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Vijayawada (District Krishna)
Andhra Pradesh, India
Pin Code : 520003

SRI RAJA SURANENI VENKATA PAPAIAH RAO COLLEGE OF EDUCATION, Vijayawada Andhra Pradesh is a recognised institute / college. SRI RAJA SURANENI VENKATA PAPAIAH RAO COLLEGE OF EDUCATION, Vijayawada Andhra Pradesh is managed by Society: Skpvv Hindu High Schools Committee, Kotha Pet, Vijayawada-520001. SRI RAJA SURANENI VENKATA PAPAIAH RAO COLLEGE OF EDUCATION, Vijayawada Andhra Pradesh was established on / in 1980 or 2007.

SRI RAJA SURANENI VENKATA PAPAIAH RAO COLLEGE OF EDUCATION is situated in Vijayawada of Andhra Pradesh state (Province) in India. This data has been provided by www.punjabcolleges.com. Vijayawada comes under Vijayawada Tehsil, Krishna District.

Fax # of SRI RAJA SURANENI VENKATA PAPAIAH RAO COLLEGE OF EDUCATION, Vijayawada Andhra Pradesh is 0866-2568537.


Website of SRI RAJA SURANENI VENKATA PAPAIAH RAO COLLEGE OF EDUCATION, Vijayawada Andhra Pradesh is srsvbedcollege.com, srsvcte.info.

Contact Details of SRI RAJA SURANENI VENKATA PAPAIAH RAO COLLEGE OF EDUCATION, Vijayawada Andhra Pradesh are : STD Code : 0866 Telephone No : 6452223


Number of seats in SRI RAJA SURANENI VENKATA PAPAIAH RAO COLLEGE OF EDUCATION, Vijayawada Andhra Pradesh is 100.
SRI RAJA SURANENI VENKATA PAPAIAH RAO COLLEGE OF EDUCATION, Vijayawada Andhra Pradesh runs course(s) in Education stream(s).
B Ed

Approval details: SRI RAJA SURANENI VENKATA PAPAIAH RAO COLLEGE OF EDUCATION is affiliated with Krishna University, Machilipatnam (Andhra Pradesh)


Date Of Submission : 05/06/2010, Saturday 1:30 Pm
Teacher Education Institution Registration Details
Reference Id : Sapkrnin-803
Tan. No : Hyds10712c

Nacc Accredited : No
--Ncte Nacc Grade : Na
--Year Of Nacc Accredation : Na
Minority : No
--Minorty Type : Na
--Religion : Na
--Language : Na
Location College/Institution : Urban
Located In : Institusional
Building Type : Its Own Campus
Total Area(Sq.Mts.) :
Total Built Up Area(Sq.Mts.) : 2902
Nature Of Land Holding : Ownership
Type Of Land(Lease) : Private
Construction Completed Date : 12/12/1980
Shared Campus Area : 5499
Campus Shared By : By Registration
Khasra No./Plot No./Survey No. : 914 To 922
Revenue Village Of The Land : Vijayawada Urban
Land Is Free From All Encumbrances ? : Yes
Type Of College/Institution : Co-Education College
Management Of The College/Institution : Self Financed Institution(Private)
Management Of College/Institute : Na
Institution Or Its Managing Society/Body Registered ? : Yes
Registration Act : Xxi Of 1860
No. Of Non Teaching Staff(Male) : 3
No. Of Non Teaching Staff(Female) : 2
No. Of Non Teaching Staff(Total) : 5
Area Of Reading Room(Sq.Mts.) : 195
Seating Capacity : 60
Titles Of Teacher Education(Library) : 2541
Books Of Teacher Education : 3989
No.Of Journals : 17
No Of Encyclopedias(Library) : 86
Area Of Lab : 50
No Of Computers : 12
Internet Access ? : Yes
Lan : Yes
Availability Of Lcd Projector : Yes
Availability Of Ohp : Yes
Availability Of Tv : Yes
Availability Of Vcr : Yes
Name Of Experiment(Psycho Lab) :
Learning, Inteligence,
Personality And Mental
Other Tests
Name Of Appratus(Psycho Lab) :
Span Of Attention, Habit Interference Test,
Mirror Drawing Operators, Human
Mage, Division Of Attention Board,
Concept Formation Blocks, Raven's
Progressive Matrices, Draw A Man
Test, B.B.I, W.A.I.S, W.I.S.E, Sawins
Form Board, Problem Solving Tweze,
Alezander's Pass Along Test, Koh's
Block Test, Passi Test Of Creativity,
S.J.Verbal Test Of Intelligence, Finger
Dexiraty Board, Form Performance
Test, Tube Construction Test, D.A.T.,
Teaching Aptitude Test Battery, B.A.I.,
Newrotei Personality Questionnaire, I
And E Inventory, Mental Imagenary
Questionnaire, Social Meturity Scale,
Self Concept Scale, Personality
Questionnaire, T.A.T., Measurement
Of Emotions, Socio Metric Choice
Test, Insecurity Questionnaire, Size
And Weight Illusion Box, Gilton Bar,
Tatulocalization Of Pain, Mirror
Drawing Operators, Memory Drum,
Mc.Dougal Disk, Mental Fatigue Test,
Steadiness Test, Division Of Attention
Board, Tachitssocope With Cards,
Mullar Layer Illusion,
Area Of Science Lab : 101
Physical Science Name Experiment :
Preperation Of Sulphur, Preperation Of
Hydrozen Sulphide, Preperation Of
Nitrogen, Boyles Law Of Verification,
Dillusion Of Hcl And Nh3, Exothermic
And Endothermic Reaction, Factors
Affecting Rate Of Reaction, Electro
Plating, Preparing Molecular Models
Using Ball And Sticks, Polar And
Nonpolar Liquids, Conductivity Of Ionic
And Covalent Bonds, Preperation Of
Long Form Of Periodic Table, Solubility Of
Substance Vs Temperature, Ph Of
Solutions Determining, Wooden Stand
Used For Filteration Experiments,
Formation Of Bases, Preperation Of
Carbondioxide, Manufacturing Sugar,
Manufacturing Of Alcohol, Process Of
Making Soap By Cold Process And Hot
Process, Portland Cement
Manufacture, Preperation Of Snow And Nail Polish.
Name Of Charts(Physical Science) :
Modern Periodic Table Of The
Elements, Emission Specetra Of
Hydrozen Apon, Manufacturing Of
Sodium Hydroxide, Manufacturing Of
Metallurgy Of Nickle, Manufacturing Of
Sulphuric Acid, Nytrozen Cycle, Atoms
And Automic Structure, Chemical
Bonding, Manufacture Of Cement Quick
Lime, Work And Powder, Precautions
Chart, Refraction Of Light, Magatism,
Energy Related, Thermometers And
Barometers, Dymond, Valencies Of
Elements, Levers, Archimadeis
Principle, Kinetic Energy.
Name Experiment(Biological Science) :
Experiment To Show Osmosis,
Experiment To Show Root Pressure,
Experiment To Show Ascent Of Sap In
Amaranthus, Experiment To Show
Transpiration, Transverse Sections Of
Monocot Stem, Dicot Stem, Monocot
Root, Dicot Root, Monocot Leaf, Dicot
Leaf, Experiment To Show Diffusion Of
Potasium Permanganate, Crystals.
Name Charts(Biological Science) :
Parts Of Flower, Human Digestive
System, Human Respiratory System,
Human Heart, Meiosis In Plants Ii
Division, Human Excretory Organs,
Pond Ecosystem, Frog Development
And Metamorphosis, Mitosis In Plants,
Anatomy Of Root, Human Anatomy,
Human Eye, Anatomy Of Stem, Food
Chain, Rhizopus, Anatomy Of Leaf,
Anatomy Of Stem Dicot, Frog
Respiratory System, Water Cycle,
Human Ear, Paramecium
Reproduction, Plant Cell, Classification
Of Plant Kingdom, Cockroach
Ciculatory And Nervous System,
Anatomy Of T.S Of Monocot Root,
Meiosis In Plants I Division, Earth
Worm Reproductive System,
Photosysthesis Light Reaction, Food
Wed, Animal Cell, Anatomy Of Leaf
Dicot, Life History Of Butterfly, Harmful
And Useful Insects, Endocrine Glands,
Nitrozen Cycle, Poisonous Snakes,
Plant Diseases, Vitamins Sources And
Deficiency, Carbon Cycle, Structure Of
Human Skin, Human Nervous System,
Scientists Photo Laminations,
Saccharomyces Life Cycle, Riccia Part
I, Amphioxus, Phospohorus Cycle,
Living Things Non Living Things,
Digestive System, Polyporus,
Saprolegnia, Riccia Partii,
Verbonoceae, Lycoperdon.
Name Model(Biological Science) :
Human Torso, Female Reproductive
System, Life History Of Butterfly,
Human Ear, Human Eye, Human Brain,
Human Heart, Human Kidney, Human
Skeleton, Human Kidney With Bladder,
Mitosis, Meiosis, Teeth Set.
Area Of Lab(Language Lab) : 50
Name Of Equipments(Language Lab) :
Multimedia Software, Head Phones,
Configuration Of P.C Dual Core
Name Of Charts(Language Lab) :
Substitutional Table Charts, Charts Of
Title Of The Lessons, Pictures Of Poetry
From Third Class To Tenth Class
Indoor Game Area : 252.34
Indoor Game(D.Ed/B.Ed./M.Ed.Courses) :
Chess, Chinese Checker, Pin Board,
Ludo, Brain Vita, Carroms, Snakes
And Ladders
Outdoor Games(D.Ed/B.Ed./M.Ed.Courses) :
Volley Ball, Throw Ball, Kabaddi, Kho
Kho, Batminton, Tennikoit
Area Of Outdoor Games : 2597.92
Name And No. Of Instruments(Arts And Carfts) :
Painting Material Sketches, Pencils,
Cryons, Stickering Material, Tripod
Stand, Plank, Sewing Machine,
Sewing Material, Plastic Wire,
Embroidery Frames, Thermocol,
Thermocol Balls, Ice Cream Sticks,
Sand, Straws, Waste Bangles, Waste
Cool Drink Caps,Waste Bulbs, Waste
Matchsticks, Sponge.
Name Charts(Arts And Carfts) :
Painting Charts Of Flowers, Scenaries
And Other Relative Charts.
Name Of Models(Arts And Carfts) :
Painting Charts, Sand Painting, Glass
Painting, Nib Paiting, Stickering,
Painting On Thermocoal Sheets,
Painting Sarees, Greeting Card
Painting, Embroidery Cloths And
Sarees, Cutting And Stickering Model
Items, Knitting Work Wool, Wall
Hanging With Waste Matchsticks,
Decorative Items With Thermocoal
Balls, Wall Hanging With Nattie Sheet.
Name Of Instruments(Health And Physical...) :
Weight Weighing Machine, Height
Measuring Post, Stop Watch, First Aid Kit
No Of Instruments(Health And Physical... ) :
Good Habits, Vitamins,
Communicable Diseases, Personal
Hygine, Complan Height Chart,
Classification Of Sports And Games
Name Charts(Mathematics Resource Center) :
Substitutional Table Charts, Charts Of
Title Of The Lessons, Diagrams From
First Class To Tenth Class, Therems Of
Charts From Sixth Class To Tenth Class,
Pictures Of Mathematicians
Name Model(Mathematics Resource Center) :
Quadraticexpressions Factors,
Pythagoras Theorem, Thales
Theorem, Area Of Circle, Area Of
Triangle, Geo Board, Ven Diagrams,
Tan Grams (Recreation), Geometry
Box, Junior Abacus, (A+B)2, (A-B)2,
(A+B)(A-B), (A+B+C)2,
(X+A)(X+B),Triangle Angle Properties,
Guess The Number - 31, Base - 2
Name Of Instruments (Anatomy,Physiology... ) : Nil
Name Of Charts (Anatomy,Physiology ...) : Nil
Name Of Equipments(Atheletic Care) : Nil
Name Of Charts(Atheletic Care) : Nil
Name And No. Of Instrumernts(Cultural Facility) : Nil
Name And No. Of Instruments(Athletics) : Nil
Size Of Track(Athletics) : Nil
Indoor Games(C.P.Ed/B.P.Ed./M.P.Ed.Courses) : Nil
Indoor Game[Area](C.P.Ed/B.P.Ed./M.P.Ed.Courses) : Nil
Outdoor Games(C.P.Ed/B.P.Ed./M.P.Ed.Courses) : Nil
Area Of Alloted Outdoor Games : Nil
Gym Facility For Women : No
Area Of Men Gym(Sq.Mts.) : 0
No Of Stnations(Men) : 0
Area Of Women Gym :
No Of Stnations(Women) :
Mode Of Salary : Through Bank
Salary Transfer(Faculty) : For Each Faculty Separate
Account Details Of Bank (Salary) : 45080
Date Of Opening Of Bank A/C : 04/04/2007
Opening Balance : 40240
Fees : 1350000
Donation : 0
Misc : 0
Total Amount Receipts : 1390240
Expenditure Teacher Salary : 1431396
Expenditure Non Teacher Salary : 195179
Expenditure Library : 48000
Expenditure Laboratory : 104000
Expenditure Furniture : 24000
Expenditure Misc : 445000
Total Expenditure : 2247575
Balance Of Funds Available During Year : 0
Name Of Auditor/Ca : Gajavally Nageswara Rao
Gajavally And Co., Gajavally
Address Of Auditor/Ca :
Mansion 11-14-5 Velagaleti
Vari Street Vijayawada 520001
Phone No. : 08662422569

Teaching Faculty Details
Teacher Id Designation
Sapgtrte-9171 Lecturer In Physical Sciences
Sapkrnte-2425 Lecturer In Biological Sciences
Sapkrnte-2781 Lecturer In Telugu
Sapkrnte-3273 Lecturer In Mathematics
Sapkrnte-2814 Lecturer In Physical Education
Sapkrnte-9308 Lecturer In Computer Science
Sapkrnte-2633 Lecturer In English
Sapkrnte-3264 Lecturer In Social Studies
Sapkrnte-2396 Lecturer In Education
Sapkrnte-2779 Lecturer In Library Science
Sapkrnte-18377 Principal

Composition Of Society/Trust
Name Address
Sri Ravikrindi Rama Swamy 29-28-61 Dasari Vari Street Durga Agraharam Vijayawada 520002
Sri I. Ram Kumar Sri Venkateswara Book Depot 11-16-32
Singa Raju Vari Street Vijayawada 520001
Sri Gopisetty Mallaiah 11-62-124 Canal Road Vijayawada 520001
Sri K.L.V.Mohan Rao 29-2-28 Rama Mandiram Street Eluru
Road Arandalpet Vijayawada 520002
Sri K.N.S.Sankar Rao Ksn Hardware House 11-31-61/2 Park Road Samarangam Chowk Vijayawada 520001
Sri S. Radha Krishna Murthy Seetharama General Stores Agencies 11-44-15 Kummari Street Post Box No 136 Vijayawada 520001
Sri T.P.Sankar Rao Flat No. Gf 4 Aswini Apartments Opp.
Sind Bhavan Brundavan Colony Labbipet Vijayawada 520010
Sri Golla Baba Vijay Kumar 11-17-6 Telaprolu Vari Lane Vinnakota Vari Chowk Vijayawada 52001
Sri Vissamsetti Venkataratnam Plot No.301 V S M Bhavan Nagarjuna Nagar Yellareddy Guda Hyderabad 73
Sri Ch.B.Siva Subrahmanyam 35/69 G.K. Colony Sainikpuri Secunderabad
Sri K.A.L.Narasimha Rao Sri Rama Krishna Iron Hardware Company 11-241-31 Kandulavari Street Vijayawada 520001
Sri Ch.Amara Sudheer 28-10-9 Ii Floor Masjid Street Arundalpet Vijayawada
Sri Gelli Narasinga Rao Gelli Jute Firm Main Road Vijayawada 520001
Sri Bayana Seshagiri Rao Ravindra Medicals Door No 11-49-95 Sivalayam Street Vijayawada 520001
Sri A.B.Koteswara Rao Nirmala Iron And General Stores Main Road Vijayawada 520001
Sri T.K.Viswanadha Rao 11-12-14 Mekalavari Street Near Fish Market Kothapet Vijayawada 520001
Sri Vallamkonda Subba Rao No 24 Krishnaveni Whole Sale Market Panja Center Vijayawada 520001
Sri Maturi Poorna Chandra Rao The Eswar Trading Company Convent Street Vijayawada 520001
Sri Majeti Satish Kumar 11-9-8 Majjavari Street Vijayawada 520001
Sri Dogiparthi China Subba Rao Sayyad Gulab Street 9/64/37 Kothapet Vijayawada 520001

Media coverage of SRI RAJA SURANENI VENKATA PAPAIAH RAO COLLEGE OF EDUCATION, Vijayawada Andhra Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh

Educational Streams

Mangalayatan University has established eight institutes under its banner that offer various professional courses at the Postgraduate, Undergraduate and Diploma level. The Institute of Engineering & Technology established by the University is one of the largest technological institutes in Northern India providing B.Tech. courses and one B.Tech Integrated course of 6 years duration leading to an undergraduate and a postgraduate degree at completion.

Institute of Business Management (IBM) is a prominent business institute in India that offers BBA (Honors), Bachelor of Commerce, Bachelor of Finance Management, MBA (Marketing, Finance, Human Resource, Media, Information Technology, International Business). Institute of Biomedical Education and Research offers offers B. Tech. (Biotechnology, Pharmaceutical Science), MBA (Integrated B. Tech Biotechnology), MBA (Integrated B. Tech Pharmaceutical Science), B. Pharm. It has developed the course curriculum to impart knowledge to students in the frontline areas like Proteomics, Genomics, Bio-informatics, Systems Biology, Stem Cell, Regulatory Affairs, Clinical Research, Drug Discovery, IPR, Nano-biotechnology, Bio-ethics, Pharmaceutics and Pharmacognosy.

The Institute of Computer Application offers BCA and MCA programs - each of three years. Institute of Journalism and Mass Communication offers Diploma in Broadcast Journalism & Electronic Media Production, Bachelor in Journalism and Mass Communication , PG Diploma in Broadcast Journalism & Electronic Media Production, PG Diploma in Mass Communication, Certificate Course in Radio jockeying. Bachelor of Education (Innovative), B. Ed. / B. Ed. (Honors) is offered at the Institute of Education and Research. Diploma in Aviation, Hospitality, Travel & Tourism Management and Persona Enhancement (DAHTTM&PE) is offered by the Institute of Tourism & Hospitality Management. There is also an institute of visual and performing arts that offer BVA (Bachelor of Visual Arts), MVA (Master of Visual Arts), M. Phil (Master of Philosophy in Visual Arts), Diploma in Visual Arts, BPA. (Bachelor of Performing Arts), M. Phil (Masters of Philosophy in Performing Arts) , Diploma in Performing Arts

Mangalayatan University offers regular sports and extra-curricular activities undertaken under the guidance of experienced trainers. It conducts Personality Development Programmes (PDP) to improve the leadership qualities, team spirit and communication skills of the students. It has developed its campus with state-of-the-art infrastructural facilities, with spacious classrooms equipped with advanced PA and display systems. The University library is fully automated, and computerized with the most advanced literature on various subjects and topics. There is a spacious auditorium that provides an ideal venue for meetings, discussions and seminars. It has a well equipped audio visual center and language lab. There are separate hostel facilities for boys and girls, housed in a six storeyed building with separate wings for boys and girls.

Summary: SRI RAJA SURANENI VENKATA PAPAIAH RAO COLLEGE OF EDUCATION, Vijayawada Andhra Pradesh website, mobile, contact address and approval / recognition details.