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Magadh University, Bodh Gaya, Bihar


Magadh University, Bodh Gaya, Bihar
Address: Plot / Street / Area
Bodh Gaya
Bodh Gaya
Bihar, India
Pin Code : 824234

Magadh University, Bodh Gaya Bihar is a University recognised by UGC.
Magadh University is situated in Bodh Gaya of Bihar state (Province) in India. This data has been provided by www.punjabcolleges.com. Fax # of Magadh University, Bodh Gaya Bihar is 0631-2221717.

Website of Magadh University, Bodh Gaya Bihar is http://magadhuniversity.ac.in/, www.magadhuniversity.org.

Chancellor : Arun Kumar.

Contact Details of Magadh University, Bodh Gaya Bihar are : 0631-2200490, 2200332 Vice-Chancellor:Dr Prof Birendra Nath Pandey, Telephone: 2200495 2420226, 2222714

Financial Adviser 2200441
Pro-Vice Chancellor 2200493
Sec. Higher Education 2224616
D.S.W 2200576
Proctor. 2200499
Secretary to vice chancellor (Finance) 9934290680
Secretary to vice chancellor (General) 2200005
Vice Chancellor : Tel : 0631 2420226(O)2222714(R)
Registrar : Tel : 0631 2200490(O)2200332(R)
Fax : 2221717

AICTE 08/09/New-Int/2009/016
Magadh University's Group Of Technical Institutions, Magadh University, Bodh Gaya, Bihar-

Profile of Magadh University

Magadh University is today one of the largest universities of Bihar and India. The University has developed horizontally and vertically having 24 post Graduate Departments, 44 Constituent and 85 affiliated Colleges, altogether with above 2 lakh students and 2 thousand teachers. Prof. B.N.Pandey, an academician of excellence is the Vice - Chancellor. The university expands over an area comprising of Gaya, Jehanabad, Patna, Nalanda, Nawada and Aurangabad districts. The areas of Bhojpur, Buxar and Rohtas and Kaimur districts have been separated under a new University - Veer Kunwar Singh University, with its headquarters at Ara in October 1992. The headquarters of this university is established at Gaya, about 2.5 Km away from the world famed heritage site of Mahabodhi Mahavihara or the Great Temple. The Gaya - Dobhi National Highway No. 83 passes by and gives it passage to east - west connections with other urban centres of the country. It is 16 Km from Gaya, linked with Railways communication getting linkages with Delhi - Kolkata and also from Patna - the Capital city of the state. The recently built up International Airport will further facilitate its academic importance to countries like Thailand, Srilanka, Myanmar, Colombia, Vietnam, Japan, Korea, China, Singapore and others. Naturally, the University is fortunate to have this background to remain developing in coming days.
03The University owes it very name Magadh from the ancient Empire "Magadh" which has got its historic identity and also represents the Magadh region as the core of historic - cultural apex of the state. At the time of independence, Patna University was the only university of state which was imparting postgraduate teaching. In 1952 Patna University was given a status of teaching - cum residential University with the selected colleges established in Patna along the Ashok Raj Path. The other colleges of the state were brought under the control of Bihar University, a newly University created. Consequently several colleges were established to impart education to the remote areas a separated Bihar has today 12 Universities - Patna, Bihar, Magadh, Bhagalpur, Mithila, JP, VKS, BN Mandal, Nalanda Open, Sanskrit, Arabic and Chankya. Magadh University is the largest and the most popular one. Magadh University came into existence after the Government of Bihar passed act for this University in 1961 .The functioning started since the 2nd March 1962, initially in Red House of Gaya for the official purposes and the teachings in two rented buildings - Jamuar Kothi and Dora Kothi. In the beginning teachings were introduced only in seven subjects - English, Economics, Geography, History, Mathematics, Hindi and Philosophy. The present campus was founded by Dr. S. Radhakrishnan, the then president of our Republic of India on the August 20,1964. The Post Graduate teachings in Sciences - Physics, Chemistry, Botany, and Zoology - were started in 1966 in the buildings of Gaya College. After three and four years the office and departments were shifted on the present campus in 1969 and 1972. Again the university kept expanding with the passage of times when other subjects i.e. Psychology, Pol. Science, AIAS, Applied Economic and Commerce, Sanskrit, Pali, Arabic, Persian, Urdu, Sociology, Labour and Social Welfare, Journalism and Buddhist studies were added. Most recently teachings of Distant Education has been started. Moreover, a few colleges of the Universities, - Gaya College, Gaya, Nalanda College, Biharsarif, S. Sinha College, Aurangabad, College of Commerce, Patna, A. N. College, Patna , J. D. Womens College, Patna, B. D. Evening College, TPS College and RLSY College, Bakhtiarpur are imparting also Post Graduate and other professional and vocational educations. The teachings in Medical, Engineering Education and law are also done here. Thus the university rsitv serves the greater cause of the society and the nation. Dr. K. K. Dutta was the first Vice - Chancellor who was the most distinguished Historians of the country. Since then more than two dozens learned academicians and administrators acted as Vice - Chancellors who led the University into the fame and prominence.
The university has successfully hosted a number of National and International conference namely, the Indian History Congress, the Indian Economic Congress, the Indian Zoological Congress, All India Philosophy Congress 9th International and 40th National Psychology Congress (2005 ).The hosting of XXVIll Indian Geography Congress in this year (2006) is the another academic milestone in this context. The University has been generously granting the financial assistance to its teachers for visiting abroad and also attending the international and national Seminars, and thus is Magadh University has always been mentioned on national maps.


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Message from Vice Chancellor

Dear Friends,

I have proud privilege to express my happiness that Magadh University, Bodh- Gaya is ready to enter into the web-World through its own website. It is the need of hour to interact with the world with our academic and research activities as well. We have strived hard to remain on the frontiers of the Information Technology with a focus on education and research community. Our university has been pushing to have a single integrated heterogeneous web network of our educational institutions to enable them to connect to the world of information and facilitate them to share their work and research and development.

For success of the website, it is imperative that awareness be created about the objective, to the institutions. It is also important to disseminate information on the various technologies and the feasible mode of connecting institutions. These entail certain pre-requisite steps, which are necessary to be taken for establishing reliable connectivity. I wish this web site would fulfill the desire of the university to interact with academic world.

With thanks
Dr. (Prof.) B.N.Pandey

About Bodh Gaya

Gaya and Bodhgaya are two towns not as twin but definitely behaving like so. These are separated by the Brahmayoni Hills but connected by two passages, one almost from the middle and the second by the side of the river Phalgu. These passages are well developed as metal led roads. The main road is the National Highway No. 83 which connects Gaya and Bodhgaya by the prominent National Highway No. 2 or the old G. T. Road at Dobhi about 30 km in the straight south. This National Highway gives passage to Gaya & Bodhgaya and connects Dhanbad, Kolkata from the east, and Varanasi, Allahabad and Delhi from the west. From north Gaya is linked with Patna, the capital and cosmopolitan town of the State from where it takes passages upto Kathmandu J Nepal and N. E. parts of the country. The recently developed Gaya International Aerodrome facilitates tourists to visit the towns comfortably. The riverside passage directly connects Gaya from Bodhgaya about 15 km in the south. Both are the ancient towns and even today are emerging in such as fascinating way that in coming decade these are set to be continuous, overlapping and may emerge as a million city. Both the towns are supporting Magadh University. Bodhgaya, The headquarters of the University locates at Bodhgaya but all the feedings colleges are located in Gaya and other adjacent towns. Moreover, Gaya is the main market and residential centre of the teachers, students and other staff of the University who are daily commuters. The Vice - Chancellor of the University resides in Gaya in his official residence. Again, Gaya is the main railway junction from where the people of Bodhgaya also alight and depart. Therefore both, Gaya and Bodhgaya deserve equally to be accounted for.

Gaya is a district town, the second most populous city of Bihar having above 3.48 lakh population belonging to the different ethnic groups. The township expands over an area of about 4976 sq. km. and locates at latitude 24° 47 N and longitude 84° 59 E. on the western side of river Phalgu which flows from south to north - east direction. The town develops in the South Ganga plain at a height of abut 330 feet from sea level surrounded by five hills, namely Ramsiia and Pretsila from North, Katari from the West, Brahmayoni from South and Abigila and Dhonsesri from the east. These hills are of the Archaean age and extension as outlier 1 of the plaleaux of the chotanagpur of Jharkhand. These hills are occupied by the religious monuments belonging to the Hinduism and Buddhism sects. The plain area and hills provide something a changed climate. During summer it becomes too hot and needs a special care to protect human and animals. Similarly winter season becomes more acute due to sudden drop of temperatures especially during nights. The rainy season is comparatively better one due to less rains. February, March and October, November are the pleasant months with mild temperature and humidity. These seasons are called "tourist - season" for Gaya and Bodhgaya.

The history of Gaya is very interesting in the sense that it had has a role in shaping out the Hindu civilization. Gaya is called as Hindu city since time immemorial and exists from the. Pre - Vedic period. !t has witnessed the growth and demise of several dynasties being in their midst. From the 6th BC to the 18th AD, the place has been in the centre of prominence as the cultural capital of Magadh region in India. Dr. Naresh Banerjee mentions about its historical glory in his book. Gaya and Bodh - Gaya; Profile. He accepts that the regime of Gaya opened up with the Sisunaga dynasty founded by himself and who ruled Patna and Gaya around 600 BC. Bimbisare fifth in row who lived and ruled around 519 BC had projected Gaya to the outer world. Later on after a short spell of Nanda dynasty, Gaya along the entire Magadh region came under the Mayuryan rule with Ashoka ( 272 BC - 232 BC ) After Mayuryan rule followed the Gupta dynasty in between 4th to 5th AD. During this period Gaya was much highlighted as the headquarters of Bihar. Its importance continued during Pala dynasty also. Thereafter Gaya survived under Muslims rules. The Pathan Chief Shershah Suri ruled over the place at the end of 16th century. Raja Man Singh of Amer was the Governor of Bihar from 1587 to 1594 AD and he developed a new town of Manpur on the eastern side of the river Phalgu. The Maratha Chief Balaji Rao also passed through the area in 1748. The place came under the control of British rule after the battle of Buxar in 1764. Finally it was liberated with whole country in 1947. The old district of Gaya was created in 1865 had four subdivisions namely, Gaya sadar, Aurangabad, Nawada and Jehanabad. Now the three have already been elevated to the rank of district. Gaya is now a district and headquarters of Magadh Division.
Gaya is one of the most ancient cities of the world. It finds its name in the great epics, Ramayana and Mahabharta, Vrigu Purana mentions it as the most sacred place since it is land of Lord Vishnu and is known as Vishnudham. Gaya Mahatmya a holy book about Gaya, tells about the powerful demon called Gayasura after whom the place is known as Gaya. Lord Vishnu persuaded gayasura to lay motionless with his body forming the Pachkosi Gaya Kshetra ( Five miles Gaya area ), the most pious land on the earth where all gods and goddesses live in serenity. Gayasura laid down on the earth as directed by Lord Vishnu stretching his body. His head was in north upto preshilea hill and his legs to Bodhgaya. His chest laid down between two on which the lord Vishnu put his leg and kept him motionless. That leg of Vishnu is known as Vishnupad and holy temple had been constructed by Ahylya Bai Holkar of Indove, in between 1766 & 1787. This is the focus point of religious Gaya.

Gaya is a famed city for Pindadan (oblations ) The Hindus from all parts of India and abroad visit to offer Pindas to their ancestors specially in the month of September - October every year. This relegious performance is done in the auspicious fortnight (Pitrepaksha) to the departed forefathers. About 4 to 5 lakh pilgrims visit the place for offering oblations in their traditional garbs and the Gaya and Bodhgaya are crowded with such people. It is believed that Lord Rama along with his wife and younger brother Lakhmana visited Gaya for offering Pindadan to their father Dasharatha. The Vedis of Pindadan are mostly located in the Ander Gaya.

Morphologically Gaya town is broadly divided today into two parts, Ander Gaya or Old Gaya and Sahebganj area, Ander Gaya had has been nucleous of all religious activities. Its morphology resembles to old Varanasi pattern with heavily populated congested and narrow streets with frequent turnings. River Phalgu restricts the growth of township towards east. Naturally north - south urban expansion had has been taking place. The locality is full of temples dominated and nationally known as Vishnupad Temple, the Pandas the old community of the Gaya reside dominantly along with business class people. Thus the growth of the built up area is primarily influenced by cultural factors. The Sahebganj area lies in the western part or now in the middle of the township. This is comparatively open area where administrative educational and newly built up residential colonies have been developed. The tendency of developing along the axial roads out of the inner core area has been marked recently and this has caused the north - west expansion of the urban areas. South portion is restricted by Brahmayoni hills and also due to the military cantonment.

The special characteristic of Gaya besides hills are tanks, temples, dharmashalas and educational institutions. The locality finds its location in the water scarcity zone and hence water paucity becomes acute during summer. The town is polluted due to heaps of garbages, chocked drains, and haphazard urban fashions. All needs urban planning to make the town more sustainable


The Magadh University was established in 1962 with its temporary hea quarter centrally located in the city of Gaya. Dr Sarvapalli Radhakrishnan, the then President of India and also a renowned philosopher , laid foundation stone of this university at Bodh-Gaya where the present campus has been developed. The university Head Quarter was shifted to this new campus in December 1969 with its both teaching and non teaching functionaries. The Manulal Magadh university central library which was named after the name of Manulal Public Library donated to Magadh University also previously located in a temporary building at Gaya city was then shifted to this campus . The central Library with its open book shaped portico represents the city of learning. It is equipped with some such facilities which have made it distinct not only in Bihar but also in all over in India. Unlike other libraries of Bihar this library has maximum seating arrangements. It also contains twenty four researches. It also contains twenty four research cubicles. There are two big well furnished auditorium which have made this library most unique. One auditorium has 350 seating capacity arrangement with a big dias and audio arrangement. The other has 192 seating capacity. Seminars, conferences and meets of both National and International Level are frequently held in these auditoriums. Other facilities such as providing drinking water to the users of the library. Newspaper and periodical reading facilities, lift facilities and other essential facilities are made available in all the floors of the Library.

The central Library contains 162161 books 10 types of journals 1381 manuscripts. Not only this , peculiarly enough, this library has made a provision to accommodate lacs and lacs of reading materials which may be purchased in future. The Library contains some rare manuscripts and paintings . To its uniqueness like library has opened a Dr. K.K. Dutta Memorial section in the name of the first Vice- Chancellor of Magadh University . This section has been developed with an aims to attract both Indians researchers and researchers coming from abroad s. Good numbers of students / researchers coming from all over world in general and from south east Asian Countries in particular have visited this library section and have best use of reading materials. This section many contains books , journals , manuscripts and some rare paintings related to Buddhist Philosophy and studies. A team from Japan Foundation visited this library and dedicated to enrich this library by providing books in Japanese language and that too from their own resources . One hundred books written in japanese language have all ready arrived in this Library. The library remains open only from 10:30 am to 5:00 pm now it is proposed to raised the duration for opening the library from eight in the morning to eight in the evening.

Reading Room.
Reference Service
Research Cubicles facility.
Internet Facility.
Newspaper and periodic reading facility.
Dr. K.K.Dutta memorial section.
Reprographics Facilities.
Lending Facility.
Open access facility.
Seminar and conferences.
Inter Library Loan Facility.
Two well furnished auditorium are available for seminar and lecture services.
Lift facility.
Documentation service.
Computerization of library.
Microfilming System.
other proposed facility such as waterproof building roof. Air conditioning of rooms, Installation of emergency lights, installation of electronic theft detector hardly need any justification.
To be started self financed course in Bachelor in Library and information science and Master in Library and information science.
online books and journals facility.

Hostel Accommodation

The University has ample hostel accomodation for the students.
There are eight big hostels on the University campus having accommodation facilities for 1500 students.
One Girls Hostel is also available to accommodate 150 girl students on the University campus.


Special care is being taken to develop modern sports facilities on the campus. A large Sports Complex is located on the campus for different outdoor and indoor games particularly athletic events. With the assistance of Sports Authority of India, New Delhi a sports training centre is to be established in nearfuture.


Magadh University has covered a long eventful journey since its inception in the year 1962. Its extremely fortunate and blessed to be located at Bodh-Gaya, where Lord Buddha got enlightenment. This was possible because of the generous gesture of the Mahantha of Bodh-Gaya, who donated 470 acres of land at a distance of 2 km. from the Mahabodhi Temple, where the headquarter of the University has come up. Bodh Gaya, a sacred place of pilgrimage, a unique centre of Buddhist learning and the ancient seat of Vajrasana as well as symbol of enlightenment, sublimity and compassion, is the headquarter of Magadh University, The University headquarter is situated at a distance of 15 km. from Gaya city and is well connected with railways and Airways. International airport is situated near the University headquarter, where facilities of national and international flights are available, Bodh Gaya is a World Heritage Centre attracting large number of tourists specially from Far East and Western countries. Students of Thailand, Vietnam, Burma and other Buddhist countries are studying in regular courses at the University headquarter and it is expected that apart from students of these countries the students of other South Asian countries will also benefit through distance mode of learning being offered by the Directorate of Distance Education, Magadh University, Bodh Gaya. Magadh University is situated in a lush green and pollution & noise-free atmosphere, The University provides facilities for higher learning and research in the faculties of Science, Social Sciences , Humanities and Commerce. The University started functioning from 2nd March, 1962 with only 2 constituent colleges. 32 affiliated colleges and 7 P.G Departments. In 1992, seventeen constituent colleges were transferred to the newly constituted V K. Singh university, Arrah (Bhojour). The University at present has now grown into a vast institution having 24 Post graduate departments, 44 constituent colleges and 85 affiliated colleges imparting higher education in Humanities, Social Science, Science, Commerce, Medical, Engineering & Management courses. Several professional / vocational courses like M.B.A., M.C.A., B,C.A., B.B.M. Environmental Science, Tourism & Travel Management, Counseling & Rehabilitation, Journalism & Mass Communication, etc. are being run in different constituent / affiliated colleges of the University. There are two Govt. Medical Colleges, Two private Engineering Colleges and One private Dental College and three Law colleges under the University. Magadh University has enough land, buildings, Computer Labs and other infrastructural facilities to impart quality education through distance mode of learning.

ESTABLISHMENT Magadh University was established by the Government of Bihar under Bihar Act IV of 1961 on 2nd March, 1962, under the Magadh University Act of 1961, with its headquarter at Bodh-Gaya. The University is now governed by Bihar State University Act 1976. The University Grants Commission recognizes the University under 2 (f) and 12 (b).

The territorial jurisdiction of the Magadh University is spread over the whole of the Magadh Division, Patna Division and over Nalanda District of Patna Division. The University is catering to the educational needs of the seven populous districts of Patna, Nalanda, Nawada, Gaya, Aurangabad, Jehanabad and Arwal.

The University has a multi storied Central library, named as Mannulal Central Library, besides the departmental libraries. The central library has about 1,62,245 books, manuscripts and other reading materials. The University library is really a readers' paradise, having a wide range of ancient & modern literature and books as well as national and international journals. It also provides student an excellent collection of books on management, education, library science, tourism management, mass communication and computer science.

All the Science Departments including Psychology and Geography have well equipped laboratory for teaching and research. The research facilities are available in all the University departments . The Science Labs are well equipped with modern equipments required for research. HOSTEL

FACILITIES There are eight big hostels on the University campus having accommodation facilities for 1500 students. One Girls' Hostel is also available to accommodate 150 girl students on the University campus.

The University Health Centre-cum-Dispensary provides medical facilities to students, teachers and other employees residing the university campus as well as out side the university campus round the clock. It has the services of 3 doctors, nurses and sufficient number of supporting paramedical staff.

BAN KAND POST-OFFICE A branch of Central Bank of India is functioning on the campus. Like wise a big post office is also located on the University campus.

The University has adequate number of highly qualified, competent and dedicated faculty/ academicians in diverse fields, who have got a long experience in teaching at the Under-graduate and Post-graduate level. At present there are 150 teachers working in the university departments and more than 2000 teachers posted in the constituent colleges of this University.

Special care is being taken to develop modern sports facilities on the campus. A large Sports Complex is located on the campus for different outdoor and indoor games particularly athletic events. With the assistance of Sports Authority of India, New Delhi a sports training centre is to be established in near future.

Proficiency in computer applications has now obviously become integral part of every teaching and training curriculum. Since Magadh University is offering course like MCA, BCA, Library and Information Science etc. along with other professional courses the need to setup an advanced computer centre has become inevitable. The University is developing a modern Computer Lab to the requirement of MCA teaching on the University campus. Besides the facilities for practical works in different courses available at the University headquarter, the constituent colleges of the University also have well equipped Computer and Language labs at different district headquarters.


The University offers varied support services to the students as well as the teachers. Apart from the accommodation and transportation facilities, there are health care centers within the university campus where doctors provide free treatment to the inmates. Then there's the university central library with huge volumes of textbooks, periodicals and journals. Sports facilities and the necessary equipments are also provided to the university students.

BAL RAJ SINGH Vs STATE OF HARYANA Crl Misc 44627 M of 2006



Bal Raj Singh ...PETITIONER
State of Haryana ...RESPONDENT


Mr. Ramesh Hooda, Advocate, for the petitioner.
Mr.M.S.Sindhu, DAG, Haryana.

Petitioner Bal Raj Singh apprehending his arrest in a non-bailable offence in case FIR No.371 dated 19.6.2006 registered under Sections 420/467/468/471 IPC at Police Station Civil Lines, Rohtak, has filed this petition under Section 438 Cr.P.C. for grant of anticipatory bail.

I have heard the counsel for the parties and gone through the
contents of the FIR.

This order be read in continuation of the earlier order dated
August 7, 2006 passed by this Court.

Counsel for the petitioner contends that the only allegation
against the petitioner is that he had fraudulently obtained B.A. Degree from Magadh University. Counsel further contends that though due to wrong verification the petitioner was suspended, but after a thorough inquiry, he was reinstated.

Counsel for the petitioner contends that in terms of the aforesaid interim order, the petitioner has joined the investigation. This fact
has not been disputed by the State counsel and he further states that the petitioner is no more required for further investigation.

In view of the above and for the reasons stated in the interim
order dated August 7, 2006, the same is made absolute on the same terms and conditions.

This bail order shall remain in operation till the investigation
culminates into filing of challan under Section 173 Cr.P.C. except for material change in the circumstances. Thereafter, the petitioner shall be entitled to the grant of regular bail by the trial Court and the same shall further continue till conclusion of the trial on the conditions to be imposed by the court of competent jurisdiction.

Disposed of accordingly.




Criminal Revision No.1420 of 2009

Date of decision: 16.12.2009.

Karamjit ....Petitioner
State of Punjab ...Respondents


Mr. G.S.Sandhu, Advocate for the petitioner
Mr. Arshvinder Singh, Deputy Advocate General, Punjab

The prosecution had filed a plea under Section 311 Cr.P.C. for the summoning of two witnesses (ASI Jasvir Singh and Assistant Incharge, Magadh University, Bodh Gaya, Bihar). The presence of the former was required to prove the FIR; whereas the testimony of the latter was required to prove the forged character of the Detail Marks Card and other documentation purporting to have been issued by the Magadh University.

The learned Trial Magistrate allowed the former part of the request. It is presently common ground that the statement of ASI Jasvir Singh already stands recorded.

The petitioner-accused has filed the present petition to challenge the other part of the request which was allowed by the learned Trial Magistrate.

The only plea raised on behalf of the petitioner is that the allowance of the request allows the prosecution to fill up the lacuna which has appeared in the prosecution presentation. The further averment is that the examination of Assistant Incharge, Magadh University, Bodh Gaya
would be meaningless as no statement under Section 161 Cr.P.C. of the
aforesaid witness came to be recorded.

It is apparent from the prosecution allegation that the recordbased testimony of Assistant Incharge, Magadh University, Bodh Gayal would be the mainstay of the prosecution allegation. The fact that no statement of his came to be recorded by the Police under Section 161 CR.P.C. could be assailed by the petitioner at the trial and it will be for the learned Trial Court to examine the effect thereof. It cannot be said, with any justification, that the endeavour made by the prosecution is to fill up the lacuna particularly when the prosecution case had not concluded by the time the plea under Section 311 Cr.P.C. came to be filed.

Faced with the predicament aforementioned, learned counsel for the petitioner has a feeling that allowance of the plea may enable the prosecution to delay disposal of the trial for an indefinite period, particularly when the trial has started in the year 2003.

In the light of the foregoing discussion, the petition shall stand dismissed.

However, the prosecution shall have one month time (with effect from the next date of hearing before the learned Trial Court) within which time it will produce Assistant Incharge, Magadh University, Bodh Gaya. It will be open to the prosecution to avail of any number of adjournments within that one month period to be able to produce that witness. Ofcourse, the prosecution shall be entitled to obtain the assistance of the Court in the form of issuance of summons etc. to obtain the presence of witness aforementioned.

Disposed of accordingly.


Magadh University figures among top 20 varsities in India

The Magadh University in Bodh Gaya has figured in the list of top 20 universities of the country prepared by a private market research agency, Vice Chancellor of the University Arun Kumar said on Tuesday.. The Indian Council of Marketing Research (ICMR), in its latest survey of the higher educational institutions across the country, has placed Magadh University in the 17h slot among the list of 20, Kumar said.

This has become possible because of sincere efforts made to streamlining the academic calender, improvement of infrastructure and upgradation of colleges, he said.Additions in new courses and the research and development works undertaken recently by the university scholars and the teachers added new dimension to the higher studies, he said.
All the credit goes to the university teachers and staff, the VC said adding the university has introduced semester system for the first time in Bihar.

We have also introduced e-governance that has further ensured administrative transparency, he said.

Students to hold protest at Thapar University

Demanding restoration of domicile quota for Punjab students, several students unions plan to hold a protest march in front of Thapar University in Patiala on Tuesday.The students from across the state would participate in the protest. Meanwhile, members of Punjab Students Union (PSU), Students Federation of India (SFI) and All India Students Federation held a joint meeting at Nehru Park near local bus stand on Monday.

Terming the TU decision unhealthy for aspiring engineers from the state, PSU state secretary Beant Singh said that the university management was playing with the careers of students preparing for All India Engineering Entrance Examination
(AIEEE) to get admission in one of the premier institutes across the country.

The unfair decision taken by university authorities were the signs of privatisation and commercialisation in the education system proving fatal for the students fraternity, he said.Meanwhile, SFI president Lovedeep Sharma demanded that the state government intervene in the matter and pressure the TU management to roll back the decision with immediate effect.It is duty of government authorities to intervene and pressure university management against the decision, he said.
The students union also threatened to intensify their stir if the management failed to take back their decision.

Right to information move against Magadh University vice-chancellor

PATNA: Former member of Bihar Public Service Commission and Patna University English teacher Shiv Jatan Thakur has sought from the chancellor an action taken report on his public petition submitted on March 20 this year for the removal of the vice-chancellor of Magadh University.

In an application submitted to the chancellor under RTI, Thakur pointed out that it is obligatory for the chancellor under section 9 (2) of the Bihar State Universities Act, 1976 to inquire or cause inquiry to be made by any agency in his discretion on a public petition as the law presumes that wilful protection of corruption despite substantive material on record manifestly constitutes cognizable offence for the public servant.

Earlier, citing instances of corruption, he had pointed out that MU vice-chancellor has appointed 21 college principals in blatant violation of the provision of the Bihar State Universities Act without the approval of the requisite number of members of the Selection Committee. He had observed that the continuance of the VC in office was prejudicial to the academic interest of the university and urged the chancellor to bring him to book under the provision of the Prevention of Corruption Act,1988.

RTI move against Magadh University vice chancellor

PATNA: Former member of Bihar Public Service Commission and Patna University English teacher Shiv Jatan Thakur has sought from the chancellor an action taken report on his public petition submitted on March 20 this year for the removal of the vice-chancellor of Magadh University.

In an application submitted to the chancellor under RTI, Thakur pointed out that it is obligatory for the chancellor under section 9 (2) of the Bihar State Universities Act, 1976 to inquire or cause inquiry to be made by any agency in his discretion on a public petition as the law presumes that wilful protection of corruption despite substantive material on record manifestly constitutes cognizable offence for the public servant.

Work in full swing on Rs 2cr Magadh University auditorium

PATNA: Construction work on the state-of-art auditorium is going on in full swing on the sprawling Magadh University (MU) campus at Bodh Gaya. This project will be completed at an estimated cost of about Rs 2 crore.

MU officiating VC Arun Kumar said the auditorium, having a sitting capacity of 560, would facilitate holding of national seminars, conferences and meetings. Efforts are on to complete it on a priority basis. Special care is being taken to maintain quality of work, he said.

magadh university the members of the selection committee

PATNA: The Patna high court on Thursday issued notices to 21 principals of Magadh University (MU) and the members of the selection committee who had selected them. The order was passed by a single bench of the court presided over by Justice Jayanandan Singh on a writ filed by Arun Kumar Sinha and others.

In his petition, Sinha had challenged the appointment of these principals on the ground that that they were appointed in violation of the established norms. Sinhas advocate Sunil Kumar Singh said, Appointments of these 21 principals were made on March 2, 2012. This was challenged by the petitioner who termed the appointments as illegal. The court was informed that the committee constituted for the appointment was not in consonance with the statute of the Bihar Universities Act, 1976.

Singh said the court was also informed that no panel had been prepared for the appointments. The MU vice chancellor (VC) had filed a false affidavit in the Supreme Court on the basis of which the appointments were made, he said, adding that the VC had filed an affidavit stating therein that five members, including two experts, were in the panel for the appointments, whereas, in fact, the two experts never signed the selection committee list, thereby making the list legally questionable.

The HC on Thursday also directed the state government and the MU authorities to state as to what happened to the inquiry conducted by the I C Kumar Committee into the matter. It may be recalled that an inquiry committee headed by Kumar, a retired IAS officer, had probed the alleged manipulation in the preparation of the panel for the said appointments.

Incidentally, the varsity had earlier claimed that nothing was found amiss during the inquiry. However, this was found to be in contradiction to Kumars statement, who earlier said that prima facie, doubtful cases had surfaced during the inquiry. The court on Thursday held that the appointments were subject to the outcome of the inquiry carried out by the committee. The committee is yet to submit its report.

It may be mentioned here that a former member of the committee, Shiv Jatan Thakur, had charged MU officiating VC Arun Kumar with appointing inferior candidates as MU principals. He had also written a letter to governor-cum-chancellor Devanand Konwar alleging that the VC had not followed the legal protocol in the appointments.

Inter exam evaluation work raises eyebrows

PATNA: Evaluation of answer-books of Intermediate examinations 2012 is going on at about 59 centres across the state. About a dozen such centres are located in Patna mostly in constituent colleges of Magadh University (MU). The Bihar School Examination Board (BSEB) appoints head examiners and co-examiners in all subjects.

Several senior teachers engaged in the evaluation work feel most of the co-examiners appointed this time are either not the subject teachers or not familiar with their subjects. It seems the BSEB has thrown all norms to the wind in appointing co-examiners in English. Several co-examiners are completely unaware of the evaluation norms. Needles to say about their evaluation capabilities, a senior teacher of B D College said. He said that in a paper of 50 marks (English) a co-examiner had awarded 54 marks. Luckily, it was timely detected by the head examiner and the error was rectified, he said. Similarly, a few co-examiners always appear to be in a hurry while evaluating answer-books. A co-examiner instead of thoroughly evaluating answer-books, adopted a novel method to post marks on the flap of the answer-books only. Though the guilty co-examiner was issued stern warning, it spoke volume of co-examiners appointed by the BSEB, senior teachers said.

Justifying the need to select experienced teachers for evaluation work, a senior English teacher said, I wanted to bang my head against the wall when my co-examiner awarded full marks for a wrong answer. To top it all, simile had become smile for him and fetched full marks to the examinee concerned, he said.

A few co-examiners, who belong to affiliated colleges, said that they earn money from evaluation works. They hardly get salaries as teachers of the affiliated and proposed colleges. Thus, it is money that matters for them instead of maintaining standard of evaluation work, they remarked.

According to BSEB chairman Rajmani Prasad, a panel of senior teachers from different constituent colleges had prepared the list of head examiners and co-examiners this time. It is really unfortunate that most of senior teachers from constituent colleges do not bother to associate themselves with the Intermediate exam answer-books evaluation work, he said and added the BSEB would not compromise on the quality of evaluation work.

Prasad said that he himself had been visiting evaluation centres to check evaluation work across the state. I would personally look into the matter if any compliant about any co-examiner or any other discrepancy is brought to my knowledge by the centre director, he said.

Herbal Chemistry faculty to come up in Patna University soon

Patna: New Post-graduate faculty on Herbal Chemistry is coming up in Patna University which was being run from the PG Department of Magadha University till recently.

The decision to this effect was taken in the academic council meeting of Patna University on Thursday. A number of important decisions were also taken in the meeting.

In this regard Dr Shambu Nath Singh, VC, Patna University said that it was decided in the meeting that an expert committee would take interview of 2003 batch of college teachers to decide their promotion. He further said that semester system will be introduced in PG from the next academic session. However, it will not be introduced on graduate level for the time being.

Also there was a consensus among most teachers to introduce an entrance test for seeking admission in graduate and post graduate courses. However, any decision in this regard will be taken after an admission regulation is introduced. Among other things which were decided in the meeting was to start a separate PG faculty on the lines of Herbal Chemistry.

Due consideration will be given if a proposal comes in this regard in near future , said Vice-Chancellor Singh.

Presently the department is being run under the Botany faculty of the University. The University has also got permission to start Bio -Informatics course from the academic session 2012-13.Also permission was given to old registration cases. Principal Dr Doris DSouza Patna womenscollege has sought 15 days time to decide upon fees for vocational courses in her college.

The meeting was chaired by the Vice -Chancellor Patna University while heads of a number of faculties including heads of various departments and Registrar Patna University took part in this meeting.

Magadh University exam affected at B S College centre

PATNA: The ongoing degree-level examination of Magadh University (MU) has been affected at B S College, Danapur, due to the Patna district administrations decision to convert the college campus into a strong room and counting centre for the Nagar Parishad elections which would continue till May 22.

According to college principal Pravin Kumar, the college is currently holding degree (honours) level examination for Part II. A large number of examinees, mostly girls, are taking the examination at this centre. The college has few rooms and halls to conduct the examination. However, the district administration has started putting up barricades on the college campus, thereby causing much difficulty in holding the examination peacefully, he said.

Kumar said it was very difficult for the college to hold the examination in open on Saturday after the district administration occupied few rooms. As a result, at least five women examinees fainted in the sultry weather condition. They were immediately rushed to a local clinic for medical treatment, he said.

The principal said he had urged the district administration to make arrangements to hold the elections this time on the sprawling campus of a Danapur-based government school to enable the college hold the examination peacefully.

Magadh University to build Rs 100-crore media centre

PATNA-GAYA: Magadh University (MU) has decided to build a media centre on its campus at Bodh Gaya at a cost of about Rs 100 crore. The centre would help impart teaching in journalism and mass communication as well as prepare documentaries on e-classes and tourism, MU acting VC Arun Kumar said.

According to Kumar, the media centre would be a state-of-the-art establishment equipped with latest technology and tools of media and mass communication. The UGC has agreed to provide financial assistance for it, he said, adding the details are being worked out by a team of experts.

Land for college: The state government has registered about 25 decimal land in the name of B D College, Patna, for its expansion. The registered land, located close to the college campus, has two dilapidated quarters of the water resources department pool. The college would now find it easy to expand its campus for academic purposes, said college principal B N Ojha.

According to Ojha, the college has about 6,000 students on its rolls for degree and postgraduate (commerce) level studies. Besides, the college has introduced several vocational courses at degree level. It is all set to start MBA and MCA vocational courses soon. Thus, campus expansion will fulfil the needs of the college, he said.

Admission forms on sale: Forms seeking admission to degree-level BCA vocational course at B D College went on sale on the college campus from Tuesday. Admission to the course would be made purely on merit. The session for BCA Part 1 course would begin from July this year, said its coordinator U K Singh.

PG teaching: A high-level team of the university officials would inspect RSLY College, Bakhtiyarpur, next week to explore the feasibility of introducing PG teaching in chemistry, philosophy, economics, Hindi and commerce, said college principal P K Verma, adding the college, which is one of the oldest constituent ones of the university, has the required infrastructure for the purpose.

Commerce stream: B S College, Danapur, has been given permission by the university to start commerce stream at the degree level from the current academic session 2012-2013. Besides, the college, which has got permission to start MBA and MCA vocational courses would start sale of admission forms for these courses from this month, said college principal Pravin Kumar.

Evaluation work: Evaluation work of intermediate examinations is still going on at the A N College and T P S College centres, while the work at B D College concluded on May 15.

Degree examination: Degree Part II Honours examination is being held peacefully at most of the Patna-based constituent colleges of the university these days. The university would conduct Degree Part 1 Honours examination soon, an MU official said.

Magadh University colleges may have higher cut-off for Inter

PATNA: Most of the colleges under Magadh University (MU) have started the admission process in Intermediate courses by accepting admission forms from students. These colleges expect that the cut-off marks could be marginally higher this time in view of better pass percentage of the Bihar School Examination Board (BSEB).

A N College has been receiving a large number of applications for admission to Intermediate courses in science and arts streams. A premier college of the university, the college would decide cut-off lists after the last date of submission forms, June 30. While the cut-off was 80% for science (mathematics) course in general category last year, it was about 70.4 % for biology students. For the OBC category of students, it was 62% last year.

The SC-ST students would be given preference in admission this time, said college principal Haridwar Singh, adding the college has also started teaching in BSc (IT), Library Science and Certificate course in German language. J D Womens College would declare its first list in the first week of July. The college is expecting a huge rush of admission seekers to the Intermediate course. The cut-off marks could be higher this time. Last year, it was 45% for IA, 75 % in science stream (mathematics group) and 70 % in biology stream, said college principal Usha Singh, adding the college would consider admission purely on merit. Arvind Mahila College, one of the oldest colleges of the MU, would announce the first cut-off list in the first week of July. Compared to last year, this time cut-off could be slightly higher.

However, admission to Intermediate courses in arts, science and commerce would be considered on merit. The cut-off marks was 45% in arts, 55% in commerce and 54% in science streams last year, said college principal Asha Singh.

According to her, the college has also started admission process in Degree-level courses. The college would announce cut-off marks in BA, BCom and BSc courses next month, she said, adding the admission process would be completed by mid-July.

BS College, Danapur, B D College, Patna, RSLY College, Bakhtiyarpur, Mahila College, Khagaul, RPM College, Patna City, and many others have started admission process to Intermediate courses. These colleges have announced that SC -ST students as well as girls would be given preference in admission.

Magadh University colleges to sell admission forms from June 5

PATNA: Colleges under Magadh University are ready to put admission forms on sale from June 5 for admitting students to Intermediate courses. These colleges expect sale of a large number of applications in view of impressive scores made by students in the Class X examination conducted by the Bihar Secondary School Examination Board this year.

With Intermediate teaching completely de-linked from Patna University, MU colleges are the only hope for such admission seekers. Though colleges have been closed for summer vacation, special arrangements have been made for sale of forms at a number of counters on the colleges respective campuses.

Magadh University colleges gear up for admission to degree courses

PATNA: Colleges under Magadh University are fully geared up to admit students to Degree Part 1 courses in various streams on the basis of merit. The admission process would virtually begin from the first week of June. The new academic session begins in July in all the MU colleges.

A N College will admit about 2,000 students to Degree Part 1 courses in science and arts streams. Admission forms will be available at college counters from June 5.

The last date of form submission is June 30, said college principal Haridwar Singh, adding the college has increased the number of seats by about 20% in these two streams in the interest of students.

Singh said while the cut-off marks for admission to Degree Part 1 science stream was 70% last year, it was 60% in arts. The rush of students is expected more this time in subjects like history, geography, English, physics and chemistry, he said.

College of Commerce will start admission process after publication of Intermediate results.

The college will accept forms till June 30 and admission will start from the second week of July. Admission in each stream including science, arts and commerce would be completed by the end of third week of July, said a senior teacher of the college. B D College will start admission procedure from June 5. Altogether 1,800 seats in Degree Part 1 courses are available at the college. While merit will be considered to admit students to degree level courses, preference will be given to colleges own students, including girls, said college principal B N Ojha. According to Ojha, the cut-off marks was 60% in science and commerce in Degree Part 1 last year while it was 45% in arts. However, the college expects much rush this time in Honours courses, particularly in English, history, sociology, philosophy, economics and physics, he said.

Arvind Mahila College has also started preparation for admitting students to Degree Part 1 in all streams. Home science, psychology, history, philosophy and English are the major subjects which are popular among students in this college, said college principal Asha Singh. B S College, Danapur, which also attracts semiurban and rural students under Danapur subdivision, will start admission process from June 5.

The college will accept forms till June 30 to admit about 2,000 students. The cut-off marks for different streams is likely to be between 45% and 60%, said college principal Pravin Kumar.

Magadh University employees not paid salary since Feb 2012

GAYA: Over 5,000 teaching and non-teaching employees of the University headquarters, 44 constituent and four deficit grant minority colleges under Magadh University (MU) have not been paid their salary for the last three months.

The last pay packet received by the university employees was for the month of February, 2012. February salary is generally exhausted in the clearance of income- tax (IT) and as such most of the employees particularly, 1,700 teachers got only part salary.

Magadh University plans semester system at postgraduate level

PATNA: Magadh University (MU) is all set to introduce semester system at the postgraduate (PG) level from the academic session beginning in July-August this year as per the guidelines laid down by University Grants Commission (UGC). This decision was recently approved by the varsity syndicate, said MU acting VC Arun Kumar.

According to Kumar, the university intends to initially introduce the system at the PG level. This step is being taken on the recommendation of the Committee on Reforms in Higher Education in Bihar with an aim to streamlining higher education and quality teaching at the university and college level, he said.

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