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List of Placement Consultants Colleges in Bengaluru (Bangalore) (Karnataka)

There are many Placement Consultants colleges in Karnataka. These are situated in different cities. These Placement Consultants colleges in Karnataka are affiliated with concerned university in the state. The following colleges have been listed on this site, you can click on any college name to get more information the college of your choice.

Bengaluru (Bangalore) Colleges

  1. 9 to 6 Management Consultants, Bengaluru (Bangalore)
  2. Aarcade Consultants, Bengaluru (Bangalore)
  3. Aaren System, Bengaluru (Bangalore)
  4. Abele Consulting, Bengaluru (Bangalore)
  5. Acculogix Software Solutions Pvt Ltd, Bengaluru (Bangalore)
  6. Active Selection Services India Pvt Ltd, Bengaluru (Bangalore)
  7. Acumen Infinite Solutions, Bengaluru (Bangalore)
  8. Aenon Consultants, Bengaluru (Bangalore)
  9. Agate India Pvt Ltd, Bengaluru (Bangalore)
  10. Alba Consulting, Bengaluru (Bangalore)
  11. Alforion Infomatics, Bengaluru (Bangalore)
  12. Alliance Manpower Management, Bengaluru (Bangalore)
  13. Amstar Technologies, Bengaluru (Bangalore)
  14. Angel Management Consultants, Bengaluru (Bangalore)
  15. Angel Resource Acquisitions, Bengaluru (Bangalore)
  16. Anode Consultancy, Bengaluru (Bangalore)
  17. Ans Overseas, Bengaluru (Bangalore)
  18. Antz Consulting, Bengaluru (Bangalore)
  19. Anuritha Consultants, Bengaluru (Bangalore)
  20. APS Management consultants, Bengaluru (Bangalore)
  21. Ara International Consultant, Bengaluru (Bangalore)
  22. Ardik, Bengaluru (Bangalore)
  23. Ascro Transatlantic Pvt Ltd, Bengaluru (Bangalore)
  24. Asiatic Inc, Bengaluru (Bangalore)
  25. Assure Consulting Services, Bengaluru (Bangalore)
  26. Athena HR and Software Solutions, Bengaluru (Bangalore)
  27. Authentic consultants, Bengaluru (Bangalore)
  28. AVS Consulting groups, Bengaluru (Bangalore)
  29. Axel Management Consultants Pvt Ltd, Bengaluru (Bangalore)
  30. Axheleon IT Services Pvt Ltd, Bengaluru (Bangalore)
  31. Axis Consultants, Bengaluru (Bangalore)
  32. B C S, Bengaluru (Bangalore)
  33. Bhasin Soft, Bengaluru (Bangalore)
  34. biocon, Bengaluru (Bangalore)
  35. Brainhunt Placement and Consulting Services, Bengaluru (Bangalore)
  36. Brightways Consultants, Bengaluru (Bangalore)
  37. Browse Consulting India Private Limited, Bengaluru (Bangalore)
  38. BS Talent Solutions (P) Ltd, Bengaluru (Bangalore)
  39. BSR IT Solutions Pvt Ltd, Bengaluru (Bangalore)
  40. Bullseye Consultant, Bengaluru (Bangalore)
  41. Cadcom Consulting, Bengaluru (Bangalore)
  42. Capries Inc, Bengaluru (Bangalore)
  43. Career ahead Placements, Bengaluru (Bangalore)
  44. Careerpath Solutions, Bengaluru (Bangalore)
  45. Cartes Blanche, Bengaluru (Bangalore)
  46. chaitanyatechnologies, Bengaluru (Bangalore)
  47. Chirantan Consultants, Bengaluru (Bangalore)
  48. ClientCare Solutions, Bengaluru (Bangalore)
  49. CNA Global, Bengaluru (Bangalore)
  50. COHERENCE CONSULTING, Bengaluru (Bangalore)
  51. Compely Consulting Services Pvt Ltd, Bengaluru (Bangalore)
  52. Connectpro Management Consultant, Bengaluru (Bangalore)
  53. Consult Us Placement Services, Bengaluru (Bangalore)
  54. Consulting Group, Bengaluru (Bangalore)
  55. Consulting Partnership, Bengaluru (Bangalore)
  56. Convertys, Bengaluru (Bangalore)
  57. Cordgrass Business Solutions, Bengaluru (Bangalore)
  58. Corporate Buddha, Bengaluru (Bangalore)
  59. Corporate Consultancy Services (CCS), Bengaluru (Bangalore)
  60. Corporate First, Bengaluru (Bangalore)
  61. Corporate Genie Info Services, Bengaluru (Bangalore)
  62. CorpPlacements, Bengaluru (Bangalore)
  63. Cosmos Management Networks, Bengaluru (Bangalore)
  64. CRV Executive Search (P) LTD, Bengaluru (Bangalore)
  65. CTC HR Solutions, Bengaluru (Bangalore)
  66. Cues and Clues Consulting, Bengaluru (Bangalore)
  67. dakshin technologies, Bengaluru (Bangalore)
  68. Datawise Consulting, Bengaluru (Bangalore)
  69. Delaxo Solutions PvtLtd, Bengaluru (Bangalore)
  70. DM Consulting Services, Bengaluru (Bangalore)
  71. E Milestones India, Bengaluru (Bangalore)
  72. EDUWORLD, Bengaluru (Bangalore)
  73. Elim Technology Services, Bengaluru (Bangalore)
  74. Embeete Consultancy Services, Bengaluru (Bangalore)
  75. EmmayHR, Bengaluru (Bangalore)
  76. Enhance Solutions, Bengaluru (Bangalore)
  77. Ethisma Consulting Pvt Ltd, Bengaluru (Bangalore)
  78. Evolution Corporate Solutions, Bengaluru (Bangalore)
  79. Executive Placements, Bengaluru (Bangalore)
  80. First Priority Bangalore Consulting, Bengaluru (Bangalore)
  81. First2Recruit HR Solutions Pvt Ltd, Bengaluru (Bangalore)
  82. Flex i Staffing Solutions Pvt Ltd, Bengaluru (Bangalore)
  83. Focus Managment Consultanats, Bengaluru (Bangalore)
  84. Foresight Consultancy Services, Bengaluru (Bangalore)
  85. Foxjobs Pvt Ltd, Bengaluru (Bangalore)
  86. FYMC, Bengaluru (Bangalore)
  87. GetIT Placement Pvt Ltd, Bengaluru (Bangalore)
  88. GK SERVICES, Bengaluru (Bangalore)
  89. Globuz HR Solutions Pvt Ltd, Bengaluru (Bangalore)
  90. Hamara Career Pvt Ltd, Bengaluru (Bangalore)
  91. Han Digital solutions Pvt Ltd, Bengaluru (Bangalore)
  92. Hatsoft Consultants, Bengaluru (Bangalore)
  93. Heads and Brains Consultants Pvt, Ltd, Bengaluru (Bangalore)
  94. hermes, Bengaluru (Bangalore)
  95. HOTRIYA, Bengaluru (Bangalore)
  96. Hr Grande, Bengaluru (Bangalore)
  97. HRdex, Bengaluru (Bangalore)
  98. Human Base India Consulting, Bengaluru (Bangalore)
  99. Human Resource Specialists, Bengaluru (Bangalore)
  100. Hyphen Consultancy Services, Bengaluru (Bangalore)
  101. Ideas O2, Bengaluru (Bangalore)
  102. Ideasurge Recruits, Bengaluru (Bangalore)
  103. IMPULSE SYSTEM, Bengaluru (Bangalore)
  104. Indira Consulting, Bengaluru (Bangalore)
  105. Indrani Consultants, Bengaluru (Bangalore)
  106. InfoExperts, Bengaluru (Bangalore)
  107. Infosec Audit and Career Consultants, Bengaluru (Bangalore)
  108. Inspirare Strategic Management Solutions (P) Ltd, Bengaluru (Bangalore)
  109. Inspire Consultancy Services, Bengaluru (Bangalore)
  110. Instance Consultancy Service, Bengaluru (Bangalore)
  111. Instance Software Solutions, Bengaluru (Bangalore)
  112. Integrated Placement Solutions, Bengaluru (Bangalore)
  113. Intellexe Management Consultants, Bengaluru (Bangalore)
  114. Invika Technologies, Bengaluru (Bangalore)
  115. IPMC, Bengaluru (Bangalore)
  116. Isher solutions India, Bengaluru (Bangalore)
  117. IT - New Standards, Bengaluru (Bangalore)
  118. Java Learning Center, Bengaluru (Bangalore)
  119. JLC Consulting Pvt Ltd, Bengaluru (Bangalore)
  120. Job Zebra, Bengaluru (Bangalore)
  121. jobs 2k, Bengaluru (Bangalore)
  122. Jobscargo Consulting, Bengaluru (Bangalore)
  123. jobsq manpower recruitment agencie, Bengaluru (Bangalore)
  124. JYOPA CONNEXIONS, Bengaluru (Bangalore)
  125. Kalyanisoft, Bengaluru (Bangalore)
  126. Kareer Edge Technologies, Bengaluru (Bangalore)
  127. K_Konsultants, Bengaluru (Bangalore)
  128. Ladder Consultancy Services, Bengaluru (Bangalore)
  129. Laurus HR SOLUTIONS PVT LTD, Bengaluru (Bangalore)
  130. Laven Consultants, Bengaluru (Bangalore)
  131. LotusFeet PSC, Bengaluru (Bangalore)
  132. Magnet Manpower, Bengaluru (Bangalore)
  133. Magnum Consultants, Bengaluru (Bangalore)
  134. Maitre Business Solutions, Bengaluru (Bangalore)
  135. ManagePro, Bengaluru (Bangalore)
  136. mannsys, Bengaluru (Bangalore)
  137. Manpower Services India Pvt Ltd, Bengaluru (Bangalore)
  138. Maxin Corporate Solutions, Bengaluru (Bangalore)
  139. MB International, Bengaluru (Bangalore)
  140. MBM ASSOCIATES, Bengaluru (Bangalore)
  141. MEMS RESOURCES.COM, Bengaluru (Bangalore)
  142. Mind Spring Enterprises, Bengaluru (Bangalore)
  143. Nag Manpower Consultants PvtLtd, Bengaluru (Bangalore)
  144. Nashville Consultants, Bengaluru (Bangalore)
  145. Nebula Consultancy, Bengaluru (Bangalore)
  146. Nest Group, Bengaluru (Bangalore)
  147. Nfotec Digital Engineering, Bengaluru (Bangalore)
  148. NOVATECH, Bengaluru (Bangalore)
  149. Onchipdesign, Bengaluru (Bangalore)
  150. Optuz Tech, Bengaluru (Bangalore)
  151. Orion Infomatics, Bengaluru (Bangalore)
  152. P V Shastri Associates, Bengaluru (Bangalore)
  153. PAL ASSOCIATES, Bengaluru (Bangalore)
  154. Pat Inc, Bengaluru (Bangalore)
  155. Pearl Flow Technologies, Bengaluru (Bangalore)
  156. Pentagon HR Solutions, Bengaluru (Bangalore)
  157. PeopleEquity HR Consulting Pvt Ltd, Bengaluru (Bangalore)
  158. Peoplesmart Consultants Ltd, Bengaluru (Bangalore)
  159. Personefinternational, Bengaluru (Bangalore)
  160. Plakon Consulting Pvt Ltd, Bengaluru (Bangalore)
  161. Positive Results, Bengaluru (Bangalore)
  162. Pratibha Technologies, Bengaluru (Bangalore)
  163. Primula Consulting Services, Bengaluru (Bangalore)
  164. Pro-vision Solutions, Bengaluru (Bangalore)
  165. ProgHunter placement supportive solutions, Bengaluru (Bangalore)
  166. Protonzone Consulting, Bengaluru (Bangalore)
  167. Prudential Technology Consultants, Bengaluru (Bangalore)
  168. PUMEC Consultants Pvt Ltd -India, Bengaluru (Bangalore)
  169. Pyramid Solutions, Bengaluru (Bangalore)
  170. QSource Global Consulting Pvt Ltd, Bengaluru (Bangalore)
  171. Quttus Info Solutions, Bengaluru (Bangalore)
  172. Raj Consultants, Bengaluru (Bangalore)
  173. Recruise India Consulting, Bengaluru (Bangalore)
  174. Regal Manpower Solutions, Bengaluru (Bangalore)
  175. Resource, Bengaluru (Bangalore)
  176. Resource Bureau, Bengaluru (Bangalore)
  177. Resource Matrix, Bengaluru (Bangalore)
  178. Roland and Associates, Bengaluru (Bangalore)
  179. Sahyadri Softech, Bengaluru (Bangalore)
  180. Samansys, Bengaluru (Bangalore)
  181. San US Technologies, Bengaluru (Bangalore)
  182. SAP Recruit, Bengaluru (Bangalore)
  183. SapTREE Technology Consultant, Bengaluru (Bangalore)
  184. Sarkar Consulting Services, Bengaluru (Bangalore)
  185. Search solutions, Bengaluru (Bangalore)
  186. Sennall Consultancy, Bengaluru (Bangalore)
  187. Sentient Consulting Pvt Ltd, Bengaluru (Bangalore)
  188. SETRICS Qualisoft Pvt Ltd, Bengaluru (Bangalore)
  189. Sion Consultants, Bengaluru (Bangalore)
  190. Sipeva Consulting Pvt Ltd, Bengaluru (Bangalore)
  191. Skillstor Resources, Bengaluru (Bangalore)
  192. Softech Computers, Bengaluru (Bangalore)
  193. Sollers Solutions Private Limited, Bengaluru (Bangalore)
  194. Spanco, Bengaluru (Bangalore)
  195. SRMC, Bengaluru (Bangalore)
  196. Starrfish Consulting, Bengaluru (Bangalore)
  197. Starwave consultancy services, Bengaluru (Bangalore)
  198. Steren solutions, Bengaluru (Bangalore)
  199. Strategic Career Networks Pvt Ltd, Bengaluru (Bangalore)
  200. Subhanu Consulting, Bengaluru (Bangalore)
  201. Suvin Solutions, Bengaluru (Bangalore)
  202. SVA Consulting, Bengaluru (Bangalore)
  203. SYMA SERVICES Pvt Ltd, Bengaluru (Bangalore)
  204. Talent bridge india, Bengaluru (Bangalore)
  205. Talent Intervention Group, Bengaluru (Bangalore)
  206. Talent Mapping, Bengaluru (Bangalore)
  207. Target Technologies, Bengaluru (Bangalore)
  208. Team Lease, Bengaluru (Bangalore)
  209. Teampro India, Bengaluru (Bangalore)
  210. Teamware Solutions, Bengaluru (Bangalore)
  211. Telicis Solutions, Bengaluru (Bangalore)
  212. THE HUB, Bengaluru (Bangalore)
  213. The Job House, Bengaluru (Bangalore)
  214. Think People Solutions, Bengaluru (Bangalore)
  215. ThomasMount, Bengaluru (Bangalore)
  216. Toon Media Consultants, Bengaluru (Bangalore)
  217. TopGlobalJobs, Bengaluru (Bangalore)
  218. TOTAL SOLUTION GROUP, Bengaluru (Bangalore)
  219. Tuconsulting, Bengaluru (Bangalore)
  220. Unitforce Technologies consulting Pvt Ltd,, Bengaluru (Bangalore)
  221. V-Info Systems, Bengaluru (Bangalore)
  222. V4 TECHNOLOGIES, Bengaluru (Bangalore)
  223. VAKS online services, Bengaluru (Bangalore)
  224. Valuepoint Technologies, Bengaluru (Bangalore)
  225. vcs, Bengaluru (Bangalore)
  226. Veeday Consultant, Bengaluru (Bangalore)
  227. venturepluz, Bengaluru (Bangalore)
  228. vision Technologies, Bengaluru (Bangalore)
  229. Visionsoft Technologies, Bengaluru (Bangalore)
  230. Vista Infotech, Bengaluru (Bangalore)
  231. Visual Collaboration Technologies, Bengaluru (Bangalore)
  232. Vividity Consulting, Bengaluru (Bangalore)
  233. vs recruiters, Bengaluru (Bangalore)
  234. VSHREYAS INFOTECH, Bengaluru (Bangalore)
  235. Zenith Management Consultants, Bengaluru (Bangalore)
  236. Zentrum and Makers, Bengaluru (Bangalore)