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Matrushree AG Medat PTC College, Palanpur, Gujarat


Matrushree AG Medat PTC College, Palanpur, Gujarat
Address: Plot / Street / Area
Plot No. : 1129 (1/3)
Street Road : Gobari Road
Post Office : Palanpur
Palanpur (District Banaskantha)
Gujarat, India
Pin Code : 385001

Matrushree AG Medat PTC College, Palanpur Gujarat is a recognised institute / college. Matrushree AG Medat PTC College, Palanpur Gujarat is managed by Society: Shree Banaskantha Kadva Patidar Sanskar Mandal, Palanpur. Gobari Road, Palanpur, Banaskantha, Gujarat.
Matrushree AG Medat PTC College is situated in Palanpur of Gujarat state (Province) in India. This data has been provided by www.punjabcolleges.com. Palanpur comes under Palanpur Tehsil, Banaskantha District.

Fax # of Matrushree AG Medat PTC College, Palanpur Gujarat is 02742-252322.

email ID(s) is Matrushree AG Medat PTC College Palanpur Gujarat

Website of Matrushree AG Medat PTC College, Palanpur Gujarat is www.bkkpsm.org.

Contact Details of Matrushree AG Medat PTC College, Palanpur Gujarat are : STD Code : 02742 Telephone No : 257322


Matrushree AG Medat PTC College, Palanpur Gujarat runs course(s) in Education stream(s).

Profile of Matrushree AG Medat PTC College

Reference ID : WGUBANIN-2789
TAN. No : AHMS14239B
NACC Accredited : No
Year of NACC Accredeation : NA
Page No: 3
Minority : No
Minority Type : NA
Religion : NA
Language : NA
Location college/institution : Urban
Located in : comercial_complex
Year of Establishment : 2006
Building Type : Its own campus
Total Area (Sq.Mts.) : 12675
Total Built up Area (Sq.Mts.) : 2150
Nature of land holding : Ownership
Land Lease : Private
Construction completion Date : 19/02/2005
Shared Campus Area : 12675
Campus shared by : By Resolution
Khasra No./Plot No./Survey No. : 1129 (1/3)
Revenue Village of the land : Palanpur
Land is free from all encumbrances ? : Yes
Type of college/institution : Co-education college
Management of the college/institution : Self financed institution(Private)
No. of Non Teaching Male : 12
No. of Non Teaching Female : 0
No. of Non Teaching Staff (Total) : 12
Institution or its Managing Ssociety/body registered ? : Yes
Registration Act : ACT 1060 SOCIETY REGISTRATION
Management of college/Institute : NA
FDR No. (Endowment Fund) : 210560
Date of Issue (Endowment Fund) : 16/12/2004
Name of Endowment Fund Bank : Bank of Baroda
Address of Endowment Fund Bank : Palanpur
Amount FDR (Endowment Fund) : 500000
Page No: 4
Converted into Joint A/c (Endowment Fund) ? : Yes
Date of Conversion to Joint A/c (Endowment Fund) : 16/12/2004
FDR No. (Reserve Fund) : NIL
Date of Issue (Reserve Fund) : 16/12/2004
Name of Reserve Fund Bank : NIL
Address of Reserve Fund Bank : NIL
Amount FDR (Reserve Fund) : 0
Converted into Joint A/c (Reserve Fund) ? : No
Date of Conversion to Joint A/c (Reserve Fund) :
Mode of Salary : Cash
Salary Transfer (Faculty) : Cash
Account Details of Bank (Salary) : 0
Date of Opening of Bank A/c : 05/04/2005
Opening Balance : 94920
Fees : 1970000
Donation : 0
MISC : 0
Total Amount Receipts : 2064920
Expenditure Teacher Salary : 922069
Expenditure Non Teacher Salary : 244000
Expenditure Library : 13848
Expenditure Laboratory : 0
Expenditure Furniture : 22000
Expenditure Misc : 1204424
Total Expenditure : 2406341
Balance of Funds Available During Year : 0
Name of Auditor/CA : Natu I. Patel
Address of Auditor/CA : Juna Gunj Bazar, Palanpur.
Phone No. : 09924290078
Area of Reading Room (Sq.Mts.) : 212
Seating Capacity : 100
Page No: 5
Titles of Teacher Education (Library) : 344
Books of Teacher Education : 4233
No.of Journals : 24
No of Encyclopedias (Library) : 111
Area of Lab : 76
No of Computers : 43
Internet Access ? : Yes
LAN ? : Yes
Availability of LCD Projector ? : Yes
Availability of OHP ? : Yes
Availability of TV ? : Yes
Availability of VCR ? : Yes
Name of Experiment(Psycho Lab) :
Samoohik manshik Yougata Pariksha.
Group Test of Intelligence.
Verbal Intelligence Test.
Non-Verbal Intelligence Test.
Bhatiya Battery.
Name of Appratus(Psycho Lab) :
Habit Interference Board.
Iron Curtain.
Photographs Changes in Emotion.
Stop Watch.
Farmic Board of Colour Choice.
Bhatiya Intelligence Battery.
Free Association Test of Jump.
TAT Test.
Area of science Lab : 42
Physical Science Name Experiment :
Stop Watch.
Spirit Lamp.
steel Scale
Tailo's Tape
Kerosene Measurement
Milk Measurement
Plain Mirror with Stand
Page No: 6
Thermometer 110.c
Pipe of Aluminium
Pipe of Iron.
Name of Charts (Physical Science) : 0
Name Experiment (Biological Science) :
Heart Of Human
Wind Pot with Cover
Microscope Slide (50) STD.8
Microscope Slide (50) STD.9
Name Charts (Biological Science) : 0
Name Model (Biological Science) :
Eye's Model (Fiber Model)
Animal cell (Fiber Model)
Human Cell (Fiber Model)
Human Brain (Fiber Model)
Solor Pump Working Model
Area of Lab (Language Lab) : 0
Name of Equipments (Language Lab) : 0
Name of Charts (Language Lab) : 0
Indoor Game (D.Ed/B.Ed./M.Ed.courses) : Ceram, Chess, Table-Tanis.
Indoor Game Area : 21
Outdoor Games (D.Ed/B.Ed./M.Ed.courses) :
Cricket, Kho-Kho, Kabbdi, Bascket
Area of Outdoor Games : 4000
Name & No. of Instruments (Arts & Crafts) : 0
Name Charts (arts & carfts) : 0
Name of Models (Arts & Crafts) : 0
Name of Instruments (Health and Physical...) : 0
Name of Charts (Health and Physical... ) : 0
Name Charts (Mathematics Resource Center) : 0
Name Model (Mathematics Resource Center) : 0
Name of Instruments (Anatomy,Physiology... ) : 0
Name of Charts (Anatomy,Physiology ...) : 0
Name of Equipments (Atheletic Care) : 0
Name of Charts (Atheletic Care) : 0
Page No: 7
Name and No. of Instrumernts (Cultural Facility) : 0
Name & No. of Instruments (Athletics) : 0
Size of Track (Athletics) : 0
Indoor Games (C.P.Ed/B.P.Ed./M.P.Ed.courses) : 0
Indoor Game[Area](C.P.Ed/B.P.Ed./M.P.Ed.courses) : 0
Outdoor Games(C.P.Ed/B.P.Ed./M.P.Ed.courses) : 0
Area of Alloted Outdoor Games : 0
Gym Facility for Women : No
Area of Men Gym (sq.Mts.) : 0
No of Stations (men) : 0
Area of Women Gym :
No of Stations (women) :

Teaching Faculty Details
Teacher id Designation
Page No: 8

Composition of Society/Trust
Name Address
Dr. M.U. Patel Sreyesh Hospital, Palanpur.
Shree A.K. Patel Laxmipura, Palanpur.
Shree P.D. Patel Shree P.D. Patel
Shree A.M. Panchasara Bacherpura, Palanpur.
Shree I.A. PAtel Koitapura, Palanpur.
Shree P.R. Gami Ajaykumar & Co. Gunj Bazar Palanpur.
Shree M.K. Gami 24, Vidhyanagar Society, Palanpur.
Shree D.M. Jaganiya Chamunda Provison, Palanpur.
Shree D.P. Karanavat Umiya Dal Mil, Palanpur.
Shree G.B. Jaganiya A/20, Ganeshbhai Bacherbhai Co., Palanpur.
Shree A.M. Karpatiya Suraj Agro Centre, Palanpur.
Shree B.B. Karanavat Gurukrupa, Sahibaag Soping Center, Palanpur.
Shree B.D. Kanusiya B-28, Rameshkumar&Bacherdas co., Palanpur.
Shree P.M. Karnavat C-20, Gunj Bazar, Palanpur
Dr. U.M. Karanavat Laxmipura, Palanpur.
Shree I.A. Karanavat Harihar Tea, Palanpur.
Dr. N.J. Karanavat Karanavat Hospital, Palanpur.
Shree U.J. Karanavat Krushak Agro, Palanpur.
Shree M.C. Bhut Daniyana Chokdi, Palanpur.
Shree G.C. Dhos A-114, Shital Shoping Center, Palanpur.
Shree B.M. Karnavat Swastik Agro, Palanpur
Shree S.P. Karnavat Dantiwada Bej, Palanpur.
Shree R.S. Govinda Mahalaxmi Tip Center, Palanpur
Shree M.J. Karadiya Madhupura, Palanpur.
Shree A.M. Karnavat 98-Chhya Cloth Center, Palanpur.
Shree G.M. Panchacara Gokul Steel, Palanpur.
Page No: 9
Shree H.K. Jaganiya Mahalaxmi Tip, Palanpur.
Shree B.J. Ilasariya F-11, Gunj Bazar, Palanpur.
Shree M.R. Karanavat Banpal Oil, Palanpur.
Shree B.R. Kugasiya Umiya Jwellars, Palanpur.
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