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Indian Institute of Technology IIT, Patna, Bihar


Indian Institute of Technology IIT, Patna, Bihar
Patna (District Patna)
Bihar, India
Pin Code : 800013

Indian Institute of Technology IIT, Patna Bihar is a recognised institute / college.
Indian Institute of Technology IIT is situated in Patna of Bihar state (Province) in India. This data has been provided by www.punjabcolleges.com. Patna comes under Patna Tehsil, Patna District.

Website of Indian Institute of Technology IIT, Patna Bihar is www.iitp.ac.in.


Indian Institute of Technology IIT, Patna Bihar runs course(s) in Business Management, Engineering stream(s).
Ph.D. etc


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Media coverage of Indian Institute of Technology IIT, Patna Bihar, Bihar

IIT Patna student commits suicide

Patna: Depressed with her academic performance in IIT Patna, a girl student of the elite institute on Thursday committed suicide by jumping down from the roof of her hostel building.

Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) Alok Kumar said, twenty year-old Suia jumped from the roof of a multi-storied apartment in Pataliputra and sustained severe injuries.

The third-year IIT student of computer sciences was rushed to Patna Medical College and Hospital where she succumbed to injuries during treatment.

Kumar said it is a prima facie case of suicide. He added that IIT officials have informed them that the deceased was suffering from a bout of depression for over a month after failing to secure marks upto her expectation in examinations.

Suia was a native of Mianpur locality in Hyderabad.

A forensic science laboratory team has collected evidence from the spot for detailed investigation.

Police said the girl's father Y Nirmal Babu has been informed about the death and he was on way to Patna.

Why are student suicides at all time high?

Depressed with her academic performance, an IIT Patna student committed suicide last week by jumping from the roof of her hostel building.

Seven suicides in the last eight months at the IITs has caused shock, triggered worry and prompted action. The government has now proposed setting up a task force to study the situation and suggest systemic measures to address the issue.

Entering college can be a difficult transition period in which students may feel lonely, confused, anxious and most importantly stressed leading to depression and consequently suicide (in some cases). However, is academic pressure the sole trigger for students to end their lives?

Ankur Bansal, who went to Indian School of Business, Hyderabad explains that once you get admission, the ugly game begins. In some high rung institutes only a fraction of those who apply get admitted and given the super stringent entry filters only the best of the best get selected to study there.

He says, What exactly happens is that people who have been toppers all through their lives face competition from all directions. Its then that they realise that they are average in this league and sometimes below average. For example, if you have 10 people standing in a queue, somebody will have to be 10th, 9th and so on, and the hard reality is that this 10th guy is not dumb. He has been a super student all this while, but gets reduced to a piece of junk in this set-up. A lot of students cant come to terms with this and take the extreme step.

Most companies who come to to these institutes to recruit only want to hire from the top 10 per cent, while these recruiters are Dream Companies for the whole class.

Students get coached for many years and get into the course. The course itself is very demanding and they are just not able to cope with the stress of studies and recruitment process. In some cases, they also dont understand English and that leads to further stress. Hard work alone is not enough to go through the strenuous course, says Durgadas Sampath, an ex-IITian and IIM post graduate, who is now helming affairs at Pegasus Institute of Excellence, Bengaluru.

Ankush Thakur entered Bhartiya Vidyapeeth College of Engineering with a lot of expectations and dreams. As it turned out, education, like every other business enterprise, also has skeletons in its closet.

Says Ankush, I found colleges taking on inexperienced and unenthusiastic teachers for low wages. I was frustrated in my search for knowledge. Instead, it seemed as if my college was a giant bus choke-full of passengers, hurtling down an incline whose destination was placement in IT industry.

Expert take

Dr Rajat Mitra, psychologist

The only solution is to create a compassionate environment devoid of any discrimination and inequality of any sort. The student bodies must facilitate student-student, teacher-student bond so that all the stress generated is instantly absorbed. These are the two essentials for any world-class university to control the number of suicides.

Who is in the eye of the starry storm?

Actor Darshan is not only in the news for his arrest for alleged domestic violence, but also for his affair with co-star Nikita Thukral.

Strangely, the Kannada Film Producers Association slapped a three-year ban on the actress, claiming that her actions have brought disrepute to Darshan and his family. Now what has got rights groups crying foul is that only Nikita was accused of creating marital disharmony and has been punished for the real-life drama, while Darshan still enjoys the adulation and status of a hero and has got a clean chit from the Association.

When is the camel fair slated to start

By the end of this month, the peaceful lakeside town of Pushkar fills to bursting during this unmissable annual event.

Originally intended to attract camel and cattle traders to do business during the Katrik Purnima festival, Pushkar Camel Fair has grown into a major tourist attraction. Thousands flock with their camels to the small town on the edge of the Thar Desert, a week in advance of the fair, which lasts for nine days around the full moon.

The highlight is the camel racing, which takes place amidst singing and dancing in the amphitheatre. In addition, camels sporting ornamental saddles are bought and sold. At festival time the streets are overrun with tourists, travellers, hawkers, painted and bizarrely contorted sadhus.

Where is torrential rain wreaking havoc

Heavy flooding in the eastern parts of the country has killed 18 people and displaced almost 100,000 over the past week. Access to 877 villages was cut off due to rising water levels and 11,000 houses had been damaged. The floods were triggered by torrential monsoon rains across Orissa, causing water levels to rise and overflow river banks, sparking an operation that saw helicopters drop off emergency food packets to help the stranded.

What can be done to popularise the national game, hockey, which lags far behind cricket in popularity?

Shantanu Mehra (21):

The entire business of cricket in India follows core concepts of capitalism for profit-making. Indian hockey deserves more media attention and better sponsors. It will not only revive the sport, but will reinforce the great legacy and popularity the game had once upon a time.

Nishant Mehta (22):

Hockey is our national game, but unfortunately, unlike cricketers, hockey players are not taken care of. Its high time the government invested more time and money in the game so that the players are encouraged to excel.

IIT-patna girl from city leaps to death over backlogs

A 20-year-old girl from Hyderabad who was studying Computer Sciences at IIT-Patna, allegedly committed suicide on Thursday by jumping from the roof of her hostel. She was a resident of Miyapur in Hyderabad.

According to the assi-stant registrar of IIT-Patna, Mr Sanjay Kumar, Sweeya was depressed for the last few months due to backlogs. She was under medication for the last two weeks. She was also being given counselling regularly by the counsellors at IIT-Patna, he said.

The girls father, Mr Y. Nirmal Babu, has been informed about the death and he was on way to Patna, police said. The girls mothers name is Ms Srisailu. Sweeyas body is expected to reach Hyderabad on Friday.

She jumped from the roof of a multi-storied apartment in Pataliputra and sustained severe injuries.

Girl was weak in computers

Sweeya, the 20-year-old Hyderabadi girl who committed suicide in IIT-Patna, was somewhat weak in Computer Science. Her backlogs had piled up during the last three years.

The victims father, Mr Y. Nirmal Babu, refused to speak over the phone.

When contacted, the Patliputra police station head officer, Mr G.N. Mishra, said, IIT-Patna officials have informed the girls parents about the incident. They are expected to reach Patna on Thursday night. We will ask her parents to come to the police station on Friday. We will inquire into what led to the girls suicide.

Sweeya, who jumped from the roof of a multi-storeyed apartment in Patliputra area and sustained severe injuries was rushed to the Patna Medical College and Hospital where she died.

IIT girl commits suicide

A 20-year-old girl student of IIT, Patna, from Andhra Pradesh on Thursday allegedly committed suicide by jumping from the roof of her hostel here as she was depressed with her performance in the elite institute, police said.

Suia, who hailed from Hyderabad, jumped from the roof of a multi-storeyed apartment in Patliputra area and sustained severe injuries, SSP Alok Kumar told reporters.

The third-year student of computer sciences was rushed to Patna Medical College and Hospital where she succumbed.

It is a prima facie case of suicide, Kumar said adding IIT officials have told them that the deceased was suffering from a bout of depression for over a month after failing to secure marks up to her expectation in examinations.

A forensic team has collected evidence from the spot for a detailed investigation.

Global suitors woo new IITs

Germany and Australia have joined a growing number of developed nations keen to tie up with the new Indian Institutes of Technology that have opened in the last two years. Both have formally told the Indian government their universities would like to collaborate with the new IITs. The developed world is looking at India both for trained technical manpower and as a potential research hub.

Germany wants to collaborate with IIT-Mandi that started in 2009 while Australia is interested in IIT-Patna, started in 2008, top government sources have told. They join Japan, France and the United Kingdom, which are already in talks with the government to collaborate with the new IITs in Hyderabad, Jodhpur and Ropar, respectively. The proposed collaboration involves the foreign partner providing technical knowhow and assistance to the IITs, and engaging in exchange programmes and joint research, sources said.The talks so far with Japan, France and the UK suggest that the foreign partners are keen to tap Indian talent - both in terms of trained engineers and research - through their collaboration with the IITs, the sources said.

Japan, for instance, wants IIT-Hyderabad to incorporate the Japanese language and the countrys management practices in its course structure - a move that would ease the integration of the institutes graduates into Japanese firms. Top Japanese companies are also expected to help train students at this IIT.

The early IITs too were hand-held and assisted - financially and technically - by foreign countries when they were started half a century ago, though that was largely to help a newly independent, struggling nation find its educational feet.
IIT-Bombay was helped by the erstwhile Soviet Union and UNESCO, IIT-Kanpur and Madras by the US and Germany and IIT-Delhi by Britain.

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