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Sanmati Government College of Science Education and Research, Jagraon, Punjab


Sanmati Government College of Science Education and Research, Jagraon, Punjab
Address: Plot / Street / Area
Raikot Road
Jagraon (District Ludhiana)
Punjab, India

Sanmati Government College of Science Education and Research, Jagraon Punjab is a recognised institute / college. Sanmati Government College of Science Education and Research, Jagraon Punjab is also known as Science College alias sanmati College.
Principal of Sanmati Government College of Science Education and Research, Jagraon Punjab is Mohinder Kaur Grewal.

Sanmati Government College of Science Education and Research is situated in Jagraon of Punjab state (Province) in India. This data has been provided by www.punjabcolleges.com. Fax # of Sanmati Government College of Science Education and Research, Jagraon Punjab is 01624-220082.

Contact Person(s) of the Sanmati Government College of Science Education and Research, Jagraon Punjab is (are): Director: Ms Harmandeep Kaur, Jaswinder Singh, Savita Sharma DDO.

Mobile No(s) of concerned persons at Sanmati Government College of Science Education and Research, Jagraon Punjab are 98785-31166, 9417188904.

email ID(s) is Sanmati Government College of Science Education and Research Jagraon Punjab

Additional Information about Sanmati Government College of Science Education and Research, Jagraon Punjab is : Hostel facility for girls only. NRI seats available in M.Sc (Botany, Chemistry) only.

Contact Details of Sanmati Government College of Science Education and Research, Jagraon Punjab are : Telephone: +91-1624-223242

Collegename confusion:
Sannati (Incorrect) (though college spelled it Sannati, but its wrong, see scanned advertisement dated 12.07.2012 in Punjab)
Sanmati (Correct)


Sanmati Government College of Science Education and Research, Jagraon Punjab runs course(s) in Education stream(s).
B.Sc, M.Sc (Chemistry), M.Sc (Botany, Chemistry)

Approval details: Sanmati Government College of Science Education and Research is affiliated with Panjab University, Chandigarh (Chandigarh)

Profile of Sanmati Government College of Science Education and Research

There is only one college of this kind in Punjab state. It offer students to pursue Bachelor of Science in two streams (Medical and Non-Medical). It also offers Masters in Chemistry and Botany


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NAAC report of Sanmati Government College of Science Education and Research

Section I Preface
Sanmati Govt. College of Science Education and Research, Jagraon (Punjab) affiliated to the Punjab University, Chandigarh is a Govt. funded college. This college has been established in the year 1968 and located in a semi-urban area. The campus is spread over a sprawling area of 40 acres. It has an enrollment of 357 students of which 298 have offered UG and 59, PG programmes. The college has total 09 departments including two post-graduate departments of Botany, Chemistry and 35 teaching faculty and includes 19 permanent, 08 part time, 08 guest lecturers and 51 non-teaching staff members. The college has the central library, computer centre, Health centre, Sports facilities, Girls' Hostel, Guest house, Director's residence, Canteen, Botanical Garden, Animal House and generator of 25 KW. The college is recognized by the UGC under section 2f and receiving development assistance.

Sanmati Govt. College of Science Education and Research, Jagraon Dist. Ludhiana, Punjab has volunteered to be assessed by the National Assessment& Accreditation Council (NAAC) and submitted its self study report(SSR) on 30th April 2003. The council constituted a Peer Team consisting of Prof. R. S. Mali, Vice-Chancellor, North Maharashtra University, Jalgaon (M.S.) as chairperson and Dr. K. N. Patil, Principal, Vidya Bharati Mahavidyalaya, Amravati (M.S.),Dr.(Ms). Bala Dhankhar, Principal, Maharaja Aggrasen College, Jhajjar, Haryana, as team Members. Dr.G. Srinivas,Deputy Adviser from NAAC coordinated the Peer Team visit. The Peer Team visited the institution on 29th & 30th October 2003.

The peer team has carefully analyzed the Self Study Report (SSR) submitted by the college, verified the data presented and confirmed the facts during the two day visit to the college through interactions with the Director, Faculty, Students, PTA, Alumni and staff etc. The peer team has also visited all the academic departments, Facilities etc to arrive at an understanding about the institution and prepared the peer team report. Accordingly the assessment of the college under the various criteria as prescribed by the NAAC has been conducted. The criterion-wise peer team

Report including the commendable features and the issues of concern are detailed in the following pages.

Section II : Criterion-wise Analysis
Criterion - I : Curricular Aspects
As an affiliated college of the University of the Punjab, the college follows the syllabi prescribed by the University for B.Sc. (N.M. and M.) and M.Sc. Botany and Chemistry in the non-semester pattern (Annual). The college offers four programmes two UG and two PG programmes. A certificate programme in computer IT Primer I, II is being conducted by MoU with Tata Infotech. Except for the certificate course, the UG and PG Programmes are of a conventional nature since college is working in a affiliating system.

The college takes six months to one year introduce new programme within the regulations of the present University system. The college lecturers contribute in the framing of the syllabi of various subjects by making suggestions to B.O.S. Some teachers are members of the BOS in Punjab University. The existing curricula for a subject is reviewed and updated generally after a span of three years or whenever it is required. The mission and goals of the college include overall development of the personality of the students through extension activities like environmental awareness, NSS, youth and cultural activities, etc.

The range of programme options available to the students are B.Sc. and M.Sc. in Botany and Chemistry.

Criterion - II : Teaching, Learning and Evaluation
Admission to the various courses of study in the college is through academic merit in the qualifying examination. Some seats are reserved in accordance with the policy of reservation of the Punjab Govt.

The college has a provision for assessing the student's knowledge and skill after admission through class tests, house examinations and seminars( for P.G. Students).

The college conducts Remedial Courses for disadvantaged students (weaker section) with assistance of UGC. The advanced learners are challenged to work ahead of the rest by seeking extra guidance from the teachers during free time and through computer education.

The teachers are encouraged to make teaching plan unitized into 4 phases and progress of the course taught, is monitored by the college Director in the staff meetings. The college supplements the lecture method of teaching in class by giving home assignments, showing slides through OHP, slide projector, models, charts and students are exposed to industries, universities, labs and field visits. Charts are used by PG students as a significant teaching aid under the guidance of teachers during seminars.

Evaluation methods are communicated to the students orally by the teachers and also through prospectus at the beginning of the year. The college monitors the overall performance of students at the beginning of the year asking questions orally and by occasional class tests and observing their skill in practical classes.

Regular teachers are recruited by the Punjab Govt. through the Punjab Public Service Commission. The new teaching posts are created when there is academic growth and or after the introduction of a new subject / course / option. The college has the freedom to appoint and pay temporary / ad hoc teaching staff and guest faculty out of PTA.

Two teachers have participated in National level seminar / workshop and one as a resource person.

The teacher's performance is assessed through an annual confidential report and the results of University Exam. by the Director and if the performance is unsatisfactory, it is communicated to the teacher concerned with advice for improvement in future. There is no institutional mechanism for faculty appraisal.

The college collects student evaluation on campus experience through 'Students' Questionnaire' duly filled in by the students.

Twelve teachers have been benefited by attending Refresher and Orientation courses.

The college considers visiting different laboratories, institutions and universities for developing national / international linkages for teaching and / or research.

Criterion - III : Research, Consultancy and Extension
The college promotes research by allowing teachers to go on study leave.
There are 07 and 09 teachers having M.Phil. and Ph.D. degrees respectively. However there seems no active research being carried out in the college. There is only one publication in the year 2001 and no publication thereafter but there are 15 publications in the previous years.

Similarly, no consultancy services are provided by the college, but there is potential in some areas where consultancy services could be possible. These areas are to be identified. This exposure will enrich the faculty and will also greatly help the students and society.

The college has designated a teacher for undertaking extension activities by assigning him an additional charge. Extension activities undertaken by the college include Social work, Health Hygiene awareness, AIDS awareness, Dowry System, Blood donation, Environmental awareness and Drug addiction etc. This work is appreciated and recognized by the institution. The college works and plans all these activities with the help of NGOs and GOs. Students participating in NSS programmes are given incentive marks. There is scope for further utilization of the potential of the students in extension activities and outreach programmes in the field of Empowerment of Women as there are 13 female teachers and 233 girl students out of 357 enrolled.

Criterion - IV : Infrastructure and Learning Resources
The college being a Govt. college established 35 years ago, has expanded its infrastructural facilities in the form of Main building, laboratories, gas plant, library, museum, girls hostel, botanical garden in a campus. The college has provided Director's residence and Class IV quarters.

There is a big library in the college which includes 12,900 books on different subjects with some Scientific Journals, Abstracts, Reviews, Monographs, etc. The library opens on all the working days from 9 a.m. to 4 pm., but college has to strengthen computer, reprography and internet facilities. A few additions of Journals / periodicals in the library will not only strengthen and enrich the library but will also be of great help to faculty and students. Therefore the library facilities need to be revamped. Arrangements may be made to allow free access for students.

The college has a physical education centre with sports facilities on the playground for Hockey, Football, Basketball, Athletics, 400 meter track (8 lanes) of international standard and Olympic torch.

The college has first aid facilities medical checkup and one post of nurse for minor ailments. Employees / students are provided with medical help in the state-run hospital or civil hospital.

The college campus is kept beautiful and pollution free by a dedicated team of Gardeners and other staff. All the infrastructural facilities are maintained by PWD, B & R, Public Health and from P.T.A. funds.
The college has a botanical garden in an area of 3.32 acres in which 300 species of plants which are uncommon and have a varied importance are grown.

Criterion - V : Student Support and Progression
The college consistently maintains very good results including ranks in the University Examination.

Success rate is high and dropout rate is low. This is an admirable feature of the college.

Ten students have cleared UGC-CSIR(NET) Examination and one passed TOEFL.

Financial aid is available and provided to the needy students in the form of scholarships like Merit Scholarships, National scholarships, Terrorist affected students and other agencies.

Progression to further study is about 30%.

The college has recently developed employment guidance/ placement cell.

There is an Alumni Association, but a list of past students holding prominent positions has been peruses and appreciated by the Peer Team. A registered Alumni Association is therefore suggested as it will be able to mobilize resources for the benefit of the college and students.

Adequate sports and recreational services are available.

The students have participated in Athletics at the University level in 100 meter Hurdles and 100 meter Race and got IV and VII places respectively at the university level.

Criterion - VI : Organisation and Management
The college is a Govt. institution, being run and governed by the rules of the Punjab Govt.

There is the College Council consisting of five seniormost teachers, HODs, Bursar and Registrar under the guidance of College Director for internal co-ordinating and monitoring system for various functioning of the college.

Staff members are divided into small committees and put in charge of various responsibilities pertaining to day to day functioning of the college.

There is a periodical inspection by the Punjab University, Chandigarh after every five years.

Recruitment of the staff is made by the Punjab Govt. and in case of an emergency, Director has freedom to appoint visiting faculty.

The college has a Grievance Redressal Cell.

The college has regular budgetary provision though inadequate. Accounts are audited by local C.A. followed by AG of the Punjab Govt. Funds under PTA for development is appreciable.

The college has various welfare programmes for students like Education Fund and Book Bank facility. Facilities are also provided to the regular employees of the college.

Criterion - VII : Healthy Practices
The college imparts Value-Based education to the students by inviting eminent persons for lectures and seminars.

The community orientation is brought in the college through activities like lectures on Dowry, Drug Addiction, AIDS and NSS camps. The young blood donors association is doing good social work.

The college has strong PTA which augments the academic and infrastructural needs of the college.

The college has generated healthy academic atmosphere in the campus. Teachers are committed. The teachers students have cordial relations.

The students are very enthusiastic and majority of them are found to be serious of their studies and emotionally attached to the college.

For all round development of the student's personality, college organizes Quiz competition, cultural festivals, debates and elocution and sports.

Various activities conducted in the college help the students to work as a part of the team like NSS, Giddha, Bhangras, one-act plays and Sports Events.

Section 3 : Overall Analysis
After going through the Self-Study Report and visit to the institution it has been observed that the college has been translating its goal and objectives effectively in imparting higher education and overall development of students through its academic and extension activities.

The peer team considers that there are several good features in the college. These will aid the college to further work towards quality assurance of academic standards. of the college, certain areas of concern for its consideration. The peer team would like to commend the institution for several best things including some of the following aspects:

High success rate and low dropout rate are admirable.

Facilitating aspect of the institution to promote student participation in extension activities and sports.

Adequacy in the maintenance of infrastructure.

Beautiful and pollution free environment spread our 40 acres campus.

The botanical garden is impressive with good species diversity .

The college conducts certificate programs in Computers in collaboration with Tata Infotech.

The college has obtained permission for NRI quota admissions in PG classes from the session 2004-05.

The college is constructing Multipurpose Hall with support from MPLADs and PTA etc.

The young blood donors association is doing good social work

The college has 110 capacity girls hostel with excellent facilities and maintenance.

The college has subject societies Ie. Botanical Society Association, Chemical Society Association etc. which encourage and promote students academic activities.

The performance of the students in general and in particular in post graduate courses of Botany and Chemistry are impressive.

Involvement, encouragement and participation given by the Director of the institution who resides in the campus and keeps watch for 24 hrs. in the college functioning, good human relationship and effective leadership resulting in efficient team work.

Despite the constraints pertaining to governance of State Govt. and affiliating system of the university, the peer team would suggest the following for consideration of the college:

The college should identify specific objectives and make strategic plans to attain the overall mission.

The college may explore the possibility of introducing more course options to increase flexibility in course combinations keeping in mind the latest trends and societal needs. Institutions own Certificate programmes in relevant areas such as Functional English, Communicative English, Vermiculture, Plantation techniques, Laboratory techniques etc.

The Library can get computerized with the support of INFLIBNET, Ahmedabad. The library needs further improvement including strenghnening of book bank scheme. There is need of more new books. There is requirement of procuring few more research journals particularly in post graduate subjects.

Teaching aids, supplementary academic recourses, Xerox, OHP etc need to be effectively used.

Access to computers Internet and student support services like placement cell need be strengthened. The administrative staff may be trained in the use of computer facilities.

The counseling and guidance cell need to be strengthened to further evolve effective planning and suitable strategies for the career benefits of the students.

Complementary systems like self-financing need-based courses, non-formal mode and distance education are suggested for strengthening regular academic programme.

National / international linkages, for teaching and research may require to be established

The self-appraisal and other appraisal mechanism of the teachers has been introduced to strengthen the faculty. Similarly formal mechanism for collecting feedback from students on the various aspects of their learning experience at the departmental / institutional level has been instituted.

To strengthen and widen the teaching learning process, it is necessary to recruit teaching staff against vacant positions as there is no recruitment since 1996.The institute is meeting its teaching requirements by appointing temporary teachers with the support of Parents teachers Association

The college may try for the establishment of National / International linkages for teaching and research.

Possible areas for consultancy services need to be identified and formalized.

The Alumni Association is yet of an informal nature and needs to be established as a registered body.

The spacious land of the college can be further utilized for raising wood plantations in addition to existing plants with support of agencies such as Social Forestry, Department of Environment etc.

The college can have its Website and E-Mail etc to provide better information to stake holders.

There is need of adopting Microanalysis laboratory techniques in Chemistry.
Laboratory infrastructure needs improvement including subjects offering postgraduate courses.

There is need of greatly strengthening the research atmosphere in the college. The faculty members are advised to take up minor and major research projects with the assistance of UGC,CSIR,DST,DBT,DOEn etc. Research projects and activities will also enrich the laboratory and library facilities in addition to spill over effect on teaching, learning activities of the college.

The Peer Team thanks and deeply appreciate the cooperation and support extended to it by the Director of college, Directorate of Collegiate Education, Govt. of Punjab, Coordinator & Members of the Steering Committee, Faculty, Staff and Students.

The peer team wishes that the assessment the accreditation Process will facilitate the college in reorienting its current activities and initiating the quality enhancement strategies towards further growth and development.

The peer team feels that the college has immense potential to develop as a model Science Education & Research Centre in this part of the country.

(Prof. R.S. Mali)

(Dr. K.N. Patil)

(Dr. Mrs. Bala Dhankar)

(Dr. Parduman Singh Bhatti)

Place: - Jagraon
Dist. Ludhiana

Dated: 29/10/2003

Shri Hardev Singh versus Sanmati Government College of Science Education and Research Jagraon

SCO No. 84-85, Sector 17-C, CHANDIGARH.

Shri Hardev Singh

P.I.O./ Govt. Science & Research College, Jagraon. ---Respondent

Complaint Case No. CC-586-2006:

Shri Hardev Singh, complainant in person.
Ms. Harmandeep Kaur, Director, Govt. Science & Research Institute, Jagraon.


Shri Hardev Singh had submitted, vide his letter dated September 2006 received in the Commission on October 10, 2006 that his application dated August 7, 2006 made to the P.I.O. Office of the Director, Sanmati Science & Research College Institute, Jagraon, for under Right to Information Act, 2005 duly accompanied by the prescribed fee, had not drawn any response to date. The said complaint was forwarded to the concerned P.I.O. for response within 15 days for consideration of the Commission on October 11, 2006 to which the said P.I.O. Smt. Harmandeep Kaur, Director of the College replied vide her letter No.2006/291-293 dated October 17, 2006 that there is no refusal to the supply of any information on the part of the College. The information which had been sought from the retired employee (She is referring to the complainant Shri Hardev Singh), had been received from him on October 16, 2006 and the said information has been sent/was being sent to the Principal Govt. Sr. Secondary School, Talwandi Kalan, along with the affidavit received from him. The information sent included the service Book duly completed after incorporating details from the available attending Registrar of the College. Thereafter, the information sent by the Principal was sent to Shri Hardev Singh Complaint Case No. CC-586-2006:

for his comments within 15 days. Further date of hearing of the case was fixed for December 20, 2006 when the matter was adjourned to January 31, 2007.

Since the Elections for the Municipal Corporation of Union Territory, Chandigarh were being held on December 20, 2006 and a holiday had been declared in Chandigarh. A copy of the notice of the new date of hearing was once again sent to Shri Hardev Singh as well as to the P.I.O. Today, despite due notice Shri Hardev Singh has not appeared. Obviously he has no further complaint in the matter and the necessary information has already been supplied. If he had any grouse, he would have appeared or sent some written communication in response to the notice of this Court.

The case is disposed of accordingly.
(Mrs. Rupan Deol Bajaj)
State Information Commissioner

January 31, 2006.

Summary: Sanmati Government College of Science Education and Research, Jagraon Punjab website, mobile, contact address and approval / recognition details.