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Arya Kanya Mahavidyalaya, Shahabad Markanda, Haryana


Arya Kanya Mahavidyalaya, Shahabad Markanda, Haryana
Shahabad Markanda (District Kurukshetra)
Haryana, India

Arya Kanya Mahavidyalaya, Shahabad Markanda Haryana is a recognised institute / college. Arya Kanya Mahavidyalaya, Shahabad Markanda Haryana is also known as Arya Kanya Post Graduate Mahavidyalaya.
Principal of Arya Kanya Mahavidyalaya, Shahabad Markanda Haryana is Dr Bharti Bandhu.

Arya Kanya Mahavidyalaya is situated in Shahabad Markanda of Haryana state (Province) in India. This data has been provided by www.punjabcolleges.com. Fax # of Arya Kanya Mahavidyalaya, Shahabad Markanda Haryana is 01744-244096.

Chairman : Ram Lal Gupta.

Contact Details of Arya Kanya Mahavidyalaya, Shahabad Markanda Haryana are : 01744-240172, 240721


Arya Kanya Mahavidyalaya, Shahabad Markanda Haryana runs course(s) in Degree stream(s).

Approval details: Arya Kanya Mahavidyalaya is affiliated with Kurukshetra University, Kurukshetra (Haryana)


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Media coverage of Arya Kanya Mahavidyalaya, Shahabad Markanda Haryana, Haryana

NAAC report of Arya Kanya Post Graduate Mahavidyalaya

Arya Kanya (PG) Mahavidyalaya volunteered to be assessed by the National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC), Bangalore and submitted a Self-Study Report in November,2002. NAAC constituted a Peer Team to visit the college and validate the Self-Study Report. The team comprised of the Chairman Professor M. Madaiah, Former Vice-Chancellor of the University of Mysore and the members Professor P.T. Pattanshetty, Principal of Gogte College of Commerce, Belgaum and Professor A.D. Sawant, Joint Director, Higher Education Mumbai Region, Mumbai. The Peer Team visited the institution from 30th January to Ist February, 2003. Dr. K.N. Madhusudanan Pillai, Academic Consultant of the NAAC coordinated the work of the Peer Team throughout the visit to this insititution of higher learning.

Arya Kanya (PG) Mahavidyalaya was established in July,1968 by nine members of Local Arya Samaj at a time when there existed no college in the Kurukshetra District. The Primary objective of establishing this college was to provide an easy access to higher education to women students of semi-urban Shahabad town and its surrounding villages. The institution is situated on Delhi-Chandigarh-Amritsar G.T.Road between Pipli Town and Ambala Cantonment. The college is affiliated to Kurukshetra University and it receives grants-in-aid of the State Government. The institution is recognized by the University Grants Commission under section 2(f) and 12(b) of the U.G.C. Act of 1956.

Arya Kanya Mahavidyalaya has a well knit beautiful campus spread over five acres of land with adequate infrastructure. The college has a well-qualified teaching faculty strength of 38 members including 25 permanent teachers, 2 temporary teachers and 11 part-time teachers. There are 13 members on the non-teaching staff-6 administrative and 7 technical staff. The college has a central library, a computer centre, health centre, sports facilities, canteen, a hostel and a large size newly built multipurpose auditorium.

There are 978 students including 16 students from other states studying at the under-graduate level. There are 20 students at the PG level at present. Student enrolment in self financing courses stands at 58. The college offers programmes at the PG level in three subjects, viz. Hindi, Economics and M.Sc. computer science. A post-graduate diploma course in computer applications is also offered. The college offers a wide range of courses at the under-graduate level leading to B.A.,B.Sc.,B.Com degrees. The college also offers bachelor's degree course in Computer Applications. There are 18 departments including Health and Physical Education Department.

The Peer Team carefully perused the Self-Study Report submitted by the college authorities. During the institutional visit, the Peer Team went through the pertinent documents, visited the departments and the facilities of academic,co-curricular, extra-curricular, and sports and extension wing of the college. The team interacted with the Governing Council, Principal, Faculty, Staff, Students, Parents and Alumnae of the institution. Based on the above exercise, the Peer Team has given its objective assessment in the following pages, keeping in mind the seven criteria identified by the National Assessment and
Accreditation Council.

Apart from implied objective of imparting education, the College Prospectus declares, the aim of the college is to enthuse amongst the students the ideas of Indian Vedic Culture, to empower women and prepare them to face competitive world with courage, conviction and determination. The courses offered are in line with the avowed aims and objectives. Since the college is affiliated to the Kurukshetra University, it has to toe the line with the University prescribed programmes and courses. Yet the college has shown initiative by choosing some professional courses like Bachelor of Computer Applications, Post-Graduate Diploma in Computer Applications, Diploma in Secretarial Practice and Diploma in Fashion Designing. It has also U.G.C. Vocational Courses of B.Sc. Computer Applications and B.Com. Computer Applications. The college is offering Post- Graduate Courses in Economics, Hindi and Computer Science. Further, within a particular stream sufficient elective options are available. For example, in Arts faculty the students have the horizontal mobility to opt for History,Economics, Political Science, Commercial Art, Home Science, Music (Vocal),Health and Physical Education.

The students of Arts faculty are given opportunity to learn skills in Hobby Classes and to undergo certificate courses designed and run by the college in Textile and Dress Designing to seek self employment. During interaction with students, alumnae and parents, it was expressed by them that the college should introduce Post-Graduate courses in English, Commerce, Business Administration and Journalism. In this regard, feed-back from academic peers and employers be obtained and the proposal can be evaluated by the management for the purpose of implementation in the years to come.

Academic programmes of Arya Kanya Mahavidyalaya are carried out under annual system. Computer science operates on semester system. All those who comply with the minimum criterion of eligibility for admission to different courses are given admissions. The question of selection of students for admission does not arise since the intake capacity for different courses exceeds the number of students applying for.

After admission, class tests are conducted to measure the knowledge gained by the students from time to time. Those who lag behind are provided remedial coaching in the subjects of English and Mathematics. It is necessary to provide remedial coaching extensively in all the subjects.

Students evaluation takes place in the form of weekly and monthly tests. Internal tests are conducted for the purpose of ensuring continuous involvement of the students in extra-curricular activities. It is also suggested that having identified the advance learners on the basis of class tests, they can be given home assignments, seminar work so that their progress is faster.

The college has 25 permanent teachers, 2 temporary teachers and as many as 11 part-time teachers. Out of the permanent teachers, eight persons hold Doctorate Degree and the equal number of them hold M. Phil Degree. However, the number of part-time teachers is alarming. Computer Science being quite an important subject, it is suggested that the teachers in the department be appointed on full-time basis so that apprehensions in the minds of the teachers and the students is taken out.
By and large, the traditional method of lecturing is followed by all teachers. However, a few of them use group discussion and seminar methods. Few are using the Overhead Projector. There is need for employing modern techniques of audio-visual presentation in teaching.

A few of the teachers have participated in National and International seminars. Many attended refresher courses. Six teachers have received awards from the Government. The Peer Team is given to understand during its interactive meetings with the students and alumnae that there is alround discipline, sincerity and commitment amongst the teachers of the college.

The college gives emphasis for the all round personality development of the students in the form of hobby classes in music, painting, yoga, toy-making. The college provides facilities for many in-door and out-door games, cultural activities, debate and quiz competitions. In the recent past, the college organised Zonal Youth Festivals. It is also a matter of satisfaction that computer learning is made compulsory for all students.

The performance evaluation of teachers is done on the basis of the departmental discussions. In this connection, it is suggested that there should be a system of Self-Appraisal for the teachers. It is also essential to have some sort of formal mechanism of performance evaluation of the teachers by the students in order to have objectivity.

The proximity of the college to the National capital can be effectively utilised for establishing National and International linkages.

Teaching, research and extension are in separable components of functioning of an institution of higher learning. The quality of teaching always acquires meaningful increment through participation in research activities. A few teachers have participated in national seminars and workshops. The teachers in Chemistry, Physics and Zoology have creditable number of research papers. However, these papers were published while they have been doing Ph.D. or immediately after their Ph.D. The number of Research Publications for the last five years is practically nil. These teachers with their research background should apply for minor/major research project. Much is wanting for nurturing research culture amongst the members of faculty. The management may consider seriously to float masters programmes in science and commerce, which would give a philip to faculty to teach at higher level and to engage in research.

The college can make a humble beginning in the arena of consultancy. This can be initiated from the departments of Home Science and Commercial Art. In due course of time, other departments can also explore in this direction.

Extension today is considered as a measure of success of an institution as the knowledge of the students and teaching community becomes available to the society at large. The college has taken extension activities like social work, adult education, community development, health and hygiene awareness, aids awareness, environment awareness, blood donation and medical camp through its NSS unit. Being forty percent of the students population drawn from the rural area, the college has to extend the consultancy services in the various field of their expertise to disseminate the knowledge for the benefit of the rural mass.

The college is situated on a campus, spread over an area of five acres. The campus is beautiful, aesthetically planned and protected with compound wall. The main building houses administrative blocks, class room , laboratories and library. The Principal has a separate residential quarters. The Hostel which can accommodate 80 girls in twenty five rooms is maintained clean, tidy and hygiene. The auditorium is big with a thousand seating capacity and is also used as a indoor stadium.

There are 19963 books in the library which appear to be sufficient in number for the subjects being taught in the college. There is an Encyclopedia of Britanica in the library, however, the library has to provide periodicals and magazines. The library is made available for seven hours for reading and reference work. Indexing of books is done , but needs to be computerised at the earliest.

Class rooms are built up in a proper design with sufficient seating capacity fitted with fans and proper ventilation. Computers are made available to the students and they are sufficient in numbers. The students of non-computer subjects are also required to learn computers during extra hours. There is a good housing facility for computers with proper air-conditioning and dust-free atmosphere.

Sports and Gymkhana facilities are adequate and students gained good training in these areas and won medals in various sports meet. There are provisions for training in hockey, cricket, athletics, table- tennis, badminton and karate.

Departmental infrastructure in science departments is just sufficient for conducting routine practicals. There is a need for separate departmental establishment bringing in decentralisation which can lead to fast access to the facilities and frequent interactions between teachers and students. The chemistry store can be made healthy by putting an exhaust fan. Balance room, preparation room and instrumentation room can be created within the same space.

There is a need for decentralisation of computer facilities, departmental establishments, library and storages. Subscriptions to atleast some Indian Journals may be made on the priority basis. Teaching and learning may be made effective with the use of audio-visuals and modern devices.

Financial assistance to large number of students is made available through scholarships from college, NRI and endowments. The free education policy of state Govt. gives exemption in tuition & library fees. This facilitates education of students from rural area. Concessional facilities of travel are made available. Study materials and books are provided to students. Fee concessions are given to poor students and provisions are made for easy installments. This facility has become very supportive to the students from poor families.

It was noticed that after graduation from this college, students become competent to pursue higher studies at the university levels. A large number of post-graduate and Ph.D holding students were present during alumnae meeting suggesting their good progression. They have excelled in academic, research, administrative and sports career. Many of the sports persons of national rank like Gurpreet Kaur and Suman Bala were the members of Indian Hockey team for commonwealth games. They were the recipient of Bhim Award of Haryana Govt. Miss Rekha was a winner of national Hockey award and Surjeet Hockey Cup. The Principal of the college Mrs. Raman Kanta Sharma and Mrs Sonia Malik were awarded Commendation Certificate by Sports & Youth Welfare Department of Haryana Government .

Students are occupying high positions in various organisations. Being a girls college the academic counseling has been rightly given high priority and congenial atmosphere helps in progress of the students.

There are some areas of concern like not having a placement cell which could have helped qualifying girls to take higher studies. An Alumnae association is just in formative state which can be strengthened at the earliest. The past students appear to have quite high potential and appeared very promising and can certainly help the institutional developments. The real concern in the area of progression is high dropout percentage which is about 34 and something is required to be done urgently. There is need to have detailed study for evaluation and establishment of some methods to assist the would be dropout students. Some senior teachers can look into this area.

The Arya Kanya Mahavidyalaya Prabandhak Samiti manages this college. The frequent meetings of the management committee helps the good governance of college. The Principal of the college is working here in the capacity of principal for last 32 years, uninterrupted and has been given full freedom in development and day to day functioning of the college. The Peer Team noticed very healthy and cordial atmosphere and healthy relationships between management, principal and teachers. This has helped the college in its smooth functioning. The good management can only bring such an atmosphere. The Team is happy to learn that there is not a single dispute under legal proceedings of any nature.

Although there is a fairly good budget provided by the management, the same can be reorganised to hike in certain areas like purchase of equipments, computers, and laboratory equipments and on development of hobby classes. It is good that the institution has started a large number of self financing courses in very important areas of art, crafts, designs & yoga.. The institution has a potential to add certificate courses in yoga, cultural activities, food processing, food preservation and environment . The day to day management of the departments and college as a whole is under constant supervision and efficient administrative abilities of the Principal.

The Peer Team has observed a few unique healthy features which have enhanced the academic ambience of the college. They are mentioned below.

A few job-oriented and Self-financing courses for the benefit of the students and also to provide wider choices.

Prevalence of good leadership with excellent inter personnel relationships among teaching, non-teaching and students. This facilitates the smooth functioning of the college.

Care is taken by the institution for the all-round development of personality of the students which would enable them to face the challenges.

The practice of continuous counselling by the faculty helps in achieving the ultimate purpose of education.

Another commendable feature of the institution is the wholehearted support to culutural and sports activitites which has brought laurels to the institution.

Compulsory computer classes to all the students at a nominal monthly fee through its computer centre is laudable.

There has been conistent outstanding performance in extension activities through NSS unit.

The Peer Team is pleased to note the remarkable discipline in the campus.

The efforts of the college to computerise the library, accounts, and admissions are worth mentioning.

Another noticeable healthy feature followed in this institution is the close link between the college, the alumnae and the parents.

The institution is working with specific mission and goals namely, empowering women by providing quality education.

Some teachers have won awards at the state level for their outstanding services. in the field of education.

Internal quality checks exist for quality assurance and credibility through various committees in the college.

Laurels conferred on the hockey players at the international, national and university levels is a commendable feature. The Principal got a commendation certificate from the government of Haryana for encouraging sports activities in the college.

The Peer Team, after careful analysis of the self-study report and after its three day visit to various academic and physical facilities is pleased to note that Arya Kanya Mahavidyalaya has made continued progress in transacting its vision and goals of advancement of the frontiers of knowledge in the field of higher education for women students of this area for which its was established 35 years ago (in 1968). The college is catering to the needs of women learners coming from Semi-urban Shahabad town and several villages in this part of Haryana. The college has kept its reputation by providing quality education to younger generation.

The institution has good infrastructural facilities. The campus is maintained well. The college has sufficient number of qualified and experienced teaching and non-teaching staff with their services fully utilised. The Peer Team is appreciative of the enthusiasm among teaching and non-teaching staff. Another welcome feature is the discipline of the students found on the campus. The college offers a number of courses including a few innovative and job-oriented courses which will help the students in shaping their career. The Peer Team also noted the availability of a variety of financial aids to cater to the needs of the students.

There is also student progression to higher studies to some extent.
The management of the college is quite sound and is enthusiastic in providing the necessary support for the progress of the institution. Accounts are regularly scrutinized by internal and external auditing systems. Some commendable extension activities are rendered by the college through its NSS Unit. Extraordinary accomplishment can also be seen in sports and cultural activities particularly the Hockey sports.

The Peer Team while appreciating the approach of Arya Kanya Mahavidyalaya to quality assurance and standards, the team would like to place its concerns and suggestions for the future developments of the institution.

The infrastructural facilities need to be expanded in view of the growing student population.

Library requires special attention. A separate library building with spacious halls adding large number of new books and periodicals would provide better teaching learning resources to students as well as faculty. Library needs to be computerized fully as early as possible.

An alarming feature found in the college is the prevalence of quite a few part-time and temporary lecturers. Efforts should be made by the college authorities to create stable and adequate faculty positions.

The college can think of introducing some new PG courses in Science, Arts and Commerce in addition to strengthening of the existing PG courses.

One more hostel may be started with necessary infrastructure.

More job oriented courses may be started in the college in the interest of students.

Additional resources may be mobilised by approaching the government, ,UGC , Philanthrophists and other agencies to strengthen and expand the academic as well as physical facilities..

The college should try to retain all the students admitted by concentrating on reducing the drop-out rate.

Alumnae and parents should be involved continuously for the development of the institution.

The research culture in the college is yet to emerge. The institution should encourage critical research and publications by providing the necesssary logistic support and also getting information from various funding agencies like the UGC,ICSSR,ICHR etc regarding the availability of research grants.and sharing this information with the faculty members.

The college has no formal linkage with outside research institutions and organizations. The institutions should make sincere efforts to establish linkages with industry, business, research institution for encouraging research.

There is a need for establishing a placement cell for the benefit of students of the college.

The Peer Team compliments the able, and enlightened leadership of the Principal Mrs. Raman Kanta Sharma. It also records appreciation for the serene academic atmosphere in the campus. Thanks to the committed involvement and co-ordiation among various sections of the academic community. The Peer Team also appreciates the dedicated service of Arya Kanya Mahavidyalaya Prabhandak Samiti for its cherished goal of empowering women through higher education in this part of Haryana.

Arya Kanya (PG) Mahavidyalaya at Shahabad Markanda has been rendering yeoman service in promoting women's education since its inception in the year 1968. Its achievements are quite impressive but potentialities are greater in the years ahead. The Peer Team envisages a great future for this premier institution of higher learning in this area.

Professor M Madaiah
( Chairman )

Professor P T Pattanshetty
( Member )

Professor A D Sawant
( Member)

Summary: Arya Kanya Mahavidyalaya, Shahabad Markanda Haryana website, mobile, contact address and approval / recognition details.