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Assam Agricultural University, College of Fisheries Science, Raha, Assam


Assam Agricultural University, College of Fisheries Science, Raha, Assam
Assam, India
Pin Code : 782103

Assam Agricultural University, College of Fisheries Science, Raha Assam is a recognised institute / college.
Assam Agricultural University, College of Fisheries Science is situated in Raha of Assam state (Province) in India. This data has been provided by www.punjabcolleges.com.


Number of seats in Assam Agricultural University, College of Fisheries Science, Raha Assam is 67.
Assam Agricultural University, College of Fisheries Science, Raha Assam runs course(s) in Degree stream(s).

Media coverage of Assam Agricultural University, College of Fisheries Science, Raha Assam, Assam

State fish production to go up

GUWAHATI, Jan 28 – With an increased fish production in the past few years, the State aims to become self-sufficient in producing fish in next few years. Assam produced 2.06 lakh metric ton fish against a requirement of 2.26 lakh metric ton in 2008-09. Around 20,000 metric ton fish come from outside the State to fulfil the demand, but that too, could be reduced as the schemes launched by the State government and the Department of Fisheries are getting popular with both big and small fish farmers, Nurjamal Sarkar, Minister of Fisheries said this while addressing the media today.

In 2008-09, fish production recorded 8.4 per cent growth in comparison to the previous year, according to the Department of Fisheries. In next five years, the State would be able to meet the requirement of fish in the market here, he added.

The department is holding the fourth Matsya Mahotsav, an event popularizing fisheries as a source of income and updating the fish farmers with the technical know-how to increase fishproduction . To be held on January 30, 31 and February 1, 2010 at the Shilpagram of Panjabari, Guwahati, the festival would offer a range of discussions, seminars and competitions to popularize fisheries among the common masses.

Fisheries, contributing 2.42 per cent of the total GDP of the State, has a lot more to offer in the field of employment also. After the College of Fisheries at Raha, another college of fisheries would soon come up in Bebejia of Nagaon, for which, Rs 5 crore has been sanctioned by the Central Government, Sarkar said.

He further added that since 2005-06 till 2008-09, the State Government has offered assistance to 34, 220 fish farmers under its different schemes. Around 250 young men and women have been trained as Matsya Mitra – a scheme launched for training the youths from rural areas to popularize fisheries among the common villagers. Helping the Self Help Groups and preserving water bodies to develop them as fisheries are among the other schemes taken up by the government.

Maintaining aquariums and producing different varieties of ornamental fishes are also among the popular career choices in the fisheries sector.

A Fisheries Investment Facilitation Centre has also been opened up at Panbazar to help the fish farmers in association with the State Bank of India and the Assam Grameen Vikash Bank.

Programme to promote exotic fish rearing

GUWAHATI, June 25 – The market for exotic and ornamental fish in Assam and rest of the North-east is booming, and for local entrepreneurs it could be an opportune moment to step into the business that still depends on outside supply. The State Fisheries department taking note of the situation is pushing ahead with a programme that will not only support breeding and rearing of exotic fish, but at the same time will help develop the market for aquariums and accessories.

Official estimates point to a figure in the region of Rs 1.5 crore, which is spent per year in procuring exotic fish into the north-eastern States. We believe that local entrepreneurs can take advantage of this situation, especially because they could not spend on costly air transport, a senior Fisheries department official told The Assam Tribune.

Although not all types of ornamental fish can be bred in Assam, a great variety of fish can be easily bred and reared. Among those are colourful species which thrive in warm waters of the world.

The advantages to entrepreneurs also stem from the fact that unlike commercial fisheries there is no requirement of expansive water bodies or interventions in large scale. A place of modest size with proper electricity is enough to breed a number of exotic and ornamental varieties, which command good price in the local market.

According to the official, the most attractive aspect of the business is that one can invest small sums of money and yet expect to gain rich returns. Within a year, an investment of Rs 1 lakh could bring returns of Rs 2 lakh or more, provided the entrepreneur raises species which have good market demand, he mentioned.

A similar advantage has been noticed in the fabrication of aquariums, which can be built with adequate knowledge of glass, adhesives and filtration. Here, localentrepreneurs have an edge over suppliers located at a distance. Interestingly, a number of youths in 10 districts of the State have already benefited from manufacturing aquariums, sources in the Fisheries department stated.

Recognizing the emerging trend the department has started training batches of youths to raise exotic and ornamental fish and to fabricate aquariums. Last year, one batch was trained at the College of Fisheries, Raha, and this year more are being provided with hands-on training and exposure.

The Fisheries department has helped form some Self- Help Groups, which are likely to receive financial support shortly. These groups will subsequently act as master trainers to pass on their knowledge and skills to other groups in severaldistricts of Assam.

Significantly, it has been found that compared to earlier years, the interest in local fish that can be displayed in aquariums is also on the rise. Exporters would get involved ifentrepreneurs can breed and raise some endemic fish, which fetch high prices in international market.

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