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JH Post Graduate College, Betul, Madhya Pradesh


JH Post Graduate College, Betul, Madhya Pradesh
Betul (District Betul)
Madhya Pradesh, India
Pin Code : 460001

JH Post Graduate College, Betul Madhya Pradesh is a recognised institute / college. Status: Government College. JH Post Graduate College, Betul Madhya Pradesh is also known as JH PG College, Govt Jaywanti Haksar PG College. JH Post Graduate College, Betul Madhya Pradesh was established on / in 1957.

Principal of JH Post Graduate College, Betul Madhya Pradesh is Principal Mobile no. 9425068606, Dr. Subhash Lavale (Mobile 9425361766), Dr Satish Jain (Mobile 9425090779).

JH Post Graduate College is situated in Betul of Madhya Pradesh state (Province) in India. This data has been provided by www.punjabcolleges.com. Residence Phone No(s) of concerned peron(s) of JH Post Graduate College, Betul Madhya Pradesh is (are) : 07141-231666.

Mobile No(s) of concerned persons at JH Post Graduate College, Betul Madhya Pradesh are 09425068608.

email ID(s) is JH Post Graduate College Betul Madhya Pradesh

Contact Details of JH Post Graduate College, Betul Madhya Pradesh are : Phone: 07141-234244, 290244, 07141-234566


Number of seats in JH Post Graduate College, Betul Madhya Pradesh is 240.
JH Post Graduate College, Betul Madhya Pradesh runs course(s) in Computer Applications, Business Managemnt, Degree, Law stream(s).
BA, FC, Sanskrit, Pol.Sc., Eco., Socio., Hindi, Eng., History,Music, Geography
B.Com: All Compl. Papers., Comp.Appl.
B.Sc: Fc, Maths, Chem., Phy.,Botony, Zool.Micr. Bio-Tech
MA: Pol.Sc., Eco., History, Hindi, Eng., Sociology, Sanskrit
M.Sc: Maths, Chem., Phy., Botony, Zool.

Approval details: JH Post Graduate College is affiliated with Barkatullah University, Bhopal

Profile of JH Post Graduate College

1. Shri Uttam Prasad Khandelwal Addyakshya
2. District Collector - Or his nominee Upaddyakshya
3. Shri Aditya Shukla Sansad Pratinidhi
4. Dr. Shaila Mule Local Sangathan Member
5. Shri Satish Maheshwari Udyog
6. Shri Abhishek Jain Local Sangathan
7. Shri Jitendra Verma Farmer
8. Shri Ramesh Kumar Borkhade Poshak Shala
9. Shri Chhabildas Mehta Dan-data Representative
10. Shri Sunil Pawar Ex. Student
11. Ku. Shikha Shukla Ex. Student
12. Shri Dr. Kailash Verma Parent Representative
13. Shri Rakesh Dwedi Parent
14. Smt. Manju Pradhan Parent
15. Smt. Aruna Shriwastava Parent
16. Shri ......... Parent
17. Shri ------- V.V.Anudan Aayog Pratinidhi
18. Dr. Subhash Lavale, Principal Secretary

1. Shri Uttam Prasad Khandelwal Addyakshya
2. Shri ............... Shikshavid
3. EE (P.W.D) Member
4. Shri J.P.Paliwal Teacher Member
5. Dr. Chandra Shekhar Tripathi Teacher Member
6. Shri. Alkesh Arya Vidhyak
7. Shri .................. Dan-data Pratinidhi
8. Dr. Subhash Lavale, Principal Secretary

1. Dr. Subhash Lavale, Principal Addyakshya
2. Officiating Koshalay Adhikari
3. Shri Duba Banking Expert
4. Dr. P.K.Mishra Teacher Member
5. Shri Hemant Deshpande Teacher Member

Audit Report of Janbhagidari Samiti Income & Expenditure for the Year 2009-10
Audit Report

List of Professors
( Professor - 1 , Assistant Professor - 7 )
Dr. Promod Kumar Mishra - Professor(230657)
Dr.Smt. Abha Verma - (HOD) Assistant Professor(231146)
Dr. Daljit Singh Saluja - Assistant Professor(232307)
Shri Om Prakash Khatri - Assistant Professor (231941)
Shri Mahendra Sallam - Assistant Professor (9425382776)
Dr.Gopal Prasad Sahu, Assistant Professor (9424405544)
Shri Eknath Nirapure, .Assistant Professor (9407262981)

( Professor - 1 , Assistant Professor - 5 )
Shri R.G. Verma - (HOD) Assistant Professor(238349)
Dr. Pramod Kumar Mishra - Assistant Professor(230944)
Dr. Sukhdev Dogre - Assistant Professor(233277)
Shri Mahendra Singh Solanki - Assistant Professor (9893234750)
Dr. B.D.Nagle - Assistant Professor (9406939265)
Smt. Kamlesh Ahirwar, Asstt. Professor

( Assistant Professor - 3 )
Shri Ashok Kumar Kadwane - (HOD) Assistant Professor(232509)
Shri Salil Kumar Dubey - Assistant Professor(231089)
Assistant Professor-Vacant

( Professor - 1 , Assistant Professor - 5 )
Dr. Hemant Kumar Verma - (HOD) Assistant Professor(231146)
Shri Mahesh Kumar Mehta - Assistant Professor(230836)
Smt Archana Mehta - Assistant Professor(230836)
Shri Rajesh Baghel - Assistant Professor(232207)
Smt Archana Sonare - Assistant Professor(232789)
Dr. Kumari Alka Pandey - Assistant Professor(231508)

( Professor - 1 , Assistant Professor - 4 )
Dr. Dayanand Khasdev - (HOD) Assistant Professor(233311)
Dr. Sheelkant Gour - Professor(290244)
Dr. Ramadhar Dehriya - Assistant Professor(233962)
Dr. Amarjit Singh Saluja - Assistant Professor(232307)
Assistant Professor Vacant

( Professor - 1 , Assistant Professor - 4 )
Dr. S.B.Hasan - (HOD) Professor(231161)
Dr. Ashish Gupta- Assistant Professor (239021)
Dr. Rashmi Rakheja, Assistant Professor
Assistant Professor Vacant
Assistant Professor Vacant

( Professor - 1 , Assistant Professor - 5 )
Dr. K.R.Magarde - (HOD) Professor(231307)
Dr. Smt Anita Soni - Assistant Professor(233130)
Dr.Ramakant Joshi - Assistant Professor(238082)
Dr Chandra Shekhar Tripathi - Assistant Professor(230796)
Dr.Smt Meena Doniwal - Assistant Professor(232484)
Dr. Pranay Tiwari - Assistant Professor(231137)

( Assistant Professor - 1 )
Smt. Pragati Dongre - Assistant Professor

( Professor - 1 , Assistant Professor - 2 )
Dr. Rakesh Kumar Tiwari -(HOD) Professor(238541)
Shri B.R. Khatarkar - Assistant Professor
Assistant Professor Vacant

Political Science
( Professor - 1 , Assistant Professor - 2 )
Dr. Dharmendra Kumar -(HOD) Assistant Professor
Assistant Professor Vacant
Assistant Professor Vacant

( Professor - 2 , Assistant Professor - 1 )
Dr.Smt Vijeta Choubey - (HOD) Assistant Professor(232615)
Dr. Smt Jyoti sharma - Assistant Professor(230105)
Dr. Smt. Pallavi Dubey - Assistant Professor(232934)
Shri Mukund Chandel - Assistant Professor (233810)

( Professor - 1 , Assistant Professor - 7 )
Dr. Yashpal Malviya - (HOD) Assistant Professor(230921)
Shri J.P.Paliwal - Assistant Professor(238892)
Shri Ashok Dabhade - Assistant Professor(230270)
Shri Gulab Rao Rane - Assistant Professor(231169)
Shri Hemant Deshpande - Assistant Professor(231131)
Shri Mahadev Wagdre - Assistant Professor(231895)
Assistant Professor Vacant
Assistant Professor Vacant

Smt Pushparani Arya - Assistant Professor(230695)
LAW ( Assistant Professor -1 ) - Assistant Professor Vacant

Sports Officer
Shri H.S.Jariha (9425003066)
Librarian -Vacant

Media coverage of JH Post Graduate College, Betul Madhya Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh

NAAC report of Jayawanti Haksar Government Post Graduate College

SECTION I : Introduction
Jayawanti Haksar Government Post Graduate College , Betul ,Madhya Pradesh was established in July 1957 by a group of intellectuals and philanthropists like Mrs. Jayawanti Haksar as a private college and in 1960 the college was taken over by Government of Madhya Pradesh Higher Education Department. The college is situated in a semi urban area. The college is affiliated to Barkatullah University, Bhopal. The college has been recognized under 2(f) in 1960 and under 12(b) in 1964.

The college was started with an objective of ' developing a value based educational programme which may lead to creation of youths capable of not only facing employment challenges but also giving new direction to society.'

The college now offers 5 UG programmes- B.A, B.Com., B.Sc. B.C.A and B.B.A., 13 PG programmes in Hindi, English, History, Political Science, Economics, Sociology, Mathematics, Botany, Chemistry, Physics, Zoology and in Commerce Applied Economics & Business Management and Accounts Group and a Research Center for the Ph.D. programme in English, Hindi , Economics and Botany. The self-financing courses are B.B.A.,B.C.A. and Computer Science Micro-biology , Bio- Technology , Computer Application Sales and Advertising Management ,Office Management, Tax procedure and Tourism and Travels .

During the academic year 2005-06 the college had a total enrolment of 3823 students for their different programmes; 2747 for the U.G , 1063 for P.G. and 13 for Ph.D. programme and 48 students for self-financing courses.

There are 49 permanent teachers and 20 Temperory teachers. The number of administrative staff members in the college is 10 and technical staff is 14. The unit cost of education during 2005-06 was Rs. 6223.00 inclusive of salary component and Rs. 103 excluding salary component

The college has a campus area of 16.23 acres . The support services in the college include Central Library, Computer Center, sports facilities, hostels, housing, Grievance Redressal Cell, and Career Guidence Cell.

Jayawanti Haksar Government Post Graduate College , Betul ,Madhya Pradesh, volunteered to be assessed by the National Assessment and Accreditation Council ( NAAC), Bangalore and submitted its Self Study Report in November 2005. The council constituted a peer team comprising Prof. S.N. Patil Former Vice-Chancellor, Amaravati University, Maharastra as Chairperson.., and Prof. H.V. Vijaya, Principal, V.V.S. First Grade College for Women, Basaveswaranagar, Bangalore , Karnataka, as Member Co-Ordinator. The peer team carefully analysed the SSR submitted by the college. The team visited the college on 23rd, 24th and 25th November 2006.

The team visit was intended to validate the Self Study Report submitted by the institution. The peer team interacted with the Principal, all sections of teaching, non-teaching staff, parents, alumni and students and also with the government officials representing the Management of the college. During the institutional visit, the team examined all relevant records and visited different departments, library, playground ,laboratories and other student support facilities. Based on the information collected, and keeping in mind the declared objectives of the institution and the criteria prescribed by the NAAC for institutional assessment, the value of judgement of seven criteria arrived at by the team is given below:

SECTION 2: Criterion Wise Analysis
Criteria - 1 Curricular Aspects
The Jayawanti Haksar Government Post Graduate College offers 5 U.G programmes- B.A, B.Com., B.Sc. B.C.A. and B.B.A., 13 P.G and 4 Research Programmes. In the science stream different combinations consists the following subjects-Mathematics, Botany, Chemistry, Physics, Zoology,Computer Science ,Bio-Technology and Micro Biology. In the faculty of Arts the following subjects are included- Hindi, English, History , Political Science, Economics, Sociology and Sanskrit. Commerce faculty consists Accounts and Management group. Under self-financing Programmes , B.B.A, BC.A.. optional subjects Bio-Technology& Computer Science and in Commerce Computer Application,Advertising and Sales Promotion Tax procedure and practice Tourism and Travel Management and Office Management are introduced. 13 P.G. programmes consists of Hindi, English, History, Political Science, Economics, Sociology, Mathematics, Botany, Chemistry, Physics, Zoology and in Commerce Accounts Group and Applied Economics Business Managenent . Ph.D. programmes in subjects like English, Hindi, Economics and Botany are introduced.

The college follows the curriculum prescribed by the affiliating university namely Barkatullah University. Being an affiliated college it doesn't have any freedom to design its own courses of studies. However, some of the senior teachers of the college are members of Board of Studies and have contributed to curriculum design of the university.

There is however no mechanism to obtain feedback from academic peers and employers on the teaching programmes. Documentation and analysis of the feedback to follow up remedial actions are important areas which need immediate attention. Apart from the permission of the government it takes minimum one year time to obtain permission from the university to introduce any new programme of study in the college.

Criterion - II Teaching, Learning and Evaluation
Students are admitted on the basis of their academic record. Reservation policy of the state government is also followed while admitting the students to their programmes. Students knowledge and skill for a particular programme is assessed through internal assessment.

The syllabi are unitized keeping in mind the annual teaching schedule and the teaching plans are prepared by the teachers in accordance with the university curriculum. Every teacher maintains an academic diary which is monitored by the principal every month.

The lecture method is mainly used for teaching. This is supplemented with group discussion, seminars, symposia, etc. Teaching aids such as OHP, PowerPoint presentations, CD's are also used by some departments. Special coaching is provided to the advanced learners, however the college has not provided bridge or remedial courses to the educationally disadvantaged students. The college follows the semester system of teaching and evaluation for BBA & B.C.A. course and annual system for the other courses. The academic progress of the students is evaluated by the teachers periodically with the help of tests and assignments.

The college has at present 49 permanent teachers and 20 temprary teachers. The full time faculty takes about 80% of the classes. The ratio of full time to part time teachers is 6:1. Teachers are recruited by state government. No new recruitments are done since 1993. Presently 10 posts are vacant and guest faculty is engaged for these vacant posts by Janbhagidari Samiti.

For self-financing courses appointments are made through a selection committee by giving advertisements. In the year 2005 there were 289 working days out of which 186 days were teaching days.

The college encourages the teachers to participate in conferences, seminars, workshops, refresher courses, etc. Four members of the teaching staff of the college have attended national seminars and three staff members have attended International level seminar in the last two years.

The college follows the self-appraisal method to evaluate the performance of faculty. Feed back of outgoing students on campus experience was also collected.
Members of the staff are drafted as conveners and members of different committees. The curricular, co-curricular and extra curricular activities are planned, implemented and monitored by these committees.

As such, the college has no formal national and international linkages with institutions of higher learning, industries, etc.

Criterion -III research, Consultancy and Extension
There are 49 permanent teachers and 20 temprary teachers in the college. Among permanent teachers of the college 29 have Ph.D. as their highest qualification while 8 of them have M.Phil as their highest qualification.

The college has been recognized as a research center for Ph.D. by the university. 30% of the teachers are engaged in active research activities. One of them registered as full time research scholar in English and12 as part time research scholars. Four departments of the college are functioning as recognized research center of Barakatullah University,Bhopal. There are 12 registered Ph.D. scholars. During the last five years 16 teachers are awarded Ph.D's . One teacher has proceeded on study leave to pursue her research.

Most of the teachers have attended refresher courses sponsored by UGC. Teachers are encouraged to participate in seminars / workshops, etc. There is one on-going research project with a total outlay of Rs. 60,000 funded by the UGC. 89 Research papers are published by teachers during last five years. Four members of the teaching staff of the college have attended national level seminars and three staff members have attended International seminars in the last two years. Five staff members are registered as Ph.D. guides.During the last five years Departments of History,Political Science and Zoology have organized in the college funded by UGC and ICHR, New Delhi.

Teachers in Commerce independently prepare Quaterly & Annual returns of Income Tax to all the College staff members. Internal audit is done by the Commerce teachers.

Sociology teacher offers pre- marriage counseling to girl students . As a member of District Legal Board poor and under privileged are provided legal counseling by her ,also guidance and training to female entrepreneurs.

One teacher in Economics is a Resource person for the District planning Board prepares Development plans for Betul District .

A teacher in Botony is awarded the President of India award for his services renderd for Census work .

A teacher in English is involved in promotion of inherent talents of the students like Histionics .

The college has one NSS unit and a teacher is given additional charge as the NSS programme officer. The extension activities undertaken by the NSS volunteers of the college are community development , health and hygiene awareness , adult education and literacy, blood donation camp, environment awareness , AIDS awareness, etc. Rural camps are also organized. Sri Ibrar Qureshi, a NSS volunteer was awarded Indira Gandhi national Youth Award for the year 2005 in a function held at New Delhi by the President of India. The extension activities are also taken up along with NGO's and GO's.

In the college there are two NCC units each with 160 cadets . Girls unit is Organised by a lady teacher with a rank of a Major . Boys unit is organized by a teacher with a rank of a Lt. During the year 2004 one cadet was declared as the Best Shooter at State level and 2 Under Officers were declared as Best Cadets. In the year 2005 the NCC officer along with 4 cadets participated in the National Integration camp held at Chakabama(Nagaland). 228 NCC cadets participated in various NCC camps held all over the country. NCC and NSS units of the college have 350 registered blood donors.

Criterion - IV Infrastructure and Learning Resources
The Jayawanti Haksar Government Post Graduate College has a campus area of 16.23 acres. The campus comprises of central library, 4 laboratories, 8 large lecture halls , 5 small lecture halls, and a 500 seater auditorium, departmental rooms, principal's chamber and an administrative wing. Presently a new building complex is under construction. Due to shortage of class rooms, the college at present works in two shifts- Arts and Commerce classes in the morning 8:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. and Science faculty working from 1:00 p.m. onwards.

Maintenance of the infrastructure is done through Government (PWD) and Janbhagidari Funds. A master plan has been prepared to spend Rs. 3 crores on infrastructure in different phases.

There is a small room used as common room for girls only .There are 2 hostels with a capacity of 60 students, each. However, at present only 11 students are residing in the hostels and it is run by the Janabhagidari Samiti. The college has also submitted a proposal for a 50 seater girls hostel to UGC.

As the library building constructed in 1960's collapsed, it is shifted to one of the hostel buildings. The library has 92686 books on various subjects and has subscribed to 6 Indian journals and 25 magazines. The total carpet area of library is 88.5 sq meters with a seating capacity of 20. Average number of books issued /returned per day is 300. Library is fully automated. The library has a book bank facility for the poor students and also for SC/ST students. Janabhagidari Samiti also provides funds for the purchase of books whenever a request is made. The working hours of the library is from 10:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Students are provided open access to the library. The total cost incurred for the purchase of text books in 2005 was Rs. ,316,500.00

The total working days of the library was 289 during 2005. As the librarian post is vacant, it is being looked after by an Asst. Librarian. Though the library has computer and xerox facility they are not used fully due to shortage of space.

There is no separate central computer facility in the college. However department of Mathematics, Zoology, Botany and Physics have one computer each and commerce department has 25 computers.

The physical and infrastructural facilities are available for indoor and outdoor games like cricket, football, Volleyball, Hockey, kabaddi, kho-kho, ball badminton, table tennis and athletics. There is no gymnasium facility. Students participating in sports are provided with sports kits, track suits, cash prizes, mementoes, etc. The students of the college participated in state level/regional level /national level competitions. Outstanding sports persons are given weightage in admission.Four students have represented the University in Volley Ball& Basket Ball in 2004 & 13 students represented in Inter University tournaments in Cricket ,Foot Ball ,Volley Ball, Basket Ball.

There is no health center in the college. There is no canteen facility within the campus to provide catering service to the students of the college.

Criterion V: Student support and Progression
The total student strength of the college in the year 2005-06 is 3823. The percentage of students appearing for the qualifying exam after the minimum period of study is nearly 95%. The average drop-out rate of students is around 5%. In the year 2005, out of 1975 students appeared for the final exam 1790 students passed out and at PG level out of 660 students appeared, 580 students passed out in final examination.

The college updates and publishes its prospectus every year. The prospectus contains details of programme offered, subject combinations , fee details , admission rules, etc.

The students of the college have received different types of scholarships and fee concessions such as SC/ST/OBC students, merit scholarships and also Jaywanti scholarships are given to meritorious students from Smt. Jayawanti Haksar Fund. The college has a poor boys fund to provide tution fees to very poor students. About 1345 students are recipient of financial aid during the year before 2004 and 2005 to the tune of Rs.30,25,835.

Merit Scholarships to 4 students- Rs. 5133; For 367 SC students- Rs. 12,38525; For 302 ST students- Rs. 5,84,178; For OBC- 663 students - Rs. 11,88,999; Jayawanti Scholarships- 9 students- Rs. 9000

The college does not have Employment Cell to give information about employment opportunities to students. Though there is an alumni association but no activities are conducted. There is a need to strengthen it.

Different kinds of recreational / leisure time facilities are made available to the students such as indoor games, outdoor games, cultural programmes, literary competitions, students magazines, etc. The students of the college represented in the Youth Festival at University, Inter-University and at State level. 13 students of the college represented the University in the Inter University West Zone Sports Festival in the year 2005.

The college has a Teacher-Guardian scheme to establish a close rapport between the teacher and student. Every teacher is given a group of 40 students. But it has to be implemented in a more vigorous way.

Criterion V: Organization and Management
This college is a government college, comes under the management of the Department of Higher Education , Government of Madhya Pradesh. The fee structure of the traditional courses is decided by the department where as for the self financing courses BBA, B.Com. Computer Applications, B.Sc. Micro-biology, it is decided by the Janabhagadari Samiti.

The routine administration of the college is being attended by the principal. The academic work in the college is being coordinated and monitored with the help of different committees which have been formed to carry out the various functions of the college.

University Grants Commission has recommended 14 Lac under 10th plan. Rs. 971040 has been allocated to the college .In that only Rs. 380,000 are received.

Internal audit of accounts are done at regular intervals. Departmental Committees instituted by the Higher Education Department and Accountant General, M.P periodically audit all the accounts of the college. Major items for the college are purchased as per the government rules.

The college is yet to develop an inbuilt mechanism to check work efficiency of its non-teaching staff. The college has not arranged any professional development prorgammes for them.

There is no grievance redressal cell in the college. The college staff can avail of welfare programmes offered by the government like housing loan, medical advances, vehicle loan, festival advances, etc.

Criterion VII : Healthy Practices
The college has endeavoured to take the students beyond the classrooms by engaging them in extra curricular activities.

Special coaching is given to advanced learners.

College organizes seminars, group discussions, symposia, etc.

The SC/ST Book Bank Scheme is available to the students belonging to the SC/ST category.

The college maintains a 'poor student fund' to provide financial assistance to poor students.

From Smt. Jayawanti Haksar Scholarship fund, scholarships are given to meritorious students in some subjects.

Extension activities like blood donation camps, community health, adult education, etc have inculcated civic responsibility among the students.

Teacher-guardian scheme to have a close rapport with students and thus to achieve all around development.

Students regularly represent University in various games & cultural activities .

The peer team after going through the self-study report and its on the spot analysis of the infrastructure, academic, curricular and extra curricular activities, acknowledges the work done by the college principal and staff in preparing the report . The Peer Team considers the following as the strength of the college .

The college has taken the initiative to start new UG programme in vocational subjects to meet the changing needs of society.

More than half of the teachers (63%) in the college have research degree (Ph.D. or M.Phil.) and 30% of the teachers are engaged in research activities.

The college is recognized as a research center for Ph.D. by the university. During the last five years 17 scholars are awarded Ph.D.'s.

The final year results of the college are fairly good.

Some teachers have attended international seminars, national seminars and as a resource persons.

Many teachers have published research articles.

Extension activities like blood donation, AIDS awareness, etc are undertaken.

Sports and cultural activities are encouraged.

The college collects students evaluation on campus experiences.

Sports kits, track suits are given to outstanding sports persons.

The college has a teacher-guardian scheme to establish a rapport with students and for their all round development.

NCC and NSS units have 350 registered blood donors. In the year 2004 one cadet was declared as Best Shooter at state level and two Under Officers were declared as Best Cadets. An NSS volunteer was awarded Indira Gandhi National Youth Award for the year 2005 and received the award by the President of India in the year 2005 at New Delhi.

Janbhagidari Samiti is doing good work in raising funds for overall development of the college.

One teacher from chemistry has got a certificate of merit for publishing hundred Research Articles.

Government of Madhya Pradesh has started a unique Swami Vivekanand Career Guidance Cell from 2006 in all the colleges in the state. This college has also started a Cell and programmes are organized for the benefit of the students.

College has started Jayawanti coaching center from 2006 without charging fees from the students .College teachers guide interested students for the preparation of PMT,PET,AIEEE,MPPSC,UPSC,NET,SLET.

While appreciating the college as center for higher education and research the Peer Team considers the following as the areas that need improvement in the college for its future development .

The college may consider the feasibility of introducing more UG courses and PG programmes and also some vocational courses useful to students.

Audio-visual aids may be effectively used for teaching-learning process.

Teachers having Ph.D. degrees may be motivated to take up externally funded research projects to be implemented through the research center.

Linkages with industry/business organization may be enhanced so as to provide practical experience to the students.

Feedback from academic peers and employers and follow up of remedial actions need to be developed.

It is suggested to have more number of practical training programmes like factory visits, field trips, etc.

More value based programmes and personality development programs may be organised in the college.

Computer awareness programme among the staff, students and supporting staff may be taken up.

It is suggested to conduct professional development programmes for non-teaching staff.

There is a need to establish grievance redressal cell in the college.

The Alumni Association may be strengthened and made active. The association may be encouraged to participate in the development of the college through financial and other forms of assistance.

Proper health services may be made available to students. This may also include health education.

More endowment cash prizes may be instituted with the cooperation of prominent individual and institution of the locality so as to encourage and motivate the academic performance of the students.

Bridge or remedial classes are to be conducted to educationally disadvantaged students.

Teachers may be encouraged to take up more number of minor/major research projects.

More encouragement to be given to the students for promotion of their creative talents.

A language , Mathematics Commerce labs may be set-up for developing the communication skill and other abilities of the students.

More opportunities should be given to all students to evaluate the performance of the teachers periodically .

The Career and Guidance cell which has just started can play a proactive role in facilitating campus recruitment of students by private companies or government establishments.

Teachers may be encouraged to take up consultancy assignments, both formal and informal.

Library should be strengthened with spacious reading room and with more research journals and reference books for the use of research scholars.

Computerization of accounts and office procedure may be initiated effectively.

The proposal for the construction of a ladies hostel within the college campus may be pursued seriously to get sufficient funds.

It is suggested to have canteen facility to provide healthy food for the students.

Efforts are essential to make library connected with other Indian libraries with membership of INFLIBNET and other agencies .

Job, Skill, Career Oriented Courses with Certificate , Diploma Advanced Diploma with the help of UGC funds may be started at the earliest.

Principal shall go for Autonomy.

This college being the Oldest P.G. and Research center shall get more funds to the departments .

Principal shall request government to fill in the vacant posts of teaching & Non- Teaching staff.

The college premises ,Hostels ,Playgrounds ,Laboratories are to be maintained properly .

Summary: JH Post Graduate College, Betul Madhya Pradesh website, mobile, contact address and approval / recognition details.