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Anjuman College of Arts and Commerce, Belgaum, Karnataka


Anjuman College of Arts and Commerce, Belgaum, Karnataka
Address: Plot / Street / Area
Market Yard Road, Azam Nagar
Karnataka, India

Anjuman College of Arts and Commerce, Belgaum Karnataka is a recognised institute / college. Status: Religious Minority (Muslim). Anjuman College of Arts and Commerce, Belgaum Karnataka is managed by Society: ANJUMAN-E-ISLAM. Anjuman College of Arts and Commerce, Belgaum Karnataka was established on / in 1983.

Principal of Anjuman College of Arts and Commerce, Belgaum Karnataka is Dr. H.I.Timmapur, MA. Ph.D. (Associate Professor in Kannada).

Anjuman College of Arts and Commerce is situated in Belgaum of Karnataka state (Province) in India. This data has been provided by www.punjabcolleges.com. Residence Phone No(s) of concerned peron(s) of Anjuman College of Arts and Commerce, Belgaum Karnataka is (are) : Principal 0831-2478661.

Mobile No(s) of concerned persons at Anjuman College of Arts and Commerce, Belgaum Karnataka are 9448634403.

email ID(s) is Anjuman College of Arts and Commerce Belgaum Karnataka

Website of Anjuman College of Arts and Commerce, Belgaum Karnataka is www.anjumancollegebgm.com.

Contact Details of Anjuman College of Arts and Commerce, Belgaum Karnataka are : Phone College: 0831-2421932

Internal Quality Assurance Cell Coordinator: Prof. M. Maheen (Mobile: 9844041532) IQAC office No: 0831-4205481
E-mail id: maheenisa@rediffmail.com

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Anjuman College of Arts and Commerce, Belgaum Karnataka runs course(s) in Degree stream(s).
B.A, and B.Com.

Approval details: Anjuman College of Arts and Commerce is affiliated with Rani Channamma University (RCUB), Belagavi (Karnataka)

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NAAC report of Anjuman College of Arts and Commerce

Section - 1: Preface
Anjuman College of Arts & Commerce, Belgaum volunteered to be assessed and accredited by the National Assessment and Accreditation Council and submitted the Self-Study Report during December 2003. The Peer Team constituted by the NAAC to visit the institution and validate the Self - Study Report comprises Prof.K.Ramamurthi Naidu, Former Secretary APSCHE, Andhra Pradesh as Chairman, Dr. Major Syed Shahabuddeen, Principal Islamiah College, Vaniyambadi as Member and Dr. Mrs. Krushna Gandhi, Principal, Smt. Maniben M.P. Shah Women's College of Arts & Commerce, Matunga Mumbai as Member - Coordinator. Peer Team visited the Institution for two days on 9th and 10th December 2004.

Anjuman College of Arts & Commerce, Belgaum was established in the year 1983 by Anjuman - e - Islam Society, Bijapur to impart value based education to the minority community and downtrodden people of the region. The society runs several educational institutions at Bijapur and Belgaum. In February 2004, the management of the College is changed to Anjuman - E - Islam Society, Dist:Belgaum, under the Chairmanship of Shri. Jaffer Khimjibhai Sait. The College is affiliated to Karnataka University, Dharwad and offering two U.G. Programmes B.A. & B.Com. The College is financially aided by the Government of Karnataka from September 1990.

The present Principal C.R. Bagwan was appointed in the year 1991. At present, the College has 20 full - time and four part - time faculty, one Physical Director and one Librarian. There are 13 Non-Teaching Staff in the College. The College is located in an urban area. The new Management has provided 21 acres and 36 guntas of land in the heart of the town Belgaum for the College and constructed a permanent building. There are 265 students mostly hailing from minority and downtrodden communities of the region. The College has obtained UGC recognition of 2f. The support services of the College are Library, Physical Education, NSS, Computer Centre, Canteen, Auditorium, Grievance Redressal Cell, Free Hostel for Poor Students, Ladies Rest Room, Gymkhana, Students Welfare Centre etc.

The Peer Team carefully pursued and analyzed the Self Study Report submitted by the Institution. During the Institutional Visit, the Peer Team interacted with all the constituents of the College namely the Management, Principal, faculty, non - teaching staff, a cross-section of students, parents and alumni. The Peer Team also visited the departments, acquainted itself with the facilities available and verified the relevant records. The academic, co-curricular and extra - curricular activities of the college were also taken note of during the visit. Based on the above exercise and keeping in mind the criteria identified by NAAC, the Peer Team assessed the institution objectively, presented criterion - wise analysis, pointed out the commendable features and suggested the issues of concern in the following pages.

Section - 2: Criterion Wise Analysis
Criterion I: Curricular Aspects:
Since the College is affiliated to the Karnataka University, it follows the syllabi prescribed by the University for its two UG Programmes namely B.A. & B.Com. It has non - semester annual pattern. It is observed that the College has not introduced any new course ever since its inception. Even the two courses which are offered in the College are conventional and not job - oriented or vocational. There is a great demand by the students, alumni and parents for the introduction of job - oriented course and
P.G. courses.

The Students of B.A. have limited flexibility to choose the optional subjects, because the College offers a few combinations from the University subject combination list. There is no flexibility to choose the subjects for B.Com. Students. Prof. C.R. Bagwan, the Principal is a member of the Senate, Academic Council and also the Board of Studies in Commerce and therefore he contributes to the curriculum design of the University. The Department of Commerce has arranged industrial visits to their students and train them to prepare projects based on their on-the-spot study and experience. This helps and motivates the students in entrepreneur development.

Criterion II: Teaching - Learning and Evaluation
The admission of students to both UG courses is done in accordance with the rules laid down by the Directorate of Collegiate Education, Karnataka and also Karnataka University Dharwad, to which it is affiliated. Though the College is a minority institution, it adheres to the reservation policy of the State Government with a view to extending higher education to the under privileged sections of the society. The strength of students in the first year degree programme during 2004 - 2005 has increased due to the fact that the College is shifted to the permanent building in a centrally located place of the town.

The College has 20 qualified and permanent teachers out of which 2 are Ph.D. degree holders, one M.Phil and 2 have registered for Ph.D. The teachers are given opportunity to participate in orientation programmes and refresher courses conducted by the Academic Staff Colleges of UGC across the country. This facilitates the faculty to update their knowledge. Generally, they follow lecture method which is supplemented and supported by seminars, tutorials, assignments etc. Every teacher maintains a work dairy and records the work done periodically, which is monitored by the Head of the Department and Principal. They have teaching plan for every subject and portions are covered accordingly. Students are encouraged to take part in seminars, quiz and work shop at the collegiate or inter collegiate level. It is observed that the teachers take personal care of their students and pay personal attention individually.

It is praiseworthy to note that principal Shri. C.R.Bagwan received Bharat Jyoti award and faculty member Dr. J.A.Bagali received Bharat Gourav Award for their contribution in the field of education.

The College has introduced 'Adopt Excel Programme' for slow learners and weaker students. Meritorious Students are being encouraged by giving extra coaching. Some of the teachers from the Departments of Kannada, Hindi and Urdu have attended seminars and conferences at the national level. The self - appraisal method is followed to evaluate the performance of the teachers.

The College conducts mid-term, terminal and model examination as per the schedule prepared in the beginning of the academic year. This periodic assessment is done to evaluate the performance and progress of the students. Assignments and seminars also form an integral part of the evaluation methodology. Emphasis should be given on modern teaching technology using Audio - Visual aids, CD presentations, over-head projectors etc.

Criterion III: Research, Consultancy and Extension:
Since the College Offers only UG Programmes, the scope of research is very limited. Two members of the teaching staff have obtained Ph.D. and they have applied for guideship to Karnataka University. One faculty member has got M.Phil Degree and two have registered for Ph.D. The Departments of Kannada, Hindi and Urdu have good publications to their credit. Dr. Timmapur, S.G. Lecturer in Kannada has published six books, more than 15 research articles and edited several literary magazines.

Prof. Bagli of Urdu Department has published two books and written several articles. He has participated in an international conference held at Lucknow.

As the college has not come under 12(b) of UGC, it could not avail UGC funds especially for Faculty Development Programmes, Project Works and the conduct of Seminars.

NSS is introduced this year (2004-05) and 75 cadets are enrolled. However, some of the teachers are arranging blood donation, aids awareness camps etc.

The Management should take necessary steps to encourage 'Research Culture' among the faculty and students.

Criterion IV: Infrastructure and Learning:
The greatest problem of the College ever since its inception was that the College could not get permanent land and building. This problem is now solved by the new Management of the College, Anjuman - e - Islam, Belgaum. Now, the College owns a campus of 21 acres and 36 guntas of
land and a permanent building. The College functions from 8:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. and thereby helps the students from marginalized section to take up some employment in the after noon / evening.

The College has a Central Library with 4880 books. A few journals are subscribed. Some departments have their own departmental libraries. However, the library facility is inadequate. Book Bank facility should be made available. Some more journals are to be subscribed. Students are to be given free access to books.

It is observed that efforts are taken to computerize the library. Annual allotment of funds to the library is not sufficient.

Physical Education facility is also available in the College. Students take part in the University level and State level competitions. In the best physique competition, one student has won at the National Level. In volley ball, cross country and cricket, students participate in state level and national level competitions. However, the maintenance of sports facilities has to be improved.

Criterion V: Student Support and Progression:
The mission of the College is to improve the minority and downtrodden communities of the region. Keeping this mission in view, the College admits students mostly from these groups. Since they hail from marginalized sections, arrangements are made to give scholarships sanctioned by the Central & State Government. Apart from this, the philanthropic Management extends financial assistance to the poor and needy students to pursue their higher education.

Career Guidance and Counselling is done by the teachers, who take personal care to their students. Canteen, Ladies rest room, Students Welfare Center are available. However, these support services should be further strengthened in a better way. Heath Care services are to be given importance.

Meritorious students both in academics and sports should be given financial support by the management. Merit scholarship and free ships given by the Management are inadequate. Need based PG Courses and other job oriented courses are to be started. The recently formed Alumni Association should be strengthened by having regular meetings and interaction. Every department should maintain a profile of their alumni.

Criterion VI: Organization and Management:
Anjuman College of Arts & Commerce run by Anjuman - e - Islam Society, Belgaum headed by its Chairman Mr. Jafar Khimajibahi Sait.
The Chairman and Committee members of the Governing Body are committed for the development of the institution. It is observed that the Chairman and his team have given the freedom to the Principal and faculty to carry on academic programmes without any hindrance or interference. Further, reasonably good infrastructure like auditorium, play ground, gymkhana, library, canteen, class room, departmental cubicals etc. is provided by taking sincere efforts by the progressive Management. However, the Management should take proper steps to start co-operative society in the institution to provide loan facility to the staff.

Criterion VIII: Healthy Practices:
The Peer Team has identified the following special features of the institution.

Teachers evaluation by the students

Students' feed back

Suggestion Box

Value - based education imparting ethical values

Inter personal relationship between teaching and non - teaching staff, and faculty and students.

Personal attention of the students by the teachers.

Section 3: Overall Analysis:
The Peer Team, after going through the SSR and after its visit to the institution is satisfied reasonably by the progress of the College.

The Peer Team would like to commend the College for some of the positive features of its approach to quality assurance and standards and at the same time, point out some of its concerns to the College authorities for their consideration. The Peer Team would like to commend the institution for the following aspects.

Establishment of College to uplift the minority community and downtrodden people of the region.

Committed Management, dedicated Principal and faculty.

Various Committees constituted by the College to take care of its day - to - day running of the College.

Good interpersonal relationship among the Principal, faculty, students and Management.

Establishment of grievances redressal cell.

Existence of student welfare officer to take keen interest in the welfare of students.

Existence of SC/ST cell to take keen interest in the welfare of the SC/ST students.

Adopt and Excel Programme to identify and help the slow learners and brilliant students.

Departmental libraries developed by the teachers.

Development of cultural harmony through cultural activities.

With the view to its further improvement and better service, the Peer Team would like to suggest the following to the institution for its consideration.

Efforts should be made to get UGC recognition under 12(b).

To start science courses at the undergraduate level and some need based P.G. Courses.

Start viable and job oriented courses.

Encourage faculty to register for M.Phil / Ph.D. as well as to take up research projects.

Encourage participation, paper presentation in National Level Seminars / Workshops / Conferences.

Encourage the faculty to become members of professional academic bodies.

Provide better medical facilities for the students precisely.

Encourage more participation in sports.

The Management may extend the financial support to the meritorious students and poor students.

Undertake computerization of the office and the Library.

Establish a Co-operative Society for faculty and administrative staff to have loan facility.

Strengthen the recently found Alumni association and maintain its track record.

Promote remedial classes to the backward students and arrange coaching to the merit students.

Strengthen the existing library with more journals and newspapers.

Financial Support / Seed money is to be given to the faculty for research work, publication and participation National / International Seminars.

Development of Infrastructure should keep pace with the development of the College with the introduction of new courses.

The Peer Team is of the opinion that this exercise will be useful to the institution to initiate the quality enhancement strategies towards further growth and development.

The Peer Team places on record its appreciation of the management, the Principal, Coordinator and the entire team for this introspection undertaken. We wish them all the best in their pursuit of excellence in higher education.

Prof. K.Ramamurthi Naidu, Chairperson

Dr. Major Syed Shahabuddeen, Member

Dr. Mrs. Krushna Gandhi, Member Co-ordinator

Anjuman College of Arts & Commerce,

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