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Haryana Institute of Engineering and Technology (HIET), Kaithal, Haryana


Haryana Institute of Engineering and Technology (HIET), Kaithal, Haryana
Address:Ambala Road
Kaithal (District Kaithal)
Haryana, India
Pin Code : 136027

Haryana Institute of Engineering and Technology (HIET), Kaithal Haryana is a recognised institute / college. Haryana Institute of Engineering and Technology (HIET), Kaithal Haryana is also known as HIET Kaithal. Haryana Institute of Engineering and Technology (HIET), Kaithal Haryana is managed by Society: Dr. Puran Chand Dharmarth Trust. Haryana Institute of Engineering and Technology (HIET), Kaithal Haryana was established on / in 2008-09.

Haryana Institute of Engineering and Technology (HIET) is situated in Kaithal of Haryana state (Province) in India. This data has been provided by www.punjabcolleges.com. Kaithal comes under Kaithal Tehsil, Kaithal District.

Fax # of Haryana Institute of Engineering and Technology (HIET), Kaithal Haryana is +91-1746-280611, 0124-2225991.

Contact Person(s) of the Haryana Institute of Engineering and Technology (HIET), Kaithal Haryana is (are): Director Dr DP Gupta 099960-38003.

Mobile No(s) of concerned persons at Haryana Institute of Engineering and Technology (HIET), Kaithal Haryana are +91-99960-38003, +91-98126-60400, +91-99969-38090, +91-98130-25705.

email ID(s) is Haryana Institute of Engineering and Technology (HIET) Kaithal Haryana

Website of Haryana Institute of Engineering and Technology (HIET), Kaithal Haryana is www.hietkaithal.com.

Contact Details of Haryana Institute of Engineering and Technology (HIET), Kaithal Haryana are : +91-1746-280933, 280944-955-966
0124-2222000, 2225987

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Haryana Institute of Engineering and Technology (HIET), Kaithal Haryana runs course(s) in Engineering stream(s).

B.Tech in:
Computer Sc. & Engg.
Electronics & Comm. Engg.
Information Tech.
Mechanical Engg.

Approval details: Haryana Institute of Engineering and Technology (HIET) is affiliated with Kurukshetra University, Kurukshetra (Haryana)

Profile of Haryana Institute of Engineering and Technology (HIET)

Message of Chairman Er. Ranjan Agrawal
It is a matter of proud privilege for me to welcome the students at HIET, where they are just at doorsteps of a new life and career. We are looking for students who can utilize standards of teaching learning services offered by qualified teachers with education technology approach. Our objective is to create a breed of qualified, innovative and dynamic professionals for corporate sector, the services industry, for self employment and for academic and research institutions. As it is rightly said that
A human being is not attaining his full height
until he is educated.

Therefore the overall growth of students depends on imparting knowledge in positive environment. HIET is committed to create a vibrant and stimulating environment. The HIET students discover new experience with dynamic and supportive environment. The student horizon is broadened and one discovers creative and librating powers of new ideas. Maintenance of discipline, inside and out side the college is an additional achievement of the institute. The target is to achieve best academic standards.

Constant vigil is kept on the progress of teaching research. HIET provides the finest possible environment for the development of the students. The institute has excellent state of the art infrastructure, beautiful landscaped lawns and well maintained sports grounds. The labs are all well equipped and are manned by experienced persons.

Achieving excellence in Technical education, social service, Indian cultural values and national goals are the essential focus of the ethos of HIET and I am sure the HIET will achieve greater height in academic and extra curricular activities which will make HIET graduates sought after by employers world.

Message of Managing Director Er.G.K.Sethi
We at HIET have always embedded a deep rooted belief in the value of education. Education is treated as one of the best investment that a country can make in the knowledge era of coming times an educational system that is up to date, competitive and cuts across all barriers, which ultimately enables a society to develop, assimilate and sustain a technology-driven lifestyle. Ultimately this results in the transformation of human resource into a truly renewable resource. It is a well known saying that

Education is a social process. Education is growth. Education is
not a preparation for life; education is life itself.

We are in the middle of a miraculous metamorphosis with total commitment to excellence and have developed a Culture of Quality. It is our endeavor to deliver state-of-the-art futuristic programmes, by adopting the best techniques and technology in accordance with latest industrial standards. Our aim is focused- We are a teaching institution called to raise up a generation of engineering and management professional to go and change the world. We understand the huge responsibility we carry and will do everything to fulfill it. HIET has been performing exceedingly well and beyond expectations since its establishment in 2008.
We have single minded mission of preparing individuals for a life of leadership in this ever changing world.
I am confident that students admitted in our college shall have best learning facilities and would pass out with several excellent and competitive skills.

Message of Principal/Director Dr. Saswat Chakrabarti
Dear students, its been a great opportunity for me to congratulate and welcome you all in the family of HIET (Haryana Institute of Engineering and Technology), Kaithal, the institute which makes you technically competent to face the challenges of 21st century along with overall developed personality, bringing forth your hidden virtues in right direction.

HIET is created with the aim of pursuing technical education programs to ensure that the eligible students who desire to expand their skills and develop themselves further have the opportunity to do so. The college has created and environment of academic stability and flexibility to meet the challenges of changing world.
Knowledge makes us modest, and modesty fetches position,
Position fetches prosperity and in prosperity, used for human
Welfare, lies peace and bliss.

HIET has highly knowledge-centric and career-conscious teaching community and diligent and efficient officials who are always eager to help the students in pursuit of knowledge and career. We also ensure that our engineers generate attributes and knowledge beyond the traditional constraints of the classroom.

Education is the process of driving a set of prejudices down your throat. Engineering education create more connection and stronger partnership with global society in which we are embedded.

A keen academician for the last 20 years alongwith a remarkable experience in industry, Dr. Saswat Chakrabarti is certainly an esteemed personality. He has numerous awards and patents to his credit .He not only has contributed in the field of industry and education, but has also given to the arena of health – as one of his inventions is a low cost, portable, multiparameter cardiac health assessment system that can be attached to a computer, or a PDF, or even to a cell phone. His whole career is an embodiment of insight and genius- attributes that must be imitated by all alike. Dr.Chakrabarti excelled as a student. He was bestowed with special citation and national scholarship at secondary as well as higher secondary level. An M.Tech. in Satellite Communications, he started serving IIT, Kharagpur in 1991 as Lecturer. Dr.Saswat Chakrabarti longs for honesty, integrity and sincerity, the characteristics the outcome of which is his invincible career.
Dr. Saswat Chakrabarti
Haryana Institute of Engineering and Technology
Kaithal 136027 (Haryana)


Sr. No.*Name*Designation*Deptt.*Qualification*Contacts No. *E-mail ID *Emp_ID
1.*DR. SASWAT CHAKRABARTI *DIRECTOR*Electronics and Electrical Communication Engineering *M.TECH.,Ph.D. *01746-280611,655*director@hietkaithal.com*-
2*ER. SUKHDEV SINGH*LECTURER*CSE*M.Tech*9996179590 *sukhdev_kuk@rediff.com*1-5105861
3*ER. RAJENDER BATHLA *LECTURER*CSE*M.Tech.*9812139793*dr.bathla@gmail.com*1-5105917
4*ER. DEEPAK KUMAR*LECTURER*CSE*B.Tech.*9896315959*deep.deepak1@gmail.com*-
5*ER. SHIV DUTT*LECTURER*CSE*M.Tech.*9466649984*shiv.dutt.2006@gmail.com*-
6*ER. SAPNA MANCHANDA*LECTURER*CSE*M.Tech.*9812782925*yashika1986191@yahoo.co.in *-
7*ER. MANJU*LECTURER*CSE*M.Tech.*9466565844*mbnitk@gmail.com*-
8*ER. RUCHI*LECTURER*CSE*M.Tech.*9416650159*ruchi_gup2003@yahoo.com*-
9*MS. SHARDA PANGHAL*LECTURER*IT*M.Tech. *9354150283*duhan.sharda@gmail.com*1-5105726
10*ER. RAHUL GUPTA*LECTURER*IT*B.Tech.*9466785454*errahul.gupta08@gmail.com*1-5105982
11*ER. MITTAR VISHAV*LECTURER*IT*M.Tech.* *9896216407*mittervishav@gmail.com*1-5105912
12*ER. RAVI KUMAR*LECTURER*ECE*M.Tech.* *9728551524*tink46@gmail.com*1-5289572
13*ER. ATUL MANGWANA*LECTURER*ECE*M.Tech.*9729018787*atul.mangwana@yahoo.co.in*-
14*ER. SUSMA*LECTURER*ECE*M.Tech.*9996774097*ersushma.21@gmail.com*-
15*ER. RAVI KUMAR VERMA *LECTURER*ECE*M.Tech.*9729010710*raviverma2108@gmail.com*-
16*ER. NEERAJ SHARMA*LECTURER*ECE*M.Tech.*8059504420*neeraj_sharma1956@yahoo.co.in*-
17*ER. OM PAL GUPTA *LECTURER*ECE*M.Tech.**9896433996*ompal_gupta@yahoo.co.in*-
18*ER. I.P. SINGH*Professor*ME*Ph.d*9050363639*ips234@gmail.com*-
19*ER. MOHAN SHARMA*LECTURER*ME*B.Tech., M.Tech* *9729377420*mohanshandilya297@yahoo.com*1-5311267
20*ER. NAVEEN RATHI*LECTURER*ME*B.Tech., M.Tech* *9467005500*er.naveenrathi@gmail.com*1-5311797
21*ER. VIKAS SHARMA*LECTURER*ME*B.Tech.,*9034743279*mechevikas@gmail.com*-
22*ER. ANUP GUPTA *LECTURER*ME*B.Tech., M.Tech* *9996258339*avanupverma@gmail.com*-
23*ER. SHRI RAM SHARMA *LECTURER*ME*B.Tech.*9755643406*shriram631@gmail.com*-
24*ER.DEEPAK SINGLA *LECTURER*ME*B.Tech.*9812012321*singla15@yahoo.co.in*
25*ER. AHISH BIST*LECTURER*ME*B.Tech.*9992524769*ashishbist16@gmail.com*
27*DR. RAJESH KUMAR*AP *CHEM*Ph.D. M.Sc.*9050027584*dhullrajesh79@gmail.com*1-5106089
28*MS. ANU DHAWAN*LECTURER*CHEM*M.Sc.*9416766649*annu.october@gmail.com*1-5125354
29*MR. JABRINDER SINGH*LECTURER*EVS*M.Sc. Ph.D**9812428464*jschahar@gmail.com*1-5125249
30*MR. S.B. BHARDWAJ*LECTURER*PHY*M.Sc. M.Phil*9254460300*sbnitk@yahoo.com *1-5125244
31*MS. MANISHA MOUDGIL*LECTURER*PHY*M.Sc. M.Phil*9729027439*manishapathania2000 @gmail.com*1-5125359
32*MS. PANKAJ VASHISHT*LECTURER*PHY*M.Sc.*9466718800*pankajvashist@gmail.com *1-5125424
33*MS. ANSHU DHIMAN*LECTURER*ENG*M.A. M.Phil *9896569616*anshu11_3@yahoo.com *1-32289647
34*MS. MEENU GUPTA*SR. LECTURER*MATHS*M.Phil B.Ed. M.Sc*9896724633*meenugupta0@gmail.com*1-5125429
35*MS. PARMOD RANI*LECTURER*MATHS*M.Sc. *9896489548*parmodchugh@gmail.com *1-5125544
36*MR. NAVEEN RAI*ASSOC. PROF.*MBA*MBA, Ph.D* *9416655034*rai.naveen@gmail.com*1-5312002
37*MR. RAJEEV KUMAR*ASSTT. PROF.*MBA*MBA, Ph.D* *9255591962*rpsirohi@gmail.com*-
38*MS. VEENU DHINGRA*LECTURER*MBA*MBA *9729735642*dhingra1991@yahoo.co.in*1-5312007
39*MR. KRISHAN KUMAR*LECTURER*MBA*MBA*9466467679*kundukrishan@yahoo.com*1-5328102


Sr. No.*Name*Designation*Contacts No.*E-mail ID
1.*Mr. Ravi Parkash*Dy. Registrar* *-
2.*Mr. R.G.Sahai*Office Supdt.*9416563572*-
3.*Mr.Amit Bhalla*Computer Operator*9034328829*amitbhalla99@gmail.com
4.*Ms. Ritu Bansal *Steno Typist* *
5.*Mr. Anshul Khera*Account Astt.*9729136430*anshikhera@yahoomail.com
6.*Mr. Akash Bhatnagar*Supervisor/Dak Runner*9996408372*-
7. *Ms. Nitu*Receptionist*9896257141*neetutaneja86@gmail.com
8. *Ms. Neelam*Photostat Operator*9992829591*-
9. *Mr. Deepak Mehta*Store Incharge*9467619005*deepak_anu@rediff.com
10. *Mr. Baldev Kumar*Librarian*9996613373*baldev.arya76@gmail.com
11. *Mr. Gurnam Singh*Asstt. Library*9729642131*gurnam.singh24@yahoo.co.in
12. *Ms. Santosh*Lib. Asstt.*8950326463*priya_arora2009@rediffmail.com
13. *Mr. Naresh Kumar*D.E.O*9034948386*nkshrohi126@gmail.com
14. *Mr. Vijay Kumar*Photostat Operator*9896744516*vkumar736@gmail.com
15. *Mr. Balwinder Kumar*Lib. Attendant*9416190927*balvinderkumar786@gmail.com
16. *Ms. Sunita Rani*Lab Technician*9416892286*sunita02m@gmail.com
17. *Mr. Ashok Kumar*Lab Technician*9416726390*ashokmachhal@gmail.com
18. *Mr. Sumit Kumar*Lab. Attendant *9996213637*kaitsumit@gmail.com
19. *Mr. Chandan Ram*Lab Technician*9068213716*chandan0947568042@gmail.com
20. *Mr. Surender Singh *Lab. Attendant *9996438734*surrender.badgujjra@gmail.com
21. *Mr. Sumit Chabra*Lab Technician*9992801122*chhadra12345@gmail.com
22. *Mr. Kuldeep*Lab Technician*9467190198*jr.tanwar88@gmailcom
23. *Mr. Manoj Dhiman*Lab Technician*9034333601*er.manoj.dhiman@gmail.com
24. *Mr. Shakti Sharma*Supervisor*9992208490*-
25. *Mr. Kitab Singh*Lab Technician*9729796852*-
26.*Mr. Gopal Dutt*Lab Technician*9729784206*-
27. *Mr. Kashmir Singh*Lab Technician*9812144507*-
28. *Mr. Anil Kumar*Lab Technician*9466652355*ak83936@gmail.com
29. *Mr. Raman Rohilla*Lab Technician*9017550882*rohilla31@gmail.com
30. *Mr. Krishan Kumar*Welder*9813316063*krish_chand77@yahoo.com
31. *Mr. Gourav Singh*Attendant*9896065821*-
32. *Mr. Gurvinder Singh*Attendant*9050440394*-
33. *Ms Sheetal*Lab Technician*9992396103*sheetal16chugh@gmail.com
34. *Mr. Anil Kumar*Electrician

List of Library Staff Members
Sr.no.*Name*Designation*Contacts No.*E-mail ID
1. *Mr. Baldev Kumar*Librarian*09996613373*baldev.arya76@gmail.com
2. *Mr. Gurnam Singh*Asstt. Librarian*09354462686*gurnam.singh@yahoo.com
3.*Ms. Santosh*Library Assist. (Computer)*09253730766*priya_arora2009@redifmail.com
4.*Mr. Naresh Kumar*Data Entry Operator*09728655570*nk_sirohi@rediffmail.com
5.*Mr. Balwinder Singh*Library Attendant*09416190927*bsmalik786@gmail.com
6.*Mr. Vijay Kumar*Photostat Operator*09416886559*vkumar736@gmail.com

Sr.No*Name*Designation*Contacts No.*E-mail ID
1 *Mr. R.G. Sahai*Deputy Registrar*9416563572*
2 *Mr. Amit Bhalla*Computer Operator*9416984589*amitbhalla99@gmail.com

3 *Mr. Anshul Khera*Accounts Assistant*9034230678*anshikhera@yahoo.com
4*Ms. Neetu *Receptionist*9896257141*neetutaneja86@gmail.com
5 *Mr. Deepak Mehta*Store Incharge*9467619005*deepakanu123@rediffmail.com

6 *Mr. Akash Bhatnagar*Supervisor*9996408372*
7. *Ms. Neelam*Photostat Operator *9992829591*

Library is the heart of any institution. HIET has a fully air-conditioned digital library with the seating capacity for more than 100 students. The library is fully computerized and has 20 computers equipped with all other peripheral devices like laser printers, scanners and barcode reader etc. It has very good collection of print as well as electronic resources. It has around 8000 books of more than 1750 titles and 90 journals and magazines. The library also has around 200 expert lecture CDs. It has also subscribed to e-journal Science Direct for encouraging research among faculty members. Book bank facility is also available to all the students. Highly qualified and trained professionals manage the library. All the good educational institutes can be recognized by having a glance at their bookshelves.

Profile of Librarian Baldev K. Arya
M. Lib. and Inf. Sc., M. Phil, M.A. (Pub. Adm.)
Experience: 10 Years
Conferences/ Research Publications:
International: 1 National: 2
Seminar: 2 Paper: 2

The college has 4 hostels ( one for girls and 3 for boys). Separate mess and canteen facilities are available for boys and girls. The hostel provides safe and comfortable accommodation to boys and girls separately with modern amenities like desert coolers, geysers, water coolers attached with aqua guards, color televisions, indoor and outdoor games, gymnasium, telephone, internet facility and medical facility. The desert cooler, one mattress with pillow for each student is provided.

The athletic meet is also held annually in the month of March in the College Cricket Ground. Three have been held so far, the first one was in March 2008. The fourth will now be held in March 2009. Last year about 200 Students, 30 girls among them have participated in the following events
Long Jump
High Jump
100 M/200 M/ 400M races
Javelin Throw
Discuss Throw
Shot Put
Slow Cycling

The winners (I, II, III) in each event were given medals on the spot while the Best Athletes (Boys/Girls) were honoured in the Annual Founder Day Function of the college. The Athletic Meet has now become a regular feature of the college to in still competitive spirit and social interaction among the students hailing from different regions of the Northern India.


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