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Solapur University, Solapur, Maharashtra

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Solapur University, Solapur, Maharashtra
Address:Solapur Pune National Highway, Kegaon Vice Chancellor: Prof Dr BP Bandgar:0217-2351300 (Office),2300234 (Residence)
Registrar:Dr MS Shejul:0217-2744776 (Office), 098506-55609 (Mobile)
Solapur (District Solapur)
Maharashtra, India
Pin Code : 413255
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Solapur University, Solapur Maharashtra is a University recognised by UGC. Solapur University, Solapur Maharashtra was established on / in 22nd July 2004.

Solapur University, Solapur Maharashtra is situated in Solapur of Maharashtra state (Province) in India. This data has been provided by www.punjabcolleges.com. Solapur comes under Solapur Tehsil, Solapur District.

Fax # of Solapur University, Solapur Maharashtra is 0217-2744770.

email ID(s) is Solapur University Solapur Maharashtra

Website of Solapur University, Solapur Maharashtra is http://su.digitaluniversity.ac, www.solapuruniversity.com.

Vice Chancellor : vc@solapuruniversity.com.

Contact Details of Solapur University, Solapur Maharashtra are : Telephone: +91-217-2351300

Department of Management, Solapur University
College code 6003


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Profile of Solapur University

Formally Solapur region is associated with Shivaji University,Kolhapur till 21 Jully 2004.It is 250 km away from Solapur.Because of increasing number of colleges and students in Shivaji university inconvenience faced by Solapur region. Decentralization of this education sector is necessary for effective management. This need is address by Mr.Sushilkumar Shinde (former Chief Minister of Maharashtra at that time) and Guardian Minister of Solapur District Mr.Vijaysinh Mohite�Patil and because of their efforts Solapur University is formed on 22nd July 2004.

It is started in campus of what is formally known as Post-Graduate Centre which is located at Kegaon ,9 Km away from Solapur city.Today University has 35.5 acres of land. Around 74 colleges are affiliated under it and around 60,000 students are learning in various disciplines.


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Supply of DSC (Solapur University)
Tender: 11th December, 2014
Supply of DSC
Purchase of TGA equipment (Solapur University)
Tender: 20th November, 2014
Purchase of TGA equipment

Finance and Accounts officer (Job Vacancy)
Finance and Accounts Officer (Job Vacancy)
CoE and Accounts Officer (Job Vacancy)
Controller of Examination (Job Vacancy)
Provide web enabled examination management system (Tender)
Provide Examination Management System (Tender)
Registrar and Accounts Officer (Job Vacancy)
Professor and Asstt Professor (Job Vacancy)
Prof, Asstt Prof, Associate Professor etc (Job Vacancy)
PhD Programme 2012 (Entrance Test)
Professor, Asstt Professor and Associate Professor etc (Job Vacancy)
BU Bhopal,Jabalpur and Sagar jite (News)
Assistant Professor in Hotel Management etc (Job Vacancy)
BTech Fillm Production and Media Technology (Admission Notice)

Media coverage of Solapur University, Solapur Maharashtra, Maharashtra

Vision and Mission

To produce world class professionals who have learnt their skills in an environment of highly competent, research oriented and skilled professors with state-of-art infrastructure. Professionals who will be known for their innovation, imagination, synthesizing and analytical competence, scientific intellect, business competency and entrepreneurial skills.
To transform the "student" into a "knowledge Professional", thereby adding value to the individual, the Society, the industry and the Country s talent pool at large.
Provide the facilities and support for its staff to take up innovative methods of teaching in accordance with the developments in the academic world and also take care of the developments in industry and commerce.
To Continue to improve the quality of the undergraduate and postgraduate Courses that prepare our students for professional life, leadership and citizenship in a changing world.
Acquire position as a leader in the creation, synthesis and spread of knowledge beneficial to the current and forthcoming generations.
Optimize the usage of resources and infrastructure in an integrated fashion to improvise, enhance and strengthen the students’ faculties.
Build mutually beneficial relationships with communities, government and private organizations for the sound placements of students.
Improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the Management and Administrative services that support the mission of the College

Message from Vice Chancellor

The world today has become essentially borderless where educational, economic, political and social changes require innovative legal and scientific analysis and solutions. The university is committed to operate ethically and professionally, with academic integrity and respect for individual, to cultivate in our students the same intellectual and critical abilities and to build student competencies in areas critical to their success in today’s ever changing environment.

The university has reoriented and inducted new courses and Implemented school system for all the course running in university campus. This kind of assessment is much useful to our students when they extend their education outside in other countries. Equipped with the necessary contemporary technology, our university aims to bring up individuals who can meet the expectations of the modern societies of the global world who are open to every kind of scientific, cultural and social novelities.

Our efforts are to make Solapur University a leading modern university dedicated to the advancement of knowledge, learning and understanding in the services of regional, national and international society. The university is committed to encourage individuals to realise their full potential and to train competent professionals in global society. I hope that our graduates will be the best examples of our reputation in terms of personal and professional success in life and they represent us in many parts of the world.


About University

Solapur university was inaugurated on 3rd August 2004; by His Highness Dr. Mohammad Fajal ,the then Governor of Maharashtra. Dr.Iresh Swami had assumed office as the first Vice -Chancellor of Solapur University.

One of the major objectives of establishing this University was to cater to the regional needs of Solapur District, simultaneously creating global awareness among its students. It will also provide opportunities of Higher Education to rural youth, encouraging him for research for regional growth and sustainable development.

The jurisdiction of this University is spread over Solapur district, with a strength of about 60,000 student studying in 61 affiliated colleges and recognized institutes. These colleges offer U.G. and P.G. teaching in various disciplines of Arts, Science, Social Science, Commerce, Law, Management, Engineering, Technology etc.

Prior to its inception on 3rd Aug 2004, it was a Post-Graduate Teaching Center (incepted in 1984) of Shivaji University, Kolhapur. At present, Solapur University is located on a campus of 38.5 acres, expecting 500 acres of more land for developing further infrastructure. Seven post graduate departments are being run on the campus -Physics , Chemistry , Applied Chemistry, Electronics , Geology, Computer Science (M.C.A) and AIHC (Ancient Indian history culture and Archaeology)


Solapur University was established on 1st August 2004 and was inaugurated on 03-08-2004 by the Governor of Maharashtra. The formation of the university at Solapur was a long cherished desire of the people of this region. Earlier, to the formation of University, Solapur had a P.G. Centre of Shivaji University for over two decades. The centre for P.G. studies had three postgraduate science departments and 7 postgraduate courses conducted in the P.G. departments. With this sound background Solapur University has been established to cater the needs of over 60,000 students community. The university is poised for an ambitious growth. The University is now a hub of various academic activities. Good number of Engineering, Agricultural, Architectural, Medical and Traditional institutions of national fame are located in and around the city. Solapur is a home of religious saints of various languages as the district is at a triple junction of linguistic states of Andhra, Karnataka and Maharashtra. Therefore, Solapur is secular and metropolitan to its core. The said backdrop makes the University stands for transcendent principles and embodying noble mission. It is a small team yet progressive and forward-looking. Perched on a plateau, the Solapur University is a citadel of higher learning. Recently the Solapur University has introduced the concept of school system and has decided to bring its various departments under umbrella of various schools, viz.

1) School of Chemical Sciences 2) School of Computational Sciences ,3)School of Earth Sciences, 4) School of Physical Sciences, 5) School of Social Sciences and 6)School of Education. Details about the school system are elaborated in the forth coming discussion. To cater the need of the academic information the University has a
full-fledged library housed in the premises ad measuring nearly 400sq.meters.

In less than three academic years the University has delight of various distinctions. Student & staff have completed their academic commitment. It is a landmark to state that the university has successfully conducted its examinations and has declared results in record time. Student's welfare department has conducted successfully its council elections, youth festivals and insurance scheme etc. activities. Further, students have bagged medals at state and national youth festivals and sports events. The varsity has strong NSS & NCC units.

Teachers & Students have a great zeal in academic activities. They had participated in national and international seminars and presented research findings. A few of the teachers had the pride of chairing the technical sessions. Solapur University in not far behind in educational policy matters. Its team has formulated quality improvement guidelines for Ph.D in the state of Maharashtra. The staff is truly dedicated and has national credibility hence have received R & D funds for execution of the projects.

Solapur's Peoples participation is note worthy. Solapur University is only of its kind to receive Rs. 1.3 crores from Municipal Corporation for a multipurpose classroom complex. The staff union has formed for democratic & harmonious growth of the university.

Solapur University located in Solapur city in Maharashtra, India. It was inaugurated on 3 August 2004. Dr. Babasaheb Bandgar is the Vice-Chancellor of Solapur University.

The jurisdiction of this University is spread over Solapur district, with a strength of about 60,000 student studying in 61 affiliated colleges and recognized institutes. These colleges offer U.G. and P.G. teaching in various disciplines of Arts, Science, Social Science, Commerce, Law, Management, Engineering, Technology etc.

At present, Solapur University is located on a campus of 38.5 acres, expecting 500 acres (2.0 km2) of more land for developing further infrastructure. Seven post graduate departments are being run on the campus -Physics , Chemistry , Applied Chemistry, Electronics , Geology, Computer Science (M.C.A) and AIHC (Ancient Indian history culture and Archaeology).

Profile of University

Solapur University is situated in Solapur. The University was started on 3rd August 2004 by Dr. Mohammad Fajal, the former Governor of Maharashtra. One of the primary aims of starting this University is to provide higher education to the local students of Solapur district, along with making international consciousness among students. The Solapur University enjoys jurisdiction over Solapur district, with strength of about 60,000 students studying in 61 affiliated colleges and recognized institutions. These colleges offer U.G. and P.G. programmes in various disciplines of Arts, Science, Social Science, Commerce, Law, Management, Engineering, Technology etc.

Solapur University is the nucleus of higher academic activities in Solapur district of Maharashtra. It came into being in the year 2004. One of the renowned universities of higher education in the state of Maharashtra, it is located on Solapur-Pune National Highway. The university provides opportunities of higher education to rural youth. The jurisdiction of the University is spread over Solapur district.

Currently, Solapur University is situated on a campus of 38.5 acres. It has seven post graduate departments, namely Physics, Chemistry, Applied Chemistry, Electronics, Geology, Computer Science and AIHC (Ancient Indian history culture and Archaeology).

Contact Detailed:
Solapur University

Address : Solapur-Pune National Highway,
Solapur - 413 255
Maharashtra, India

Tel : +91 0217-2351300

Pin : 413255

Fax : +91 0217-2744770

Website : www.solapuruniversity.com

Mail2 : Vice Chancellor

E-mail : vc@solapuruniversity.com


Established in 2004, Solapur University is the result of untiring efforts of the people of this region. Dr Iresh Swami was appointed as the first Vice -Chancellor of Solapur University. The university was established to cater to the regional needs of Solapur District, simultaneously creating global awareness among its students.

Solapur is one of the biggest cities in Maharashtra, situated on the borders of the Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh. It's an ancient historical and religious place with Shri Siddharameshwar as its "Gramadaiwata". Shri Siddharameshwar was a historical personality of the 12th Century whose "Karmayoga" on his own native land-Solapur, turned him into a God-figure in course of time. His religious, social, metaphysical contribution was no doubt great. He composed more than 65,000 "Vachanas" and consecrated 68 "Lingas" in Solapur. He had gained the "Siddhi". As Solapur was a draught prone area, Shri Siddharameshwar dug a lake with the help of 4000 "Sharanas" to solve the problem of potable water. The fact that this lake was open to the people of all cast, sects and religions proves the secular, progressive attitude of Shri Siddharameshwar who was far ahead of his time. This revolutionary saint entombed himself alive (Shivyogsamadhi) at Solapur. On the tourist map of Maharashtra, Solapur is recognized by the beautiful temple of Lord Siddharameshwar, situated at the heart of city.

During the freedom struggle, the people of Solapur enjoyed full freedom on 9th, 10th and 11th May 1930. This acquired name and fame for Solapur in the history of India. But it had to pay a grate price of that freedom in the form of the martyrdom of Shri Mallappa Dhanshetti, Shri Kurban Hussein, Shri Jagannath Shinde and Shri Kisan Sarda who were hanged on 12th Jan 1931, in the prison at Pune. Thus the city came to be recognized as "The City of Hutatmas".

Being an important industrial city, Solapur is a leading center for cotton mills and power-looms. Solapur bed-sheets, terry-towels and chaddars have earned international fame and reputation due to their novel designs and durability.

Solapur is 433 Kms. away from Mumbai and 244 Kms. from Pune. By rail, it is 456 Kms. from Mumbai. Solapur is well-connected with metro-cities like Delhi, Hyderabad, and Bangalore.

Pandharpur, with its Vitthal-Rakhumai temple on the banks of the Chandrabhaga river, that has carved a niche in the hearts of Marathi speaking people, is only 70 Kms. from Solapur. Akkalkot, just 38 Kms. from Solapur is known to be a holy place on account of the shrine of Akkalkot Swami and is visited by his followers. Tuljapur in Osmanabad district, 40 Kms. from Solapur, has the seat of the goddess Tulja-Bhawani, well known as the family deity of Maharashtra State. Across the border in Gulbarga district of Karnataka State, is Ganagapur, another place of pilgrimage. Vijapur, a district in Karnataka, 109 Kms. from Solapur is widely known for its 'Gol-Gumbaj', a marvel in architecture and Badami in the same district for its mind boggling temples carved inside the rocks.

Educational Streams

Solapur University offers undergraduate as well as postgraduate degree courses in a range of subjects including Arts, Science, Social Science, Commerce, Law, Management, Engineering, Technology etc. Admissions to the undergraduate programs are held through MHT-CET and AIEEE under the norms of DTE, Mumbai. Admissions to the postgraduate courses in science and technology are made through entrance test. Admissions to the 50% seats are held on the basis of merit in qualifying exam and remaining 50% seats are filled on the basis of weightage in entrance test.

The university has a library at Kegaon where a number of books, journals and magazines on diverse subjects are available. Sports are promoted for physical development of the learners. NSS activities and cultural programs are regularly held in the university. The university has an attached doctor who takes care of the health of the students.

Academic Programs

Department of Physics
* M.Sc.
* M.Phil.
* Ph.D.

Department of Chemistry
* M.Sc.
* M.Phil.
* Ph.D.

Department of Geology
* M.Sc.
* M.Phil.
* Ph.D.

Department of Electronic Science
* M.Sc.
* M.Phil.
* Ph.D.

Department of Computer Science
* M.C.A.

Department of Ancient Indian History, Culture and Archaeology
* M.A.
* M.Phil.
* P.G Diploma in Tourism
* P.G Diploma in Musicology

Department of Mathematics
* M.Sc.
* M.Phil.
* Ph.D.


* Faculty of Arts & Fine Arts
* Faculty of Social Sciences
* Faculty of Science
* Faculty of Law
* Faculty of Commerce
* Faculty of Education
* Faculty of Engineering & Technology


Regular Courses by Solapur University
Educational Departments in the Solapur University
Department of Physics
M. Sc.
M. Phil.
Ph. D.

Department of Chemistry

Department of Geology
M. Sc.
Ph. D.

Department of Electronic Science

Department of Computer Science

Department of Ancient Indian History, Culture and Archaeology
P.G Diploma in Tourism
P.G Diploma in Musicology

Department of mathematics,

Colleges affiliated with this University

Total number of colleges affiliated with this University = 119
1 AG Patil Institute of Technology, Solapur
2 Ardhanari Nateshwar Mahavidyalaya, Velapur
3 Arts and Commerce College, Madha
4 Aushadi Nirman Shastra Mahavidyalaya, Malshiras
5 Baburao Patil College of Arts and Science, Mohol
6 Bal Jagruti Vikas Mandal's BBA and BCA College, Madha
7 Baliramdada Bansode College of Education, Pandharpur
8 BBA and BCA College, Akkalkot
9 Bhai Channusingh Chandele College of Social Work, Solapur
10 Bharat Mahavidyalaya, Karmala
11 Bharat Ratna Indira Gandhi Engineering College, Solapur
12 BP Sulakhe College of Commerce, Barshi
13 Bramhadevdada Mane Institute of Technology, Solapur
14 CB Khedgis Basaveshwar Science Raja Vijaysinh Commerce and Raja Jaysinh Arts College, Solapur
15 Chatrapati Shivaji Night College of Arts and Commerce, Solapur
16 College of Architecture, Solapur
17 College of Education, Madha
18 College of Engineering, Barshi
19 Dalit Mitra Kadam Guruji Science College, Mangalwedha
20 DAV Velankar College of Commerce, Solapur
21 DBF Dayanand College of Arts and Science, Solapur
22 Deshbhakt Harinarayan Bankatlal Soni College, Solapur
23 Deshbhakta Sambhajirao Garad Mahavidyalaya, Mohol
24 DGB Dayanand Law College, Solapur
27 Gandhinatha Rangji College of BCA, Solapur
28 Greenfingers College of Computer and Technology, Malshiras
29 Hemuji Chnadele College, Barshi
30 Hirachand Nemchand College of Commerce, Solapur
32 Institute of Computer and Management Studies, Pandharpur
34 Jai Jagdamba BCA College, Barshi
35 Jai Jagdamba Junior Science College, Barshi
36 Jay Jagdamba MEd College, Barshi
37 Karamveer Audumbar Patil Law College Pandharpur, Solapur
38 Karmayogi Babanraoji Shinde College, Madha
39 Karmyogi College of Engineering Shelve, Pandharpur
40 Kasturbai College of Education and Adhyapak Vidyalaya, Solapur
41 KBP College, Pandharpur
42 KP Mangalvedhekar Institute of Management Development and Research, Solapur
43 Late Aamdar Kakasaheb Salunkhe Patil College of Arts and Science, Sangola
44 Late Shrimant Sou Umabaisaheb Patwardhan Smarak Sanstha, Marutirao Harirao Mahadik Arts and Commerce, Madha
45 Lokmangal Biotechnology College, Solapur
46 LPS Master of Education, Madha
47 Madan Singh Mohite Patil College of Science, Mangalwedha
48 Mahatma Phule College of Education, Akluj
49 Mahatma Phule College of Education, Sangola
50 Mandesh Mahavidyalaya, Sangola
51 Matosri Gurubaswa Kalyansheti Arts and Commerce Mahila College, Akkalkot
52 Matosri Lakshamibai Mhetre College of Education, Akkalkot
53 Mauli College of Education, Solapur
54 Mauli Mahavidyalaya, Solapur
55 Nagesh Karajagi ORCHID College of Engineering and Technology, Solapur
56 NB Nawale Sinhgad College of Engineering, Solapur
57 New Satara College of BCA, Pandharpur
58 New Satara College of Management, Pandharpur
59 Padmashali Shikshan Sansthas AR Burla Mahila Varishtha Mahavidyalaya, Solapur
60 Parvati Tad College of Education, Mangalwedha
61 Pouravi Institute of Management Studies and Research, Solapur
62 Pratap Singh Mohite Patil Mahavidyalaya, Karmala
63 Rajaram Bhosle College of Education, Pandharpur
64 Rajarshi Shahu Law College, Barsi
65 Rajivji Gandhi BA B Ed College, Barshi
66 Rajsingh Mohite Patil Institute of Management Studies, Malshiras
67 Ranjeet Singh Mohite Patil College, Karmala
68 Rayat Shikshan Sansthas Laxmibai Bhaurao Patil Mahila Mahavidyalaya (Arts, Commerce and Science), Solapur
69 Rukmai Institute of Technology, Solapur
70 Rukmani College of Education, Pandharpur
71 S Suvaranlata Gandhi Mahavidyalaya, Barshi
72 Sameer Gandhi Arts College, Malshiras
73 Sangameshwar College, Solapur
74 Sangola Taluka Uchcha Shikshan Mandals Sangola College, Sangola
75 Santosh Bhimrao Patil Arts Science and Commerce College, Solapur
76 Science College, Sangola
77 Sehyadri College of Pharmacy, Sangola
78 Sh Sant Damaji College, Mangalwedha
79 Sh Veertapasvi Chanveer Shivacharya College of Education, Solapur
80 Sh Vishveshraiya College of Commerce, Mangalwedha
81 Sh Vitthal Education and Research Institute College of Pharmacy, Pandharpur
82 Shankarrao Mohite Mahavidyalaya - Akluj, Malshiras
83 Sharadchandra Pawar Arts Commerce and Science College, Solapur
84 Sholapur Social Associations Arts and Commerce College, Solapur
90 Shri Shivaji Mahavidyalaya, Barshi
91 Shri Shivaji Shikshan Prasarak Mandal College of Education, Barshi
92 Shri Siddeshwar Shikshan Mandals College of Architecture, Solapur
93 Shri Swami Samarth College of Education, Barshi
94 Shri Vitthal College of Education Venunagar, Pandharpur
95 Shriman Bhau Saheb Zadbuke Mahila Education College, Barshi
96 Shriman Bhausaheb Zadbuke Mahavidyalaya, Barshi
97 Sinhgad Business School, Kegaon
98 Sinhgad Institute and Business Management, Sangola
99 Sinhgad School of Computer Science, Pandharpur
100 Sinhgad School of Computer Studies, Solapur
101 SKN Sinhgad Business School, Pandharpur
102 SKN Sinhgad College of Engineering, Pandharpur
103 Smt Kashibai Navale College of Education, Sangola
104 Sojar Arts and Commerce College, Barshi
105 Sriram Institute of Information Technology, Malshiras
106 Sunrise College of Management, Pandharpur
107 Sushil Kumar Shinde College of Physical Education, Solapur
108 SVERI College of Engineering (COEP), Pandharpur
109 Uma College of Education, Pandharpur
110 Uma Mahavidyalaya, Pandharpur
111 Union Education Society Mahila Mahavidyalaya, Solapur
112 VG Shivdare College of Arts Commerce and Science, Solapur
113 Vidya Vikas Pratishthan (VVP) Institute of Engineering and Technology, Solapur
114 Vijaysinh Mohite Patil Mahavidyalaya, Natepute
115 Vitthalrao Shinde College of Arts, Madha
116 Walchand College of Arts and Science, Solapur
117 Walchand Institute of Technology, Solapur
118 Yashwantbhau Patil Mahavidyalaya, Pandharpur
119 Yashwantrao Chauhan College, Karmala

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