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Dr Zakir Hussain Teachers Training College (ZHTTC), Darbhanga, Bihar


Dr Zakir Hussain Teachers Training College (ZHTTC), Darbhanga, Bihar
Address: Plot / Street / Area
Benta Road
Beta Chowk, Laheriasarai D. M. C.
Bihar, India
Pin Code : 846001

Dr Zakir Hussain Teachers Training College (ZHTTC), Darbhanga Bihar is a recognised institute / college. Dr Zakir Hussain Teachers Training College (ZHTTC), Darbhanga Bihar was established on / in 1982.

Dr Zakir Hussain Teachers Training College (ZHTTC) is situated in Darbhanga of Bihar state (Province) in India. This data has been provided by www.punjabcolleges.com. Mobile No(s) of concerned persons at Dr Zakir Hussain Teachers Training College (ZHTTC), Darbhanga Bihar are +91 80848 04912.

Website of Dr Zakir Hussain Teachers Training College (ZHTTC), Darbhanga Bihar is http://www.zhttc.org/.

Contact Details of Dr Zakir Hussain Teachers Training College (ZHTTC), Darbhanga Bihar are : Telephone: +91-6272-23311
http://zhttc.in (not opening as on 16 April 2018)


B.Ed, M.Ed, ETE, Diploma in Elementary Education (D.El.Ed.)

Profile of Dr Zakir Hussain Teachers Training College (ZHTTC)

Dr. Zakir Hussain, a renowned educationist, especially in the field of basic Education, as visualised by Mahatma Gandhi, Father of nation, a great humanist, a distinguished exponent of composite culture are a real secularist, who ultimately adorned the coveted chair of the president of India, has been the real moving spirit for the guidance of the management of Dr. Zakir Hussain Teachers Training College, Darbhanga. His Academic philosophy has always helped us in moulding this institution. The training college will perpetually serve as a tribute to the great-departed soul, whose name will constantly inspire us and shine in the annal of Indian History.

Darbhanga is the administrative headquarters of the revenue division, and is situated at a distance of 120 KM. By road from Patna, the capital of Bihar towards the North-East. It is also the headquarters of the two well-reputed Universities of Bihar i.e Lalit Narayan Mithila University and Sri Kameshwar Singh Sanskrit University, Darbhanga. Moreover, Darbhanga is the heart-land of Mithilanchal-a cultural centre known for its art, painting and music, and above all for its scholarship and rich tradition of highly philosophical approach of life. Dr Zakir Hussain Teachers Training College is 3 K.M From Darbhanga Junction and is quite adjacent of Darbhanga Medical College, one of the oldest Medical College Of India.

Under Art 30(1) of the Constitution of India, and Art.(4) of the constitution of the Board of trustees Safi Muslim High School, Laheriasarai (Estd 1933), a body duly registered with the govt. Of Bihar under Societies Registration Act 1860, the Board resolved to sponsor a Teachers Training College dated 02.06.1982, to cater to the need of Teachers Training From the session 1982-83, an imperative need of the large number of untrained graduates of the region and make them qualified to seek employment as well as to provide opportunity in securing post- graduate degree in Education and Research facilities with the passage of time.

Apart from the basic need of the untrained graduates and certificate holders, the Board also left the necessity of sponsoring a Teachers Training College in this region which could produce human resources, which could be safely entrusted with the responsibility of teaching the students in Muslim Minority institutions in an atmosphere conducive to the healthy growth of character of the students in the light of cultural, religious and linguistic heritage of the community so that they may be able to discharge their national obligation with the imbued quality of heart, head and character, making secular India richer and more glorious.

Further the Board of Trustees recorded its deep appreciation of the Govt. of Bihar to appoint the Urdu trained Teacher in every school of Bihar so that the goal of Linguistic harmony leading to national integration might be achieved. At the same time the board recorded with deep pains the dearth of Urdu trained teachers for which the post eighter lay vacant or were being filled up with the general teachers, having no knowledge of Urdu at all. Hence to fulfill the long-standing necessity of the Muslim Community and the pollution of the region, the Board of Trustees sponsored and established a Techers Training College At Laheriasari, Darbhanga, Bihar, as a Minority Institution of India with respect to its management.

The Board of Trustees of Safi Muslim High School, Laherisarai, Darbhanga( an Educational Foundation) has a reputation of its own eighter sponsoring or running in its cradle Institution like Safi Muslim High School, Laheriasarai, Millat College, Darbhanga, H.B Soghra Hassan Memorial Urdu Girls High school, Darbhanga and other Institution in pursuit of its Educational policies and programme. The Board has conceived the idea of establishing a Teachers Training college which is a reality today in the excellent Educational Complex of the Board of Trustees, Safi Muslim High School, Laheriasarai, Darbhanga. It is really gratifying to note that this college was accorded recognition from 1982-83 session with retrospective effect in 1984.

This college was also duly recognized by the eastern Regional Committee, National Council of Teacher Education Buwneshwar in 1997 after the enactment of the Central Act under the title NCTE Act, 1995. In 1998, the college was duly registered by UGC New Delhi under 2(f). Last but not the least, the college was accredited with B grade by NACC which is matter of some pride for entire people of the region as well as the entire fraternity of the college. It is the matter of pleasure to note that the L.N.Mithila University, Darbhanga has accorded permission to start M.Ed. Course in the college for the session 1992-1993 vide letter no 709/92 dated 02.06.1992. It is under process in NCTE/Govt. for approval and recognition.

It is very heartening to know that the Govt. of Bihar has selected Dr. Zakir Hussain Teachers Training College for primary Teachers Training Centre vide Letter No 242. Dated 17.12.2003. The matter is under active consideration by the NCTE, Bhuvneswar for according formal recognition. As a matter of Fact, This College enjoyed a unique position in the fraternity of the university by being its first affiliated Teachers Training College established under Art. 30(1) of the constituent of India and a dream visualised by the guardians of the society become reality of today. For this we offer our gratitude and thanks to the almighty.

Media coverage of Dr Zakir Hussain Teachers Training College (ZHTTC), Darbhanga Bihar, Bihar

NAAC report of Dr Zakir Hussain Teachers Training College

Dr. Zakir Hussain Teacher's Training College, Laheria Sarai, Darbhanga, Bihar volunteered to be assessed by National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC) and submitted the SAR on 23 December 2003 to NAAC. The NAAC constituted the Peer Team comprising of Dr. D.N.Sansanwal, Director, Institute of Education, Devi Ahilya Vishwavidyalaya, Indore as the Chairman and Dr. S.P.Malhotra, Department of Education, Kurukshetra University, Kurukshetra and Dr.(Ms) Saroj S. Virkar, Principal, Vidya Prathisthan's College of Education, Vidyanagari, MICD, Baramati, Maharashtra as Members. The Peer Team visited the College from 17 - 18 January 2005 for on the spot validation of SAR.

Majlis-e-Omna established the Dr. Zakir Hussain Teacher's Training College, Laheria Sarai, Darbhanga, Bihar in 1982 on the suggestion of Late Dr. Zakir Hussain, former Governor of Bihar, & former President of India. At that time there was no teacher's training college in the regionand untrained teachers were teaching in the schools. Looking to the need of the time this college was established with the objective of preparing quality teachers for teaching Urdu as well as other subjects in the schools. The college is affiliated to L.N.Mithila University, Bihar and was recognized by Government of Bihar in 1984 as an unaided institution. This college is running B.Ed. course with an intake of 240. The M.Ed. course was also run for four years by the college and it had to be discontinued on the recommendation of NCTE. At present there are 24 permanent staff members and a permanent Principal. Out of 24 staff members, 23 staff members have M.A / M.Sc. and M.Ed. degrees. One staff member has M.B.A and M.Ed. degrees. Nine staff members have Ph.D. degree including five in subjects other than education. A general observation is that most of the faculty is recruited as per the norms of the state Government. There are two staff members on temporary basis.

The NCTE has recognized the Dr. Zakir Hussain Teacher's Training College, Laheria Sarai, Darbhanga, Bihar with an intake of 120 students vide letter number 3446 dated 1 May 1997. Later on the NCTE has increased the seats from 120 to 240 students vide letter No. F. 7 - 9 / 99 - ERC / 7638 dated 22 February 1999.The college has been recognized by UGC under section 2 (f) and 12 (B) of the UGC Act 1956 vide letter No. F. 8 - 22 / 95 (CPP-I) date 5 March 1998. Thus, the college is entitled to receive grants from the UGC.

The Dr. Zakir Hussain Teacher's Training College, Laheria Sarai, Darbhanga, Bihar is affiliated to the L.N.Mithila University, Bihar. Thus, the syllabus and examination system are being followed as per the rules and regulations of the affiliating University. There are 240 seats as sanctioned by the NCTE. Of these as per the State Government vide letter No. 10 / n2 - 01 / 83 dated 2 September 1994, the college is permitted to fill 50 % seats as per the reservation policy of the State Government and remaining are filled on the basis of minority status of the college. The admissions are made on the basis of merit and interview. Each admitted student has to pay a fee of Rs. 24525 = 00 and as per the prospectus of the College, a few seats are available on payment basis. There are 200 working days and 180 teaching days. The Syllabus was revised during 2002 - 03 academic session and implemented from 2003 - 2004 academic session. The present syllabus has not been revised according to the syllabus circulated by the UGC, New Delhi. The syllabus is quite old and aspects like Microteaching, Models of Teaching and Information and Communication Technology need to be included in the upgraded syllabus. The main purpose of starting the college was to produce quality teachers. As per the users, this objective is achieved. There is no mechanism of taking feedback from the students neither about the syllabus nor the teaching done by the teachers of the college. The college does organize extension lectures in the form of seminars for the benefit of the students and teachers.

The syllabus prescribed by the L.N.Mithila University, Bihar is being followed. The duration of B.Ed. course is of One year. Annual examination system is being followed. There are Theoretical Papers as well as Practical Papers. There are four theoretical papers. These are : (I) Philosophy and Sociology in Education; (II) Psychology in Education; (III) Education in India ( including health education and Perspective of Comparative Education), and (IV) Methods Subject I and Methods Subject II. The Practical papers are: (V) Practical teaching Methods Subject I, Practical teaching Methods Subject II; (VI) Work Experience (Craft works); (VII): Extra Mural Activities- Physical activities, Education Survey of a village or Muhalla, Cultural activities, Social Education; and (VIII) Sessional work on each of the two practical teaching subjects. The total weightage for theory papers is 500 marks and for practicals it is 500. Thus, division is awarded out of 1000 marks. There is only external evaluation. All the admitted students are divided into two sections each comprising of 120 students. The teachers teach the theory courses through lecture method and notes are invariably dictated to students. Sometime teachers do use the teaching aids. Each student gives 40 lessons during practice teaching in the schools. In each Methods Subject 20 lessons are given by the student teachers. The Practice Teaching is organized in four schools normally in the month of Feb. or March. About 60 students are sent to each of the four schools. The students are allowed to give lessons from 5th to 10th standards in the schools.

Normally, the teacher educator observes 2 to 3 lessons in a period. One of the good features of the practice teaching is that the school subject teacher sits in the class when pupil teacher teaches. The school teacher helps in maintaining the classroom discipline, monitors the pupil teacher's teaching and also gives the feedback to the pupil teacher's. Each pupil teacher has to plan the lesson in advance and get it checked from the Method Subject Teacher in the college.

During practice teaching, pupil teachers use teaching aids as per the requirement of the topic and subject. In each paper three sessional tests and one annual test are organized for the purpose of giving feedback to the pupil teacher about the theory learning. The results are also utilized by the teacher educators to change their method of teaching and to decide which topic is to be revised. There is no school experience but each pupil teacher has to take one work experience out of three work experience offered by the college. The three work experience subjects are Cardboard work, Needle and Switching, and Horticulture. During each academic session the extension lectures in the form of seminars are organized for the benefit by the staff and students. The teacher educators of the college rarely taken up innovation related to teaching- learning process. A teacher educator in teaching of Methods of Mathematics teaching is urgently required in this college.

The Dr. Zakir Hussain Teacher's Training College, Laheria Sarai, Darbhanga, Bihar offers only B.Ed. course. So there is little scope of doing research that can be done by involving M.Ed. students. Out of 24 teacher educators, eight have doctorate degrees in subjects like, education, psychology, sociology, home-science etc. Five teacher educators have been registered for the Ph.D. in different subjects. One of the staff member has been able to receive financial support of Rs. 22,000=00 from the UGC, New Delhi under Minor Research Project scheme. The project has been completed. Only a few teacher educators have attended Orientation and refresher programmes organized by the Academic Staff Colleges of UGC. Not many teachers have published papers in research journals. Only two teachers have been recognized for guiding Ph.D. students. Each has successfully guided two students at Ph.D. level. Some teachers have attended seminars and presented papers also. There is a need to encourage and motivate teachers for acquiring qualification as per the NCTE, publish papers, get funds from the UGC, New Delhi for doing projects, attend Orientation and refreshers courses, etc. Each pupil teacher is expected to take part in programmes like, Adult Education and Literacy, AIDs Awareness, Social work, Population Awareness, Blood donation, and environmental education. Medical camp and Health & Hygiene awareness programmes are organized with the help of local medical doctors. Teachers of the college have developed question banks in different subjects but they do not develop self-instructional material. The college should strengthen the research and development aspects.

The Dr. Zakir Hussain Teacher's Training College, Laheria Sarai, Darbhanga, Bihar is housed in an independent building spread over 3.5 acres. There are two lecture halls. Each lecture hall has a space for about 150 students. There are seven multipurpose rooms with sitting capacity of about 40 students, one staff room, one common room for boys. There are well equipped science laboratory, Educational Technology Laboratory, Psychological laboratory and Computer laboratory. There are 40 psychological tests and eight instruments for doing psychological practical. The Educational Technology laboratory contains TV, VCR, One Computer, OHP, Slide Projector, Public Address System, CD Players, Tape recorder, One camera, 100 slides, 40 audio cassettes, 15 video cassettes, four maps, atlas, maps, etc. There are nine computers and one printer in the computer laboratory. There is a library with about 8000 books, 24 Journals, encyclopedia, etc. There is a book bank with 1000 books to be given to the member only. The membership fee for book bank is Rs. 50 = 00. Each member is given five books for the year. Each student is issued three books. The library should be computerized. There is a reading space for 25 students. There is one room for the Principal and one independent office. There is one computer is office that is utilized for the accounts purpose and office correspondence typing purpose. One photocopier is also available in the office. There is a canteen and a generator. There is one sports and games room. It is well maintained and there are equipments for different sports and games. There is one hostel for boys on the first floor of the building with a capacity of 35 students. In one room three students have been accommodated and each student is charged Rs. 3000=00 for the year. There is no mess in the hostel. Keeping in mind the strength of students in the hostel, more bathrooms are required. The building is being maintained properly. The college should purchase LCD or DLP and train students in its use. During interaction, students placed before the peer team the demand for more computers and time in the computer laboratory for practice. The students should be taught at least MS Office 2000, paint and brush, logo etc. so that the employability is improved.

The annual examination system is being followed. The result of academic session of 2002 - 03 has been declared in which the success rate is 85.42 %. In each university examination of 2001 - 02 session and 2002 - 03 session, one student of the Dr. Zakir Hussain Teacher's Training College, Laheria Sarai, Darbhanga, Bihar has topped and got first rank. The alumni assosciation is in the process of formation. There is no mechanism of taking feedback from the students about the teaching of teachers of the college. In the tenth five-year plan, the college has received Rs. 4,16,160=00 as financial support from the UGC Eastern Regional Office vide letter No. 84-075/02-03.The approved allocation for Books, Equipments, Extension Activity, and PTAC are Rs.2,08,080=00, Rs.1,38,720=00, Rs.34,680=00 and Rs. 34,680=00 respectively. It is a welcome step. The college can easily establish consultancy services with the abilities lying with the faculty. The local reputation of the college can be easily utilized by having a placement cell for the students of the college. One of the strengths of the college is that sports and games facility is available in the college. Good numbers of the students are participating in the games and sports. and placement cell available in the college. There are sports and game facilities available in the college. The college may like to develop cultural, literary and health clubs.

The college has a Governing Body comprising of President, Vice- President, Secretary, five members nominated by the President, one teacher representative, and Principal as ex-officio member. Normally, the Governing Body has five to six meetings in one academic session. The academic calendar is given to the students in the beginning of the academic session and all activities are carried out as per the academic calendar. The Faculty is recruited on permanent and temporary basis. For the temporary positions, the advertisement is given in the local newspapers. The selection committee consists of Secretary, Principal, and two members form the Governing Body. For the permanent position, the advertisement is given in the National, State and local Newspapers. The selection committee consists of Secretary, Principal, one senior teacher of the college, one subject expert to be nominated by the Governing Body, and two members form the Governing Body. The same is the selection procedure adopted for the post of Principal. During interaction with the Peer Team, the non-teaching staff expressed the desire to have training in the use of computer for the purpose of office management. The fee structure for the 2004-05 academic session is Rs. 24,525=00. The financial accounts of the college are being audited by the CA. At present there is no mechanism of internal audit. The college is maintaining the Endowment and Reserve funds as per the NCTE Norms. The staff and students of the college live like a family. So there are no grievances and therefore, no need of grievance redressal system. Nevertheless, if there is any grievance of the staff than it is resolved in the staff council where all teachers of the college are members. The grievances of students are placed before the Principal and if need be it is placed before the Governing Body for necessary action and decision. The college is yet to have collaborations with different organizations.

The Peer Team observed the following strengths on the basis of interaction with the Principal, Governing Body, Students, Faculty, Parents and Alumni.

The college has a good reputation in the community. The classes are held regularly.

The college maintains good discipline.

The college has fairly good library and infrastructure.

The college organizes variety of co-curricular activities.

There is a suggestion box and the Principal and Governing Body implement the suggestions.

Practicals are conducted properly and regularly.

Governing body of the college has provided financial security to the college staff by giving benefits of gratuity and pension. The payment will be made as per Vth pay commission.

On the basis of interaction with the Students, Staff members, Parents, Alumni, Office Staff, Principal and Governing Body, the following are the suggestions to be implemented for improving the quality of Teacher's training:

The college should have English-speaking programme for all students who need it.

The college should have proper computer laboratory with Internet facility to be extended to students and staff. The computer laboratory should be made available to the students for longer duration. The LCD or DLP projector should be purchased.

The teaching staff should try to improve their academic qualification.

The teachers should be trained in Microteaching, Models of Teaching, Research Methodology, Statistics, and use of statistical Package for Social Sciences (SPSS), use of Computer, etc.

One period per week should be devoted for the development of Thinking and Reasoning.

The reading space for more students should be provided in the library.More books should be purchased in the library.

Efforts should be made to develop Language Laboratory and used for the teaching of Languages.




Dr. Zakir Hussain Teacher's Training College
Darbhanga, Bihar

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