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Maha Vidyalaya Gurukul, Jhajjar, Haryana


Maha Vidyalaya Gurukul, Jhajjar, Haryana
Haryana, India

Maha Vidyalaya Gurukul, Jhajjar Haryana is an educational institute. Status: Not an affiliated institute..
Maha Vidyalaya Gurukul is situated in Jhajjar of Haryana state (Province) in India. This data has been provided by www.punjabcolleges.com. Website of Maha Vidyalaya Gurukul, Jhajjar Haryana is http://gurukuljhajjar.org/.

Chairman : Acharya Vijaypal.

Contact Details of Maha Vidyalaya Gurukul, Jhajjar Haryana are : +91-01251-252044
All courses free of cost. No fees. Daily routine in Summer and Winter Both: 4 a.m. to 9.15 p.m.


Sanskrit Grammer ( ASHTHADHAYAI By Panini) , Vedic Literature ( UPNISHAD, VEDAS, DARSHAN ),

Political, History, Hindi, Mathematics, Science and English.

Courses : Parathma , Madhayama , Shastri , Acharya.

Minimum age / Qualification :: 10-12 years / V standard Pass

Profile of Maha Vidyalaya Gurukul

The gurukul Jhajjar was founded (on the outskirts of Jhajjar) by Mahashaya Bishembar Das, Swami Parmanand and Swami Brahmanand in 16 May, 1915 (vikrama Samvat 1972). Interestingly, this gurukul was not affiliated with gurukul Kangri, but was independent. Set up during the first world war, they emphasised guru-bhakti (reverence for the teacher) and the virtues of manliness through exercises, particularly in the akharas - ideals which formed a part of pre-existing religious culture and were also central to the Arya Samaj.

Features of Gurukul

1) Education through 'ARSH VIDHI' endrorsed by Maharshi Dayanad.
2) Free of Cost Education.
3) Special Efforts are made to prepare Ideal Bramchari (Pupil).
4) Bramcharies are kept under the VAN PARSTHI, SANYASI Guru's Guidence.
5) Guru ( teacher) rules the roost.
6) Bramcharies (Pupils) work one hour per day as Shram-Dan.


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