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Krishna Kanta Handique State Open University (KKHSOU), Guwahati (Gauhati), Assam


Krishna Kanta Handique State Open University (KKHSOU), Guwahati (Gauhati), Assam
Address:Housefed Complex, Last Gate, Dispur
Guwahati (Gauhati)
Assam, India
Pin Code : 781006

Krishna Kanta Handique State Open University (KKHSOU), Guwahati (Gauhati) Assam is a University recognised by UGC.
Krishna Kanta Handique State Open University (KKHSOU) is situated in Guwahati (Gauhati) of Assam state (Province) in India. This data has been provided by www.punjabcolleges.com. Fax # of Krishna Kanta Handique State Open University (KKHSOU), Guwahati (Gauhati) Assam is (0361) 2235398.

Contact Person(s) of the Krishna Kanta Handique State Open University (KKHSOU), Guwahati (Gauhati) Assam is (are): Ankuran Dutta Academic Consultant (ankurandutta@gmail.com).

Mobile No(s) of concerned persons at Krishna Kanta Handique State Open University (KKHSOU), Guwahati (Gauhati) Assam are Finance Officer 092070-48246, P. B. Lahkar (OSD, Exams) 092070-49351.

email ID(s) is Krishna Kanta Handique State Open University (KKHSOU) Guwahati (Gauhati) Assam

Website of Krishna Kanta Handique State Open University (KKHSOU), Guwahati (Gauhati) Assam is http://www.kkhsou.org/.

Chancellor : Prof Srinath Baruah, M.A., Ph.D. Ph. No : (0361) 223597, 2235642.
Vice Chancellor : Mobile 092070-49521.

Registrar : Mobile 092070-49442.

Contact Details of Krishna Kanta Handique State Open University (KKHSOU), Guwahati (Gauhati) Assam are : Ph. No.(0361) 2235971, 2235642

E-Mail : kkh_sou@yahoo.com, srinath_baruah@yahoo.com

Media coverage of Krishna Kanta Handique State Open University (KKHSOU), Guwahati (Gauhati) Assam, Assam

Profile of the University

About Krishna Kanta Handique State Open University (KKHSOU)

The Krishna Kanta Handique State Open University (KKHSOU), first of its kind in the entire North East and fourteenth amongst the Open universities in India was established by the Assam Legislative Assembly by an Act (XXXVII of 2005) in 1995. The Act received the assent from the Governor on 7th September, 2005. The University formally started functioning from December 11, 2006 after Professor Srinath Baruah, Professor in Economics, Gauhati University assumed office as its First Vice-Chancellor. Subsequently, the University declared July 20th, the birth day of Krishna Kanta Handiqui after whom the University was named, as its Foundation Day.

The headquarter of the University is Guwahati and its jurisdiction covers the whole of the state of Assam and beyond, as may be necessary, for the purpose of extending distance education. The University presently functions from its temporary office located at the Housefed Complex, Last gate, Dispur, Guwahati-6.


'If India was the jewel in the Crown of British Empire, the remote North-East of that country is the Hidden Jewel' so said Tony Howard describing the natural beauty of the states of the North East which has earned for itself the sobriquet of the Eight Sisters. North-East India is the easternmost region of the country comprising of eight states viz. - Assam, Arunachal Pradesh, Manipur, Meghalaya, Mizoram, Nagaland, Sikkim and Tripura. As per 2001 Census this region comprises 3.8 percent of the total population and 7.9 percent of the total geographical area of the country. It has 4500 km long international borders with Bangladesh, Bhutan, China, Myanmar, Nepal and Tibet. The North-Eastern States share only a 50 km common border with the rest of India via the Chicken's Neck. Due to this the States have in a way been politically away from the Indian mainstream.

Of all the States that constitute the NE region, Assam, the gateway of the states, is the most developed State in terms of higher education infrastructure, but there is still incapacity of conventional education systems to provide access to all or to provide quality education to those who have access, mainly as a result of insufficient qualified teaching personnel as well as absence of user friendly curricula and educational technology and also lack of infrastructure to compete with resulting in outflow of students. The predominantly young society (about two third of the population being below 34 years of age) of the North-East influenced by the rapidly increasing exposure to the external world, is poised for change that only education can muster.

About Krishna Kanta Handiqui

The Krishna Kanta Handique State Open University is named to honour the illustrious Pundit and Scholar Krishna Kanta Handiqui and his contribution to the state in the field of education. Born on 20th July, 1898 to a respectable family at Jorhat, a small upper Assam tea town, Krishna Kanta Handiqui epitomized a rare combination of profound knowledge and high order of academic administration. A First Class Master's in Sanskrit in 1919 from Calcutta University and a 1st Class Master's in History with Honours in 1923 from Oxford University, Handiqui was acknowledged as one of the greatest Sanskrit Scholars and brought him the rare honour of presiding over in the All India Oriental Conference, Classical Sanskrit Section in 1951. Professor Handiqui was honoured by the Deccan College as Honorary Fellow in 1968, which only a few scholars of outstanding merit, had such privilege by then. He not only studied but also mastered as many as eleven languages which included Latin, Greek, Italian, French, German, Spanish & Russian besides Pali & Prakrit. He was also awarded the Honorary degree of D. Lit. by Gauhati and Dibrugarh Universities in 1968 and 1972 respectively. He was the President of Assam Sahitya Sabha, the apex literary body of Assam, in the year 1937 and was later conferred with the highest honour of being 'Sadasya Mahiyan' of Assam Sahitya Sabha.

Of His scholastic attainment apart, he was the founder Principal of J.B. College, Jorhat the first non-government college of Assam for a period of 17 years,and the first Vice-Chancellor of the first and only University of Assam - Gauhati University, having unanimous choice for the said post for three consecutive terms from 1948 to 1957. This bears testimony to his administrative acumen and efficiency. His rare academic and administrative capability raised Gauhati University from its infancy to one of the front ranking universities of the country like Calcutta University and Madras University in a short time. It was no mean achievement. He was an educationist and administrator par excellence.
He was awarded 'Padmashri' in 1955 and 'Padma Bhusan' in 1967 by the Govt. of India. Laurels could not interfere his single minded pursuit of knowledge. His quest for knowledge continued till incapacitated.

Objectives: Krishna Kanta Handique State Open University Act sets the following objectives:
a) To advance and disseminate learning and knowledge by a diversity of means including the use of any communication technology,
b) To provide opportunities for higher education to a larger segment of the population,
c) To promote the educational well being of the community in general,
d) To encourage Open University and distance education system in the educational pattern of the State, and
e) To co-ordinate and determine standards in such system.

To achieve the above Objectives the University set the following motto: Education Beyond Barriers - of age, previous qualifications, time and geographical separation.

University Recognition and Affiliation by Distance Education Council, UGC, DEC and AICTE

Krishanakant Handique State Open University is located in Assam Guwahati. It has been established to provide distance education for people living in remote areas and people who are in full time in job and can't continue in regular education. In recent times there have been tremendous increase in the number of open Universities and Distance Education providers which has also started the trend of duping the students of their time and money. To prevent this trend Government has established DEC or Distance Education Council which is located in the Campus of IGNOU, Maidan Garhi, New Delhi. Students must be aware of the status of recognition of their respective open universities by checking the information with Distance Education Council.

At present Krishanakant Handique State Open University , Guwahati has been given recognition as a State Open University by DEC till April 7, 2013. Although, the recognition by DEC is quiet sufficient to judge the status and value of the course offered by the university as they offer recognition to only those universities which meet the minimum parameters of UGC and AICTE (only for technical and professional courses) . Still if the students are taking admission in a course which is completely new they must check the status of recognition with the university itself, DEC , UGC and AICTE (only for technical courses).

Profile of University

K K Handique State University (KKHSOU) was established in 1995 by the Assam Legislative Assembly by an Act (XXXVII of 2005).

The University is recognized by the Distance Education Council (DEC), New Delhi. The Krishna Kanta Handique State Open University is the first open university in the entire North East and 14th amongst the Open universities in India. The Krishna Kanta Handique State Open University is named to honour the illustrious Pundit and Scholar Krishna Kanta Handiqui and his contribution to the state in the field of education.

KKHSOU offers both undergraduate and diploma/certificate programmes, as well as a Bachelor's Preparatory Programme (BPP) to groom aspiring learners for graduate study.

study cell at Jorhat Central Jail

JORHAT, Dec 7 – It is a veritable new dawn for the inmates of Jorhat Central Jail. The State Government has opened a special study centre under Krishna Kanta Handique State Open University on the jail premises. Assam Social Welfare Minister Akon Bora, who also holds the Jail portfolio, inaugurated the centre on Tuesday.

During his speech at the inaugural ceremony, the minister stressed that prisons are meant not for punishment alone but also for the reformation of convicts. He highlighted the different schemes taken up by the Assam Government for the welfare of prisoners.

The study centre will facilitate the academic education of the jail inmates here so that there is a qualitative improvement in their social behaviour and conduct, Bora maintained.

Inspector General (Prisons) of Assam Ritwika Kalita said that the Government would bear the expenses for the learning of the inmates at the study centre. A library will be set up in each jail of the State soon, she added.

According to sources, 11 inmates of Jorhat Central Jail have enrolled for a course at the study centre as of now. Local college teachers will impart the classes to be held once every week.

Earlier, the Social Welfare Minister inspected the jail premises and exchanged views with the inmates. Bora gave instructions to the Jorhat district administration to initiate special measures to preserve the two cells, where iconic freedom fighters Kushal Konwar and Pitambar Goswami were lodged during the Independence struggle, as heritage structures.

The Jorhat District Jail, which was upgraded to a Central Jail on September 19, 2002, has the capacity to imprison 670 inmates. As on November 30, there were 538 inmates, including 523 men and 15 women.

A cane-and-bamboo small-scale industry has emerged as the most prominent scheme meant for the welfare of the prisoners. For this the jail authorities have formed a 20-member self-help group comprising inmates. The total funds – a sum of Rs 75,000 – for setting up the facility were provided by the Inspector General (Prisons) and JorhatDistrict Rural Development Agency. The former sanctioned Rs 25,000, while the latter authority gave Rs 50,000.

Wages are being given to the SHG members from the sale proceeds of the handicrafts which have been to the tune of about Rs 1 lakh so far. Jail authorities said that 50 per cent of the earnings would be distributed among the SHG members and the remainder would be utilised for the welfare of the other inmates.

The Assam Government has earmarked Rs 1.10 crore for the construction of two new buildings and improvement of the drainage system and sanitary latrines at Jorhat Central Jail during the current fiscal. Jail authorities pointed out that a five-yearscheme undertaken by the State Government is being implemented at the prison. Accordingly, the repair works of the jail hospital and kitchen have been completed, they claimed. The work on the water supplyscheme is also nearing completion, the authorities added.

Keeping with the Governments policy of providing cash incentives for rehabilitation of prisoners who have ended their terms, a sum of Rs 10,000 each was given away to Bholaram Kalita, Saniyal Hassa and Mangla Majhi on their release during the Independence Day function here this year.

Jorhat MLA Rana Goswami, who accompanied the Social Welfare Minister, announced that he would provide an ambulance to Jorhat Central Jail from his MLA Fund. The service will be available from January next year, he said.

Optimum utilisation of human resources stressed

GUWAHATI, July 20 – If we do not reform the skill-development education and higher education sector as a whole in an extraordinary manner, the demographic dividend of the country with the largest number of younger population all over the world, would turn into a demographic disaster.

Delivering the fourth Foundation Day lecture of the Krishna Kanta Handique State Open University today, Dr Narendra Jadav, member of the Planning Commission and former Vice Chancellor of the Pune University stressed on the need to harness the human resource of the country to the maximum with good quality education.

Indias transition towards emerging as a global reservoir of skilled manpower and becoming an economic powerhouse critically depends on our ability to leverage our demographicdividend . The education and skill development sector holds the key in this regard and that is why these sectors should be reformed and made more robust and wide- looking, he said.

Delivering on the topic Higher Education in India: In retrospect and prospect he mentioned that in the coming 18 months, the education system in India is going to see a metamorphic change. The changes would be in the forms of new legislations, largely based on the recommendations of the Yashpal Committee and the National Knowledge Commission. As it has been observed by the experts thathigher education sector in India is over regulated but under-governed, plans are on the cards to constitute a national commission of higher education and research, by dissolving and merging the existing educational regulatory bodies, he mentioned.

Breaking the topic into the sub heads of access to education, quality of education and the employability of the students who pass out from the higher educational institutes of the country, particularly the technical ones, he gave a detailed analysis of the prevailing educational scenario in the country.

Speaking on the occasion, the Chief Minister Tarun Gogoi, who also inaugurated the foundation lecture programme, said that the State government is putting emphasis on upgrading the higher educational institutes in Assam and bringing in new institutes in the State. We want to open-up skill development centres in all the blocks of the State, he mentioned.

Governor of Assam Janaki Ballav Patnaik, in his deliberations said that within a short span of its inception, the KK Handique StateOpen University has become very popular in Assam, as it is reflected from the increasing number of enrolments and also the increasing number of study centres across the State. It provides a great opportunity to the people who cannot pursuehigher education through traditional method due to certain reasons, he mentioned. State Education Minister Gautam Bora also spoke on the occasion.

The foundation day of the Open University is observed on July 20 to mark the birth anniversary of noted scholar Krishna Kanta Handique. The Vice Chancellor of the university Srinath Barua gave an account of various new degree, diploma and certificate courses to be launched in the university. In an exceptional example of facilitation education to the disadvantageous sections of the society, the university has launched three study centres in the Guwahati, Jorhat and Abhayapuri Central Jails, where education is provided to the interested inmates free of cost.

KKH open varsity foundation day today

GUWAHATI, July 19 – The fifth foundation day of Krishna Kanta Handique State Open University will be held at Rabindra Bhawan here tomorrow from 5.30 pm.The function will be inaugurated and presided over by the Governor of Assam, Janaki Ballav Patnaik, while Chief Minister Tarun Gogoi will be the chief guest.

The foundation day lecture will be delivered by Prof Mrinal Miri, Chancellor, Rajiv Gandhi University, on the topic University education and autonomy. Dr Himanta Biswa Sarma, State Education Minister and Dr Manoj Patairia, Director, NCSTC, Ministry of Science and Technology, Govt of India, will grace the occasion as the guests of honour.

Apart from the above mentioned dignitaries, the foundation day will also witness the congregation of people from diverse academic backgrounds. On the occasion, 12 multi-media learning materials, university web-portal (www.kkhsou.in), universitys newsletter (Horizon) and a book titled Science Meets Communication would be released. This was stated in a press release received here today.

Summary: Krishna Kanta Handique State Open University (KKHSOU), Guwahati (Gauhati) Assam website, mobile, contact address and approval / recognition details.