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Indus International University (IIU) Bathu, Una, Himachal Pradesh


Indus International University (IIU) Bathu, Una, Himachal Pradesh
Address:Bathu Village
Una (District Una)
Himachal Pradesh, India

Indus International University (IIU) Bathu, Una Himachal Pradesh is a University recognised by UGC. Status: Private University. Indus International University (IIU) Bathu, Una Himachal Pradesh is managed by Society: Kartha Education Society (Mumbai). Indus International University (IIU) Bathu, Una Himachal Pradesh was established on / in September 2009.

Indus International University (IIU) Bathu is situated in Una of Himachal Pradesh state (Province) in India. This data has been provided by www.punjabcolleges.com. Una comes under Haroli Tehsil, Una District.

Mobile No(s) of concerned persons at Indus International University (IIU) Bathu, Una Himachal Pradesh are +91-93187-97101, 93187-97102, 93187-97103.

email ID(s) is Indus International University (IIU) Bathu Una Himachal Pradesh

Website of Indus International University (IIU) Bathu, Una Himachal Pradesh is www.iiuedu.in.

General Secretary : John Neelankavil.
Chancellor : Mr Sudhir Kartha, CEO (WINC).
Vice Chancellor : Dr. Ms Tapti Roy (England) since April 2010.

Contact Details of Indus International University (IIU) Bathu, Una Himachal Pradesh are : +91 9318797101/2/3
email id : info@iiu.edu.in (probably not working)
SMS 'IIU' to 56677 for more details

VPO Bathu, approximately 5 kms from the town of Tahliwal in Una district

VC Ms Tapti Roy studied at Modern High School for Girls, Kolkata. She had been the editor of The Asian Age. She is from Cambridge, United Kingdom.

Mr Varun Sharma, M.Tech (Kurukshetra University), Lecturer in Instrumentation, appeared in Ph.D. entrance exam of SLIET, Longowal on 26.06.2011. His mobile no. is 94181-91194

News item of 20.09.2010 related to Mr Sudhir Kartha, Chancellor, Indus University
Branch campuses forced to move out of Dubai
20 September 2010, 7:42 PM
Some branch campuses in Dubai have had to shut operations and relocate to another emirate as they did not meet the requirements of the education authority.

The International Institute for Technology and Management (IITM) and Mahatma Gandhi University (MGU) that were located in Dubai Knowledge Village have had to shift to Ras Al Khaimah because they did not meet the University Quality Assurance International Board (UQAIB) models developed for university branch campuses operating in Dubai.

Another higher education institution, European University College in Dubai has discontinued its programmes in Dubai due to a restructuring at the home campus in Brussels. UQAIB was set up in 2008 to regulate the quality of branch universities being set up at Dubai�s 
free zones.

The body that works under the Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA) began reviewing 28 campuses in Dubai based on guidelines that ensure that the standards at the branch are at par with the parent university. It does not accredit these universities, but based on a quality assurance procedure recommends them for education permits issued by the Regulations and Compliance Commission (RCC) for legal operation in Dubai.

Now, the two universities no longer feature on KHDA�s website. In April, Professor Roger Field, UQAIB member had told Khaleej Times that two institutes did not meet the requirements and were no longer operating within Dubai.

Mohammed Darwish, Chief of RCC said: �IITM had chosen to move out of Dubai as they didn�t fit the 
UQAIB model.� The campus which was offering the University of London�s external programme with courses from the London School of Economics in Dubai is now operating as the Western International College (WINC) in Ras Al Khaimah. More than 200 students were enrolled at IITM, Dubai, of which 150 will be continuing at the RAK campus.

It will be running the same courses that are affiliated to the University of London, and students will be awarded the same international degrees, according to Sudhir Kartha, college 

�Early this year, UQAIB informed us that IITM did not fit their branch campus model which was required to operate as a Higher Education provider out of the free zone in Dubai,� Kartha, said.

He said that IITM functioned on a different model that �did not fit the definition of a branch campus. Prestigious institutions like LSE are unitary campus institutions and, in spite of the academic rigour of our programmes we could never have qualified as a branch campus,� Kartha added.

At WINC, the academic material and lecture sessions are handled by the campus, the assessment is conducted by LSE and students take the examinations at The British Council centres in the country. All three centers have a different fee structure that students need to pay.

At MGU more than 300 students will have to relocate to the new building in RAK free zone. An enquiry revealed that the university is still attending calls for enrollments at its Dubai office but will be shifting by the end of the month to the new campus.

UAE is the largest importer of International Branch Campuses (IBC�s) in the world.

Many foreign universities have set up base in the country�s free zones due to the favourable operating environment. Universities that want to open in the RAK free zone have to undergo a review process but there are no set regulations for the campuses, yet. The rise in the number of IBCs has fueled a debate on the standards and need for tougher regulations of branch universities. In a recent policy brief to the Dubai School of Government, Jason E Lane from the State University of New York at Albany said the importation of foreign education providers has resulted in dual quality assurance mechanisms at the federal and local level and a significant duplication of degree offerings, regulation confusion and concerns about quality of some programmes.


Indus International University (IIU) Bathu, Una Himachal Pradesh runs course(s) in Medical, Engineering stream(s).

Profile of Indus International University (IIU) Bathu

About IIU
IIU has been established by the Indus International University (Establishment and Regulation) Act,2009, with the right to confer degree as per sections 2f and 22 of the UGC Act 1956. IIU is sponsored by Kartha Education Society (Mumbai) with its mission being to provide quality education and research opportunities in under represented areas which havent been served by the traditional public universities. Kartha Education Society (Mumbai) has been active in the field of education having run colleges, schools and other institutions for the past 15 years. IIU has been set up as a non profit institution with its primary objective being to provide access to educational opportunities in various subject areas to students in rural india wherein students traditionally have had to travel to the other cities wherein the major public universities have been housed.

From the office of the Chancellor Sh Sudhir Kartha
Welcome to Indus International University (IIU)!
Our university is committed to offering a world class university education to our students and thereby contribute to the development of not only the student but also to the economic development of Himachal Pradesh. IIUs commitment to excellence is demonstrated not only in its classrooms, libraries and labs, but also through its extra curricular and community related activities. IIU is committed to providing a well rounded education to its students and providing quality sporting and extra curricular infrastructure remains a top priority. This commitment is reflected in our mission and vision statements I invite you to explore the Indus International University through our web site and to visit our picturesque campus in Una,Himachal Pradesh. You will discover that the University is a young university founded on strong principles offering world class education at a great price. You will find evidence that teaching and learning are top university priorities.

Im sure you will agree with our University motto.Creating futures, Changing Lives

Vision and Mission
Vision Statement
The Indus International University will be recognized nationally and internationally as a leader in providing innovative educational opportunities for learners within the global society.

Mission Statement
The Mission of the Indus International University is to provide a high quality, contemporary world class undergraduate and post graduate education to its students and produce graduates who will be well prepared for a globally interdependent but culturally diverse society and be leaders in their respective professions

Sponsoring body – Kartha Education Society
IIU is supported by Kartha Education Society, a not for profit society which has been active in the field of education having run colleges, schools and other educational institutions for the past 15 years.

Kartha Education Society (KES Group)
IIU is supported by Kartha Education Society, a not for profit society which has been active in the field of education having run colleges, schools and other educational institutions for the past 15 years. KES Group was set up in 1994 by Mr. Sudhir Kartha and a team of able and eminent educationists working in academia for the express purpose of providing meaningful learning opportunities to students in different parts of the world to earn accredited degree qualifications at the undergraduate and post graduate level from US and UK universities of repute. KES Group has since then worked to set up institutions in UAE and India to further its mission of providing quality international educational opportunities in India and abroad.

Why IIU?
* Dual degree option with International University.
* Integrated programme option available.
* International curriculum modelled on US University System.
* Credit based system, allowing tranferability.
* Articulation / Transfer agreements with international universities.
* International or domestic internships/Field Placements based on merit.
* Electronic library access.
* Wifi enabled campus.
* Sports facilities of international echelon.

Indus International University Recognition Status
IIU has been established by the Indus International University (Establishment and Regulation) Act,2009 of the Government of Himachal Pradesh India. Indus International University is therefore a government recognized University with the right to confer degrees as per the sections 2f and 22(1) of the UGC Act, 1956.

IIU Campus
The IIU Campus is situated in VPO Bathu, approximately 5 kms from the town of Tahliwal in Una district. Una is accessible both by road as well as train f.The campus is located in a green area with scenic views of the surrounding hills and town of Nangal in Punjab.The campus is strategically located close to the Himachal Pradesh- Punjab border and is only a short bus ride away from Punjab towns like Nangal, Ropar, Anandpur Sahib, Nawanshahr, Hoshiarpur, Garhshanker and Jalandhar. The location also ensures easy access from most towns in Himachal Pradesh.

The first phase of operations on the campus has seen a built up area provision of approximately 160,000 sq feet spread over 7 blocks. The fully operational campus will house over
* 45 state of the art classrooms
* Engineering and Science laboratories
* Fully networked computer labs
* An 18,000 square feet library
* Administrative office areas
* Individual offices for faculty members
* A 250 seater indoor auditorium
* Student indoor play area with provision for games like badminton and basketball
* Outdoor playground
* Designated parking for staff and visitors
* An in built mini hotel with catering facilities for the Hospitality school

The entire campus is Wi-Fi enabled and will therefore enable Internet access from all parts of the campus

The IIU Campus is situated in VPO Bathu, approximately 5 kms from the town of Tahliwal in Una district. Una is accessible both by road as well as train. The campus is located in a green area with scenic views of the surrounding hills and town of Nangal in Punjab. The location ensures easy access from most towns in Himachal Pradesh. Area of Indus International University Library is 18,000 square feet with online access to journals, catalogs and other libraries throughout the world.

School of Science, Engineering and Technology (SSET)
The engineering program at Indus International University is an innovative program that blends the best international educational practices with the methods used by the finest institutions in the South Asian region and conforms with all requirements as prescribed by regulatory bodies in India. IIU faculty members have designed the engineering program to meet the needs of the regions future; the programs also satisfy the requirements currently in force internationally.

IIU engineering students acquire technical knowledge and develop engineering skills; moreover, the program helps to transform a secondary school graduate into a mature and discerning professional. English fluency is a necessary condition for success in a global economy. Therefore, to help develop fluency, all instruction is conducted in English. We live in a global society. Therefore, many, perhaps most, graduates will work in an international environment. Global awareness and cultural sensitivity are therefore also important characteristics of the IIU graduate.

The engineering program emphasizes learning the effective use of technology, information resources, engineering tools, and reasoning. The program also aims to instill leadership qualities that are anchored in moral and ethical principles. In short, the programs aim is to help the student develop as a professional who can reach his or her full potential. We believe that the most important characteristics of the IIU engineering graduate include:
* Communication skills, both written and oral
* Mastery of technology, coupled with discerning judgment
* Leadership qualities, management and team skills
* Analysis, synthesis and design skills
* Ability to work in an international and multi cultural setting
* Excellent judgment and a strong ethical foundation

How does an IIU engineering education differ from that of other institutions in the region? Here are a few differences:
* Emphasis on hands-on laboratory work
* Project, studio, and group-based active learning
* Outstanding commercial grade laboratory equipment
* Close supervision and interaction with professional engineering faculty
* Preparation for global practice through development of cultural and communication skills.

Many students view engineering as a science. During their years in school, they begin to realize that while engineering is based on the sciences and math, these are not the most critical components of an engineering education. Instead, the most important skill that students develop is the exercise of systematic and logical thinking, coupled with a focus on goals, concern for quality, reliability and safety.
The following lists the various IIU programs offered by the School. However, words and pictures can only suggest what we are like. To see for yourself, please pay us a visit.

School of Business and Management (SBM)
The School of Business and Management at Indus International University(IIU) strives to provide high-quality, contemporary internationally styled business education. The school serves the needs of students throughout the region by offering programs that provide local and global perspectives, promote critical thinking and develop effective communication skills.

As a part of this mission, the faculty members engage in applied, integrative and pedagogical scholarship. Todays effective business professional must have competence in many disciplines, an understanding of a variety of relationships and the ability to analyze evolving business, economic and governmental trends.

Regardless of the specialty area, School of Business and Management students must be effective leaders who can organize and motivate groups to serve the goals of their organizations. Effectively adapting business practices to emerging conditions, such as the accelerating growth of technology, communications and the internationalization of the business world, demands a thorough grasp of current business and economic processes, theory and applications.

Through its pedagogy, the School of Business and Management:
* Prepares individuals to identify, analyze and understand the interrelationships among business organizations and international, governmental and domestic institutions in India, Asia and throughout the world
* Develops individuals who can ethically lead organizations toward economic success and social and environmental responsibility in the Indian and global marketplace of the 21st century
* Prepares individuals to integrate information resources and technology to enable them to anticipate and manage change
* Advances students knowledge of issues and practices affecting business organizations, international and domestic institutions, and governments
* Develops an awareness of societal and environmental needs and concerns as they relate to ethical, professional and socially responsible business practices

Furthermore, the School of Business and Management provides its students with a solid core business education that emphasizes the following teaching methodologies:
* Utilizing the latest globally adopted business methods, techniques and technologies to provide cutting-edge business education
* Integrating multidisciplinary approaches to teaching and learning, utilizing the latest business and economic theories coupled with real-world business data analysis and presentations
* Integrating multimedia and computer based instruction throughout the foundation business curriculum to assist students in learning the latest techniques in business and management

School of Arts, Media and Education (SAME)
SAME is one of the largest and most diverse Schools made up of three subject groups: Art and Design, Cultural and Creative Studies and Education. The school proposes offering an exciting and comprehensive portfolio of academic and professional development courses catering for undergraduate, postgraduate or professional student needs.

Our highly committed staff teams are dedicated to ensuring that students achieve and surpass their personal and professional goals. While studying with us, they will be able to enjoy a supportive and flexible learning environment designed to cater for the requirements of undergraduate and postgraduate learners.

The school proposes offering programs in Journalism, media, advertising, interior and graphic design and education .Although the school will initially offer programs in the Media area,other programs are expected to be rolled out within the next couple of years

In addition to this, all of SAMEs critical, creative and professional programs of study incorporate opportunities to expand or enhance work-related experience, providing students with the knowledge and skills necessary to succeed in the students career of choice. Note: In all cases students are required to have at least 50% aggregate marks in the qualifying board or degree examination. Students who do not meet standard entry requirements and/ or English language requirements may be required to complete a remedial / foundation program before commencing studies on their program of choice. Please talk to an IIU admissions counsellor for more information on these programs

Remedial and Foundation Programs
IIU is committed to providing its students with the best possible opportunity to benefit from the education imparted in the IIU classrooms. All instruction at IIU is conducted in English. It is therefore imperative that students need to possess adequate English language and Mathematical skills to benefit from the classroom experience. To this end, all entering students are required to take a Placement test in English and Math on which passing scores are required to be obtained by all students. Students who are unable to attain the requisite levels are offered remedial courses in English and / or Mathematics. These courses are normally offered free of cost in the first semester of studies at IIU. IIU is also committed to widening access to students and firmly believes that every student must be given an opportunity to pursue the program of his / her choice. The IIU Foundation program provides an Intensive one semester foundation program for those students who score below the prescribed threshold percentage of 50% marks on the qualifying exam prior to commencing studies at IIU i.e Final year of the Bachelor degree program for entering postgraduate students and Grade 12 exams for entering undergraduates. This program is chargeable and is required to be completed before attempting regular coursework

Both the remedial and foundation programs are so designed that students are still able to complete their degree programs within the prescribed minimum time duration. This is achieved by taking classes during the Summer semester(s)

* Wi-Fi Campus
* Canteen
* Transportation
* First Aid
* Library
* Sports
* Student Center
* Common Room
* Play Ground
* Auditorium


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Administrative Staff (Indus International University (IIU) Bathu)
Job Vacancy: 26th January, 2015
Administrative Staff

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Asstt Professor in Hotel Management (Job Vacancy)

Media coverage of Indus International University (IIU) Bathu, Una Himachal Pradesh, Himachal Pradesh

More about Kartha Education Society Mumbai

The long term mission of THINC is to offer students based in South Asia, the Middle East and Africa the opportunity to earn accredited qualifications without having to leave their home countries and at a cost that is a fraction of that involved in travelling abroad to do so. A subsidiary of the Kartha Education Society (KES) a group of institutions that has been a pioneer in providing practical, career-oriented education to both traditional and adult students in the Middle East and South Asia with institutions such as the Emirates College for Management and Information Technology, EmCenter, CMIT Education Consultants and the Indian Excellent School in Sharjah under its flagship, The International College has its Middle East regional office in the Sharjah Airport Free Zone and a Marketing Office in Dubai with another regional office in Mumbai (India)

Contact Information:
Ms. Chitra Chowdhri
Program Counsellor
THINC Online Programmes
P.O.Box 9612, SAIF Zone, UAE
Ph: 2976658/57

CEO SN Kulkarni announces 50 acre campus

Pvt varsity at Una to be named INDUS
Prof SN Kulkarni, director and CEO of the Mumbai-based Kartha Education Society Group, has said the private university to be set up in Una district will be named as INDUS university. Taking to The Tribune, he said initially the group would set up a campus in an area of about 50 acres that would be further extended by 50 acres.

The state government has issued a letter of intent to the group to set a university in the district of Himachal Pradesh.

He said this group was already active in Dubai and rest of the UAE where it runs collaborative programmes with leading universities from the UK and the USA, including the Universities of London, Wales and Bolton. He said university at Una would introduce engineering, energy, medical, dental, pharmacy, mass communication, biotechnology and management faculties to students. He said 25 per cent seats would be reserved for students of the district while another 25 per cent seats would be reserved for Una and the surrounding areas of Punjab also.

Kulkarni said search for land was going on and site would be selected by the end of April and academic session with full-fledged building would start on September 5. He said Una would be made an educational hub.

Summary: Indus International University (IIU) Bathu, Una Himachal Pradesh website, mobile, contact address and approval / recognition details.