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SPS Academy College of Education, Shivpuri, Gujarat


SPS Academy College of Education, Shivpuri, Gujarat
Address: Plot / Street / Area
230/2, Fatehpur Road
Shivpuri (District Shivpuri)
Gujarat, India
Pin Code : 473551

SPS Academy College of Education, Shivpuri Gujarat is a recognised institute / college. SPS Academy College of Education, Shivpuri Gujarat is managed by Society: Tishir Shiksha Prasar Samiti 80,Mahal Colony Shivpuri (M.P). SPS Academy College of Education, Shivpuri Gujarat was established on / in 2009.

SPS Academy College of Education is situated in Shivpuri of Gujarat state (Province) in India. This data has been provided by www.punjabcolleges.com. Shivpuri comes under Shivpuri Tehsil, Shivpuri District.

Fax # of SPS Academy College of Education, Shivpuri Gujarat is 221891.

email ID(s) is SPS Academy College of Education Shivpuri Gujarat

Website of SPS Academy College of Education, Shivpuri Gujarat is www.spsdedshivpuri.info.

Additional Information about SPS Academy College of Education, Shivpuri Gujarat is : NCTE LETTER
2012/84997 DATED
06/01/2012 SNO.149.

Contact Details of SPS Academy College of Education, Shivpuri Gujarat are : STD Code : 07492 Telephone No : 220002


SPS Academy College of Education, Shivpuri Gujarat runs course(s) in Education stream(s).

Approval details: SPS Academy College of Education is affiliated with Board of Secondary Education Madhya Pradesh (MPBSE), Bhopal (Madhya Pradesh)

Profile of SPS Academy College of Education

Date of Submission : 31/10/2010, Sunday 2:46 PM
Teacher Education Institution Registration Details
Reference ID : WMPSVPIN-1409
TAN. No :

NACC Accredited : No
--NCTE NACC Grade : NA
--Year of NACC Accredation : NA
Minority : No
--Minorty Type : NA
--Religion : NA

--Language : NA
Location college/institution : Urban
Located in : institusional
Building Type : Its own campus
Total Area(Sq.Mts.) :
Total Built up Area(Sq.Mts.) : 1892
Nature of land holding : Ownership
Type of Land(Lease) :
Construction completed Date : 10/09/2009
Shared Campus Area : 4182
Campus shared by : By Resolution
Khasra No./Plot No./Survey No. : 230/2
Revenue Village of the land : fatehpur
Land is free from all encumbrances ? : Yes
Type of college/institution : Co-education college
Management of the college/institution : Self financed institution(Private)
Management of college/Institute : NA
Institution or its Managing society/body registered ? : Yes
Registration Act :
No. of Non Teaching Staff(Male) : 3
No. of Non Teaching Staff(Female) : 2
No. of Non Teaching Staff(Total) : 5
Area of Reading Room(Sq.Mts.) : 113
Seating Capacity : 55
Titles of Teacher Education(Library) : 70
Books of Teacher Education : 1234
No.of Journals : 5
No of Encyclopedias(Library) : 4
Area of Lab : 55
No of Computers : 9

Internet Access ? : No
LAN : Yes
Availability of LCD Projector : Yes
Availability of OHP : Yes
Availability of TV : Yes
Availability of VCR : Yes
Name of Experiment(Psycho Lab) :
General Mental Ability
Non Verbal Intelligence Test
Youth Problem Inv
Teacher Effectiveness Scale
Teaching Aptitude Test
Creativity Test
Multidimensioanl Motivation Test
Non Verbal Concept Formation Test
APRC Comp Attitude Scale
Educational Interest Record
Mathematical Intwerest Inv
Name of Appratus(Psycho Lab) :
Bhatia Battery Performance Test of
Muller Layer Illusion
Seguin Form Boards
Colour Preference
Mirrior Drawing App
Finger Maze
Humen Maze
Memory Drum Hand Operated
Tachistoscope falling Door Type
Attention Boards
Finger Dexteerity Board
Steadiness Tester
Area of science Lab :
Spring Balance
Physical Balance and Weight

Physical Science Name Experiment :
- Double Convex
- Double Concave
- Convex & Concave
- Concave & Convax
- Plane Concave
- Plane Convex
- Concave
- Convex
- Plane
- Dry Cell
- Lacklancy cell
- Daniell cell
Meter rods
Glass Slab (Rectangular)
Bar Magnet
Horse Shoes Magnet
Vernier Callipers
Plug Key
Name of Charts(Physical Science) : Scientist Poster
Name Experiment(Biological Science) :
Dissecting Microscope
Compound Microscope
Glass Slides
Cover Slips
Hand Lense
Ganong's Light Screen

Name Charts(Biological Science) :
Digestion System
Respiratory System
Circulatory System
Excretory System
Plant Cell
Animal Cell
Cell Divisions
Parts of Plant
Part of Flower
Structure of leaf
Modification of Root, Stem and leaves
Name Model(Biological Science) :
Area of Lab(Language Lab) : 55
Name of Equipments(Language Lab) : Lingua Phone
Name of Charts(Language Lab) :
Mahatma Gandhi
Jawahar Lal Nehru
Lal bahadur Shastri
Subash Chandra Bose
Lala Lajpat Rai
Sardar Bhagat Singh
Indoor Game Area : 55
Indoor Game(D.Ed/B.Ed./M.Ed.courses) : Carom Board, Chess
Outdoor Games(D.Ed/B.Ed./M.Ed.courses) :
Volley Ball, Badminton, Ring, Skkiping
Rope, Cricket, Football
Area of Outdoor Games : 1072
Name & No. of Instruments(arts & carfts) :
Bholak Bina Special
Table Dagga Brass
Harmonium Chyanger Model

Puppet Making Material
Make Up Kit
Jewellary Set
Colour Matching Kit
Name Charts(arts & carfts) : Visual Art Books
Name of Models(arts & carfts) : NIL
Name of Instruments(Health and Physical...) : Dumbles
No of Instruments(Health and Physical... ) :
Body Charts, Posters
Yoga Books
Name Charts(Mathematics Resource Center) :
Spike Abacus
Fraction Disc
Sloides Cubes
Broom Stics
Graph Sheets
Geometircal Tool Box
Name Model(Mathematics Resource Center) : NIL
Name of Instruments (Anatomy,Physiology... ) : NIL
Name of Charts (Anatomy,Physiology ...) : NIL
Name of Equipments(Atheletic Care) : NIL
Name of Charts(Atheletic Care) : NIL
Name and No. of Instrumernts(Cultural Facility) : NIL
Name & No. of Instruments(Athletics) : NIL
Size of Track(Athletics) : NIL
Indoor Games(C.P.Ed/B.P.Ed./M.P.Ed.courses) : NIL
Indoor Game[Area](C.P.Ed/B.P.Ed./M.P.Ed.courses) : NIL
Outdoor Games(C.P.Ed/B.P.Ed./M.P.Ed.courses) : NIL
Area of Alloted Outdoor Games : NIL

Gym Facility for Women : No
Area of Men Gym(sq.Mts.) : 0
No of Stnations(men) : NIL
Area of Women Gym : 0
No of Stnations(women) : NIL
Mode of Salary : bank
Salary Transfer(Faculty) : cheque
Account Details of Bank (Salary) : 24910100006854
Date of Opening of Bank A/c : 16/10/2006
Opening Balance : 76000
Fees : 750000
Donation : 160000
MISC : 0
Total Amount Receipts : 986000
Expenditure Teacher Salary : 552000
Expenditure Non Teacher Salary : 316000
Expenditure Library : 60000
Expenditure Laboratory : 85000
Expenditure Furniture : 65000
Expenditure Misc : 9000
Total Expenditure : 1087000
Balance of Funds Available During Year : 800000
Name of Auditor/CA : RAJESH JAIN CA
Address of Auditor/CA : DAAL BAZAR GWALIOR
Phone NO. : 07512371778

Teaching Faculty Details
Teacher id Designation
WMPAKNTE-27114 Principal
WMPSVPTE-27049 Lecturer
WMPSVPTE-26830 Lecturer Performing Arts

Composition of Society/Trust
Name Address
Mr. Ashok Thakur 80 Mahal Colony Shivpuri
Mrs. Kiran Chaudhary Mahal Colony Shivpuri
Mr.Anil Kumar Thakur Fatehpur Road Shivpuri
Mr.prem Singh Holipura Kamlaganj Shivpuri
Mrs.Anita In frontofRestHouseShivpuri
Mr.Atul Kamlaganj Shivpuri
Mr.Anil Garg Custom Gate Sunil Khare (Principal) Krishnapuram Colony
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