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NAAC report of ML Dahanukar College of Commerce

ML Dahanukar College of Commerce (MLDC), Mumbai
SECTION I - Preamble
Parle Tilak Vidyalay Association's M. L. Dahanukar College of Commerce, Mumbai Volunteered to be assessed by the National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC), Bangalore and Submitted a Self-Study Report in September 2003. The Council constituted a Peer Team comprising of Prof. M. Madaiah, Former Vice-Chancellor of the University of Mysore, ( Chairman), Dr. Stephen A, Principal St. Stephen's College Uzhavoor, P.O. District Kottayam Kerala (Member) and Prof. S.Selvaraj, (Former Principal) Advisor Annammal College of Education for Women Tuticorin, Tamil Nadu (Member Co-ordinator). The Team visited the college on 15th and 16th January 2004. Prof. S. Selvaraj Co-Ordinated the work of the Peer Team throughout its visit.

M. L. Dahanukar College of Commerce was established in June 1960, by 'Parle Tilak Vidyalaya Association'. Earlier It was know as Parle Commerce College and became 'Mahadev Laxman Dahanukar College of Commerce in 1961 as a result of the generous donation of Rs. 3 lakhs from the Industrial House of Dahanukars. It was the first commerce college in the suburbs of Mumbai to 'impart quality education to the youth of Mumbai, particulary to the residents of Vile Parle and neighboring suburbs'. It is a co-educational institution and is affiliated to the University of Mumbai. The Institution receive grant-in-aid of the State Government. The college is recognized by the University Grants Commission under section 2 (f) and 12 (b) of the U. G. C. Act of 1956.

The College is housed in a well-planned and neatly maintained spacious building with an impressive infrastructure. There are eight Departments in the college. The institution offers Courses leading to B.Com., B.M.S. and M. Com degrees. In addition, the college offers 5 P. G. Diploma courses and a course on P. E. 1 of I. C. A. I. There are 15 qualified and experienced teachers in the college including four temporary teachers. In addition, there are 8 teachers on C. H. B. and one part-time teacher. There are 29 members on the non-teaching staff. Student enrollment for undergraduate courses in commerce stands at 1705 including 1045 girls. There are 247 students in B. M. S. self-financing course. The student enrollment for M.Com. stands at 230. The Institution has been providing opportunity for higher education in Commerce and Management Studies in Vile Parle area. B. M. S. and B. Com (Accounts and Finance) are self-financing course added recently.

The Peer Team meticulously analysed the Self-Study report submitted by the institution. During the two day visit to the college, the team went through all the relevant documents as well as visited the Departments and the facilities such as academic, co-curricular, sports and extension of the institution. The members of the Peer Team also interacted with the Governing Body, Principal, Faculties, Non-Teaching staff, Representatives of students, Parents and the Alumni of the college. Based on the above exercise and keeping in mind the seven criteria identified by NAAC, the peer team has given its concerted and objective assessment of the institution in the ensuing pages

SECTION II : Criterion - Wise Analysis
Criterion I : Curricular Aspects
As an affiliated college of the University of Mumbai, M. L. Dahanukar College follows the curriculum and regulation of the university. The syllabi in Commerce and Management Studies incorporate multi-disciplinary / interdisciplinary components and a certain amount of flexibility. The college has 8 departments viz. Commerce, Accountancy, Economics, Mathematics and Statistics, Psychology, Business Law, Business Communication and Environmental Studies. The institution offers a few optionals / electives both at B.Com and M.Com level. The college also offers the career oriented courses viz. Bachelor of Management Studies and Bachelor of Commerce (Accounts and Finance).These two self-financing courses not only provide better choice for students but also cater to the demands and needs of industries and business establishment. Five Post Graduate Diploma courses are also offered for the benefit of Students. These diploma courses are in Business Management, Marketing Management, Financial Management, Material Management and Human Resource Development. The college also offers P. E. 1 course of I. C. A. I. However, there is a need for introduction of a couple of new self- financing courses and additional electives at the M. Com. level.

Co-curricular activities are encouraged through various associations in the college. A one day workshop was organized by the Department of Accountancy on Financial Accounting and Auditing.

The college does not have the freedom to revise the syllabi and it adopts the revised syllabi whenever such revision is made by the University of Mumbai.

CRITERION II : Teaching-Learning and Evaluation
The college operates on Semester as well as Annual system. The college has qualified and experienced teaching staff. Students are admitted on the basis of their academic records. However, B. M. S. Students are admitted on the basis of Common Entrance Examination conducted by Mumbai University. Teachers plan their teaching schedule. Evaluation method are made known to the students at the beginning of the academic year. Tests, assignments, project work, industrial visits and final examination form the yardstick for evaluation of students. The college provides remedial / bridge courses to the academically weak students. Advanced learners are encouraged to read good books & articles and to take competitive examinations including C. A. There is a fine blending of teaching, learning and evaluation in this institution.

Recruitment of teachers are done as per the norms of Mumbai University and the State Government. Six teaching staff have been recruited in the last two years. As many as 8 teachers have participated in National Level Seminars and 3 teachers in International Seminars. A few Teachers have also served as resource persons.

In addition to self-assessment, students also evaluate the teachers through filling Teaching Assessment Questionnaire (T.A.Q.). Many teachers have also undergone refresher courses in their respective disciplines. One teacher of this Institution has received the Best Teacher Award. However there is a need to encourage teachers to obtain M.Phill / Ph. D degrees at the earliest. More teachers need to be encouraged to attend professional development programmes and conferences and seminars.

CRITERION III : Research, Consultancy and Extension
One Faculty member has obtained Ph. D degree from Mumbai University. Another teacher is in the process of completing the Ph. D research. A few publications are also there to the credit of teachers. Consultancy service is yet to emerge but there is potential. However, teachers do provide counseling on job opportunities, Competitive Examinations, etc. to the students.

The college is also involved in many commendable extension activities. These include programmes to create AIDS awareness, arranging blood donation camps, environmental awareness. Providing book bank facilities to needy students. The college plans many of its extension activities in collaboration with NGOs and Government organizations.

CRITERION IV : Infrastructure and Learning Resources
Dahanukar college has an impressive infrastructure. There is a well-kept spacious building on the campus which accommodates class rooms, staff room, Administrative wing, Library, Computer Center, Management Institution, Canteen etc.

There are 45,000 books in the library. The library subscribes to 30 journals / periodicals. There is also facility for Inter-library exchange. The library provides book-bank facility to the needy students. The Library has facilities such as computers, audio-visual cassettes, Internet facility etc. The college has a computer center which woks from 8.00 A. M. to 6. 00 P. M.. Some departments like B.M.S., Mathematics & Statistics have their own computers. Computers and accessories are maintained through the annual maintenance Contract with private firms.
The college has facilities both for Indoor games and outdoor games. A large of students have participated in various sports events at the intercollegiate & regional levels. A few sports persons have brought laurels to the institution.

Criterion V : Student Support and Progression :
The college has many student support programmes. There are a number of scholarships / studentships available from state as well as Central governments. Between 1999 - 2000 and 2002 - 2003 as many as 594 students have received financial aid in this college.

The college publishes its updated prospectus annually which gives information on admission procedures, fee structure, library, computer facilities, examinations, etc. Almost all the teachers participate in the academic and personal counselling of students. From the records, one can notice many students have gone for higher studies in IIMS, foreign countries, P. G. Courses, P. G. Diplomas, etc.

There is an Alumni Association in the college by the name 'M. L. D. C. Alumni Association'. The students of the college participate actively in various cultural and literary programmes. The percentage of pass in the college in various university examination is appreciable. Quit a few students of the institution have obtained university ranks which is highly commendable. However, the dropout rate has to be brought down through appropriate steps.

CRITERION VI : Organisation and Management
Parle Tilak Vidyalay Association Mumbai is in charge of the overall administration of the college. The Management of the Association is quite sound and democratic. It runs many educational institutions under its umbrella. The Association has been supporting the quality education. The Local Managing Committee and the Standing Committee take policy decisions for the development of the college. The day-to-day administration is run by the Principal assisted by a Vice- Principal and a host of committees. One can notice the democratic participatory approach in carrying out the activities of the college.

The Management encourages teachers in their academic improvement. A few welfare programs like loan facilities against P.F. are available to employees.

After interaction with the Management, the peer team feels that the management is very much interested in institutional development and ready to give the necessary logistic support for the same.

CRITERION VII : Healthy Practices
The college has certain healthy features and they are mentioned below :-

Introduction of Self financing course like BMS and B.Com. (Accounting and Finance) for the benefit of students.

Establishment of Dahanukar Institute of Management to run diploma courses

Computer Center to Provide training

N. S. S. Extension activities in collaboration with NGOs and Government organizations.

Establishment of 'Commercial Lab' is an innovative feature

Organizing inter-collegiate seminar for commerce teachers regarding the syllabi of Accountancy.

The College imparts value based education

Maintenance of discipline on the campus

Prevalence of harmony among teaching, non-teaching and students

Getting University ranks by the students is a laudable feature

Guidance to students for all-round personality development

Promoting sports and other Co-curricular activities of the Students

Maintaining good relations with Parents, Alumni and Management

Section III : Overall Analysis
The Peer Team after going through the self study report and after its two day visit to various academic and physical facilities, is impressed by the commendable progress of M. L. Dahanukar college of commerce in transacting its vision and goals of advancement of the frontiers of knowledge in the domain of higher learning. Values of social commitment and service pervade through all activities of this college.

There is a commitment to the academic, co-curricular and extra-curricular activities of students who go through this premier institution. Students are exposed to the social milieu and challenges of the world outside. The college has earned a high reputation for imparting quality education in Vile Parle suburbs of Greater Mumbai. The college has been lucky to have successive committed and dynamic Principals for its unbridled advancement since its establishment in 1960.

Keeping in view the changes that are taking place, the institution has diversified its academic ambience by offering more electives / optionals in commerce courses. In addition, the institution has also introduced new courses like Bachelor of Management Studies and Bachelor of Commerce (Accounts and Finance) for the benefit of the students. Teachers do use lecture method as well as modern teaching aids to make teaching-learning more effective. The methodology adopted for evaluation of students is adequate and the students are happy with it. Infrastructure facilities are quite good. The campus is kept clean and neat. Value education is emphasized in this institution for the overall development of the students.

The institution supports the students in their curricular as well as co-curricular activities. Extension activities carried out by the college are appreciable. Organisation and management is quite sound and participatory. Financial management of the college is prudent and accounts are audited regularly by competent agencies. Commendable healthy practices are also prevalent in the institution which would promote the all-round development of the students.

While appreciating the progress of this institution, the peer team wishes to suggest the following for future development of the college.

A couple of new job oriented self financing courses and P. G. courses in management studies may be introduced for meeting the changing needs of industry and business. This would also fetch some additional resource to the college

Library facilities need to be strengthened to cater to the needs of the growing requirements of the students. Special attention needs to be given for the total computerization of library at the earliest. Adequate and up-to-date learning resources are the essential ingredients of academic growth.

More News papers may be provided in the reading room and in the girls common room.

More Business / Professional journals including few international may be subscribed in the Library.

A separate Xerox machine may be made available in the library.

The College may think of having a 'Media Center' where all the modern teaching aids can be prepared.

More computers with internet facility may be made available to students and staff.

The institution needs to encourage teachers to improve their academic qualification through F. I. P or through institutional logistic support.

The institution may think of having formal linkages / MOUs with industry, research institutions and financial institution. This would improve the academic ambience of the college.

Seminars / Workshops on current issues may be organized to give better exposure to students as well teachers.

More Electives / Optionals at the M. Com. level may be introduced

Outreach programmes of the college need to be expanded to enhance the reputation of the institution.

A few more certificate / diploma courses may be offered for the benefit of students.

Professional counseling may made available in the college for the benefit of students.

The management need to pay attention for the construction of additional class rooms.

The Peer Team is pleased to note that Parle Tilak Vidyalaya Association's M. L.Dahanukar College of Commerce has maintained its name for its quality education in commerce and management studies. Its accomplishments are commendable and the institution has ample opportunities to reach newer academic heights. The team appreciates the unstinted interest of Sri Sathe, Chaiman and other members of the Governing body of the Association for promoting higher education in Vile Parle region. The Principal Dr. (Smt.) Madhavi Pethe is very receptive to new academic ideas and is enthusiastic in the all-round progress of the institution. The Peer Team compliments her and the entire academic community of the college for maintaining congenial atmosphere.

The peer team envisages a very bright future for this premier institution in the new millennium.

Prof. M. Madaiah (Chairperson)

Dr. Stephen A (Member)

Prof. S. Selvaraj (Member Co-ordinator)

Dr. (Smt.) Madhavi Pethe (Principal)
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