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Kittel Arts College, Dharwad, Karnataka


Kittel Arts College, Dharwad, Karnataka
Address: Plot / Street / Area
Poona Bangalore Road, Vidyagiri
Dharwad (District Dharwad)
Karnataka, India

Kittel Arts College, Dharwad Karnataka is a recognised institute / college. Kittel Arts College, Dharwad Karnataka was established on / in 1988.

Principal of Kittel Arts College, Dharwad Karnataka is Shri. M.J Punit.

Kittel Arts College is situated in Dharwad of Karnataka state (Province) in India. This data has been provided by www.punjabcolleges.com. Dharwad comes under Dharwad Tehsil, Dharwad District.

Mobile No(s) of concerned persons at Kittel Arts College, Dharwad Karnataka are 9844052194.

email ID(s) is Kittel Arts College Dharwad Karnataka

Contact Details of Kittel Arts College, Dharwad Karnataka are : Telephone: +91-836-793076,2793076


Kittel Arts College, Dharwad Karnataka runs course(s) in Degree stream(s).
BA, MA Kannada

Approval details: Kittel Arts College is affiliated with Karnatak University, Dharwad (Karnataka)

Media coverage of Kittel Arts College, Dharwad Karnataka, Karnataka

NAAC report of Kittel Arts College

Basel Mission Higher Education Centre (B.M.H.E.C.) came into existance in 1847 at Dharwad, then a military station. It started founding educational institutions at Dharwad to begin with at primary level. Gradually, it started establishing High Schools, Junior Colleges and Degree Colleges. Eminent educationists and scholars like Reverend F. Ziegler and Rev.Fr. Kittel were the Principals of the High School. At present, the B.M.H.E.C. is conducting 22 educational institutions, including three degree colleges. Kittel Arts College is one of the three degree colleges run by the Basel Mission, offering Arts and Social Science courses at degree level.

In the beginning, the Kittel College came into existance in 1968 with science faculty. Arts faculty was introduced in 1969. In the year 1988, Kittel College which was imparting Science and Arts courses was bifurcated into Kittel Arts College and Kittel Science College. The Kittel Arts College thus, has an overall existance of 35 years ; including 15 years of independent existence. The college is situated on a piece of land of about 3 acres, where two more degree colleges of the same management are also functioning. The college has an exclusive and independent building accomodation of about 276 Sq.mtrs. It shares class room accomodation, gymkhana and ladies' room with Kittel Science College. The playground is common to all the three colleges situated on the same campus of about 3 acres.

It is a religious minority institution managed by a Board of Trustees and a governing council consisting of 09 members including Principal. It is affiliated to Karnatak University, Dharwad. The college is getting financial aid from the Government of Karnataka. The college has UGC recognition under 2(f) and 12(B) from 03.01.1992 and 23.01.1993 respectively. The college offers Bachelor of Arts degree with forty-one core combinations. The students can choose one of the five languages such as ; Kannada, Sanskrit, Hindi, Urdu and Additional English as their second language. The college functions from 7.30 a.m. to 2.30 p.m. Out of these seven hours, four hours are teacher contact hours. Remaining 3 hours are utilised for reading in the library and recreational activities.

The college is making efforts to impart education keeping in view of the ideology of 'Faith, Hope and Charity' of the Basel Mission. The college aims at scholarship, fellowship and leadership. The cordinal desire of the college is to develop an allround personality of the young people with a spirit of dedication for service and the motto of the college is 'Not to be served but to serve'.

At present, the college has 23 permanent teachers including four women teachers. Of them, 10 staff members have Ph.D. degree and 3 have M.Phil. degree as the highest academic qualification. The total number of students in the college is 726, of which 322 are girl students. There are six overseas students enrolled in the college. Some of the students graduated from this college are well placed in their own profession.

Recently, the college has initiated a process of introspection of its programmes and activities to identify their strengths and weaknesses in order to plan the future growth of the Institution. Hence, the Kittel Arts College has volunteered to be assessed and accredited by the National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC), an autonomous institution founded by UGC. The college submitted its Self-study Report in the prescribed format to NAAC in 2003. The Peer team comprising Chairman, Prof.R. Sri Hari, Vice-Chancellor, Dravidian University, Kuppam ; Member Co-ordinator, Prof.K.V. Rao, Dean, College Development Council, Nagarjuna University, Guntur, Andhra Pradesh ; Member, Dr.M.N. Welling, Principal, Mithibai College of Arts, Chauhan Institute of Science and A.J. College of Commerce & Economics, Mumbai was constituted by the NAAC for validation of the Self-study Report and for assessing the performance of the college. The deliberations of the Peer team were co-ordinated by Prof.K.V. Rao.

The Peer team visited the Kittel Arts College on 3rd and 4th February, 2004. After carefully studying and analysing the Self-study Report submitted by the college, the Peer team went through various documents made available to it by the college authorities during the visit. The Peer team also visited the various departments, laboratories, common facilities like library, ladies' room and support services of the college. The meetings and discussions with the Principal, Board of Trustees, faculty members, non-teaching staff, students, alumni and parents were useful in getting better insight into the functioning of the college. Based on these visits, meetings and interactions with various components of the institution, the Peer team has made comprehensive assessment of the Kittel Arts College on the basis of the seven criteria laid down by the NAAC. On the basis of the assessment of the college, the Peer team is pleased to present its report as follows -

The college offers Bachelor of Arts with 41 different combinations. This provides a wide variety in the programme options to the students. With five languages viz., English, Kannada, Urdu, Hindi and Sanskrit ; Social Science subjects viz., History, Economics, Political Science, Sociology, Psychology, Education, Geography and Elements of Mathematics & Statistics as core subjects, the students will have enough flexibility of choice. The programme options are also flexible enough to match the students' convenience and provide horizontal mobility. Since the college is affiliated to Karnatak University, curriculum designing and revision is in the purview of the university. However, seven of the faculty members are on respective Boards of Studies of Karnatak University and thus are able to help in the process of curriculam design and revision.

The University revises the curriculam usually once in three years. The college has not introduced any new courses during the last three years. Proposals for the introduction of new courses are required to be submitted to the university and the university usually takes one year to complete the formalities. The students have flexibility to pursue a programme with respect to elective and non-core options. Further, the students have the option to change the subjects offered within a stipulated time. All the programme options offered by the college are career oriented and enable the students to go for B.Ed., Law and other professions.

The college has a transparent admission process. Admissions are open to all the eligible candidates. Students are selected for admission on the basis of merit and interview for the purpose of eliciting candidates' aptitude for optional subject. There is an Admission Committee, which monitors the admission process. Advanced learners are provided with free coaching for B.Ed. entrance examination. The temporal plan and academic work of the college is Annual System.

The syllabi are unitized according to a teaching schedule for the Academic year. Teachers are encouraged to prepare a teaching plan. The implementation of the teaching plan is monitored by the Heads of the Departments and Principal at the end of every month. At the end of every term, the concerned Head of the Department and the Principal attest the teaching plan. Every teacher maintains a diary for his/her teaching work. The dairy is divided into two parts wherein the syllabi of the conerned subject is noted in the first part and the day-wise syllabus completed by the teacher is noted in the second part. The diary is scrutinised by the Head of the Department and by the Principal at the end of every month. Non-teaching staff of the college also maintain their work dairies which are scrutinised by the Principal every month. Lecture method of teaching is supplemented by project work, educational excursions, and study circles.

The teaching days of the college are as per UGC norms. Wherever there is excess workload of a few periods in certain subjects, it is shared by teachers teaching PUC in the same college. Teachers are recruited as per the norms of the State Government / Karnatak University / UGC.

The college has 23 permanent teachers. Of them, 10 teachers have Ph.D. as the highest academic qualification and 03 more teachers have M.Phil. degree. The student teacher ratio is very high in case of subjects like Economics, Kannada and English. 07 teachers have participated in about 18 National Seminars / Conferences / Workshops and 03 teachers have acted as Resource Persons at different Academic Staff Colleges. One teacher from the Department of History has received the 'Best Teacher Award' from the Government of Karnataka during 2001-02.

The college follows a system of periodical assessment and annual examination. Drop out rate in the college is high. However, the success rate in the languages and other subjects is impressive. The college follows the self-appraisal method to evaluate the performance of the faculty in teaching, research and extension. Students' feedback about teaching is collected at two levels viz., subject-wise and teacher-wise. Only teacher-wise feedback is analysed for drawing inferences on the quality of teaching, though the inferences are not that critical.

It is worthy to note that a good number of faculty members possess Ph.D. and M.Phil. degrees, thus giving adequate scope for research activity. Some of the teachers from language departments have published books and also research papers. One of the Kannada teachers has many research publications to his credit and the work done by him is impressive. Nearly 58 percent of the staff are engaged actively in research. Further, the college grants study leave to enable the teachers to pursue research under FIP scheme of the UGC. Three staff members have the eligibility to guide scholars for research. Three research scholars working under one teacher from Kannada department have got Ph.D. degrees during 2002-03. The college has no ongoing projects. It has not taken steps to publicise expertise available for consultancy. A unique feature of the college is its publication wing , which publishes theses and research papers for a long time. Further, there is a 'Kittel's Corner' in the library, where rare books and manuscripts are kept for reference of the scholars.

The college is actively engaged in the extension services. It has also designated three staff members as incharge for undertaking these activities. The college has one NSS Unit, 54 NCC Cadets of which 26 are girl Cadets from the college. One of the girl cadets has participated in National Integration Camp at Leh. The NSS unit is engaged in the activities of Community Development, Social Work, Adult Education, Blood Donation and Environmental Awareness. It has an active association with other Government and Non-Government Organisations.

The college has an exclusive and independent building accomodation of about 276 Sq.mtrs., for which UGC has made a sanction of about Rs.4,00,000/-. The college shares class rooms, gymkhana and ladies' room with Kittel Science College. The playground is common to all the three colleges situated on the same campus of about 3 acres.

On holidays facilities in the college are made available to the external agencies for conducting competitive examinations like NET/SLET, Bank examinations. It has 03 computers in good working condition.

Though the college in its Self-study Report has claimed to have 24,366 books and 32 journals and periodicals in the library, it could not account for the said number of books. During IX-Plan period the college has purchased 1,970 books through UGC grants. However, it is seen from the number of books purchased during 2001-2002 and 2002-2003 that most of the books purchased are text books and only few reference books have been purchased. Also the amount spent on books has reduced in 2002-2003 as compared to that in 2001-2002.

The library has a computer and some audio visual cassettes. The library works for 300 days from 7.30 a.m. to 2.30 p.m. It has a book bank facility and inter library borrowings with sister institutions. The college appoints an Advisory Committee for smooth functioning of the library. The regular appointment of librarian has not been made but purely temporary arrangement has been made by appointing a person to look after the day-to-day functioning of the library. The college organizes medical check-up of the students once in a year.

The gymkhana is shared by Kittel Science College on time-sharing basis which brings restrictions on the participation of students in sports of Kittel Arts College. The play ground is shared by the colleges conducted by the same management. The play ground has a provision for sports like long jump, high jump, kabaddi, cricket and kho kho. Proper arrangement for physical education was not made by the college after superannuation of the earlier Physical Education Director and purely temporary arrangement of the Physical Education Director has been made by the college. It needs proper care by way of appointing a full-time Physical Director. Sports costumes are provided to the sportspersons who represent the college. Performance of the outstanding sportspersons is highlighted in the annual college magazine. Though the college does not have hostel of its own, needy students (boys and girls) are accommodated in the hostel attached to Kittel Science College run by the same management.

The college publishes its updated prospectus annually. The prospectus should include the number of seats reserved under various categories like seats reserved for Minority, SC/ST and others. The college follows policies and criteria of admissions as per the rules and regulations stipulated by Government of Karnataka. Admission policies are made clear to the students through the prospectus supplied to the students with admission forms. A committee of staff members constituted at the time of admissions counsels the students regarding the guidelines and the subjects to be offered in order to pursue higher studies. The college offers financial aids like merit scholarships, Government of India SC/ST scholarlships, GSB Students' Aid Fund. Financial help is also rendered to needy students through poor students' aid fund.

The college has given an additional charge of counsellor to the Students' Welfare Officer (SWO) who does personal counselling of the students. The SWO does the career counselling of the students. The college has a Debating Union which encourages the students to participate in various inter-collegiate and inter-university level competitions. Two students of the college have won awards at inter-collegiate level debate competitions and one of them has secured the second prize in debating competitions at inter-university level, national level debate competition representing Karnatak University, Dharwad. The college has alumni association founded in 1996 which has been made active very recently. The college has also formed Parents Teachers Association in October, 2003.

The college is managed by Basel Mission Higher Education Centre, Dharwad. Besides the governing body, the college has various committees for its smooth functioning. The committees meet periodically and discuss various issues related to the functioning of the college. The college prepares an academic calendar. In-built mechanism has been created to check the work efficiency of the non-teaching staff by way of maintaining diaries provided to them. The college follows fee structure stipulated by the Karnataka University. The budget of the college is excess budget.

Suggestion box is available for the students which is opened frequently and the suggestions are brought to the notice of the Principal. However, there is no grievance redressal cell constituted to redress the grievances for the teaching and the non-teaching staff. In view of good number of girl students, it is necessary to have a grievance redressal cell for women exclusively. The Kittel Arts College along with the Kittel Science College has Co-operative Credit Society for their employees.

The Peer team has observed certain practices that can be considered healthy in respect of the college.

*Various Study Circles were formed with a view to encourage academic interest of the students in various disciplines and also enable the students to keep pace with the latest trends in their respective disciplines.

*Some of the departments like Psychology, Education, History and Sociology have undertaken some projects having practical applications.

*Educational excursions are being conducted by the departments of Psychology, History and Hindi to extend field-based knowledge to the students.

*Formal Feedback Mechanism has been introduced by the college and the same is used to improve the teaching skills of the staff. It is necessary that the college also obtains feedback from the outgoing students for further improvement of the college.

*The college has a separate publication wing which publishes theses and research papers.

*The college is conducting classes for promoting value education thrice a week from 3.00 a.m. to 5.00 p.m.

*The college publishes a yearly magazine called 'Kshitija' with contributory articles from students and the best article in each language section is awarded a prize in the form of books.

*The college has a debating club encouraging the students to participate in debates.

*On the basis of feedback collected from the students about the teachers, Principal makes his observations and those observations are communicated to the concerned teachers.

The Kittel Arts College has been in existence for over 35 years, including 15 years of independent existence. During this period, it has turned out many batches of students that are well placed in public life. The following are some of the significant aspects of the college.

The college has a motto in terms of 'Not to be served, but to serve'
The college offers Bachelor of Arts with about 41 different combinations with languages, education and various other social science subjects. Thus, the college has a wide variety of programme options.

The college is affiliated to Karnatak University, Dharwad and follows the syllabi framed by it from time to time. Two of the teachers of the college from the department of Psychology and Sanskrit are members of the Boards of Studies of Karnatak University.

The college has 23 permanent teachers including four women. Of them, 10 staff members are holding Ph.D. and 3 have M.Phil. degree as the highest academic qualification.

At present, the college has a student strength of 726. The drop out rate is very high at 22 percent (i.e., 58 out of 254 on 2002-03). However, the success rate and passes in First Class are significant.

The college has a transparent admission process and admissions are open to all eligible candidates, with a preference to minority category of students.

The temporal plan and academic work of the college is Annual System with 100% external component. Teachers prepare a teaching plan and its implementation is monitored at the level of Head of Department and Principal.

The lecture method of teaching is supplemented by project work, educational excursions and study circles.

One teacher from the Department of History has received Best Teacher Award from Government of Karnataka during 2001-02.

Nearly 58 percent of the staff are actively engaged in research.

03 staff members have the eligibility to guide scholars for research.

Extra classes are arranged for the candidates those who have failed in the university examinations.

The college is actively engaged in extension services and has collaboration with government and non-government organisations. It has one NSS unit. and 54 NCC Cadets from the college. The work of these extension units is average.

The college has organised during March, 2003 on AIDS Posture Competitions sponsored by Ministry of Youth Affairs & Sports wherein, 21 colleges have participated and the Kittel Arts College secured 2/3 prizes.

The college has a formal alumni association formed in 1996 which is activated during October, 2003.

Library contains only a few reference books of different subjects.

Sports facilities for Indoor games are inadequate.

College does not have formal mechanism for grievance redressal. However, the Management is taking steps to constitute redressal committees as and when required.

Among the support services, central library and co-operative society for loans are available.

The college does not run any self-financing course and also has no other sources of fund raising.

The college functions between 7.30 a.m. and 2.30 p.m. In these 7 hours, four hours are only teacher contact hours. The remaining 3 hours are utilised for library and recreation.

A triannual inspection is conducted by the Karnatak University as a part of extending affiliation. The last such inspection was conducted during April, 2002 for extending affiliation of the college from 2002-03 to 2005-06.

The Peer team is satisfied of the progress made by the college all these years in popularising the arts education in Dharwad and surrounding areas and the Peer team is also pleased to observe the respect that the college has been receiving from the community, parents and alumni. The Peer team wishes the college all the best in its future endeavors.

Prof. R. Sri Hari

Prof.K.V. Rao
Member Co-ordinator

Dr.M.N. Welling

Summary: Kittel Arts College, Dharwad Karnataka website, mobile, contact address and approval / recognition details.