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APS College of Commerce, Bangalore, Karnataka


APS College of Commerce, Bangalore, Karnataka
Address: Plot / Street / Area
NR Colony
Bangalore (District Bangalore)
Karnataka, India
Pin Code : 560019

APS College of Commerce, Bangalore Karnataka is a recognised institute / college. APS College of Commerce, Bangalore Karnataka is also known as Acharya Pathasala College of Commerce. APS College of Commerce, Bangalore Karnataka is managed by Society: Acharya Pathasala Educational Trust (Established 1935).
Principal of APS College of Commerce, Bangalore Karnataka is Prof. B.Paramesh (M.Com., MBA., LLB., Ph.D.).

APS College of Commerce is situated in Bangalore of Karnataka state (Province) in India. This data has been provided by www.punjabcolleges.com. Bangalore comes under Bengaluru (Bangalore) Tehsil, Bangalore District.

Contact Person(s) of the APS College of Commerce, Bangalore Karnataka is (are): Eshwar (Office Superintendent).

email ID(s) is APS College of Commerce Bangalore Karnataka

Website of APS College of Commerce, Bangalore Karnataka is http://www.apscommerce.org/.

Chairman : Sri. T.V.Maruthi.
General Secretary : Prof. K.P.Narasimha Murthy.

Contact Details of APS College of Commerce, Bangalore Karnataka are : Telephone: 26672905
Telephones: 080-26611786, 080-26612454


APS College of Commerce, Bangalore Karnataka runs course(s) in Commerce, Business Management stream(s).
B.Com. Semester Scheme
BBM Semester Scheme
M.Com Postgraduate Semester Scheme

Approval details: APS College of Commerce is affiliated with Bangalore University, Bangalore (Karnataka)

Profile of APS College of Commerce

Acharya Pathasala Educational Trust aims at imparting need based education. The trust and its activities have grown to the present height by the pioneering, dynamic leadership of its Founder-President Late. Prof. N. Ananthachar, who rendered yeoman service and dedicated his life to the cause of education. His vision and sacrifice helped it grow starting from very small beginnings into an institution of its present magnitude. As a trickle makes a pool, even minimal contributions from public was gratefully accepted to build an institution of education to serve the cherished goal of serving the needy and the less-privileged class of the society as reflected in our Logo and the Maxim.

Media coverage of APS College of Commerce, Bangalore Karnataka, Karnataka

NAAC report of APS College of Commerce

Section I: Introduction
APS College of Commerce came into existence in 1986 on bifurcation of the Acharya Patashala College of Arts & Science. The College is managed and administered by Acharya Patashala Educational Trust, founded by late Shri N. Ananthachar, a pioneering educationist who dedicated his life for the promotion of 'value based comprehensive education' to all.

The College is located on 3 acres of land shared by APS College of Arts and Science. The College is recognized by UGC under 2 f and 12 B in 1986 and is a grant-in-aid-institution. The motto of the college 'Asato ma Sadgamaya' which means 'lead me from untruth to truth' has guided this institution during the last seven decades and will be the guiding principle of the future too. The goals of the college defined as 'education for all at affordable fees' and 'professionalised teaching with emphasis on vocational courses' supplement the motto.

The college has volunteered to be assessed by NAAC, Bangalore and submitted the self study report in December 2003. There upon the NAAC constituted a Peer Team consisting of Prof. P. S. Zacharias, Vice-Chancellor, Goa University as Chairman, Dr. Rajendra D. Kankariya, Principal Bharatiya Jain Sanghatana College, Wagholi, Pune and Dr. S. V. Sudheer, Principal, Sree Narayana College, Chertala as members to visit the College and validate the Self Study Report. Dr. M. S. Shyamsundar, Deputy Advisor, NAAC co-ordinated the visit.

The Peer Team visited APS College of Commerce during 20-21 August 2004. The team validated the SSR, visited the departments, the facilities and support services that are available in the college. The team also had detailed interaction with the Principal, Governing Council Members, Teachers, Non-Teaching staff, Students, Alumni and Parents. Based on the SSR and the interaction with the different segments of the college the Peer Team prepared the present report:

Section 2 : Criterion-wise Analysis
Criterion I : Curricular Aspects
The institutional goal is to impart education for all at affordable cost and professionals teaching with emphasis on Vocational Courses. The APS College of Commerce has specialized programmes for study under the faculty of Commerce and Management. Selected programmed options are available as per University Prescribed curriculum, which is strictly adhered to. The two full time 3 year course viz. B.Com. and B.B.M. are offered by the college. Students have elective options in B.Com as well as in B.B.M.. Commerce, Economics and Management courses are blended with value oriented language/ literature courses. By introducing Computer Science as one of the subjects for both B.Com and B.B.M, the college has complemented professionalized education.

Some of the faculty are actively participating in the design of new courses and redesigning of existing course through the Board of studies. This has attributed in revitalizing curriculum indirectly. Teachers also make contributions in restructuring and updating curriculum by working as resource persons. Some of the teachers have contributed considerably in the preparation of text-books.

Criterion II - Teaching-Learning and Evaluation
The college is located in an urban area from where many of the students, belonging to economically weaker section, are given admission in the college. The admission is done through an interview and is based on academic record. Curricular and co-curricular abilities of the students are measured through tests, interaction with peers and teachers.

Teachers are appointed as per Government of Karnataka rules. Full time faculty does most of the teaching. Many of the teachers prepare teaching plan at the beginning of the year. Classroom teaching is supplemented by class seminars, symposia and guest lectures by subject experts. More teachers are to be encouraged to act as resource persons and attend seminars. Audio-Video teaching aids are used for enriching classes. The college may consider increasing the annual budget for more number of Computers. Performance appraisal of teachers is made at appropriate junctures.

Success rate ranges from 65% to 82% for B.Com and 53% to 83% for B.B.M in the last three years. Tutor-ward scheme is followed. Bridge course and remedial classes are arranged for weak students. Advanced learners are encouraged and students are taken to Industrial houses and share markets. Academic ability is assessed by the students' performance in class tests and mid term examinations. Commerce department is subscribing to 14 periodicals/journals but other departments also should be encouraged to subscribe to few periodicals/journals. Students' complaints and opinion on Campus experience are collected for improving performance.

The departments informally conduct departmental meetings and Parent-teacher meetings. Grievance redressal cell is functioning in the college. Counseling is offered to needy students and recitation from Bhagavat Geeta is conducted monthly to enhance cultural awareness.

Criterion III - Research, Consultancy and Extension
Out of the total 34 teachers, 5 teachers have Ph.D., 2 have M. Phil. and the rest have PG degree. 25% of teachers are engaged in active research and some teachers are recognized research guides for Ph.D. and M. Phil. Teachers are encouraged to take research work even though the college is not a recognized center for Ph. D. Four Candidates have been awarded Ph. D. under the guidance of two teachers of the college. The college has not advanced in the line of consultancy service. The college should initiate innovative Proposals in this regard.

The college conducts extension activities through NSS and NCC units. NCC and NSS organize national festivals like Independence Day, Republic Day etc jointly. College also celebrates birthdays of eminent personalities like Mahatma Gandhi, Pandit Nehru, Swami Vivekananda, S. Radhakrishnan and others. A good number of community-oriented activates like blood donation Camp, environment awareness and anti-dowry campaign are undertaken. NSS and NCC venture adult literacy programme and Pulse- polio Camp. During the previous year, no extension activity in NSS was executed due to the deputation of the NSS Programmme Officer to A.P.S Arts & Commerce Evening College. Lt. M. Anandan, NCC officer, has received the 'Chief Minister of Karnataka Award' for his outstanding contribution in NCC.

Criterion IV: Infrastructure and Learning Resources
The premises of the college is utilized by the management for running an Evening College also. The campus extends to 2.48 acres comprising rooms for Principals of PU and Degree,15 spacious classrooms, 7 small rooms with furniture, lights and fans. Separate rooms are provided for NCC, NSS and student activities. Few classrooms are modified by providing modern teaching aids and furniture.

A spacious library with 27,000 books and an adjoining conference hall is available to the students. Library is in the process of computerization. There is no arrangement for inter departmental/ inter library borrowings. Library provides book bank facility and audio video cassettes. The central computer facility with seventeen 486 systems, 19 P II systems and 2 P IV is housed in Arts & Science College. Departments are not provided with computers. The system of computerizing students' attendance, marks and photo imaging need to be considered.

College provides sports equipments and adequate facilities for sports activities. Sportsmen are encouraged and many students are winners at State level competitions. Appointment of a full time Physical Education Teacher would improve their performance.

Criterion V: Students Support and Progression
The percentage of students appearing for the University examination is 95% and dropout rate is only 5%. Approximately 40% of the graduates shift to employment and 20% pursue higher studies. No data is available regarding TOEFL & GRE.

A variety of financial rewards in terms of scholarships and endowment prizes are provided for the students. Financial aids, 5 from Government of Karnataka, 1 from Government of India, 1 from Corporation Bank and 1 from Private Trust are operative in the college.

Rank holders and meritorious students are felicitated. For quality enhancement of students, lecture contests are arranged. Teachers participate in academic and personal counselling and few clubs like nature club and debate club are functioning. Indoor games, Cultural Programmes, audio-video facilities are also available on campus. Reprography facility is available in the college office.

An alumni association is informally functioning since many years and many alumni hold prominent positions. The college has an informal employment/ Placement cell.

Criterion VI: - Organization and Management
The Board of Management, elected from among the members of A.P.S Educational Trust, administers the college, as well as all other educational institutions under its management.

The Principal and Vice Principal are ex-officio members of all the committees. The College Council consisting of all Heads of Departments jointly take decisions. In the beginning of the year, various committees are constituted to co-ordinate and monitor the activities of the college. Calender of Events supplied by Bangalore University is followed. In addition the college prepares its own calender of events.

Some of the Administrative staff are given training. Internal and external audit mechanisms are judiciously followed. Scholarships to all SC/ST/BC Students, Merit Scholarships, Jindal BMP Scholarships are provided. Loan facilities to teaching and non-teaching staff through various agencies like staff benevolent fund, Banks, HDFC and State Co-operative Banks are made available. Decisions made by the college council are approved by the management, reflecting healthy rapport. A grievance redressal cell set up for teachers, non-teaching staff and students serve as an effective mechanism. An increase of 10% in total fee is made every year. The college has a deficient budget.

Criterion VII: Healthy Practices
In the process of internal quality checks and in imparting value-based education, the college follows several healthy practices. Teachers maintain work Dairy and Self-appraisal reports are individually submitted at the time of annual increment. For non-teaching staff, internal check is done through interaction and feedback from students, parents & teachers. A suggestion box is kept open for reception of notes. Some teachers collaborate with Indian and foreign Universities.

For inculcating civic responsibilities, a good number of activities are organized by NCC and NSS. Curricular and extra curricular activities are promoted for overall development of students. Seminars, Literary contests and Symposia are conducted regularly. Educational tours, Farewell parties, Fresher's party and observation of National integration week enrich value based education imparted by the college.

The College prayer which reflects the message of the emblem is an invocation to the spirit that guides the world. Special lectures by eminent public personalities sensitize the girl students to social issues like gender inequality, women empowerment, social environment etc. Students are encouraged to take up social issues. National festivals are celebrated with vigor and grandeur. College celebrates Ethnic Day every year to exhibit ethnic diversity. Teachers' day is celebrated on 5th September every year to honor teachers for their academic excellence. This occasion is used to honor successful alumni. Education tours are arranged every year. During the Bidecennial celebration year 2006, the college intends to start vocational courses in several areas.

Section 3 - Overall Analysis
In the 48 years of its existence, APS College of Commerce has strived commendably to provide opportunities for higher education.The management has been constantly supporting the college for sustaining quality education. The commitment and hard work of teachers have significantly contributed to improving the learning abilities of the students many of whom belong to economically weaker segment. Continuous upgradation of infrastructural facilities of the college has also contributed to sustain the quality of education provided at the college.

Extra curricular and co-curricular activities at the college are enriched by the sports, NSS and NCC activities. NSS undertakes several programmes with the active support of the students. These activities have instilled a certain amount of discipline and service mentality in the students.

Academic success is an important yard stick in the evaluation of an institution. Higher percentage of success rate and low dropout rate point to the academic strength of the institution. Equally significant is the profile of the alumni and the esteem the institution enjoys in the neighbourhood.

It is imperative that the management and college authorities take note of the changing educational scenario of the country to take effective steps to sustain the prominence the institution enjoyed thus far. .

The peer team observes that the college has initiated steps to improve and sustain quality. To enhance the quality inputs and to maintain the quality in teaching-learning-evaluation processes, student support services, administration and overall education process, the peer team makes the following recommendations for the consideration of the college :
Modernization of library and subscription to more journals and periodicals may be initiated.

Computerization needs to be initiated on an exhaustive basis. Departments should have computer facility.

The college career guidance cell has to be strengthened. More outreach programmes should be undertaken.

Alumni and Parent-teacher Association should be strengthened to make them complimentary to institutional needs.

The management should make efforts to appoint full time Physical Director and Librarian in the college for the benefit of the students

More projects have to be taken under by NCC and NSS. Extension activities and Consultancy Work should be given more priority.

Employment and Placement cell open more avenues to the students and as such they may be started functioning in the campus.

More number of courses in diversified areas of commerce need to be started. Advanced courses should be made available to students.

Teaching staff may be motivated to take up Research work, Organize workshops, Seminars and Conferences.

The college should initiate steps to make every student computer literate/proficient.

Internet connectivity to be provided/up graded and the students need to be encouraged to use such facilities.

The Peer Team wishes to acknowledge the efforts made by the College through the management, scores of teachers, past and present, to become a leading college of this region. The efforts of the Principal and his colleagues who worked hard to produce an excellent Self Study Report and their support in the assessment work are appreciated.

The Peer Team is confident that this exercise will help the college in its planned growth.

(Prof. P. S. Zacharias)

(Dr. R. D. Kankariya)

(Dr. S. V. Sudheer)

Denied permission to sing, student hangs himself in Bangalore

Bangalore: A 21-year-old BBM student who was an aspiring singer allegedly hanged himself in his house in Sriramanagar on Friday after his parents disapproved of his participation in a music concert in Mumbai.The deceased, Aditya Nadig, took the extreme step in his room late on Friday night and the incident came to light on Saturday morning. Nadig was a BBM final year student of APS College.

Singing was his passion and he participated in many reality shows organised by Kannada TV channels. He recently got an opportunity to sing at a concert in Mumbai. When he informed his folks, they refused permission.His father, Ramaswamy, a retired government employee, told Aditya on Friday to concentrate on his studies and complete his college course. Aditya’s father said he could participate in reality shows or music concerts after he completed his education.After the discussion, Aditya returned to his room at 10.30pm and locked himself in.When he didn’t emerge from the room even after 9.30am on Saturday, his parents knocked on his room door. They peered through the room window to see Aditya dead.

CK Achukattu police shifted the body to KIMS for postmortem. The police said Aditya participated in reality shows, including Suvarna Star Singer. “After the Star Singer programme, he got opportunity to sing in Mumbai. But his parents did not permit him to go to Mumbai and this pushed him to take the extreme step,” said a police officer.Aditya did not write a suicide letter. His parents, in their statements, said they had a discussion about his future on Friday night.

The police have registered a case of unnatural death based on the complaint lodged by his father Ramaswamy.

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