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St Paul College of Education, Rohtak, Haryana


St Paul College of Education, Rohtak, Haryana
Address:KEWAT NO 825, KHATONI NO998, KILA NO 51/14,
PARA, Behind New Bus Stand
Rohtak (District Rohtak)
Haryana, India
Pin Code : 124001

St Paul College of Education, Rohtak Haryana is a recognised institute / college. Status: Self-financing Co-Edu. St Paul College of Education, Rohtak Haryana is managed by Society: Sh. Pale Ram Education Society, Gohana Road Rohtak. St Paul College of Education, Rohtak Haryana was established on / in 2007.

Principal of St Paul College of Education, Rohtak Haryana is Miss Vijaya Rije.

St Paul College of Education is situated in Rohtak of Haryana state (Province) in India. This data has been provided by www.punjabcolleges.com. Rohtak comes under Rohtak Tehsil, Rohtak District.

Fax # of St Paul College of Education, Rohtak Haryana is 01262-247572.

Mobile No(s) of concerned persons at St Paul College of Education, Rohtak Haryana are 94163-12234, 98024-80397, 097294-83078, 9254121777, 9416312234.

email ID(s) is St Paul College of Education Rohtak Haryana

Website of St Paul College of Education, Rohtak Haryana is www.spco-india.com.

Contact Details of St Paul College of Education, Rohtak Haryana are : Telephone: +91-1262-276937, 247572


Number of seats in St Paul College of Education, Rohtak Haryana is 200.
St Paul College of Education, Rohtak Haryana runs course(s) in Education stream(s).

Approval details: St Paul College of Education is affiliated with Maharshi Dayanand University, Rohtak (Haryana)

Profile of St Paul College of Education

Date of Submission : 30/08/2010, Monday 1:05 PM
Teacher Education Institution Registration Details
Reference ID : NHARTKIN-3598
TAN. No : 000000000af

NACC Accredited : No
--NCTE NACC Grade : NA
--Year of NACC Accredation : NA
Minority : No
--Minorty Type : NA
--Religion : NA
--Language : NA
Location college/institution : Semi Urban
Located in : residential
Building Type : Its own campus
Total Area(Sq.Mts.) : 4645
Total Built up Area(Sq.Mts.) : 3200
Nature of land holding : Ownership
Type of Land(Lease) : Private
Construction completed Date : 28/02/2007
Shared Campus Area : 4645
Campus shared by : By Registration
Khasra No./Plot No./Survey No. : 51/14
Revenue Village of the land : Rohtak
Land is free from all encumbrances ? : Yes
Type of college/institution : Co-education college
Management of the college/institution : Self financed institution(Private)
Management of college/Institute : NA
Institution or its Managing society/body registered ? : Yes
Registration Act : 1860
No. of Non Teaching Staff(Male) : 4
No. of Non Teaching Staff(Female) : 10
No. of Non Teaching Staff(Total) : 14
Area of Reading Room(Sq.Mts.) : 167
Seating Capacity : 100
Titles of Teacher Education(Library) : 5860
Books of Teacher Education : 1260
No.of Journals : 7
No of Encyclopedias(Library) : 12
Area of Lab : 82
No of Computers : 40
Internet Access ? : Yes
LAN : Yes
Availability of LCD Projector : Yes
Availability of OHP : Yes
Availability of TV : Yes
Availability of VCR : Yes
Name of Experiment(Psycho Lab) :
1. The Intelligence Test Verbal-20
2. The Intelligence Test Non-Verbal-10
3. Verbal Intelligence Test -20
4. Intelligence Test Performance-10
5. Non-Verbal Test of Creativity Thinking-20
6. Dimension Personality Test-20
7. Mosaic Test of Personality Test-20
8. Teaching Aptitude Test-2
9. Scientific Aptitude Test-20
10. Pass Test of Creativity-10
11. Teacher Attitude Inventary-20
12. Scientific Attitude Scale-20
13. General Mental ability Test-40
14. Interest Inventories meta wgnitive-
15. Cognitive Style Inventory-20
16. Verbal Test of Creativity Thinking-

Name of Appratus(Psycho Lab) :
1. Teaching Aptitude Test Battery
2. Maze Learning equipment
3. Alexander pass along Intelligence
4. Memory Drum
5. Muller Lyre Illusion
6. Mirror drawing
7. Finger dexterity7

Area of science Lab : 82
1. To determine the focal length of a
Concave mirror by obtaining image of distant object.
Physical Science Name Experiment :
2. To determine the focal length of a convex lens by focusing a distance
3. To trace the path of a ray of light passing through a rectangular glass
slab and measures the angle of incidence and the angle of emergence.

4. To study the dependence of current
(I) on the potential difference (V) across a resistor and determine its
resistance. Also plot a graph between V and I. 5. To find out the resultant resistance of two resistance connected in (i) series and (ii) parallel. 6. To find the pH of the sample dilute hydrochloric acid.
7. To find the pH of the sample dilute sodium hydroxide solution.
8. To find the pH of the sample dilute sodium carbonate solution.
9. To study the property of dilute HCL by their reaction with Zinc metal, solid sodium carbonate , litmus solution. 10. To study the following property of Acetic acid:

Name of Charts(Physical Science) :
1. Preparation of Hydrogen
2. Preparation of Carbon dioxide
3. Preparation of Chlorine
4. Preparation of hydrochloric
5. Extraction of Iron
6. Types of Levers
7. Compound Microscope
8. Party of dry cell
9. Study of electric motor
10. Study of electric generatores
1. To prepare a temporary mount of a leaf peal to show its stomata.

Name Experiment(Biological Science) :
2. To show that light is necessary for photosynthesis .
3. To show the carbon dioxide is produced during respiration.
4. To study binary fission for budding with the help of prepared slides.
5. To determine the percentage of water absorbed by raisins
Name Charts(Biological Science) :
1. Nervous system
2. Resipiratory system
3. Digetive System
4. Kidney, Skin, Excretory organs
5. The Endocrine System
6. Human Blood Cells
7. Paramecium
8. The Flowers
9. Eyes & Its Defects
10. Structure of Ear
11. Human Reproductive System
12. A sexual System of Amoeba

Name Model(Biological Science) :
1. Human Digestive System
2. Human Nervous System
3. Human Ear
4. Human Eye
5. Human Heart
6. Frog Skelton
7. L.H. Butter Fly
8. Amoeba
9. Snake
10. Star Fish
11. Sea Anemone
12. Ascaris
13. Dog Fish
14. Leech
15. Devil Fish
16. Cockroach
17. Hailer
5. To

Area of Lab(Language Lab) : 82
Name of Equipments(Language Lab) :
1. Head phone for student & staff
2. Student Unit Digital System
3. for dual connection
4. Master console unit
5. Amplifier with recorder- UCR60
6. Epidiascope
7. T.V.
8. Educational CD

Name of Charts(Language Lab) :
1. English Teaching Charts
2. World Map
3. Haryana Map
4. India Map
5. Language and Its form
6. Noun & its types
7. Pronoun and its types
8. Adjective and its type
9. Words Indian & foreign
10. Verbs and its types
11. Sailent letter in words
12. How to write a name
13. spelling study
14. Common abbreviation
15. Various Terminology
16. Some sentence daily use
17. How to pronounce vowels
18. How to pronounce constants

Indoor Game Area : 82
Indoor Game(D.Ed/B.Ed./M.Ed.courses) :
Table Tennis, Weight Lifting,
Gymnasium, Carom Board, Che
Outdoor Games(D.Ed/B.Ed./M.Ed.courses) :
Kho-kho, volley ball, badminton,
basketball, hpckey, football, handball, kabaddi, athletics.0
Area of Outdoor Games : 3450
1. Metallic Moulds/Dies 2. Heating Equipments 3. Wax 4. Wicks 5. Color
6. Cooling tray 7. Knife 8. Hand

Name & No. of Instruments(arts & carfts) :
Operated Tools 9. Spray Pumps 10.
Gardening Seeds 11. Fertilizers 12.
Sample of Soils 13. Flower Pot 14.
Water Color 15. Poster Color 16. wax
color 17. Different type of Drawing
Sheer 18. Marker Pen 19. Gum 20.
Fevicol 21. Black Sheet 22.
Transparent Sheet 23. Stenicils 24.
Ivory Sheet 25. Drawing Board 26.
Colored Tape 27. Sparkels 28. Brush
29. Plastic Bowl, Plastic Mug, Dustbin, Colored Chal

Name Charts(arts & carfts) :
1 knowledge of color
2. Fruit composition
3. Animal drawing
4. Still life
5. Birds Beaks
6. Birds(pencil drawing)
7. Flowers(stepwise)
8. Brush and ink (stepwise)
9. Landscape of Fisherman
10. Village woman
11.Mehandi design
12. Landscape postal color
13.Sketches (brush and Ink)
14. Trees (stepwise)
15.Landscape thumb print
16. Landscape transparent water color
17.daily life in village (pencil color)
18. flower drawing ( tooth brush)
19. Construction of the head
20. The eye socket
21. face study

Name of Models(arts & carfts) :
1. Agriculture
2. Volcano
3. fly over
4. Traffic system
5.national symbol
6. village models
7. airport models
8. Landscape models
9. Prostrate model
10. Cartoon models

Name of Instruments(Health and Physical...) :
1. Infra Red lamp
2. Stethoscope
3. Skin Fold Caller
4. B.P. Apparatus
5. Hemoglobin meter
6. Anthropometric kit

No of Instruments(Health and Physical... ) :
1. Weight and height chart
2. Diet chart
3. Chart related health
4. Chart related healthy habits
5. Hygienic

Name Charts(Mathematics Resource Center) :
1. Chart of algebra identity.
2. Charts for tables.
3. Charts of Pythagoras theorems.
4. Abecus to learns counting
5. Solid Geometry Chart
6. Trigonometry chart
7. Coordintate Geometry Chart
8. Mensuration Chart
9. various Angles
10. Various two dimensional figures (bru

Name Model(Mathematics Resource Center) :
1. Solid Geometry Models
2. Various Geometrical Shapes
3. Abecus
4. Angles in segments
5. Cylindrical shape
6. Models of various Three dimensional figures (like cube, cuboids, cylinder, cone, sphere)
7. Models of various two dimensional figures (like circle, square, rectangle etc.)

Name of Instruments (Anatomy,Physiology... ) : NA
Name of Charts (Anatomy,Physiology ...) : NA
Name of Equipments(Atheletic Care) : NA
Name of Charts(Atheletic Care) : NA
Name and No. of Instrumernts(Cultural Facility) : NA
Name & No. of Instruments(Athletics) : NA
Size of Track(Athletics) : NA
Indoor Games(C.P.Ed/B.P.Ed./M.P.Ed.courses) : NA
Indoor Game[Area](C.P.Ed/B.P.Ed./M.P.Ed.courses) : 0
Outdoor Games(C.P.Ed/B.P.Ed./M.P.Ed.courses) : NA
Area of Alloted Outdoor Games : 0
Gym Facility for Women : No
Area of Men Gym(sq.Mts.) : 82
No of Stnations(men) : 5
Area of Women Gym :
No of Stnations(women) :
Mode of Salary : Cheque
Salary Transfer(Faculty) : yes
Account Details of Bank (Salary) : 51781011000817
Date of Opening of Bank A/c : 16/09/2009
Opening Balance : 2996490
Fees : 9200000
Donation : 0
MISC : 0
Total Amount Receipts : 12196490
Expenditure Teacher Salary : 6240560
Expenditure Non Teacher Salary : 1940000
Expenditure Library : 15340
Expenditure Laboratory : 60752
Expenditure Furniture : 0
Expenditure Misc : 943348
Total Expenditure : 9200000
Balance of Funds Available During Year : 3116665
Name of Auditor/CA : Arvind Krishan Associates
Address of Auditor/CA : Rohtak
Phone NO. : 0126252054

Teaching Faculty Details
Teacher id Designation
Nhartkte-27346 Lecturer
Nhartkte-27347 Lecturer
Nhartkte-27356 Lecturer
Nhartkte-27367 Lecturer
Nhartkte-27351 Lecturer
Nhartkte-27357 Lecturer
Nhartkte-27348 Lecturer
Nhartkte-27350 Lecturer
Nhartkte-27368 Lecturer
Nhasnpte-27345 Principal
Nhartkte-27354 Lecturer
Nhartkte-27360 Lecturer
Nhartkte-27361 Lecturer
Nhartkte-27363 Lecturer
Nhartkte-27359 Lecturer
Nhartkte-27349 Lecturer
Nhartkte-27364 Lecturer
Nhartkte-27355 Lecturer
Nhartkte-27353 DPE
Nhartkte-27352 Lecturer
Nhartkte-27366 Lecturer
Nhartkte-27358 Lecturer
Nhartkte-27365 Librarian

Composition of Society/Trust
Name Address
Mrs. Vijya Raje Rohtak
Mrs. Santosh New Delhi
Mr. Kuldeep Rohtak
Mrs. Madhu Rani Rohtak
Mrs. Premwati Rohtak
Mr. Mandeep Rohtak
Mr. Krishan Chawla Rohtak


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Principal and Lecturer (Job Vacancy)
Principal and Lecturers (Job Vacancy)
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Principal, Lecturer and Librarian (Job Vacancy)
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Professor and Lecturer (Job Vacancy)
Lecturer and Laboratory Attendant (Job Vacancy)
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