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Panjab University, Chandigarh, Chandigarh


Panjab University, Chandigarh, Chandigarh
Address: Plot / Street / Area
Sector 14
Chandigarh (District Chandigarh)
Chandigarh, India
Pin Code : 160014

Panjab University, Chandigarh Chandigarh is a University recognised by UGC.
Principal of Panjab University, Chandigarh Chandigarh is Prof R C Sobti (Director).

Panjab University is situated in Chandigarh of Chandigarh state (Province) in India. This data has been provided by www.punjabcolleges.com. Chandigarh comes under Chandigarh Tehsil, Chandigarh District.

Fax # of Panjab University, Chandigarh Chandigarh is +91-172-2541022, 2783335.

Contact Person(s) of the Panjab University, Chandigarh Chandigarh is (are): Prof Madhu Raka, DUI.

Mobile No(s) of concerned persons at Panjab University, Chandigarh Chandigarh are +91-98100-99006, 96027-77029, 098280-18005, 9915100580.

email ID(s) is Panjab University Chandigarh Chandigarh

Website of Panjab University, Chandigarh Chandigarh is http://puchd.ac.in.

Vice Chancellor : RC Sobti (Mobile 09417044523) +91-172-2541945, 01882-236618, now Dr Arun Grover.

Contact Details of Panjab University, Chandigarh Chandigarh are : +91-172-2784156, 2534367, 2534380
email: regr@pu.ac.in, darpu@pu.ac.in, osscst@pu.ac.in
Prof Rajan Gaur
Controller Exams: Dr Parvinder Singh
Senate Member: Dr RPS Josh
Prof Ranbir Kaur, Law Dept Officiating HoD

Dept of Correspondence Courses: Enquiry 0172-2534302. Dr Devinder Singh (Professor & Chairperson) in August 2004.

Registrar: Registrar (He is also having additional charge of Controller of Exams) Telephone: +91-172-2541716.

Prof Sukhdev Singh Hundal, Senator Panjab University and President PCCTU
Ajaib Singh, Chairman, Joint admission Committee, M.Ed. 2010-11
Dean, Alumni Relations 0172-2541881, 2534575

Centre for IAS and other competitive examinations
Old Correspondence Courses Building, Behind SBI, Sector 14, Chandigarh
Honorary Director Prof Rajan Gaur, 0172-2784156, 2534367, 2534380

Dr Mohd Khalid, PUTA President and Fee Committee Member
Coordinator: Prof Raj K Gupta

Punjab University, DEPARTMENT OF PHYSICAL EDUCATION CHANDIGARH was established on / in 2005. It runs B.P.Ed. courses with 50 seats. Telephone: +91-172-541438, 534609. Fax # 0172-2544081. email id puphysical@rediffmail.com

Punjab University, Department of Law Chandigarh was established on / in 1947. It runs LLB course. Phone 2541577, 2534161
Central Placement Cell: 0172-2724414

TPO, UIAMS:9216411414, TPO, UIET:098888509778
Prof B S Sohi (O) 0172 2534087

University Instt. of Pharm. Sciences, (Formerly Deptt. of Pharmaceutical Sciences)
Contact Person: Dr. Karan Vasisht, kvasisht@hotmail.com


BA., B. Ed., BBA, B.Com

B.Pharma course (run by Punjab University Department Of Pharmaceutical Science CHANDIGARH)

* Ancient Indian History, Culture and Archeology
* Economics
* Gandhian Studies
* Geography
* Guru Nanak Sikh Studies
* History
* Library and Information Science
* Mass Communication
* Philosophy
* Political Science
* Psychology
* Public Administration
* Sociology
* Statistics
* Population Res. Center

Business and Management Commerce
* University Business School
* University Institute of Applied Management Sciences

Dairying, Animal Husbandry and Agriculture

Design and Fine Arts
* Fine Arts
* Indian Theater
* Music

* Education
* Physical Education

Engineering and Technology
* Chandugarh College of Engineering & Technology
* Department of Chemical Engineering and Technology
* University Institute of Engineering and Technology
* Swami Saravanand Giri Panjab University Regional Centre

* Chinese and Tibetan Languages
* Dayanand Chair for Vedic Studies
* Guru Ravidas Chair for Sant Sahitya Studies
* English
* Hindi
* German
* French
* Russian
* Punjabi Studies
* Urdu
* Sanskrit

* University Institute of Legal Studies
* Department of Laws

Pharmaceutical Science
Medical Science

* Anthropology
* Biochemistry
* Biophysics
* Biotechnology
* Botany
* Center for Environment and Vocational Studies
* Chemistry
* Computer Science and Applications
* Geology
* National Center for Human Genome Studies and Research
* Mathematics
* Microbiology
* Physics
* Statistics
* Zoology

Evening Studies
University School of Open Learning (formerly Dept. of Correspondence Studies)

Other departments
* Regional Center
* Center for Adult, Continuing Education & Extension
* IAS and Other Competitive Examinations
* Defence and National Security Studies
* Women's Studies and Development
* Energy Research Center
* Population Research Center
* Center for Swami Vivekananda Studies

Institute of Forensic Science & Criminology
M.Sc Course in Forensic Science & Criminology
(PU does not B.Sc. Forensic Science)

Profile of Panjab University

The University has been incorporated for the purposes, among others, of making provision for imparting education in Arts, Letters, Science and the learned professions and of furthering advancement of learning,the prosecution of original research, with power to appoint University Professors, Readers and Lecturers, to hold and manage educational endowments,to erect, equiv and maintain University colleges, libraries, laboratories and museums, to make regulations relating to the residence and conduct ofstudents and to do all such acts as tend to promote study and research

Dr. Ranbir Chander Sobti, Vice-Chancellor
Present Position : Vice Chancellor & Professor, Department of Biotechnology Panjab University, Chandigarh-160 014
Phone : 0172-2541945 (O), 2541523 (R)
Email : rcsobti@pu.ac.in; vc@pu.ac.in

Biographical information
Dr. Sobti has made pioneering basic contributions in cytogenetics and molecular genetics by characterizing various animal groups and the normal and diseased humans. His studies have shown chromosomal basis of identification of closely related species of various groups of animals particularly insects. He has made notable observations with respect to structural activity relationship profiles of a large number of suspect compounds and antimutagens, besides identifying human populations exposed to genotoxic chemical at place of their work. His studies have revealed that phosphatidic acid regulates mevalonate pathway. His recent notable observation is with respect to microbial biotransformation of ferurlic acid to vanillin, which has tremendous applications in food and beverage industries. He identified certain chromosomal markers helpful in the prognosis of CML, CLL and also aneamia. Dr. Sobti has been actively involved in cancer biology and has been focusing on finding out novel tumor markers for cancer detection. Dr. Sobti has also made excellent contributions in finding out relationship of various polymorphic forms of metabolic, DNA repair, cell cycle and immunomodulatory genes to know the comprehensive multiple gene based genotypes associated with the risk of upper aerodigestive tract, lung, bladder, cervix and prostate cancers in North Indian population. Polymorphisms in CYP1A1 (msp1, ile/val, pst1) and GSTM1 do not show any association with upper aerodigestive tract (UAT) cancer. However, an increased risk towards UAT cancer has been observed in bidi smokers having GSTM1 or GSTT1 null genotypes.

Most of the observations have been made for the first time some of which are new to the field as such and others on Indian population and the data are quite different from that wherever reported for other populations of the world. Polymorphism in CYP1A1 (msp1, ile/val, pst1) and GSTM1 do not show any association with upper aerodigestive tract (UAT) cancer. However, an increased risk towards UAT has been observed in bidi smokers having GSTM1 or GSTT1 null genotypes. The risk of oesophageal cancer increased with combined CYP1A1 (*1/*2A) and CYP2D6 (EM) genotypes. Same is the case with GSTT1 null and GSTP1 (exon 5 and 6) polymorphism genes. New mutations have been reported in p53 gene in North Indian population.

These include insertion of T in exon 6 at 13256 and that of A at 14376 in exon8. CYP1A2, SULT1A1, NAT2 and XRCC1 polymorphisms in relation to lung cancer in North Indian population have been studied for the first time. NAT2 (*5/wt/*5/*5) genotype in combination with other genotypes of CYP2D6 (EM/HEM) and p53 has shown elevated risk for lung cancer. The risk is further increased in case of smokers. An associative interaction between ERCC2 and CCDN1 genetic polymorphism for risk of lung cancer has also been reported for the first time. The GSTT1 null and CYP2D6 (HEM) alleles increase the risk of bladder cancer. The number of mutations in p53 gene has been found to be more in patients with combined genotypes of CYP2D6 (HEM), GSTM1 null and GSTT1 null alleles. This has been reported first time in India. There is no other report in the world rgarding the detection of single nucleotide polymorphism of the genes LIG1 (exon 6, AC), APE1 (ASP 148 Glu) IL-1b (-31, CT), IFN g (+874 A/A), IL 18 (-137, C/C) and NBS (-185 Gln/Gln) in patients with bladder cancer.

There is no other report about the expression of IL13, IFNg and IL18 for mRNA and protein levels as well as microsatellite of IFN-g in patients with bladder cancer. IL4 (70 bp repeat in VNTR in intron 3) gene polymorphism has also been detected for the first time in bladder cancer patients from India. The report regarding hypermethylation status of RB1, DAPK and CASP-8 in bladder cancer of Indian population is also new to literature. Polymorphisms in NBS1 (Glul/Glu*gln/gln), IL4, IL6, IL10, FAS and TAB a risk of cervix cancer in Indian population have been reported for the first time. Of these +874 of IFN g and TAP genotype has shown an increased risk for cervix cancer.

On the other hand APE1 148 ASP/Glu polymorphism decreased the risk of cervix cancer. The expression of IL18, IFNg genes and hypermethylation of p14 and p16 genes have not shown any difference in cervix carcinoma patients and healthy controls in North Indian population. The mutant genotype (A2/A2) of cyp17 significantly increased the risk of prostate cancer. CYP1B1 (leu/leu) genotype combined with PR (A2/A2 or A1/A2) is associated with the risk of prostate cancer. mEH 3 and mutant genotype of ER (+/-/-/-) and CYP17 (A1/A2/A2/A2) and HPC/ELAC2 (Leu/Leu) have also shown an increased risk of prostate cancer in the Indian population for the first time.

The role of TA repeats (TA 9/9) and PSA (G/G) genotype in the prostate cancer development has also been reported the first time. He has also detected the risk and protective genotype of COPD as well as CHD. Most of these observations have also made for the first time. These and other observations on animal molecular genetics/biology, human cytogenetics, environmental carcinogenesis have been published in international journals (Cancer Genetics and Cytogeneteics, Cell and Molecular Biochemistry, Mutation Research, Oncology Research Anticancer Research, Biomarker etc.). It is for the first time that certain mitochondrial gene sequences of termites and bruchids from India were submitted to gene bank and the Accession numbers for them have been obtained. Dr. Sobti has published more than 180 research papers and 40 students have obtained Ph.D degree under his direct supervision. He is a Fellow of The National Academy of Sciences, India, National Academy of Medical Sciences and International Union Against Cancer, Geneva.

*The claim of first time observations at International/National /North India level were verified from the internet when the observations were made.

Panjab University was established in 1882, at Lahore (now in Pakistan). After the partition in 1947, Panjab University functioned for almost a decade without a campus of its own. The administrative office of Panjab university was located at Solan and the teaching departments functioned from Delhi , Hoshiarpur, Jalandhar and Amritsar. The university was relocated at Chandigarh in 1956.

Panjab University is a residential cum affiliating university in the city of Chandigarh. It is among the most prestigious and oldest universities in India. Spread over an area of 550 acres in sectors 14 and 25 of the city, it has an array of teaching and research departments. It has more than 150 affiliated colleges/institutes spread over Punjab, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh and Chandigarh. Regional Centers of the university are located at Muktsar, Ludhiana, and Hoshiarpur.

About University
One of the oldest universities in India established in 1882 at Lahore (Pakistan). University was relocated to Chandigarh in 1956. Before 1966 the university had its regional centres at Rohtak, Shimla, Jalandhar.

Department of Education, Panjab
STD Code : 0172 Telephone No : 2534601
Fax No : 0172-2534601
Website : www.puchd.ac.in
e-Mail : education@pu.ac.in
Name of Society/Trust : Panjab University
Address of the Society/Trust : Sector 14, Chandigarh
Year of Establishment : 1963

Date of Submission : 25/08/2010, Wednesday 1:04 PM
Teacher Education Institution Registration Details
Reference ID : NCHCHDIN-2777
TAN. No : PTLP12829F

NACC Accredited : Yes
--NCTE NACC Grade : A*****
--Year of NACC Accredation : 2001
Minority : No
--Minorty Type : NA
--Religion : NA
--Language : NA
Location college/institution : Urban
Located in : institusional
Building Type : Its own campus
Total Area(Sq.Mts.) : 133586
Total Built up Area(Sq.Mts.) : 101325
Nature of land holding : Lease
Type of Land(Lease) : Private
Construction completed Date : 11/11/1962
Shared Campus Area : 888
Campus shared by : By Resolution
Khasra No./Plot No./Survey No. : NIL
Revenue Village of the land : NIL
Land is free from all encumbrances ? : Yes
Type of college/institution : Co-education college
Management of the college/institution : NA
Management of college/Institute :
Self Financed Course in University
Department/Contitutent Collage
Institution or its Managing society/body registered ? : Yes
Registration Act : Panjab University Act VII of 1947
No. of Non Teaching Staff(Male) : 7
No. of Non Teaching Staff(Female) : 6
No. of Non Teaching Staff(Total) : 13
Area of Reading Room(Sq.Mts.) : 3391
Seating Capacity : 580
Titles of Teacher Education(Library) : 5000
Books of Teacher Education : 12931
No.of Journals : 121
No of Encyclopedias(Library) : 40
Area of Lab : 594
No of Computers : 15
Internet Access ? : Yes
LAN : Yes
Availability of LCD Projector : Yes
Availability of OHP : Yes
Availability of TV : Yes
Availability of VCR : Yes
S.No. Name of the Test
1. Multi Dimensional A 30152ssessment of personality form
2. Multi Dimensional Assessment of Personality (c)
3. Eysenck’s Moudsely Personality Inventory (Eng. Version) H.J Eysenck.
4. Deo Mohan’s Achievement Motivation scale (Eng. Version) Prabha Deo/Asha Mahan
5. Moral Judgment Scale Durganand sinha
6.Rao’s Social Maturity Scale Nalini Ra
7. Style of l earning and thinking Vankata Raman
8. Adjustment I inventory for college students A.K.P Sinha
9. Adjustment Inventory for school student A.K.P Sinha1993
10. Teacher Adjustment Inventory (TAI) S.K. Mangal
11. Guidance needs Inventory J.S Grewal
12. Family Environment Scale Sanjay Vohra
13. P.G.I Health Questionnaire S.K. Verma/N.N Wig
14. Teaching Aptitude Scale (TAS) Psy- Com
15. The Group test of Intelligence Mrs. Pramila Ahuja
16. Job Satisfaction Scale Amar Singh/T.R. Sharma
17. Global Adjustment Scale (only manual) Adult Form Psycom
18. Global Adjustment Scale (only manual) Adult Form Psycom
19. Hand Book for M.A.P (only manual) Multi Dimensional Assessment of personality
20. Multi Dimensional Assessment form (only manual)
21. Leven Locus of Control Scale and Indian Leven/J.Bharatraj Adaptation (only manual)
22. Vine land social maturity Scale A.J Malin
23. Comprehensive Interest Schedule Sanjay Vohra
24. High School Personality Questionnaire complete set (H.S.P) Eng Version
25. Children Personality Questionnaire C.P.Q IPAT
26. Early School Personality Ques. E.S.P.Q IPAT
27. Eysenck Maudsely personality inventory M.P.I Eysenck’s Hindi Version
28. Jalota Ability Test Hindi Version Jalota
29. Teaching aptitude test Hindi Version Jai Parkash Srivastava
30. Socio Economic Status Scale Hindi Version Kapoor
31. Socio Economic Status Scale Hindi Version R.N. Singla
32. Chatterji’s Non Language Preference Chatterji Record (NIPR)
33. Scientific knowledge and Aptitude test Chatterji/Manjula
34. The Bohemtest of Basic concept Ann/Bohem
35. Raven Colured Progressive Matrics Raven’s36. Standard Progressive Matrics Raven
37. Weclster’s Adult performance intellilgence Prabha Rama lingasw
Prof. Asha Sethi38. Bender Gestoft test with design cards Lauretta Bender Manual of instructions, research
39. Anxiety Inventory Set 1 Charles Spielberge
40. State Trait Anxiety Inventory Form Y Charles Spielberge
41. State Trait Anxiety Inventory for children
42. Way of coping questionnaire
43. Mashacl Burnout Inventory
44. Diagonostic Spelling test NFER-NELSON45. Sentence Completion List Floyds Irvin46. Creativity Attitu de Suvey Charles Scheefer
47. How well do you know your interest John.H.Coleman
48. Group Intelligence test (manual) Prayag Mehta
49. Raven standard progressive matrics Raven 50. Career’s Decision Sc ale Introductory kit Samuel
51. Wechler’s Adult performance Scale Prabha Ramalinga
52. The Autistic Contum anassessment and Intervention schedule Mareen Aarons53. Development Screening test Bharat Raj54. Socio Economic status scale Gyanendra Srivastva
55. Eysenk personality questionnaire S.Gakhar Eysenk’s
56. Eysenk Madusley personality inventory (manual only H.J Eysenks
57. Scale for introversion Extaversion Dimension Psy.Com
58. Scale Traint Anxity test Psy. Com59. Si nha’s comprehensive anxity test(Eng.) A.K.P Sinha/L.N.K Sinha
60. Study Habit Inventory M.Mukhopadhayay61. Cri t’s career maturity 450F Nirmal Gupta
62. Parent child re lationship inventory Nalini Rao’s
63. Occupational stress index A.K Srivastava64. Work Motivation Questionnaire K.G.Aggarwal65. David’s Batt ery of differential Alb Mahay Kapoor
66. Problem solving ability test(Box) Hanfman
67 Draw a man test Pramila
68. Bhatia’s Battery of intelligence (Box) Bhatia69. Alexander Pass long test (4Boxes)
70. Koh’s Block Design test
71. Word association (purchased by) Asha Monan Sethi
72. Parent child relationship Nalini Rao
73. Occupational stress inventory Samual H. Osipow74. AH 1,2,3,4
,5,6 question Book A.W Heim
75. Measure of Guidance impart V.Simmonds76. AH2 and Y Group of general reasoning
77. AH5 Group test of General Intelligence
80. AH6 Group test of High Level intelligence
81. AH4 Group test of High Level intelligence.
82. Levenson’s Locus of Control scale
83. P.G.I Memory scale
84. Global Adjustment scale (student form)
85. Leven’s Locus of control Sanjay Vohra
86. V ineland social maturity scale A.J Malin
87. Hand book M.A.P Multi Dimensional form Psy.com88. Hand Book M.A.P Psy.com
89. Comprehensive interestschedule Sanjay Vohra
90. Group list of intelligence 13-17 G.C Ahuja
91. Embedded figure test
92. Locus of control
93. The general ability test occupational 1988 Edu.
94. Multi Dimensional self esteem inventory 1983,87,88
95. Anxiety inventory attitude in preliminary
96. Emotional problem scale 1989-91
97. Way coping questionnaire 1988
98. Carrere attitude straoger inventory 1992,93,94 John.H Halland
99. Psycho-Physiological state inventory 1990
100. Global adjustment scale 1994 (student firn) Psy.com
101. Sodhi’s attitude scale 1990
102. Personal values questionnaire 1971 R.P Sharma/G.P Sherry
103. D.S.T development screening test 1988
104. Emotional stability questionnaire 1995
105. Style of learning and thinking 1994
106. Draw a man test for Indian children 1987
107. Work Motivation questionnaire 1988
108. Cognitive ability test level A TO F 1988
109. Medico psychological questionnaire
110. Adjustment inventory for college students
111. Adjustment inventory for school students
112. Dev Mohan’s achievement Motivation scale
113. Occupational stress index
114. Teacher adjustment inventory
115. Guidance needs Inventory J.S Grewal
116. Work Motivation scale
117. Performance appraisal form employees
118. P.G.I memory scale
119. Organizational climate inventory
121. Scientific aptitude test battery
122. Self concept questionnaire (1992) Raj Kumar Sarswat
123. Bhatia’s Battery of performance (Eng. Version) K.K Aggarwal/Saroj Arora
124. L.A (Level of Aspiration as a Dimension of Ansari Personality
125. Cornet learning and study skill inventory
126. Creativity attitude
127. Sentence complex
128. Student Evaluation
129. Test of personality characteristics for teacher N.S Yadav
130. Well being scale
131. Emotional intelligence questionnaire Prof. Victor and Malcolm
132. Problem solving inventory Paul
133. Re ynolds’s adolescent depression scale William M. Reynold’s134. Study habit inventory N.S. Yadav135. Global Adjustment
scale student form Psy.com services
136. The emotional stability questionnaire Psy.com services
137. Raven’s colored progressive metrics
138. Specimen set Raven’s Apm. J.C.Raven’s
139. The multimensational self esteem inventory Edward J.O Brien
140. Vocational preference inventory John.L.Holland
141. Bell’s adjustment inventory Hugh.M.Bell142. The value scale
Dorthy Nevill143. Reynolds’s child depression scale William M. Reynolds’s
144. Cognitive behaviour roling scale J.Michvel William
145. The emotional problem scale Thampson
146. Differential aptitude test D.A.T completetest Dauglas C. Strohmer
147. Test of personality characteristic for teacherN.S.Yadav
148. British picture vocabulary scale Lloyd M. Dunn
149. Measure of psychological development Gwen A
150. How well do you know your self Thomson
151. Coping responses inventory
152. You can choose your own life Barbara kerr Davis
153. Emotional and Behaviour problem Elizabeth Monck154. Social skills training Susan. N. Spence
155. The Group Reading test II Nelson156. R oger personal adjustment inventory Patricia Jeffer
157. Early mathematic concept John
158. The mathematic attain ment test
159. Indian adaptation resourcing picture Udai Pareek frustration study

Name of Experiment(Psycho Lab) :
160. Raven’s Advance progressive Metrics (occupational John Raven’s
161. Wechur’s adult performance intelligence scale
162. T.A.T Indian adaptation set of cards
163. Personal adjustment Inventory P.A.I
164. Personal adjustment Inventory P.A.I
165. Conflictive thoughts Analysis Inventory (CTAI)
166. D.A.T
167. S.P.M 5 Booklets, manual
168. Chatterji’s Scientific Knowledge and aptitude test
169. Adjustment Inventory for college students
170. Mallin’s Intelligence Scale Indian Children (Box)
171. Multifactor Interest Questionnaire
172. Handbook of psychological and social instrument I,II
173. Handbook of psychological and social instruments complete series I,II,III
174. DAT form A English 100 response sheets of DAT(all 7 sub tests)
175. Alexander pass along(950 each) 8 sets
176. 16 PF complete set, form A,B clinical guide for 16 P.F.
177. Motivation Analysis test Complete Test
178. Jalota General Mental Ability test
179. Value scale Preview kit
180. Interpersonal style inventory
181. Dowry attitude Scale
182. Bisht battery of stress Abha Rani183. CIP Time perception scale K. Chadhuary, S.D. Sharma and S.K. Verma
184. Mangal Emotional Intelligence S. K. Mangal and Shubhra Mangal Inventory
185. Altruism Scale S.N. Rai and S. Singh
186. P.G.I General Well BeingS.K.Verma and Anita Verma Measure
187. Singh Psychological Hardiness Arun Kumar Singh Scale
188. Human memory experimental procedure
189. Test of higher mental ability in science
190. The group test of general mental ability
191. D.A.T Answer sheet (7set)
192. Eysenet Personality questionnaire
193. H.S.P.Q- 1 set answer sheet
16 PF- Answersheets, scoring CIS- Male/Female Manual D.A.T - 1 SET- All (7)

Name of Appratus(Psycho Lab) :
S.No. Name of Apparatus
1.Mirror Drawing apparatus (5)
2. Stop watches (10)
3.Memory apparatus (electronic) (4)
4.Memory Drum (electrical) (4)
Area of science Lab : NIL
Physical Science Name Experiment : NIL

Name of Charts(Physical Science) : NIL
Name Experiment(Biological Science) : NIL
Name Charts(Biological Science) : NIL
Name Model(Biological Science) : NIL
Area of Lab(Language Lab) : NIL

Name of Equipments(Language Lab) : NIL
Name of Charts(Language Lab) : NIL
Indoor Game Area : 136606
Badminton (Men and Women), ,Best Physique (Men and Women), Boxing (Men and Women), Chess (Men and Women)
Fencing (Men and Women)
Indoor Game(D.Ed/B.Ed./M.Ed.courses) : Gymnastics (Men and Women), Judo (Men and Women), Kabaddi (Men and Women), Power Lifting (Men and Women), Rhythmic Gymnastic (Men and Women), Table Tennis (Men and Women), Weight Lifting (Men and Women), Wrestling (Men and Women), Yoga (Men and Women), Squash (Men)
Outdoor Games(D.Ed/B.Ed./M.Ed.courses) : Archery (Men and Women), Athletics (Men and Women), Ball Badminton (Men and Women), Base Ball (Men and Women), Basket Ball (Men and Women), Cricket (Men and Women), Canoeing and Kayaking (Men and Women), Cycling (Road and Track) (Men and Women), Football (Men and Women), Handball (Men and Women), Hockey (Men and Women), Kabaddi (PS) (Men), Kho-Kho (Men and Women), Korfball (Men and Women), Netball (Men and Women), Rowing (Men and Women), Shooting (Men and Women), Softball (Men and Women), Swimming (Men and Women)
Tennis (Men and Women), Water Polo (Men), Yachting/Sailing (Men and Women)
Area of Outdoor Games : 4278000

Name and No. of Instruments(arts and carfts) : NIL
Name Charts(arts and carfts) : NIL
Name of Models(arts and carfts) : NIL
Name of Instruments(Health and Physical...) : NIL
No of Instruments(Health and Physical... ) : NIL
Name Charts(Mathematics Resource Center) : NIL
Name Model(Mathematics Resource Center) : NIL
Name of Instruments (Anatomy,Physiology... ) : NIL
Name of Charts (Anatomy,Physiology ...) : NIL
Name of Equipments(Atheletic Care) : NIL
Name of Charts(Atheletic Care) : NIL
Name and No. of Instrumernts(Cultural Facility) : NIL
Name and No. of Instruments(Athletics) : NIL
Size of Track(Athletics) : NIL
Indoor Games(C.P.Ed/B.P.Ed./M.P.Ed.courses) : NIL
Indoor Game[Area](C.P.Ed/B.P.Ed./M.P.Ed.courses) : NIL
Outdoor Games(C.P.Ed/B.P.Ed./M.P.Ed.courses) : NIL
Area of Alloted Outdoor Games : NIL
Gym Facility for Women : Yes
Area of Men Gym(sq.Mts.) : 10865
No of Stnations(men) : 27
Area of Women Gym : 10865
No of Stnations(women) : 12
Mode of Salary : Cheque
Salary Transfer(Faculty) : Current Account -lump sum
Account Details of Bank (Salary) : 1044972333
Date of Opening of Bank A/c : 01/04/2009
Opening Balance : 0
Fees : 0
Donation : 0
MISC : 0
Total Amount Receipts : 0
Expenditure Teacher Salary : 9612700
Expenditure Non Teacher Salary : 113080
Expenditure Library : 10000
Expenditure Laboratory : 47200
Expenditure Furniture : 68500
Expenditure Misc : 176000
Total Expenditure : 10027480
Balance of Funds Available During Year : 0

Name of Auditor/CA : Sh Baldev Singh
Address of Auditor/CA : Panjab University Chandigarh
Phone NO. : 01722534802

Teaching Faculty Details
Teacher id Designation
NCHCHDTE-20349 Assistant Professor
NCHCHDTE-20484 Associate Professor
NCHCHDTE-20504 Chairperson and Professor
NCHCHDTE-18698 Assistant Professor
NCHCHDTE-20543 Associate Professor
NCHCHDTE-22190 Professor
NCHCHDTE-20960 Senior Lecturer
NCHCHDTE-20979 Reader
NCHCHDTE-20868 Professor

Composition of Society/Trust
Name Address
Chancellor The Vice President of India, New Delhi
Vice Chancellor VC office, P.U. Chandigarh
Senate and Syndicate P.U. chandigarh


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B.E. ,B. PHARM , M.C.A. ,M.Sc. M.PHARM (Admission Notice)



MBA, (Admission Notice)

Research Fellow (Job Vacancy)

B.Sc. M.Sc (Admission Notice)

COMPUTER SCIENCE and ENGG. (Admission Notice)

B.Ed (Admission Notice)

B.D.S. , B.E. , B.Sc. B.PHARMACY , M.B.A (Admission Notice)

VC urged Students to stop strike (News)

PU me banega Blue turf ground (News)

PU me Examination form bhi bharenge online (News)

PU UG courses me sem. par latki talwar (News)

Purane ghar ki yado me khoi PM ki beti (News)

Entrance Test (Admission Notice)

Coaching Classes For UGC (Admission Notice)

Online Admission BCom (Admission Notice)

Campus drive AVSAR 2014 held (Vacancy)

Rules will change for M Tech and ME courses (News)

Relive the Golden Moments of your Student Days (Alumni Meet)

Department of Correspondence Studies (Profile)

Courses Offered and Extra Circular Activities etc (Profile)

Controller Exams vallo office saman ghar leke jan da mamla sahmne aya (News)

PU commemorates Gandhi birth anniversary (News)

PUs score slips in all five parameters (News)

PU 2nd among Indian Universities (News)

PU will decided practical dates of colleges (News)

PU 1 st time sent roll number with registered post (News)

PU nod to research centres at colleges (News)

23 teams take part in quit (News)

Senate meeting held (News)

Representation to students council members in senate (News)

Chadha okayed as new PU registrar (News)

Lord Ram speaks in Urdu at PU Ramlila (News)

PUCSC chief interrupts senators at meeting (News)

PU nulfies polls for posts of 19 dept (News)

Col Chadha Retd new PU registrar (News)

PU to hold workshop for women scientists (News)

Despite efforts, PUs course on soft skills finds new takers (News)

Fashion agency visits PU (News)

PU to host workshop for women scientists (News)

Affiliation to 24 B Ed colleges (News)

Professors and Assistant Professors (Job Vacancy)

Wishlist and Fact (Profile)

B Com etc (Admission Notice)

PULEET 2010 (Admission Notice)

MEd Programs (Admission Notice)

PAU Ne Roki BEd ki Admission (News)

SBI Clarifies On Pu Land (News)

Punjab University ke 141 crore phanse (News)

PU alumnus becaome a hit at global meet (News)

Plus One And Two Science in PU Colleges now (News)

Akhir Budhijivea Agge Chuki Punjab Sarkar (News)

Professional and Non Professional Course (Advertisement)

Alumni Meet for PG Stuudents ()

BEd Programs (Admission Notice)

Punjab University Nu Kendri university Banon Di Sakeem (News)

Ambedkar Centre to be Upgraded (News)

LLM Councelling (Advertisement)

Tender Notice for Xray Spectrometer (Advertisement)

Tendor Notice for the Supply of Xray Spectrometer (Advertisement)

Nahi Chutegi Students ki Padhai (News)

Mission of University (Profile)

Post Graduate and B Com (Profile)

Mem Sahibon per meharbaan Panjab University (News)

Teaching Deparment (Admission Notice)

Lazy PU nai ailan saki complete Results (News)

Booth capturing in Senate elections (News)

Fail Paas ka khel khela clerk ne (News)

PU to lower BSc credits criteria (News)

PU health care refutes charges labelled by NSUI (News)

Assistant Professors (Job Vacancy)

Admission to MBA (Admission Notice)

PAU me ragging Engg students ko jabran nachaya (News)

Panjab Varsity Starts Rs 41 Cr renovation at UT Campus (News)

PU ko Centre University banane ka Parshtab Vapis (News)

M Ed Admission 2010 2011 (Admission Notice)

Admission ko lekar Hungama (News)

Tender Notice ()

Bikharne laga hai Chankya ka kunba (News)

Punjab University ne teachera laye lajmi punjabi di shart mukae (Profile)

Nawe Principala da karjkal hun 5 salla da hove ga (News)

Privates students lose out in continous evaluation system (News)

At PU 86 year old star alumni (News)

Coaching Classes for IAS (Admission Notice)

Pusoo Inso ki jeet main rangi PU (News)

NRI seats stopped (News)

Move to recruit doctors through PU opposed (News)

Kab ke Bichde aaj kaha aakar mile (News)

PU Proffesor Inducted in Ukranian Physics Board (News)

Yuvak mele Sabhichar di Pehchan te Anusashan layi Jaruri (News)

Comment of Satinder Sartaj on Punjab University (News)

Punjabi University me Youth and Heritage Festival (News)

In Lahore Punjab University tradition blends with modernity (News)

Collega wich 10 fisdi to Badh arji rakhan te teachera te rok (News)

PM ne rakhi adfharshila fir vi project thup (News)

Punjab University sindicate Chona (News)

Ravinder Nath Sharma tiji bar sindicate member bane (News)

Punjab varsity de Adhikari MEd da dakhla karna bhulle (News)

Me My Mother language and Punjabi University (News)

Tender Notice ()

Compartment of Twenty Thousands Students (News)

PU may scrap exam centres where cheating is rampant (News)

PU ke semester Exam 10 din late (News)

Corrrigendum for Proffessor and Readers etc (Job Vacancy)

Corrigendum for Admission in M Phill MA and BA etc (Admission Notice)

Professors Assistant Professors and Associate Professors etc (Job Vacancy)

Library Assistant Peons and Data Entry Operator (Job Vacancy)

BA BCom and BCA Programmes (Admission Notice)

MBA Programmes (Admission Notice)

Assistant Proffessor for Computer Science and PURC etc (Job Vacancy)

Kender ne PU ko diya Diwali ka tohfa (News)

Manga nu laike VC Office samne narebaji (News)

PU admission to go online from next academic session (News)

MD and MS Entrance (Admission Notice)

SFI wallo Students da natija na ailanan khilaf dharna (News)

Guv opens PU regional centre (News)

Monetary wings needed to fly high (News)

No internal assessment at undergraduate level (News)

With PMO push PU gets centrally funded institute status (News)

Punjab University Sanet Lokraji Paramprava and Adhiapki Gourav (News)

PU revives Economics Course after 20 years (News)

Colleges me Fees Lecturer bare 27 ko fasla hone ki umeed (News)

PU ne UGC ke net exam ke roll number bheje (News)

LLB LLM and MCA etc (Admission Notice)

Coaching Classes (Admission Notice)

Excellence in BioMedical Sciences (Admission Notice)

HC ne kendriya manav sansadhan vikas mantralya se mangi jankari (News)

Punjab University Supplymentry Exams 30 toh (News)

Honorary doctorate for Vohra Swaraj Chatterjee (News)

Sopu Soi gathjod vallo hunja fer jitt (News)

Ragging mamle me Student ko Hostel se nikala (News)

Bina tent clear Teachers nu 25800 salary deni hoyi jaruri (News)

Centre likely to file review petition in HC (News)

64 ki umar me li PhD ki degree (News)

PU me Missguide nahi honge Students (News)

Students ke liye asuvidha bani online councelling (News)

Faisle ghatt te hangame jiyada (News)

PU entrance more tougher than NET exam (News)

Student sanghatno ko mehengayi ne khaya (News)

BA BEd me Admission 12 September tak (News)

Senait me niyuktiyo par voting ke asar (News)

PU diya Student chouna wich Dabwali and lambi halke da dabdba (News)

Shamshanghat sambhandhi DC nu mang pattar (News)

Compliments returned (News)

Did Shama have inkling of things to come (News)

Punjab University ki apil Highcourt se kharij (News)

Online health centre da udhghatan (News)

Punjab University de kale kanun da virodh karegi SFI (News)

PM ke bare me galat jankari dene wala mulajim suspend (News)

Punjab Varsity Students Council diya chouna 2 September nu (News)

BCom ki khali padi seats khud bhar le college (News)

Punjab University de Kauni Centre wich samagam (News)

Adhyaksh pad ke liye hoga tikona mukabla (News)

Pusu ABVP ne jari kiya Ghoshna letter (News)

Varsity de munde kudte pajame de shoukin (News)

PU me 3 din ke liye dhara 144 (News)

Ownreri Degree suchna cho Pradhan Mantri da naam gayab (News)

Manmohan ko PU ne nahi di Doctorate of Law ki upadhi (News)

PU ke khiladi kaise laa payenge Madel (News)

IAS, Fauji officers me PU ki degree ka craze (News)

PU Registrar ki niyukti par aaj court me sunvai (News)

Proffessor vallo Students di Kutmaar SFI ne kitta pradarshan (News)

Construction of Hostels and Alumni House Building etc (Tender)

PCR and CD Spectropolarimeter (Tender)

Firms having a tumover of more than Rs 10 Crore (Tender)

Food Caterers and Contractors for Catering Service (Tender)

Construction of Guru Teg Bahadur Building and Construction of Extension (Tender)

Ignorant Sportspersons (News)

Construction of Building for Paramedical Science and Renovation etc (Tender)

Massive Public pressure (Tender)

Construction of Servant Quarters in Boys Hostels (Tender)

Purchase of Stationary Articles (Tender)

Directorate of Spots (Tender)

Construction of Multipurpose Auditorium (Tender)

Rewining in A type houses (Tender)

Benches for Students and Chair for Library etc (Tender)

Directorate of Spots (Tender)

Extension of Health Centre and Construction of Legal Aid Clinic in UILS Building (Tender)

Office Almirahs Principal Chair Tables and Big Size Tables etc (Tender)

Joint BEd Course (Admission Notice)

Supply of Answer Books (Tender)

In Loving Memory S Manjit Singh Gill (Bhog etc)

Adhoc Lecturers di niyukti layi net di sharat khatam (News)

HC relief for PU law students' (News)

PU teaching staff ko milegi new year me sogat (News)

PU Student sangh ka final aaj (News)

Jeet ki Khushi (News)

PU me lehraya Sopu ka parcham (News)

Punjab University Campus me jalad hi milegi Wi Fi suvidha (News)

Punjab University Syndicate chouna wich chatrath thada jaitu (News)

MBA Entrance Test 2011 (Entrance Test)

PhD Entrance Test 2011 (Entrance Test)

Engineering Entrance Test 2011 (Entrance Test)

Change in the Earnest Money (Corrigendum)

Change in the posts (Counselling)

Joint BEd Admission (Admission Notice)

BA BSc BBA and BCA etc (Admission Notice)

Undergraduates Programmes 2011 (Admission Notice)

MEd Entrance Test (Entrance Test)

Joint BEd Course (Admission Notice)

Junior Research fellows in Biochemistry and Geology etc (Job Vacancy)

Junior Research fellows in Biochemistry and Geology etc (Job Vacancy)

Registrar in Punjabi University Patiala (Job Vacancy)

Principal and Deputy Registrar (Job Vacancy)

Supply of Chemicals and etc (Tender)

Controller Senior Technical Assistant and Demonstrator etc (Job Vacancy)

Counselling for MEd Course (Counselling)

Station Manager and Technician etc (Job Vacancy)

Principal and Assistant Proffessor in Physics and Chemistry (Job Vacancy)

Registrar amd Controller of Examinations etc (Job Vacancy)

Assistant Professor and Guest Faculty required (Job Vacancy)

Empanelment of Adverting Agencies (Advertisement)

Welding Rods and Nut bolts etc (Tender)

Atomic Force Microscope and X ray Diffractometer etc (Tender)

Nut bolts high tensile and Welding rods etc (Tender)

Joint BEd Entrance Test 2011 (Entrance Test)

Punjab varsity synidicate choun wich chatrath dhade ne baji mari (Job Vacancy)

Store Keepers required (Job Vacancy)

Going strong growing fast (Profile)

Joint BEd admission Test (Entrance Test)

Barsi of S Gurmej Singh Ji (Advertisement)

Panjab University me Netaji Subhash Chandra Boss jayanti kal (News)

Sobti de Karjkal vich vada nahi (News)

PhD Entrance Test (Entrance Test)

Marked Answer Books and Waste Paper Material etc (Tender)

Providing Passenger Elevator and Electrical Installation in lift well etc (Tender)

Management Entrance Test 2012 (Entrance Test)

MD,MS and PhD Programmes (Job Vacancy)

MD,MS and PhD Programmes (Admission Notice)

Appoint competent teachers, PU VC (News)

PU female staff may get up to years childcare leave (News)

Theatre conference at PU (News)

National meet on microbes begins at PU (News)

PU Theatre dept to host 3 day national meet (News)

PU community radio, MC tie up to launch free certificate course (News)

PU sports official served in 2 positions during tourney (News)

PU, Microcon enters day 2 (News)

PU wins overall trophy in literary items (News)

Meet on Microbial biotech (News)

PU VC hails role of college heads (News)

PU prof to work on genetic network in US (News)

PU to organise public debate on genetically modified foods (News)

PU tardy when it comes to uploading PhD theses online (News)

Artistes from Mauritius to perform at PU (News)

NAAC to visit PU, review meeting held (News)

Senator in Search committee leaves fraternity fuming (News)

Commercial Machines (Tender)

Air Consitioning and Medical gases etc (Tender)

Ayog ne PU me lagai nyuktiyo par rok (News)

PU ke Radio station par 72 Hours ka Programme (News)

Or lga diya jeet ka choka (News)

Colleges ke Students ko roll number and Datesheet online hi milegi (News)

Marked Answer Books and Waste Paper etc (Tender)

Fully PC Software Controlled Fluorescence Spectrometer (Tender)

MD,MS,MDS and PhD Programmes (Admission Notice)

IAS Preliminary CSAT (Advertisement)

Puraniya kitaba vechan valeya nu tha allot karn virudh ritt kharaj (News)

MEd Counselling Schdule (Counselling)

PU me adhunik sanskrit sahitya dasha subject par rashtriye sammelan shuru (News)

Campus Placement Drive Avsar (Vacancy)

Construction of Mess Block etc (Corrigendum)

PU ne 30 January ko di special leave (News)

Panjab University me barso baad mile yaar Anmulle hava de bulle (News)

Construction of Building and Type 4 Houses etc (Tender)

Panjab University ke Students dvara VC ke khilaf rosh pradarshan (News)

Principal and Assistant Professor on regular basis (Job Vacancy)

UGC Vallo Panjab varsity nu khitab (News)

Installation of Wi Fi System etc (Tender)

Professor,Asstt Professor and Associate Professor etc (Job Vacancy)

UGC NET Examination (Entrance Test)

College Students ko rahat (News)

Principal,Assistant Professor and Associate Professor (Job Vacancy)

Punjabi te Punjabi University di jaitu shuruat (News)

MBBS,BDS,BAMS and BA LLB etc (Admission Notice)

Ab senate members and VC me thani (News)

University wich Computer Science bare 3 roja conference (News)

Second Alumni Meet on 27 Jan 2012 (Alumni Meet)

PMO gets complaint against PU VC on malasdministration (News)

Empanelment of independent quality assurance consultants (Tender)

Aaj bhi nahi hoga DCDC ka interview (News)

2nd Alumni Meet (Alumni Meet)

Construction of Girls Hostel and Guest House (Tender)

PU ka Dishant samaroh kal (News)

PU has emerged as leading option for foreign students (News)

Assistant Professor,Gunmen,Peon and Mali etc (Job Vacancy)

Supply of HPLC System (Tender)

Farzi Degrees lekar pahonch gaye videsh (News)

LLB,LLM,MCA,MA and MBA Courses etc (Admission Notice)

Search for new Panjab University VC on (News)

PU ke naye VC ko lekar sargarmiya tez (News)

Khatam hua intezar mil gaya medal (News)

Academic Function (Advertisement)

Professors to be evaluated by Students (News)

Hun Badal Darbar ja pujji Panjab Varsity de VC di kursi (News)

Panjab University ka BCom second year ka paper leak (News)

Panjab University Chandigarh da BCom da paper leak (News)

PU search committee me ho sakta hai badlav (News)

College teachers lai sevamukti umar 65 saal karn di sifarish (News)

UGC-NET 2012 (Entrance Test)

Ab Panjab University me chahiye Senator (News)

Panjab University me durlabh kitabo ki pradarshni shuru (News)

BCom ke nakli paper bechte huye 2 kabu (News)

Botany Exams me questions ke sath answer bhi chap diye (News)

Panjab University senate chunavo babat bethak ayojit (News)

36 BEd Colleges ki manyta khatre me (News)

PU me banegi shikshko ki varishthta suchi (News)

BSc in Hospitality and Tourism Management (Admission Notice)

Graduate lokka nu v senate chouna wich milde ne lare te vadeya de lollipop (News)

CET 2012 (Entrance Test)

Panjab University wich Harbhajan Maan di gayki da jadu sir chad boleya (News)

PU ke status par court ka faisla surakshit (News)

Toh Chancellor ban jayenge Badal (News)

Senate Election Graduate Constituency (Advertisement)

PUTHAT 2012 (Entrance Test)

PU karmi ja sakenge 7 saal ki pratiniyukti par (News)

Honorary PhD to Hamid Ansari (Advertisement)

Mobile and Bluetooth se nakal karne vale Students par PU ne ksa shikanja (News)

Hun Panjab University ne khed kota ghtaya (News)

University cho saria chori karde 3 giraftar (News)

PU alters sports quota (News)

MEd Entrance Test 2012 (Entrance Test)

HCS me chamke PU ke honhar (News)

PhD karn doran gehre mansik jakham jhalde ne Students (News)

PU nu kendri vitti sahayta (News)

PU vallo 88 College defaulter krar (News)

Asaan paper dekh khile chehre (News)

PU panel finds 51 colleges violating norms (News)

Research gives PU the high (News)

Punjab ke BEd Colleges par PU ne ksa shikanja (News)

Installation of Administrative Block etc (Tender)

BE,MBA and LLB Courses (Admission Notice)

Punarmulyankan ki fees 10 hazar rupaye (News)

When PU cheered 75 WC hockey team (News)

UIETT lai Golden chance (News)

Hostels Contractship for Messes (Tender)

BCA Result 100 percent (News)

Punjabi me research karne walo ko guide ka tota (News)

Various Courses (Admission Notice)

Principal and Asst Profs on regular grade (Job Vacancy)

PhD Entrance test 2012 (Entrance Test)

Varsity adhikariya ne hadtali Students sa haal chal pucheya (News)

PU ke virudh mukhar huye colleges ke principal (News)

Lateral Engg Entrance Test 2012 (Entrance Test)

Naukri ke sath PU se MBA (News)

Online BCom (Admission Notice)

With high cut offs at DU, students look at PU option (News)

MBA Course 2012 (Admission Notice)

Const of Swimming Pool etc (Tender)

Kender se mila PU ko 100 crore ka anudan (News)

PU vallo MEd de admission online 19 takk (News)

Hoshiarpur kender par online admission band (News)

Students nal mar kutt karne wale 2 giraftar (News)

PU shuru karegi 5 years BEd Course (News)

PU VC churns out research paper every 32nd day (News)

PU won Basketball pratiyogita after 10 years (News)

Student sangh prachar hua sargarm paanch neta huye naamjaad (News)

Sadak suraksha niyam bhule toh nahi milegi degree (News)

BEd Entrance Test 2012 (Entrance Test)

Joint BEd Course 2012 (Admission Notice)

5 lakh to vote in PU senate polls, list not updated since 1948 (News)

PU de nave VC lai 9 umeedwara ne ditti interview (News)

Drivers (Job Vacancy)

Lab Equipments etc (Tender)

Gurbani inspires PUs Guru Teg Bahadur Bhawan (News)

Various types of Equipments (Tender)

Asstt Professor in Law (Job Vacancy)

Renovation of accounts branch and library (Tender)

Yada University diya (Profile)

Jeneva me chaa gaye PU ke Professor (News)

Guest House Building etc (Tender)

Committee to tackle encroachment (News)

PU vallo Sept. de Supplimentry exam band (News)

Mr Sandeep Suman (Public Notice)

Manta diya sharta sambandhi PU te college ahmne sahmne (News)

2 mahine me badal jayenge kai chehre (News)

BEd ke liye online avedan shuru (News)

Grower ne PU de VC vajjo auhda sambhaleya (News)

Professor Grower ne PU de VC vajjo auhda sambhaleya (News)

Joint BEd Admission Course 2012 (Admission Notice)

3 teachers groups spell out their agenda as election draws near (News)

Joint B Ed Course (Admission Notice)

Supply of Sports Uniform etc (Tender)

Professor and Associate Professor (Job Vacancy)

PU to host inter varsity youth fest (News)

PU cuts fee hike for NRI students (News)

Varsity de vikaas lai koi kasar nahi chadange, VC (News)

Punjab University sanete de pehle gedh diya votta 29 nu (News)

PU vallo paar pustka Punjabi wich prakashit karn di teyari (News)

Arunjot sodhi vallo senate chouna lai naamjaddgi pattar dakhil (News)

PU chouna wich Dr Rabinder Nath Sharma nu jitaun di apeal (News)

Chandigah Varsity samay di lod mutabik sikhiya den lai vachanbadd, VC (News)

Assistant Professor (Job Vacancy)

Joint MEd Course 2012 (Counselling)

BA, MA and MCom Courses etc (Admission Notice)

Library Assistant (Job Vacancy)

PU vallo Punjabi naal vitkare da mamla Delhi pujja (News)

PU jhuki, Punjabi bhasha wali exams savikar (News)

PU de VC Ramid ansari toh dakhal mangeya (News)

Panjab University legi TET test (News)

University senate choun wich mulajam jathebandiya vallo Pr Sharma da samarthan (News)

Students Netao par kasenge nakel (News)

PU University senate choune pehle gaed diya choun sargarmiya shikhar te (News)

BCom Course di Counselling ajj toh (News)

PU senate chouna da pehla gade 29 nu (News)

Arunjot sodhi vallo senate chouna lai muhim tej (News)

Senate chaun lai umeedwara vallo parchar tej (News)

PU senate chauna wich goyal group di jitt (News)

Dr Manohar Singh Punjab University senate chauna lai umeedvar (News)

Chunav ke rang me rangi PU (News)

Kendri Mantri vallo Punjab University chauna wich NSUI di madad (News)

Sikh National College wich Parkash utshah dihade te khundaan camp (News)

Asstt Professor for various streams (Job Vacancy)

PU Senate Election 23 rd Sept 2012 (Advertisement)

Arunjot Singh Sodhi at serial no 4 Graduate Constituency (Advertisement)

SC deadline ended a year ago, yet no student polls (News)

Regarding post of clerk and Clerk cum data entry operator (Public Notice)

Sopu gathbandan ne fir kiya clean sweep (News)

PU me shera ne chunav parchar bhi kiya tha (News)

Dr Raminder bani PU ki member (News)

Professional Colleges diya 3 seats lai teacher maidan wich (News)

Senate ke dusre charan ka matdan kal (News)

PAU Syndicate di ahem meeting (News)

Senate Member di chaun lai parchar (News)

Student ke beech Rose Garden me chali goliya (News)

PU senate wich naujvaan varg di shamuliat jaruri, Jassowal, Bawa (News)

PU wich Hindi Diwas manaya (News)

Vakh Vakh Jathebandiya vallo Dr Rabinder Nath Sharma di hamayat karn da ailan (News)

PU wich naujwan ne faha la ke kitta suicide (News)

PU senate diya chauna sambandi Dr Randhawa ne tufani daura kitta (News)

Samay par PhD Karo ya Hostel chodho (News)

Congrats to Professor Rabinder Nath (Profile)

PU senate selection sambandi bethak ayojit (News)

Vote Support and Elect (Profile)

Seminar on Contribution of Gursharan Singh (News)

Senate chunav ke liye Munish Verma dvara samarthan ki apil (News)

Vote and Elect Mr Pardeep Kumar Thakral (Profile)

Supply of HPLC system (Tender)

Senate chaun lai Dr Rabinder Nath Sharma vallo meeting (News)

Swargwasi bhi hai PU Senate ke votter (News)

PU senate de 3 rd gade diya chauna lai matdaan ajj (News)

Students vallo VC Office agge bhukh hadtal shuru (News)

Supplyof Answer Sheets (Tender)

Vote and Support Mr Raghbir Dyal (Profile)

Vote and Support Mrs Anu Chatrath (Profile)

Senate chaun lai tha tha ishtiharbaji (News)

Vote and Support Gurpreet Kaur (Profile)

Support and Elect Dr Surjit Singh Randhawa (Profile)

Support and Elect kailash Nath kaul (Profile)

Support and Elect Rabinder Nath Sharma (Profile)

Support and Elect Dr Manohar Singh (Profile)

Vote for Dharinder Tayal (Profile)

Vote and Elect Mr Mukesh Kumar Arora (Profile)

PU senate chaun wich Dr Manohar Singh di jitt yakini (News)

Vote and Elect Mrs Gurpreet Kaur (Profile)

PU vallo lajmi Punjabi wali sharat nu naram karn diya teyariya (News)

Vote and Elect Kailash Nath Kaul (Profile)

Senate chauna wich jitt hasal karangi (News)

PU da nava uprala, jarurta te viotbandi (News)

PU diya senate chauna de akhri gade lai votes ajj (News)

Vote and Elect S Prabhjeet Singh (Profile)

Senate Chauna wich thanedar pattarkara nal jhagda reha (News)

PU senate poll, 100 percent voting in Principals constituency (News)

Senate chunav ke antim charan ke liye dale gaye vote (News)

Jalandhar me 40 fisdi rha matdaan (News)

Senate chauna wich siasat rahi bharu (News)

Muktsar wich matha hungara (News)

Senate me jeet kar pahunche kai purane chehre (News)

5 naye Principal pahunche PU senate me (News)

Principal on regular basis (Job Vacancy)

PU senate chauna nu lai ke utheya vivad (News)

Sandeep Dhudiya ne rachi history (News)

PU Campus me you tube bann (News)

Group Insurance Scheme for campus students (News)

Senate voter suchi me mritko ke naam (News)

Munish Verma de hakk wich meeting ne rally da roop dhareya (News)

Vote and Support Pradeep Kumar Thakral (Profile)

Fazilka DEo elected to Panjab University senate (News)

Sangeet mukable ki dhum rahi (News)

Supply of Gymnasium Machines (Tender)

Umeedvaro ka future matpetiyo me band (News)

Ab 65 age tak padhenge Students (News)

University ke Lecturer ki 2 saal ki saza barkarar (News)

Youth Fest ke 3 rd day rahi Giddhe aur Bhangre ki dhum (News)

Welcome of Dr Satish Sharma (News)

Fresher Students ko fest ka chaya fever (News)

Naresh Punjab University ke senate ke naye member bane (News)

Senate me DAV ka hoga dabdba (News)

PU vallo senate chaun diya 15 seats da ailan (News)

Munish Verma bane 2 nd time war senator (News)

Ab 65 ki umar tak padhayenge shikshak (News)

5 saal baad milega exam niyantrak (News)

PU offers golden chance to Students to clear exams (News)

Sanitation work (Tender)

PU wich Punjabi bhasha vibhag di halat khasta (News)

Law College ne ki hadtaal (News)

Ladki chede toh ghumaye 100 number (News)

Dr Parwinder Singh PU de COE bane (News)

PU me Rahul Gandhi ki rally ka virodh (News)

PU ke Students banege Senate members (News)

PU zonal youth and heritage festival ke parbandh mukammal (News)

PU me Student par jaanleva hamla (News)

Success guru ne dikhaye safalta ke mool mantar (News)

PU parisar aur SGGS teams agle daur me (News)

PU Campus Students council par sawal (News)

Vidrohi Kavi Book ka kiya vimochan (News)

Students kare sakhat mehnat (News)

Asstt Professor (Job Vacancy)

Highcourt ne 11 varsh pehle lagai rok hatai (News)

Youth Fest me virasti mela shuru (News)

PU ke hostels se 7 outsiders daboche (News)

Students ne banaye Icho friendly vahan (News)

Khalsa college ka Youth Fest me shaandar pardarshan (News)

Youth and Heritage Fest ka aaj hoga aagaj (News)

Icho Friendly Cycles ke model pesh (News)

84 International kalakaro ki painting pardarshit (News)

Bhavi Enggineers ne dikhaye apne kamaal (News)

PU senate te syndicate members nu allotment (News)

Bansal welcomes Kejriwal into politics, defends govt (News)

Engg and Computer science Students ka tota (News)

Registered Post (Public Notice)

Center vallo PU teachers di sewamukti umar wich vadhe toh naah (News)

Appeal of Professor kulwant Singh Brar (Advertisement)

Anti Punjabi Tag (Advertisement)

Badal ke college ki janch karayegi PU (News)

PU nahi legi TAT ka test (News)

Dr Dalbir Singh new senate member of PU (News)

PU vallo special Education college kholan nu parvangi (News)

SFI di bukh hadtal 5 th day wich a=dakhil (News)

Vota and Support Prof Jagpal Singh (Profile)

PU naal vitkarta band howe (News)

Youth Fest ke 3 rd day bhi rahi raunak (News)

Const of roads in Residential areas (Tender)

2 persons caught with 5 school stamps in PU (News)

Guru Nanak girls college ne khitab jeeta (News)

PU me suraksha karmiyo se sathai karamchari bhide (News)

Youth Fest me khalsa College ka shaandar pardarshan (News)

Fee can be increased (News)

PU mess me khane ke rate badhane ka virodh (News)

Kushti mukable me vijeta khiladi sammanit (News)

Wings Imagination me lage kalpanao ke pankh (News)

Yuvao ne dikhai pratibha (News)

jago se agaaz ki shuruat (News)

Doshiyo ko mile kadi saja, bane sakhat kanun (News)

Students nahi utha paa rahe hai Internet ke benefits (News)

VC ko saupa gyapan (News)

Semester exams ko lekar shikshak khafa (News)

Research likhne ki basic taknik sikhai (News)

Dev Samaj College bna Inter College Champion (News)

Pehle dhamkaya fir bhaga (News)

Engg and Computer Science ke shikshako ki kami (News)

PU parshasan ki vaydakhilafi (News)

Paer par giri self, majdur jakhmi (News)

Research ki field me apsi talmel na hone ke karn kami (News)

Non teaching staff ne diya dharna (News)

Professor Sandhu PU ke Syndicate member (News)

PU me Students se chedchad ke 4 aropi giraftar (News)

Athletes ne College ka naam roshan kiya (News)

PU parshasan ka Drivers se sautela vayvahar (News)

Employes sangathno ke netao ne kasi kamar (News)

PU syndicate jang me chatrath group ki har (News)

UG courses ke liye semester lagu karna mushkil (News)

Date extended for the submission of forms (News)

Blood donation camp in PU (News)

Dr Parminder Singh ki niyukti ko hari jhandi (News)

DM College ne Volleyball me jeeta kansay padak (News)

Surender Junior badminton team ke coach niyukt (News)

lazer velley me car savar Students par hamla (News)

Grant ke bavjud bhi latka Nanotechnology par shodh (News)

PU me khana 6 rs mehnga (News)

Ramgarhia college ne Youth Fest me 33 puraskar jeete (News)

PU Campus me Student se ched chad (News)

Kitabo ke haal behal (News)

Ankh kab khulegi (News)

ladkiyo ne khelo me medal hasil kiye (News)

Yuvao par karyashala ayojit (News)

PU ke boxer padak jute abhyas me (News)

Const of Hockey Ground (Tender)

PU ke Students centre par banege shed (News)

PU Calender par jatai thi apatti (News)

Committee banakar opcharikta puri (News)

180 din nahi ho rahi padhai (News)

2 rs badha doh khane ka daam (News)

PU me Students ki bhukh hadtal samapit (News)

Kivz pratiyogita 23 ko (News)

54 varsh pure hone par Alumni Meet ka ayojan (News)

PU on 6 th position (News)

SGGS Khalsa college ne khitab jeeta (News)

Seminar on Physical Education and Sports Science (News)

Dilbar ki madad ko badhe hath (News)

PU ne manaya 130 th sathapna diwas (News)

33 awards in Youth Fest of Ramgarhia College (News)

PU ke dabang senater ne peeta Cook (News)

PU pahunchi Guldaudi ki khushbu (News)

PU ke kender ki halat khasta (News)

Neera Grover ki niyukti par uthe sawal (News)

PU syndicate 23, Dean and Sachiv ka chunav 24 ko (News)

PU parbhandko se chunav karane ki maang (News)

PU ki retire Professor ko loota (News)

PU Hostels me banege reading room (News)

Aham muddo par nahi ho saki charcha (News)

Kushti mukable me gaurav ne jeeta sone ka padak (News)

Canada ke Deligation ne PU ke VC se ki meeting (News)

Yudhveer and Ramandeep Kaur sarvshresht athlete (News)

Medal jeet kar aye khiladi sammanit (News)

Brand shaunk me fasa passout patha (News)

Guru Nanak Khalsa College bna khitab ka vijeta (News)

PU me khiladiyo ko milegi puri suvidha (News)

5 Students ki bigdi halat, Hospital me admit (News)

Umesh and Harpreet ne jiti 5,000 metre daur (News)

PU Students ka chadha para (News)

Ranjit Singh and Neni bala sabse tej dhavak (News)

PU me Students ka ardhnagan pardarshan (News)

PU parbhandko ne ki vaydakhilafi (News)

Library me suvidha ko lekar bethak (News)

Khalsa College ne PGGCG ko di maat (News)

Purane PM Gujral ko di shardhanjili (News)

Camp me sikhaye jayenge atam raksha ke gur (News)

PU ke asthai karamchari honge sathai (News)

High Court issues notice on PU senate nominations (News)

UG and PG Courses (Admission Notice)

MBA on various subjects (Admission Notice)

Waste Paper (Tender)

Chemical chodh, rango se khele (News)

Asstt Law Officer and Junior Technician etc (Job Vacancy)

BA level te Punjabi nu khatam karn da mudda khatam nahi hoya (News)

Now Students pass and fail the teachers (News)

Welcome of Punjabi Cultural Council (News)

Dynamic Light Scattering and AAS etc (Tender)

Notice to present and old Chancellor of Panjab University (News)

PAU ne fruits, vegetables and flowers ki 9 kisme di (News)

PU ke sikandar ko best allrounder yogi award (News)

Waste paper material and Answer sheets etc (Tender)

Dynamic Rheometer (Tender)

PU me roj festiwal 15 ko (News)

Kendri suchna commission PU nu 25,000 rupaye jurmana (News)

PU ne Graduate halke diya selection te kitta kharach (News)

Valentine Day band rahe PU ke gate (News)

Ankita Joshi and Krishanjoshi aaj dengi prastuti (News)

Abhi tak nahi bani JCM (News)

Seminar on Tourism Industry (News)

Roj Fest me bikhere fashion ke rang (News)

Roj fest ko bhi milega bajat (News)

End of Fest in PU (News)

PU will increase Admission fees (News)

Ramgarhia Girls College Champion (News)

PU me badhengi admission fees (News)

PU ne kansya padak jeeta (News)

PU ke non teaching employes nikalenge rally (News)

PU me naukri se nikale jane par hai khafa (News)

PU regional centre ke Students ne kiya jila jail ka daura (News)

Roll number ke liye chakkar katne se milegi nijat (News)

PU ke shikshako ne bhi khola morcha (News)

Supply of Field Emission Scanning Electron Microscope (Tender)

PUSA chunav ka result aaj (News)

PU banega vehicle free zone (News)

Madhuri embodied Corrigendum in congress (News)

Annual exams di datesheet jari (News)

Tube Luminometer (Tender)

Syndicate Meeting in Panjab University (News)

Employees Pension Scheme 1991 (Advertisement)

12 th toh baad kitti ja sakegi 5 years MA (News)

Change in Vacancy (Corrigendum)

All India me PU ko award (News)

Rajniti sach vyakhan 26 ko (News)

Khatai me padi co oprative mess yojna (News)

PhD, MD and MS Courses etc (Admission Notice)

Bina notice thama diya clerks ko releaving order (News)

Helpers and clerks par bhi giregi gaaj (News)

Rojmarra ke kaam ke sath ho jayegi ECG (News)

Dharna of clerks on daily basis (News)

5 Diploma Courses me semester system nahi (News)

Semester program par charcha (News)

9 employees huye regular (News)

PU ki sundarta ko lag rha grehan (News)

PU me ABVP ne karyakarni team ki ghoshna (News)

Sminar on Community Policing in Punjab (News)

X ray Diffractometer system (Tender)

Manav ke jeevan se lekar maut tak ved ka hai jaruri sambandh (News)

Degree se pehle milegi naukri (News)

Manavta ke anurup character hi ved ka sandesh, Dr Kamal (News)

Cricket program, Chandigarh ki dusri haar (News)

First Annual Athletic meet (News)

Annual convocation wich ladkiya mohri (News)

Campus placement drive in Panjab University (Vacancy)

Employees ko regular karne ki committee gathit (News)

Sandhya ne prapat kiya Gold (News)

Tension se hoti hai 90 percent bimari (News)

Punjabi University diya naviya peshkadmiya (News)

Drishitiheen Asstt Professor nu mili PhD degree (News)

Nikale gaye contract karmiyo ka faisla aaj (News)

Ek click se hazar hongi kitabe (News)

BA, LLB and B Com courses etc (Admission Notice)

66 kg weight me Karandeep ne jeeta swarn (News)

Non teaching staff ki bethak sathagit (News)

PU ka Annual budget 468.45 crore (News)

PU me clerk bharti result ghoshit (News)

PU ko 3 swarn (News)

Jaspal bane PU field workers union ke adhyaksh (News)

SOPU ne mango ko lekar VC ko saunpa memorandum (News)

PU ne kiya hostek se Student ko suspend (News)

CET 2013 (Entrance Test)

Asthayi karamchariyo ke liye banegi policy (News)

Ek divsiye camp lagaya (News)

Director and Professor (Job Vacancy)

Ab lagegi senate ki stamp (News)

PU awarded players (News)

PU me bikhri pahadi sanskriti (News)

Roll number nahi huye download (News)

Disputition between Students and Babu Mann (News)

Colourful Holi Celebrated (News)

Nahi de paye copartment ka exam (News)

Blood donation camp in PU (News)

Fine to PU registrar under RTI (News)

Sexual harassment committee does not work (News)

Moments told in terms of Poems (News)

Decimated of lacs by Electronic barrier (News)

Degree distributed in Dishant samaroh (News)

Shortage of Doctors in Ghaneya ji Health Centre (News)

Visit of PM cancelled (News)

Students give exams with provisional roll number (News)

Annual exams start (News)

Wi Fi in PU (News)

Workshop in PU (News)

2 vidhayak senate ke member (News)

PU CET (Entrance Test)

PU banayega apna memorial (News)

Special Education College kholan nu parvangi (News)

Bibi Kiran first blind PhD holder from Punjab (News)

Dr Jaspal member of Punjabi Advisor (News)

Nigam sambhalenge PU ko nkharne ka jimma (Job Vacancy)

Nigam sambhalenge PU ko nkharne ka jimma (News)

Anant Festiwal 2013 (News)

Tubewell in PU (News)

Yes to Varsity teachers and No to college teachers (News)

Rubal Bansal shines in School and colleges (News)

2 madels in Judo Championship (News)

Admission Schdule in PU (News)

PM ka PU daura fir radd (News)

Ab 1 click me milega roll number (News)

Professor Kohli DUI (News)

Design of PU Memorial passed (News)

Exemption from PhD Entrance Test (News)

Dr Pooja Sharma Doctorate (News)

Girls nal ched chad virudh SFI di muhim rang leyai (News)

Teacher Students ratio fixed for Colleges by Syndicate (News)

Meeting for Adhoc lecturers (News)

Admissions to Students by UID Cards (News)

Roll number facility on PU website (News)

Skill checked of 550 Students in Job fest (News)

Examination branch ka hoga website portal (News)

Examination branch ka hoga apna portal (News)

Seminar for one day (News)

Ankhe na sahi, Chamak rahi gyan ki roshni (News)

MSc Math me Khalsa College ke Students chaye (News)

Seminar by PU department of women Studies (News)

Aurat ki awaz painting se darshai (News)

Dishant samaroh (News)

Cast counting me Students ko hath lagi nirasha (News)

University cancelled paper on Environment subject (News)

First senate meeting on 22th (News)

Research promotion ke liye time bind system (News)

Hostel life ka alag anubhav (News)

Talaab me akar lagi car break (News)

Grace of 20 marks to Students in cast accounting (News)

Dharna of NSUI (News)

PU me teyar honge International nishanebaz (News)

Punjabi paper same as last year (News)

PU ko badi screen par dikhana hoga mehnga (News)

PU senate ma ab honge 2 cental minister (News)

Yuva soch me diya desh ko healthy banane par jor (News)

PU vallo Constituent college band karn di chetavni (News)

Dolls ke costume me dikhi sanskriti (News)

Gandhi ji ke jeevan par charcha (News)

Grace marks dene ka adhikar VC ko (News)

Sharomni Committee da vafad VC nu miliya (News)

PU me ek aur paper repeat (News)

Photo pardarshini me 70 photos display (News)

Bathinda me bohut kam bacha peyjal (News)

M Ed Course (Admission Notice)

Sukhna ko future me koi nuksan nahi (News)

PU Hostelars ko thandi hava padegi mehngi (News)

PU Campus me lagegi parking fees (News)

Vacancy matter on VC (News)

SBI ne UBS ko 1 crore ka diya anudan (News)

Sensor in Chandigarh secretariat (News)

Artificial Certificate banane wala kalda giraftar (News)

PU ke Students de rahe majduro ke bacho ko shiksha (News)

Bhangra team of PU won Rs 1 lac (News)

Online Attendance of Students not yet started (News)

MBA fees can be increased (News)

Meet on college inspection reports (News)

Rules changes for 5 years Law (News)

10 percent fees will increased (News)

Workshop on Canadian model of community colleges (News)

Syndicate to discuss admission of wards of Kashmiri migrants (News)

Gramin Students ki seats ka masla atka (News)

4 Community colleges kholan da ailan (News)

Padh bharne ke liye 1 saal ka samay manga (News)

Library and Faculty facility to Students (News)

Students awarded in Annual Program (News)

Stress free karega semester system (News)

AC Joshi Library (Profile)

PU Hostel me Student ki maut (News)

Dharna of C Class Union (News)

BCA ke result se College bekhabar (News)

No attendant in Zeology Department from 8 years (News)

Fees me khel karne wale colleges par shikanja (News)

11 Students ko leaders ke warrant jari (News)

Admission in BEd at on risk (News)

Annual Program in rememberance of Dr Ravinder Ravi (News)

Student leaders mere bache jaise the (News)

3800 umeedvar gave PUHAT 2013 exam (News)

Retired Tehsildar karenge vakalat (News)

Want Professional Independence (News)

PU ko ho rha acha munafa (News)

PU me har mahine lagegi Student panchayat (News)

PG Degree course closed (News)

Lecture on Sikhs migration (News)

Seminar held on Stress Management (News)

PU panel resolves to discontinue semester system (News)

Pu to hasten process to issue certificates (News)

Ethical values a challenge for media (News)

Grace marks lo ya fir dobara paper do (News)

Hostel life ne badli zindagi (News)

Faculty ki 50 posts bharne ki teyari (News)

Colleges ke account khangalegi University (News)

Nahi shuru hui Student ki online attendent prakirya (News)

PU ka mahol bigad rahi apsi khinchtan (News)

Students can do seismology study in Zeology Department (News)

Students will do marriage after genes test (News)

Professor usae akela dekh pakad lete the hath (News)

MA political science ke exam me Students confuse (News)

Environment studies lose sheen (News)

Sunaina 2nd in MA hindi (News)

Kyu nahi bhare ja rahe hai PU me khali padh, HC (News)

PU ko 5 saal baad mila DPR (News)

Students ne sunai sahityak rachnaye (News)

BA and PG Diploma in Mass Communication (Admission Notice)

Dukan hatane par hangama, bazar band (News)

PU Students giving Education to Labourers Children (News)

PU ke room me aag lagne se Student ki maut (News)

PhD Students ko time pe nahi mil rahi Scholarship (News)

PU me aag bujhane ke sabhi yantar ho (News)

PU me 100 fisdi badhegi fees (News)

PU Hostel me aag, Student ki maut (News)

Student write song in exam (News)

Student wrote Punjabi Song in Commerce exam (News)

Grief Stricken of Gurbaksh Singh Jee (Bhog etc)

Discussion on Political Leadership (News)

BSc Students awarded (News)

Mistake in PU exam (News)

Study will be costly in PU Colleges (News)

New trance par research karne jute PU ke Student (News)

LLB and CET PG me 4 june tak avedan (News)

Ab tak shuru nahi hui BCom me Admissions (News)

PULEET 2013 (Entrance Test)

Nano Medicine Scientist award to Sheetu (News)

F6 kothi ki America me bhi charcha (News)

PhD and M Phil (Entrance Test)

36 BEd colleges near to be closed (News)

600 registrations for BCom (News)

No Physiotherapy centre in PU Health centre (News)

Teachers in Scholars flats (News)

PU announced CET result (News)

Admissions started from 9th july (News)

Soyi vallo University lai ohdedara da ailan (News)

BE, ME and MSc (Admission Notice)

Admission in Bachelor of Engg through entrance test (News)

Admissions start (News)

Award of Excellence to Dr Anmol (News)

PhD fellowship not met (News)

Inauguration of Solar Plant (News)

Discussion on roadmapping (News)

End of summer camp (News)

BCom admission not easy task (News)

Hockey team poor in compitition w.r.t. to other countries (News)

Admission exam from 15 June (News)

CET starts for PG courses (News)

Roses se mehkega PU ka Rose Garden (News)

Admission daur me students sangathno ki rajniti (News)

Hostel life of PU (Profile)

47 seats in B Pharmacy (News)

1000s of students gave CET (News)

Auction for Amb car (Advertisement)

University students kar rahe hai majduri (News)

Nigahe ab senate ke manonit members par (News)

Degree milegi ek baar (News)

Now, strict attendance regulations at PU (News)

5000 me 54 ne kiya applyu (News)

PU Students decide their syllabus (News)

Professor RC Sodti completed one year as VC (News)

Refresher course in English department (News)

Asstt registrar (Job Vacancy)

PU ki meharbani, students ki herani (News)

Orientation course for staff at PU (News)

BCom result announced (News)

Lecturers make way for pakoras on rainy day (News)

Principal ne ki MSc semester system ki sifarish (News)

PU says no to private banks (News)

Simon Fraser varsity sign MoU (News)

Students Leaders ka future fir syndicate ke havale (News)

Genpact shortlists six students from Dept of statistics (News)

50 clerks posts after 15 yearsd (News)

PU faculty constitution (Profile)

PU hostel me lagi aag, student death (News)

Evaluation work at PU delayed again (News)

Proposal to set up dental college (News)

Student future shine before completion of study (News)

Controller Sahab 1 din me kaise denge 2 exam (News)

UK varsity philosophy dept head to visit PU (News)

Students datesheet se hataash (News)

Fund starved PU pays through nose to inform voters (News)

PU me Guest Faculty age hogi 70 saal (News)

PU seminars put off due to plague threat (News)

Bua ko award, Bhatiji ko phone ka intezaar (News)

PU offer to Kashmiri Students (News)

PU me hoga niji suraksha guides ka pehra (News)

End of Combine Entrance test (News)

Allegation against Prof Dinesh for Sexual Harassment (News)

PU will launch website (News)

70 photos on display in photo pardarshini (News)

Kavita Sharma first in PU (News)

Exam took before fixed date (News)

BA final result announced (News)

Syndicate will seen future of 100 teachers (News)

370 non teaching vacancy can be cancel (News)

Mechanical workshop (Tender)

M Phil seats decreased (News)

PU Students log on, watch marking live' (News)

Colleges want name of MSc It changed (News)

PU panel recommends police action against prime accused (News)

2 Univ. se sambhand college par karvai (News)

Help desk will available on Monday (News)

Dharna of Scholars (News)

CD released on 91.2 mhz (News)

PUSC provides glimmer of hope (News)

PhD ki seats khali fir admissions kyu nahi (News)

Math and computer padhne walo ko mauj (News)

Hangama for closing M Phil course (News)

2588 students gave entrance (News)

Hostel warden changed (News)

Library entry through smart cards (News)

Geeta jaildar ke geeto par madmast huye mehman (News)

Atyachar rokne ke liye li shapath (News)

Non teaching staff selection ki suchi final (News)

21 Aug tak milegi VC ki anumati se admission (News)

Counselling schedule for MTech admission start (News)

B Ed online admissions from 2nd July (News)

Sri Guru Granth Sahib and M Phil courses closed (News)

Students admissions (Public Notice)

Students dont want to give MSc Chemistry exam again (News)

3 students on bhukh hadtal (News)

Girls not allowed in boys college (News)

Campaigning begins for PU senate polls (News)

Syndicate will see future of 646 students (News)

UT decision to conduct B Ed test sparks off row (News)

2 Universities take admission exam of 1 course (News)

Principal ne uthaya new courses ka mudda (News)

Laparwahi ka dusra sathan examination centre (News)

Grant us more money, cry PU departments (News)

History department faculty ne ninda ki (News)

MSc Biotechnology exams on 15th of July (News)

PU can do changes in admission dates (News)

Decision on matter, addition in fees today (News)

M Phil Punjabi seats not decreased (News)

19244 students sit in UGC exam (News)

Addition of fees in PU courses (News)

20 percent fees increased in Professional courses (News)

Business Mgmt admissions on 6th of July (News)

BCom merit list declared (News)

37 questions same in MBE and MCom exam (News)

Supply of Confocal Laser scanning microscope (Tender)

No shakespeare for BA students (News)

BEd forms available on PU website (News)

LLB Entrance test answer key on website (News)

DU try to stop Punjabi Language (News)

PU me students sanghathan bhide (News)

Law courses (Admission Notice)

Memmorandum for change in admission date (News)

Counselling schdule of BA ready (News)

PU ko chetaya, band hoga fund (News)

Joint B Ed admissions (Admission Notice)

Dalvinder new Sports Director (News)

MA Counselling date announced (Counselling)

PU announced Uniform fees structure (News)

BCom counselling starts (News)

PU rangne lga chunavi rang me (News)

PU me farzivade ke baad bhi naukri (News)

Craze of Professional courses (News)

PU goes for uniform fee structure at colleges (News)

167 BCom seats vacant (News)

PU likely to have IT centre on campus (News)

No honours degree if one gets 3rd division (News)

Hot spot for PU students (News)

Online fees submitted for Graduate courses (News)

Clerks work on less salary (News)

B Ed course (Admission Notice)

PU admission schedules ready (News)

Bad result of BA 1st, most of students failed (News)

Punjab liked Cluster Module of PU (News)

Online admission in BCom (News)

College affiliation matter to Chancellor (News)

Wed. ko bhi jari rahi Law counselling (Counselling)

Hostel Khastahal. Students preshan (News)

National Youth Fest from 20th of July (News)

Revised Counselling schedule of B Ed (News)

Youth Summit to tackle social issues (News)

Show cause notices to 63 PU affiliated colleges (News)

Internet Lease Line (Tender)

PU launched website for Punjab Colleges (News)

Affiliation to B Ed colleges (News)

PU announced BA, MSc and Mtech schedule (News)

BCom final merit online (News)

BCom counselling schedule jari (News)

PU me 10 tak jama honge form (Job Vacancy)

PU ke farman se danga pidit nirash (News)

Ek sath nahi nikalenge professors ke padh (News)

M Pharm counselling from 18th of July (News)

Memmorandum for Transport Facilities (News)

Online forms of MD students (News)

565 me se 465 seats bhari (News)

Scholarship increased by 4th times (News)

B Ed 82 seats vacant (News)

Admission me aaj chuke toh bharni hogi late fees (News)

B Ed counselling ke last day umde students (News)

Part time Asstt Professor (Job Vacancy)

Workshop on Innovation and Creativity (News)

Special Faculty not called by Indian Theatre (News)

Professor Trehan passes away (Profile)

Free wifi facility to students (News)

M Phil forms in PU (News)

Bus shuttle service soon available in PU (News)

Lecturer vacancy fill without advertisement (News)

Anti ragging committee gathit (News)

BA and BCom counselling cancelled (Counselling)

Real time PCR system (Tender)

Practice for change Assesment system (News)

PU campus me jhagde 2 parivar (News)

PU syndicate meeting from today (News)

Dirty picture of Politics (News)

B Com and BCA seats increased (News)

BCA ko lekar students ka nahi rujhan (News)

Misguide kar rahe guide map (News)

Guide par Physically intimate ka arop (News)

Affiliation of B Ed colleges cancelled (News)

PU Guidelines colleges me darkinar (News)

Website launch for students help (News)

Water harvesting project takes life of labourer in PU (News)

Mitti me dabne se majdur ki maut (News)

MBBS seats increased (News)

Meeting of VC with Director (Job Vacancy)

Mtech forms availble upto 8th of August (News)

Ban on outsider (News)

Dr Navdeep new DSW (News)

Printing of envelopes (Tender)

VC objects colleges not paying full salary (News)

Students done top in M Com (News)

Revised B Com LLB merit list to be out today (News)

Navdeep Goyal takes charge as University DSW (News)

BJYM demands more B Com seats (News)

VC meeting with PU faculty (News)

Student problems ko banaya ja rha hathiyar (News)

BCom course (Counselling)

B Ed course (Admission Notice)

Students council election on 4th of sept (News)

PU ne sammanit kiye khiladi (News)

Syllabus PU rushes through (Profile)

2 lacs to vote in senate polls today (News)

Seminar on Sri aurobindos vision begins at PU (News)

6 PU student bodies booked (News)

Free and fair polls must for democracy (News)

Venue changed, students can question leaders (News)

PU student elections on Sept 4, VC calls for peaceful polls (News)

Univ academic staff college launches website (News)

CV Raman lecture at PU (News)

Students dharna against scholarship (News)

Lecture on CV Raman (News)

Memmorandum to VC and DSW (News)

Attention letter to PU management (News)

M Ed course (Admission Notice)

B Ed course (Counselling)

HC orders strict action against those who deface property (News)

316 B Com seats vacant in PU colleges (News)

PU launches website for academic staff college (News)

PU VC delivers Raman lecture (News)

B Com seats filled in PU (News)

Problem creates list to PU management (News)

Khalid, Devinder groups declare candidates (News)

Sr Asstt Professor (Job Vacancy)

BA and BCom (Admission Notice)

Defacement goes on unbated at PU (News)

Journalism admission starts (News)

M Ed course (Counselling)

Syndicate neVC se cheena Dean niyukti ka adhikar (News)

PU forensic science department awaits a building of its own (News)

PU Prof back from Netherlands ICCR chair (News)

Better faculty required for best education to students (News)

Ludhiana students bag top positions in PU M Com (News)

Students body raises issue of cleanliness in hostels (News)

Two day oral health drive at PU (News)

PU holds orientation programme for law students (News)

Affiliation of new courses cancelled (News)

BA and B Com courses] (Counselling)

Loan facility for students (News)

Election of Technical Staff Association on 27th of Aug (News)

Pu allows five additional seats per college (News)

PU oral health drive concludes (News)

PU declares 2nd counselling schedule for law courses (News)

VC Professor Arun Grover ne jhanda fehraya (News)

Tight Security in Students election (News)

PU professor invited for workshop in Korea (News)

PU students excel in film making contest (News)

PU authorities play the censor (News)

HSA pits girl for President post (News)

M Ed course (Counselling)

CEC admits need for reforms in PU electoins (News)

Lyngdoh leaves PU students craving for answers (News)

Plantation program in PU (News)

Counselling for M Ed in PU colleges on Aug 24 (Counselling)

PU requesting for affiliation to B Com and LLB course (News)

PU study will costly (News)

Suspence on students election (News)

School at PU gets CBSE affiliation (News)

PU awaits Union ministry reply on tablets for students (News)

Admissions date extended (News)

Medical camp (News)

Poonam Rani done top in MA History (News)

No action taken on warden and outsider students (News)

Fresher Party (News)

Students election from 4th of Sept (News)

PU elections closed (News)

PU student polls on Sept 4 (News)

Police conduct random checks on PU campus, 50 detained (News)

NSO members protests outside PU VC officer (News)

Police ne PU ne nikala Flag March (News)

IPI Program in PU (News)

Students voters with trips to hills (News)

PU declares results for UG PG courses (News)

University gate closed for 2 hours (News)

Strict checking of outsiders (News)

Election of PSU (News)

No permission yet, but classroom campaigning begins (News)

Renowned physicist to visit PU today (News)

Distinguished physicist visits PU (News)

PU allows candidates to use radio station, website (News)

Elections in PU with strong Police security (News)

PU me surakshit nahi suraksha (News)

Prof Brar speak on de theorising globalisation (News)

Functional Council, grievance cell top agendas at girls colleges (News)

New trend this year, Girls contesting major posts (News)

Gyanodaya Express reached Chandigarh on 6th of Sept (News)

PU declares admission open for MPhil courses (News)

Raids keeps away illegal occupants at PU hostels (News)

Security up, stage all set for PU students vote today (News)

M Phil students protest outside VC office (News)

Prof Brar speaks on Globalisation (News)

VC pays tribute to Dr Radhakrishnan on teachers day (News)

Voters and winners await post poll celebrations on and off PU campus (News)

UK University tie up with PU (News)

Another SBI branch opens at PU (News)

UILS team adjudged 2nd at IBAIL 2013 (News)

Hunger strike of losing parties enters 3rd day (News)

Bhukh hadtal par bethe students ki halat bigdi (News)

Students ne mangi recording ki photos (News)

Students ne VC Prof Grover ka putla funka (News)

Election data collected by PU management (News)

Hunger strike of students for demands (News)

Researchers should be motivated to file more patents, PU VC (News)

Student submitted forged documents (News)

Sec 144 imposed near office, house of VC (News)

Students met to President Chandan Rana (News)

VC ne di senators ko safai (News)

Students can submit examination forms online (News)

PU declares MBA dates (News)

PU invites M Phil applications (News)

Deepak Sandhu to visit PU (News)

PU wich Punjabi students da dabdba khatam (News)

Voters will decide issues to be addressed (News)

Interview for M Phil, PhD in English (News)

Hectic activity on last day (News)

Director UIHMT to attend convention in Malaysia (News)

PU community radio, website for campaigning (News)

Negligence in Hindi Scholarship starts (News)

ABVP honours its winners of PU polls (News)

Ludhiana girl wins 16 medals in PU swimming championship (News)

Induction Program held (News)

PU declares date for MBA Counselling (News)

Inauguration of Employees Association (News)

Student Council demands grants for research scholars (News)

HC seeks varsities reply on Lyngdoh guidelines violations (News)

Punjab Congress chief inaugurates office of SC ST employees (News)

Pu to build new basketball court (News)

Quality Improvement Program held (News)

Common fee structure for colleges to be discussed (News)

PU invites M Phil and PhD applications for English (News)

PU biochemistry scholar to get global recognition (News)

Lecture on poetics of Guru Nanak Bani (News)

Students reached final in Cricket Tournament (News)

Hangama in Syndicate meeting over GTB College Dasuya issue (News)

No end to parties, candidates have little claim (News)

PU syndicate meet stalled (News)

Health seminar held (News)

Interview schedule for M Phil and PhD (News)

Seminar on Probiotics at PU (News)

Online admission started (News)

PU ka vocation aaj (News)

Submit exam forms online at PU (News)

World Tourism day celebrated (News)

PU declares counselling schedule for MBA (News)

PU adopts new accounts manual for greater transparenct (News)

PU Budget by Centre and Punjab (News)

Dr Anurag Sharma gave tips to students for Healthy Heart (News)

PU run for tourism on World Tourism Day (News)

Fight of VC and Syndicate members reached Chancellor office (News)

VC urges members to attend syndicate meeting (News)

PU students council raises UILS students issues (News)

PU gets Rs 1 cr grant to develop waste management project (News)

Syndicate meet postponed 2nd time (News)

Pu to organise 3 day film fest next week (News)

Students council members protest at PU senate meeting (News)

Sanskrit Lecture compitition held (News)

Emotional VC offers resignation (News)

University teachers to publicise courses in schools (News)

Senate proposes to take action against colleges paying less salary (News)

Mercy chance for students to clear degree (News)

Youth Fest held (News)

PU IAS centre gets new director (News)

Advance Practical training course (Admission Notice)

74 years old RP Bhardwaj studying in PU (News)

PU CMO reports extortion threat (News)

Dharna against college management (News)

PU Students interested in Research subject (News)

Students can submit PG admission examination form upto 15th of oct (News)

Gandhi Jayanti celebrated (News)

PU elected as top Indian Institute (Profile)

PU Students give exams again, improve scores (News)

PU to host film festival from today (News)

PU movie fest to commence with encounter with faces (News)

US Scientist joins as fellow in PU Dept (News)

HC upholds PU FDOs appoinment (News)

PU elected as number one university of Punjab (Profile)

PU ahead of IITs (News)

55th Youth Fest held (News)

Farewell in Boys Hostel (News)

End of Film Festival (News)

Dr KD will give Scholarship to intelligent students (News)

Panjab University Lahore (Profile)

Week long programme for faculty ends at PU (News)

Students council members meet VC over placement issue (News)

Pu zone youth fest enters 3rd day (News)

Haryana minister inaugurates PU zone B youth festival (News)

PU eves win in Inter College Kabaddi meet (News)

Centre gives nod to policy research centre at PU (News)

PU syndicate defers decision on increasing examination fee (News)

Varsity starts counselling cell for students (News)

Students enjoyed in Youth Fest (News)

Students shown new techniques like GPS (News)

Students shines in Youth Fest (News)

Physics dept to be part of Madurai project (News)

No help from History department to Research Scholars (News)

PU student held for attempt to murder (News)

Relative increase in International students enrolled in PU, Survey (News)

PU mulls reform in selection process of PhDs (News)

Fees badhotri ma mamla talah (News)

Policy Research Centre will soon available in PU (News)

PhD will soon available (News)

PU me lagu hoga Citizen Charter (News)

Sibal to release stamp on PU foundation day (News)

PU mulling over alternative ways to decongest traffic on campus (News)

VC launches PU facebook page (News)

PU goes for Rs 1.8 cr loan to build servant quarters (News)

Punjab CM to skip National Seminar (News)

PU enters semis in baseball tourney (News)

Seminar on Pluralist democracy starts at PU (News)

VC Prof Arun Grover released PU Facebook page (News)

Lecture on democracy (News)

140 Foreign students get admission in PU (News)

PU new campus will be in 180 acre (Profile)

Addition in examination feed (News)

PULEET 2013 (Entrance Test)

International conference concludes at PU (News)

Sibal opts out of PU seminar (News)

PU professor gets award from vice prez (News)

Conference on water begins (News)

M Phil result remains 100 percent (News)

PU releases stamp on Prof Sahni 150th birth anniversary (News)

International conference on water management (News)

2 lakh student enrolled in P (News)

Jain opposes proposed hike in PU exam fee (News)

VC Arun Grover speaks on Founder day (News)

Conference on Water Resources (News)

Panel discussion of VCs (News)

Crash Course for PCS and HCS (Admission Notice)

PU to host International Conference on Chemical Sciences (News)

Web development seminar held (News)

Pu scholar to present paper at Cape town (News)

Baseball compitition held (News)

Massive hike in PU fees on cards (News)

Hosts Panjab University enter semis (News)

International conference on Nano science (News)

PU to host annual meet of science academy (News)

Lecture met on PU website (News)

Baseball Championship held (News)

Sundicate ne 4 ka future kiya kharab (News)

Students will complete their incomplete studies (News)

PU committee to meet today to review semester exam (News)

PU switches to online system of processing re evaluation forms (Job Vacancy)

PU claim titles inter university baseball, swimming (News)

Re evaluation system will high tech (News)

Senate decision not implemented (News)

Asstt Professor (Job Vacancy)

Students protest outside PU VCs office (News)

Asstt Professor (Job Vacancy)

Examination duty compulsory for PU teachers (News)

Supply of Sports medals (Tender)

Scholarship to LLB toppers (News)

Pu will get online entrance test from next session (News)

Dr Daveshvar get senior fellowship (News)

Workshop on software technology (Profile)

PU to advertise 93 posts of asstt professor (News)

Seminar on community colleges (News)

PU team up with Canadian Varsity for seminar on community college (News)

PU to digitise all 8000 theses in A C Joshi Library (News)

Dept. Heads absent on weekend (News)

Student council issue in syndicate (News)

Affiliation to B Com course (News)

College autonomy matter will comes in PU syndicate meeting (News)

mathematics olympiad ki mejbani karega PU (News)

PU da shabadkosh vibhag baneya chitta hathi (News)

Student satyagreh ke samne jhuka PU parshasan (News)

PU me bharti kiye jayenge 93 Asstt Professor (News)

PU have doubt on PhD degrees (News)

VC and syndicate meet vichkar takrah de asaar (News)

Delay in PhD degrees for 3 months (News)

PU shuttlers register easy victory (News)

PU computer director selected for national programme (News)

Junior Research Fellow (Job Vacancy)

MA 2 special chance exam from April (News)

Politician not attending senate meetings (News)

State financial position impacting PU (News)

Semester system will started soon in PU (News)

Addition in fees on new session (News)

Pu gave special chance to arts students (News)

No extrension to wife of VC (News)

M Ed course (Admission Notice)

Students protests, PU committee to look into fee hike (News)

PU extends date of sending applications for asstt professor to dec 24 (News)

PU online attendance not yet ready (News)

VC orders police probe into fake marks certificates case (News)

VC congratulates Bharat Ratna awardee Professor CNR Rao (News)

Few attendees in PU for lecture by Sam Pitroda (News)

Fee hike protest continues for 3rd day (News)

PU takes step towards UG semester system (News)

PU mourns death of Hindi Writer Valmiki (News)

PU moves forward, key meet next month (News)

Students participate in skimmer regional olympics (News)

PU to go ahead with PG examination (News)

PU strays from routine exams the casualty (News)

PU announces schedule for entrance examination 2014 (News)

PU says no to separate roster for non teaching staff (News)

PU declares entrance test schedule for next academic year (News)

PU LLB Entrance Test 2013 (Entrance Test)

PU VC reviews security system of varsity (News)

PU to add 40 more CCTV cameras, fill 80 security posts (News)

PU announces schedule for entrance examination (News)

PU student annual event concludes (News)

PU to observe D L Roys 150th birth anniversary (News)

Hamle ke baad khali hath laute Bharat, Sharma (News)

MET, PU CET and MBA (Entrance Test)

HC asked about teaching and non teaching posts (News)

PU to name new girls hostel after Amrita Pritam (News)

Pu should have dealt harshly with racing accident culprits (News)

PU law faculty hold 1st independent convocation on April 28 (News)

Common Entrance Test 2013 (Entrance Test)

No effective system to counsel students at PU (News)

Post BDS students suicide (News)

PU announces schedule for syndicate polls (News)

Author of American Veda visits PU (News)

Students get admit cards online from today (News)

Discussion for elections of PU syndicate (News)

13th in world, PU again Indias best (News)

Learning naunces of policing, sitting in PU classroom (News)

Violations alleged in reappointment of PU VCs wife (News)

MET, PUTHAT and PULEET (Entrance Test)

PG Students roll no available on PU website (News)

Best in higher education studies (Profile)

Senate ke 10 naye chehre (News)

Chandigarh ke 2 Principal, 4 lecturer jeete (News)

Extension to VC wife not met (News)

Winners say no politics involved (News)

PU math exam goof up (News)

PU faculties get deans, Secretaries (News)

India Pakistan distribution remembered (News)

Students par police karvai ki sifarish (News)

Fine to PU by Centre Information Commission (News)

PU wants 180 acres in UT master plan (News)

Professor Virender Kumar talks of Citizens right to vote (News)

Student council will get seat (News)

Behind PUs ranking, push by Manmohan (News)

Police clear PU of illegal boarders (News)

PU placement drive slows down (News)

Varsity VC releases two books on cancer (News)

PU suspends girl student from hostel (News)

PU student give feedback about teachers (News)

Justice Jha to be chief guest at PU convocation (News)

PU waste 50,000 without any syndicate meeting (News)

PU student council demands more rooms at faculty house (News)

VCs wife back at Varsity in Mumbai (News)

Protest over eviction of PU students from hostel (News)

PU student chosen to present paper in US (News)

PU to recruit profs, asstt profs for various departments (News)

Professor Parvinder Singh new CEO of PU (News)

3 PU hostels vacated (News)

Citizen chartered from 1st Jan (News)

Univ wich sathapit darjan bhar chaira salla toh khali (News)

PU Professor makes it to International research group (News)

PU to roll out online exam redressal facility from next year (News)

MA English paper out of syllabus (News)

Professor to get honourary degree from US University (News)

Answer sheets ki attested copies dene ko majbur hui PU (News)

Vice chairman meets tribal students at PU (News)

PU team to promote ancient embroidery form in rural areas (News)

PU to receive applications through online mode for wi fi (News)

Notices to PU, VC Grover over job to his wife as prof in varsity (News)

Applicants protest goes in vain as result of food inspectors out (News)

PU all affiliated colleges will elected as PG College (News)

Hostel will met after 1 year (News)

No fee refunded in mid of course for drop (News)

Rules will change for PhD course (News)

Principal term ho sakti hai 10 saal (News)

PU ke senators honge hightech (News)

MA degree fir chaprasi posts ke liye kda mukabla (News)

New girls hostel constructed (News)

PMO gets complaint against PU VC (News)

Controversy on Registrar posts (News)

PU made Students Friendly Smart Cards (News)

Meeting of PU Syndicate for jobs (News)

MBA Course (Admission Notice)

Coaching of IAS Priliminary (Advertisement)

MBA in Retail Management (Admission Notice)

PU number one in Public Dealing (News)

Special discounts on fees for poor Students (News)

Junior Technician (Job Vacancy)

PU launches online exam grievance redressal system (News)

Science Fest held (News)

PU to host national physics symposium (News)

Citizen Charter started from 14 (News)

Citizen Charter started in PU (News)

15 members selected for Academic Council (News)

Students quarrel for Archery compitition (News)

MBA Course (Admission Notice)

Changes in examination system (News)

Inauguration of Amrita Shergill Girls Hostel (News)

PU will reduce fees of Cancer Students (News)

PU Student seek 1 year LLM course, submit memorandum to VC (News)

HC dismisses petition seeking stay on PU VC wife sppointment (News)

PU organises 1st intl moot court competition (News)

PU Prof gets AICTE award (News)

PU to hold 3 day meet on Nanotechnology (News)

PU Registrar Professor AK Bhandari joins as DUI (News)

Students collect over 400 kg discard (News)

Seminar on Khushwants Singh Birth Anniversary (News)

Master of Business Administration (Admission Notice)

Threat between UT and PU management (News)

Controversy on VC wife vacancy (News)

Students camps for Cancer Awareness (News)

PUs rose fest to begin from Feb 15 (News)

University de vitti board da gathan (News)

PU Prof bags best research paper award (News)

Discussion on fees issue in PU Board of Finance (News)

PU cagers finish 2nd in inter varsity meet (News)

University Campus to soon have 8 paid parking lots (News)

500 students fail to collect admit cards (News)

Asstt Professor and Deputy Registrar (Job Vacancy)

PU proposes free wifi for South Campus (News)

PU website among fastest in World (News)

Rose Festival starts today (News)

Poor arrangements mark flower show at PU rose fest (News)

Rose festival kicks off at PU (News)

Nanotechnology workshop held (News)

Rose Fest held (News)

PU syndicate meet on Feb 22 (News)

PU asks colleges to hold seminars on crime against women (News)

PU mulls ending two courses, start one year LLM (News)

HC dismisses another plea on PU VCs wife (News)

Law students protest outside VC office (News)

Lawyer fined for disputing PU VC wifes appointment (News)

PU teachers go on indefinite fast (News)

Students allege irregularities in question papers, stage protest (News)

PU senators call off indefinite hunger strike (News)

PU ranked best govt universities by industry body (News)

M Phil course in Geography will closed soon (News)

PU prepares tentative exam schedule (News)

PU syndicate to discuss fee issues in todays meeting (News)

Arts Faculty dean to speak on ideas of freedom (News)

AAPs Yuva Morcha makes an entry into students politics at PU (News)

Pvt hatho me jayegi PU ki suraksha (News)

PU study will be costlu (News)

PU senatots divided on marks for attendance (News)

PU Ludhiana centre director called back (News)

PU again beats IITs to be Indias best (News)

Students talk adult at varsity (News)

US varsity honours PU Professor Harkrishan Singh (News)

Admission process adopted by PU illegal (News)

PU Professor conferred with honorary degree (News)

Professor awarded for contribution to sciences, research (News)

Students shine at LPU event (News)

PU to host conference to commemorate Ghadar movement (News)

Convocation to be held on March Nine (News)

Science Congress Concludes at PU (News)

Students flay PU admn over banner offering free liquor (News)

Students flay PU admn over banner offering free liquor (News)

Programmer and Procurement Officer (Job Vacancy)

UIAMS holds alumni meet (Alumni Meet)

Dean Faculty selection me bhi Goyal gut jeeta (News)

Chief Vigilance Officer (Job Vacancy)

Master of Business Administration (Admission Notice)

Three day conference begins at UIET (News)

PU to change exam dates clashing with Lok Sabha polls (News)

Techno Fest held (News)

Seminar on gender sensitation (News)

PU Professor given outstanding scientist award (News)

Girls outshine boys at PU convocation (News)

63rd Annual Convocation held (Convocation)

Students not interested in Punjabi and Hindi subjects (News)

Discounts in fees to poor students (News)

Students storm into PU protesting delay in results (News)

Job Fest 2014 held (Vacancy)

Siasatdana nu Univesity senate da member banna parvan par meeting wich shamuliat na baba na (News)

INSO scholars assured demands to be addressed (News)

PUCSC finds loopholes in recruitment advertisement (News)

UIPS prof to get honorary degree from USciences (News)

MA Eng dispute over (News)

Kang turns to PU, seeks action against outsiders (News)

Is PU VC trying oblige search committee (News)

Varsity to replace practicals with tutorials for B Com (News)

MA students in hot soup (News)

NRIs not to enjoy privilege status in PU (News)

Dharna of Field Workers Union (News)

AT PU, midwives play doctors (News)

PU landguage depts lose member ganme (News)

PU losing charm among foreign students' (News)

Suchi me shamil kiye vivadat budh (News)

No ragging, Colleges PU promise fresher (News)

Online MBA admission starts at UIAMS (News)

Students get info about Legal Literacy (News)

API system will follow in Colleges (News)

No bar on press faculty interaction says VC (News)

Affidavit for evening study admissions (News)

PUs brainwaves dont impress us (News)

PU unable to solve erratic power supply problem (News)

PU Publication bureau to get modern printing press (News)

PU employees can go on deputation (News)

PU sees sharp dip in UMCs this year (News)

PU senate polls, Nominee announced (News)

Evening Studies Department me Students and Teachers naradar mile (News)

Ten Percent fees will increase in Colleges (News)

His four years in PU were the best (News)

PU nu interview jari rakhan lai hari jhandi (News)

No fizz at PU coffee house (News)

Students sad for fee addition (News)

No addition in fees from next session (News)

PU and Colleges me is baar 184 din hogi padhai (News)

Discussion on safety from Sexual Harassment (News)

700 employees will get profit (News)

Safed hathi bane PU ke project (News)

Students get eAdmit Card (News)

Students violence in University (News)

PU should not take UGC grant for granted (News)

Controversy in PU (News)

Politics not girl game in PI (News)

Central University ki rah me rishto ki adchan (News)

Students nu roll no lain lai khud University jana pea (News)

PhD Entrance Test (Entrance Test)

PU to host IASc meet in November, VC (News)

Two admission seats for villages (News)

Notice to 63 B Ed Colleges (News)

Theory questions asked in paper instead of Numerical (News)

PU postpones April 16 evening exams (News)

PU asks UT admn to increase height of South Campus boundary wall (News)

PU student shot at in Sec 37 (News)

PU announces dates for rescheduled exams (News)

22 collections presented at PU fashion show (News)

PU to check delay in grants to SC ST students (News)

Semester system in colleges on PU syndicate agenda (News)

60 or 65, retirement age debate brews (News)

Management Development Program held (News)

Lack of space at PU leads to scramble for vacant block (News)

Shortage leads to scramble at PU block (News)

PU to introduce compulsory course on crimes against women (News)

PU scientists successfully develop plates for Higgs Boson Project (News)

Pu Professor presents paper on Milkha Singh (News)

Cash strapped PU turns to alumni for assistance (News)

PU postpones exams for reappearing candidates (News)

PU VC takes stock of preparedness for semester system (News)

Seminar on Punjabi critic (News)

PU strips music dept head of powers (News)

PU syndicate to discuss semester system today (News)

Principal seeks re examination of history paper (News)

PU syndicate approves academic calender (News)

World Intellectual Property day celebrated (News)

PU proposes up to 20 percent fee hike in colleges (News)

Economist Pulin Nayak to visit PU (News)

Personality and Soft skill compitition held (News)

PU civil services centre to revamp course programme (News)

Hotel Management Institute honours meritorious students (News)

PU colleges announce fest dates (News)

PU to suspend teaching today (News)

PU proctor manhandled by students (News)

Jeet set afire on PU campus (News)

PU mulls extending library timing for women hostellers (News)

PU dean back, with swollen eye (News)

Students who have 45 percent in plus two can get admission in B Tech (News)

PU emritus prof honoured (News)

Semester system in PU graduate system (News)

Online apply for reevaluation (News)

PU to hold convention for Haryana Panchayat leaders on drug abuse (News)

Students evacuate PU library after suspected gas eak (News)

Grace marks can be met in B Com English (News)

PU me paper checking ke rate na badhane ke virodh (News)

VC Dr R S Bawa organise Scholarship scheme (News)

PU conducts session for Panchayat Leaders (News)

Graduation me band honge Mercy and Golden Chance (News)

UG results set to be delayed by a week (News)

PU gets new statistics HoD (News)

M Ed Entrance Test (Entrance Test)

May 9 last date to apply for PU LLB entrance test (News)

PU UG results set to be delayed by week (News)

PU raises remuneration for paper checkers (News)

Violence at PU, 4 shots fired at MA student (News)

Varsity to recruit 45 more security guards on campus (News)

50 percent decline in unfair practices in PU exams (News)

PU firing cops still to make arrests (News)

Answer sheets evaluation boycott reverted (News)

City police continue search for accused (News)

PU to discuss cosmology after higgs discovery today (News)

Dolphin research institute soon in PU (News)

Lyricist Irshad Kamal Institutes scholarships in his mothers name (News)

Varsity considers mandatory placement lectures, training for final year students (News)

Addition in fees (News)

PU indias best but doesnt figure in Asias top 100 (News)

Scientists discuss cosmology after higgs discovery (News)

PU left behind by other institutes in QS ranking (News)

Senate me manonayan ke liye lobing tez (News)

M tech, M Ed and B Pharma date sheet out (News)

Fees addition in PU affiliated colleges (News)

Principal retirement age changed (News)

Over 11,000 take PU CET in city (News)

Admissions to 2nd yr of engg course (News)

PU authorities meet student bodies to ensure peaceful elections (News)

Senate decision to addition in fees cancelled (News)

Senate ne panch feesdi badhotri par lagai muhar (News)

Semester system started (News)

Semester system awaits new PU college students (News)

PhD Programme (Entrance Test)

PU vallo Punjabi language wich PhD test lai kohri naa (News)

Special chance to students whoz absent in exam (News)

PU dept takes environment awareness programme to villages (News)

PU invites M Phil and PhD applications (News)

PU allows college faculty to guide PhD students (News)

LLB entrance test paper leak (News)

Student jumps to dealth off 6th floor (News)

No extra seat to rural students (News)

MBA Executive (Entrance Test)

PU syndicate approves 5 percent fee hike (News)

Regularisation of Pu contract staff gets nod (News)

VC asks student bodies to suggest ideas for smooth conduct of polls (News)

Asstt Professor alleges favouritism in PUs recruitment process (News)

70 percent attendance required for PhD (News)

5137 candidates sit for PU CET (News)

Student booked for sending lewd messages (News)

Admission begin at PUs Dept of Gandhian Studies (News)

PU gandhian studies dept to hold entrance test on July 8 (News)

Gramin students get reservation (News)

Semester system me kam hoga combination (News)

171 students clear BSc Biotech (News)

Student tries to end her life at Sukhna, saved (News)

Innovative courses at PU find new takers (News)

CU tie up with England University (News)

Achieve Medal and get free Education and Hostel (News)

Delay in PhD Thesis report (News)

PU move to reduce traffic congestion (News)

PU decks up for UGC Chairmans visit in Aug (News)

Students can get three more chance for LLM (News)

Evaluation fees increased (News)

Makkar writes to PU chanellor on bias against Punjabi (News)

Student help desks on campus prove to be of little help (News)

PU admission starts (News)

6485 students to complete for 2100 BCom seats (News)

Students pass BSc 2 exam (News)

City students shine in BSc 2nd yr PU exam (News)

Results for PGCET declared (News)

Varsity declares PG CET results (News)

Paper leak, PU law entrance on July 12 (News)

PU official was sounded on LLB paper leak, Panel (Admission Notice)

PU announces dates for entrance tests, admission counselling (News)

Grewal is CU sports Director (News)

Entrepreneurship workshop held (News)

PU CET BHMS 2014 (Entrance Test)

LLB entrance test cancelled (News)

PU ke 2 Professor ko retire karne par rok (News)

Brother of PU observer sat for leaked LLB paper (News)

VC delivers talk at Bangalore (News)

Smart cards for PU students (News)

PU announces interview dates for MSc courses (News)

Pre PhD programme concludes at PU (News)

PU employee held for defaming professor (News)

BCom course seats in UT pool filled (News)

PU LLB Entrance Test 2014 (Entrance Test)

PU invites applications for BE, BArch (News)

15 percent weightage to hons graduates (News)

PU declares more admission seats (News)

Applications open for B Ed (News)

Pu aspirants prefer vocaional courses (News)

PU declares result of BSc in Fashion Designing (News)

B Ed course (Admission Notice)

Over 2500 appear for LLB entrance (News)

PU syndicate okays 15 percent weightage to honours grads (News)

PU announces BA results (News)

PU to hold interviews to fill registrars position today (News)

Two PU dons in reuters most influential scientists list (News)

GGSS invites applications for MPhil course (News)

City girls bag 7 of 10 positions in PU biotechnology honours (News)

Re employement age changed (News)

PU a consumer, SC (News)

M Ed course (Admission Notice)

LLB student caught for copycats work on Whatsapp (News)

Pu refuses to accept documents dated after July 13 for verificatio (News)

Paper out of syllabus, students wants bonous marks (News)

PU says wont hold students polls (News)

Varsity announces anti ragging measures (News)

NSUI submits memo to PU VC (News)

BHMS Course (Admission Notice)

Students dharna for addition in fees (News)

PU to act tough on ragging (News)

PU panel takes note of colleges (News)

PU gets 3 weeks to clear dues of ex dean (News)

Pu to hold interviews for programmer posts (News)

Two day entrepreneurship workshop held (News)

140 teachers to be appointed soon (News)

Entrance test in college for PG course admission (News)

Professional Course will closed for faculty issues (News)

Only students of 50 percent marks get admission (News)

2990 appear for M Phil exam (News)

PU staffers seek pension for windows (News)

PU music dept invites applications for course (News)

Applications for MEd invited (News)

Boys to be sensitised on sexual harassment (News)

International workshop starts (News)

PU student bodies protest delay in putting up merit lists (News)

Vc holds meeting with faculty (News)

Counselling for MCA on Aug 5 (News)

Uncertainty over LLM counselling (News)

Two held for harassing woman student (News)

Rare migratory birds spotted on PU campus (News)

PhD entrance se motti kamai (News)

PU fee system will online (News)

PU Dept of Gandhian studies to organise special lecture (News)

PUs student centre may close early (News)

Pension for widows (News)

LLM course to be one year long, counselling on Aug 11 (News)

Security Officer asks authorities to close students centre (News)

Pu department of Punjabi postpones MPhil counselling (News)

Two groups announce panels for PU election (News)

VC says students polls will be held (News)

PU health centre in bad condition (News)

PU announces admission dates for MA in Music (News)

PU to start grading system for NSS volunteers (News)

Girl student files complaint against NSUI supporters over misbehaviour (News)

PU Colleges wary of student elections (News)

Principals of city colleges to discuss students polls with PU VC tmrw (News)

PU introduces new grading system for NSS (News)

PU to ask police to probe campus placement (News)

VC congratulates Manjul Bhargava for wining maths Nobel (News)

27 PU students booked for campus defacement (News)

268 appear for PU BDS entrance exam (News)

Paper leakage, Is PU trying to make it easier (News)

PU plant biologist to work with Moroccan centre (News)

Police issues notice to PU students again (News)

BCom me 6 ki jagah padhne honge 7 subject (News)

PU ne colleges me badhai 500 seats (News)

Hindi and English elective paper ko manjuri (News)

PU students me karega crores ki kamai (News)

PU will do grading of NSS certificate frm next year (News)

PU Professors par meharban, Karmi preshan (News)

Students bodies take to protest to woo prospective voters (News)

PU to host book fair (News)

Corporates must pay role in Higher Education, PU VC (News)

Five day PU book fair starts (News)

PU to host first ever book fair on campus (News)

Varsity NSS unit organises cleanliness drive (News)

Haryana Govt to honour PU prof (News)

BCom counselling on Aug 25 (Counselling)

PU Professor awarded Haryana Vigyan Ratna Award (News)

Non teaching staff will get absent for protest issues (News)

New registrar fauj ke sath management me bhi mahir (News)

Declare PU vehicle free, demand students bodies (News)

Kiran Kher releases book on Campus life (News)

Student leaders acquitted in stabbing case (News)

PU asks depts to issues ID Cards immediately (News)

PU book fair kicks off (News)

PU to take call on vehicle free zones today (News)

Jab Nehru bole Mister VC mere sath dhokha hua (News)

Book fair held (News)

Five day book fair held (News)

Classroom campaigns gather heat (News)

Parties slam satrical play (News)

Chief of Security Officer (Job Vacancy)

City colleges excel in PU results (News)

More cops on PU campus, students harried (News)

PU gate timings changed (News)

Kirandeep stands first in PU M Com course (News)

Varsity should ban mass bunking, suggest DSW (News)

PU goes to poll today, 21 candidates in fray (News)

New website for UG examination forms launched (News)

NSUI gained from splintered opposition (News)

Maximum of 1428 votes polled at UIET (News)

Varsity to launch website for exams (News)

PU Prof to take part in seminar in Singapore (News)

PU Prof appointed as editor in chief of international journal (News)

PU to hold meet on teaching training activities (News)

PUs two day UGC meet kicks off (News)

PU uploads vacant seat list for M Ed admissions (News)

VC launches website for online form submission (News)

PU syndicate to decide fate of Dhanwantry students (News)

Police, students bodies expense details contradict (News)

Admission against vacant seats for M Ed today (News)

PU lauches web portal for UG courses (News)

Admission against vacant seats for M Ed course (News)

PU syndicate to decide fate of 30 Dhanwantry students (News)

40 publisher will come in Book Fair (News)

PU likely to appoint chief vigilance officer (News)

PU may approach SC for filling up 150 engg seats (News)

Session held at PU on drug control in Punjab (News)

Lecture organised on contemporary debate on Gandhi (News)

Subject option will less in BA and BSc (News)

Asstt Professor to present paper at UK Conference (News)

Students protest over poor hygiene (News)

New students council members sworn (News)

PU VC launches website for online form submission (News)

PU boys hostel students protest poor quality mess food (News)

Pu syndicate to discuss Dhanwantri College issue (News)

College affiliated with PU remain closed from some days (News)

Bees ke liye PU parshasan kharch kar rha 44 rupaye (News)

M Ed course (Admission Notice)

NSUI claims to have spent Rs 13200 during PU polls (News)

Students flock to council office with problems (News)

PU not to charge fees from the poor (News)

Asia's big auditorium constructed in PU (News)

Pu fails to make the cut, not among top 700 varsities (News)

Application for PhD courses invited (News)

Student bodies after economical trips to Manali (News)

National seminar on bamboo held (News)

PU don delivers talk at International sport science congress (News)

Student bodies offer economical trips to Manali (News)

UG students can apply online for admission (News)

Free coaching for medical, engineering entrance tests (News)

200 attend global meet on technological innovation (News)

Student centre going to the dogs (News)

Chadha proposed appointment to be discussed in senate meeting (News)

Students call off strike after officials intervene (News)

Senate to discuss appointment on Sept 28 (News)

PU hostels to have LET TVs washing machines (News)

ABVP submits memorandum to PU VC on hostel (News)

Schedule for registration in M Phil, PhD (News)

CPS motivates students (News)

Students display talent in mime (News)

Noted psychologist to address PU Colloquim (News)

Students showcase their acting at Youth Fest (News)

Introduce rotation of headships in 3 out of 24 centres, PU Panel (News)

World tourism day celebrated (News)

Introduce rotation of headships in three institutes (News)

Ayurveda students allowed to take exam (News)

PU research scholars to secure loans for projects (News)

Youth Fest held (News)

PU misses chance to raise issue with HRD minister Irani (News)

PU misses opportunity to flag issues with Irani (News)

PU gives nod to changing of branches (News)

PU dean seeks fresh list of departmental representatives (News)

PU shelves unfeasible Rs200 cr (News)

Petition on appointment of new registrar withdrawn (News)

University Professor withdraws plea challenging registrar appointment (News)

Zonal Youth Fest held (News)

Ghazal, folk song mark day 3 of PU youth, heritage fesr (News)

PU Alumni House starts preparing database of new students (News)

PU nodal agency for Physics research tie up with US institutes (News)

PU Students can soon pay exam fee at post offices (News)

PU students can soon pay exam fees at post offices (News)

National discussion meet on research at PU from Oct 16 (News)

PU VC to discuss introduction of Post Doctoral fellowship programmes (News)

For India US projects, PU is new nodal agency (News)

Rahul Gandhi likely to visit PU (News)

E facility at post offices to collect PU exam fee (News)

City students secure top 10 positions at PU (News)

PU Professor to take part in global meet (News)

PU students can soon pay exam fees at post offices of Punjab (News)

PU students to get leave to cast votes (News)

International conference on mental strengths (News)

PU likely to introduce CGPA from next session (News)

PU Professor tries to commit suicide (News)

City girls excel in PU MCom exams (News)

Boys lift yachting titles (News)

PU to give grace marks in bid to encourage participation in fests (News)

PU changes migration charges (News)

R and D highlighted at VCs meet (News)

National meet on research innovation (News)

PU Teachers get Child Care leave (News)

PU Doctoral student receives global honour (News)

PU Zonal Youth Fest held (News)

50 percent teaching, non teaching posts in PU vacant, Report (News)

PU Proposes to increase seats in only girl child category (News)

Traffic on PU Campus (News)

Alumni of PU chemistry deptt honoured (News)

PUs plans for soft skills course yet to take off (News)

PU registrar directs officials to survey vehicle inflow on campus (News)

Sirsa youth visiting friend at PU fails off hostel balcony (News)

Teachers urge PU to withdraw ad for recruitment of senior faculoty (News)

PU Prof appointed as adjunct faculty (News)

Teachers urge PU to withdraw ad for recruitment faculty (News)

PU syndicate restricts seats for girl child (News)

PU restricts reservation for girls (News)

Conference on advances in botany (News)

PU to host two day National conference (News)

Departmental Politics ki bhent chadhe Interview (News)

HC directs PU to create seat (News)

Multiple enrolements, PU leaders love studies (News)

Students suffering from drugs, Shashi Kant (News)

PU Website not updated on RTI rules (News)

PU research scholars likely to get special rooms (News)

Varsity research scholars may soon get special rooms (News)

PU registrar appointment challenged in HC (News)

Lecture on Guru Nanak (News)

Post offices to launch e payment service for PU students (News)

Controversy on Bhangra results (News)

Mumbai based scientist to deliver lecture (News)

PU declares last date for submitting exams forms (News)

PU notifies date of examination fee submission (News)

Students of PU College still awaiting datesheets (News)

PU in inter college Football tourney (News)

PU seeks reply from Principal (News)

PU holds lecture on vedic philosphy (News)

PU Arts dept to organise painting exhibition (News)

PU will be first Paper less University in North (News)

Professor entrusted with Japanese project on malaria (News)

Inter College Cricket fest held (News)

PU all set to recieve eGovernance (News)

Cleanliness campaign, PU asks depts to hold drives (News)

PU to give egovernance yet another try (News)

PU to intensify Swachh Bharat Abhiyan on Campus (News)

PU Don awarded at Pharma meet in Singapore (News)

Meen on reinventing plan panel held (News)

PU Campus crowned champions (News)

PU VC approves another seat in nursing course (News)

Easy win for shutllers Ishan, Akshay (News)

PU Prof to be awarded Pharmacy award (News)

Annual Function held (News)

PU to fill up all vacant teaching position (News)

Registrars Pay may cause a stir at PU Syndicate meet (News)

PU Prof gets Dewang Mehta business school award (News)

Youth allegedly attacked at PU (News)

Lecture on Ashoka in Ancient India (News)

PU told to fill up vacant teaching posts by session end (News)

Researchers at PU can soon gets loans (News)

PU Prof honoured by Punjab CM (News)

PU to introduce grading system for NSS Volunteers (News)

PU allocation of funds for renovating registrars hounse under fire (News)

Teachers ne bhari bharkam fauj kr rahi mauj (News)

Week long course for research scholars concludes (News)

Trust deficit between PU Teachers, students (News)

Kiran Bedi to release her book (News)

Dranatist Dr Swrajbir delivers lecture (News)

PU launches Twitter handle (News)

Pharmacy week starts (News)

PU to execute third party guarantee for students loans (News)

PU offers programme on self development (News)

University to execute third paty guarantee for students loans (News)

PU to host conference on gender question in Punjab and Haryana (News)

PU Panel moots 5 pc fee hike for courses run by campus (News)

Students bodies up in arms against fee hike (News)

Student allege harassment by Faculty member (News)

Online registration for PU MBA course starts (News)

Lecture on Dalit Politics (News)

PU holds interface on gender based violence (News)

PU organises interface with women (News)

PU Hostel introduces card payment facility (News)

Bogus emails at PU (News)

Eves set up title clash on ball badminton (News)

PU releases logo for Gandhi Peace Mission 2015 (News)

Bogus emails at PU, Probe gains steam (News)

University hostel introduces card payment facility (News)

FDP Concludes at PU (News)

VC releases logo of Gandhi Peace Mission (News)

Conference on gender issues in Punjab (News)

DSW says no fee was raised in previous academic session (News)

Faculty Development Program held (News)

PU Prof conferred membership of NAMS (News)

PU hosts Science conclave to discuss urgent reforms (News)

PU Alumnus offers to donate funds for renovation (News)

PU student leaders vandalised (News)

Protests against Grills at Hostel (News)

PU Prof presents paper on Indian miniature art in Czech Republic (News)

Colloquium on basic medical science held (News)

PU VC named head of employable courses (News)

PU overpays Rs 4.5 cr in grab of higher interest rate on PF (News)

Photo exhibition held (News)

Fees hike by 5 percent (News)

PU fellow delivers lecture in Canada (News)

Satrical play staged at PU (News)

PU fellow delivers lecture on pesticides (News)

Play on environment staged (News)

PU canter to an easy victory (News)

PU Scientist delivers lecture at Candian conference (News)

PU lock horns over faculty membership (News)

PU organises session on healthcare system (News)

Roll numbers of students available on PU website (News)

PU rank in emerging nations comes down 13 notices to 39 (News)

PU changes datesheet of clashing BA subjects (News)

PU uploads roll numbers of UG PG exams (News)

PU extended retirement age of Principals (News)

PU panel to take call on college profs in faculty groups today (News)

International symposium on The Komagata Maru at PU (News)

Students trained in stress management (News)

PU panel to take call on college profs in faculties today (News)

Yoga workshop held (News)

President to deliver convocation address at PU on March 14 (News)

Meet on gender mainstreaming in higher education (News)

MTU to sign pact with PU (News)

PU cant fill Sanskrit seats despite dropping cut offs (News)

Satnam, Akash score in PU win (News)

PU Council proposes to restrict entry of vehicles after 6 pm (News)

PU senate meeting on December 14, Registrar (News)

PU get better of DU (News)

Lecturer at PU on state of pharmacy (News)

Installation of Digital Document Management System (Tender)

PU rally to 2-2 draw against GNDU (News)

PU fellows to deliver lecture in Guwahati (News)

Student bodies oppose proposed fee hike (News)

Safety of women major concerh (News)

Lecture at PU on clinical effect of reading literature (News)

PU charges the highest fee when it comes to regional universities (News)

PU lads win football tourney (News)

Chrysanthemum flower show starts (News)

Student bodies oppose proposed fee hike (News)

Aided colleges not to hold semester exams (News)

PU relaxes income norm for loan subsidy scheme (News)

PU BoF relaxes income eligibility for loan subsidy scheme (News)

British delegation visits PU (News)

PU Postpones Dec exams to January 2 (News)

Talk on Psychosocial behaviour (News)

PU can live but not grow (News)

Student held for cheating during exam (News)

Student booked for cheating in exam (News)

Prof Padmanabhan to lecture at PU (News)

PU Syndicate election today held (News)

PU senate approves two additional seats for girls (News)

VC proposes to re start 100 bed dental hospital project (News)

Supply of waste papers (Tender)

Chatrah group wins PU syndicate election (News)

PU Campus faculty representation rises (News)

Unaware of postponement, Students reach exam centres (News)

Chatrah alliance bags 10 seats in PU syndicate polls (News)

PU syndicate meeting on Dec 21 (News)

Deans of University faculties elected (News)

Election for post of deans, secretaries held (News)

PU postpones Dec 19 exam to Jan 2 (News)

Session held on gravity and Cosmos (News)

PU postpones December 19 exams to Jan 3 (News)

To boost researh, PU to work closely with Industry (News)

PU unveils portrait of former CJI in hostel (News)

PU employee wife held for cheating (News)

PU gives nod to 5 percent fee increase (News)

PU VC unveils portrait of former CJI (News)

PU Syndicate approves 5 pc hike in fees for 2015 16 (News)

Registrar niyukti, PU ne dia javab (News)

PU yet to implement norms for promotion of teachers (News)

PU to implement norms for promotion teachers (News)

PU sub panel favours 5 day week in colleges (News)

PU students council slams 5 pc fee hike decision (News)

Supply of ERA Accessory (Tender)

Wrong quest paper leaves students upset (News)

MA Punjabi exam to be held again on Dec 31 at PU (News)

UK Varsity, PU to Ink pact soon (News)

PU publishes book on Gurdial Singh (News)

PU Prof awarded with senior fellowship (News)

PUTHAT 2014 (Entrance Test)

PU to implement policy of rotation of headship soon (News)

University fails to observe good governance day (News)

PU teachers completing PhD set to get increments (News)

PU issues official order for rotation of headship (News)

Outdated syllabus plagues Education (News)

Student body protests over not being allowed to meet V-P (News)

PU turns fortress ahead of Vice President visit (News)

PU signs MoU with AMU (News)

UGC don named ASPA founders fellow for 201 (News)

PU excels in tourney (News)

PU told to keep campus clean (News)

PU Prof selected as Founders fellow of ASPA (News)

PUs FB page ranked 5th by web portal (News)

PU continues to delay implementation of childcare leave for woman teachers (News)

VC releases new calender of PU (News)

MBA in Hospital Management (Admission Notice)

Students can pay fees at PUs post office (News)

Neuroscientists meet under cluster initiative held (News)

PU affiliated colleges to remain closed on Jan 7 (News)

Students can now submit fees at PU Post Office (News)

Fee counters of PU at Post offices (News)

Satyarthi, maths prof Bhagrav to get PU honorary doctorate degree (News)

Bhatnagar Memorial Award for PU Professor (News)

NSS holds cleanliness drive in Dhanas (News)

NSS camp held (News)

PU, Australian University to hold joint workshop on Jan 10 (News)

HC upholds PU decision to charge higher fee for LLB course (News)

Three Child labourers rescued from PU (News)

Ansari seeks comments from University over allegations of financial fraud (News)

Courses on Cyber Security (News)

PU holds workshop with Western Australian Varsity (News)

Installation of Ethernet switches (Tender)

146 Intl students enrolled during 2014 session (News)

US prof delivers science colloqium (News)

Enquiry centre for PU rose festival inaugurated (News)

PU VC launches website for entrepreneurship summit (News)

Noted PU academic passes away at 102 (News)

PUs emeritus scientist gets UGC fellowship (News)

PU zeroes in on seven key areas for Skill Development (News)

PU to host first ever entrepreneurship summit (News)

Theatre group from Romania performs at PAU (News)

PU to setup dept for Skill Development (News)

Syndicate may grant graduates, PG another golden chance (News)

PU set to revise honorarium, other benefits for employees (News)

PU official jumps to rescue of absentee manager (News)

Science dept nod for INSPIRE internship programme at PU (News)

Meet on microbial biotechnology ends (News)

Master of Business Management (Admission Notice)

PU sanctioned govt internship programme (News)

Biotechnology conference ends at PU (News)

PUs academic calender approved (News)

Syndicate clears foreign study semester, research pool (News)

R Day celebrated at PU (News)

PU research scholars submit memorandum listing demands (News)

Pu launches outreach meet to motivate school students (News)

Pu Deptt to mark Jan 30 as martyrdom day (News)

PU launches outreach programme for schools (News)

PU to host winter training for pharmaceutical teachers\ (News)

Lecture on sanskrit delivered at OU (News)

PU gives nod to regional centre for pre PhD Punjabi course (News)

UGC approves sports hostel for girls (News)

PUCSC submits memo on parking facikities (News)

Kher inaugurates national theatre conference at PU (News)

PU organises exhibition of stamps on martyrs (News)

Purchase of Flow Cytometer (Tender)

Awaiting approval to raise retirement age (News)

PU dept organises workshop on enhancing employability skills (News)

Rose fest at PU to start on Feb 6 (News)

Murder charges against 3 including two students (News)

PU to host meet on promoting enterpreneurs (News)

Law dept leaves LLM students hassled, asks for pending Rs23K fee (News)

PU demands pending fees, students fume (News)

PU entrepreneurship summit to begin on Feb 6 (News)

PU to hold pharmacy symposium on Feb 6 (News)

PU all set to host rose fest from today (News)

MBA Programme (Admission Notice)

PU urged to extend date for UGCs API score capping system (News)

Business summit to commence at PU (News)

Rose fest held (News)

PU Rose Fest starts with bang (News)

Admn pulls up PU for misuse of public funds (News)

Three day entrepreneurship summit begins at PU (News)

PU host national symposium on disease (News)

Ex PU dean delivers lectures in Trinidad (News)

PU plans own staff to regulate traffic (News)

National meet on x-ray techniques (News)

PU plans own staff to regulate traffic problems (News)

Workshop held on kids with learning disabilities (News)

University fellow gets young scientist award (News)

Workshop on x-ray techniques start (News)

PU to host Civil rights film fest (News)

Workshop organised by learning disabilities (News)

Buoyant AAP to take campus route (News)

National Conference on statistics (News)

Gulzar to attend PU convocation on March 14 (News)

French Univ keen on partnering PU (News)

PU status for potential for excellence in limbo (News)

Court upholds PU registrar selection (News)

HC uploads appointment of Col Chadha as PU Registrar (News)

Punjabi University open gifts (News)

Personality Development course begins (News)

Painting contest held (News)

Study by PU don, student accepted by US forensic academy (News)

Punblic awareness programme on Ebola virus (News)

Training school for pharmacy professionals started (News)

PU VC meets UT advisor (News)

PU paper leak case (News)

Winter training schools ends at PU (News)

PU holds National Symposium (News)

Paper less examination system held (News)

Scientist delivers lectures at PU (News)

Amandeep hat trick sets up win for PU (News)

Lecture on cancer awareness (News)

Hosts PU get off to winning start (News)

Weather extremes discussed at PU symposium (News)

PU earnmarks just Rs 1.3 lakh for hostels upkeep (News)

PU eves continue winning spree (News)

EI Nino, effects of climate change on human health (News)

Two day student convention kicks off (News)

PU relaxes promotion norms for teachers on campus (News)

To make PU world class need encourage (News)

Two new buses for PU Institutions (News)

Rs 556 cr budget for PU (News)

PU puts forth Rs 555 crore budget estimate for new session (News)

Social Science Congress hosted (News)

PU organises microbiology symposium (News)

PU gets 2 AC buses under MPLAD funds (News)

Students get chance to do some addition in marks (News)

Principals meet at PU (News)

PU prepares for NAAC team visit (News)

Cleanliness drive organised at PU (News)

PU to host Science Congress from Feb 25-27 (News)

Placement Drive held (News)

PU to host two day Placement drive Avsar 2015 (News)

PU Professor suspended from examiner duty for five years (News)

Conference on Socio Cultural deterents held (News)

Expert talk on diversity, Pluralism (News)

UIHMT bags top slots at hospitality event (News)

Supply of Optical Fibre Cable (Tender)

Pu holds sustainable development meet (News)

SGGS crowned PU kayaking champs (News)

Faculty Development Programme held (News)

PU eves win inter varsity softball championship (News)

Prof gets lifetime achievement award in psychology (News)

PU eves clinch inter varsity softball title (News)

Second day of ANNUM, talk held on TB (News)

PU may consider only GATE scores for ME, M Tech admission (News)

Workshop on capacity building in social sciences (News)

Disparity in PU report irks NAAC team (News)

Musical Program held (News)

PU Registrar ki niyukti par muhar (News)

Affiliation to Hindi and English Elective paper (News)

Conference on Chemistry held (News)

Cancer Scientist to speak at PU (News)

PUHAT 2015 (Entrance Test)

Pu invites application for BA B Com (News)

Pu need more hostel (News)

PU objects to SFS survey on sexual harassment (News)

BA and B Com course (Entrance Test)

PU objects to SFS survey on sexual harassment (News)

PU invites application for BA B Com (News)

PU needs more hostels, Visiting NAAC team (News)

BA B Com and LLB (Entrance Test)

PU organises course on human rights (News)

PU syndicate meet addresses key concerns including transfers (News)

PU move to confer honorary title on ex education secy raises eyebrows (News)

PU seeks application for Hotel Management (News)

PU extends date of submission for exam forms (News)

Easy win for PU evening studies Dept spikers (News)

PU gears up to welcome President to its 64th annual convocation (News)

Two day seminar on anthropological research in India begins (News)

PU to host annual convocation on Mar 14 (News)

PU associate prof sends legal notice to Vice President (News)

PU to hold seminar on Development model today (News)

No centralised admission process for BCom (News)

PU Professor rattled over demotion sends legal notice to VP (News)

PU signs MoU with University of Nottingham (News)

IC pande memorial lecture series to begin at PU from March 13 (News)

PU student unions demand no confidence motion against campus council (News)

Ayurveda congress kicks off at PU (News)

CT scan images can help in personal identification (News)

PU student council says authorities dismissed letter seeking fee (News)

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Media coverage of Panjab University, Chandigarh Chandigarh, Chandigarh

Panjab University defaulted on Property Tax



Rs 11.50 cr in as property tax, MC cant help but dream BIG. WITH Rs 11.50 crore already in its kitty as property tax in the first quarter of this financial year 2006-07, the Municipal Corporation Chandigarh does not seem to let go off the advantage of surpassing the expected collections from the recently introduced tax in the city.

While on one hand, the MC would send notices to institutions including PGI and Panjab University who are yet to pay their share of the service tax (property tax for the government institutions) the effort is now on to identify the commercial activities in the residential areas that would come under the purview of levelling property tax.

As per the conservative estimates by the UT Administration, the MC was expected to collect Rs 12 crore as property tax this financial year. But we have already touched the figure of Rs 11.50 crore even as autonomous institutes including the PGI, Panjab University and IMTECH, along with the commercial units running in the residential areas are yet to pay up, said MC Commissioner P.S. Aujla, while talking to Newsline, here today.

He further added that while majority of the commercial units in the city have paid their share of property tax, some of the institutes have delayed the payment of the tax as the calculation of the actual area which would come under the purview needs some clarifications.

As a part of the identification process of commercial activities in the residential areas, MC has given this task to the students of Punjab Engineering College (PEC), Sector 12 (incidentally PEC is among the autonomous bodies who have made the payment of tax to MC) as a project that is already underway for the last few months.

Property tax was introduced in the last quarter of the previous financial year 2005-06 and MC collected around Rs 2.75 crore during that period.

VC hints at overhauling examination branch

Inundated with complaints from Panjab University Senators about the examination branch from harassment of students buying examination forms to delayed declaration of results to non-declaration of re-evaluation results the Vice-Chancellor, Prof K.N. Pathak, today, announced the convening of a special meeting to discuss these issues.

We will hold a meeting to discuss issues solely pertaining to overhauling of the entire working of the the examination branch, Professor Pathak said while addressing the first meeting of the newly constituted Panjab University Senate.

Agitated Senators, Ashok Goyal and Dharinder Tayal pointed out how delayed results had cost some students their jobs since they were not allowed to join without their results. Mr Satya Pal Jain along with others proposed that a special meeting be convened to discuss the matter at length.

A time-bound inquiry with a commitment to punish those found guilty was also instituted into the case of declaration of wrong results of M.Sc II (mathematics). Mr Prabhjeet Singh had pointed out that the Maths paper had been cancelled since it was outside the syllabus. The paper was conducted again in October.

While the result of a few students was pending, the Examination Branch, in a serious lapse, had declared the result of some students on the basis of the earlier examination and awarded zero to three marks. Mr Ashok Goyal demanded an inquiry into the matter.

Pandemonium reigned in the House when Senators raised the issue of exorbitant fee being charged in private colleges. They claimed that while the university had asked for prospectus of these colleges last year in a bid to streamline fee structures, nothing much has been done so far.

While the Senate decided to terminate the services of Mr J.S. Rathore, a commerce lecturer, for playing truant despite repeated warnings and a show-cause notice after debating on holding a disciplinary inquiry or terminating him, Dr B.B. Goyals appeal for restoration of increments was turned down by the Senate. Dr Goyal of University Business School was charged with awarding 42 marks for non-existent answers in an answersheet during re-evaluation.

The Senate deferred the transfer of examination and other connected work of Punjab Engineering College from Punjab University while the recommendations of the Board of Finance were approved.

While a number of Career Advancement Scheme appointments in various departments were approved by the Senate, the promotions of readers and professors, long over due, were deferred yet again after Dr R.K. Kohli pointed out anomalies in the confirmation of promotions from the date of Senate approval.

On the item pertaining to appointments in the University Institute of Engineering and Technology, the Vice-Chancellor, in accordance with the wishes of the Senate, decided to re-advertise the post, subject to the order of the high court.

Dr Rabinder Nath Sharma, Mr G.K. Chatrath, Mr Keshav Malhotra, Mr S.S. Hundal and Mr Ashok Goyal recorded dissent after the House did not agree to appoint the candidate on the waiting list for wrong information. Mr Hundal also pointed out at the ban on recruitment in colleges faculty imposed by the Punjab Government.

A heated debate on the appointment of an outsider as Deputy Registrar and collection of fee by the State Bank of India took place but were later approved. On an item pertaining to financial loss to the university on account of delay in making investment, the Senate decided to refer the matter back to the Syndicate for fixing responsibility.

A study trip for college principals and teachers was given the nod as also the approval for amendment to provisions for implementing the pension scheme. In the case of students of the Law Department protesting for condonation of lectures, the Senate decided to count the lectures of the students from their day of joining and not from the day the session of the university began.

Earlier, members of the non-teaching staff held a protest outside the venue of the Senate meeting, seeking cancellation of the appointment of a Deputy Registrar from outside the campus and to urge Senators to implement the pension scheme.

Central Status for Panjab University

Strange and contradictory are the ways the state governments pursue their policies, especially those dealing with core subjects like education and healthcare.

The Punjab government, for example, wants more central universities in the state but has been opposing tooth and nail the idea of converting Panjab University (PU) into a central university. Reason: it may compromise the state’s claim over Chandigarh.

Sources in the Punjab government confirm that communication for setting new central university in the state has been received and the process to work out modalities set in motion.

It may be pertinent to mention here that last year the Prime Minister had announced setting up 30 new central universities in the country. Initial plans suggested that besides upgrading the PU to a central university, Punjab would get one more central university, probably in the Malwa belt.

But the opposition to the PU becoming a central university or a totally centrally funded university has been intriguing.

“There is no substance in arguments advanced by the Punjab government as the change in its status from inter-state body to a central university would in no way affect its claim over the capital built for the state of Punjab,” maintain leaders of the Punjab University Teachers Association (PUTA).

“Apprehensions expressed by the Punjab government are unfounded, without logic and least convincing in a democracy where the central government will never ever link status of the university to a territorial dispute. Many of us support inclusion of Chandigarh in Punjab. Both the Punjab government and the PU will be major beneficiaries if the Centre declares it a central university,” argue the PUTA leaders.

The PU has a unique status. Of its annual budget of over Rs 130 crore, nearly 40 to 45 per cent comes from its own resources. It gets an annual grant of Rs 38 crore from the Centre, besides Rs 16 crore from the Punjab government. Earlier, the central government used to give 8 per cent annual increase in its allocation to the varsity. But once the Punjab government froze its annual finance support at Rs 16 crore, the Centre, too, stopped releasing additional 8 per cent incremental funds.

Its chancellor continues to be the Vice-President of India. While other central universities like Aligarh, Banaras, Delhi, Tezpur, Nagaland and Jamia Millia are getting Rs 20 crore or more in the 10th Plan allocation. Compared to them, the PU was promised Rs 4.89 crore, of which it actually got only Rs 3.91 crore.

Established by an Act of Parliament after the Partition, it is one of four federal universities of the country. Since the Reorganisation Act of 1966 gave the PU a unique character of inter-state body, it had semi-federal status, with the chancellor being the Vice-President of the country. Now when Haryana has no more stakes in the university - neither any college affiliation nor any annual grants for the university - it is Punjab and the Centre who provide the funding in 60:40 ratio.

With sources of funding remaining limited or even shrinking, it finds itself in a poor fiscal health to sustain its ongoing programmes. Not only that, it’s old and aging buildings, built 50 years ago, are long overdue for repair and maintenance. Laboratories, too, need upgradation.

The only ray of hope was kindled when Prime Minister Manmohan Singh announced the setting up new central universities. Being an alumnus of the university, PUTA initiated a signature campaign last year to persuade the Union Government to declare PU a central university.

Teachers want the Punjab government to review its decision and benefit from the central university scheme before it’s too late. Funds saved here could be utilised in other universities of Punjab.

Political rivalry triggers a spate of violence in Punjab University

Chandigarh, May 8 The Panjab University is on the verge of becoming a haven for anti-socials if one goes by the spiralling incidents of violence taking place on the campus in recentpast.
Increasing youth rage, political rivalry and the callous attitude of the authorities have all contributed towards making one of the oldest universities in the country a hub of untoward incidents

As opposed to just two such cases of violence being reported in 2006, PU has seen as many as eight cases involving violent attacks or criminal intimidation by students registered till date this year, including three cases of attempt to murder involving university students.

Rivalry between the two student political parties, namely the Students Organisation of Panjab University (SOPU) and Panjab University Students Union (PUSU) has been at the root of almost all incidents of violence that have been disrupting the serenity of the campus.

Being arch political rivals, the supporters of these parties have been increasingly taking the law in their own hands and many students have been arrested in this regard. In total, more than 35 students of the university have been arrested in a number of cases involving threatening, rioting, criminal trespass and attempt to murder since the past three years. Newsline goes into the past history of the incidents involving rifts where university students were arrested.

March 1, 2006: Nine students belonging to Punjab University Students Union (PUSU) were arrested for creating a ruckus and engaging in a brawl at the Student Centre. The case is still pending in the court.

July 11, 2006: Three students of PUSU were arrested after they allegedly stabbed a SOPU member, Harjivan Singh, who was a first year student of DAV College Sector 10. They were booked for attempt to murder under Section 307, 34 of the Indian Penal Code.

June 13, 2007: Two students and supporters of SOPU were arrested for attempt to murder after they beat up and stabbed a Khalsa College student.

August 2, 2007: Four members of PUSU were arrested for attacking SOPU supporters. The then PUSU President Abhishek Puri allegedly hit one of them with a bottle. Two SOPU members were also arrested after a cross complaint was filed.

November 6, 2007: Two SOPU members were arrested after they allegedly broke the windowpanes of the complainant’s car and attacked him with swords.

November 13, 2007: Three members of the INSO were booked for pelting stones at the V-C’s house.

Till date in 2008: Anurag Chauhan, Chairman of INSO was arrested for sending threatening SMS to the PU’s V-C. He was also booked for causing hurt to a public servant.

The PUSU-SOPU clash took an ugly turn on March 28. Five PUSU supporters were arrested, including Simrandeep Singh Sandhu. The SOPU got back at Sandhu by stabbing him on May 3. The accused are still absconding.

Around 19 students were booked by the police yesterday under preventive action and later released on bail.

Punjab University chain fast for central status completes one month

CHANDIGARH: The faculty and students of Punjab University Chandigarh are determined to take their agitation for central status to varsity to a logical end even as the chain fast, at the call given by Joint Action Committee, Tuesday completed one month.

Nearly seven thousand people have visited the site of dharna during the last one month to express their solidarity. Nearly 250 teachers (that included deans, chairpersons and fellows), along with 85 students/ research scholars and 9 members of the technical staff have so far sat on the chain fast.

Manjit Singh secretary of Punjab University Teachers Association said that Joint Action Committee has been making relentless efforts to achieve their goal. With the passage of every day the resentment against the political indifference of the state and central government is spreading, within and outside the campus, and new sections are extending their support to the ongoing agitation.

The members of AC have met politicians across the parties and formed a conclusion that Punjab Chief Minister Parkash Singh Badal should call an all party meeting to resolved the tangle. He said that Punjab government was unnecessarily opposing central status for the Punjab University.

Tuesday even the lawyers from the High Court volunteered to sit on the chain fast as most of them are P.U. alumni and feel deeply hurt to find their former teachers sitting by the roadside in such a harsh weather to demand financial security for P.U as Punjab Government has failed to fulfill its promise of 40 per cent funding during the last one decade.

JAC leadership is receiving calls from different departments expressing solidarity with the agitation along with the offer to sit on the fast through the summer vacation in case the politicians refuge to budge from their present position. To begin with a group of ten former students have decided to sit on the fast on May 10, 2008 as a token of respect for the agitating community on the campus.

Those who sat on the fast Tuesday were Prof. Akhtar Mahmood, Dr Dinesh Talwar, both Fellow Panjab University, Prof. Rupinder Tewari, Department of Bio-technology, Dr. Kewal Singh, Assistant Director Sports, Sh Ajay Kumar, a research scholar from the department of English.

In a separate statement PUTA president Prof. A.S. Ahluwalia condemned the recent violence on the campus. The peace on the campus for a healthy academic environment is a basic pre-requisite and should not be allowed to disturb at any cost, said Prof. Ahluwalia.

At the same time PUTA condemns the burning of effigy of a respected colleague of UILS by a group of students Monday. We should work together to uphold the dignity of teacher-taught relation and in no way let it be degraded to petty politics, said Prof Ahluwalia.

19 arrested with weapons from PU

Chandigarh, May 7 As many as 19 supporters of the president of a students’ political party were arrested when they forayed into the Panjab University campus with swords, rods and baseball bats.
The president of Student Organisation of India (SOI), Sarabjit Singh, has also been booked under the Prevention Act. Five assailants in a car were nabbed from near Gate Number 2 of PU. A large number of bats and sticks were recovered from their car.

Another 14, who had entered the varsity from Gate Number 1, were arrested from the Law Department.

Police claimed to have recovered rods and swords from their cars. The vehicles have been impounded. The accused were later released on bail after they were produced before the SDM in the evening.

SOI president Sarabjit Singh is a student of the varsity’s Law Department and had come to appear for a third-year exam.

He had reportedly brought along the 19 who hailed from Balaungi. Police sources said Sarabjit had brought them along either to attack rival groups or fearing an attack from them.

Those arrested have been identified as Jaspreet Singh, Harpreet Singh, Gurvinder Singh, Tejinder Singh, Daljit Singh, Akashdeep, Gurpreet, Jatinder, Inderjit Thakur, Hansraj, Ramandeep, Vikram, Gurdeep, Iqbal, Prem Singh, Deepak Chauhan, Parvinder Singh, Resham Singh and Rajinder Singh.

Fitness centre will help PU students, employees relax

Chandigarh, May 06 Professor R C Sobti, Vice-chancellor, Panjab University inaugurated a gym for the female employees and students of Panjab University at the Jawahar Lal Nehru Multipurpose Sports Complex today.
Various machines like the nine-station multi gym, computerised treadmills, motorised massagers, blood circulation machines have been installed at this centre. It has also installed magnetic bikes and ergo-meters.

Professor Sobti said that this centre would help the students and employees who always under stress.

Coordination trouble at placement cell, students suffer

CHANDIGARH: The students of University Institute of Fashion Technology and Vocational Development (UIFT & VD), Panjab University, Chandigarh organized its Annual Function "Rampage - 2008" on the premises of University.

The event was full of fun and frolic with dances, singing, mimicry and many other interesting games by the staff and students.

Prizes were given away for competition held during the year. Aarti Kashyap got all rounder students best prize. Menu bagged prize for the Best Initiator and Sapna Nanda got the most Stylish Title. Meenakshi got the first prize in designing competition while Komal scored second position.

All the students were given the founder batch shields. Dr. Sween, Coordinator of the department of UIFT & VD, while speaking on the occasion, said that fashion is growing industry and there is lot of scope for employment in buying, export houses as merchandisers and entrepreneurs.

Dr. Rita Kant, a senior faculty member, said that new admission shall begin in the month of June on the basis of aptitude test. Amandeep Kaur, member ofthe faculty was behind the hosting of the show according to Dr. Sween, Coordinator, University Institute of Fashion Technology and Vocational Development, P.U.

Scholarship award function held at PU

Chandigarh, May 18 The annual general body meeting and scholarship award function of the Panjab University Alumni Association (PUAA) was held in the Golden Jubilee Hall of the university on Sunday.
Professor Bhupinder Singh Bhoop, dean, Alumni Association and secretary, PUAA presented the annual report. They honoured Padam Bhushan Professor B N Goswami, an art historian, author, researcher and educationist and Professor Mandip Singh Sachdeva, Joint Head of the Department, Pharmaceutics and department of Nanotechnology, Florida A and M University, Tallahassee, USA. Cash prizes and certificates were given to 45 students who had topped the various disciplines of the University during the academic session 2006-07.

Subhash Chander Kohli and Dr Navdeep Goyal were elected as vice-president and joint secretary-cum-treasurer.

Sports quota gone, new courses introduced

The syndicate meeting of the Panjab University campus on Sunday decided to do away with the two per cent reservation for students under the sports quota at the university’s Dental College. The decision was taken on the directions of the Supreme Court. Meanwhile, the decision on a uniform fee structure for private colleges has been deferred.

It was also decided to introduce a two-year certificate course to train lab technicians in the Dental College. The minimum qualification required to seek admission to the course is Class XII and the course fee has been pegged at Rs 20,000 per annum. The meeting also approved the introduction of an M.Phil in

Defence Studies in the Centre for Defence and National Security Studies.

In the meanwhile, the university has decided to form a committee to work on a uniform fee structure as per the Supreme Court guidelines which says that there should be a uniform fee in different colleges including aided, affiliated and private colleges. The

final decision will be taken after the committee decides on the same.

The university had received a letter from the Dental Council of India saying that the Supreme Court has directed it to do away with the reservation quota for sports persons. Though the syndicate approved the decision and did away with the reserved seats, a few members have demanded the varsity to show a copy of the letter.

In another move, the remuneration for the teachers checking the answer sheets for the graduate and post graduate courses were increased.

Ashish Dhar, Lecturer in Pharmacology, was felicitated for being selected for the Rafaelsen Young Scientist Award, consisting of a citation, air travel, free registration and local hospitality besides $500. He has been invited to present his research work entitled ‘Involvement of Nitric Oxide (NO) signaling a pathway in the antidepressant action of buproplon, dopamine reuptake inhibitor’ at the XXVI Collegeium Internationale Neuro- Psychopharmacologlcum (CINP) scheduled to be held at Munich, Germany on July 13-17.

The meeting also discussed the proposal of the Centre of Advanced Study in Physics titled “Tandem Accelerator at Panjab University” with an estimated recurring and non-recurring cost of about Rs 75 crore for five years. The proposal, submitted to the department of Science and Technology is in an advanced stage for funding.

Highlights of the meeting
* Two per cent reservation for students under sports category done away at Dental College
* Two-year certificate course introduced at Dental College
* M.Phil in Defence Studies introduced
* Ten per cent remuneration increased for teachers checking PG answer sheets
* Ashish Dhar, Lecturer in Pharmacology, felicitated

Sports quota to be scrapped at dental college

Chandigarh, May 16 Regularising of fee charged by different private colleges will be discussed at Syndicate meeting
While on the one hand, the Supreme Court has introduced the 27 per cent reservation for the Other Backward Classes (OBCs), on the other hand it has cancelled the 2 per cent reservation for students from the sports background at the Panjab University’s dental college. The same will be implemented after the Syndicate meeting scheduled on Sunday.

One of the senior lecturers said that the decision has been taken on the appeal by the Medical Council of India and the Dental Council of India. The decision is significant as it will affect a lot of students since many of them have hopes of getting admission on the basis of sports quota.

The other important issues to be discussed in the Syndicate meeting include — regularising the fee charged by different private colleges affiliated to the Panjab University (PU).

One of the students said: “The decision is quite disheartening and is biased. On the one hand, they have introduced 27 per cent for the OBCs, while they are planning to scrap 2 per cent reservation for the sportsmen. The decision is quite unfair and should be reviewed.”

After the syndicate approves the decision, the private colleges will have to charge fee as approved by the PU and it will be same for all the affiliated colleges.

Also, the syndicate meeting will take a decision regarding introduction of a two-year certificate course in the Dental College.

The course will train the lab technicians and the minimum qualification required to take admission is Class XII and the course fee has been pegegd at Rs 20,000 per year.

While the remuneration for the teachers checking the graduate course answersheets has been increased, the teachers checking the postgraduate course answersheets have been left out.

An increase in the remuneration by ten per cent has been demanded by them and will be discussed in the meeting held on Sunday.

Over 1,600 applicants for management course in PU

Chandigarh, May 15 The University Institute of Applied Management Sciences (UIAMS), the new department in the Panjab University, has received over 1,600 applications against the 200 seats available.
Meanwhile, the off-campus courses that has been started from this academic session onwards received over 100 forms on the first day of submission.

Earlier the University Business School (UBS) was the only department offering management courses. Professor Anil Kumar Saihjpal, coordinator for the departments said, “We have got more response than we expected. The department doesn’t offer conventional courses in management. For the off-campus courses we are expecting a huge response as we have introduced satellite methods of teaching.”

The last date for applying for the off campus course is May 28 and admissions will be held on June 15.

Various management courses have been introduced in the UIAMS in retail management, banking and insurance, infrastructure management, pharmacy management and hospital management.

The overall seats available in the department are 200.

Meanwhile, the off-campus courses that are available are: Diploma in International Business, Entrepreneur Management and NRI Entrepreneur Management.

The course has been introduced for working professionals who wish to enhance their academic skills.

SAIF: Panjab University

SAIF, (Sophisticated Analytical Instrumentation Facility) at Panjab University undertakes the design, fabrication and repair of electronic instruments required by students and teachers from the University and the colleges around. Sophisticated analytical instruments are vital for pursuing research in many areas of modern science and technology. Many institutions in the country do not have such instruments. These instruments are expensive and cannot be provided through individual project mechanism.
Moreover, these instruments are of inter/multidisciplinary utility and thus it is desirable to use them on sharing basis for their optimum utilization. Considering these aspects, the Department of Science & Technology (DST) has set up Sophisticated Analytical Instrument Facilities (SAIFs) in different parts of the country under its Sophisticated Analytical Instrument Facilities Programme to provide the facilities of sophisticated analytical instruments to the research workers in general and specially from the institutions which do not have access to such instruments to enable them to pursue R&D activities requiring such facilities and keep pace with developments taking place globally. The instrument facilities provided by the SAIFs are being utilised by 8,000 users every year from academic institutions, R&D laboratories and industries from all over the country.

SAIF Disciplines
The SAIF networks focus on Instrumentation, Microelectronics, and Nanosciences & NanoTechnology facilities and support.

The SAIFs are equipped with sophisticated analytical instruments in the areas of Optical spectroscopy, NMR and EPR spectroscopy, X-ray based analysis, Electron microscopy, Mass spectrometry, Chromatography, Organic elemental analysis, Thermal analysis etc. to meet the needs of users in various areas of science & technology. A wide range of analytical methods/techniques for chemical/material analysis/ testing/characterization including qualitative and quantitative elemental, molecular/compound analysis, structure determination, surface topographic studies, study of physical, optical and electrical properties of materials etc. are available to the users at these Facilities for helping them in their research work

SAIF Objectives

o carry out analysis of samples received from the scientists/institutes;
to provide facilities of sophisticated analytical instruments to scientists and other users from academic institutes, R&D laboratories and industries to enable them to carry out measurements for R&D work;
to acquire and develop capability for preventive maintenance and repair of sophisticated instruments;
to organize short term courses/workshops on the use and application of various instruments and analytical techniques;
to train technicians for maintenance and operation of sophisticated instruments; and
to undertake design and development of instruments/accessories of existing instruments

SAIF Network Locations
As of late 2006, SAIFs are functioning at IIT, Chennai; IIT, Mumbai; Bose Institute, Kolkata; CDRI, Lucknow; Panjab University, Chandigarh; NEHU, Shillong; Nagpur University, Nagpur; IISc., Bangalore; AIIMS, New Delhi; Gauhati University, Guwahati; IIT, Roorkee; C.V.M., Vallabh Vidyanagar and STIC, Kochi.

SAIF Phone No. Chandigarh 91 172 253 4046
Fax No. 91 172 254 1409

40th day of the chain fast for Central University Status to PU

Chandigarh,16 May:On the 40th day of the chain fast for Central University Status to PU, teachers and research scholars from the Department of Panjabi, Panjab University sat on the fast. Dr. Sukhdev Singh along with 8 research scholars, Gurjit Singh, Hardeep Singh, Gurmit Kaur, Harwinder Kaur, Sarabjit Kaur, Aman Saini, Deepak Dhalewan and Harvinder sat throughout the day on the chain fast and they were supported by the other teacher colleagues, Dr. Charandeep Singh and Dr. Joginder Nehru.

Addressing the media from the dharna site, Dr. Sukhdev Singh said that obduracy of the Punjab Govt. on the issue of Central University Status to Panjab University is going to be suicidal both for Punjab and Punjabi language. It is a bad politics and equally bad economics of Punjab Govt. that is proving disastrous for the future of higher education, particularly the centres of excellence in the region. Perhaps it is the only rich state of India with such a bad record of education. It is a backward looking state government that is bound to fall further on the ladder of development if proactive attitude to development and education is not brought into the centre of the policy planning, said Dr Sukhdev Singh. “While even the most backward states like Bihar, Madhya Pradesh and U.P. are persuading Union Government to invest more money in education in their respective state, Punjab Government is refusing to avail such opportunity offered to Panjab University. By this act, whether Punjab Govt. is strengthening its claim over Chandigarh or loosing it, only time will tell,” rued Dr. Nehru, Department of Panjabi.

In the meanwhile, PUTA representatives met various members of the UGC Team, visiting P.U. in connection with 11th Plan, and apprised them about the serious financial crunch Panjab University is undergoing at the moment. Addressing the faculty of P.U. assembled on the eve of summer vacation, one after the other members of the UGC team expressed their concern for the central university status for P.U. and wished it to be accomplished sooner than later. The delegation of PUTA also submitted representation to Dr M.S. Jairajpuri, Chairman of the UGC Team, with an appeal to forward it to the appropriate quarters at Delhi.

Punjab University to hold Alumni meet

CHANDIGARH: Panjab University Alumni Association (PUAA) is going to hold its Annual General Body Meeting (AGM) and Scholarship Award Function on Sunday, the 18th May, 2008 in Golden Jubilee Hall, Panjab University, Chandigarh, from 12.15 p.m. onwards.

The meeting will be presided over by Professor R.C. Sobti, Vice-Chancellor, P.U. Mr. Ramesh Inder Singh, IAS, Chief Secretary, Punjab would be the Chief Guest. Mr. Sukhdev Singh Dhindsa, former Sports Minister, GOI, is likely to be the Guest of Honour. Although this is an annual event, it assumes distinctive significance in the light of the Diamond Jubilee celebrations of the Panjab University. At this meet, a total of 43 meritorious students who topped the respective disciplines of Panjab University would also be awarded with PUAA scholarships.

Among the various issues that would be contemplated and thrashed at the Annual General Meeting include, occupation of the newly constructed and ready for possession Alumni Guest House (with four state-of-the-art suites, one Dining Lobby and Lounge, Kitchen, etc.) in the 2nd phase of Alumni House, publication of alumni directory and annual periodical of the Association, (PU Alumnus), approval of the budget estimates and accounts, facilities to be imparted to the members, endowment funds, presentation of annual report, etc. Besides, the officer bearers and members of the Executive Council would also be duly elected at the AGM according to Prof Bhupinder Singh Bhoop, Dean, Alumni Relations & Spokesman, Professor, University Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Panjab University, Chandigarh.

19 arrested with weapons from PU

Chandigarh, May 7 As many as 19 supporters of the president of a students’ political party were arrested when they forayed into the Panjab University campus with swords, rods and baseball bats.
The president of Student Organisation of India (SOI), Sarabjit Singh, has also been booked under the Prevention Act. Five assailants in a car were nabbed from near Gate Number 2 of PU. A large number of bats and sticks were recovered from their car.

Another 14, who had entered the varsity from Gate Number 1, were arrested from the Law Department.

Police claimed to have recovered rods and swords from their cars. The vehicles have been impounded. The accused were later released on bail after they were produced before the SDM in the evening.

SOI president Sarabjit Singh is a student of the varsity’s Law Department and had come to appear for a third-year exam.

He had reportedly brought along the 19 who hailed from Balaungi. Police sources said Sarabjit had brought them along either to attack rival groups or fearing an attack from them.

Those arrested have been identified as Jaspreet Singh, Harpreet Singh, Gurvinder Singh, Tejinder Singh, Daljit Singh, Akashdeep, Gurpreet, Jatinder, Inderjit Thakur, Hansraj, Ramandeep, Vikram, Gurdeep, Iqbal, Prem Singh, Deepak Chauhan, Parvinder Singh, Resham Singh and Rajinder Singh.

PUSU submits memorandum, demands resignation of UILS director

Chandigarh, May 06 The PUSU members submitted a memorandum to Professor R C Sobti, Vice Chancellor, Panjab University demanding the resignation of Dr R S Grewal, Director, University Institute of Legal Studies (UILS) today.
They said he had failed to keep the dignity of his position as he refused to join the police investigations regarding an attack on Simrandeep Sandhu, a third year law student, by the members of the Students’ Organisation of Panjab University (SOPU).

The memorandum states that the decision of the UILS staff not to participate in the police investigation indicates that the university authorities are not bothered about the students and also reflects on the security arrangements at the university.

Tejpal Singh Cheema, president PUSU said, “The director’s refusal to comment on the incident and his rude behaviour raises questions regarding his authority. If the university authorities act in the same way, the students will loose faith in them.”

The PUTA has also condemned the burning of effigy of a respected colleague of UILS by a group of students yesterday. “We should work together to uphold the dignity of teacher-taught relation and in no way let it be degraded to petty politics,” said Prof Ahluwalia.

University Institute of Fashion Technology and Vocational Development (UIFT and VD)

CHANDIGARH: The students of University Institute of Fashion Technology and Vocational Development (UIFT & VD), Panjab University, Chandigarh organized its Annual Function "Rampage - 2008" on the premises of University.

The event was full of fun and frolic with dances, singing, mimicry and many other interesting games by the staff and students.

Prizes were given away for competition held during the year. Aarti Kashyap got all rounder students best prize. Menu bagged prize for the Best Initiator and Sapna Nanda got the most Stylish Title. Meenakshi got the first prize in designing competition while Komal scored second position.

All the students were given the founder batch shields.

Dr. Sween, Coordinator of the department of UIFT & VD, while speaking on the occasion, said that fashion is growing industry and there is lot of scope for employment in buying, export houses as merchandisers and entrepreneurs.

Dr. Rita Kant, a senior faculty member, said that new admission shall begin in the month of June on the basis of aptitude test. Amandeep Kaur, member ofthe faculty was behind the hosting of the show according to Dr. Sween, Coordinator, University Institute of Fashion Technology and Vocational Development, P.U.

protest against Dr R S Grewal, Director, Panjab University at the University Institute of Legal Studies (UILS)

Chandigarh, May 05 Members of the Panjab University Students Union (PUSU) held a protest against Dr R S Grewal, Director, Panjab University at the University Institute of Legal Studies (UILS) on Monday. They were protesting against an attack on Simrandeep Sandhu, a student of the department, who was assaulted in the examination hall.

The students said the director’s decision of not assisting the police in the investigations was incorrect.

Panjab University Students Union President Tejpal Singh Cheema said, “While the university claims to spend lakhs on the security, the incident shows complete lack of arrangements. The students of the varsity are feeling insecure.”

They demanded that Harpreet Singh Multani, president of the students organisation, Panjab University, who has been named as the main accused in the FIR, be rusticated

PU syndicate calls meeting to beef up security on varsity campus

Chandigarh, May 04 The attack on Simrandeep Sandhu, a student of the University Institute of Legal Studies, Panjab University in the examination centre yesterday, has brought forth the loopholes in the varsity’s security system.
The assailants managed to enter the campus by jumping the wall behind the law department.

As the height of the wall is very low, it was easy for the assailants to attack Sandhu and escape from the same route.

Besides the three main entries and exits, there are a number of entry and exit points which are unmanned and anybody can easily sneak in or run away unchecked.

These are the gates through which miscreants can flee easily. These gates have proved to be a cause of concern during the students’ vouncil elections before. One of the gates lead to a nearby gurudwara, the other is facing Sector 15.

In addition to the tightening of the security system at the main gates, the University authority will need to plug in these loopholes to avoid any such incidents in the future.

To discuss the same, the PU syndicate held an emergency meeting today to assess the law and order situation on the campus.

The Syndicate unanimously accepted the recommendations of the Committee constituted by the Vice-Chancellor R C Sobti and authorised him to take action.

Recommendations by the committee
* Students, who have been identified in the FIR, should be suspended immediately till further orders, their entry into the campus should be banned with immediate effect and they should be expelled from the university hostels.
* The students who belong to the affiliated colleges of the Panjab University, whose names have been identified in the FIR, should face same action as prescribed for students in PU.
* The students who have been identified in the FIR should be fined at least Rs 10,000 to Rs 25,000 in accordance with the gravity of their offence.
* A high-powered Disciplinary Standing Committee should be constituted by the university to resolve such incidents and give its recommendations within one month’s time.
* The parents of the identified students should be informed immediately and they should be asked to give an undertaking on an affidavit with regard to the good conduct of their wards.
* All the CCTV cameras installed on the campus should be inspected once in fifteen days and the recordings (weekly) should be reviewed. The information should be given to the Security Officer. The recordings of the cameras should be preserved for at least one month.
* The boundary wall of the University close to UIPS, UILS, Boys Hostels 6, 7 should be strengthened immediately.
* The Committee strongly felt the need of the Student Counselling Cell, which should periodically organise lectures, motivational workshops. The Cell should get the Student Council involved in such activities.

Student stabbed during PU exam

Chandigarh, May 03 PU: Police book 4 youths including SOPU president
In a shocking incident, a law student of Panjab University was attacked with swords and rods by around eight assailants as he was writing the sixth semester exam in the classroom here today. The assailants jumped the wall of the campus from the backside of the University Institute of Legal Studies (UILS).

Simrandeep Singh Sandhu, who received injuries on the back and stomach, was rushed to a hospital here in a serious condition. The police have booked four persons, including the president of the Student Organisation of Panjab University (SOPU) Harpreet Singh Multani in a case of attempt to murder, rioting, trespassing and causing injuries under Sections 307, 452, 506, 148 and 149 of the IPC.

Sandhu was booked in a case of attempt to murder and rioting on March 28 this year when he, along with four other members, had allegedly attacked Multani and two of his acquaintances. He was out on bail and the other group attacked him to take revenge, the sources said.

The incident occurred at around 9.45 am when the exams were being conducted. The assailants, armed with swords and baseball bats, barged into the classroom, pulled out the student and attacked him in the presence of the teacher, chairperson of the law department and 40 other students. The assailants fled after stabbing the student several times. The chairperson of the law department S K Garewal, who tried to intervene, also received minor injuries on his forehead during the attack.

The police have booked eight persons, including Harpreet Singh Multani, Gursewak, Vikramjeet and Jhujar. Other persons who have been booked are yet to be identified, the police said. No arrests were made till the filing of this report.

Sandhu’s father, Harjinder Singh, said he last talked to his son at 9 am and wished him good luck. Appalled at the incident, Singh said it’s the first time in the history of the university that such a violent incident has taken place inside a classroom. He said they had informed the police that they feared such violence and condemned the lackadaisical security measures at the university.

“If in the presence of so many people my son was attacked and the assailants managed to escape right under the nose of the police and the security people, where should we go” he said.

Sandhu is a member of Panjab University Student Union (PUSU). He was earlier a member of SOPU and changed his party some time back. Old rivalry between the two groups is the main reason for the violence, the police said. Police have arrested four accused Gursewak Singh, Jujhar Singh Garewal, Bikramjeet alias Babloo and Harpreet Singh Multani.

“The policemen deployed in the campus were taking rounds of the nearby law department at the time of the incident. We had taken adequate security measures but never thought the attack could have taken place once the exam began,” Ramesh Chander, SHO, Sector 11 police station, said.

PU V C blames colleges for delay in results

Ludhiana, May 02 Panjab University Vice-Chancellor Dr R C Sobti blamed the colleges for RL (result late) cases saying that colleges defer the dispatch of assessments and that causes unnecessary delay in results.
“The colleges and teachers should understand that the university cannot and should not be blamed for the delay in results. Many a time the RL cases happen due to the drawbacks of the colleges and then we cannot do anything,” he said.

Dr Sobti was speaking during the convocation ceremony at the SCD Government College in the city. He became charged up during his speech when reacting to a charter of demands put forth by the college.

“I will make the results hundred per cent RL free but for that I need the colleges and teachers to cooperate. I cannot do that all by myself since everyone is required to perform their roles well on time,” he said.

“We achieved 95 per cent RL-free results last year and this year I want to minimise the gap in order to achieve 100 per cent RL-free results.” As per the directions to the colleges this session, they were asked to send the assessment schedules latest by April 6.

He added that the university had received the assessments from nearly 99 per cent of the colleges on time. “And the colleges that have not done so will be taken to task for the delay.”

While replying to a question on question papers of a few classes being out of the syllabus, he said, “About 735 papers are set every year. So mistakes may creep in. But it is the duty of the teachers to be sure about including the questions from the syllabus. And they are responsible for it. The board of studies is looking into the matter and I can assure you that no student will suffer because of this. The students will definitely be provided with grace marks for the same.”

Exams likely to be postponed

The V-C also hinted at postponement of the annual examinations scheduled to be held on May 12. In fact, the exams were earlier scheduled to be held on April 8 but were postponed to May 12 due to the strike by the government and private colleges teachers’ unions. As the college teachers on examination duties will be involved in the Zila Parishad election, the postponement is being considered as one of the options. The V-C has also talked to the education secretary about the matter. “The V-C has said that either the teachers will be exempted from poll duty or the May 12 exam will be postponed,” a teacher said.

High court vacates stay on retirement of 50 PU teachers

Chandigarh, May 1 In a major blow to around 50 teachers and employees of various colleges affiliated to the Panjab University in Chandigarh and the Panjab Agricultural University (PAU), the Punjab and Haryana High Court on Thursday vacated the stay on their retirement.
The teachers, who were to retire after 60, were continuing on their jobs due to the stay granted on their retirement by the High Court in 2007.

The teachers had filed a petition for extending their retirement age from 60 to 62 years.

The latest decision by the Division bench comprising Justice Ashutosh Mohunta and Justice Kanwaljit Singh Ahluwalia would lead to the teachers losing their jobs. Only an interim stay from the Supreme Court could help the affected teachers to get a breather.

The High Court, however, is yet to give its verdict in the case as today’s orders was only confined to the question as to whether a stay should be granted on their retirement.

In 2007, the stay on the retirement was given by a Division bench comprising Justice K S Garewal and Justice Daya Chaudhary.

Various petitions demanding extension in retirement age from 60 to 62 years were filed in the High Court. Two such petitions were filed by Guru Teg Bahadur College for Women, Hoshiarpur and a girls’ college in Ludhiana. Both the colleges affiliated to Panjab University had also sought extension in the retirement age of their principals. The Panjab University, however, had strongly objected to the grant of extension and had turned down the proposal sent by the colleges.

Prof Rajan Gaur, Vice President PUTA sits on Hunger Strike

Chandigarh:1 May:JAC in its efforts to persuade political leadership of the region across parties on the issue of central university status for P.U. today met Sh Satyapal Jain, former Member Parliament, and member National Executive Committee, BJP and explained him how Panjab University is being made an arena of political tug-of-war by different parties. The delegation submitted him the copy of appeal whereby the support of his party to the demand for central university status for Panjab University was sought. Since BJP is part of the Punjab Government the support from BJP is of crucial importance, explained the delegation.

In response Sh Jain assured the unconditional support to the demand for central university not only from Punjab unit of BJP but also from all the BJP Members in Parliament in case the Hon’ble Prime Minister calls an all-party meeting. He also promised to write the same in a letter to the Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh. He said that Panjab University should have been declared Institute of National Importance long back owing to its contribution to the entire world. He extended his support to the ongoing chain fast and also expressed desire to join it on Saturday, that is, on 3rd May.

Prof Rajan Gaur, Vice President PUTA, and one of the volunteers of today’s chain fast, expressed his satisfaction over the positive response of leaders of Punjab Government during the last couple of days. However striking a cautious note Prof. Gaur maintained that the process of dialogue needs to be intensified and public posturing of political leaders cannot be taken on its face value. His colleagues in the Department of Anthropology, Prof. R.N. Vashisht, Prof. A.K. Sinha and Dr. Gayathri Pathmanathan along with a research scholar Mr. Sukhbir Singh sat on the chain fast braving the heat. Prof. A.S. Ahluwalia, Chairman, JAC speaking from the Dharna Site appealed Punjab political leadership to work positively for the upliftment of higher education of which Punjab University is the natural leader in the region.

Meanwhile on Monday, 5th May 2008, Teacher-Senators from the Campus of Panjab University have volunteered to join the chain fast and register their protest against the undue delay in declaring P.U. a central university.

Date Sheet for Panjab University Examination 2008

Chandigarh, 30 Apr: Date Sheet for the Panjab University Examination-2008 is Sent all the affiliated colleges and private students. If any student not received date sheet till yet than click the following link to get the date sheet of all the departments of Panjab University:

Date Sheet 2008 (Panjab University)

SOPU Protest

Protest: SOPU activists staged a protest outside the law department on Friday against a student not being allowed to submit his papers through his guardian during counselling. SOPU members gave a written complaint against the chairman, Shashi K. Sharma, to the vice-chancellor’s office, alleging that Brinder Singh had applied for admission to the first semester through his guardians but the application was rejected. He had taken the plea that he was medically unfit to attend the counselling. SOPU rival group, PUSU, alleged that Brinder Singh was an offender under Section 307 of the IPC and was absconding and not medically unfit as his certificate stated.

Meeting: The syndicate meeting to be held on Saturday is likely to discuss several issues, including teaching appointments to the departments of Hindi and Punjabi, resignations of two teachers, and action against Guru Gobind Singh College for Women, Sector 26, for not seeking affiliation for a course.

Condolence: The faculty of the Hindi department held a condolence meeting in connection with the death of Rakesh Vats, an author of Ambala known for his contribution to Hindi literature.

2 arrested in PU stabbing case

Chandigarh, June 02 The police arrested Harpreet Singh Multani and Vikramjeet, the two main accused in the PU stabbing case in Sector 35 on Monday. They were produced in court and have been taken to four days in the police remand.
The accused, Students Organisation of Punjab University (SOPU) president, Harpreet Singh Multani, had stabbed a law student Simrandeep Singh Sandhu in the examination hall on May 3. Two other accused—Govind Khatra and Varinder Singh Dhillon were arrested on May 29.

Around eight assailants had attacked Simrandeep with a sharp-edged weapon and rods as he was writing his sixth semester exam in a classroom on May 3. They had crept in the campus by jumping a wall.

All have been booked in a case of attempt to murder, rioting, trespassing and causing injuries under Sections 307, 452, 506, 148 and 149 of the IPC.

Rivalry between the two parties -SOPU and Panjab University Students’ Union (PUSU) is said to be the main reason behind the attack.

Simrandeep Singh belongs to PUSU and was earlier booked in a similar case of attempt to murder and rioting on March 28 this year when he, along with four other members had attacked Harpreet Singh Multani and two of his acquaintances.

“Two accused, Gursewak and Jhujar are yet to be arrested. Moreover, there are three to four other names cropping up in the case. All will be behind bars soon,” said Ramesh Chander, SHO, Sector 11 police station.

Punjab varsity releases M.Ed counseling schedule

CHANDIGARH; Panjab University has released counseling schedule for M.Ed to be held from 25.08.08 to 28.08.08 on P.U website.

Candidates for their merit marks should click http://admissions.puchd.ac.in/. According to the schedule counseling on 25th Aug will be held in English Auditorium, P.U at 10.00 A.M for candidates securing merit marks 66.00 and above & at 2.00 P.M candidates with marks 63.50 to 65.99 should report for counseling.

Counseling will be held on 26th to 28th in Law Auditorium, P.U at 9.00 A.M. On 26th candidates with merit marks 61.00 to 63.49 will report at 9.00 A.M, between 59.00 & 60.99 will report at 11.00 A.M and at 2.00 P.M candidates between 57.00 to 58.99 merit marks will report.

On 27th candidates with merit marks between 55.00 & 56.99 will report at 9.00 A.M in Law Auditorium. At 11.00 A.M candidates between 53.00 to 54.99 merit marks will report (if the seats still remain vacant). The same day all eligible S.C category students will report for counseling at 2.00 P.M in Law Auditorium.

On 28th eligible candidates of all other reserved categories will report for counseling in Law Auditorium. At 9.00 A.M reserved categories S.T, B.C/O.B.C, B.A, K.M, R.V & F.F will report. At 12.00 Noon eligible Physically Handicapped students and at 2.00 P.M candidates in reserved quota of Defense and Sports will report.

Punjabs nod for PUs central status

Sukhbir Badal say will soon write to central government
CHANDIGARH; The central university status for the Panjab University (PU) seems to have moved an inch closer with the Punjab government reportedly favouring the move albeit with a few conditions attached regarding the institute s management.

Sukhbir Singh Badal, Member Parliament and President, SAD, has mentioned that he will take up the matter with the Chief Minister immediately and will urge him to write to the Central Government in this regard. He was here to plant saplings on Panjab University campus along with Vice-Chancellor, Senior University functionaries and students on Monday.

Badal affirmed that he was in favour of University getting central support but added that his party s sole concern was safeguarding the interests of Punjab and Punjabis.
He shared his concern for the cause of education and informed that the Akali Government was committed to support education and stated, "Right from primary education to higher education, the government had initiated steps to secure financial, infrastructural and quality education," and mentioned that his dream was to make Punjab green and number one in term of over-all development.

While talking to the Pioneer Badal recalled his days as a student of the Panjab University and shared that the environment in university was the best as comparable to other top class universities of the world.

He also emphasized the need for constant updation and upgradation of technology to meet the ever-changing requirements and avowed that colleges in Punjab which are affiliated to Panjab University would continue to remain affiliated to the university. However, this would also mean that the 40 per cent grant, which Panjab University gets from the Punjab government, would also be withdrawn.

It is to be noted that the university gets 60 per cent of its budget deficit from the central government and the rest from Punjab. It must be mentioned here that over the past few years, the Punjab government had frozen its grant to the university at Rs 16 crore instead of 40 per cent of the deficit.

The PU Teachers Association had been demanding the status for the past two months. The central status university will mean higher salaries to teachers and the increase of retirement age from the current 60 years to 65 years. It means that there would be a huge budget for the university. Research students stand benefited and the cost of forms and prospectuses will be uniform like in other central universities.
Earlier on two occasions, when Punjab Chief minister Parkash Singh Badal had visited the university, he was also requested to clear his government s stand on the issue.

Immediately after the centre has announced that there would be two central universities in Punjab, including one world-class university in Amritsar, Badal had categorically stated on the campus that if the central status to PU would mean cutting on one university in Punjab, it would not be acceptable.

However, Pawan Kumar Bansal, local parliamentarian and Minister of State for Finance, had recently said that he had already received a positive feedback from the Punjab Government. He told the Pioneer, "Once Punjab government conveys its formal decision, I will take up the issue in the monsoon session of the Parliament and I am sure that the status would be awarded."

The central university status for PU would imply that the state government s commitment of contributing the 40 per cent share in the university s annual deficit would no longer be applicable and the centre would meet the entire deficit.

Of late, the university has been facing a financial crunch because the Punjab government has not paid its entitled share to the institution.

Chandigarh Panjab University Budget 2009-2010

The budget of Panjab University for 2009-2010 has come up with bonanza for the students of Chandigarh.

Following is the Punjab University Budget for 2009-2010:
1. • Institution of a new corpus — Rs 1 crore ‘Merit-cum-Poor Student Loan Scheme in self-financing courses’ — out of the fund ‘Foundation for Higher Education & Research Account’.
2. • Rs 1.10 crore (R) provided for new type of (OMR) answer sheets.
3. • Rs 20 lakh (R) - Membership INDEST-AICTE Consortium.
4. • Rs 10 lakh (R) - Provision for SCOPUS.
5. • Rs 1 lakh more for subsidy to SC/ST students.
6. • Additional staff provided for RTI cell, add-on courses, single window and new courses, etc.
7. • Welfare scheme for PU employees (contributory)
8. • Synthetic lawn tennis court.
9. • Renovation of Student Centre.
10. • Parking in boys’ hostels No. 1,3,4,5 and Student Centre.
11. • Construction of two new girls hostels, one each in South Campus, Sector 25 and Sector 14.
12. • Provision for gymnasium facility in the hostels
13. • Extension of dining hall and facility of common room in boys’ hostel No. 7.
14. • Extension of boys’ hostel No. 6.
15. • Parking for UILS, UIET and BDS students and faculty.
16. • Renovation of washrooms of boys’ and girls’ hostels.
17. • Insurance scheme for students.
18. • Bus facility to ferry students from departments to hostels

In fulfilment of vision and mission of Panjab University, as also the societal needs, new courses have been designed:

1. • University institute of hotel management and tourism.
2. • Institute of forensic sciences and criminology.
3. • MBA course in energy management.
4. • Diploma in early child care and education (adult education department).
5. • MSc in petroleum geology
6. • Five years integrated course in English.
7. • BA (Hons) course in colleges according to Delhi University pattern

Other projects in the pipeline are:
1. • Setting up of educational multimedia centre.
2. • Setting up school of lighting designing (certificate course in lighting).
3. • Creation of PU regional centre Nathuwala, Moga district, for running BA, BEd, BCA and BBA.

Panjab University Chandigarh OCET: LLB LLM Admissions 2009

Panjab University Chandigarh will conduct OCET 2009 for admission into various courses. Here are the details for 3 year LLB and 2 year LLM courses offered by the university.

Last Date to Apply:
April 22, 2009 (Wednesday) upto 4.00 p.m.
May 07, 2009 (Thursday) upto 4:00 p.m. (with late fee of Rs. 1000)

OCET Test Date for LLB/LLM:
May 30, 2009 (8:30 a.m. to 10:00 a.m.)

Prospectus and Application Form for OCET Entrance Test:
By Hand:
General: Rs. 1400
SC/ST: Rs. 700
Amd Rs. 500 for additional form for each paper

Prospectus is available for sale in the Post Office on Cash Payment, at:
I. Chandigarh (Sector-14, Sector - 17, Sector 36 & Sector - 47)
II. Amritsar (Court Road, Head Post Office)
III. Abohar (Old Court Road)
IV. Delhi (Gole Post Office, Cannaught Place)
V. Dharamshala (HP) (The Mall)
VI. Hoshiarpur (Near District Courts)
VII. Kurukshetra (Near Railway Station)
VIII. Ludhiana (Bharat Nagar Chowk)
IX. Mohali (Phase - I)
X. Muktsar (Head Post Office)
XI. Panchkula (Sector - 8)
XII. Sangrur (Head Post Office, Near Ghantaghar)
XIII. Shimla (HP) (The Mall)

By Registered Post:
General: Rs. 1480
SC/ST: Rs. 780
And Rs. 580/- for additional form for each paper, if required.

Send the request to
The Manager,
Publication Bureau Panjab University,
Chandigarh-160 014

Along with a Bank Draft for the requisite amount, drawn in favour of "The Registrar, Panjab University, Chandigarh" and payable at Chandigarh.

The candidate must write his/her particulars and address on the backside of the Bank Draft. Requests for Prospectus by post will not be entertained if received after April 03, 2009 upto 4.00 p.m.

Number of Seats in LL.B. (3-Year Course):

Department of Laws, P.U., Chandigarh: 180+22 (Morning), 180+22 (Evening), 27 (for Foreign / NRI Candidates)

P.U. Regional Centre, Muktsar (Punjab): 50+8, 08 (for Foreign / NRI Candidates)

P.U., Regional Centre, Ludhiana (Punjab): 63 (Evening), 09 (for Foreign / NRI Candidates)

Swami Sarvanand Giri, P.U. Regional Centre, Bajwara, Hoshiarpur (Punjab): 80

Eligibility for Bachelor of Laws (L.L.B Professional 3- Year Course) (Semester System)

(a) candidates must have passed / appeared in the final year of Bachelor s degree in any faculty of the Panjab University with at least 45% of the aggregate marks (40% for SC/ST candidates).


(b) A Bachelor s degree in any faculty of any other University recognised as equivalent to the corresponding degree of the Panjab University with at least 45% of the aggregate marks (40% for SC/ST candidates).

Provided that in case of candidates having Bachelor s degree of the Panjab University or any other University recognised by the Syndicate, through Modern Indian Languages (Hindi or Urdu or Punjabi) (Gurmukhi script) and /or in a Classical Language (Sanskrit or Persian or Arabic), the aggregate of 45% marks (40% for SC/ST candidates) shall be calculated by taking into account the percentage of aggregate marks that he /she had secured at the language examination, excluding the marks for the additional optional paper English and the elective subject taken together .


(c) Master s Degree in any subject from the Panjab University.

(d) A Master s degree from any other university recognised as equivalent to the corresponding postgraduate degree of the Panjab University.

Scheme/Pattern of PU LLB Entrance Test:

Duration: 1 hour and 30 minutes

Max Marks: 75 (50 marks for 50 multiple-choice questions and 5 subjective type questions of 5 marks each)

The questions shall be on awareness regarding current legal topics. The objective type questions (other than testing "Knowledge of English") will be available in Hindi and Punjabi also. The subjective type questions testing writing and communication skill will be in English and will have to be answered in English only.

Number of Seats in LL.M. (2-Year Course):

Department of Laws, P.U., Chandigarh: 25+2, 4 (for Foreign / NRI Candidates)

Eligibility for Master of Laws (L.L.M. 2-Year Course) (Annual System)

The Entrance Test is open to all those candidates who have passed/appeared in the final year of LL.B. degree (3-Year Course) of the Panjab University Or an equivalent degree of another University recognized as equivalent to the Panjab University.

Scheme/Pattern of PU LLM Entrance Test:

Duration: 1 hour and 30 minutes

Max Marks: 75 (15 for Constitution, 15 for Current Affairs and 45 marks for Other Laws as per the existing syllabus) There will be 75 multiple choice questions.

Test Centres:

The Entrance Test will be held only in CHANDIGARH.

How to Apply:

Send your application under Registered Cover or personally on the prescribed application forms. Application, complete in all respects, along with the requisite documents should be sent only in the prescribed envelope so as to reach:

The Assistant Registrar, CET Cell,

Aruna Ranjit Chandra Hall (Near Post Office),

Panjab University,


PU OCET-2009 Result:

The result will be made available on the University website:


as well as in the Enquiry Office of the University.

PU OCET Admit Cards:

Admit Cars will be dispatched by Wednesday, May 13, 2009. In case any candidate does not receive the same by May 27, he/she should come personally, along with two attested photographs as well as a written request to CET Cell, Panjab University, Chandigarh for obtaining Duplicate Admit Card as detailed below:

CET Cell, Aruna Ranjit Chandra Hall (Near Post Office), Panjab University, Chandigarh. Between May 28 and 29 (9:00 AM to 4:00 PM)

PU OCET Contact Details:

The following functionaries may be contacted only in case of extremely urgent enquiry from 9.00 a.m. to 5.00 p.m. (on working days only)

1. Assistant Registrar (C.E.T.): 0172-2534829

2. Controller of Examinations: 0172-2534811

3. Coordinator (O-CET): 0172-2534213

Download Prospectus with More Details and Application Form:


Panjab University violate Supreme Court s NRI-sponsored admission categories

Chandigarh, August 17, 2007

The High Court had issued notices to Chandigarh, Panjab and Haryana, seeking
explanation over violation of Supreme Court orders.

From the next academic session onwards, Panjab University (PU) will not grant any admission under the NRI-sponsored and Industry-sponsored categories.

The statement was made by advocate Anupam Gupta on behalf of the Vice-Chancellor of the university. As far as vacant seats under the two categories which are yet to be filled up are concerned, the varsity has decided to let the seats remain vacant.

However, according to the statement, the university is most likely to protect the seats of those already granted admission in various departments by July 27 this year.

Recording the statements of Gupta, the division bench comprising Justice Adarsh Kumar Goel and Ajai Lamba observed that the existing admissions made by the university under the two categories prima facie appear to be illegal and are liable to be cancelled.

It may be recalled that the decision was taken by the Panjab University after the High Court issued notices to the university taking strong exception to the gross violation of Supreme Court guidelines.

As per the directions of the Supreme Court, any educational institution can grant admission to a student under the NRI category only if he/she is NRI or is a ward of a NRI. Observing that the NRI category was being misused by educational institutions and people to procure admissions for their children by paying hefty fees, the High Court had issued notices to Chandigarh, Panjab and Haryana, seeking explanation over violation of Supreme Court orders.

Waking up to the notices, the university took the decision. The varsity has also given an undertaking in the High Court that from the next academic session onwards only wards of NRI or NRI themselves will be granted admissions under the NRI category.

No More Revenue from NRI-sponsored seats at Panjab University

After the High Court did away with NRI-sponsored and industry-sponsored seats, Panjab University is coming up with new courses to compensate for the lost revenue. These new courses include a distance learning MBA programme and a new department, University Institute for Applied Management Sciences that will offer industry-based management courses.
The new department as well as the distance-learning MBA courses will become operational this academic session.

Prof A K Saihjpal, in-charge of the department, said, “The idea behind these industry-based courses is to make the management experts available for the industries. There are many industry-based jobs and these courses will help them and the students.”

PU officials claimed that the department will have a tri-semester pattern on the lines of the Indian Insitutes of Management.

The distance-learning MBA programme has been designed keeping in mind the self-employed individuals and the Indians settled abroad.

Saihjpal said, “This course would help self-employed students enhance their academic qualifications even further. It will also give Indian students based abroad an option to study in their own country.”

While the distance learning MBA programme will be for two years, the rest of the post-graduate diploma courses would be for one year.

Admissions for both the department and the distance learning MBA course will be through an entrance exam conducted by the University.

B.Ed Entrance Test 2009-2010 By Punjab University, Chandigarh

Punjab University Chandigarh is going to conduct a Entrance test for the B.ed 2009-2010 Session:- Details For the Same Are as Below:-


I Chandigarh (Sector-14, Sector-17, Sector-36 and Sector-47)
II Amritsar (Court Road, Head Post Office)
III Abohar (Old Court Road)
IV Delhi (Gole Post Office, Cannaught Place)
V Dharamshala (HP) (The Mall)
VI Hoshiarpur (Near District Courts)
VII Kurukshetra (Near Railway Station)
VIII Ludhiana (Bharat Nagar Chowk)
IX Mohali (Phase-I)
X Muktsar (Head Post Office)
XI Panchkula (Sector-8)
XII Sangrur (Head Post Office, Near Ghantaghar)
XIII Shimla (HP) (The Mall)

Price (including Entrance Test Fee):

1. By hand (on cash payment): General Category 1200/-
SC/ST Category 600/-

2. By Registered Post (Through Bank Draft only):

Request for the Prospectus may be addressed to The Manager, Publication Bureau, Panjab University, Chandigarh – 160 014 alongwith Demand Draft for Rs.1280.00 (Rs. 680.00 in case of SC/ST candidates) in favour of THE REGISTRAR, PANJAB UNIVERSITY, CHANDIGARH drawn on and payable at State Bank of India, Sector –14, Chandigarh

The candidates must write their particulars and address on the backside of the Bank draft.

Request for Prospectus by post will not be entertained after 1.6.2009.

a) Besides other eligibility conditions as stated in the Prospectus, the candidates who are appearing / appeared in the Final Year of graduation degree examination of any recognised University, held in April-May-2009, are also

eligible provisionally to take the B.Ed. Entrance Test being conducted by the Panjab University on 5th July 2009 (Sunday) at their own risk and responsibility. The admission of this category of candidates to the test shall be purely PROVISIONAL and shall stand cancelled, if they fail to obtain the said qualification with the requisite percentage of marks positively before the date of counselling or interview for admission to the B.Ed. course, to be held sometime in July /August 2009.

b) B.Ed. Entrance Test is also meant for admission to B.Ed. (Yoga) course.

c) B.Ed. Entrance Test is also meant for admission to B.Ed. 2 year course (through correspondence) for in-service teachers being run by University School of Open Learning, Panjab University, Chandigarh.


1. For B.Ed. (Regular) Session 2009-2010, admission to Colleges of Education situated in Chandigarh only, and

2. For B.Ed. 2-year course (through correspondence) 2009-2011, for in-service teachers being run by University School of Open Learning, Panjab University, Chandigarh.

The exact venue of the examination shall be mentioned on the ADMIT CARD, which will be issued to every candidate for appearing in the Entrance Test for B.Ed. course for the session 2009-2010.


The Entrance Test shall be conducted on Sunday, 5th, July 2009 in the following parts from 10:00 a.m. to11:30

For More Details Please Visit at :- http://puchd.ac.in/prospectus/bed09.pdf

M.Phil. / Ph.D Entrance Test 2009 - Panjab University, Chandigarh

M.Phil. /Ph.D. ENTRANCE TEST-2009 will be held on 19th July 2009 (Sunday) in the following subjects: -

(A) M.Phil. & Ph.D. Subjects: Ancient Indian History, Culture & Archeology, Gandhian Studies, Geography, History, Philosophy, Psychology, Public Administration, Sociology, English, Sanskrit, Physics, Statistics and Zoology

(B) Ph.D. only: Journalism and Mass Communication, Hindi, Sanskrit (VVBIS & IS, Hoshiarpur), Chinese/Tibetan/ Buddhist Studies, Urdu, Persian, French, Anthropology, Biochemistry, Biophysics, Biotechnology, Environment Science / Solid Waste Management, Geology, Microbiology, Chemistry, UBS, Pharmacy, History of Arts / Fine Arts, Indian Theatre and Music

(C ) M.Phil. only: Economics, Political Science (P.U. and Regional Centre, Muktsar), Centre for Defence & National Security Studies, Police Administration, Punjabi (P.U. and Regional Centre Muktsar), Botany and Physical Education.

Enrolment for M.Phil. / Ph.D. at Dayanand & Vedic Studies, Swami Vivekanand Studies. Guru Nanak Sikh Studies and Sri Guru Granth Sahib Studies (SGGS) will be based on the Test in any subject from the Faculty of Arts / Languages.

The Prospectus (including application form) is available for sale on cash payment of Rs. 1600/- (Rs. 800/- in case of SC/ST candidates) in Post Office, Sector 14, Chandigarh only.

Application Form alongwith Admit Card can be downloaded from University Website www.puchd.ac.in . In this case attach bank draft for Rs. 1600/- (Rs. 800/- for SC/ST) drawn in favour of the Registrar, P.U., payable at Chandigarh, and two self addressed envelopes size 10”x4”, duly stamped for Rs. 22/- each.

The Panjab University does not take responsibility for any postal delays or delay in delivery by Courier or by any other means of transmission or loss in transit, of the application form, under any circumstances.

Last date for receipt of Application Form: 15th June 2009 (Monday) upto 4.00 p.m.

After this form can be submitted upto 25.06.2009 with late fee of Rs.1000/-

For Prospectus, Visit here: www.puchd.ac.in/prospectus/Prospectusphd.pdf

For Application Form of Ph.D./M.Phil, visit here: www.puchd.ac.in/prospectus/Formphd.pdf

Senate decides to close Prof Dhanki case

Chandigarh The Panjab University Senate finally decided to close the chapter pertaining to the alleged fraud case against Professor J S Dhanki, who retired last year. The case dates back to 2004 when it was suggested that Professor Dhanki, with the help of other teaching and non-teaching staff, had manipulated his daughter’s marks to announce her the topper in the History department.
After a series of enquiries on the basis of a complaint against Professor Dhanki, it was finally decided to close the case.

It was stated that even when though the charges were not proved against the members involved, they subjected to a lot of harassment including exclusion from all activities. Fellow G K Chatrath, in his report, suggested that Professor Dhanki and the others have been duly punished and now the matter should be closed .

A few members protested the decision, claiming it was the university’s inefficiency that even after five years, the authorities had failed to pin down those responsible for the alleged fraud. It was resolved that in future, time-bound committees will be formed for such cases that will undertake a fast-track enquiry and come up with a solution.

Also, a high-powered committee was constituted to persuade Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, an alumnus of the university, to visit the campus. It was also proposed that PU will initiate a scholarship in Prime Minister Manmohan Singh’s name for students of his department — the Economics department — or honour the PhD topper from the department. A committee will be constituted to work on the modalities of the project.

The issue regarding disaffiliation of Dhanwantri Ayurvedic College also came up for discussion. In an inspection report, a PU committee had submitted that the college lacks in many areas. After the college failed to improve or take any corrective measure, it was decided to disaffiliate it. Meanwhile, Vice-Chancellor Professor R C Sobti told the House that since Dhanwantri College had moved the court, action could not be taken against it. Fellow Ashok Goyal said the university had not been able to resolve the issue even after four years.

On the other hand, the colleges also complained of step-motherly behaviour being extended to them.
Fellow M L Aeri questioned as to how SD College had sought affiliation from a foreign university for its BBA course while the DAV College, Sector-10, was denied affiliated for the MBA course. V-C Sobti claimed he was not aware of the issue and will take action against the college if it was true that they were seeking affiliation from some other body.

After much discussion, it was resolved that a committee will be sent to DAV college for examining the prospects of starting the MBA course. Also, the Vice Chancellor announced that no vocational course would be initiated until the university hires proper faculty.

Members submitting fraud medical bills
The V-C, in the House meeting on Thursday, mentioned that there are around four members who have allegedly sent fraud medical bills, claiming around Rs 15,000 as reimbursement. Though he refused to divulge the names, Professor Sobti said the bills mention six antibiotics of the same nature and it was not possible for anyone to have six medicines for one disease. The members suggested the matter be looked into and the guilty be duly punished.

PU losing crores as foreign students give it a go-by

Chandigarh Even as Panjab University dreams of earning global recognition, foreign faces are a rare sight on campus. As the number of foreign students forms a crucial parameter in ascertaining the position of a university on the chart of global varsities, the low turnout is a cause for concern. In the current academic session, only 130 foreign students are enrolled. This figure has, more or less, remained unchanged for the last three years. PU old-timers say the number used to run into thousands back in 1980s.

The trend continues despite the meagre fees charged by the university. The enrollment fee for PhD is not more than Rs 1,100 while the registration fee is around Rs 800.

In a recent Senate meeting, Professor Shelly Walia, Dean Foreign Students, said: I have not seen any other university charging peanuts from foreign students, the fee is unchanged for around 20 years now. That the authorities have no knowledge of this is most surprising.

Why the low numbers
According to PU officials, the reason for the handful of foreign students is the mandatory entrance test, which most fail. Only postgraduates, who want to pursue MPhil or PhD, are exempted from the test. For appearing in the exam, the students have to come to India on a tourist visa — an expensive proposition — which is converted to a students’ visa after admission.

For certain courses like LLM, the entrance test contains questions related to the Hindu Marriage Act and the Constitution, which are beyond the purview of foreign aspirants.

Other universities earn revenues running into crores from foreign students. The university needs to do away with its stringent admission norms for foreign students, otherwise its dream to be a globally acclaimed university will remain a distant one, said Professor Walia.

Students speak
President of PU Foreign Students’ Association, Simin, a student from Iran who is pursuing her PhD in English, said: The faculty here is great and as such we face no problem at the university. But certainly, better hostel facilities and more flexible admission norms will help draw more foreign students to the university. Arif Al Ahdal from Yemen added: The admission procedure is really confusing and a student has to wait for around for two months to get the nod.

Years Number of foreign students
* 2008-09 --130
* 2007-08 --122
* 2006-07 -- 124
(approx figures)
Main hurdles
* Mandatory entrance exam
* No independent hostel for foreign students
* No cultural activities

Savitri Bai hostel girls complain labourers breaching privacy

If the girls residing in Savitri Bai Hostel of the Panjab University are to be believed, the male construction workers there are posing a serious threat to their privacy.

The problem, they say, began on June 24 when the white-washing of the sixth floor of the hostel began and the workers were allowed to work till late night.

A student at the hostel, Sugandh, said, The workers work till late hours of the night. There is no attendant on duty and the warden, when contacted, makes a few phone calls, but does not turn up personally.

Another student narrated a disturbing experience. On opening the door of my room two days ago, I found a labourer standing and trying to peep into the room.

Some hostellers also allege that the workers are often seen undressing in the balcony or using girls toilets.

When asked, one of the workers said they use the toilets only for washing hands.


In the High Court of Punjab and Haryana at Chandigarh

R.S.A. No. 1742 of 2009 (O and M)

Date of decision: May 27, 2009

Subhash Chander Aneja .. Appellant
The Registrar, Panjab University, Chandigarh and another .. Respondents

Hon ble Mr. Justice A.N. Jindal

Mr. N.K. Suneja, Advocate for the appellant.

A.N. Jindal, J
This is appellant s second appeal against the judgment dated 5.3.2009 passed by the learned Additional District Judge, Panipat, dismissing the appeal of the appellant-plaintiff (herein referred as the appellant ) for correction of the date of birth.

The plaintiff has come up with the allegations that he was known as Manohar Lal at the time of his birth and his actual date of birth was 15.9.1953, whereas, it was recorded wrongly as 1.5.1951 in the certificate of Higher Secondary Part-I Examination issued by the respondent-Punjab University, Chandigarh. Thus, he stressed for declaring his date of birth as 15.9.1953. He has also taken shelter of the judgment Updesh Kumar etc. vs. Prithvi Singh and others, 2001 (1) LJR 789;
Resham Singh vs. Union of India and another, 2008 (1) RandJ 330; State of Punjab and another vs. Megh Raj Garg 2003 (1) RandJ 36; Ashgar Khan vs. Union of India 1998 (4) RandJ 118.

Both the Courts below dismissed the suit.

The appellant has not led any sufficient evidence in order to establish that he was actually known as Manohar Lal at the time of his birth.

No reason has been assigned as to why and under what circumstances his earlier name was changed. Ram Piari (PW3) wife of late Sher Chand has no where stated in her affidavit Ex.PW3/A that plaintiff was also known as Manohar Lal at the time of his birth. Thus, the said certificate (Ex.P2) relating to Manohar Lal cannot be held to be in any way connected with the appellant. Any way, for the sake of arguments, it is presumed that the date of birth of the appellant was 15.9.1953, and he was issued certificate of Higher Secondary Part-I Examination in the year 1968, whereas, the present suit was filed for correction of date of birth against the Punjab University on 17.10.2005. During this period from 1968 to 2005, the plaintiff never moved any application for correction of the date of birth. The plaintiff did not represent to the university before filing of the present suit by moving application to that effect. As such, at the fag end of his retirement in 2009, the appellant cannot come to contend that his date of birth was not correct particularly when he continued getting benefits of the said date of birth as recorded in the papers, at the time of getting appointment and promotions.

Thus, the matter also suffers from delay and laches.

The Apex Court in case Secy. and Commr., Home Deptt. and Ors. v. R. Kirubakaran, 1994 Supp. (1) SCC 155, has observed as under :-

7. An application for correction of the date of birth should not be dealt with by the tribunal or the High Court keeping in view only the public servant concerned. It need not to pointed out that any such direction for correction of the date of birth of the public servant concerned has a chain reaction, inasmuch as others waiting for years, below him for their respective promotions are affected in this process. Some are likely to suffer irreparable injury, inasmuch as, because of the
correction of the date of birth, the officer concerned, continues in office, in some cases for years, within which time many officers who are below him in seniority waiting for their promotion, may lose their promotion for ever. Cases are not unknown when a person accepts appointment keeping in view the date of retirement of his immediate senior. According to us, this is an important aspect, which cannot be lost sight of by the court or the tribunal while examining the grievance of a public servant in respect of correction of his date of birth. As such, unless a clear case on the basis of materials which can be held to be conclusive in nature, is made out by the respondent, the court or the tribunal should not issue a direction, on the basis of materials which make such claim only plausible. Before any such direction is issued, the court or the tribunal must be fully satisfied that there has been real injustice to the person concerned and his claim for correction of date of birth has been made in accordance with the procedure prescribed, and within the time fixed by any rule or order. If no rule or other has been framed or made, prescribing the period within which such application has to be filed, then such application must be filed within the time, which can be held to be reasonable. The applicant has to produce the evidence in support of such claim, which may amount to irrefutable proof relating to his date of birth. Whenever, any such question arises, the onus is on the applicant, to prove the wrong recording of his date of birth, in his service book.

In many cases it is a part of a strategy on the part of such public servants to approach the court or the tribunal on the eve of their retirement, questioning the correctness of the entries in respect of their dates of birth in the service books. By this process, it has come to the notice of this Court that in many cases, even if ultimately their applications are dismissed, by virtue of interim orders, they continue for months, after the date of superannuation. The court or the tribunal must,
therefore, be slow in granting an interim relief for continuation in service, unless prima facie evidence of impeachment character is produced because if the public servant succeeds, he can always be compensated, but if he fails, he would have enjoyed undeserved benefit of extended service and merely caused injustice to his immediate junior.

There is catina of judgments delivered by the Apex Court dissuading correction of the date of birth at the fag end of the service career after long years and consistent view has been taken that the correction in the entries made in the Government record on the basis of which Government
servant gets the service cannot be allowed to be changed just a few years before the retirement or the fag end of his retirement. The Apex Court while discussing chain of judgments took the view that the date of birth on the basis of which party seeking correction continued getting benefit cannot ask for correction of such date of birth at the fag end of his service career.

It may further be noticed that every statutory body or a government department has its own rules for correction of the date of birth, but no such back door entry for correction of date of birth could be adopted.

The procedure as provided under the department is permissible. It is also not clear as to why the cause of action accrued against Punjab University after a period of 37 years for correction of date of birth particularly when he had not impleaded the party against whom he wanted to use the correct date of birth, therefore, in the absence of disclosing any cause of action the suit was not maintainable.

From the aforesaid discussions, it transpires that no substantial question of law arises or is involved in the case.

Resultantly, finding no merit in the appeal the same is dismissed.

(A.N. Jindal)

PU Senate members nominated

PU Senate members nominated
Chandigarh, October 27 Members of the Panjab University Non-Teaching Employees Federation welcomed the nomination of the federation president in the university Senate.

This is the first time that a member of the federation has been nominated for the Senate.
The list of the nominated members was released on Sunday.

The members would be ordinary fellows of the Senate from November 1, 2008 to October 31, 2012.

The names include former principal of Sanskrit College, Hoshiarpur, Avtar Singh Bedi, Prof AK Jafri, Professor Emeritus, department of Zoology, Aligarh Muslim University, Prof BS Ghuman, Dean, Faculty of Arts, PU, Lt Gen BS Dhaliwal, Chaman Lal Sharma, advocate, Punjab and Haryana High Court, Prof Deepak Nayyar, Professor of Economics, JNU and former vice-chancellor, University of Delhi, Dr Emanual Nahar, Lecturer, department of Political Science, Dr Gurmeet Singh, lecturer in department of Hindi, PU, Dr GS Bhalla, Professor Emeritus, JNU, HK Dua, Editor of The Tribune, HS Lucky, president of Chandigarh Territorial Youth Congress, Dr Ishwar Dayal Gaur, Professor in the department of History, PU, I S Chadha, Dr KK Talwar, Director, PGI, Dr K S Aulakh, former vice-chancellor, Punjab Agriculture University, Ludhiana, Dr Madhu Prashar, principal of Dev Samaj College for Women, Ferozepur, Prof M Shakeel Ahmed, chairman, department of Urdu, PU, Prof Neera Chandhoke, department of Political Science, Delhi University, Dharam Paul Sharma, non-teaching staff representative, Prof Pam Rajput, former Head of department of Political Science and founder director, Centre for Women’s Studies, PU, president (Ex-Officio), Panjab University Teachers Association, Peter D’Souza, Director, IIAS, Shimla, Pawan Kumar Bansal, Union Minister of State for Finance, Dr Ravi Kumar Gupta, Reader, department of Orthopedics, Government Medical College and Hospital, Prof RP Bambah, Vice-Chairman, Governing Body, CRRID; Prof Radha Kumar, Director, Mandela Centre for Peace and Conflict Resolution, Jamia Millia Islamia University, Raman Bahl, former president, Municipal Council, Gurdaspur, Dr Krishan Gauba, Director-Principal, Dr HSJ Institute of Dental Sciences and Hospital, PU, Prof Shelley Walia, Dean, International Students and Dean, Faculty of Languages, PU, Sada Nand, former chief secretary, Punjab, S K Sharma, Professor Emeritus, Energy Research Centre, PU, Sharanjit Singh Dhillon, MP, Ludhiana, Satya Pal Jain, former Member of Parliament, Dr SC Vaidya, Professor in Finance and Accounting, UBS, PU, Virainder Kumar Tiwari, principal of DAV College, Jalandhar, VK Sibal, senior advocate, Punjab and Haryana High Court.

PU to have four govt constituent colleges in Punjab

Chandigarh In an initiative to start colleges in collaboration with the Punjab government, Panjab University (PU) will have four government constituent colleges in some of the most backward areas of the state. These colleges offering some of the popular courses, including graduate degree and post graduate diploma courses, will start functioning from July.

The four colleges would come up in Guru Har Sahai (Ferozepur), Nihalsinghwala (Moga), Balachaur (Nawanshahr) and Sikhwala (Muktsar). While the entire administrative and management would be controlled by Panjab University, funding including the salaries of the college staff and college infrastructure would be done by the Punjab government.

“As the appointments would be made by the University, the process has already been started for the appointment of four principals and 52 assistant professors for these four colleges. Students can take admissions for the coming academic session that would start from July this year,” said PU Vice-Chancellor Prof R C Sobti.

Of the 52 posts advertised last month for these colleges, when Prof Sobti was asked why no post for the subject ‘Hindi’ had been advertised, he replied that the point has been noted and it would be added in the appointments.

The constituent colleges plan is an initiative between the government and the university. While the affiliated colleges are entirely managed by the college management committees, administrative control of constituent colleges is done by the university and not given in any private hands.
Out of these four colleges, the two in Nihalsinghwala (Moga) and Balachaur (Nawanshahr) have already been inspected and recommended for approval by the university inspection committees in its report submitted to the University recently. The remaining two are expected to be inspected soon. The infrastructure of the first two colleges is complete while that of the remaining two is near completion.

The courses initially offered by these colleges will include BCom, BA, BCA and PGDCA. Though nothing was disclosed on the fee structure of these colleges, it is said that it would be kept at par with other colleges in the areas.

20000 unclaimed degrees at PU Certificate Branch

Some predate independence; hundreds also returned after convocation since 2005

These days Panjab University (PU) is grappling with an unusual problem, for which it is hard-pressed to find a solution. With an increase in the number of enrollments each year, the degree bank that houses unclaimed and undelivered degrees has also reached a record number of around 20,000 degrees that are still waiting to be handed over to the candidates.

The unclaimed degrees at the University Certificate Branch has been adding up since the time of partition, with a few degrees even older than 1947. This number of 20,000 is in addition to hundreds of degrees returned to each department of the University, since 2005, after the annual convocation is over.

“To unload the increasing burden of the Certificate Branch, the university involved each department in maintaining these documents. As in the last six years, undelivered or unclaimed degrees are returned to the respective department of the candidate,” said the Controller of Examinations Prof A K Bhandari.

Apart from degrees of its own candidates, till 1968 degrees of candidates of various affiliated colleges, private and other candidates were also handed over by the Panjab University alone. Later, each college started holding its separate convocation function to hand over degrees to its students as the University opted to transfer these documents to the respective institute, each year.

“Last week, the branch received an application claiming the degree of Kulwant Singh, a University candidate, now residing in Ludhiana. He had completed his BSc Agriculture in 1966. The application was put forward by one of his family members. With the kind of book-keeping and maintenance of data, it hardly took a day to find the degree,” revealed one of the senior officials of the Certificate Branch.

The reasons for piling up of degrees cited by the officials vary from candidates, of whom majority are female, getting married and settled in some other state or abroad. Due to the gap of one year in getting a degree after one has completed the course which was even more earlier, candidates fail to turn up for their degrees. Those who have already settled professionally also rarely bother to claim their degrees.

The staff of this branch claimed that the number of undelivered degrees and other related documents has been on a rise, each year. 'We have stored very old degrees and gazettes in different sections known as pigeon racks marked with corresponding year. Different registers are maintained for each convocation indicating which candidate had taken the degree and who had not,' added the official.

Concerned over the increasing number of unclaimed degrees, the University in 2005 introduced the concept of returning all the undelivered degrees to the concerned departments. While, another facility that was introduced in the same year was delivering the degrees of top three candidates who fail to turn up for the convocation to their residence by post.

Degree mela
With a record number of 20,000 degrees, the university authorities are contemplating whether to organise another ‘degree mela’ for these unclaimed degrees. A similar kind of event was organised in 2005-06 where unclaimed degrees were handed over to candidates. Not many takers turned up for the earlier mela, where around 100 degrees were given to the claimants without charging any fee. This time the authorities want to advertise the event on a better and larger scale in the hope of receiving a better response.

HC notice to PU on appointment of assistant professors

13 December 2009
Justice Vinod Kumar Sharma of the Punjab and Haryana High Court on Thursday issued notices to Panjab University (PU) and its vice-chancellor on a PIL filed by Ridamjit Kaur and two others.

The plea challenges the selection of Dr Vishal Sharma and Dr Shweta as assistant professors in Forensic Physical Science and Forensic Chemical Science, respectively, in the newly set up Institute of Forensic Sciences and Criminology at PU.

The three petitioners, through their counsel advocate H C Arora, claimed that they all hold Masters degrees in forensic science and criminology and have also qualified the NET exam from UGC.

Besides, two of the petitioners are already employed as forensic analysts in government institutions, and the third has passed his PhD in the subject.

On the other hand, it was stated that Dr Vishal Sharma has an MSc degree in Physics while Dr Shweta is an MSc in Chemistry, and both of them have passed the NET exam in their respective subjects.

Thus, the qualifications, including the NET certificate, possessed by the selected candidates has no relation to forensic science and criminology, and they are, therefore, not entitled to be appointed as assistant professors in forensic science.

The Honourable Punjab and Haryana High Court has dismissed the writ petition. The Honble court has held that the holding of UGC NET / SLET is not mandatory as is evident from the recruitment advertisement issued by Panjab University. So the appointments of Dr Vishal Sharma and Dr Shaweta are held to be valid ones.
Copy of Judgement of Ridamjit Kaur vs Panjab University

Ph.D enrollment row takes a political hue

The incident of 'wrong enrollment' of a Ph.D pursuant at Panjab University seems to have taken a political colour. The candidate, Vijay Dhanda, being the wife of an Akali leader and Chief Parliamentary Secretary, Punjab, Harish Dhanda, rumours doing the rounds on the campus suggest that it's the political pressure that is keeping the senior officials from deciding the matter.

Meanwhile, the incident which had brought under cloud the Dean University Instructions (DUI) Prof SC Vaidya for making 'wrong enrollment' has now names of Deans Arts Faculty Prof B S Ghuman and Senator and faculty member at varsity Prof N K Ohja coming in. While Dean Arts faculty had approved the case of PhD and recommended it to DUI, the Senator is said to have close association with the pursuant. Generally it's the chairperson who is enough for approving PhD enrollment however; in this case it was referred to Dean who further recommended it to DUI.

Though Prof Ghuman could not be contacted today for his comment, however earlier speaking to Newsline, he had said that if he would have approved anything that would be on record and as per rules. He had commented that he had never done anything out of favouritism for anyone.

Meanwhile, Prof NK Ohja said, 'I am associated with the pursuant as I am a senator and my job is to help all those who need help in this varsity. Her case is absolutely correct and no wrong decision has been taken. Since she has not been communicated about the cancellation, I would not like to make any comments'.

While the incident has taken a political hue, campus grapevine suggests that is because the faculty is divided into groups and the senior officials are unable to decide on the same. However, senior officials are tightlipped about the entire episode. 'The senior officials have got stuck because if they would cancel the enrollment, those supporting the pursuant would come up with such issues which would be difficult for the senior officials to decide', said a senior faculty member at the varsity.

Meanwhile, everyone is making own assumption and a few say that it is because the senior officials do not want to upset the Punjab government, as they contribute a major portion in grant to varsity, that the case is not being decided. 'It has become a prestige issue and since the tussle is between the senior officials, a decision in the case is being delayed. If the vice-chancellor is convinced with the committee's report, he should communicate about the cancellation and mark an inquiry against DUI, Dean, and also the chairperson. However if otherwise, he should accept the DUI's decision and take his own words back where he had said that he (V-C) had been skipped over in this decision'.

PUCSC to submit memo to VC

CHANDIGARH: Not happy with Panjab University's decision to open a coffee shop at students centre, the Panjab University Campus Student Council(PUCSC) has decided to submit a memorandum to the vice-chancellor, demanding installation of an ATM machine at the same place instead of a coffee shop.

PUCSC president Amit Bhatia said coffee shops already exist at the site along with an Indian coffee house. Hence, there is no need of another coffee shop. 'An ATM machine is a long-pending demand of the students that we will be putting forward with the university authorities,' said the council president. 'Setting up a coffee shop does not makes any senses when there are so many shops catering to this need of students. Moreover, the university should take up something constructive that is welcomed by the pupils,' said Harmanjit Singh Deol, a research scholar. Referring to other demands, Bhatia further said the university should focus more on the pressing requirements like parking lots in front of various departments, clean toilets, hygienic canteens and new water coolers for the hostels. This list would be moved with the vice chancellor, he added.

PU has decided to come up with a coffee shop in the same building that houses Indian Coffee House.

Panjab University fined Rs 50,000 for not releasing monetary benefits to retired employee - GP Bansal

In a case of negligence in release of funds to a retired employee, the District Consumer Dispute Redressal Forum, Chandigarh UT, has directed Panjab University to pay a compensation of Rs 50,000 for causing him mental agony and for not releasing his due amount.

The university has also been directed to issue a no-dues certificate to the complainant, release his pension, and refund Rs 16,668 of 'forced' deduction from his provident fund.

G P Bansal, the complainant, who retired as executive engineer from PU on August 31, 2005, was sanctioned retirement benefits vide a letter dated July 28, 2005.

He was paid leave encashment and gratuity on the eve of his retirement.

He opted for the Irrevocable Pension Scheme and was allotted priority number 17. The whole amount of Rs 13,46,912 of his provident fund remained in deposit with the university, which should have been deducted and transferred to the University Pension Corpus Fund automatically, on receipt of the pension application forms. According to the complainant, he found that his pension case and the payment of PF dues were kept in abeyance because of outstanding advances against him, regarding which, he alleged, he was never informed. He added that without providing any opportunity to contest the allegations, he was held guilty by the university and his payments withheld.

Bansal further stated that he met with an accident on April 21, 2006, and was advised bed rest for 20-24 weeks. As he was in dire need of money, he addressed several representations to the vice-chancellor and his secretary, but to no avail.

In their reply, the university argued that when the complainant retired, the pension scheme had not yet been implemented.

'It has been pleaded that the amount of Rs 10,59,511 was not transferred to the Pension Corpus Fund Account as there were advances of more than Rs 5 crore standing unadjusted in his (Bansal's) name,' said PU.

'We are of the view that even if certain dues remained pending against an employee, the process of his due claims, including retrial benefits, must start, and the process by the employer be initiated well before the date of retirement of an employee or at the most within 2/3 months of retirement but not beyond that.

The actual payments of these benefits, as stated, could be disbursed only after clearance of the advances in the name of the employee, which in this case has not been done,' said the forum in its orders. The forum also pulled up the university for its delay in making entries for adjustment of certain amounts.

150 caught cheating in Panjab University, affiliated colleges this year

With annual examinations almost coming to an end, around 150 Unfair Means Cases (UMC) have already been registered in the Panjab University and other affiliated colleges in the city.

As compared to the last year, the number of cases has been gone up by around 50. The last examination will conclude on May 28.

Talking to Newsline, Controller of Examinations Professor A K Bhandhari said: 'This is the first time that cell phones, even on silent mode, were banned in examination halls. Thus, UMC cases have also been marked against those using or carrying mobiles.'

While around 141 students were caught copying from each other or found carrying slips to the examination rooms, while seven were caught cheating using cell phones. Two impersonation cases have also been registered against candidates.

Once an Unfair Means Cases case is made against a student, it is forwarded to a committee that proposes the action to be taken.

Its decision is then sent for approval to the Syndicate and Senate.

Professor Bhandhari added: 'Among last year's 100 UMC cases, action has been taken against 70 students.'
24 May 2009

14 get into PU law course without a test

Chandigarh Panjab University authorities seem to have allowed backdoor admission to at least 14 people in a law course last year who had neither applied for it, nor taken the entrance test.

According to reports, among the 'beneficiaries' are the university's Senator and Syndicate member Ashok Goyal, auditors Sanjay Kumar, Umesh Kalra and Arun and a few other officials.

The university accommodated the 14 after converting into general quota the reserved-category seats that remained vacant after admissions.

Goyal and others were given admission to the prestigious three-year Bachelor of Laws (LLB) course in the Department of Laws—more than a thousand students had taken the Other Combined Entrance Test for a seat in the course—on the basis of their marks in graduation, the qualifying examination.

Asked if he had taken any written test for the admission, Goyal replied in the negative. He said it was only after the university authorities wanted to fill the vacant OBC quota seats after converting them to general category that he got the admission, following an interview.

According to sources, students who had earlier qualified the written test but did not get admission were not called for an interview or sent an intimation about the vacant seats. An advertisement in this regard was, however, placed in a newspaper after the normal admissions were over.

As many as 1,320 students had applied for the law entrance test in 2008, of which 1,076 qualified. As many as 527 of them applied for the 300 seats (150 in the morning shift and 150 in the evening).

While 286 students were given admission, 14 seats in the reserved category remained vacant. With the Supreme Court issuing an order to fill all seats, the university called a special meeting of syndics on September 4, 2008. The last date of admission was August 31. It was decided that the reserved category seats be converted into general category. The university sought a legal opinion on the conversion and permission to admit candidates, even those who had not applied for the test, on the basis of their marks in the qualifying examination. There was little time left to conduct another entrance test, it reasoned.

The legal opinion was received on September 15, a day before a regular meeting of the Syndicate where it resolved and approved the change to give a 'fair chance to all candidates'. PU did not seem to consider a second list of general candidates, who had cleared the entrance test but were kept in the waiting list. All 14 new students turned out of be PU officials.

'This is a clear case of favouritism. The seats were converted and given to certain favourites. The entire entrance test was reduced to a farce. Genuine students were overlooked,' said a senior faculty member of the Department of Laws, who did not wish to be named.

Vice-Chancellor R C Sobti, however, said: 'It was the Supreme Court's directive to fill up the vacant seats. First preference was given to OBC students, but since the seats still remained vacant, we considered merit, in accordance with the Syndicate and Senate decision, and admitted qualifying candidates. I am not much aware about the rest, as the V-C has no role to play in such admissions.'

23 May 2009

Colleges' MBA dream to end prematurely. UBS

CHANDIGARH: City colleges aspiring to introduce MBA course from the next academic year are likely to face some disappointment. In a big blow to these institutes, a committee constituted by the vice-chancellor has advised against introducing the management programme in its affiliated colleges.

The committee, consisting of Dinesh K Gupta, AK Vashisht of UBS and AK Saihijpal of UIAMS, upheld the recommendations of the previous panel that met on November 2, 2006, and reiterated that the colleges did not possess requisite intellectual resources to meet the demands of an MBA programme. The committee also highlighted that the university had already enhanced the number of seats in MBA programmes in University Business School, Chandigarh. Moreover, it had started sectoral MBA courses at newly established University Institute of Applied Management Sciences with roughly 200 seats.

PU had received applications from some colleges, seeking permission to start MBA course from academic session 2009-10. Following this, a committee was formed by RC Sobti to prepare the feasibility report. With the panel submitting its counsel, Syndicate would take the issue during its meeting on February 28. From the city, DAV College, Sector 10 and SD College, Sector 32 had applied for requisite permission.

Disappointed with the outcome, DAV College principal BS Josan said, ''We have better infrastructure than the university. Despite that, if PU has found some loopholes, we're ready to fill them, provided permission is granted to begin the course.''

Undeterred, he added in case they were turned down, the college would approach Punjab Technical University for permission. ''Introducing MBA from 2009-2010 is our top priority,'' he said. The institute had planned to start the course with 60 seats but is now ready to lower the number.

In another setback, if suggestions of a joint meeting of academic, administrative committees and board of control of department of biotechnology, PU, are approved, the BSc course in the department would be discontinued from session 2009-10. In a relief, seats in MSc course would be increased from six to 25. The committee has also suggested a hike of fee from Rs 31,762 to Rs 40,000 for the MSc course.


Colleges under Punjab University


PU Evening Studies dept under scanner for granting undeserved attendance

The Department of Evening Studies, Panjab University, has come under the scanner for granting attendance of over 16 lectures to nearly 24 students of MA (I) who were falling short of the minimum requirement.

Vice-Chancellor Professor R C Sobti has initiated an inquiry after receiving a complaint in this regard.

Students of various streams including English, History, Hindi and Political Science did not fulfill the criterion of 75 per cent attendance. As a result, they were not issued roll numbers or allowed to sit for the first semester examination that began on December 11.

Around two weeks ago, during a meeting held by the Academic and Administrative Committee of the department, it was decided that 10 lectures which are under the purview of the chairperson of the department will be given to the students.

An additional 16 lectures in the name of participation in cultural activities were also granted.

The Registration and Store Branch of the Panjab University, however, raised an objection after receiving the attendance data from the department.

The branch then asked the department authorities to furnish details about the events which the students had participated in along with appropriate proof.

In its reply, the department replied that the students had taken part in an AIDS awareness campaign and the department's freshers party.

Not satisfied with the reply, the branch sent a complaint to the V-C office. Taking note of the matter, a three-member committee comprising Senate members V K Sibal, Chaman Lal and Professor Shelley Walia was formed which will investigate and submit a report.

Vardhman CMD Oswal comes to rescue VC of Panjab University

What does cash-strapped PU do with Rs 20 lakh? construct a gate
Mar 26, 2008

Chandigarh, March 25 If the Panjab University Vice-Chancellor is to be believed, the varsity is facing a severe financial crunch. However, no one seems to be minding an expenditure of Rs 20 lakh on the construction of a gate.

This, when almost all buildings in the varsity are in a dire need for repair and upgrade. Professor Sobti had been demanding money for the construction of the gate facing PGIMER for quite some time now.

The money finally came from a Panjab University Fellow, S P Oswal, who is the Chairman and MD of Vardhman Spinning Mills and General Mills Ltd. 'Gates are equally important... All other universities have presentable gates and we can't stop anyone from donating money for a specific purpose. We are also looking at other areas which need attention and will be taking care of them too,' said Professor Sobti.

Meanwhile, Professor Sobti said there are also plans to replace the other two university gates and that he wouldn't mind spending another Rs 40 lakh on it.

University buildings are in desperate need for repair and several departments lack basic infrastructure. Students have also been demanding better facilities in hostels. Students' organisations claim the cost of the gate is being borne by the university.

Punjab-Centre ratio of 40-60 in University funding

23 Nov 2008 The Panjab University is sick. Reason: it is not getting enough funds to complete its pending projects. If facts are to be believed, Punjab is largely responsible for the crisis. Apart from contributing to the fund crunch, the state is also not co-operating when it comes to lending support for the central university status.

Both Punjab and the Centre are supposed to contribute in the ratio of 40:60 to the university. Though the Centre has been paying its share regularly, Punjab only grants 16 lakh to the university. For the past seven years, the Punjab deficit amount stands at Rs 150 crore, which includes Rs 30 crore for this fiscal year alone.

The university, battling with acute financial crunch, has communicated its problems to the state a number of times but to no avail. An official from the varsity said, 'Punjab is responsible for all the problems being faced by the university. But we cannot do much as our hands are tied. Whether it is lack of infrastructure or vacant faculty posts, the bottom line is that the university does not have money.'

To add to the trouble, the Punjab government has also denied its support over the issue of granting the central university status. 'Earlier, Punjab gave a no-objection letter after much pleading and protest but later took a U-turn. The state is only bothered about its stake in the university. Neither it is ready to pay the due amount nor does it want to lose its authority and let the university attain the central varsity status.'

With around 58 university professors recently losing their enhancement-of-retirement-age battle in the Punjab and Haryana High Court, the number of vacant staff posts has gone up in the university.

Be it the plan for a dental college or additional infrastructure in different departments, everything is moving at a snail's pace due to the paucity of funds.

PUTA President Prof Ronki Ram said, 'Time and again, we have appealed to the state to contribute the deficit amount but our pleas has fallen on deaf ears. As far as the central university status is concerned, PU is not fussy about the name. All we want is that the benefit should grow in all aspects.'

PU to probe Harvard International Relations Council USA

Embarrassed Panjab University to probe US-based NGO
March 3rd, 2010 Finding itself in hot water after 25 of its students managed to go on an educational trip to the US by showing bogus papers, Panjab University is now planning to verify the credentials of the American NGO that organised the conference. The issue came to light after one student was arrested on molestation charges while in Boston.

Nitin Jindal, 22, a student of the University Institute of Law Studies (UILS), went to the US to participate in the 56th session of Harvard National Model United Nations (HNMUN), held in Boston during Feb 11-14.

The conference was organised by an NGO, Harvard International Relations Council (HIRC), which claims links with Harvard University in Boston. Jindal was arrested Feb 14 following a complaint of molestation by a Boston resident. He is out on a $2,500 bail now.

Following this incident, Panjab University Vice-Chancellor R.C. Sobti constituted a committee to look into the matter. They were stunned when HIRC told them last week that two Panjab University teams — one from UILS and the other from the University School of Law — had participated in the conference. However, no department with the name of University School of Law exists in Panjab University.

This year UILS had officially sent 21 students to participate in the HNMUN event but the arrested student was among 25 others who had applied online in their individual capacity.

Now the committee members have decided to verify the credentials of HIRC before deciding their further course of action.

'The HIRC claims affiliation and close links with Harvard University. Therefore, the Dean University Instructions of this university will contact the officials concerned of Harvard University and check the past records and details of HIRC,' a committee member told IANS, speaking on condition of anonymity.

He added: 'It is quite dubious on the part of HIRC to allow so many students from the same university to participate in a conference and that too without scrutinising the authenticity of documents submitted by them. Depending on the circumstances a delegation from Panjab University can also go there to bring out the truth.'

There were reports that students applying in their individual capacity had used letter-heads of a fake department and submitted clearance letters obtained from Panjab University through unscrupulous means.

Dean Students' Welfare Naval Kishore told: 'We are looking into this matter. Strict action will be taken against all guilty, including any senior official found involved in this glitch, either directly or indirectly. Verification of the NGO is also necessary.'

So far, Panjab University has identified 18 students who had participated in this conference on their own, and issued them show-cause notice.

Jindal's passport and visa documents were confiscated by the Boston police and he has been directed not to leave the US till April 6, when the next hearing of the case is slated. He hails from Bathinda town in Punjab and is currently staying with his cousin in Boston.

The university committee that is probing the matter has for the time being stopped all foreign trips of Panjab University law department students.

Prof Nishtha Jaiswal committee gives relief to Chemistry Professor

CHANDIGARH 18 Oct 2008: There seems to some respite coming in for a chemistry professor at Panjab University with a project fellow withdrawing her complaint against him. Moreover, the sexual harassment committee will soon give a clean chit to the professor on the basis of the letter of withdrawal of the complaint. The professor was alleged to have sexually harassed the student, following which she submitted a complaint with the sexual harassment cell of the university.

The girl, in her letter stated she filed a complaint against her professor because of some misunderstanding between them.

Sources informed the matter has also been resolved at the department level. Besides, it has been decided that the department will offer help to the student for preparation NET or PhD entrance.

Earlier, the alleged professor had cleared his stand and informed that he asked the girl to resign from the post of project fellow, following which she submitted a complaint against him. He asserted since the girl did not clear the university eligibility test for MPhil or PhD as well as UGC NET she was not eligible as per the university rules to enrol as a PhD candidate.

So, in that situation, he was compelled to write to the registrar, requesting her termination from the project. And after this, she made false allegations against him out of frustration for vested interests and for her inability as a prospective.

It is pertinent to mention that a project fellow of Chemistry department of Panjab University, had accused her guide of harassing her. She joined the chemistry department under UGC fellowship programme on February 28, 2008 and on July 26; she submitted a complaint to the chairperson of the department who forwarded the complaint to the sexual harassment of the committee of PU. Gauging the seriousness of the matter, university authorities constituted a 15-member committee under the chairmanship of dean, students welfare (women), Prof Nishtha Jaiswal to look into the matter.

Students not aware of scholarships lapsing

9 Nov 2008 At Panjab University, if records are anything to go by, more than 60 students from different states have missed the opportunity and failed to claim scholarships announced by their respective governments.

While students say they were never told about the scholarships, authorities at the university blame it on the lack of awareness among the students. This communication gap leaves behind lakhs of unused amount which is sent back by the PU authorities to the states.

According to a data received by the PU Registrar's office under a Right to Information application, 25 students for the academic session 2006-07 from states such as Punjab and Haryana have not claimed the scholarships announced by their states. The figure is around 25 for the next two sessions, 2007-08 and 2008-09, as well. Scholarships up to Rs 10,000 announced by various states are lying unutilised.

Talking to Newsline, PU Registrar S S Bari said: 'Most of the unused scholarships are either those where the student's department is not mentioned or where the departments, whom we forward the details to, do not get back to us. It is the duty of the students to approach us to claim scholarships, otherwise the unused amount is sent back to the respective state.'

Bari added that whenever a state allots a scholarship, it also informs the student respectively — a step enough for a student to come forward and claim the amount. Meanwhile, the 60 students who have not availed the scholarships in the last three years are not the students of the university and must have taken admission elsewhere, the Registrar claimed.

Interestingly, not many outstation students are aware of the scholarships. Geetika, an MA student from Jullandhar said: 'I don't even know that states give scholarships. After graduation, I moved to Chandigarh along with my family and have no contact with my native town. The PU authorities should take some concrete steps to inform the students of any such scholarships.'

Simranjot, a student from Gurdaspur, said: 'I am sure maximum students from other states have no idea about the scholarships. The administrative block is so chaotic that most of the students do not take the pain to get their scholarships enchased.'

Meanwhile, a students' body at the university has decided to take up the cudgel and ensure that the recipients claim the opportunity they have been given. Talking to Newsline, NSUI member Nitin Goyal said: 'We will help all the students who have not been awarded their said scholarship. The PU officials also need to be more sensitive about student-related works.'

Misappropriation of funds on CCTV, RTI exposed it

13 June 2008
'Installation of CCTVs gross misappropriation of student funds'

Incidents of violence on the Panjab University campus may be a frequent occurrence, but the authorities do not seem to be bothered about plugging the loopholes. The chinks in security are already visible — closed circuit TV (CCTV) cameras installed amid fanfare and now are non-functional.

'Cameras installed at gate no. 1 and 2 and Students' Centre are not working. But these will be set right soon,' said chief security officer, Vijay Pal Singh.

Questions have also been raised by the students' organisations about the amount spent on the CCTVs.

'I received two different replies in reference to my RTI application in which I had demanded to know the exact amount spent on the cameras,' said Vikas Rathi, president of INSO's Chandigarh unit.

'First, I was told that the university had spent Rs 1 lakh. But when I filed a second application, the amount quoted was Rs 11 lakh,' he said.

Gurvir Brar, chairman of the Students' Organisation of Panjab University (SOPU), said: 'The university authorities are least concerned about security issues at the campus. The CCTVs, which were installed with much fanfare last year, are of no use. It is a gross misappropriation of students' funds.'

Students are also dissatisfied with private securitymen manning the PU entry gates. 'There is hardly any check on the vehicles entering the university. Only rickshaw-pullers, who hardly pose a threat to security, are stopped,' said Vivek, a law student.

'Security at the campus is quite porous. Therefore, the incidents of violence are rising,' said Sandeep Saini, an engineering student.

On May 3, a law student was allegedly stabbed by SOPU president Harpreet Singh Multani at the Law department premises. The assailants had entered the campus by jumping a wall.

Parents too expressed concern about the security at the campus. P S Verma, whose daughter resides at a hostel in the university, said: 'She tells me that incidents of eveteasing are regular on the campus.' 'The campus has become very unsafe for us. We don't feel comfortable going out after dark,' said Shachi, a hostel dweller.

PU offers Manmohan Chair to Amartya

CHANDIGARH: Panjab University would offer the prestigious Manmohan Singh Chair, named after its most-famous alumnus, to Nobel Laureate Prof Amartya Sen and the Mulk Raj Chair to famous well-known Marxist literary theorist Prof Aijaz Ahmed. This was cleared by PU Syndicate during a meeting on Tuesday.

With an aim to honor the Prime Minister, who was both a student and teacher at PU, the authorities had created a Chair in economics department under the name of Manmohan Singh in 2009. Singh had pursued his BA (honours) in economics in 1952 and then completed MA economics in 1954 from the varsity.
PU officials said a proposal by a selection committee was moved in the house to offer Manmohan Singh Chair to Amartya Sen and Mulk Raj Anand chair to Prof Aijaz Ahmed. The committee looked for all the academically suited personalities from various fields on the basis of which the two names were finalized.

"They will be offered the Chairs and invited to give lectures and guidance to the department," official added.
A Chair is created in the name of a scholar on that subject to provide a platform for research work to students of the department.

The university would soon write to the both the scholars, requesting them to take the charge of the Chairs. "We want to provide the best education in these departments and produce scholars who can become like them," a Syndic said.

Mulk Raj Anand was an Indian writer in English, notable for his depiction of the lives of poor and backward castes in the traditional society. He was one of the first Indian-based writers in English to gain an international readership. Aijaz Ahmed is a political commentator based in India. He is a visiting professor at Jawaharlal Nehru University.

PU officials said they were expecting a positive response from both the scholars after which the appointment process would be initiated.

The university has five other chairs — Dayanand Chair for Vedic Studies, Bhai Vir Singh Chair, Guru Nanak Sikh Studies Chair, Guru Ravi Dass Chair of Sant Sahitya Studies and Sheikh Baba Farid Chair.


Panjab University Admission Updates

Department of German
According to chairperson of the Department of German, Panjab University, Dr Jeewan Kumar Sharma, the date for submission of application forms for part-time courses in German, Russian, French, Urdu, Persian, Chinese and Tibetan languages has been extended to July 30. Interested applicants can contact the respective language departments for interview dates and other information.

University Business School
P Balakrishnan, CEO of the Anglo American Services India Private Limited, delivered a talk on strategic planning and leadership to students of the University Business School on Friday. The lecture was a part of the fresh initiative taken by UBS to invite CEOs to share their experience with students. Balakrishnan stressed upon the role of strategic planning in a highly competitive environment and spoke at length about various strategies to be adopted by organisations to succeed.

Department of Physical Education
Physical efficiency test and counselling interview schedule for admission to BPEd (first semester) in the Department of Physical Education is as under:

(a) For those who have submitted forms as late admission candidates: Physical Efficiency Test : July 26, 9 am, PU Grounds. Interview : 11 am (Physical Education Department)

(b) For those who have failed in Physical Efficiency Test during the first counselling: Physical Efficiency Test: July 26, 9 am, at PU Grounds. Interview: 11 am (Physical Education Department)

(c) Entrance Test for admission to MPhil (Physical Education) will be held on July 28 at 10 am in the Department of Physical Education, Arts Block-II, PU.

Department of Music
Admission is open to Music hobby classes, Vocal and Instrumental, for the Session 2010-11 for students of Panjab University Departments, affiliated colleges of PU, employees and their wards. The department has offered Vocal, Guitar, Sitar, Harmonium and Tabla hobby classes. Late date of receiving applications is August 17.

Department of Hindi
The Department of Hindi, Panjab University, has planned a series of functions on the occasion of Prem Chand Jayanti, on July 31. These include a lecture on Smriti Premchand (remembering Premchand) by Dr Virendra Mehandiratta, at 10 am, film show Shatranj Ke Khiladi, based on a story of Premchand, of the same title at 11.30 am and on-the-spot essay writing competition at 3 pm. In the essay-writing competition, students from local colleges and university departments can take part. They can write in Hindi, Punjabi and English languages. The topic would be given on the spot and it would be of general nature and with regard to the vision, relevance and contribution of Premchand. Winners would get cash prizes as well as mementos and certificates.

Vijay Diwas
I-Dost, an NGO involving students of Panjab University, Department of Chemical Engineering and Technology, and University Institute of Engineering and Technology, functioning under the guidance of Prof S K Sharma, Fellow, Panjab University, will organise a candle-light march on July 26 (6.30 pm onwards) at Sector 17 Plaza on the occasion of Vijay Diwas, commemorating the sacrifices made by the Indian soldiers during the Kargil war.


Latest allegations in campus

As elections approach, allegations resound in Panjab University

Jul 22 2010

With elections approaching, the allegation-counter allegation game has started among student parties in Panjab University. In a bid to make their election issues heard, student parties protested outside the vice-chancellor's office. While SOPU protested against PUSU president Simranjit Singh Dhillon demanding action against him in the alleged impersonation case, PUSU led by Dhillon protested against the alleged biased investigation done by the committee formed by the Panjab university authorities to look into the matter of PUSU chief's case.

After an hour-long protest, the VC assured that strict action in all matters will be taken by the week end.

PUSU supporters, meanwhile, protested against the committee which has been formed to prepare an action report alleging it to be as 'biased'. PUSU chairman Dhillon said: 'It is known to everyone that before a committee finalises any kind of decision on any particular matter, all the parties are to be heard. But in my case, I was never asked or called upon by the committee to hear my plea.'

A request was made to form a new committee, which is not biased and is independent in its action. Dhillon said, 'The V-C has given us a firm reply that he will himself look into the matter.'

Payscale of lecturers increased

Jul 23 2010

University is likely to increase the number of seats offered by University-affiliated colleges. Working on written requests from almost all PU-affiliated colleges, the Syndicate on Thursday mulled an increase of 10 to 20 seats in the first year of these undergraduate courses. A decision on the same is likely to be taken before the second counselling scheduled for August 7.

In a bid to extend medical facilities to the students of Panjab University, the Group Insurance Scheme would be renewed with lower charges. Vice-Chancellor Prof R C Sobti announced during the Syndicate meeting that not only would the scheme continue for the 2010-2011 academic year, but attempts would also be made to reduce the charges from the existing Rs 50 per student.

Another student-friendly decision includes the reduction in registration and course fee for undergraduate and postgraduate courses to Rs 2,500 and Rs 3,000 respectively, charged from private candidates appearing in the University examinations through University School of Open Learning.

In what come as a delight for PU employees as well as former employees, they can now avail of medical facilities of private hospitals, including Fortis and Inscol, at concessional rates. Sources said these rates would be at par with the PGIMER and AIIMS rates.

After receiving complaints from candidates seeking enrollment in various PhD programmes offered by PU, the Syndicate extended the date of submission of forms for PhD entrance test to July 30 from the earlier July 23.

Also, the Syndicate approved 25 per cent fee concession to the wards of retired PU employees pursuing different self-financing courses in Panjab University from the 2010-11 academic session.

The Syndicate also approved the Memorandum of Understanding with Oxford Brookes University, UK, under the UK-India Education and Research Interaction Programme.

The Syndicate, meanwhile, penalised Guru Gobind Singh College for Women, Sector 26, Chandigarh, with a fine of Rs 1 lakh for not seeking extension of affiliation for the one-year BPEd course for the sessions 2007-08, 2008-09 and 2009-10.

Another issue discussed during the Syndicate meeting pertained to PUSU president Simranjit Singh Dhillon's case of changing the centre for the 2009 final semester Law examination from Chandigarh to Mukstar. As the allegations against Dhillon involve use of unfair means to get his centre changed, the committee which had prepared its report, named several Panjab University employees as involved in the misdoing. The report is now forwarded to another three-member committee constituted to re-examine the findings and recommend appropriate action. The committee members include R P Bhamba, senior Senator, Dr K K Talwar, Director, PGIMER and senior advocate V K Sibal. The committee has been asked to submit its findings by next week.

The Syndicate also passed the recommendation of the Board of Control, Department of Physical Education, to grant an extra seat in the BPEd Course to Indian cricketer Dinesh Mongia.

The appointments of contractual teachers in all PU-affiliated colleges would be made in accordance with PU and UGC rules. The Syndicate also approved expediting of the CAS (Career Advancement Scheme) for library staff.

The Syndicate passed the enhancement in payscale of part-time lecturers of University Law School from Rs 8,000 to Rs 15,600.


* PU may increase 10-20 seats (first year only) in the B Com, BBA and BCA courses

* Students to avail of medical insurance even at lower rates

* 25 % fee concession for wards of retired PU employees

* PU employees and former employees to avail of medical facilities in private hospitals at concessional rates

* Course fee in USOL decreased

* An extra seat created in BPEd for Dinseh Mongia.

Attendance record to Dean University Instruction

Panjab University warns against attendance shortages
The Panjab University has toughen its stance on the issue of its students not attending regular classes and has issued a warning in the beginning of the new session that shortage of attendance will not be ignored in any case.

A committee with three members was formed to formulate guidelines for the issue of shortage of attendance that led to students protesting at the end of sessions. The committee said that the regular monitoring of attendance by chairpersons of each department will be carried on.

A spokesperson for the university said, 'Weightage should be given in only those cases where a student has participated in activities duly approved by the university. Also, strict note would be taken of the medical certificates furnished by the students. Normally, in more than 90 per cent cases, students furnish fake medical certificates.'

The Vice-Chancellor has directed all the chairpersons to submit records of student attendance at the Dean University Instruction Office by early next month. The new rules will also prevent condoning of lectures if the proper attendance record is not given to the office of the Dean University Instructions.

The issue of attendance shortage surfaced after various protests by students complaining about their admit card being held back by the university.

Syllabus not updated on university website

Jul 24 2010, 05:24 hrs

While the syllabi for all other courses have been uploaded on the Panjab University website, students complain that most undergraduate courses syllabi have not been included in the 'complete syllabi' list. The students have pointed out that there is not a single undergraduate course syllabus in Arts stream, while all other postgraduate courses syllabi are available on the website.

'While the link says the complete syllabi, there is none for BA courses, whereas syllabus for BCom is available. It is surprising that the Panjab University authorities have not noticed that, as it has been more than two months since the information has been uploaded,' said Sheetal Sehgal, one of the students of a city college.

The university has directed all the departments concerned to upload the syllabi on the website. PU Public Relations Director Prof Sudhir Sharma said, 'The syllabus for all undergraduate and postgraduate courses should be uploaded on the PU website. But if it is not, it should be brought to the notice of the authorities concerned immediately and steps would be taken to ensure that students do not face any difficulty.'

MEd Admission Notice 2010

M.Ed Admission Notice 2010
July 20, 2010

M.Ed. Entrance Tests for admission to:

(i) M.Ed. (Regular) for Colleges of Education, situated in Chandigarh and Punjab, affiliated to Panjab University, Chandigarh

(ii) M.Ed. (2- Year Correspondence Course for in-service teachers)

will be held on Sunday, August 29, 2010 at Chandigarh Centres only.

Prospectus including OMR Application Form for the test is available for sale w.e.f. 29-06-2010 on payment of Rs.1700/- (Rs.850/- in case of SC/ST), in cash, from the following Post Offices: Chandigarh (Sector - 14,15,17,20, 36,47 and Manimajra), Amritsar (Court Road, Head Post Office), Abohar (Old Court Road), Delhi (Gole Post Office, Cannaught Place), Dharamshala (The Mall), Ferozepur Cantt. (Head Post Office), Hoshiarpur (Near District Courts), Kurukshetra (Near Railway Station), Ludhiana (Bharat Nagar Chowk), Mohali (Sector-55), Muktsar (MDG), Panchkula (Sector-8), Sangrur (Head Post Office, Near Ghantaghar), Shimla (GPO, The Mall).

Form can be had by post from the Manager Publication Bureau, Panjab University, Sector 14, Chandigarh on payment of Rs. 1780/- (Rs. 930/- for SC/ST) through Bank Draft drawn in favour of the Registrar, Panjab University, Chandigarh, payable at Chandigarh only. For this the request must reach the Manager, Publication Bureau, P.U., Chandigarh -160014 by 13-07-2010 (Tuesday).

Last date for receipt of completed OMR Application Form (both by hand / post) at the CET Cell, Aruna Ranjit Chandra Hall, Panjab University, Chandigarh is 28-07-2010 (Wednesday) upto 4.00 p.m. after this the form will be accepted by hand only with late fee of Rs. 1000/- upto 10-08-2010 upto 4:00 p.m.

For more details, visit: www.puchd.ac.in

University Business School Introduction

Punjab University is instituted in 1882. Punjabi University has commenced the admission procedure for the new academic session of its two-Year Full Time Management Programmes MBA, MBA (IB), MBA (HR) and MBA (Biotech) at University Business School. The rechristening of the Department of Commerce and Business Management since University Business School (UBS) in 1995 through the Punjab University represents the credit of unity and maturity of the Department as a center of management education in India. Punjab University has published the notification for admission into its two year MBA programmes for the academic session 2010.

Program offered:
Specialization in:
MBA (International Business)
MBA (Human Resource)
MBA (Biotechnology)
MBA (Executive)

Eligibility for MBA, MBA (IB), MBA (HR)
Candidates should have a accredited Bachelor's degree in any discipline with 50% marks in the aggregate or a pass in final examination conducted by ICAI/ICWAI/ICSI or AMIE with 50% marks.

University Business School
Arts Block III
Panjab University,
Sector 14,
Tel: 0172-2541591
E-mail: paubschair@pu.ac.in

Announcements of VC Sahib not honoured by University

CHANDIGARH: It seems that Panjab University is more interested in making announcements than actually making things happen. While there is nothing wrong with announcing various facilities for the students during public functions from time to time, no progress seems to have been made to give these initiatives a tangible form.

In a recent meeting, the VC has announced that 200 new computers will be installed in the administrative block and various other departments of the university. However, the same statement was made by the university in a function held during the last academic session as well in an addressal during the New Year celebrations.

On January 1, 2010, the VC had made an announcement during the public function that a committee under the chairmanship of dean university instruction (DPI) has been formed and would be purchasing the computers very soon. Seven months on, the university authorities are still making similar statements. While addressing the meeting of chairpersons of various departments, the VC has announced that smart classrooms are expected to be ready within a month and the process of purchasing the computers will be expedited.

Significantly, there are several long-pending projects that are yet to see light of the day. However, the VC never forgets to mention these ambitious plans in the list of its achievements during public functions. The plan to construct a gym for non-teaching employees, which was inaugurated by the vice-chancellor over nine months ago, is still hanging fire. Same is the case with claims of making the administrative block centrally-air conditioned. While the project is pending since last two years, university authorities continue to mention the same in the list of its assets.

Vice Chancellor RC Sobti confiscated ID Cards of UICET students

CHANDIGARH: True to his image as a hard-taskmaster, Panjab University vice-chancellor on Tuesday played traffic cop as he made surprise checks on students plying vehicles on the campus.

Sending a strong message, VC RC Sobti even confiscated bags and ID cards of four UICET students after they were caught riding the same bike.

Students were taken by surprise when they found Sobti's car coming towards them and signalling them to stop.

Clueless as to what had happened, one of the students of University Institute of Chemical Engineering and Technology (UIECT), who was on a motorcycle with three of his friends riding pillion, stopped his bike only to find the VC coming out of the vehicle and asking them to show their ID cards and scolding them for violating traffic rules.

Acting on VC's instructions, his driver asked the students to hand over their bags to him along with their university ID cards. The VC then drove away from the scene leaving the students mulling over as to what had happened. The bags were then handed over to the security staff who were asked to verify the names of the students and inform their parents about their risky ways of driving.

Sobti was even seen walking down the lanes and checking ID cards of students. Sobti said his motive was not to punish the students but to make them understand the importance of obeying traffic rules.

'Students risk their lives by driving helmetless, that too with more than two people. I often step down from my car to keep a check on such recklessness,' he said.

Fan falls on University Law Department student

A student of the Panjab University Law Department (Evening Shift) had a miraculous escape when a fan fell on him during class. It was at aro