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BLDEA- Arts and Commerce College for Women, Bijapur, Karnataka


BLDEA- Arts and Commerce College for Women, Bijapur, Karnataka
Bijapur (District Bijapur)
Karnataka, India

BLDEA- Arts and Commerce College for Women, Bijapur Karnataka is a recognised institute / college. BLDEA- Arts and Commerce College for Women, Bijapur Karnataka is managed by Society: Bijapur Liberal District Education Association (BLDEA). BLDEA- Arts and Commerce College for Women, Bijapur Karnataka was established on / in 1983.

BLDEA- Arts and Commerce College for Women is situated in Bijapur of Karnataka state (Province) in India. This data has been provided by www.punjabcolleges.com.

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Media coverage of BLDEA- Arts and Commerce College for Women, Bijapur Karnataka, Karnataka

NAAC report of BLDEA- Arts and Commerce College for Women

B. L. D. E. Association's Arts and Commerce College for Women, Bijapur was established way back in1983. Initially it was an Arts College, however, in 1984 the commerce faculty was introduced in it with the result that thereafter it became a full fledged Arts and Commerce college in 1987 with students strength as 266.

The college is located in the heart of Bijapur city and therefore has very convenient for women student in the city to attend the college. It is covered under grant-in-aid scheme of the Karnataka State Government. It is affiliated to Karanatak University Dharwad. It is also recognized by University Grant Commission under 2(f) and 12 (B) since December 1995. It is spread over an area of 6 acres and 20 guntas. This area is also shared by another college and a highschool.

It is an under graduate college providing programmes in two faculties viz. Arts and Commerce. It is following the annual system of examination.

The management of this college is running 52 educational institutions in Karnataka out which 12 institutes are functioning alone in Bijapur. The unit cost of college education in this college Rs. 9,072 for the 2002-2003 batch.
B.L.D.E.A's Arts and Commerce college of Women, Bijapur (Karnataka) volunteered to be assessed by the National Assessment and Accreditation Council by submitting their self-study report. National Assessment and Accreditation Council constituted an expert committee to visit the college and validate its self-study report. The Peer Team comparises Prof. H.S.Soch as Chairman (Former Vice-Chancellor, Guru Nanak Dev University, Amritsar), Prof. S.H.Pawar, as Member Co-ordinator (Prof. Of Physics, Shivaji University, Kolhapur) and Prof. M.D.Jahageerdar (Director, Institute of Management and Information Technology, Aurangabad. Director, Maulana Azad Education Society, Aurangabad) as Member. The team visited the institution for 2 days from March 1, 2004 to March 2, 2004. Dr.Shyamsunder Deputy Adviser, National Assessment and Accreditation Council, Bangalore acted as Internal Coordinator. The Peer Team carefully perused and analyzed the self-study report submitted by the institute. During institution visit, Peer Team went through the relevant documents, visited the departments and interacted with the carious constituents of the institution, the academic, co-curricular, extra-curricular, sports and other facilities of the institution were visited. The Peer Team also interacted at length with the Principal, Faculties, Students Non-teaching Staff, Parents and alumni of the institution. Based on the above exercise and keeping in mind the criteria identified by the National Assessment and Accreditation Council, the Peer Team has taken up the assessment and accreditation of the college.

The objectives laid down by the college are as follows:

To open and provide avenues in the various sectors for the deserving aspirants

To redefine the concept of women's role in the modern society

To provide appropriate education in making women self sufficient

To promote the students potential to realise the moral, social and ethical values of society

The College Emblem enshrines a word 'Vidya Vikasaya' meaning there by that education is a continuing developmental programme. In order to achieve these objectives the college is employing different curricular aspects. It is thus aiming at overall development of the personality of the women students studying in this college

Accordingly the college is providing two programmes for Arts and Commerce comprising of eleven departments in Arts which offer under graduate courses leading to B.A. The B.Com. programme has 10 optional subjects and four core options Kannada, English, Sanskrit and Hindi as compulsory papers for B.A. I, II, III and seven subjects as optional.

The college, being affiliated to Karnataka University, Dharwad, has to follow the syllabi and curricula prescribed by it. The curricula framed by the University for undergraduate courses are neither modularly structured nor multidisciplinary in nature. There is a little scope to frame and design the curricula by the college teachers. It is worth noticing that there is a little scope for horizontal mobility to B. A. and B. Com. students to get admission at the certified courses like Computer Application and Computer Science.

The students are given admission on the basis of the academic record of the last qualifying examination, as per the University regulations. The Admission Committee looks after the whole process of admission, and strictly adheres to the norms of eligibility laid down by the University. The reservation rules laid down by the state government for the purpose of admission are strictly followed.

Most of the students joining the undergraduate courses had their previous education in the medium of Kannada. Appropriate Remedial coaching are offered to academically weak students belonging to SC / ST and backward class to improve their knowledge and skill. The Heads of the concerned departments along with the faculty members conduct such classes. The College also caters to the advanced learners by giving personal career guidance, providing books, cash prizes and scholarships.

The College follows annual system of examination for undergraduate courses as stipulated by the University. Keeping this in view, the syllabi for all the subjects are unitised and a teaching plan is drawn up at the beginning of the academic session. The teachers prepare their teaching plans and submit to the Principal through the Heads of the respective departments. Periodically the Principal calls for workbook on syllabi coverage. The teachers ensure proper implementation of the academic plans.

The academic calendar contains the teaching schedule. The college may improve it by incorporating exact dates of examinations, mode of evaluation dates of publication of results in consultation with the university, and other academic matters in detail and distribute the same to all students at the beginning of the year.

Apart from the traditional method of classroom teaching, some teachers use teaching aids like charts, maps, models etc. In this technological era use of modern computer aided teaching methods and audio-visual aids may make the lectures more effective and interesting.

There are 22 permanent full-time and 3 temporary teachers on consolidated pay, and one part time teachers. Out of them 12 are women and the rest are men teachers. The workload for full time teachers is about 16 hours per week. In addition to it, the teachers spend about ten hours per week for preparation, 4 hours for tutorials and 2 hours for test, 4 hours for curricular activities and 4 hours for Administrative matters. The college functions for 285 days in a year out of which 180 days are devoted to teaching. It is pertinent to note that out of 22 teachers only one teacher with Ph. D. as highest qualifications and two teachers with M.Phil hold the highest qualifications.

The recruitment of teachers is made strictly according to the rules framed by the State Government and University. The recruitments made by the college are further required to be approved by the University and the State Directorate of Education. However unaided posts are filled up by the managements as per norms laid down by the University. The salary of these teachers of Unaided posts are borne by the managements.

The college teachers are encouraged to attend seminars, workshops, conferences, refresher courses, etc. to develop their academic capabilities. During the last two years 15 teachers of the college participated in state level seminars.

In order to strengthen the teaching-learning process, the college follows the Self-Appraisal method to evaluate the performance of the teachers in teaching, research and other activities. No doubt the college has introduced the Performance Appraisal of the teachers by the students through a questionnaire to be filled up, however a proper methodical system needs to be evolved.

The college is an undergraduate college and as such does not provide a proper environment for carrying on the research activity. Only 10% of the teachers as involved are seen to be active in research. Two teachers are registered for Ph. D. and involved in research. There is no on going research project with the college.

There is no system of proper consultancy by the teachers on the payment basis or on honorary basis. The college undertakes extension activities like Health and Hygiene awareness, Aids Awareness Medical Camp, Blood Donation Camp, Environment Awareness, Earthquake and Kargil War Relief Fund etc. The present activities are quite satisfactory. The college also works for extension activities along with NGO's like Lions and Rotary Clubs.

At present the college is holding its activities in old building which is quite insufficient. Taking into account the need of further growth, it has proposed the new building. In new building, sufficient care has been taken for augmentation of infrastructure to keep space with academic growth. In order to maintain the infrastructure, the self-supporting department of computer application has been started since last two years and generating sizable amount of income every year. Some funds are being collected through hiring the sports facility to nearby students from other institutions as well as from public. The indoor sports facility is of recent origin and of modest nature. It has been made available from morning to evening. This has helped to the college to raise some funds in addition to the production of very good sports women especially in cycling. The students of this college have raised the name of the college at national level.

The college is located in the beautiful campus of the society along with other institutions. This has helped to maintain the campus neat and clean. In addition to the society's efforts, the N.S.S. group has undertaken the programme of plantation every year and intensive care has been taken to make survive the plants. The arrangement of parking place has been systematically made and maintained properly, which adds into the beauty of the campus.

The college has central library facility with 8976 books and few journals. Through some attempts have been made to computerize the library, there is a long way to master over the facility. The space available for the library building is quite inadequate and there is lack of administration in maintaining the library. Similarly, the reading room facility is not upto the mark. The procedure of issuing the books is not student friendly.

The college has made some efforts of maintaining the health of both of its teachers and students by conducting the health camp. The women students are found to be satisfied with the existing arrangements of college by organising the health camp.

The college has made the sincere efforts to strengthen the computer facility. There are 10 computers in the college used for various purposes. The separate department of computer application has been established to cater the needs of computer awareness programme. Taking into account the strength of the college, this facility is however inadequate and needs to be strengthened.

The college is making sincere efforts with the support of its faculty, to get the degrees for their students and for this effort, the state government has issued the letter of appreciation to the college. The students are very happy with the teachers' efforts towards the help that they are extending to the students. However, the rate of drop out of the students is very high (25%). In addition, there is no much impact making contribution in getting their students through various competitive examinations.

The college is publishing its prospects every year including various activities and facilities given to the students. In order to attract the good number of quality students, the college is offering various scholarships and awards to the students. The donation of Rs. 1.0 Lakh has been collected by the college for giving the award.

The students welfare department has been instituted in the college and doing good work for the employment of their students. The number of guiding talks of eminent personalities have been arranged and the employment news is being procured regularly.

The college has established its Alumni Association recently. It is in primary stage and coming up well. The member of alumni are happy with the progress of the college.

The procedure of admissions is of standard nature and is being adopted on first come first serve basis. There are number of recreational facilities extended to the students with a view to break the monotony caused by formal academics.

The college has an efficient co-ordination and management system. The overall functioning of the college is monitored by B.L.D.E. Association, Bijapur through the Local Governing Council constituted as per the Act. The day to day functioning of the College is coordinated and monitored by the Principal through various committees comprising of the staff members. To improve the organisation and management of this college, a committee was constituted and its recommendations were implemented.

An Academic Calendar Committee, consisting of five members prepares the academic calendar of the college at the beginning of the academic session. There is an Examination Committee consisting of four members to make all arrangements for conducting internal unit test and term examinations of the college as per the Self-Study Report but no documentary evidence is shown. The office administration is done by Office Superintendent along with clerical staff under the guidance of the Principal. The college has conducted Professional development programmes like Total Quality Management and Human Resource Development for non teaching staff however detail programme and no of beneficiaries are not known. The fee collected by the college for all the programmes, other than the self-financing courses, is as per the Govt. directions. Students of both B. A. and B. Com. have to pay a total fee of Rs. 1064/- per annum for three years. The budgeted expenditure of the College during 2002-03 was Rs. 56,36,482/- for which the college received salary grant of Rs. 52,07,634/- and non-salary grant of Rs. 2,15,578/- from the State Government as grant-in-aid. Total fee collection Rs. 2,83,696/- and fee at management rate 5,67,392/- B.L.D.E. Association and the Governing body meet expenses, whenever needed, for the developmental activities. An independent auditor audits the accounts of the College every year.

There is a Grievance Redressal Cell to deal with grievances of employees and students. Principal and the Governing body also attend to the grievances, if necessary.

The B.L.D.E.Association established this college for women and has been able to imbibe great self-confidence and leadership quality in various fields by equipping them with basic skills at the undergraduate level that have proved useful for them.

The college has devised a mechanism to check internal quality audit round the year. Paper wise analysis of results of university exams, earmarking of weaker and promising students and intensification of academic exercise to yield better results. The teaching plans prepared in the beginning of the session and monitored monthly by the principal adds to regular and quality teaching.

As an urban college, it is sensitized to latest educational and managerial concepts such as planning, policy formulation. Computerisation and training to keep with recent developments, which help in eradicating social backwardness and career development and empowerment of women through higher education.

Career advancement and faculty development have been taken up by quite a member of teachers, thus raising the total teaching quality in the college and creating a research and knowledge seeking both among the teachers and students.

In consonance with the mission of the college to help economically weak students for career advancement through committees by setting up of computer center is coaching center.

The college has decided to publish its annual magazine with a view to promote creative writing amongst students and staff. Accordingly the writings for publications.

The college initially established in 1983 comprised of 85 students which today has blossomed as a full grown college with more than 600 women students on its rolls. It is successfully providing under graduate programme in the faculties of Arts and Commerce and its results are better than that of the university pass percentage in the concerned examinations.

The college follows curriculum as provided by The Karnatak University Dharwad. The teachers of this college in general do not contribute to the designing of course curriculum of under graduate programme for the simple reason that it is being done by the board of studies. The teachers basically teach through the traditional lecture method however there is a strong realization amongst them to shift to newer methodology of teaching. The teachers hold the class test and maintain the record of assessment. They also provide remedial coaching to the weaker students in accordance with the rules of UGC for under taking this programme. The well defined and structured and enrichment programme is not designed till date. The annual examination is conducted by the University and its result are declared by it. The degrees are also conferred by the University.

The college presently is housed partly in an old building and partly in the new block. It is hoped that the management may construct a separate block for this college with the grants coming from UGC and also from the management funds. The infrastructure otherwise is matching the academic requirements of the students. The performance in co curricular activities is quite satisfactory. The performance in sport is equally encouraging. One of the cyclist of the state fame has represented University and state at the inter university and national level meets respectively.

The relation amongst the teacher, the students, the principal and the management are quite cordial. Being an under graduate college it was most sensitive to research activities in the past, however, there is now is an awareness amongst them to pursue the activities. It is hoped in near future the teacher will be paying more attention to this component. The extensive activities conducted under the banner of the NSS department are satisfactory. During the current year, the department has yet to hold its ten days camp as per guidelines given by the university. The student welfare organization is also working under the additional charge of the lecturer which also conducts career guidance programme for the benefit of students.

On the whole it can be safely concluded that the college is striving hard the improve to quality of higher education imparted at under graduate level.

The college will do well in developing self-financing courses like Office Administration, Entrepreneurship to be conducted by Commerce Department. These courses will provide vocation for the students as well as resources for the development of the institution. The college should also ensure that it is able to start some vocational and I.T. courses including Computer Application, Tax Procedures and Practices, so that job opportunities for students are enhanced.

The college may think of introducing gender-based courses like Home science, Fine arts, Performing arts etc for the benefit and employment opportunities of the students.

Periodical interactions between teachers of different faculties need to be arranged with a view to discuss issues of mutual interest and local importance.

There is a need to establish of a commerce laboratory that would pave way for better understanding of the subject and improve the learning skill in the students. Further establishment of a language laboratory will be use full in this college as they are teaching many languages.

The college may constitute subject sub-committees to recommend the changes in the course curriculum so that these could be forwarded to the Karnataka University, Dharwad for consideration.

Teachers may be encouraged to use multi-media and other audio-visual aids to improve their teaching pedagogy.

College may plan for organising coaching classes to help the students preparing for the competitive examinations comfortably.

The teaching departments should participate in programmes like COSIP/COHSSIP/COSIST with the assistance of UGC. A well-defined structured programme for the advance learners should be properly provided.
Social work need not be confined to NSS volunteers alone. Teachers and students may be encouraged to participate in socially relevant projects on an ongoing basis.

Teachers must be encouraged to avail UGC-FIP scheme to further their education.

Teachers must be encouraged to publish papers in refereed National and International journals.

Teachers must seek research grants from funding agencies like DST, DBT, Department of Ecology and Environment in addition A well-structured communication channel should be established for collecting feedback from academic peers and employers, which can be utilised for enhancing functional efficiency of the college.

College may provide facilities to make the staff members in the office as computer literate.

College may establish N.C.C. unit for the benefit of women students.

The college may approach the Sports Authority of India for financing the college by way of better playgrounds and for the construction of a multipurpose gymnasium hall. The help of the University Grants Commission could also be taken.

The library system needs to be upgraded. The library should be connected to other libraries through the Internet. The academic climate in the library could be improved by providing better furniture, better lighting system, a good reading room, microfilming, cubicles for the staff, and internet facility. The college needs subscribe standard journals and periodicals for its library.
College may encourage the staff members in the office to become computer literate.

The college will do well in formulating feed back and evaluation from the stakeholders. Course / faculty evaluation by students will provide excellent inputs for the faculty to fine tune curriculum and skills. Similar feed back from alumni and peer institutions will provide quality continuum.

The members of the Peer Team would like to place on record their sincere thanks to the Principal, faculty, non-teaching staff, students, parents of the students and alumni for their unqualified support and assistance during the visit of NAAC Peer Team.

Prof. H.S. Soch

Prof. S.H.Pawar
Member Co-ordinator

Prof. M.D. Jahageerdar

Date : 02/03/2004.

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