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RDGB College, Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh


RDGB College, Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh
Address: Plot / Street / Area
Bhopal (District Bhopal)
Madhya Pradesh, India
Pin Code : 462042

RDGB College, Bhopal Madhya Pradesh is a recognised institute / college. RDGB College, Bhopal Madhya Pradesh was established on / in 2008.

RDGB College is situated in Bhopal of Madhya Pradesh state (Province) in India. This data has been provided by www.punjabcolleges.com.


Number of seats in RDGB College, Bhopal Madhya Pradesh is 100.
RDGB College, Bhopal Madhya Pradesh runs course(s) in Education stream(s).
B Ed

Media coverage of RDGB College, Bhopal Madhya Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh

NCTE appeal order for RDGB College Bhopal

Hans Bhawan, Wing II, 1, Bahadurshah Zafar Marg, New Delhi - 110002


WHEREAS the appeal of R.D.G.B. College, Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh dated 22-09-2010 is against the Order No. WRC-APW06299-223699-138th-2010-69820 dated 03-08-2010 of the Western Regional Committee, withdrawing recognition for conducting B.Ed course on the grounds “The institution did not have adequate land area at the time of application as per the NCTE norms.”

AND WHEREAS the Correspondent, R.D.G.B. College (hereinafter referred to as the appellant), preferred an appeal dated 22-09-2010 to the National Council for Teacher Education, New Delhi (hereinafter referred to as the Council) under Section 18 of the NCTE Act, 1993 against the said Order.

AND WHEREAS Shri. Yogesh Kumar, Treasurer, R.D.G.B. College, Bhopal, MP presented the case of the appellant institution on 20-10-2010. In the appeal and during personal presentation, it was submitted that the formal application under the Act was accompanied by all the relevant documents in regards to the ownership and title of the land as stipulated in the NCTE Regulations. The land was measuring 3718.2 Sq.mt. i.e. 40,008 Sq.ft. with a constructed building measuring 17,128.8 Sq.ft. on plot no. 490A and 490B, Sarvadharm Colony, Kolar Road, Bhopal. The basic layout plan submitted along with the application very clearly showed existence of play ground, classroom and library as per the norms. The appellant society was surprised and dismayed to receive a show cause notice with the remark that "The Institution is not having land of its own". The appellant society submitted a detailed reply on 14.06.2010 stating all the facts in detail of the earlier inspections carried out by the inspecting team and on the report of which an unconditional recognition was granted on 14.03.2008 under Section 7(11) of the Act (reference to clause 7(11) of the Regulations). In the said reply, it was clearly stated that the application made initially bore the address of the society as 11, Custom Colony, Kolar Road, Bhopal.

However, as regards the college, the building was constructed on plot nos. 490A and 490B Sarvadharm Colony, Kolar Road, Bhopal. There was no ambiguity or inconsistency much less any doubt about the address of the college i.e. 490A and 490B Sarvadharm Colony, Kolar Road, Bhopal. It was on this site that the WRC carried out the inspection between 12th and 18th February, 2008 and the permission was granted. WRC Bhopal had refused the permission vide order dated 03.08.2010 with the remark that "the institute does not have adequate land area at the time of application as per NCTE norms.” There was inconsistency between the reasons assigned in the show cause notice dated 15.05.2010 and the refusal order dated 03.08.2010.

AND WHEREAS the Council noted that the application of the institution was submitted to the WRC, Bhopal on 08-06-2007, when the NCTE Regulations, 2005 were in force. Clause 8(5) of the Regulations, 2005 stipulated that no institution shall be granted recognition under the Regulations unless it is in possession of required land (2500 Sq.mts. or 26910 Sq.ft.) on the date of application. Clause 8(8) of the said regulations also stipulated that at the time of inspection, the building of the institution shall be complete in the form of a permanent structure on the land possessed by the institution in terms of Regulation 8(5). Thus, it is a mandatory requirement that adequate land and built-up area of the institution should be available at the same place. Alongwith the application, the institution submitted a registered lease deed dated 18-05-2007 for 30 years in respect of a piece of land measuring 10008 Sq.ft. or 930 Sq.mts. and a building thereon with a built-up area of 17128.40 Sq.ft. or 1591 Sq.mts. But, in the affidavit dated 06-06-2007 submitted, the institution claimed it was having land measuring 3718.2 Sq.mts. and built-up area of 1591.82 Sq.mts. The building plan submitted by the institution indicated the size of the plot as 10008 Sq.ft. but indicated 30,000 Sq.ft. of built-up area was also available. The WRC got an inspection of the institution conducted by a visiting team of experts on 10.02.2008.

The VT report dated 10.02.08, inter-alia, indicated that the society is almost fulfilling the NCTE norms and that the play ground is little away from the institution. Thus, the land and building of the institution including the play ground to the extent of requirement as per the NCTE norms was not at the same place as required under clause 8 (5) and clause 8 (8) of the Regulations. The institution, therefore, did not fulfill the requirement as per the NCTE norms for recognition. Nevertheless, overlooking the fact that the requisite land and building was not available at the same place, recognition was granted to the institution vide WRC’s order dated 26-02-2008.

Subsequently, on the basis of complaints received against a few institutions including the RDGB College, the WRC in its 132nd meeting held on 19-20th March 2010 decided to conduct an inspection of the institution under Section 17 of the NCTE Act, 1993 which provides that where the Regional Committee is, on its own motion or on any representation received from any person, satisfied that a recognized institution has contravened any of the provisions of the Act, or the rules, regulations, orders made or issued thereunder, or any condition subject to which recognition under section 14 or permission under section 15 was granted, it may withdraw recognition of such recognized institution, for reasons to be recorded in writing.

Accordingly, an inspection of the institution was conducted by a visiting team of experts on 07-04-2010 . The VT report dated 07-04-2010 also indicated that available land was 10008 Sq.ft. It also indicated that playground of 40,000 Sq.ft. was available.

The VT report dated 07-04-2010 also confirmed that only land measuring 10008 Sq.ft. or 930 Sq.mts. (as against the requirement of 2500 sq. mts. as per the NCTE Norms) and building with a built-up area of 17128.40 Sq.ft. or 1591.82 Sq.mts. was available at one place. Thus, the institution did not have adequate land as per the prescribed NCTE norms at the time of application, which was the ground for withdrawal of recognition of the institution by the WRC. Therefore, the Council was of the view that recognition of the institution was withdrawn by the WRC for valid reasons and, thus, there was no ground for accepting the appeal.

AND WHEREAS after perusal of documents, memorandum of appeal, affidavit, VT report and after considering oral arguments advanced during hearing, the Council reached the conclusion that there was no ground to accept the appeal and hence it should be rejected.

Accordingly, the appeal was rejected and WRC’s order dated 03-08-10 was confirmed.

NOW THEREFORE, the Council hereby confirms the Order appealed against.

(S.V.S. Chaudhary)

1. The Secretary, R.D.G.B. College, 11, Custom Colony, Akbar Pur, Kolar Road, Huzur, Bhopal - 462042, Madhya Pradesh
2. The Secretary, Ministry of Human Resource Development, Department of School Education and Literacy, Shastri Bhawan, New Delhi.
3. Regional Director, Western Regional Committee, Manas Bhawan, Shayamala Hills, Bhopal - 462002.
4. PS to Chairperson
5. The Secretary, Education (looking after Teacher Education) Government of Madhya Pradesh, Bhopal.

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