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List of Degree Colleges in Wardha (Maharashtra)

There are many Degree colleges in Maharashtra. These are situated in different cities. These Degree colleges in Maharashtra are affiliated with concerned university in the state. The following colleges have been listed on this site, you can click on any college name to get more information the college of your choice.

Wardha Degree Colleges

  1. Rajiv Gandhi Technical Institute, Wardha
  2. Agnihotri Academy of Technocraft, Wardha
  3. Agnohotri School of Technology, Wardha
  4. Ambadasji Lohave Patil College of Technology, Wardha
  5. Arts Commerce and Science College , Wardha
  6. Arun Chaudhary Arts Commerce and Science College, Wardha
  7. Asha Institute of Technology, Wardha
  8. Dr Rajendra Prasad Institute, Wardha
  9. Ekvira Devi Commerce and Science College, Wardha
  10. Gangadharrao Lohave Patil Institute of Morden Technology, Wardha
  11. Jai Mahalakshami Arts Commerce and Science Collage, Wardha
  12. Janki Devi Bajaj Science College, Wardha
  13. Kushal Institute, Wardha
  14. Lok Mahavidyalaya, Wardha
  15. LRT Bhosale School of Technology, Wardha
  16. Mahatma Jyotiba Fule Technical Institute, Wardha
  17. Meghe Institute of Fashion Designing and Garment Manufacturing, Wardha
  18. Model Arts Commerce and Science College, Wardha
  19. New Arts Commerce and Science College, Wardha
  20. Om Polytechnic Sawangi Meghe, Wardha
  21. Prabhu Pandurang Arts Commerce And Science College, Wardha
  22. Priyadarshini Mahila Mahavidyalaya, Wardha
  23. Rajiv College of Technology, Wardha
  24. Sai College of Technology, Wardha
  25. Savitribai Fule College of Technology, Wardha
  26. Savitribai Fule Mahila Mandals Institute of DMLT, Wardha
  27. SGVD Institute of Arts Commerce and Information Technology, Wardha
  28. Shiksha Mandals Govindram Seksaria College of Commerce, Wardha
  29. Shrikrishnadas Jajoo Grameen Seva Mahavidyalaya, Wardha
  30. Smt Hiratai Shinde Institute of Computer Technology, Wardha
  31. SP Bhoyar College, Wardha
  32. Sri Sant Gajajan Maharaj Girls College, Wardha
  33. Swami Smarth College of Commerce and Science, Wardha
  34. Talmale Arts Commerce and Science College, Wardha
  35. Tukaramji Talmale College of Technology, Wardha
  36. Vk Panday College, Wardha
  37. Yeshwant Mahavidyalaya, Wardha