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Dr MC Saxena Group of Institutions, Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh


Dr MC Saxena Group of Institutions, Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh
Address: Plot / Street / Area
Campus: 171, BarawanKala Mall Road, Dubagga-IIM Bypass
Uttar Pradesh, India

Dr MC Saxena Group of Institutions, Lucknow Uttar Pradesh is a group of colleges having many colleges in different streams. Dr MC Saxena Group of Institutions, Lucknow Uttar Pradesh is managed by Society: Society for the Advancement of Environmental Sciences.
Dr MC Saxena Group of Institutions is situated in Lucknow of Uttar Pradesh state (Province) in India. This data has been provided by www.punjabcolleges.com. email ID(s) is Dr MC Saxena Group of Institutions Lucknow Uttar Pradesh

Website of Dr MC Saxena Group of Institutions, Lucknow Uttar Pradesh is http://www.mcsgoc.com/.

Chairman : Prof. M. C. Saxena.
Registrar : G.T.Panicker.

Contact Details of Dr MC Saxena Group of Institutions, Lucknow Uttar Pradesh are : Telephone 0522 - 4095700, 3263355

The Group has a very poorly designed website.

Director Offices :
College Name Phone Number Fax
MCSCET 0522 - 4095700
MCSCOP 0522 - 4095703 4095703
MCSIEM 0522 - 4095738
MCSCOE 0522 - 4095740

City Office :
Address : "Rahat Times" B-Block Suraj Deep Complex 1-Jopling Road , Lucknow.
Telephone : 0522 - 3917444, 3917666, Fax : 0522-2205188

Registrar : Phone : 0522-4095713, 3917666, Fax: 0522-4095730
Placement Office : Telephone : 0522 - 4095776

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Dr MC Saxena Institute of Engineering and Management, Lucknow
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Profile of Dr MC Saxena Group of Institutions

About Us
Dr.M.C Saxena Group of Colleges(Mcsgoc) campus is spread over an area of more than 25 Acres of land within the city limits of Lucknow and has multistory buildings covering a plinth area of more than 5,00,000 sq ft.

Mcsgoc is situated on the bank of river Gomti, reminding us the concept of Ashram learning. The buildings are specially designed to focus on various aspects of engineering and management, housing five distinct departments, well equipped laboratories, Lecture halls, tutorial rooms and chambers for faculty.

A fully air-conditioned computer center with broadband internet connectivity of 600 client computers, separated by a fully air-conditioned digital central library having adequate number of reference books, journals,etc. to cope-up with latest information which adds the technological advancement to McSgoc.

There is an excellent workshop having motor machines, shaper and drilling systems. Needless to say that the campus has good indoor and outdoor games facility and soon will be having a boat club too. The campus has separate boys and girls hostels and centrally air-cooled canteen.

Message of Chairman Prof. M. C. Saxena
When Aristotle was asked to count his contribution to the society, he stared at Alexender the great. The quest to produce better is always appreciated in a civilized society. It would always be a daunting target that the maximum number of patents and innovations continue to emanate from MIT (Masachusetts Institute of Technology, US) which is a non governmental organization.

MIT is the technical back bone of U.S. The challenging world is based on science and technology and engineering education is the edifice on which science and technology is allowed to develop and prosper. The expanding need of global economy and the mighty contribution of human resource development in areas such as information technology and computer science engineering has opened new vistas in national growth and development.

The wisdom displayed by Rajiv Ji in focusing computer is now belatedly been recognized as the maiden step in making India as a developed and prosperous country. We have the most advantageous global position owing to our large base of English language and competitive wages. Enormous prospects for technical persons to be gainfully employed shall continue to rule the market sentiments of IT industry in the years to come.

The speed with which the world is changing and the social structure is redefined reminds us of our national duties in cascading the technical skills and producing the world class engineers who could match the market demand. The fact that the maximum output still comes from the NGO sector in a country like US has undoubtedly inspired this NGO to strive for the same.

Creation of MCSCET is a humble attempt in this direction. At MCSCET, we are fully conscious of our academic role and responsibilities in shaping the engineering career of our students and sincere efforts are always afoot to shape them in a manner that could result in preparing them to meet the challenges of time, industry and national needs in respective fields of engineering and technology.

The facilities created at MCSCET and the focus of attention to develop it as the best in the country in terms of the technical education, research and development shall attract the brilliant brains to shape their career in engineering.

Message of Group Registrar G.T.Panicker
We, at Dr. M.C. Saxena Group of Colleges, always aim to create dynamic and synergistic center of excellence empowering young minds to attain global competencies. We firmly believe: Education cannot be imposed on pupil, but a desire to learn should be awakened first. Learning is something happening inside YOU, that awakens the mind, flexes your mental powers, sensitizes your awareness, arouses your appreciation, raises your sights and your insights. It spurs your ambition to erase your mistakes of the past, and to crown what others have accomplished.

Our mission is to train and develop professionals in positive, healthy and vibrant environment so that the idea can be converted into action and put man above machine. We impart the best of the knowledge to our students with well equipped extracurricular and emotional quotient related inputs, and the desire and ability to learn, lead and excel to make them responsible and respected citizens.

The Group gives due importance to extracurricular activities in academic, arts and sports fields and recognizes these traits as Personality Development measures and inseparable ingredients of personality. College also conducts personality development programs, guest lectures, specialized training in general and technical areas for continuous improvement of students and faculty to attain excellence.We are having, Mechanical Engg., Electronics and Communication Engg., Computer Science Engg., Information Technology & Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering branches and Management studies in our college with the best of faculties and staff.Placements @ MCSGOC keeps rolling round the year. It is our sincere endeavor to facilitate campus placements to our students by Campus Interviews and Pool Campus. We propose to convert into a DEEMED UNIVERSITY - with EXCELLENCE, in a coming couple of years.This is the Sixth year of the Group as it started functioning since 2004 with a vision - to serve the society - especially the younger generations helping- BUILDING TECHNICAL INDIA. However, with the past experience, expertise and dedication of the Founder Chairman and Executive Directors, and with co-operation of all involved, the group has taken off in a highly satisfying manner since beginning. I am sure that the group will excel very rapidly as it has achieved excellent results year after year.
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