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Nutan Vidyalaya Societys College of Education, Gulbarga, Karnataka


Nutan Vidyalaya Societys College of Education, Gulbarga, Karnataka
Address: Plot / Street / Area
Plot No : N V Complex
S B Temple Road
Post Office : Brahmapur Post Office
Gulbarga (District Gulbarga)
Karnataka, India
Pin Code : 585103

Nutan Vidyalaya Societys College of Education, Gulbarga Karnataka is a recognised institute / college. Status: Private Non-Aided. Nutan Vidyalaya Societys College of Education, Gulbarga Karnataka is also known as Nutan Vidyalaya D.Ed College. Nutan Vidyalaya Societys College of Education, Gulbarga Karnataka is managed by Society: Nutan Vidyalaya Society S B Temple Road Gulbarga. Nutan Vidyalaya Societys College of Education, Gulbarga Karnataka was established on / in 2004.

Nutan Vidyalaya Societys College of Education is situated in Gulbarga of Karnataka state (Province) in India. This data has been provided by www.punjabcolleges.com. Gulbarga comes under Gulbarga Tehsil, Gulbarga District.

Fax # of Nutan Vidyalaya Societys College of Education, Gulbarga Karnataka is 08472-223248.

email ID(s) is Nutan Vidyalaya Societys College of Education Gulbarga Karnataka

Website of Nutan Vidyalaya Societys College of Education, Gulbarga Karnataka is www.nutanvidyalaya.org.

Contact Details of Nutan Vidyalaya Societys College of Education, Gulbarga Karnataka are : Telephone: +91-8472-275325, 260201
Telephone: +91-8472-425093,423248


Nutan Vidyalaya Societys College of Education, Gulbarga Karnataka runs course(s) in Education stream(s).

Approval details: Nutan Vidyalaya Societys College of Education is affiliated with Gulbarga University, Gulbarga

Profile of Nutan Vidyalaya Societys College of Education

Date Of Submission : 26/05/2010, Wednesday 12:33 Pm
Teacher Education Institution Registration Details
Reference Id : Skagbgin-469
Tan. No : Blrno2547g

Nacc Accredited : No
--Ncte Nacc Grade : Na
--Year Of Nacc Accredation : Na
Minority : No
--Minorty Type : Na
--Religion : Na
--Language : Na
Location College/Institution : Urban
Located In : Institusional
Building Type : Its Own Campus
Total Area(Sq.Mts.) : 24276
Total Built Up Area(Sq.Mts.) : 1550
Nature Of Land Holding : Ownership
Type Of Land(Lease) : Private
Construction Completed Date : 01/07/1993
Shared Campus Area :
Campus Shared By : By Registration
Khasra No./Plot No./Survey No. : Sy No 41
Revenue Village Of The Land : Brhamapur
Land Is Free From All Encumbrances ? : Yes
Type Of College/Institution : Co-Education College
Management Of The College/Institution : Self Financed Institution(Private)
Management Of College/Institute : Na
Institution Or Its Managing Society/Body Registered ? : Yes
Registration Act :
Mysore Societies Regi Act
Noiii Of 1904/1962-63
No. Of Non Teaching Staff(Male) : 02
No. Of Non Teaching Staff(Female) : 2
No. Of Non Teaching Staff(Total) : 4
Area Of Reading Room(Sq.Mts.) : 60
Seating Capacity : 50
Titles Of Teacher Education(Library) : 57
Books Of Teacher Education : 717
No.Of Journals : 5
No Of Encyclopedias(Library) : 1
Area Of Lab : 60
No Of Computers : 25
Internet Access ? : Yes
Lan : Yes
Availability Of Lcd Projector : Yes
Availability Of Ohp : Yes
Availability Of Tv : Yes
Availability Of Vcr : Yes
Name Of Experiment(Psycho Lab) :
Span Of Attention Tests
Illusion Test Mental Fatigh
Tests Concept Foramtion
Movement Restriction
Maze Learning Observation
Test Retractive Inhibition
Test Recall And
Recognation Tests Meaning
On Retention Tests Iq
Verbal Tests Personality
Inventory Multiphasic
Personality Mmp Invetory
Thematic Apperception Test
Children Appreception Tests
Creativity Tests Aptitude
Tests Aptitude Scale
Verbal And Non Verbal Tests Of
Intelligence Psycologisis Photos
Name Of Appratus(Psycho Lab) :
Tachisto Scope With A Set Of Cards
(Non-Sense Syllabus And
Meaningfull Cards)
Progressive With Illusion Box
Mental Fatigh Sheets
Concept Formation Cards
Concept Formation Block
Restriction Of Movement Apparatus
Maze Learning Appartus
Directed Observation Board
Retractive Inhibition Lists
Recall And Recognation Word Lists
Meaning On Retention Lists
Jalota Verbal Tests Materials
Eysenck Personality Invetnory
Bills Mmp Inventory
Murrys Thematic Aaperception
Test Pass Cat
Pass Creativity Tests Rp
Singhs Aptitude Tests
Aptitude Scale F And Pe
Verbal And Nonverbal Test On
Intlligence Photos
Area Of Science Lab : 60

Physical Science Name Experiment :
Orested Exeperiment Magnetic Linces Of Forces Dispertion Of Light Refrection Light Surface Tension Capillary Rise Set Capillary Flow Set Sinclairs Apparatus Galvanmeter Potentiometer Batery Ellminator Simple Pendulum Screw Gauge Sodium Bulb

Name Of Charts(Physical Science) :
Plants Charts Solar System Periodic Table Preparation Of O2 And Co2 Charts Newton Wheels Pollution Charts Water Cycle Microscope Blood Group Testing Materials Omosis Photosynthatic Parts Of Plants

Name Experiment(Biological Science) :
Observation And Use Of Microscope, Observation Of Micro, Organism Taking, Section Of Stem Root And Leaves Exeperiments Of Oxygen Experiment Of Osmosis, Observation Of Stamen, Observation Of Ovary, Ts Of Ovary Section Of Anthar

Name Charts(Biological Science) :
Pond Ecosystem, Human Heart, Human Respitory System, Human Cell Division, Human Brain, Monocot And Dicot Leaf, Carbon Cycle, Rna And Dna, Food Chain, Human Diagnostive System, Human Lungs, Human Ear, Human Nurves System, Human Excretory System, Human Blood, Circulatory System, Human Torsy

Name Model(Biological Science) :
Skelton Of Man, Human Brain, Human Body, Human Kidney, Human Eyes, Diagnostive System, Human Leaver, Human Lungs, Human Ear Model, Human Nurves System, Human Respiratory System, Huamn Blood, Circulatory System, Human Brain System, Human Heart System
Area Of Lab(Language Lab) : 60

Name Of Equipments(Language Lab) :
Mudrit Sampnulagalu, Pathya Pustkagalu, Nighantagalu, Jeevan Charitregalu, Vichar Sahitya, Kateh Kadambarigalu, Kavyagalu Dharmic, Granthgalu Radio, Dhvanisuruli Kappu, Halage Chitragalu, Chimukisuva, Kadugalu, Chartugalu Chitra, Phalagalu Ohp, Film Strips, Tv Films

Name Of Charts(Language Lab) :
Natural Charts, Literatury Chartschitrapatagalu Maps
Indoor Game Area : 60

Indoor Game(D.Ed/B.Ed./M.Ed.Courses) :
Table Tennis
Carom Board
Chess Shuttle
Kho Kho Pol
Vollyball Net
Vollyball Net
Shot Put (Girls)
Shot Put (Boys)
Outdoor Games(D.Ed/B.Ed./M.Ed.Courses) :
Jevelin Throw - Girls
Jevelin Trow - Boys
Discuss Throw - Girls
Discuss Throw - Boys
Tenni Koit
Ball Badminton
Basket Ball
Cricket Foot
Ball Hockey
Long Jump
Area Of Outdoor Games : 446000
Name And No. Of Instruments(Arts And Carfts) :
Drawing Seats
Pencils 6 Types Hb To 6b
Rubber Scale
Water Color
Oil Color
Flat Brush
Round Brush
Pestle Colors
Name Charts(Arts And Carfts) :
Human Anatomy
Memory Drawing
Design Drawing
Nature Drawing
Name Of Models(Arts And Carfts) :
Still Froots Objective Materials
Flate Tree Round Tree
Table Lamp

Name Of Instruments(Health And Physical...) :
Multy Gim, Frist Aid Kit
No Of Instruments(Health And Physical... ) :
Yoga Chart
Frist Aid Chart
Body Structure Chart
Numbers Groups
Equation Regarded

Name Charts(Mathematics Resource Center) :
Graphical Representative Traigle Square Circle Geometry

Name Model(Mathematics Resource Center) : Geometry Box Scale Set Square Traingle Scale Puzzles Marbles Abacuss Sticks Olompiads Trapezium Cone Cylinderical Shape Ohp Black Board Computer

Name Of Instruments (Anatomy,Physiology... ) : 00
Name Of Charts (Anatomy,Physiology ...) : 00
Name Of Equipments(Atheletic Care) : 00
Name Of Charts(Atheletic Care) : 00
Name And No. Of Instrumernts(Cultural Facility) : 00
Name And No. Of Instruments(Athletics) : 00
Size Of Track(Athletics) : 00
Indoor Games(C.P.Ed/B.P.Ed./M.P.Ed.Courses) : 00
Indoor Game[Area](C.P.Ed/B.P.Ed./M.P.Ed.Courses) : 00
Outdoor Games(C.P.Ed/B.P.Ed./M.P.Ed.Courses) : 00
Area Of Alloted Outdoor Games : 00
Gym Facility For Women : No
Area Of Men Gym(Sq.Mts.) : 00
No Of Stnations(Men) : 00
Area Of Women Gym :
No Of Stnations(Women) :
Mode Of Salary : Bank
Salary Transfer(Faculty) : Advice Issued To Bank In
Account Details Of Bank (Salary) : 13082010027930
Date Of Opening Of Bank A/C : 10/01/2005
Opening Balance : 427195
Fees : 1392000
Donation : 0
Misc : 5325
Total Amount Receipts : 1824520
Expenditure Teacher Salary : 440712
Expenditure Non Teacher Salary : 108180
Expenditure Library : 16591
Expenditure Laboratory : 0
Expenditure Furniture : 8800
Expenditure Misc : 435372
Total Expenditure : 1009655
Balance Of Funds Available During Year : 962166
Name Of Auditor/Ca : Ramesh V Biradar And Co
Address Of Auditor/Ca :
319asaraswati Godam Main
Road Gulbarga 585101
Phone No. : 08472279756

B.Ed 1 Year Nill 100
B.A, B.Sc. B.Com 3years Nill Na
P.U.C 2years Nill Na
On Board
Boys High
3 Years Nill Na
10 Years Nill Na
Ksee Board
P.G In Music 2years Nill Na
Girls High
3 Years Nill Na
Ksee Board
Polytechnic 3 Years Nill Na
3 Years Nill Na
Ksee Board

Teaching Faculty Details
Teacher Id Designation
Skagbgte-5344 Lecturer
Skagbgte-5394 Lecturer
Skagbgte-5465 Lecturer
Skagbgte-5398 Lecturer
Skagbgte-9800 Phy.Teacher
Skagbgte-743 Principal
Skagbgte-3074 Lecturer
Skagbgte-5403 Lecturer

Composition Of Society/Trust
Name Address
Smt Indira Manvikar Vice-President Sangameshwar Colony Gulbarga
Sri Tarachand K Malu Vice-President D-5 Industrial Estate Msk Mill Road Gulbarga
Sri R.N.Rao Vice President Santosh Colony Jewragi Road Gulbarga
Sei Prabhakarrao P Deshmukh Treasurer H.No.C-11-1872/44 Vasant Nagar Gulbarga
Sri Shamrao Khanage Secretary Khanage Brothers No 4 Super Market Gulbarga
Prabhakar Rao Algudkar Jt Secreatary Anugruha Vittal Nagar Nv Layout Gulbarga
Sri Srikant.S.Kulkarni Joint Secretary H.No.10-3/25 Vittal Nagar Nv Layout Gulbarga
Dr.Goutam R Jahagirdar Joint Secretary Behind Mohan Lodge Old Jewragi Road Gulbarga
Sri K.V.Bakshi Member Upper Lane Brahmapur Gulbarga
Prof Vasant Kustagi Member Mig 27 Adarsh Nagar Gulbarga
Dr.C.J.Sasturkar Member H.No.1-44/2court Road Gulbarga
Dr.Pradeepkumar Murudkar Member Aath Banglow Station Road Gulbarga
Dr.B.R.Vaidya Member 169-1-A Raghavengra Colony Brahampur Gulbarga
Sri P.V.Deshpande Member Vallabhai Chowk Station Road Gulbarga
Sri Janardhan S Katti Member Plot No 10 E Jewragi Colony Gulbarga
Sri Prabhakarrao Honguntikar Member Station Bazar Gulbarga
Sri Sudhakarrao K Kamalapur Member H.No.3-985 Gazipur Gulbarga
Sri Prabhakarrao Yalsangikar Member H.N0.1-19/B Behind Keb Court Road Gulbarga
Smt Sudha S Kulkarni(Karlgikar) Member
Sri Nagar Behind Chitari Saw Mill Jewragi Road Gulbarga
Sei Abhijeet A Deshmukh Member H.No.10-846 Brahampur Gulbarga
Dr.Muralidhar S Rao President Ashrivad Vittal Nagar Nv Layout Gulbarga
Summary: Nutan Vidyalaya Societys College of Education, Gulbarga Karnataka website, mobile, contact address and approval / recognition details.