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BVVS Basaveshwar College of Physical Education, Bagalkot, Karnataka


BVVS Basaveshwar College of Physical Education, Bagalkot, Karnataka
Address: Plot / Street / Area
Plot No. : Rs132
Post Office : Grbc Post Bagalkot
Bagalkot (District Bagalkot)
Karnataka, India
Pin Code : 587102

BVVS Basaveshwar College of Physical Education, Bagalkot Karnataka is a recognised institute / college. BVVS Basaveshwar College of Physical Education, Bagalkot Karnataka is also known as B V V S B.PEd COLLEGE, BAGALKOT. BVVS Basaveshwar College of Physical Education, Bagalkot Karnataka is managed by Society: shri. Basaveshwar Veerashiva Vidyavardhak Sangha,Bagalkot, Raichur-Begalum Road, Bagalkot- 587101. BVVS Basaveshwar College of Physical Education, Bagalkot Karnataka was established on / in 1982.

BVVS Basaveshwar College of Physical Education is situated in Bagalkot of Karnataka state (Province) in India. This data has been provided by www.punjabcolleges.com. Bagalkot comes under Bagalkot Tehsil, Bagalkot District.

Fax # of BVVS Basaveshwar College of Physical Education, Bagalkot Karnataka is 225102.

email ID(s) is BVVS Basaveshwar College of Physical Education Bagalkot Karnataka

Website of BVVS Basaveshwar College of Physical Education, Bagalkot Karnataka is http://www.bvvsbped.org/.

Contact Details of BVVS Basaveshwar College of Physical Education, Bagalkot Karnataka are : Telephone: +91-8354-233303, 233955


BVVS Basaveshwar College of Physical Education, Bagalkot Karnataka runs course(s) in Physical Edu stream(s).
Bachelor of Physical Edu.(B.P.Ed)
Master of Physical Edu.(M.P.Ed)

Approval details: BVVS Basaveshwar College of Physical Education is affiliated with Karnatak University, Dharwad (Karnataka)

Profile of BVVS Basaveshwar College of Physical Education

Basaveshwar College of Physical Education is the first Physical Education College of Karnataka State to get accredited by NAAC with "B" Grade. The college is established by Shri B.V.V.Sangha. This is a pioneer educational institution established with the blessings of His Holiness Shri. Gurubasava Mahaswamiji of Bilur in 1906. It is rendering valuable social services in North Karnataka working around the clock for the development and dissemination of quality education. Presently it is running from K.G. to P.G. in different level. During the year 1982-83 college of education leading to C.P.Ed course during the 1982-83 B.P.Ed course and during the year of 2001-02 M.P.Ed course has joined the family of education. It has stepped in to the Third decade of its onward march to progress maintaining a standard of excellence in imparting training in Physical Education and Sports. College has started with C.P.Ed course having intake of 60 students, B.P.Ed course with 40 and M.P.Ed course having intake 20 students on the roll and flourished in the course in to a mammoth institution with 140 students under going professional training for C.P.Ed, B.P.Ed, and M.P.Ed courses.

Date of Submission : 08/05/2010, Saturday 2:45 PM
Teacher Education Institution Registration Details
Reference ID : SKABLKIN-573
TAN. No : 5524

NACC Accredited : Yes
Location college/institution : Urban
Year of NACC Accredeation : 2005
Minority : Yes
Minority Type : Religious
Religion : Other Religion
Language : NA
Located in : comercial_complex
Building Type : Its own campus
Total Area (Sq.Mts.) :
Total Built up Area (Sq.Mts.) : 11736 SFT
Nature of land holding : Lease
Land Lease :
Construction completion Date : 1996
Shared Campus Area : YES
Campus shared by : By Resolution
Khasra No./Plot No./Survey No. : 136
Revenue Village of the land : MURNAL
Land is free from all encumbrances ? : Yes
Type of college/institution : Co-education college
Management of the college/institution : Government aided institution
No. of Non Teaching Male : 08
No. of Non Teaching Female : 02
No. of Non Teaching Staff (Total) : 10
Institution or its Managing Ssociety/body registered ? : Yes
Registration Act : 1950
Management of college/Institute : NA
FDR No. (Endowment Fund) : KCC/01/080980
Date of Issue (Endowment Fund) : 22/11/2008
Name of Endowment Fund Bank : CORPORATION BANK
Address of Endowment Fund Bank : BAGALKOT
Amount FDR (Endowment Fund) : 500000
Converted into Joint A/c (Endowment Fund) ? : Yes
Date of Conversion to Joint A/c (Endowment Fund) : 22/11/2008
FDR No. (Reserve Fund) : KCC/01/080981
Date of Issue (Reserve Fund) : 22/11/2008
Name of Reserve Fund Bank : CORPORATION BANK
Address of Reserve Fund Bank : BAGALKOT
Amount FDR (Reserve Fund) : 300000
Converted into Joint A/c (Reserve Fund) ? : Yes
Date of Conversion to Joint A/c (Reserve Fund) : 22/11/2008
Mode of Salary : BY CHEQUE
Salary Transfer (Faculty) : SB ACCOUNTS
Account Details of Bank (Salary) : 2099
Date of Opening of Bank A/c : 29/12/2006
Opening Balance : 250
Fees : 1000000
Donation : 000
MISC : 10000
Total Amount Receipts : 1010250
Expenditure Teacher Salary : 851767
Expenditure Non Teacher Salary : 558895
Expenditure Library : 50000
Expenditure Laboratory : 25000
Expenditure Furniture : 50000
Expenditure Misc : 25000
Total Expenditure : 1560662
Balance of Funds Available During Year : 000
Address of Auditor/CA : NAVANAGAR , BAGALKOT
Phone No. : 9480311197
Area of Reading Room (Sq.Mts.) : 11736
Seating Capacity : 30
Titles of Teacher Education (Library) : 2300
Books of Teacher Education : 4110
No.of Journals : 3
No of Encyclopedias (Library) : 21
Area of Lab : 600
No of Computers : 6
Internet Access ? : Yes
LAN ? : Yes
Availability of LCD Projector ? : Yes
Availability of OHP ? : Yes
Availability of TV ? : Yes
Availability of VCR ? :

Name of Experiment(Psycho Lab) : NO
Name of Appratus(Psycho Lab) : NO
Area of science Lab :
Physical Science Name Experiment : .
Name of Charts (Physical Science) : ,
Name Experiment (Biological Science) : NO
Name Charts (Biological Science) : NO
Name Model (Biological Science) : NO
Area of Lab (Language Lab) : NO
Name of Equipments (Language Lab) : NO
Name of Charts (Language Lab) : NO

Indoor Game Area : 400

Area of Outdoor Games : 400

Name and No. of Instruments (Arts and Crafts) : NO
Name Charts (arts and carfts) : NO
Name of Models (Arts and Crafts) : NO

Name of Instruments (Health and Physical...) :

Name of Charts (Health and Physical... ) : NO
Name Charts (Mathematics Resource Center) : NO
Name Model (Mathematics Resource Center) : NO
Name of Instruments (Anatomy,Physiology... ) :
Name of Charts (Anatomy,Physiology ...) :
Name of Equipments (Atheletic Care) : NO
Name of Charts (Atheletic Care) : NO
Name and No. of Instrumernts (Cultural Facility) : NO
Name and No. of Instruments (Athletics) : NO
Size of Track (Athletics) : NO
Indoor Games (C.P.Ed/B.P.Ed./M.P.Ed.courses) : .
Indoor Game[Area](C.P.Ed/B.P.Ed./M.P.Ed.courses) : .
Outdoor Games(C.P.Ed/B.P.Ed./M.P.Ed.courses) : .
Area of Alloted Outdoor Games : .
Gym Facility for Women : Yes
Area of Men Gym (sq.Mts.) : 600
No of Stations (men) : 16
Area of Women Gym : 600
No of Stations (women) : 16

Teaching Faculty Details
Teacher id Designation

Composition of Society/Trust
Name Address
SHRI.V.C.CHARANTIMATH shri. Basaveshwar Veerashiva Vidyavardhak Sangha,Bagalkot
SHRI.V.B.HALKURKI shri. Basaveshwar Veerashiva Vidyavardhak Sangha,Bagalkot
SHRI.G.L.GUGAWAD shri. Basaveshwar Veerashiva Vidyavardhak Sangha,Bagalkot
SHRI.S.S.MELLIGERI shri. Basaveshwar Veerashiva Vidyavardhak Sangha,Bagalkot
SHRI.M.B.BADADALI shri. Basaveshwar Veerashiva Vidyavardhak Sangha,Bagalkot
SHRI.M.S.ARABBI shri. Basaveshwar Veerashiva Vidyavardhak Sangha,Bagalkot
SHRI.C.S.KUMATAGI shri. Basaveshwar Veerashiva Vidyavardhak Sangha,Bagalkot
SHRI.S.B.UPPIN shri. Basaveshwar Veerashiva Vidyavardhak Sangha,Bagalkot
SHRI.V.B.SAJJAN shri. Basaveshwar Veerashiva Vidyavardhak Sangha,Bagalkot
SHRI.P.S.REVADIGAR shri. Basaveshwar Veerashiva Vidyavardhak Sangha,Bagalkot
SHRI.M.N.ATHANI shri. Basaveshwar Veerashiva Vidyavardhak Sangha,Bagalkot

Media coverage of BVVS Basaveshwar College of Physical Education, Bagalkot Karnataka, Karnataka

NAAC report of BVVS Basaveshwar College of Physical Education

B.V.V. Sangha's Basveshwar College of Physical Education, Bagalkot 587102, Karnataka, volunteered to be assessed by the National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC) and submitted Self-Appraisal Report (SAR) to the NAAC on 27-6-2003. A Peer Team was constituted by the NAAC to visit the Institute and validate the SAR. The Peer Team consisting of Dr. Madan Lal Kamlesh, (Former Principal of LNCPE), Chairman and Coordinator, 'Lakshmi', 435, Urban Estate, Phase - I, Patiala, and Prof. Jasraj Singh, Director, Academic Staff College, Laxmibai National Institute of Physical Education, Gwalior, Ms, Nayana Nimkar, Principal, Chandra Shekhar Aghase College of Physical Education, Pune, as members visited the B.V.V. Sangha's Basveshwar College of Physical Education, Bagalkot, Karnataka for two days from 22-23 November, 2004. Shri B.S. Ponmudiraj, Assistant Advisor, NAAC, was also present to coordinate.

Situated in the extreme north of Karnataka at Bagalkot, B.V.V. Sangha's Basveshwar College of Physical Education, Bagalkot, Karnataka, is one of the 102 institutions run by a philanthropist organization named B.V.V. Sangha established in 1906.

Founded by Bilur Gurubasav Swamiji, and presently headed by Shri Veeranna Charantimath, M.L.A - a dynamic and devoted personality dedicated to the cause of education especially for the upliftment of the rural people of the area, the Basveshwar College of Physical Education was established in 1981. The founding organization envisioned the College to be a centre of excellence for producing dedicated leaders in physical education and sports. The mission statement of the College focuses on providing meaningful experiences, learning, teaching and training to their trainees through the medium of physical activities for service to humanity.

Affiliated to the Karnatak University, Dharwad, the College started the Bachelor of Physical Education programme in 1982 with approved intake of 40 (forty) students and Master of Physical Education. in 2001 with 20 seats. The College has also been running a one-year Certificate in Physical Education Course with 60 as the intake since 1981, which, as per directions of the National Council of Teacher Education will have two-year duration with effect from 2005-06.

According to the Management of the Institution, this is one of the four unaided colleges of physical education in the Karnatak University and receives no assistance from the Government in any form. The College has appointed one principal and eight faculty members who are supported by three part time teachers. Whereas three of the Faculty including the principal, have been exempt from NET/SLET as they were appointed prior to 1983, the rest of the teachers are yet to qualify the National Eligibility Test. Except for those granted exemption, the other teachers need to have the approval of the University for teaching higher courses. Claiming to be a self-financed institution, the College is not following the UGC norms governing teachers' eligibility, scales of pay, student-teacher ratio and career-advancement guidelines.

As the situation stands today, additional unspecified number of students (who are already in service as primary school teachers in the State) are admitted in the BPEd course on the directives of the State Government on year to year basis. For instance, 17 such students have been admitted in BPEd course in the current year (2003-04). This is an additional burden on the Institution vis-à-vis number of the Faculty members imparting teaching to three different level courses.

Besides a librarian's post, there are 03 sanctioned administrative and 05 supporting staff posts, all of which are filled and the incumbents are performing their duties quite satisfactorily. Apart from this, casual labour is also engaged on need basis and paid from out of the maintenance budget of the College.

The College was granted Certificate of Recognition by the NCTE vide Order No: SRO-96/NCTE/ 3262 dated: 09/12/1996 for conducting the one-year BPEd. and one-year CPEd programmes with an intake 'to be approved by State Government/University, and subject to maintaining NCTE norms of pupil-teacher ratio'. Later on the Karnataka University, vide their Order No. ED 30 UDC 84 Bangalore, dated 8th June, 1984 sanctioned 40 seats for the BPEd. Course. Concurrently, the Government of Karnatak permitted the College to have an intake of 60 students for the CPEd course vide their Order No. 359 EPE -81, Bangalore dated. 25th August 1981. The NCTE, vide its Order SRO/NCTE/ 2000-2001/7774. Dated. 7.9.2001 permitted the College to start the MPEd. Course of two-year duration from the academic session 2001-2002 with an annual intake of 20 students, subject to fulfilling the laid down conditions therein. Subsequently the Karnataka University, vide its notification KJ/ACA/Afflia/2001-2/77 dated, 9.11.2001 accorded affiliation to the College for the Master's course on a permanently unaided basis. The Basveshwar College of Physical Education, Bagalkot was recognized by the University Grants Commission under clause 2(f) in February, 1994 and 12(b) in July, 1996 of the UGC Act, 1956.

The Peer Team carefully analyzed the SAR submitted by the College and went through the relevant documents available at the College. During the visit, the Team visited the academic, administrative, hostel and other units and also interacted with the Governing Body, principal, staff, students, supporting staff, parents, alumni and practice teaching schools of Basveshwar College of Physical Education, Bagalkot, Karnataka.. Based on this and the criteria identified by NAAC/NCTE, the Peer Team assessed the College. The Report is being presented under the Six criteria along with the suggestions received from the staff, students, parents, alumni and Peer Team for its improvement.

The mission statement of Bashveshwar College of Physical Education, Bagalkot, Karnataka focuses on providing meaningful experiences, learning, teaching and training to their trainees through the medium of physical activities for service to humanity. On the basis of this foundational mission statement with reference to their policy of excellence, the objectives of the College seek:

To train the students with theory and practical knowledge.

To improve the skills needed for sport.

To provide opportunities to explore and enrich talent.

To develop organizing coaching and officiating ability.

To develop awareness about health and preventive measures of diseases.

To develop international amity and brotherhood through sport.

The College admits students to BPEd., and MPEd., courses in accordance with the directions of the Karnatak University, Dharwad; however, the admission tests and procedures are formulated by the College. The College sends the lists of the admitted candidates to the University for formal approval. In case of the Certificate of Physical Education (CPEd), the representatives of the District Education Department (i.e.District Superintendent of Physical Education and Bloc Physical Education officer) take part in the admission process.

The admissions in all the three courses are made purely on merit basis. In the current year, 40 students in BPEd were admitted on the basis of (1) academic achievements, (2) physical fitness test, and (3) sports achievements. It needs to be mentioned that 17 students were admitted to the BPEd course on deputation from the State Government. In MPEd., 10 students were admitted by the College on merit on two criteria: academic records and sports achievements. This apart, as per stipulations made in the University's sanction order, 10 students were selected by the Postgraduate Department of Physical Education, Karnatak University and admitted to the College, thereby making the total number of students in MPEd., 20. Similarly in CPEd., the admission of 60 students was made on merit basis considering candidates' academic achievement, score on physical fitness test and achievement in games and sports. The College follows the reservation policy of the State Government regarding admission to these Courses.

The Team was informed that the College functions for 210 days in a year, of which 180 days are net teaching days. Pre-practice preparation takes one week and total practice teaching days are 15. The curricula prescribed by Karnatak University, Dharwar are being followed for BPEd., and MPEd. Course, and for CPEd., that of Karnataka State Secondary Education Board. While the yearly pattern of the MPEd., course was changed to semester-course, and additional paper (the Indian Constitution) was added to the BPEd. syllabus by the University. Out of the four colleges of physical education within the jurisdiction of the Karnatak University, this is the only College that runs three course and is purely un-aided; the other Colleges offer only BPEd., and CPEd. Courses. However, the practice teaching lessons prescribed by the University in case of BPEd,. and those prescribed by the State Board are less in comparison to the NCTE guidelines..

The present curricula of BPEd., and CPEd. are bi-focal. They comprise of theory of Physical Education, and Skill and Prowess besides the Teaching Ability. The MPEd. Syllabus again is bi-focal: Theory of Physical Education and Practical Activities. The College has a formal system of taking feedback from the students about the quality of teaching of the College Faculty. This practice has been in vogue for the last three years. The College has established a good net-working with community and schools. The College has a Governing Council consisting of a Chairman, six member and Principal, Basveshwar College of Physical Education, Bagalkot as the Member Secretary. There is no teacher representative on the Governing Council. The College enjoys a fairly good reputation in the community and is trying to come up to the expectations of the society by imparting good education and developing good habits among its student community.
The Basveshwar College of Physical Education, Bagalkot, is affiliated to Karnatak University, Dharwad. The curriculum transaction and evaluation is being done as outlined in the updated curriculum. The details of the existing curricula are as under:

Master of Physical Education Course
Basically the curriculum is divided in two parts: Theory and Practical spread over four semesters as given below:

Semester 1
Theory: 1. Philosophical and Sociological Basis of Physical Education.
Research Methodology in Physical Education.
Measurement and Evaluation in Physical Education -1
Sports Medicine

Semester 2
Biological and Biomechanical Basis of Physical Education.
Statistics in Physical Education and Computer Application
Measurement and Evaluation in Physical Education -2
Psychology of Sports

Semester 3
Sociology of Sports
General Theory and Methods of Sports Training.
Physiology of Exercise and Sports-1

Semester 4
Sports Management
Supervision and Curriculum in Physical Education
Physiology of Exercise and Sports-2

Each paper mentioned above is of 100 marks (80 external and 20 internal). Practical activities include coaching sports and games (one per semester from out of 14 activities) carrying 100 marks each. Dissertation is compulsory for all and each student has to do specialization in one sport/game; each of these activities carries 100 marks.

Bachelor of Physical Education
This one-year course is divided in two parts: Theory and Practical, the latter being further divided into Skill and Prowess of games & sports and Teaching Ability (Practice. The theory is spread over seven papers each carrying 100 marks (80 external and 20 internal): Philosophy and Philosophical Foundation of Physical Education, Organization and Administration of Physical Education, Anatomy and Physiology, Methods of Physical Education, Measurement and Evaluation of Physical Education, Officiating and Coaching, and Indian Constitution. Practical activities (modern games, sports, indigenous activities, rhythmics, - 14 in all) and teaching ability carry 600 marks.

Certificate in Physical Education (CPEd)
The course is similar in structure to that of BPEd with five theory papers and practical activities (modern games and sports, indigenous activities, rhythmics - 14 in all) carrying 550 marks for skill and prowess of various games and sports and 150 marks for teaching ability.

The emphasis in all the three courses is on developing proficiency in most of the activities and perfection in a few of them. To achieve this, each student puts in hardest effort to come up to some standard worthy of his being a teacher of physical education in school/college. The feedback is provided using observation by the peer and teacher. Normally, teachers of the College use lecture method but they also make use of teaching aids like, OHP, models, charts, power point etc., to create effective and facilitating environment for curriculum transaction. Whenever and wherever possible, teachers do use seminar, discussion and demonstration methods for curriculum transaction. For quality teaching, the whole class is divided into two groups, having 20-25 students in each group for field activities. Academic Calendar of various activities is prepared in the beginning of the academic session and distributed to students and followed accordingly.

The morning activity classes begin at 6.30 a.m. with a thirty-minute general warming up. There after the students have two activity classess of 45-minute duration. After an interval of one and half hours, the theory classes begin at 10.00 a.m and terminate at 1.00 p.m.where various theoretical subjects are taught in class rooms. The students re-assemble at 4 p.m. for activity instruction up to 6.30 p.m.. Each theory period is of 45-minute duration. As mandatory requirement, the students have to attend 90 % of lectures both in activity and thery subjects other wise they are not eligible to appear in the final examination. The students practice teaching skills in simulation in a group of about 10 to 12 students. All the students of the BPEd.and CPEd. students are divided into seven and eight groups in their respective classes. They practice till they acquire the competency in the practised skills. Immediate feedback is given by the peers as well as by the teacher in-charge of the group.

Each student has to take 15 practice lessons in field activities in school. The practice teaching, which is done on classes V to IX, is carried out in schools spread over fifteen days. The teachers of the College and the physical education teacher(s) of the concerned school(s) supervise all the lessons. Each student takes at least one lesson a day. The quality of teaching practice is being enhanced by providing rigorous feedback received from the school setting regularly. The school teachers should also be encouraged to give feedback to the students so that they can benefit from the teaching skills of the experienced teachers.

Three teachers out of eight College teachers have attended Orientation and Refresher Courses. They occasionally do attend seminars and conferences. The College provides financial support for the same. Although extension lectures are organized but no formal workshops but training programmes are arranged for the professional development of the teachers. However, the ICT and paper presentation were organized.

The Basveshawar College of Physical Education, Bagalkot has 10 computers with INTERNET connection facility. Though facility is not adequate yet the students are given training in the use of Information and Communication Technology. To make this training more effective, students desire to have more classes and extended time for practice on computers. The desirable values, civic responsibilities, community orientation, etc. are developed through various activities including Blood Donation Camps, AIDs awareness programme, value education, rehabilitation programme for the evacuees owing to back waters rise, sports for cancer patients, social service, community service, organising several major sports tournaments, etc. Though ICT does not form a part of the regular syllabus, the College has been organizing ICT literacy programme by providing necessary infrastructure on the direction of the NCTE.

The College is running BPEd., CPED., and MPEd. Courses. The College is un-aided and getting no grants from the Government. The College has one principal, and eight lecturers out of which one holds M.Phil. degree (also pursuing Ph.D) and three teacher are currently enrolled as M.Phil scholars at Alagappa University, Karakuddi and Anamalai University, Chitambram. The College also has three visting faculty.

The College Faculty have published 13 books in vernacular for the benefit of the students. A few staff members have been publishing articles in various journals and there is a need to encourage teachers to publish more papers, which in turn will improve the quality of their teaching. The research competency of the teachers need to be improved. This can be done by organising in-house training workshops in research methodology, statistics and the use of SPSS.


The Basveshwar College of Physical Education, Bagalkot is situated in the campus area of about 15 acres. The two-storyed building is being fully utilized by the College exclusively for their programmes. The College has its independent office, principal's room, staff room, separate common rooms for boys and girls, multipurpose halls, lecture hall, method rooms, laboratories, computer room, library room, etc. The existing laboratory is big-enough to accommodate about 20 students at a time. In the library-cum- reading room about 45 students can sit and read. The boys'hostel has 16 rooms in all accomodating 128 students and each room is being shared by eight students. Last year each student paid Rs. 4500.00 for the hostel facilities. The hostel also houses a mess and a canteen on the ground floor for the benefit of the students. The beautification of the campus and building are taken care by the College and Management and the students. The neat and tidy infrastructure is adequate to meet the needs of the College.

The College has a computerized library with about 3043 books, 263 reference books, 6 periodicals and 4 journals, 20 CDs. and a collection of about 50 dissertations of M.P.Ed.. There is a space in the library for 45 students to sit and read. There is a Book Bank Scheme in operation. The library has an open access system. The working hours of the College Library are from 8.00 am to 8.00 pm from Monday to Friday while on Saturday the timings are from 8.00am to 1.00 pm. The College procures books on the reccommondation of the library committee. The amount spent on purchase of books and periodicals last year Rs. 35.000. There is a need to subscribe to the on-line standard national and foreign journals. It has public address system, slide projector, tape recorder, TV, OHP, video cassette player, charts, etc. The college may acquire more video cassettes related to the syllabus of BPEd and MPEd from CEC, UGC, New Delhi. Psychology laboratory is combined with Educational Technology laboratory and anantomy and physiology laboratory. There are psychological equipments for doing different practicals. The college has made efforts to train its teachers in the use of computer and INTERNET facility. They are regularly using it for improving the quality of their teaching and research. The College has some softwares related to different subjects but still there is a need to purchase more softwares related to the BPEd., and MPEd syllabi.

There is a store room where equipments related to both formal activities; athletics; games and sports; musical activity; ground maintenance etc, are kept. The equipments are stored in a systematic way. The room is maintained properly.

The College has received two grants: (1) rupees three lakhs from Human Resource Development Ministry, Government of India, New Delhi, for procuring nonconsumable sports equipment, and (2) one lakh fifty thousand from UGC for purchasing computers.

All students joining the college complete their respective. courses and normally there are no dropouts. The pass percentage over the last three years has been 100%. There is an Alumni Association, which came into existence only last year. Most of the alumni are well-placed.

There is a formal mechanism of obtaining feedback from the students about the teaching competencies of teacher. On the basis of this evaluation, each teacher receives feedback from the principal. It has helped teachers in improving the quality of their performance both in the classroom and on the field. The Government gives the scholarship to SC, and ST students. In general, the students are quite satisfied with the quality of guidance and counselling given by the teacher educators. The College does not have a Placement Cell at present; however, the efforts are on to do the needful. The suggestions given by the students are generally implemented speedily. There is a good rapport among teachers, students, supportive staff and Principal. So there are rarely any complaints. Though the College has not established a formal Grievance Cell, there is a committee to deal with the grievances.

The principal and staff of the Basveshwar College of Physical Education, Bagalkot have been given free-hand in academic matter; however, the entire management process is monitored and the guidance provided by the Governing Council of the Collegiate Committee, which consists of Chairman of the Management or his nominee, six members nominated by the Management, and the College Principal as it s ex-officio Member Secretary. The appointments of teaching staff including the Principal and the administrative staff are made by the Governing Council as per procedure established.

The office of the B.V.V Sangha's College is well-maintained and is computerised. The finances are regularly audited by the authorized auditors. At present there is no mechasism of internal quality check . The college should develop some system by which the total quality management is taken care of.

The Peer Team observed the following strengths in Basveshwar College of Physical Education, Bagalkot, Karnataka

The College enjoys fairly good reputation in the community.

It has good infrastructure, laboratories and facilities for different sports and games.

It develops professional values and competencies, and personality of students as expected by the community and parents.

The college environment is healthy and conducive to learning.

There is a congenial relationship among teachers, students and principal.

The people in the College are motivated and committed to the achievement of the institutional goals.

The College administration maintains good discipline on and off the campus.

The quality of teaching and training is fairly good.

The library is well-equipped.

The teachers are very cooperative.

The following are the suggestions for improvement as per feedback from students, teachers, parents, alumni, and as observed by the Peer Team.

The College has a computer laboratory. Looking at the strength of College, there is a need to add more computers.

The number of practice teaching lessons need to be increased and improved by providing concrete feedback to the students.

The College students need be trained in making use of various audiovisual aids during seminars, discussions and presentations. INTERNET facility should also be extended to the students.

The teachers should be encouraged to publish papers and develop creative thinking and innovative practices.

The College should conduct short duration training programmes for teachers of schools, alumni, physical education personnel etc.

The teachers need adequate training in Research Methodology, Applied Statistics and use of various statistical packages.

The College should organize the English speaking classes for the students. It will improve students; communication skills and enhance employment avenues for them.

The College management should provide adequate incentives to improve the competence of the Faculty and other employees.

The College should purchase educational, sport skills video cassettes from NCERT, IGNOU, UGC, etc.

There is an urgent need to have at least one female faculty member.

The Peer Team places on record the deep appreciation for Governing Council, teachers, students, and non-teaching staff for all the help and the hospitality provided by the college to the Peer Team. We are sure that the college will proceed towards achieving objectives of teacher education.




(G.G. KORI )
B.V.V. Sangh's Basveshwar Collge of Physical Education,

Summary: BVVS Basaveshwar College of Physical Education, Bagalkot Karnataka website, mobile, contact address and approval / recognition details.