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Gujarat Forensic Sciences University (GFSU), Gandhinagar, Gujarat


Gujarat Forensic Sciences University (GFSU), Gandhinagar, Gujarat
Address:DFS Head Quarters, Sector 18-A
Near Police Bhavan
Gandhinagar (District Gandhinagar)
Gujarat, India
Pin Code : 382007

Gujarat Forensic Sciences University (GFSU), Gandhinagar Gujarat is a University recognised by UGC.
Gujarat Forensic Sciences University (GFSU) is situated in Gandhinagar of Gujarat state (Province) in India. This data has been provided by www.punjabcolleges.com. Gandhinagar comes under Gandhinagar Tehsil, Gandhinagar District.

Fax # of Gujarat Forensic Sciences University (GFSU), Gandhinagar Gujarat is Fax: +91-79-23256251.

Contact Person(s) of the Gujarat Forensic Sciences University (GFSU), Gandhinagar Gujarat is (are): Prof. Y. K. Agrawal, Director, Ph.: +91-79-23256365.

Mobile No(s) of concerned persons at Gujarat Forensic Sciences University (GFSU), Gandhinagar Gujarat are 9223535301, 9223535302, 9225548601, 9428218848, 9978425121, 94296-01439.

email ID(s) is Gujarat Forensic Sciences University (GFSU) Gandhinagar Gujarat

Website of Gujarat Forensic Sciences University (GFSU), Gandhinagar Gujarat is www.gfsu.edu.in, www.asianlaws.org.

Contact Details of Gujarat Forensic Sciences University (GFSU), Gandhinagar Gujarat are : Phone 079-23977171/44/48/86
email: For M.Sc. Forensic Odontology (info.odontology@gmail.com
For Post Basic Diploma Forensic Nursing (drrajeshbaba.babu@gmail.com)

Dr. M. S. Dahiya, I/C Director
Institute of Forensic Science, Ph.: +91-79-23256371, 65735518 Fax: + 91-79-23256270
E-mail: dir_fs@gfsu.edu.in

Dr. S. L. Vaya, I/C Director
Institute of Behavioral Science, Ph.: +91-79-23256261, 23256260, E-mail: dir_bs@gfsu.edu.in

Shri Mehul K. Dave, Registrar, GFSU
Ph.: +91-79-23256265, E-mail: registrar@gfsu.edu.in
Mr. Kumar Shah, I/C PRO, Ph.: +91-79-23256273, Mobile:+919099955001, E-mail: pro@gfsu.edu.in


M.Sc. Forensic Odontology (2 years) approved by Dept of Health and Family Welfare, Govt of Gujarat and State Dental Council
Post Basic Diploma Forensic Nursing (1 year) approved by Dept of Health and FW, Govt of Gujarat and Indian Nursing Council

M.Sc.(Forensic Science), MS (Forensic Nanotechnology), Ph.D., PG Diploma in Forensic Psychology


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About Us

The Government of Gujarat has established super specialized University which is unique and first of its kind in the world for conducting regular/online Degree/Diploma/Certificate courses in the field of Forensic Science, Behavioral Science, Criminology and other allied areas. It is situated at Gandhinagar, the capital of Gujarat, which is a vibrant, industrious, safe & business friendly state. It is being set up on a piece of land adjoining to the existing Directorate of Forensic Science building at Gandhinagar, a linked city with Ahmedabad. Ahmedabad is a major city of Gujarat and is also an industrial and educational hub having esteemed institutes as IIM, IIT, NID, NIFT & now GFSU. Ahmedabad and Gandhinagar are very well connected with other parts of the country and the world. The International Airport is hardly 20 kilometers away from the University.

One of the main objectives of the University is to create technically skilled manpower in the field of forensic science and behavioral science which is a need of the hour as presently many countries including India are facing acute shortage of such competent experts. This university aims to cater to the needs of various investigating and security agencies in addition to academic institutions.

Till the new university building becomes operational, the activities of the university will be carried out from the DFS premises, which is a state of the art forensic institute. The DFS is fully equipped with all advanced and latest technologies accredited by NABL/ISO-IEC 17025: 2005 for maintaining high quality standards. In addition to providing scientific support to State/Central investigating agencies including Central Bureau of Investigation, Narcotics Control Bureau, Directorate of Revenue Intelligence, Army Intelligence, Customs and Excise etc, the DFS also plays a major role in imparting training to the investigating officers, forensic experts and judicial officers of the country and also the neighboring countries like Nepal. The Psychology section of DFS is a recognized National Resource Centre by the Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of India. The DFS laboratory consists of sections like Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Ballistics, DNA finger printing, Toxicology, Psychology (Equipped with Polygraph, Narco Analysis, Brain-profiling, Psychological profiling), Blood Alcohol Analysis, Document Examination, Computer Forensics, Photography, Narcotics, Explosives, Latent Fingerprint, Wild Life Forensics, 30 nos. of Mobile Investigation vans for round the clock Crime Scene Management (with Tele-Forensic facility), 4 nos. of Cow meat testing mobile vans etc.


Gujarat Forensic Science University(FSU) conceived by Chief Minister Narendra Modi will start functioning from 1st of January next year with Rs 38 crore budget in Gandhinagar.

University will conduct several post graduate courses related to Science. Some courses that would be possibly offered on day one include Lie Detection, Brain Mapping, Narco Analysis, Firing Range, Bomb, Laptop's Mechanics.

FSU will produce skillful human resource to fight against terrorism scientifically. FSU will also offer PhD in Forensic Science. Some police officers are already waiting to enroll for PhD in FSU.

Gujarat government has allotted Rs 3 crore as of now. Government has also allotted 20,000 square meter land behind State Police headquarter building(Police Bhavan) in sector 18/A in Gandhinagar for FSU where a building will come up. Some foreign universities have already proposed tie-up with FSU.

Gujarat assembly had recently passed Gujarat Forensic Science University Bill-2008.

About Director General

Dr. J. M. Vyas
M.Sc. Ph.D. L.L.B.
Director General
Important Particulars

1. Awarded with the President's Police Medal for meritorious services in the field of crime investigation on the eve of Republic Day, 1997.
2. Was adjudged as the Best F.S.L. Director of the country and commendation certificate was awarded by the Hon'ble Dy. Prime Minister in the 15th All India Forensic Science Conference held in January - 2004 at Karnal (Haryana).
3. Awarded with Life time Achievement Award in the held of Forensic Chemistry by Amity University & AIMS Delhi in October - 08 in an international conference.
4. Excellence Award as the FSL Director of the country awarded by MHA, New Delhi in all India Forensic Science Conference 2009 held at Ahmedabad (Gujarat).
5. The Directorate of Forensic Science, Gandhinagar is a state of the art laboratory and helps central Govt. agencies like C.B.I., customs & excise, DRI, NCB etc. and other states also in the investigation of complexed crimes. This DFS is the only F.S.L. in the country to have all the technologies available for investigation of varieties of crimes. Some very sensitive cases referred to D.F.S. include Madhumita murder case, serial killing case, Telgi case, Anara Gupta CD case, Gutka king case, Nithari case, Terrorist case of Ajmer, VIP Security case etc.
6. Appointed as a member in High Power Expert Committee of DFS, MHA, Government of India.
7. Appointed as expert member in the committee formed by DFS, MHA, Govt. of India to look in to the technical/legal aspects involved in the investigation of Jasica Lal murder case.
8. Appointed as a Member of Advisory Committee on "Adulteration in Petroleum Products" by Govt. of Gujarat.
9. Acted as Chairman of the Committee for preparation of Manuals on Chemical Sciences i.e. Chemistry, Narcotics, Explosives & Toxicology formed by D.F.S., Home Ministry, Government of India.
10. Nominated as a member in Indian team for attending international symposium on Forensic Science organized by INTERPOL, France in 1995.
11. Selected & nominated as a member of Indian team to visit France for technological collaboration in 2004.
12. Attended International Symposium of Forensic Technology held at South Africa from 23rd to 27th April 07.
13. Acted as Member in a National Committee formed by NABL, Department of Science & Technology, Govt. of India for framing rules for the accreditation of Forensic Laboratories of the Country.
14. Appointed as Chairman of Purchase Committee formed for the purchase of equipments & accessories for National Institute of Occupational Health & other branches of I.C.M.R. in the country.
15. Acted as faculty member & observer for the training programme on analysis of precursor chemicals organized by U.N.D.C.P. New Delhi Branch at Gauhati, Assam.
16. Appointed as a member in High Level Expert Committee on Forensic Science formed by DFS, MHA, Delhi, Govt. of India. w.e.f.01/04/07.
17. Attended International Forensic Symposium held by Mexican Government at Cancun, Mexico from 20th April to 23rd April, 2009 as Guest Speaker and gave presentation on Forensic aspects of home made fire arms.

Research & Development Activities
Actively engaged in the research and development work. The following research papers have been presented/published in various Scientific Conferences/Journals...

1. Presented a research paper on 'Detection of Acetone by Vanillin Sulphuric Acid Reagent in Liquors' in the 2nd All India Forensic Scientific Conference (Gandhinagar).
2. Presented a research paper on "Spectro-Photometric Determination of Traces of Nitrite' in 5th All India Forensic Science Conference (Patna).
3. Presented a research paper on 'High Performance Liquid Chromatographic Analysis of Crude Opium ".
4. 'Analysis of Brown Sugar'' by H.P.L.C. in Indian Academy of Forensic Science Conference held at Calcutta in 1986.

Presented following papers at Sr. No. 5, 6 & 7 in the IIIrd Indo Pacific Congress on Legal Medicine and Forensic Sciences...

5. High Performance Liquid Chromatography of some Typical Brown Sugar street samples.
6. Scientific investigation of bomb explosions.
7. Trends in composition of Brown Sugar samples seized in Gujarat.
8. Presented a research paper on "Analysis of Street samples of Heroin by H.P.L.C. with Rapid Scan Detector" in All India Forensic Science Conference held at Lucknow.
9. Presented a research paper on "Quantitative Estimation of Methaqualone by G.C.M.S. with Sim Mode" in 9th National Conference of Society of Toxicology organized by N.I.O.H., Ahmedabad.
10. A research paper entitled 'Quantitative Estimation of Major Alkaloids in Gum Opium by H.P.L.C." Was published in a reputed Indian Journal of Forensic Science Society of India (July, 1990 issue).
11. A research paper on "A Skull / Face superimposition using Computer Graphics" was presented in a conference held at Auckland.
12. A research paper on "Headspace Gas Chromatographic Analysis of Volatile compounds mainly ethyl alcohol in large number of blood samples" was presented in 9th All India Forensic Science Conference held at Bhubneswar (Orissa).
13. "A Study of Methyl Parathion & its metabolic product by Luminescence Spectroscopy."
14. "Determination of Morphine in the street opium samples by Luminescence Spectroscopy".
15. "Frequency Distribution and Discrimination Probability of Phosphoglucomutase, Erythrocyte Acid phosphates, Esterase-E and Hapatoglobin in population of Gujarat State".
16. "Detection and determination in cases of human poisoning by High Performance Thin Layer Chromatography".
17. "Genetic Polymorphism of red cell phosphoglucomutase (PGM) sub types in Gujarat population".
18. "Determination of Naphthalene in Biological materials using U.V. and Fluorescence Spectroscopy".
19. A research paper on "Thermal Stability of Erythrocyte Acid Phosphates Enzyme' was presented in "SARC" Conference held at Patiala.
20. Wrote an article in C.B.I. Journal on "The Polygraph (Lie-Detector) Technique" in 1998.
21. Wrote an article in C.B.I. Journal on "Blood Examination".

Presented following papers in the XIII All India Forensic Science Conference held at Ahmedabad from November 9 to 11, 2001...

22. "A Computerized Method of Maintaining data of Licensed Firearms".
23. "Crime Scene investigation in cases of Building collapses during earthquake in Gujarat" - A report.
24. "Use of Glottogram in Forensic voice identification process".
25. "Analyzing recorded photographic images".
26. "Detection and Identification of RDX crystals by scanning electron microscopy'.
27. ''Measuring Experiential Knowledge in a Simulation Study and its Role for Forensic Investigations''.
28. 'Ivory Identification: A case study'.
29. 'A case study of Fake Kisan Vikash Patra'.
30. 'Determination of Blood Alcohol Levels using GCHS Method and Breath Analysis Method (Alco-Sensor IV)'.
31. 'Estimation of Uncertainty Measurement for Blood Alcohol Analysis using GC-HS Method'.
32. 'Studies on Lion nails using morph metric method'.
33. 'Poisonous Plant Kaner (Yellow Oleander)'.
34. 'Absolute Identity through Fingerprint'.

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