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Government College, Hoshiarpur, Punjab


Government College, Hoshiarpur, Punjab
Address: Plot / Street / Area
Govt College Chowk
Hoshiarpur (District Hoshiarpur)
Punjab, India

Government College, Hoshiarpur Punjab is a recognised institute / college. Government College, Hoshiarpur Punjab was established on / in 1927.

Principal of Government College, Hoshiarpur Punjab is (Ex Ms Mukand Kaur). Mr ND Bhatia (Earlier Principal of Govt College Talwara).

Government College is situated in Hoshiarpur of Punjab state (Province) in India. This data has been provided by www.punjabcolleges.com. Hoshiarpur comes under Hoshiarpur Tehsil, Hoshiarpur District.

Fax # of Government College, Hoshiarpur Punjab is 01882-255460.

Mobile No(s) of concerned persons at Government College, Hoshiarpur Punjab are 9356412498, 9872886074, 9042769084.

email ID(s) is Government College Hoshiarpur Punjab

Website of Government College, Hoshiarpur Punjab is www.govtcollegehoshiarpur.com.

Contact Details of Government College, Hoshiarpur Punjab are : Telephone: +91-1882-255460
Email Id: office@govtcollegehoshiarpur.com, princi_govtcollhsp@rediffmail.com
Parent-Teacher Association President: Prof Kailash Sood

Earlier Principal Mr Deshbir Sharma, 304, Vasant Vihar Hoshiarpur, 9876124304. He retired on 30.09.2009.


Government College, Hoshiarpur Punjab runs course(s) in Degree stream(s).
BA, B.Sc, B.Com, M.A(Physical Edu.), M.A(English), M.A(Hindi), M.A(Political Science), M.A(History), M.A(Punjabi), M.Sc(Math), M.A(Economics), M.A(Fine Arts)

Approval details: Government College is affiliated with Panjab University, Chandigarh (Chandigarh)

Profile of Government College

Government College, Hoshiarpur Punjab India , situated at the foot of the Shivalik Hills, caters to the educational needs of Hoshiarpur, Jalandhar and Gurdaspur districts of Punjab. It came into being in 1927 as an Intermediate College with Shri Bihari Lal Bhatia as Founder Principal. Before partition itself, in 1943 it was upgraded to a Degree College in view of the great demand as erstwhile Kangra district and present day Una district of Himachal Pradesh were also among the areas covered by its academic facilities.
This premier educational institution of Punjab has a proud history and a glorious past as it served as the seat of Teaching Departments of the Panjab University from 1948 till 1960 when the University was shifted from Lahore. During that period it was known as University College, Hoshiarpur. Eminent Scholars like Dr. Vishwa Nath, Dr. K.K. Dewett, Principal S.S. Chawla headed the institution while academic giants like Dr. R.C. Paul, Dr. Manmohan Singh ( Prime Minister of India), Dr. B.S. Minhas were on its faculty.
This nursery of talent in academics, sports and culture has always stood up to its 80 year old traditions and aims at contributing its best towards the education of the population of the sub-mountainous region, better known as Kandi Area of Punjab. At present having a faculty of 95 teachers, the college imparts instruction in 8 Post-graduate and 7 Honours School courses. Besides this, it offers Under-graduate Courses in Arts, Science, Commerce and Vocational subject of Functional English.
Since its inception, this college has been providing access to higher education to a predominantly rural/agrarian population, equipping them with skills that have enabled countless alumni who hold/have held the highest positions and honours in every walk of life. The number would run into scores. Poets like Sahir Hoshiarpuri, Muneer Niyaazi and Prem Kumar Nazar had been students here while Dr. Jagtar and Suresh Seth had been teachers. Shri Gurbachan Jagat,Dr. Ashok Kundra, Sh. C.L.Bains, Mr. Ramesh Inder Singh, Sudha Pandey, Mr. Jerath, Sunil Arora, Ravi Chopra, J.P. Sharma, Sanjeev Arora, Tunin Kant Pandey, Rajeev Arora, Ambika Parmar, Shweta Nakra and Dr. Ravneet singh are some of the names who have done this institution proud as eminent civil servants.
The vision of the college can be summarized as follows:-

To inculcate academic and intellectual skills.
To help students to evolve as good citizens with integrated personalities by tapping their innate potential.
The college occupies a very prominent position among institutions of higher education in the state of Punjab. The need for realistic self-appraisal arises in the globalized context in which all educational institutions have to compete with and establish linkages with each other. Only such a self-appraisal can lead to further growth by foregrounding major thrust areas for meeting standardized norms and development.
In 1974-75, there were 2,552 students (1,728 boys and 824 girls) on the rolls of the college.


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Media coverage of Government College, Hoshiarpur Punjab, Punjab

Ms Santosh Kumari versus Government College Hoshiarpur

SCO No. 32-34, 1st Floor (Court No-2), Sector 17-C, CHANDIGARH.

Ms. Santosh Kumari,
D/o Sh. Hans Raj,
Vill. Phull Piara, Sujanpur,
Teh . Pathankot, Gurdaspur.
__________ Complainant


Public Information Officer,
Principal, Government College,
Tanda, Hoshiarpur. __________ Respondent

CC No. 1024 of 2007

Ms. Santosh Kumari,complainant in person.
Ms. Inderjit Kaur, Principal, Government College,Tanda.



The respondent states that she has joined as Principal of the Government College, Tanda, only on 20-10-20078 but she has made a commitment that point wise reply to the application of the complainant, along with the required information, properly flagged, will be given to her within three weeks from today.

Adjourned to 10 AM on 28-11-2007 for confirmation of compliance.


State Information Commissioner

Ms Santosh Kumari versus Government College Hoshiarpur

SCO No. 32-34, (1st Floor), Sector 17-C, CHANDIGARH.

Ms. Santosh Kumari,
D/o Sh. Hans Raj,
Vill. Phull Piara, Sujanpur,
Teh . Pathankot, Gurdaspur.
__________ Complainant

Public Information Officer,
Principal, Government College,
Tanda, Distt. Hoshiarpur. __________ Respondent

CC No. 1024 of 2007

i)Ms. Santosh Kumari, complainant in person.
ii)Ms. Inderjit Kaur,Principal, Govt. College, Tanda-cum- PIO.


There are 5 items of information which the complainant has mentioned in her application as not having been received by her. The position regarding the 5 items is as follows:-
1. The respondent states that the office copy of the family pension case of the complainant and the dispatch register in which its dispatch to the A.G.Punjab may have been entered, are both missing and cannot therefore be supplied to the complainant. While this may be true, it is incumbent upon the College to make efforts to locate the missing record. The respondent is advised to lodge an FIR with the local police for the recovery of these records.

2. A copy of the letter written by the college authorities to the SHO Tanda on 9-8-2006 which is available in the records of the college, is in the same illegible shape in which it has been supplied to the complainant. A legible copy thereof can be given to the complainant only by the SHO , PS Tanda, who is directed to send a copy of memo. No., 81 dated 9-8-2006 received by him from the Principal, Government College, Tanda, to the complainant Ms.Santosh Kumari, at the address given at the head of these orders. A copy of these orders may be sent to the SSP, Hoshiarpur for ensuring compliance by the SHO, Tanda.

3. The information required by the complainant regarding the permission granted to Sri Nanak Chand, Peon, for keeping cattle, is exempted under section 8(1)(j) of the RTI Act.

No further action is required to be taken in this case, which is disposed of.

State Information Commissioner
Dated 26th June, 2008

A copy is forwarded to the SSP, Hoshiarpur, for necessary action as recorded against point No. 2 above.


Page numbers

In the High Court of Punjab and Haryana, Chandigarh.

Date of Decision: 23.10.2006

Manorma Joshi (Sidhu) ....Petitioner
State of Punjab and others. ....Respondents.

Hon'ble Mr.Justice J.S. Khehar.
Hon'ble Mr. Justice S.D. Anand.

Present: Mr. R.C. Dimri, Advocate for the petitioner.
Mr. Ashok Aggarwal, Addl. A.G., Punjab and
Mr. B.S. Chahal, AAG, Punjab for the respondents.

J.S. Khehar, J. (Oral).

While the petitioner was posted as Principal, Government College, Hoshiarpur, she was issued a memorandum of charges, under the provisions of the Punjab Civil Services (Punishment and Appeal) Rules, 1970, on 19.9.2003. The petitioner submitted a detailed reply thereto, denying the allegations levelled against her. Finding the reply filed by the petitioner as unsatisfactory, the authorities chose to hold a regular
departmental enquiry against the petitioner. For the aforesaid purpose, Mr. S.L. Jain, Deputy Director, from the office of the DPI (Colleges), Punjab, was appointed as the enquiry officer. The enquiry officer allegedly recorded the statements of the witnesses on behalf of the department, on 19.5.2004 and 20.5.2004. It is also the case of the petitioner, that she was not afforded an opportunity to cross-examine the witnesses produced by the CWP No. 9990 of 2005 Page numbers department, before the enquiry officer. Consequent upon the conclusion of the enquiry proceedings, the enquiry officer found the petitioner guilty of two of the charges levelled against her, in his report dated 1.6.2004 (Annexure P-19). Consequent upon the determination at the hands of the enquiry officer, the petitioner was inflicted with the punishment of stoppage of one increment with cumulative effect, by an order dated 15.4.2005
(Annexure P-24).

Through the instant writ petition, the petitioner has impugned

the procedure adopted by the authorities in holding the departmental enquiry against her, as also, the eventual order of punishment passed against her, on 15.4.2005.

The petitioner, inter-alia, has impugned the departmental proceedings conducted against her, by raising two primary contentions, firstly, that the enquiry proceedings were conducted against her, by an officer who was junior to her. And secondly by asserting, that the petitioner had not been afforded an opportunity to cross-examine the witnesses produced on behalf of the department, during the course of the enquiry proceedings. The final order dated 15.4.2005 has been impugned by asserting, that the same is a non-speaking order, which does not take into consideration any of the pleas raised by the petitioner, against the findings recorded by the enquiry officer.

We have examined the record produced before us, including the record of the enquiry proceedings. The same reveals, that the statements of the witnesses were recorded on 20.5.2004. The record produced before us, does not indicate, that the petitioner was afforded an opportunity to crossexamine the witnesses produced on behalf of the department.

CWP No. 9990 of 2005 Page numbers In so far as, the holding of the enquiry at the hands of a junior
employee is concerned, it has been acknowledged in paragraph 19(vi) of the joint written statement, filed on behalf of respondents No.1 and 2, that the enquiry officer was junior to the petitioner, as per the existing seniority list.

We have also perused the impugned order dated 15.4.2005. The same does not deal with even a single of the pleas raised by the petitioner.

On all the counts raised by the petitioner, we are satisfied, that the enquiry proceedings, as well as, the final order passed against the petitioner, deserve to be set aside.It is apparent, that the petitioner was not
afforded an opportunity to cross-examine the witnesses produced before the enquiry officer, on behalf of the department, and therefore, a fair and
reasonable opportunity cannot be stated to have been afforded to the petitioner in the departmental enquiry held against her. The enquiry proceedings held against the petitioner, were obviously unsustainable in law because the same had been conducted by a person, who was junior to the petitioner. Last, but not the least, the impugned order dated 15.4.2005, is clearly a non-speaking order, and the same accordingly, deserves to be set aside.

For the reasons recorded above, the enquiry proceedings, as well as, the impugned order dated 15.4.2005, are hereby set aside.

Writ petition stands disposed of in the aforesaid terms.

( J.S. Khehar )

( S.D. Anand )



COCP No. 23 of 2009

Date of decision:- 16.11.2009.

Dr. Amar Singh (s/o Puran Singh) Lecturer, Govt. College, Hoshiarpur. ...Petitioner
1. Mrs. Anjali Bhawra, Secretary, Deptt. Of Higher Education, Govt. of
Punjab, Mini Secretariat, Chandigarh-160009.

2. Sh. Jaspal Singh, Special Secretary with additional charge of Director
Public Instruction (Colleges) Punjab, Chandigarh-17. ...Respondents


None for the petitioner.
Mr. S.S. Sahu, AAG Punjab.

For order see COCP No. 2175 of 2008 titled Harnek Singh v. Mrs. Anjali Bhawra, Secretary and another, decided on 16.11.2009.

( Rakesh Kumar Garg )

Summary: Government College, Hoshiarpur Punjab website, mobile, contact address and approval / recognition details.