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TERI University, New Delhi, Delhi


TERI University, New Delhi, Delhi
Address: Plot / Street / Area
10, Institutional Area
Vasant Kunj
New Delhi (District New Delhi)
Delhi, India
Pin Code : 110070

TERI University, New Delhi Delhi is a University recognised by UGC.
TERI University is situated in New Delhi of Delhi state (Province) in India. This data has been provided by www.punjabcolleges.com. New Delhi comes under New Delhi Tehsil, New Delhi District.

Contact Person(s) of the TERI University, New Delhi Delhi is (are): Director General RK Pachauri.

email ID(s) is TERI University New Delhi Delhi

Website of TERI University, New Delhi Delhi is www.teriuniversity.ac.in.

Contact Details of TERI University, New Delhi Delhi are : 011-26122222


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Moving towards a sustainable future (TERI University)
News: 8th May, 2014
Moving towards a sustainable future

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Media coverage of TERI University, New Delhi Delhi, Delhi

Mega jump: Bengaluru set for the big league

Mega jump: Bengaluru set for the big league

The global city that Bengaluru is, looks poised to become a mega city in the next decade along the lines of international cities such as New York, Shanghai, Tokyo, Karachi and Dhaka among others, and Delhi, Mumbai and Kolkata in India.

By 2021, this city will join the league of mega cities of the world, with the highest population, not just in India but the globe.

A study by TERI University in New Delhi puts Bengaluru in the running to reach the 10 million population target and more before 2021, taking it to the level of a mega city in the near future.
With an estimated population in excess of 10 million in the next few years, the IT capital and also Hyderabad and Chennai are expected to grow in numbers.

According to the study, one of the authors being Prof P.K. Joshi of TERI University, these three cities (Hyderabad, Chennai and Bengaluru) will take the mega cities in India to a total of six, when India will have the highest concentration of mega cities in the world.

Bengaluru will follow Delhi, Mumbai and Kolkata that have already been tagged as mega cities, stated the study. Prof Joshi also highlights the fact that, This is a reiteration that the rate of urbanisation has increased over the last four decades in India. Such interactions will create an impact between the global environmental changes and the local environment of urban areas.

Along with the population increase, the concern is that the fastest growing urban areas in India including Bengaluru, are medium-sized cities.

This means that they face the challenges of significantly fewer resources to pour into the complex infrastructural, social and environmental issues associated with rapid urbanization. This will further add to the pressure of cities that are constantly developing.

The study, felt Prof Joshi, is important to understand the change as measurement and assessment of urban growth is essential for city-planners, economists, environmentalists, ecologists, resource managers and the government at large, emphasises the report.

Whats a mega city?

A mega city is defined by the United Nations as a metropolitan area with a total population of over 10 million people. Some definitions also set a minimum level of population density of at least 2,000 people per sq km.

A mega city can also be a single metropolitan area or two or more metropolitan areas that have grown to form one urban area.

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