Sinclus, Mumbai (Bombay)
  94. SKILLSOFT, Mumbai (Bombay)
  95. Smartplace Management Consultants Pvt Ltd, Mumbai (Bombay)
  96. SSL Consulting Pvt Ltd, Mumbai (Bombay)
  97. Sterlite foundation, Mumbai (Bombay)
  98. Summ Corporation, Mumbai (Bombay)
  99. Suth Placements, Mumbai (Bombay)
  100. Synergy Executive Search, Mumbai (Bombay)
  101. Tag Hunters, Mumbai (Bombay)
  102. TASK, Mumbai (Bombay)
  103. The Ladder, Mumbai (Bombay)
  104. The Resource, Mumbai (Bombay)
  105. Top gear Consultants, Mumbai (Bombay)
  106. Top Recruiter, Mumbai (Bombay)
  107. TOPGEAR CONSULTANTS, Mumbai (Bombay)
  108. Trigon Placement Services, Mumbai (Bombay)
  109. Ultimate Solutions Pvt Ltd, Mumbai (Bombay)
  110. Unique Managment Consultants, Mumbai (Bombay)
  111. Virgo Consultancy, Mumbai (Bombay)
  112. Vishwanath Associates, Mumbai (Bombay)
  113. Vosch Nighzon Human Resources Cons, Mumbai (Bombay)
  114. WeBecome.Com, Mumbai (Bombay)
  115. Willpower Consultants, Mumbai (Bombay)
  116. Yugant Consultancy Services, Mumbai (Bombay)
  117. Zend Consulting Services, Mumbai (Bombay)