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Gujarat University, Ahmedabad, Gujarat


Gujarat University, Ahmedabad, Gujarat
Address: Plot / Street / Area
PB No.4010, Navrangpura
Ahmedabad (District Ahmedabad)
Gujarat, India
Pin Code : 380009

Gujarat University, Ahmedabad Gujarat is a University recognised by UGC. Status: State University. Gujarat University, Ahmedabad Gujarat was established on / in 23rd November, 1949.

Principal of Gujarat University, Ahmedabad Gujarat is Ms. Malti Mehta (Director Incharge).

Gujarat University is situated in Ahmedabad of Gujarat state (Province) in India. This data has been provided by www.punjabcolleges.com. Ahmedabad comes under Ahmedabad Tehsil, Ahmedabad District.

Fax # of Gujarat University, Ahmedabad Gujarat is 079-26302654.

Website of Gujarat University, Ahmedabad Gujarat is www.gujaratuniversity.org.in.

Contact Details of Gujarat University, Ahmedabad Gujarat are : Telephone: +91-79-26301341, 26300342, 26300343, 26301919, 26306219, 2630376
Phone Number - +91-79-26303762

Rollwala Computer Center
Department of Computer Science
Gujarat University, Ahmedabad
GTU Code:963
Principal Dr Savita R Gandhi, Fax # 26300877
Telephone nos of Computer Dept (079) 26857434, 26300164

Department of Education Gujarat University

Academic Coordinator
Sh Maulik Raval
(M): 09924009740

Technical CoordinatorSh. Dinesh Goswami,
Asst. Engineer
(O): 079-65429155
(M): 09426401665


Under Graduate Courses: BSc Applied, BSc Geology, BSc Home Science, BA Psychology, Bachelor of Architect (Interior Design), Bachelor of Prosthesis & Orthetics, Bachelor of Education (Basic), Bachelor of Performing Arts, B.Com, BBA, BCA, B.Pharm, Information Technology, Laws.

Post Graduate Courses: MSc in Forensic Science, Zoology, Physiotherapy, Nursing, Master of Chirugai (Pediatric Surgery), MBA, MCA, M.Com, M.A in Psychology, English, Economics, Mathematics, M.Pharm, Journalism, Labor Welfare, Information Technology, Laws.

Diploma Courses: Diploma in Psychology, Linguistics, Labor Welare, Legislative Drating, Pediatratics, Anaesthesia, Physical Education, PGD in Marketing, Finance, Management and Bioinformatics.

PhD Courses: PhD in Philosophy and Medicine.


Profile of Gujarat University

Brief History
The Gujarat University was conceived in the nineteen twenties in the minds of public-spirited and learned men like Gandhiji, Sardar Patel, Acharya Anandshankar B. Dhruva, Dada Saheb Mavlankar, Kasturbhai Lalbhai and many others. However, the University could come into existence only after the achievement of independence.In 1949, the University was incorporated under the Gujarat University Act of the State Government 'as a teaching and affiliating University.' This was done as a measure of decentralisation and reorganization of University education in the then Province of Bombay.

During the course of its life of more than five decades, the University has seen the establishment of seven more Universities which were carved out of the jurisdiction of the Gujarat University, viz., Sardar Patel University, Saurashtra University, Bhavnagar University, South Gujarat University, Gujarat Ayurveda University, Gujarat Agricultural University and North Gujarat University. Even then, the Gujarat University is the largest university in the state catering to the needs of higher education of more than two lakh students scattered over 235 colleges, 15 recognised institutions and 24 approved institutions. There are 34 Post-Graduate University departments and 221 P.G. Centres.

Gujarat University is an affiliating University at the under-graduate level, while it is a teaching one at the post-graduate level. Indeed, the responsibility for post-graduate instruction has been statutorily given to the University, and accordingly it has evolved a plan of co-ordinated instruction under the direct control and supervision of the University so as to ensure efficient and diversified instruction. An important feature of this University is the system of external examinations in the Faculties of Arts and Commerce, both and under-graduate and post-graduate levels. The external examinations were introduced with a view to enabling working students and the others who could not afford the high cost of university education to realize their dream.

Gujarat University has developed phenomenally in the last 57 years to be recognized as a premier University in the country today. It provides education in one of the widest range of disciplines to about two lakh students.

Profile of University
It was in the early 1920s when the idea of establishing the Gujarat University was conceived by some of the eminent personalities like Gandhiji, Sardar Patel, Acharya Anandshankar B. Dhruva, Dada Saheb Mavlankar, Kasturbhai Lalbhai and many others. However, the University came into existence only after the achievement of independence. In 1949, the University was established under the Gujarat University Act of the State Government. At that point of time, GU was looked upon 'as a teaching and affiliating University.' Enlisted in the list o UGC as a recognized University, GU is also a member of the association of Indian Institutes.

Other Info:
Gujarat University is said to be one of the largest universities in the state of Gujarat. The University caters to the needs of higher education of more than two lakh students enrolled under over 235 colleges, 15 recognized institutions and 24 approved institutions. There are 34 Post-Graduate University departments and 221 P.G. Centers. The Institute has been accorded 'B+++' by the NAAC.

Objectives of the University
1) To provide instruction including correspondence courses, teaching and training in such branches of learning and courses of study as it may think fit, to make provision for research, advancement, and dissemination of knowledge, and to conduct special undergraduate courses for talented students;

2) To make such provision as would enable affiliated colleges, recognized institutions and approved institution to undertake specialization of studies;

3) To establish, maintain, take over by agreement and manage colleges, departments, centers and institutes of research or specialized studies;

4) To organize common laboratories, libraries, museums and other equipment for teaching and research;

5) To establish within the University area or outside that area such field stations, specialized laboratories and other units for research and instructions as are necessary for the furtherance of its objects;

6) To create such teaching, administrative and such other posts as the University may deem necessary from time to time and to make appointments thereto;

7) To institute professorships, readerships, lectureships and other posts of teachers required by the University;

8) To appoint or recognize persons as professors, readers, or lecturers, or otherwise as teachers of the University;

9) To guide teaching and research work in colleges, University Departments, University centers and recognized institutions;

10) To lay down the course of instruction for the various examinations;

11) To institute degrees, diplomas and other academic titles and distinctions;

12) To hold examinations or tests and confer degrees and diplomas on, and gant certificates to, persons who-

a) have purchased approved courses of study in the University ore in an affiliated college, unless exempted there from, in the manner prescribed by the Statutes. Ordinances, Regulations and Rules and have passed the examinations or tests prescribed by the University, or

b) have carried on research under conditions prescribed by the States, Ordinances, Regulations or Rules;

13) To confer honorary degrees or other academic distinctions in the manner laid down by Statutes;

14) To grant such diplomas to, and to provide such lectures, instruction and training to, persons who are not enrolled students of the University, as may be determined by the Statues, Ordinances, Regulations and Rules;

15) To withdraw or cancel any degree, diploma or certificate conferred or granted by University in the manner prescribed by Statues;

16) To associate or admit educational institutions with or to the privileges of the University by way of affiliation, recognition or approval;

17) To withdraw or modify either in whole or in part, affiliation, recognition or approval of educational institutions;

18) To submit to the State Government proposals for conferment of autonomy on any affiliated colleges or a University college, or a University Department or a recognized institution entitling it to privileges in the in the matters of admission of students, prescribing the courses of study, imparting instruction, teaching and training in the courses of study, the holding and conduct of examinations and the powers to make necessary rules for the purpose;

19) To recommend to the State Government withdrawal of autonomy conferred on any affiliated college, recognized institution or a University College or Department;

20) To inspect colleges, recognized institutions and approved institutions and to take measures to ensure that proper standards of instruction, teaching and training are maintained in them and that adequate library and laboratory provisions are made therein;

21) To lay down and regulate the salary scales, allowances and other conditions of service of the members of the teaching, other academic and non-teaching staff of the University;

22) To lay down and regulate the salary scales, allowance and other conditions of service of the members of the teaching, other academic and non-teaching staff in the affiliated colleges, and recognized and approved institutions;

23) To provide for the establishment and recognition of Students' Unions or associations of teachers, academic staff or other employees of the University, affiliated colleges and recognized institutions;

24) (a) To control and co-ordinate the activities of, and give financial aid to affiliated colleges and recognized and approved institutions; and

(b) To regulate the fees to be paid b y the students in affiliated colleges, and recognized and approved institutions

25) To hold and manage trusts and endowments;

26) To Institute and award fellowships, traveling fellowships, scholarships, studentships, medals, prizes and other wards;

27) To make special provision for the spread of University education among classes and communities which are educationally backward;

28) To lay down courses of study to meet the requirements of rural planning, development and reconstruction and to provide for instruction, teaching and training in such courses;

29) To make special provision for disseminating knowledge and promoting arts and culture;

30) To fix, to demand and to receive or recover such fees and other charges as may be prescribed by Ordinances;

31) To establish, maintain and manage hostels;

32) To recognize hostels not maintained by the University, to inspect such hostels and to withdraw recognition there from;

33) To co-ordinate, supervise, regulate and control the residence, conduct and discipline of the students of the University and to make arrangements for promoting their health and general welfare;

34) To take disciplinary action against the students of the University and to impose such punishments upon them as may be deemed fit for breach of discipline or misconduct, within or outside the University, including the use of unfair means at an examination or in relation thereto by themselves or b y any other persons or abetment thereof;

35) To conduct, co-ordinate, supervise, regulate and control post-graduates teaching and research work in the University Departments, affiliated colleges and institutions recognized or approved b y the University;

36) To co-ordinate, supervise, regulate and control the conduct of under graduate teaching and instruction in the affiliated colleges and to undertake the same in University colleges;

37) To institute and manage --

a) Printing and Publication Department,

b) University Extension Boards,

c) Information Bureau, and

d) Employment Bureau;

38) To make provision--

a) For continuing Education, Adult Education, Extra-mural teaching, Extension Services and other recognized educational activities;

b) For physical education, National Cadet Corps, National Service Scheme, National Sports Organization, military training and such other recognized activities,

c) For Students' Unions, and

d) For sports and athletic activities.

39) To co-operative with any other universities, authorities or associations or any other public or private bodies in such manner and for such purposes at the University may determine;

40) To make arrangements for training for competitive examinations for recruitment of services under the Union and State Governments;

41) To promote the development of the study of Gujarati and Hindi (in Devnagari script) and the use of Gujarati and Hindi (in Devanagari script) or both, as the media of instruction and examination;

42) To acquire, hold, manage and dispose of any property movable and immovable, including trust or endowed property within or outside the University area, for the purposes or objects of the University and to invest any funds representing such property in such manner as the university thinks fit;

43) To raise public loans and the security of the assets of the University for the purposes of the University, with the previous approval of the State Government;

44) To enter into any agreement for the incorporation in the University of any other institution and for taking over its rights, properties and liabilities and for any other purpose not repugnant to this Act.

Other info
Initially GU was established with the objective of providing educational curriculum at the under-graduate levels. But eventually, the University was also given the responsibility of imparting instructions at the post-graduate as well as research levels.

Facilities - GU provides library and sports facilities to students. Being a residential institute, hostel accommodations for male as well as female students are also offered.

Details Department of Education Gujarat University
Reference ID : WGUAMCIN-1423
STD Code : 079
Telephone No : 26303562
Fax No : 079-26306194
Website : gujaratuniversity.org.in
e-Mail : departmentofeducation@hotmail.com
TAN. No :
Name of Society/Trust : nil
Address of the Society/Trust : 0
NACC Accredited : Yes
--NCTE NACC Grade : B++
--Year of NACC Accredation : 2008
Minority : No
--Minorty Type : NA
Page No: 3
--Religion : NA
--Language : NA
Location college/institution : Urban
Located in : institusional
Year of Establishment : 1964
Building Type : Its own campus
Total Area(Sq.Mts.) :
Total Built up Area(Sq.Mts.) : 2523
Nature of land holding : Ownership
Type of Land(Lease) :
Construction completed Date : 15/06/1964
Shared Campus Area : 2523
Campus shared by : By Registration
Khasra No./Plot No./Survey No. : 237/6
Revenue Village of the land : Navrangpura
Land is free from all encumbrances ? : Yes
Type of college/institution : Co-education college
Management of the college/institution : Government institution
Management of college/Institute :
Self Financed Course in University
Department/Contitutent Collage
Institution or its Managing society/body registered ? : Yes
Registration Act :
No. of Non Teaching Staff(Male) : 7
No. of Non Teaching Staff(Female) : 0
No. of Non Teaching Staff(Total) : 7
Area of Reading Room(Sq.Mts.) : 33
Seating Capacity : 25
Titles of Teacher Education(Library) : 500
Books of Teacher Education : 9618
No.of Journals : 10
No of Encyclopedias(Library) : 5
Page No: 4
Area of Lab : 32
No of Computers : 15
Internet Access ? : Yes
LAN : Yes
Availability of LCD Projector : Yes
Availability of OHP : Yes
Availability of TV : Yes
Availability of VCR : Yes
Name of Experiment(Psycho Lab) :
1.Personality Questionnaire
2.Abstract Reasoning Test
3.Congnitive Ability Test
4.Children Personality Questionnaire
5.Early School Personality
6.Good Habit Detection Test
7.Mini Intelligent Test
8.Non Verbal Intelligent Test
9.Non Verbal Creativity Test
10.Numerical Aptitude
11.Parents Attitude Scale
12.Problem Inventory
13.Self Concept Inventory
14.Socio Economical Scale
15.Teachers Aptitude Test(Primary
16.Teachers Aptitude Test (PTC)
17.Verbal Creativity Test
18.Verbal Intelligent Test
19.Verbal Reasoning Test
20.Verbal-Non-Verbal Intelligent Test
21.Vocational Interest Inventory
22.Speed and Accuracy Test
Name of Appratus(Psycho Lab) :
1.Kho's Block Design Test
2.Alexander's Pass Along Test
3.Bhatia's Test of Intelligence
4.Finiger Dexterity Test
Page No: 5
Area of science Lab : 0
Physical Science Name Experiment : NIL
Name of Charts(Physical Science) : Nil
Name Experiment(Biological Science) : Nil
Name Charts(Biological Science) : Nil
Name Model(Biological Science) : Nil
Area of Lab(Language Lab) : 0
Name of Equipments(Language Lab) : NA
Name of Charts(Language Lab) : NA
Indoor Game Area : 0
Indoor Game(D.Ed/B.Ed./M.Ed.courses) : NA
Outdoor Games(D.Ed/B.Ed./M.Ed.courses) : NA
Area of Outdoor Games : NA
Name & No. of Instruments(arts & carfts) : NA
Name Charts(arts & carfts) : NA
Name of Models(arts & carfts) : NA
Name of Instruments(Health and Physical...) : NA
No of Instruments(Health and Physical... ) : NA
Name Charts(Mathematics Resource Center) : NA
Name Model(Mathematics Resource Center) : NA
Name of Instruments (Anatomy,Physiology... ) : NA
Name of Charts (Anatomy,Physiology ...) : NA
Name of Equipments(Atheletic Care) : NA
Name of Charts(Atheletic Care) : NA
Name and No. of Instrumernts(Cultural Facility) : NA
Name & No. of Instruments(Athletics) : NA
Size of Track(Athletics) : NA
Indoor Games(C.P.Ed/B.P.Ed./M.P.Ed.courses) : NA
Indoor Game[Area](C.P.Ed/B.P.Ed./M.P.Ed.courses) : NA
Outdoor Games(C.P.Ed/B.P.Ed./M.P.Ed.courses) : NA
Area of Alloted Outdoor Games : NA
Page No: 6
Gym Facility for Women : Yes
Area of Men Gym(sq.Mts.) : 0
No of Stnations(men) : 0
Area of Women Gym : 0
No of Stnations(women) : 0
Mode of Salary : ECS
Salary Transfer(Faculty) : Advice
Account Details of Bank (Salary) : 0
Date of Opening of Bank A/c : 10/05/1979
Opening Balance : 0
Fees : 0
Donation : 0
MISC : 0
Total Amount Receipts : 0
Expenditure Teacher Salary : 0
Expenditure Non Teacher Salary : 0
Expenditure Library : 0
Expenditure Laboratory : 0
Expenditure Furniture : 0
Expenditure Misc : 0
Total Expenditure : 0
Balance of Funds Available During Year : 0
Name of Auditor/CA : NA
Address of Auditor/CA : NA
Phone NO. : 09898989

Teaching Faculty Details
Teacher id Designation
WGUAMCTE-21647 Associate Professor
WGUAMCTE-18465 Associate Professor
WGUAMCTE-16753 Professor & Head
WGUAMCTE-15808 Associate Professor
WGUAMCTE-17304 Assistant Professor

Composition of Society/Trust
Name Address
Gujarat University Registrar Gujarat University Navrangpura Ahmedabad


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Case against GU professor for sexual harassment (News)

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Vulgar letters, GU suspends professor (News)

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GU to seal Sharman Zalas fate today (News)

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M Tech students cant teach in Govt Engg colleges (News)

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Denied Pension and gratuity, GU staff stage dharna (News)

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Director and Producer (Job Vacancy)

Media coverage of Gujarat University, Ahmedabad Gujarat, Gujarat

Attack on Vice Chancellor: 250 Gujarat colleges observe bandh

Around 250 colleges in the city and elsewhere in Gujarat observed a 'bandh' today, to protest the attack on Vice Chancellor of Gujarat University Dr Parimal Trivedi allegedly by a group of ABVP activists at former's residence in university campus here.

According to Dr Trivedi, a group of student activists of Akhil Bhartiya Vidyarthi Parishad (ABVP) last evening made a forced entry into the official residence of the Vice Chancellor and demanded that the university take action on the issues of fee hike in some institutions and post-graduate management quota.

Talking to mediapersons here, Dr Trivedi said he was talking to some guests when the attack took place. The students beat him, besides hurling abuses at him. His shirt was torn and he sustained some injuries. They also beat the security guards. Immediately the police was called.

The police arrived on time and took control of the situation.

Such behavior by students' leaders is not tolerable. They should be severely punished for their act. They can have problems and questions, but this is not proper method to put the demands,'' he said.

Dr Trivedi had spoken to the City Police Commissioner and the Director General of Police soon after the attack and demanded security. Meanwhile, the police had arrested ten student activists belonging to the ABVP in this connection. They will be produced before a local court later in the day.

Various academic and social bodies, including Gujarat University Officers Union, condemned the attack on the Vice Chancellor. About 2,000 academicians and others are staging a 'dharna' at the university premises today to protest the incident.

Congress leaders Narhari Amin and Manish Doshi have condemned the attack on the Vice Chancellor terming it as a black day in the history of the university. If such incidents continued, the day will come when no academician will come forward to take up the job of Vice Chancellor, they said.

NRG foundation joins CM Narendra Modi in his sadbhavna fast

Raipur: The people from Non-resident Gujrati(NRG) foundation have joined Narendra Modi in his sadbhavna(amity) mission fast on Saturday. The people began their fast at 9 am in front of Patidar Bhavan near Fafadih area in the city.The chief minister of Gujarat, Narendra Modi, seeking support for his sadbhavna(amity) mission, began his three-day fast for communal harmony in the exhibition hall at Gujarat university. The NRG foundation was not the only one to support Modi in his fast rather people from Gujrati Samaj also joined in and began their fast at Fafadih area in the city. The BJP MLA from Dharsiwa, Devji Bhasi Patel along with the provincial secretary of Gujarati Samaj, Jagdish Patel, has also joined the notion. While following CM Modi in his footsteps, Jagdish Patel, stated that Narendra Modi has began his fast for the communal harmony of the state and the country.

On the other hand, Gujarat Congress leader, Shankarsinh Vaghela, has slammed Modi on his move stating that he is using the taxpayers money for sitting on a fast in an air conditioned room.

Gujarat University bans use of word God

Ahmedabad: Be cautious: dont even write the name of God on your answer sheet or scribble any religious symbol or anything that could be construed as a hint to the examiner.

The lapse - if even done innocently - might land you in academic soup and you may even be banned for two years. The Gujarat University (GU) authorities have found out that some students in the medical and dental colleges have used these ploys to convey their identity to the examiners.As examination in the medical and dental colleges started from Monday, the GU authority announced that students should not use such signs in the answer sheets. GU vice-chancellor Dr Parimal Trivedi said that to curb this menace, they have also banned the carrying of mobile phones by teachers during the exam.Use of personal stapler, colourful threads or any sign that could give a hint to the examiner or paper checker, have also been banned.

We came to know that use of cell phones led to incidents of dummy students. Sometimes doctors children indulge in such practices to convey to examiners that its their answer sheet. To avoid such devious stratagems, we have decided that teachers will have to submit the mobile phone to the observers at the centre, said Trivedi.

He said, by doing so, teachers will not be able to help students illegally. Trivedi said that they have also formed a three-member committee to keep a check on such cases where students write symbolic languages in answer sheets. The members will give details of such cases to the V-C, he said.In the exam, students wont be allowed to write words like PTO (to indicate answer continues in next page), Aum or any other design. If found guilty, the students will be barred from attending academic sessions for two years.

Gujarat University: Semester system for external students

Ahmedabad: After introducing choice-based credit system (CBCS) on semesters for regular students, Gujarat University is all set to introduce the same system for its external students too. It will be implemented for undergraduate and postgraduate courses in commerce and arts stream. However, science stream courses are not included now.Sharing details vice chancellor of GU, Dr Parimal Trivedi said that external students will be exempted from foundation and soft skills papers which will reduce their credit than regular students. This is why the external students will not get honour degree, but only regular, Trivedi said. He further said that the forms for external students will be available from January 9 from the consumer store. Again, students who have registered online will have to come in person for registration.

The V-C emphasized the fact that in undergraduate course, if any student fails in the first, third and fifth semesters, they will still be allowed to continue studying in the next semesters. However, they will have to clear their second, forth and sixth semesters to go to the next semester and get a degree. Similarly, postgraduate students too will be able to continue their studies even if they fail in the 1st and 3rd semester, but will have to clear their 2nd and 4th semester in order to get a degree.

DSO protests exam fee hike at Gujarat University

Ahmedabad: Around 20 students associated with the Democratic Students Organisation (DSO) staged a protest at Gujarat University (GU) against the increase in practical exam fee and non-availability of AMTS concession passes for students. President of the Ahmedabad district chapter of the DSO, Sachin Shah, said students are facing a lot of problems because of the increased financial burden on them.

Earlier, the students were given the AMTS concession passes twice a year based on the pre and post-Diwali period. But with the first semester ending and the second semester beginning only in January, students cannot apply for concession passes during the gap, he said.Shah said the increase in fee for practical examination was also proving to be a burden. The students met GU vice-chancellor Dr Parimal Trivedi demanding action in their favour.

Harvard professors to teach in Gujarat University

Ahmedabad: Gujarat University (GU) has decided to hire the services of professors of Harvard University to teach the students of its new post-graduate diploma course in open source technology (OST).Vice chancellor (V-C) Parimal Trivedi said, Professors who teach this subject at Harvard have been roped in to teach students here at GU. These professors will teach students through video conferencing. This new course is scheduled to begin from October 1.

There are 40 regular and 10 special seats for the course and it will be divided into two semesters. The syllabus of the course will cover 10 subjects and exams will be conducted by GU. The performance of a student in the course will be assessed on the marks he secures out of the maximum of 1,200. Topics or subjects such as linux, desktop, server information, software making for OST, virus technology, firewall technology, web and mail server systems, networking and python language used by Google will be taught to students.The course will also involve practical training and project work. The professors from Harvard will deliver 25 lectures, roughly one lecture per week. These lectures will be only for one semester, the V-C said.

Highlighting the importance of the course, Trivedi said: OST is increasingly in demand. However, trained professionals for the same are quite few. Hence, by teaching this course at GU, we are merely trying to match the demand and supply ratio in this market. We feel this course will open new employment avenues.

ABVP demands action against Gujarat University V-C

Ahmedabad: A delegation of Akhil Bhartiya Vidyarthi Parishad (ABVP) met state education minister Ramanlal Vora on Tuesday and demanded immediate action against Gujarat University vice-chancellor Parimal Trivedi.The delegation gave a memorandum along with details of alleged corruption by the V-C. Vora has assured them of appropriate action.The letter attached with the memorandum carried details about the alleged corruption in allotting contract work for printing of blank answer sheets in 2008. According to the letter, the university had invited tenders for two printing contracts-one for the 32-page blank answer sheets and the other for brown stickers-in March 2008.

Bids of two contractors, Kristal Forms Ltd and Wilson Print City Pvt Ltd, were selected. ABVP alleged that while Kristal was willing to print one answer sheet for Rs 3.54, Wilson had quoted a figure of Rs 5.22. However, the contract was still given to Wilson, at a loss of Rs 44.58 lakh to the university, claims ABVP.

Demanding an explanation about this and other incidents, ABVP had started a campaign against the V-C two weeks ago. To spread our message effectively, we are also planning to distribute 5,000 leaflets to local residents about the corruption charges against the V-C, added state general secretary of ABVP, Darshan Gunjal.

Guj University stops forgery of mark sheet with a colourful solution

Ahmedabad: Gujarat University has come up with a coloured mark-sheet that will also have a students photograph and a unique ID number, as part of its efforts to prevent forgery of the same.

Post-graduate (PG) and under-graduate (UG) students of the nearly 350 colleges functioning under Gujarat University (GU) will now get the secured coloured photo mark-sheet from the year 2011.The student ID number displayed on the mark-sheet will be valid till a pupil completes his or her PhD level studies in a college affiliated to the University. GU Vice-Chancellor Dr Parimal Trivedi said the announcement about the secured coloured photo mark-sheet was made last year but the PG batch will be the first to get the same this year. UG students will receive the same after completion of their semester, said Trivedi.He said that the salient features of the mark-sheet include the visible ink, which ensures that the student ID number, name and marks in the mark-sheet can be seen even in a photocopy.

More so, it has codes in its linings and a photo of the student at the top right corner. This will help prevent forgery of the mark-sheets, he said. GU claims to have invested in two printers each worth Rs15 lakh to print this kind of mark-sheets. The mark-sheet will carry course name instead of the earlier used term paper.It will have two sections for the marks-external and internal. The overall grade will be based on the total marks achieved in both the sections. Also each course or paper will have four credits (i.e. the number of times a student appears for a paper through out the semester - e.g viva, practical, written etc).

With the introduction of Choice Based Credit System last year, students will now be studying in semester system at colleges. Hence they will receive two mark-sheets per year. The semesters are from June - November and December - May.

RTI Activist Nadeem Saiyed an extortionist?

Ahmedabad: The murder mystery of activist Nadeem Saiyed is getting murkier day by day. Even before the crime branch, which is investigating the case, could come up with the exact motive behind Saiyeds brutal killing in Juhapura and people responsible for it, Mehboob Senior, notorious for being the right hand man of slain gangster Abdul Latif, spilled the beans on Tuesday during his interrogation in police custody at Gujarat University police station.Senior, who was arrested on Monday in connection with his alleged threat call to slain activist Saiyed, told the Gujarat University police that he called up Saiyed to stop him from extorting money from Naroda Patia riots accused. In his confession to the police Senior reportedly said that that he didnt threat Saiyed but cautioned him to quit this murky business. University police inspector SG Vaghasia confirmed the allegations made by Senior.

This revelation comes in stark contrast to the Saiyed had portrayed of himself. He was well known as a social and RTI activist after becoming a key witness in the Naroda Patia massacre which killed 95 Muslims in the post-Godhra carnage in 2002. Cops investigating the case believe that there are many similar contrasting theories that may crop up following the arrest of persons who killed Saiyed.

In fact, the university police dont have strong evidence against Senior except the cell phone and the SIM card (belonging to one Irfan Shaikh) in the conversation between Saiyed and Senior. Police said that Senior had made a call minutes after he was released from jail in Mater village in Kheda district.

Interestingly, the case went to Gujarat university police only when Saiyed received Seniors call as he was passing through the area falling under their jurisdiction. As Senior was booked under a bailable offence (IPC-506), he was granted bail soon after he was produced before the court on Tuesday.

Reassessment marks are final and binding: HC

Ahmedabad : The full bench of the Gujarat high court on Friday upheld the ruling of the single bench that a university has to give effect to any change in marks that may be made following a reassessment of an examinees results. Till now, Gujarat University used to reflect the difference in marks in the final results only if the difference was 15% or more.

The court had to decide the legal status of the reassessment rules and interpret the rules for revaluation. Normally, Gujarat University goes for a second reassessment only in cases where the difference of marks obtained by an examinee before and after the reassessment is more than 15%.Further, as per Rule 11 of the universitys Reassessment Rules, the university reflects the change in marks (increase or decrease) in the examinees results only after the second reassessment. If the difference of marks is less than 15% of the previous total, it is not taken into consideration. This ignores Rule 9 which states that the marks obtained by a student after reassessment will be final and binding.

While hearing the petition of Megha Goswami, a student of Karnavati School of Dentistry, Gandhinagar, the single bench of Justice DH Waghela had concluded that the controller of examination was wrong in not considering Rule 9 in such cases. The court had asked the university to increase four marks in the concerned paper and declare the petitioner passed in the examination.

The university had challenged the single-bench order before a larger bench. However, the full bench on Friday upheld the order of the single bench and dismissed the appeal of the university.

A student of Gandhinagars Karnavati School of Dentistry, Megha Goswami, had scored 46 marks out of 100 in the Oral Pathology and Microbiology subject in third year. She went for reassessment in March, and after reassessment, was awarded 50 marks.

SC issues notice to Ketan Desai, Gujarat University

Ahmedabad: In a major development, the Supreme Court has issued a notice against Ketan Desai and Gujarat University (GU) in response to a complaint filed by US-based group People for Better Treatment (PBT). PBT moved the SC in February after its PIL challenging election of former president of Medical Council of India (MCI) Ketan Desai to the GU senate was rejected by the Gujarat high court last December.

The SC division bench of Justices G S Singhvi and A K Ganguly admitted PBTs appeal on Monday challenging the high courts dismissal of the PIL and issued notices to Dr Ketan Desai and GU asking why Dr Desais election unopposed to the GU senate should not be cancelled.The court notice mentions that while still president of the MCI, Dr Desai was arrested on April 23, 2010 by the CBI for taking bribes from a private medical college and thought he is at present free on bail he is still facing a criminal trial. The notice also asks for an explanation that as the MCI cancelled Dr Desais medical registration on October 9, 2010, how he could be elected to the GU Senate to a post which is reserved for registered medical doctors.

Ironically, the Gujarat HC had dismissed PBTs PIL on the ground that since the PBT president is a non-resident Indian (NRI), he may not have any public interest for people living in India. It had even imposed a penalty of Rs10,000 against PBT for bringing a seemingly frivolous PIL against Dr Desai. The SC notice sends a strong signal to all corrupt medicos and supporters of Dr Desai, said Dr Kunal Saha, president of PBT.PBTs advocate in New Delhi T V George explained that according to the SC notice both the parties, Desai and GU, would have to justify their actions. After that, SC would probe the matter of appointment of Desai in GU senate further, said George.

Dr Saha said Desai is facing criminal trial for corruption and disproportionate assets. At present, he is out on bail and is trying to be back at the helm of Indian healthcare. Both PBT and MCI had warned GU against taking Desai into the senate, but GU authorities went ahead with the appointment, he said.

Gopio opens Gujarat chapter in capital

Ahmedabad: The Global Organisation of People of Indian Origin (Gopio), a global organisation which was founded at the First Global Convention of People of Indian Origin (PIO) in New York in 1989, announced the setting up of its Gujarat chapter in Ahmedabad on Wednesday.

The chapter, opened along with Gujarat Universitys Study Abroad programme, will aim to provide a platform to share academic and technical exchange programmes and come up with a database of people of Indian origin visiting their native.

While opening the Gujarat chapter, Dr Thomas Abraham, founder-president and chairman emeritus, GOPIO, said that people of Indian origin constitute a global community of over 28 million people, which is bigger than many countries of Europe. GOPIO was initiated in 1989 to sensitise and fight for civil and human rights violation of people of Indian-origin outside India.He said that while these issues have simmered, GOPIO has built a diaspora movement to look after the issues of Non-Resident Indians or people of Indian origin and to mobilise their resources to benefit the diaspora and the countries they live in as well as in India. While India would like to attract business and investments from the Indian diaspora, GOPIO has been providing a platform and networking opportunities to the Indian diaspora communities so as to engage them with India and in the process mobilise diasporas professional and financial resources to benefit India, added Dr Abraham.GU vice-chancellor Parimal Trivedi said that the role of Gujarat University is to create a bridge between the diaspora communities and natives. People have to get involved in mutual partnerships and must create an environment for portability-oriented projects like research.

The two partners have also organised a two-day meet from Thursday to discuss issues and chart development plan of India and Indian communities.

GU increases exam fee, students protest

Ahmedabad: Gujarat Universitys decision to charge an additional Rs250 per semester as fee for practical exams has not gone down well with its students.

National Students Union of India (NSUI) on Thursday staged a demonstration near GU vice-chancellor (V-C) Parimal Trivedis office to protest this development.Earlier, the university charged only Rs 100 a year as examination fee. This was increased to Rs250 a semester (two semesters make one year). With this new levy, total examination fee now stands at Rs 500 a semester.According to students, it is illogical to charge Rs 250 per semester for practical examination. Arts students, who have practical examination in just Home Science and Computer subjects, will be paying the same amount as science students who have practical exams in almost all subjects.

Speaking on the matter, NSUI president in Ahmedabad Vishwanath Vaghela said that the decision (to charge extra fee) will affect students coming from humble background. It is ridiculous how the V-C attributes the increase (in fee) to hike in fuel prices. Authorities should take serious action in the matter and pull back the hike, otherwise we will sit on an agitation, said Vaghela.

V-C Parimal Trivedi, however, informed that there are 25,000 students appearing for practical exams but 600 of them appear in practical examination for arts and commerce. We will arrive at a decision by Saturday, added Trivedi

Security beefed up for high-profile Modis sadbhavana fast

Ahmedabad: In the wake of Gujarat chief minister Narendra Modis three-day fast beginning from Saturday, special security arrangements are being made Gujarat Universitys convention centre and exhibition hall.

Modi will begin his fast at Gujarat Universitys GMDC ground convention centre from 9 am on Saturday. Modis sadbhavna fast will continue for 72 hours.The city police is gearing up for security at Modis fast venue. Consequently, at least 10 IPS officers and 20 SPs will be stationed at the venue. Halls and ground will be under surveillance. For this, as many as 50 CCTV cameras will be installed at the ground, hall and at all entry and exit points. In addition, ten torch towers will be erected apart from the 2000 police officials present at the venue on guard for 24 hours.The preparations at the fasting venue are being taken up at war footing. All BJP ministers, MPs, MLAs and officers are giving final touches to the arrangements. The ministers have been instructed to reach the venue with maximum strength of their supporters.While other state ministers, MLA along with BJP party workers are leaving no stone unturned to make the high-profile fast of Modi a success, Congress on the other hand has announced for a parallel fast to counter the CMs fast.
Gujarat Election Committees chief Shankar Singh Waghela has said that the Congress party will begin their sadhbhavna fast one hour before Modis fast and will end two hours after the culmination of CMs event. If Modi decides to stretch his fast beyond 3 days, then the Congress party too is ready to extend the duration of their fast, he said.

Congress minister Nehri Amin says that the University has spent a whopping Rs 30 crore on building the hall and the Gujarat CM has been given the hall for free. The student branch of the Congress party will protest against the move and will register their complain with the varsity Vice Chancellor and registrar. If required, the youth congress will organise the gherao of the varsity authorities, said he adding: The CM should bear these expenses from his own pocket.

Senior fake cop DIG Tarun Barot nabbed!

Ahmedabad: DIG Tarun Barot was arrested on Tuesday in connection with a cheating case. Barot is not an IPS officer but anointed himself as one to extort money and favours from gullible businessman. His only police connection is that he shares his name with deputy superintendent of police Tarun Barot.

When Gujarat University police arrested the fake DIG Barot on Tuesday he was posing as Gujarat ATS chief DIG Ajay Tomar and was busy trying to get electronic items for free from a shop keeper.It all began when an electronics showroom in CG Road received a call from Barot, 30, claiming to be DIG Tomar on May 6. He reportedly sought information on certain electronic goods and their prices.But apparently Barot was displeased with the way the salesman spoke to him and allegedly abused him.

Barot again called on May 8 and abused the salesmen, this time for not informing him about a certain category of ACs. Despite the bad service, Barot placed an order for three LCD TVs and two ACs, in all worth Rs1.37 lakh.He reportedly asked the goods to be delivered to his son Rajs farmhouse in Mehsana. He also allegedly told the shopkeeper that the payment will be made in cash following delivery of the goods.

Barot continued to allegedly abuse and threaten the shopkeepers throughout the whole purchase process. About a week later, on May 14, when the goods were to be delivered, Barot reportedly called the deliverymen near a waterpark in Mehsana. He told them that his farmhouse was in the interiors and reportedly asked them to drop the goods there itself. He also gave them a cheque as payment.

However, when the owner of the showroom Rajesh Hasudhani tried to cash the cheque, it turned out to be a fake. Smelling a rat, he contacted a retired policeman and the actual DIG Tomar.Tomar told him that he had been duped and helped him register a case with the Gujarat University police station. Meanwhile, Barot tried his trick with another electronics showroom in CG Road.The showrooms owner happened to be a friend of Hasudhani and informed him.Together they approached the cops who hatched a plan to nab the man red-handed. And when Barot had come to take the delivery, the cops nabbed him and also seized his goods as well.

Gujarat University police inspector JS Vaghashiya said, The accused is notorious for duping people in a similar fashion. He has three cases against him in Karanj, Gujarat University as well as one in Sector 7 in Gandhinagar. He may have other similar cases against him in other places. We are also investigating whether he had any other accomplice in these crimes.

GU vice-chancellor in the dock

Ahmedabad: Akhil Bhartiya Vidyarthi Parishad (ABVP) has threatened to go on a nationwide agitation against the two vice-chancellors of Gujarat. According to a website, the two allegedly corrupt V-Cs are Gujarat Universitys V-C Parimal Trivedi and Veer Narmad South Gujarat Universitys V-C BA Prajapati.

The website is a part of a movement to make the nation corruption free. It has published a comprehensive list of all the current and retired V-Cs of different states of India. This list included Trivedi and Prajapati for allegedly misusing their powers in granting contracts, passing tenders, and supporting corrupt colleges among other malpractices which demean the education system and department of the state.

As per the website, Prajapti has allegedly supported colleges that leaked the examination question papers, awarded tenders to contractors who do not merit it, and appointed incompetent persons to key posts. The website claimed that Prajapati didnt take any action against the people who were involved in fake mark sheets scam few years back.Similarly GU V-C Parimal Trivedi has allegedly misused his powers and has awarded printing contracts to Wilson Press at very high rates. The website claimed that he was involved in a scam where universitys deposits were withdrawn from the bank before maturity. It also claimed that Trivedi took money for giving admissions to incompetent students.

Apart from this, the website also allegedly charged him with interfering in the exam system to help his wife during exams. Moreover, the website claimed that Trivedi has been proved guilty, for alleged tinkering with printing the answer sheets, by a higher education committee in the past.

Convener of Youth Against Corruption movement Vipul Paygode said these charges are of very serious nature and ABVP will not sit silent. We will conduct a meeting on May 15 to discuss the future course of action, which includes state wide protests and dharna added Paygode.The V-C of Veer Narmad South Gujarat University has denied the charges. I have no idea about the website. If they claim it, then let them prove it, said Prajapati, who is not moved by such serious allegations.
On the other hand, GU vice chancellor Parimal Trivedi chose to remain silent.

Girls outperform boys at Gujarat University

Ahmedabad: The 59th convocation of 243 students of Gujarat University (GU) will be held on Friday evening at the Senate Hall. Fifty thousand undergraduate and postgraduate students belonging to various streams will be awarded their degrees at the convocation. The chief guest for the event will be governor of Gujarat Shrimati Kamla.
Girls have outperformed boys with the former accounting for 60% of the medals to be given away. The university will also present 53 scholarships to deserving students. Several students have one more than five medals.Apurv Patel, a third year MBBS student has won nine medals for his outstanding performance.

Kinjal Kothari of third year LLB will be awarded seven medals and Shaishav Shah of BE electrical is to be presented five medals.Apart from them, the University will felicitate five girl students of microbiology and botany department who received a whooping sum of Rs1.09 crore from the central government to pursue their post PhD research. This year too the GU administration has come under fire for its shoddy arrangements for the function.

Due to the limited seating capacity in the hall, the administration decided to invite only 300 students. This has annoyed the students. According to sources, many senate members have not yet received their invitations and this has outraged them too.

Sushma Swaraj joins Modi on final day of Sadbhavna fast today

Ahmedabad: Leader of the Opposition in the Lok Sabha Sushma Swaraj arrived at the Gujarat University Convention Centre here to lend support to Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modis sadhbhavna mission.

As Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modis 72-hour fast entered the third and final day on Monday, top BJP leaders are expected to make an appearance at the venue and lend their support to his Sadbhavana Mission.

Among the most prominent BJP leaders, who are expected to arrive at the Gujarat University Convention Centre here, include former BJP president Venkaiah Naidu, party MP and actor Hema Malini, national spokesperson Nirmala Sitaraman and Maharashtra Navnirman Seva (MNS) chief Raj Thackeray.Modi is likely to end his fast at around 5.30 pm on Monday.
I shall be sharing more of my feelings in concluding session at 5.30 pm today, tweeted Modi.At 10.30 am, Modi and people at the venue observed a minute of silence for the victims of the earthquake that hit Sikkim and several areas in the eastern and northern parts of the country yesterday.State transport buses from across Gujarat are bringing people from all walks of life at the fast site and they were seen carrying banners with slogans supporting Modis fast.

After yesterdays incident of baton-charging by police on the crowd that had come to visit the CM, Gujarat Revenue Minister and close aide of Modi, Anandi Patel has taken on the task of supervising the security arrangements at the entrance gate.Patel was seen at the main entrance, instructing police officers and discussing security arrangements with them. Today being the concluding day of Modis three-day long fast, a huge crowd is expected, besides VIP dignitaries from across the country, a BJP member said.Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation (AMC) health department staff were also seen sprinkling gamaczine powder at the venue and outside it.

NRIs seek simpler rules for ventures

Ahmedabad: Non-resident Indians (NRIs) face a plethora of problems if they want to set up a business in India, be it in the education, hospitality or health care sectors. If these problems are properly addressed by the central government, it will help strengthen the linkages between the people of Indian origin and their motherland. And the bond will help in Indias development.

These were some of the issues discussed on the first day of the international meet on Indian Diasporas — Inter Linkage and Synergy, which is being organised by the Gujarat Universitys Study Abroad Programme and Group of People of Indian Origin (Gopio), at the varsitys Convention Centre.

Founder president and chairman emeritus of the Gopio, Dr Thomas Abraham, told that some of the norms are not advanageous to NRIs in the fields of investment, philanthropy, social service and business opportunities in India. The clearance process to start a business takes around 2 years and that dissuades many from bringing their business here, he said.

He said one of the suggestions that they have made to the centre is to increase the number of students being invited under exchange programmes by the Ministry of Overseas Affair from 30 to around 1,000 students. We have informed them that students — or the association — will take care of the travel and other expenses but exposure to Indian culture for students settled overseas is essential. This because they always live a double culture and their visit to India brings them closer to their cultural roots, he said.
At the inaugural ceremony, additional secretary, external affairs, JC Sharma emphasized the need to explore and study Indian diaspora. Extensive study on practical and theoretical aspects associated will help in policy making. There is a lack of such studies, he said in his keynote address.

Modis fast provides enough food for chain snatchers

Ahmedabad: As city cops remain herded at and around the Gujarat University Convention Hall for the chief ministers ongoing fast there, chain-snatchers in the city had a field day on Saturday. Taking full advantage of the situation, miscreants snatched away gold ornaments worth Rs 1.12 lakh in four different areas on the opening day of the three-days fast.

The chain-snatchers targeted citizens of Meghaninagar, Shahibaug, Ramol and Chandkheda area. The first incident happened at 12:15pm near Shreyas bridge, when two bike-borne youngsters snatched away gold mangalsutra from Lata Desai, a resident of Judges Bungalow. She was riding on an Activa with her husband when the chain snatchers suddenly grabbed her mangalsutra, worth Rs 25,000 and sped away.In a similar incident, a man made away with gold chain worth Rs 29,000 of one Chandrika Patel. Patel was riding pillion with her husband near the Arpan School in Vastral area. The incident took place at around 3:30 pm.Another woman lost her gold chain worth Rs 25,000 near Parimal society in Chandkheda in the same fashion. Victim Kiran Mishra was going with her husband when two young men came on a bike and snatched the gold chain.

Later in the evening, two chain-snatchers struck near a municipal school in Meghaninagar and jerked away gold chain worth Rs 17,000 that victim Pushpa Amin was wearing around her neck. The bike-borne snatchers targeted Amin while she was walking down the road near the school.

Engineering admission possible sans GUJCET now

Ahmedabad: Your failure to appear in Gujarat Common Entrance Test (GUJCET) or clear the test will not hinder you from seeking admission to one of the professional courses this year. In a last-minute effort to fill up vacant seats, the state government on Monday issued a notification to the Admission Committee for Professional Courses (ACPC) to admit non-GUJCET students in professional courses.The move will allow colleges to fill up around 7.7K vacant seats in engineering and pharmacy. GUJCET is mandatory to get admission in professional courses and is open only for students from Gujarat. However, with this change, officials in the state governments education department say that even students from outside the state will be admitted to colleges for professional courses like engineering, pharmacy.

According to available information, 5390 seats are vacant in engineering and 2200 seats are vacant in pharmacy even after completion of all procedures.MM Patel from ACPC confirmed that they have received the notification and he said around 8,000 students who did not appear from GUJCET or failed in the exam will benefit as a result of this move
Hasmukh Adhia, principal secretary, education department, Gujarat government told that there were some vacant despite all students from Gujarat being granted admission. The move will facilitate students from outside Gujarat to take admission in Gujarat.
We have issued notification only for the current year, said Adhia. He further said that the students from outside Gujarat will include students who have received high percentage and are willing to take admission in the courses.

Interestingly, after GUJCET was held, this is the fifth such effort to fill up the empty seats. Earlier, the government extended the date of admission. It then held supplementary exam and amended rules so that diploma final year students could get admission directly to degree courses in first year. Now, they are allowing students who did not appear or clear GUJCET to attend colleges and are even inviting outsiders. Such a move only aims to benefit private colleges, said Manish Doshi, member, Gujarat Universitys Executive Council.

Carnival spirit shows writing is on wall across Ahmedabad

Ahmedabad: Virginity is not physical, it is mental and our society is still a virgin, proclaimed a painting along the Gujarat University wall opposite GMDC ground in the city. The painting dealt with the issue of personal space.The wall painting event, which is part of Kankaria Carnival, was used by several of the participating artists to not only showcase themes close to their heart but it was also used as an opportunity to send some cheeky messages - spelling mistakes and all included.

An artist who painted an artists impression of the Sabarmati Riverfront only painted half of it and left the jother to be completed by chief minister Narendra Modi! The artist even left a message saying the same. Are Modi Saheb ardho colour mai karyo, tamie ardho kyare karsho (Modi Sir, I have painted half of it. When will you paint the other half? the writing on the wall read. The artist was perhaps trying to take a potshot at the severe delay in the Sabarmati Riverfront project.Another work on AIDS control said, Sex is part of life, life is not part of sex. Meanwhile, the skewed sex ratio remained one of the favourite topics among several of the artists as they used innovative ways to arrest the decreasing number of women in the state.

Pravin Suthar, an artist from Dholka, made use of the potters wheel to depict how life of a girl child was cut short by doctors. I used the stethoscope as the thread which a potter uses to pick the newly made pot from the wheel. I depicted the pot as the womb and the stethoscope as the thread that cuts the life, said the artist, who feels that the falling sex ratio is a serious concern and we need to address the same. Deputy municipal commissioner for North Zone, SK Langa, said there was no particular theme given to the artists. They were just given broad categories. The fact that several participants made use of the opportunity to highlight some pressing concerns shows that they are far more aware of the problem than what we give them credit for, said Langa.
He said that 860 participants — from kids to veteran artists — took part in the event and some 810 pictures were made by them on the four designated walls of ISRO, GMDC and Kankaria Lake.

Vaghelas parallel fast to protest Modi regimes corruption and wastefulness

Ahmedabad: Flanked by top Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leaders, Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi Saturday on cited the achievements of his 10-year reign as he launched his three-day sadbhavana fast for peace, unity and harmony. The Congress, slamming Modis ostentatious event, began a parallel fast to protest his regimes corruption and wastefulness .Terming Gujarat his family, Modi said on Saturday the day was not far off when the world would discuss it as a model state. Top BJP leaders, including L.K. Advani, attended the function and heaped praise on Modis governance.

The event kicked off at 10.30 a.m. at the Gujarat University convention centre here with chants of Allah-u-Akbar merging with Sanskrit shlokas. The event coincides with Modis 61st birthday.

The mission is to unite, not divide. Gujarat is my family, the six crore Gujaratis happiness and grief, dreams and aspirations is mine, Modi asserted. My fast is not against anyone... that was, is and will never be my agenda. Just like the world praises Gujarats model for development and governance, that day is not far when people will discuss our model for inclusive growth and communal harmony, said Modi, who went to meet his mother to seek her blessings before coming to the centrally air-conditioned venue of his fast. I can say with pride that we want to move ahead and give something back to the nation. A state like Gujarat can pull another state which is not so developed. We have the strength and the capability, he told the cheering crowd at the Gujarat Universitys plush convention hall here.

Meanwhile, former chief minister and Congress leader Shankersinh Vaghela, accompanied by party state unit chief Arjun Modvadia and Leader of Opposition Shaktisinh Gohil, began their counter-fast outside the Sabarmati ashram against the corrupt and wasteful practices of the Modi-led governmentCompared to the high profile Modi fast, the Congress function remained a low key affair. We do not believe in any exercise which involves wasteful use of public money, said Vaghela.
While Modis fast venue had multi-metal detector checks and numerous manual friskings before one was able to enter, the Congress fast venue had hardly any security worth the name and visitors mingled freely with the fasting leaders.

While Modi spoke of how the country needs to emulate Gujarat which is now the cynosure of international eyes, Vaghela sought to focus on local and regional issues of alleged corruption and malgovernance.As Modi made light of beginning his fast on his birthday, saying he had never celebrated it, Vaghela hit out at his pretensions.

It (the fast) is aimed at transforming himself into Mahatma Modi to satiate his national political ambitions, said Vaghela, adding how else could he justify a fast for peace when absolute peace already prevails in the state.The Congress slammed Modi for the major propaganda exercise . Why else do you need to spend crores of rupees on nationwide advertisements of yourself when sadbhavana is all that you hanker for, asked Modvadia.However, Modi received fulsome praise from his party colleagues.
No other state in the country can pride itself of 11 percent growth. No other state has done so much against corruption like Gujarat, Advani said.
Leader of Opposition in the Rajya Sabha Arun Jaitley too praised Modis governance, saying: There is politics of honesty in Gujarat. On the other hand, there is an atmosphere of corruption at the centre. Recounting the Gujarat earthquake of 2001, the communal violence of 2002 and the serial blasts of 2008, Modi said that each time the people have emerged stronger and have touched new heights of development.

In 2002, we were struck with communal violence. People were thirsty for each others blood. Innocent lives were lost. To normalise the tense situation, we used all our might. At that time, I had said in any civilised society such a thing should not happen, but everyone cursed and maligned us. No one supported us.

People said Gujarat was finished, and that investors will not come here. But we crossed that hurdle and developed by leaps and bound, he added.He went on to say that he chose the path of fasting to reach across to people because he felt this was a stronger medium than just his words.In an attempt to reach out to the Muslim community, he said: If any part of the body is weak, the entire body cannot be termed as healthy. Similarly, if any community is weak in the state, it cannot be considered as a developed state. Though BJP president Nitin Gadkari was absent due to health reasons, he had sent his good wishes to Modi, party leaders said. Besides Advani, there was a galaxy of party stalwarts, including Arun Jaitley, Ravi Shanker Prasad, former party president Rajnath Singh, Kalraj Mishra, Mukhtar Abas Naqvi as well as Rajya Sabha member and TV star Smriti Tulsi Irani.AIADMK leader M. Thambidurai, the party leader in the Lok Sabha, and his counterpart in the Rajya Sabha V. Maitreyan were also present.

Himachal Pradesh Chief Minister Prem Kumar Dhumal and Punjab Chief Minister Parkash Singh Badal also came. However, there was no representative of the Janata Dal-United (JD-U) with which the BJP shares power in Bihar.

War of fasts in Gujarat

The Anna Hazare bug seems to have bitten Gujrat Politics. On Saturday, the state is going to witness the War of Fasts with as many as three individual fasts in the state.

First there is Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi, who on his 61st Birthday, will begin his 72-hours fast to strengthen Gujarats environment of peace, unity and harmony. His announcement had come after Supreme Court had vindicated him in Gulmarg society case.

Then, there is Shankarsinh Waghela, an opposition Congress stalwart and Ex-Chief Minister has also came sprung into action and declared that he too will go on fast to expose Narendra Modi.

Thirdly, almost as if to prove that the right to fast is not the prerogative of the political circles, the Shepherds Union of the state has also jumped into the fast bandwagon with a demand to stop the killing of cows throughout the state.

Modis Sadbhavna Upvas will begin on Saturday in an air-conditioned hall of the Gujarat University located at GMDC ground, Ahmedabad. The BJP top brass including L K Advani, Sushma Swaraj and� Arun Jaitley will join this state government program which may cost Rs. 5 Crore to the government exchequer. The state administration is prepared for the grand function and all the preparation is done. The premise will see fool-proof security with about 2,000 policemen. National Security Guards and hand - picked commandos of the state police force would cover the venue. The state police which is already facing the challenge of a fresh terror alert in Ahmedabad, has been asked to keep the arrangements very tight. There will be around 10 watch-towers and every gate will have metal detector.

On a less pompous note, Congress leaders are going to hold their own hunger-strike at Gandhi Ashram, Ahmedabad. Shankarsinh Vaghela said This word Sadbhavna should have come from him in 2002 when there was a requirement of feeling of brotherhood. He also said that his fasts will start before Modis fast and will end two hours later.

Perhaps on the lowest key, the shepherd community (known as maaldhari samaj) has declared that they will hold fasts at the Income Tax circle at Ahmedabad to show their anger and disappointment against the failure of state government to stop massive cow-killing in the state.

Modi starts his 72-hour fast; top BJP leaders, Badal arrive

Launching his three-day sadbhavna fast for peace, unity and harmony, Chief Minister Narendra Modi Saturday said Gujarat was his family and the day was not far off when the world would discuss it as a model state. Top BJP leaders, including L.K. Advani, attending the function, heaped praise on Modis governance.

The event kicked off at 10.30 a.m. at the Gujarat University convention centre here with chants of Allahu Akbar merging with Sanskrit shlokas. The event coincides with Modis 61st birthday.

The mission is to unite, not divide. Gujarat is my family, the six crore Gujaratis happiness and grief, dreams and aspirations is mine, Modi asserted.

My fast is not against anyone...that was, is and will never be my agenda. Just like the world praises Gujarats model for development and governance, that day is not far when people will discuss our model for inclusive growth and communal harmony, Modi said.

I can say with pride that we want to move ahead and give something back to the nation. A state like Gujarat can pull another state which is not so developed. We have the strength and the capability, Modi told the cheering crowd at the Gujarat Universitys plush convention hall here.

Senior Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leader L.K. Advani, who was also present at the event, said: No other state in the country can pride itself of 11 percent growth. No other state has done so much against corruption like Gujarat.

Jaitley too praised Modis governance, saying: There is politics of honesty in Gujarat. On the other hand, there is an atmosphere of corruption at the centre.

Recounting the Gujarat earthquake of 2001, the communal violence of 2002 and the serial blasts of 2008, Modi said that each time the people have emerged stronger and have touched new heights of development.

Referring to the 2002 riots, he said: In 2002, we were struck with communal violence. People were thirsty for each others blood. Innocent lives were lost. To normalise the tense situation, we used all our might. At that time, I had said in any civilised society such a thing should not happen, but everyone cursed and maligned us. No one supported us.

People said Gujarat was finished, and that investors will not come here. But we crossed that hurdle and developed by leaps and bound, he added.

In this context, I can say that just like the world praises Gujarats model for successful development, people will also discuss it as a model of communal harmony and inclusive growth, he said.

He went on to say that he chose the path of fasting to reach across to people because he felt this was a stronger medium than just his words.

In an attempt to reach out to the Muslim community, he said: If any part of the body is weak, the entire body cannot be termed as healthy. Similarly, if any community is weak in the state, it cannot be considered as a developed state.

BJP stalwarts, including Advani, Arun Jaitley, Ravi Shanker Prasad, former party president Rajnath Singh and Mukhtar Abas Naqvi were also present. Rajya Sabha member and TV star Smriti Tulsi Irani added the glamour quotient. AIADMK leader M. Thambidurai, the party leader in the Lok Sabha, and his counterpart in the Rajya Sabha V. Maitreyan were also present.

Punjab Chief Minister Parkash Singh Badal, Himachal Pradesh Chief Minister Prem Kumar Dhumal also attended the event.

On Friday, in an open letter, Modi said he was grateful to those who had pointed out his genuine mistakes in the last 10 years and that no one can claim to be perfect.

He also said that casteism and communalism have never done any good to society. This is also my own firm conviction.

A five-tier security ring has been thrown around Gujarat Universitys convention hall. The venue has been ringed with police and turned into a fortress.

Meanwhile, the opposition Congress began its own fast as a counter to Modi.

Former chief minister Shankarsinh Vaghela and state Congress chief Arjun Modhvadia began their own fast in front of Mahatma Gandhis ashram in Sabarmati.

The Congress dubbed Modis fast as a 5-star fast.

We are sitting quietly on our fast in front of Gandhi-jis ashram. It is not a cheating fast worth Rs.50 crore, Vaghela said.

In New Delhi, Congress spokesperson Rashid Alvi satirically noted that the BJP and Modi were free to dream.

Narendra Modi and BJP are having daydreams and they have all the right to dream, Alvi said.

Stolen car found near HL College of Commerce

AHMEDABAD: Sujal Singhaniya, the conman who has duped several students of Gujarat University (GU) with his glib talk, abandoned the Nissan Sunny car that he had stolen from a Visnagar-based businessman, Piyush Patel. The car was found near HL College of Commerce on Sunday.

Passersby reported the matter to the police control room. Later, the car owner was called to the spot to identify the vehicle. City police have now roped in forensic experts to find clues from the car that can lead them to Singhaniya, a resident of Sola Road.

When Patel opened the car with a duplicate key, he found that the bag containing cash that he had kept in the car, was missing. We have approached the toll booths near Ahmedabad to know whether the car passed through it, said M R Sharma, inspector of Vastrapur police station.

Singhaniya has been identified as a serial fraudster and recently the GU authorities had put up his posters on the campus, warning students to beware of him. Singhaniya allegedly duped several university students, including three girls to whom he promised to marry. He is said to have borrowed at least Rs 5 lakh from these girls.

Gujarat University girls struck by the ghost of Sujal Singhania

Ahmedabad: A face and a name to go with it are all that exist of Sujal Singhania in police files even as the cops continue their hunt for the Casanova-cum-conman who is believed to have cheated several girl students of Gujarat University of close to Rs 35 lakh.

Good looks, an easy going manner, quick wit and charm to go with it - Singhania had it all, except money. But it is the brilliance with which he operated that has impressed even the police who are looking for him.

The people he cheated had known him for two years. They knew everything about the place he had rented, including where his lunch box was kept. Yet they did not know which state he belonged to, who his parents were or his antecedents, said a police officer investigating the case. He said that the fact that Singhania - the police don t really believe that to be his true identity - could continue to cheat people for over two years is testimony to the fact that he was indeed a smooth operator and a glib talker.

The conman had a flashy lifestyle. In fact it was his show of wealth that got him friends. Claiming to be the sole heir of Singhania industries, he befriended the daughter of a top government official.

The official was so impressed with Singhania that he had even agreed to get his daughter married to him and, in the process, gave him Rs 10 lakh to renovate his house, said a cop.

At different points of time, Singhania presented himself as a son at odds with his father, a youth who had lost his mother and the only son of a top cop in Delhi, said the police officer.

Uncanny anticipation

That Singhania had planned his moves carefully right from the beginning is evident from the fact that the bike that he drove had a fake registration.

The bike s registration number was, in fact, that of a Pulsar bike. He not only removed the chassis number of its engine but also ensured that it would be difficult for the police to trace him using the vehicle, said another policeman associated with the investigation.

The officer further said that the bike, Hyosung, was launched in 2005 by Kinetic but that company that manufactured it had shut down some years ago. Hence, the police were now finding it difficult to get the details of the vehicle.

Singhania used to live in rented accommodation. The permanent address he gave was that of the rented house he had lived in while in Vadodara. The driving licence that he had shown as identity proof was also fake.

This shows that he had the cunning to cover his tracks. Everywhere we go we are hitting a wall, said another cop.

Modus Operandi
Sleuths investigating the case said that Singhania lured his victims by flashing his so-called wealth. He would drive expensive cars borrowed from his friends and potential victims, and always be available at the GU canteen, said a cop.

Then he would befriend other youths there, particularly those from rich families. He would order food for his gang and always insist on paying for it. Unlike others who keep a wallet to carry cash, Singhania would take out bundles of Rs 500 to pay for the food. This established him as the son of a rich man. Hence those around him easily believed him to be the heir of Singhania Industries or the sole son of a top cop in Delhi, said the cop.

Once he had established himself as a rich brat, Singhania would tell sob stories about his mother being ill or him not getting on well with his father. He would then borrow money from his friends, particularly girls, and initially in small amounts, said the cop.

The police officer said that even his rent was paid by his girlfriends. He would borrow from one to impress the other and thus the cycle continued. He was a regular at the house of the girls he cheated.

Not much against Singhania
Cops say that even if they manage to nab Singhania, he will be soon out on bail. At present there is only one case - that of cheating - registered against him. It was filed by a man whose car Singhania had taken out for a drive.

The car was eventually found abandoned close to HL College but the Rs5 lakh kept in it was missing. The only complaint against Singhania is that of cheating. Two more of his victims, one of whom is the daughter of a businessman, have approached us. Both had given over Rs 10 lakh to him after falling for his sob story. But fearing social stigma they have refused to file a complaint, said the cop.

A cheating complaint is a bailable offence and if caught Singhania will be out soon unless his other victims come forward and file a complaint.

GU s efforts

The Gujarat University, where Singhania operated, had put up posters of him to warn students. But the posters had to be taken off as students had started drawing graffiti on them.

He was prepared
Singhania used to live in rented accommodation. The permanent address he gave was that of the rented house he had lived in while in Vadodara. The driving licence that he had shown as identity proof was also fake.

That Singhania had planned his moves carefully right from the beginning is evident from the fact that the bike that he drove had a fake registration.

Cops say that even if they manage to nab Singhania, he will be soon out on bail. At present there is only one case - that of cheating - registered against him. It was filed by a man whose car Singhania had taken out for a drive.

NSUI members protest against Gujarat University dean

AHMEDABAD: Student leaders of the NSUI staged a demonstration at the Gujarat University on Tuesday. They were protesting against dean of commerce faculty N D Shah. The NSUI members also submitted a memorandum to the GU authorities, demanding Shahs resignation.

Shah has been accused of irregularity while preparing a question paper on statistics subject for third-year BCom students. After the question paper was given to students, some examinees pointed out that it was an exact copy of a question that was given in some preparatory papers published by private publications. Interestingly, Shah has also authored a similar booklet for the same publication, said an NSUI leader. tnn

Following this controversy, GU authorities have initiated an inquiry into the matter. On Tuesday, NSUI members wanted to impress upon the GU officials to keep Shah away from academic activities. The student leaders were carrying a bag full of duplicate notes to point at alleged malpractice by Shah.

NSUI: GU commerce dean must resign

Ahmedabad: It was a day of protests at Gujarat University (GU). National Students Union of India (NSUI) and Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad (ABVP) came out with rallies on different issues. NSUI students who came with placards shouted slogans demanding removal of ND Shah from the post of dean of commerce faculty over his alleged role in paper setting for commerce students.

Shahs name surfaced recently after allegations that the question paper of business statistics for third year BCom had questions worth 48 marks from private publications. It is alleged that Shah, who set the paper, contributes to a private publication as well. Students came to submit a memorandum to vice-chancellor Dr Parimal Trivedi but he had left his office before students could meet him.

Hardik Dodia, one of the protesting students, was joined students who came with a suitcase of money and bangles. Shahs involvement in setting papers is doubtful. There is a nexus of higher authorities and deans, which hints at huge corruption, he said.

Meanwhile, ABVP submitted a memorandum protesting back-to-back exams for Master of Science courses. Students demanded that the time table be changed and include a gap between two exams.

Gujarat University holds syndicate meeting

AHMEDABAD: Gujarat University (GU) on Wednesday held its syndicate meeting where it was decided that GU will conduct an entrance test under the guidance of a four-member committee of syndicate members for admission on 50 per cent management quota seats of two dental colleges.

Two self-financed colleges had conducted an entrance test separate from the PG entrance test conducted by GU which had created a lot of furore. The GU had also carried out an inquiry against the two colleges.

Amin raises pitch for full-time registrar of Gujarat University

Ahmedabad: Gujrat Universitys (GU) senior syndicate member Narhari Amin has criticised the state government for allegedly delaying the appointment of a regular registrar for the varsity. The university was operating with in-charge registrar for the last six years.

Participating in the syndicate meeting held here on Wednesday, Amin said it was shameful that no one was willing to work as registrar of the this oldest university of the state because of too much political interference.

Another syndicate member Manish Doshi demanded that the university should insist the K S School of Management to pay its teaching and non-teaching employees as per the recommendations of the sixth pay panel. He also demanded sixth pay panel scale for 167 non-teaching employees of the GU.

The duo also opposed the decision of the university authorities to allow filling up of 50 per cent seats in master of dental surgery courses through management quota. They said private institutesvirtually auctioned the management quota seats and admitted those who paid the highest amount, ignoring the merit.

They also demanded a probe into the appointment of Saurabh Choksi as principal of J G Commerce College and its approval by the university

GU to follow UGC norms for new vice-chancellor

Speaking in Gujarat University (GU)s syndicate meeting on Wednesday, pro vice-chancellor (V-C) Dr Mukul Shah proposed application of University Grants Commission (UGC) guidelines for selection of new V-C of states largest varsity. Congress members of GU syndicate supported this suggestion.

Current V-C Parimal Trivedi is set to vacate the post in June this year.

As per UGC guidelines, nomination to the post of V-C of a university is merit-based. The person vying for the post must at least be a professor. A three-member panel, one of them governors nominee, will have final say in selection to the V-Cs post.

Congresss immediate support to this suggestion by Shah had GU buzzing throughout the day about consequences of this development. If search panel fails to zero in on one person as V-C, in that scenario pro V-C will be promoted to the post of V-C. It seems Mukul Shah is clearing his way to the top post, said sources in the syndicate.

Wednesdays syndicate meeting had its share of fireworks as well with members complaining that the meeting is not called on a regular basis. If there is a meeting, the agenda for it reaches them late. At this juncture, V-C Trivedi assured that meetings will be conducted on regular basis.

Despite Gujarat High Courts order about recruitment of full-time registrar at GU, varsity officials have not followed the directive. It is shameful that states biggest varsity runs without a registrar for more than 10 days. The fact that nobody wanted the post of incharge registrar is even more shameful, said Narhari Amin, Congressman in GU syndicate.

Members also opposed move to give admission on 50% management quota seats in master of dental surgery (MDS). They alleged that government is hand in glove with colleges to sell seats for heavy donations.

Gujarat apex teachers body shows Shastri the door

AHMEDABAD: Former Gujarat University vice-chancellor K S Shastri was unanimously voted out from the post of president of Gujarat State Federation of University and College Teachers Association, an umbrella body of all college teachers of the state.

Shastri, 76, controlled this body for the past 25 years.

The development marks the end of an era. The septuagenarian academician has lost considerable ground in the university politics over the last few years. A meeting held on Sunday elected Dr M M Rawal, a lecturer in Junagadh as the president of the association.

university college

AHMEDABAD: With printing errors in the organic chemistry paper of the MSc semester-I exam, Gujarat University has awarded seven grace marks to all the students. On Wednesday, MSc students got shocked while writing their organic chemistry paper when they found that the space for questions 4 and 5 was blank. GU officials later called up all the centres in Ahmedabad and the exam moderators were told the questions. However, centres outside Gujarat could not be contacted. A group of students on Friday made representations to GU officials following which the grace marks were awarded.

In another blooper, more than 200 FYBA external students got a shock of their life when they reached exam centre to write their geography exam. Students found that they had prepared for geography-I but they got a paper for a different subject. Later, it was found that the private publication book students were referring to for the subject had made errors in labeling the book. A committee has been formed to look into the matter which will table its report after which a decision will be taken, said a senior GU official.

Gujarat University to probe allegations of favouritism

AHMEDABAD: Gujarat University (GU) will make an enquiry into the case of alleged case of favouritism at BK School of Management. A student had been allegedly giving examination in a separate exam hall with a lineament invigilator. The student also tore his answer papers, which the teachers put together the answer sheets and accepted it.

The case has raised eyebrows among students and staff. BK School of Management director Sarla Achuthan, however, said that after the student complained of disturbance by others in the class, a separate arrangement was made for him.

Gujarat University move to take away Ahmedabads largest ground?

AHMEDABAD: A tricky maneuver may have allowed to slip out of Gujarat Universitys (GU) control and into the hands of a private event company the universitys biggest and cheapest ground near Helmet Crossroads. Surprisingly, the university had not even invited bids for leasing out this ground!

Expression of interest (EoI) had been called from parties interested in seeking lease of GU Convention Centre. The idea was to hand over control and maintenance of the structure, so that the university could get a fixed amount of money annually, without having to bother about the management of the facility.

The advertisement inviting the EoI had no mention of the ground. However, when the tender was opened, the top bidder had included the 2.5 lakh sq m ground in his proposal.

As Gujarat University vice-chancellors (VC) checkered tenure nears end, allegations of wrongdoing are flying thick and fast. GU sources alleged that the bidders were not present when the tender was opened. A written complaint has been received against the tender process, they claimed.

Trivedi told, It is the discretionary power of the tender committee. None of the bidders were told when the tender will be opened. We have earned almost half of the total cost of the centre and hope to recover the rest in another three years.

The VC claimed that the ground was more of headache for the university than of any use to the public. Some citizens, however differ. There is always something going on here, whenever the ground is not occupied. Every Sunday, children gather here to play cricket and novice drivers also come here to hone their skills, said Vivek Dhaiya, a teenager who lives in a society nearby.

Syndicate and convention hall high-power committee member Narhari Amin said there was no mention of ground in the tender document. The university earned Rs 25 lakh a year from renting out the ground. The top bidder offered Rs 1 crore per year, so the panel agreed, he said.

Gujarat University panel quashes management quota in first year

AHMEDABAD: A high-powered committee for admissions of Gujarat University (GU) on Monday decided to quash the management quota in the first year BCom.

Admission to all the 150 seats per division will be held as per merit.

This year, the university will not send a list of any students to any of the commerce colleges. Earlier, it was a practice to send out such a list prepared by student leaders affiliated to BJP and Congress. As a result, the merit system could not be followed religiously.

There were 127 divisions in 28 grant-in aid colleges and nine self-financed institutes in which 19,050 students were given admissions. Also, 1,200 seats were vacant.

This means that the question of admission remains only in the top five or seven colleges which will see a rush for admission. Otherwise seats are going to remain vacant. This year, the university has decided not to send out any list and no more than 150 students will be given admission, said syndicate member Narhari Amin.

GU pro vice-chancellor Mukul Shah said that merit rules were flouted till last year as the university used to send out the list. We decided to quash the management quota after protests, he said.

The distribution of forms for FY BCom will start from June 18 and the merit list will be declared on June 23.

Akhil Bharatiya Vidhyarthi Parishad (ABVP) had held demonstrations at the varsity campus on June 9 protesting against the notification reserving 30 management-quota seats in each division of the first-year BCom course in colleges. Candidates for these seats are to be chosen by principals.

GU vice-chancellor Parimal Trivedi had said last week that he was against granting management-quota seats to colleges.

He said that the practice had in the past allowed students with low marks to enroll in good colleges by paying money.

He said it made better administrative sense for colleges to grant admission on merit.

Students who do not get admission are helped by GU which sends out a list to colleges for granting admission to these students.

ABVP has demanded that the university continue to take on the responsibility for those who had failed to get admission on the basis of merit.

Gujarat University nod for management quota in commerce colleges

AHMEDABAD: Gujarat University (GU) has issued a notification to commerce colleges regarding admissions to the first-year BCom course, due to begin from June 18. For the first time, GU has said that colleges will have 30 seats which will be treated as management-quota seats. These can be filled at the discretion of the principals of the colleges without following any merit criteria.

Hitherto, grant-in-aid colleges were not allowed to maintain management-quota seats. The GU notification says that the each division should have 150 seats. Of these, 120 will be filled on merit. In colleges in rural areas, each division will have 80-100 seats.

Second-year classes to begin at Gujarat University from July 1

AHMEDABAD: Academic session for second year students pursuing BA, BCom and BSc courses at Gujarat University (GU) will begin from July 1. However, the staff will resume duty from June 15. The change in schedule is because of Choice Based Credit System (CBCS). It will allow students to study subjects of their choice along with the core subjects. This means students of social science can opt for journalism as his or her elective and a mathematics student can also study chemistry.

GU has decided to introduce CBCS in around 150 colleges under it. With the implementation of the new schedule, the first semester would end on December 31. While, the second semester will commence from January 1, 2013 and end on June 30, 2013. tnn

According to the University sources, the new system will lead to some changes in the current examination systems. Examinations will be held for the core subjects, but elective subjects will be evaluated as per the credit system, based on per lecture or practicals. CBCS will enable students to strengthen their resume and learn additional subjects, which may prove helpful in their professional growth, sources informed.

No loss for Gujarat University: Trivedi

AHMEDABAD: Gujarat University has gone into combat mode on the education department pulling up on the issue of incurring losses of Rs 2.67 crore after it prematurely withdrew from a fixed deposit of 100 crore during 2006-07 when the university.

GU vice chancellor Parimal Trivedi said that there are no losses and in fact, the move had resulted in a profit of Rs 50 lakh. Trivedi on Wednesday said that the GU ordered a committee of 15 chartered accountants for an independent audit of the accounts. Once the committee submits its report, well submit it to the education department. There is no question of losses. In fact, accounts show that a profit of Rs 50 lakh was made, said Trivedi.

Gujarat University wants explanation for exam goof-up

AHMEDABAD: The Gujarat University has sought an explanation from the St Xaviers college for Fridays goof-up during the first-year examination of the second semester of the Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science courses.

On Friday, some 300 students of the St Xaviers college were taken aback when they got the English question paper - they had not been taught about the topics they were being tested on.

Outgoing Gujarat University Vice Chancellor says he was targeted

AHMEDABAD: Outgoing vice chancellor of the Gujarat University Parimal Trivedi cried foul. Despite giving 100 percent, I suffered during my two terms as a vice chancellor, he said.

A farewell function was organized at the Gujarat University convention centre. During his speech Trivedi said that he could not even devote time to his ailing mother and infact it was she who should be felicitated.

As soon as Trivedi said this the Gujarat University authorities and the staff called Trivedis mother on the stage and felicitated her. He said that in his six years of tenure, he saw the university scale new heights. Right from infrastructure to academics, every thing was upgraded.

Trivedi said,I never took decisions alone, but took every one into confidence. But it cannot be ruled out that I still got a lot of criticism during my tenure.

Sudhir Nanavati, the ex-syndicate member said the media was against the vice chancellor and hence they were highlighting the issues in the wrong way.

A 15 minute documentary on the six years of Trivedi was also shown to the 500 odd people including professors who had gathered.

Cops seek more time to probe Gujarat University vice-chancellor

AHMEDABAD: The Gujarat University (GU) police on Monday sought six more months to complete its probe and submit a report on graft cases lodged against GU vice-chancellor Parimal Trivedi.

Special judge hearing cases of anti-corruption bureau, M P Sheth, granted the time till July 30 to cops to complete the process of investigation.

In April also, police sought six months extension on various grounds, but the court had granted 45 days. However, the probe could not be completed and further time was sought.

The cops submitted in their plea for extension that part of investigation has been done and that they have already summoned authorities of five colleges for interrogation in near future. They cited various pending cases and events including the Rath Yatra that may engage policemen for bandobast and stated that it would be difficult for them to complete the probe within a short period.

Complainant Pradeep Prajapatis lawyer Sumit Sikarwar strongly objected to the request for extension and told the court that some prima facie evidences show the involvement of the VC and other accused persons including chief account officer Minesh Shah in the fixed deposit scam. He also placed various documents before the court along with Prajapatis affidavit stating that the education department had also recommended Shahs transfer.

An FIR was lodged in February against Trivedi on the basis of the complaint by university senate member Prajapati who accused the VC, Shah, development officer Vaishali Padhiyar and Wilson Printcity Pvt Ltd of swindling crores of rupees. Prajapati alleged that the three misused their office and gave away printing jobs of exam papers, answer sheets and other materials to Wilson between 2007 and 2011 which caused the exchequer a loss of Rs 1.3 crore.

The former senate member has also alleged that Trivedi and others divided GUs Rs 100-crore fixed deposit with SBI to make deposits in separate banks, incurring Rs 4 crore losses to the university. Prajapati has also alleged that Trivedi manipulated income figures of the university during his tenure.

Prajapati moved the court after police refused to investigate the charges. While asking cops to lodge an FIR, the court had also sought probe report by April 30. But the cops have been seeking extension since then.

Gujarat varsity results delayed

AHMEDABAD: Gujarat University (GU) conducted the exams of first, second and third year in March and April. However, the university has not declared the result yet. Whereas all universities, other than GU, have declared the result.

New academic session has also started from June 15, in these colleges. In GU colleges the academic session has begun on paper but students are not coming to college as they have not received their result yet. GU officials when contacted said that the results will be declared soon. However, they have been doling this promise since a long time now.

Academicians said the constant delay in the results has exposed the fact that GU colleges have not adapted well to the Choice Based Credit System ( CBCS) which follows semester system exams. Result of the first semester exam of first year arts, commerce and science colleges was also delayed by two months, earlier. With the results of the exams not announced this time round as well, there is a possibility of students missing their academic days. The next exam however is scheduled around Diwali in October.

Atrocity case: Gujarat University VC gets three more days to reply

AHMEDABAD: A city sessions court on Tuesday granted three more days to Gujarat University vice-chancellor Parimal Trivedi to reply to an application seeking cancellation of his bail in the alleged atrocity case.

Trivedi is facing a trial in an alleged atrocity case, and complainant Pankaj Shrimali, a faculty at the GLS Arts College, sought the VCs bail to be cancelled on the ground of influencing witnesses. The court had issued notice to Trivedi in this regard earlier this month.

Trivedis counsel sought another three weeks time to submit a reply to the court notice and argued that he would have to collect material including higher courts decision to support his case. However, additional sessions judge B V Zala was reluctant to grant such a long adjournment and kept further hearing on June 22 and by then Trivedi will have to submit his reply. The trial proceeding in this case is also on the same day, as the case is at the state of framing of charge.
In his plea for cancellation of Trivedis bail, Shrimali contended that the only eye witness in this case, professor Pradeep Prajapati was facing a departmental inquiry, which was kept pending. However, to build pressure on the witness, the VC has ordered the inquiry to be resumed. This amounts to serious breach of bail condition, whereby the accused was not supposed to tamper with evidence or influence witnesses.

As per the case details, Trivedi had on May 3, 2008 allegedly hurled castiest remarks against Shrimali in the university premise. During the initial stage of investigation, all the witnesses backed out except a senate member, Prajapati. After conducting the probe, the Navrangpura police recommended the court to close the case on the ground that the accused was not available - by filing A summary. However, a magisterial court rejected the summary report and directed the cops to conduct probe further.

After a couple of years, the probe was transferred to the SC-ST Cell. The superior officers ever recommended B summary in the case, but finally a charge sheet came to be filed earlier this month. He was arrested and released on bail immediately by a magisterial court.

On the other hand, the cops are facing charges of causing inordinate delay of 1,370 days in completing investigation. This is because as per special atrocity laws, cops have to finish probe in such cases within 30 days. The high court questioned police in this regard, and the state government has asked the advocate general to defend police in this case.

Available for a song: GU convention centreq

Finance panel has approved the quote of Rs 7.5 cr a year by Gandhi Associates even though only the exhibition hall of the incomplete complex fetched Gujarat University Rs 6.4 cr last year; now the convention centre and two seminar halls also are ready and can earn revenue


Posted On Wednesday, May 16, 2012 at 02:54:31 AM

By giving away its swanky convention centre to a private agency for a paltry annual fee of Rs 7.5 crore Gujarat University has raised the eyebrows of many.

People in the know express surprise and smell a rat as the finance committee has approved the deal though the university earned Rs 6.4 crore by letting out the complex for only 28 events last year when the complex was even not fully functional. Now, apart form the huge exhibition hall, the sprawling convention centre and two seminar halls are ready for use.
Vice Chancellor Parimal Trivedi says the university invited expression of interest and the best offer was accepted; Gandhi Associates will also pay Rs 1 cr a year for the ground

However, justifying the move, Vice Chancellor Parimal Trivedi said the decision was taken by the syndicate following a tender process. This is the best deal we were offered. The university stands to gain as we will earn Rs 7.5 crore per annum while the centre will be maintained by the winning party, Gandhi Associates.

The difference between the winning bid and the second best was a huge Rs 3 crore. Besides, the university will also get Rs 1 crore for the use of the huge ground, Dr Trivedi said.

According to Pro-Vice Chancellor Mukul Shah, Seven firms participated in the tender process. The quotes were opened in front of university finance committee members. Gandhi Associates offer was the best. It had quoted an assured sum of Rs 7.5 crore per annum while taking care of maintenance of the complex, said Dr Shah who is a member of the committee.

Dr Trivedi claimed that university officials, including Senate and Syndicate members, had been discussing the possibility of handing over the convention centre to a private party for management and maintenance.

The idea was that the university would get a certain amount every year while the party awarded the contract would take care of getting business for the huge centre, he said.

Incidentally, in a reply to an RTI application by Ahmedabad Mirror in February this year, the estate department had revealed that the university had earned as much as Rs 6.41 crore by letting out the centre for only 28 events in 2011.

Though the reply showed inconsistency in rentals charged from various parties over the years, the university earned more than Rs 2.5 crore by letting it out for 11 events whereas the revenue in 2009 was Rs 1.43 crore from nine events, making the cumulative earning of Rs 10.41 crore since 2009.

All this without any publicity and marketing for the convention centre where only the exhibition hall was functional.

Said Prof Ramakant Shah, former professor at H A College, The current university administration is known for its irregularities. I havent seen the documents, but if the figures are as you say, then the deal smacks of corruption.

Senate member Manish Doshi said that the university must reassess the revenue potential of the centre and float tender afresh to get a better return on its investment.

My understanding is that the centre has the potential of earning three to four times more from the convention centre. The university earned so much when only the exhibition hall was functional. Now the entire convention centre including the seminar halls are ready for use and they can also be rented, he said.

Charging Dr Trivedi of not maintaining transparency, Doshi said that the revenue earned from the convention centre was never shown in the university budget. There is no transparency in the entire process. If the letting out of the convention centre were handled professionally, the university could have earned crores of rupees more in these years. The university must reassess the revenue potential of the centre and float tender again to get a better return on its investment, he said.

The university has pumped about Rs 60 crore into creating the convention centre complex on the piece of land which is valued at more than Rs 100 crore.

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