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Dapoli Education Societys Dapoli Urban Bank Senior Science College, Ratnagiri, Maharashtra


Dapoli Education Societys Dapoli Urban Bank Senior Science College, Ratnagiri, Maharashtra
Address: Plot / Street / Area
Near Azad Maidan, Udaynagar Road Dapoli
Ratnagiri (District Ratnagiri)
Maharashtra, India
Pin Code : 415712

Dapoli Education Societys Dapoli Urban Bank Senior Science College, Ratnagiri Maharashtra is a recognised institute / college. Status: Non-Aided.
Principal of Dapoli Education Societys Dapoli Urban Bank Senior Science College, Ratnagiri Maharashtra is Dr Sandesh Pandurang Jagdale.

Dapoli Education Societys Dapoli Urban Bank Senior Science College is situated in Ratnagiri of Maharashtra state (Province) in India. This data has been provided by www.punjabcolleges.com. Fax # of Dapoli Education Societys Dapoli Urban Bank Senior Science College, Ratnagiri Maharashtra is 02358-280225.

Mobile No(s) of concerned persons at Dapoli Education Societys Dapoli Urban Bank Senior Science College, Ratnagiri Maharashtra are 9422444134.

email ID(s) is Dapoli Education Societys Dapoli Urban Bank Senior Science College Ratnagiri Maharashtra

Contact Details of Dapoli Education Societys Dapoli Urban Bank Senior Science College, Ratnagiri Maharashtra are : 02358-283256, 280225


Dapoli Education Societys Dapoli Urban Bank Senior Science College, Ratnagiri Maharashtra runs course(s) in Science stream(s).

Approval details: Dapoli Education Societys Dapoli Urban Bank Senior Science College is affiliated with University of Mumbai (UoM), Mumbai (Maharashtra)


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Asstt Professor in Chemistry and Botany (Dapoli Education Societys Dapoli Urban Bank Senior Science College)
Job Vacancy: 16th April, 2012
Asstt Professor in Chemistry and Botany

Asstt Professor in Chemistry and Botany (Job Vacancy)

Media coverage of Dapoli Education Societys Dapoli Urban Bank Senior Science College, Ratnagiri Maharashtra, Maharashtra

NAAC report of Dapoli Education Societys Dapoli Urban Bank Senior Science College

Dapoli urban bank Senior Science college was established in 1996 by Dapoli Education Society which is running five other educational institutions from pre-primary level to pre-university level. The college is aided by the government of Maharastra. The State government has sanctioned 25% grant from the academic year 2002 - 03. The State government is yet to release the grants.

The mission of the institution is to impart need based quality education to the students from educationally and economically weaker sections of the society.

The college is affiliated to Mumbai University, the affiliation being renewed every year. The college has not applied to UGC for recognition under 2(F) and 12(B) of the UGC act 1956. It is a single faculty college offering B.Sc. course with Chemistry and Botany as principal subjects and Physics, Zoology and Mathematics as ancillary subjects.

The college is located in a campus of area 3.0 acre with a built up area of 15200 square feet accommodating principal's chamber,office room, class rooms, library,laboratories,common room for boys and girls,canteen and other physical facilities.

The college has five permanent teachers out of which principal is Ph.D.degree holder and one teacher has M.Phil. degree. Ten fulltime temporary teachers are also working in the institution. Academic staff are assisted by ten non-teaching supporting staff.

The student strength is 182 out of which 89 are girls. The dropout rate is low and the college maintains good percentage in university examination results. The unit cost of education is about 3740/- without salary component and is 16999/- with salary component.

The temporal plan of the academic work is both semester (I and II year) and annual (third year).

The college authorities volunteered for the institutional accreditation by the National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC), Bangalore. The Self-study Report necessary for the purpose was submitted to NAAC in Dec 2003.

NAAC constituted the Peer Team consisting of the following members to visit and assess the institution.

Prof. A.H. Doctor, Chairman
Former i/c Vice Chancellor,
761, 'Perin Villa',
Opposite Xavier Centre & Kokani Kendra,
Off. B.B. Borkar Road,
Goa - 403521

Prof. J. Dinakarlal Thavamony, Member Coordinator
Faculty of English
Scott Christian College,
Nagercoil - 629003,

Dr. B. S.Srikanta, Member
RBANMS First Grade College,
No. 12, Annaswamy Mudaliar Road,
Bangalore - 560042, Karnataka.

The visit was excellently assisted by Sri. B.S. Ponmudiraj, Asst. Advisor NAAC, Bangalore.

The Peer Team visited the college on 8th and 9th September, 2004 and conducted an assessment of the departments and the facilities and also the office. Detailed discussions with the Principal and the Management and interaction with Faculty, Administrative staff, Students, Parents and Alumni were held. All information given in Criteria I to VII were analysed and validated by the Peer Team. The detailed report of the Peer Team follows.

Dapoli Urban Bank Senior Science College, Dapoli offers Chemistry and Botany at the Third Year B.Sc. level. Chemistry Botany, Zoology, Physics, Mathematics and Foundation Course I are offered to the students in the First Year B.Sc., and Chemistry, Botany, Zoology and Physics along with Foundation Course are offered at the Second Year B.Sc. level. The college is affiliated to the University of Mumbai and they follow the curriculum and the examination pattern prescribed by the University. The inter-disciplinary options available to the students is through the Foundation Course.

The ratio of knowledge to skill component in the curriculam is 3:1. The institution offers

Drugs and Dyes as applied component for Chemistry students

Horticulture and Gardening as applied component for Botany students

The college takes almost a year to introduce a new programme after it is conceptualised. Some of the teachers participate in workshops conducted by the Board of studies in the respective departments. The college has organized workshop on revised syllabus of Third Year B.Sc. Chemistry in April 2004. The college has introduced two certificate courses in Bio-Technology and Industrial Chemistry under self financing scheme approved by University of Mumbai. The enrollment of student to these courses is in progress. Practical component part is yet to be started.

Students are selected for admission to various courses based on their academic record. At present there is no mechanism in the institution to assess students' knowledge and skills for a particular programme. The teachers conduct tests and also give assignments. Remedial classes are conducted in an informal manner. The team feels that it has to be formalized. Advanced learners are provided with more number of reference books and are given scholarships.

Teaching plan is prepared in the beginning of the academic year. Special classes are engaged to complete the syllabus in time. The class room teaching is supplemented by conducting seminars, group discussions, study tours.Mini projects are given to third year students as per University Regulations.The college has 180 teaching days. All the classes are handled by full time teaching faculty.

Students are informed in advance through the college prospects about the evaluation methods. Students' academic performance and their progress are regularly monitored. As per the directives of the university, only final year degree examinations are conducted by the university. First and Second year degree examination are conducted by the college.

The college has an intake capacity of 120 students in each class and so far the number of applications has not exceeded the seats available. Students are assessed through test and assignments. Teachers are in constant touch with the students. Remedial course is offered to weak students in an informal manner and advanced learners are encouraged by giving additional books and making them to participate in seminars. Teachers are asked to prepare teaching plan at the beginning of the academic year .

Teachers of the institution participate in Seminars/Workshops.The management also encourages staff by giving them T.A./D.A to participate in Seminars/Workshops.The College has also organized few Workshops.The institution has introduced self-appraisal method to evaluate the performance of the faculty as per UGC norms.Feedback mechanism has been formalized.

The institution is essentially a teaching institution. Research is not promoted in the college.There is no ongoing research project The principal is a Ph.D degree holder amongst the staff. However, a lecturer of Botony department has submitted a proposal of research project for approval by the university.

A teacher is given additional charge to look after the activities of NSS which was started in the college in the year 2002. Community oriented programmes are conducted through NSS. Blood donation camps, AIDS awareness programmes, lectures on benefits of Yoga are organized by the college under the aegis of NSS. Activities like health and hygiene awareness, medical check up are also held.The college in association with Astha Foundation has planted about 900 trees on the highway which is appreciative.

The college encourages students to participate in National level essay contest conducted by Department Atomic energy. It is worth mentioning that fourteen students were selected for oral presentations of the essays over the last 5 years. The college had organized an exhibition and a workshop on 'Nuclear Energy and Radiation Technology' in collaboration with the DAE. Two more workshops in 'Role of Nuclear Energy in Agriculture and Food Processing' and 'Role of Nuclear Energy in Health Care' were organized by the college in collaboration with DAE.Children from different schools from the area visited the exhibition.

The peer team appreciates the initiative taken by the college in entering into MOU with NGOs like Spardha Prabodhini,Astha Foundation and National Resource Management Research Foundation for promoting the following extention activities :
1) Coaching for state level competitive examinations.
2) Environmental protection and health care.

The college is located in a campus of area 3 acres with built up area 1345 Square meters.The college building accommodates class rooms, administrative wing, library, staff room, laboratories,Common rooms for boys and girls and other physical facilities .Chemistry and Botany laboratories are equipped well.The infrastructure is maintained with management funds.The library has 1500 books. However, the college has arrangement with Hari Keshav Ghokale Library and Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Smurthi Library for inter library borrowing. The library is partially computerized.The college subscribes to three journals,eight magazines and four newspapers.Computer facility is not available to the students.

The college has facilities for playing outdoor games such as cricket,kabbaddi and kho kho,indoor games,viz.,carrom and chess.Common rooms with limited sports facilities are made available to the students. No student has represented the college in any University /state / national level sports. A gymnasium housed in the adjacent high school building is accessible to the student of the college.

The college also maintains a botanical garden in the campus.A moderately good canteen is recently started by the college.

The college maintains good pass percentage in university examinations. The drop out rate in the college is negligible (4.3%). Students receive financial help from the government and the management. The staff counsel the students informally about the carrer opportunies. The college encourages students to be self-employed and gives necessary guidance.

The college has an Alumni Association.Alumni provide financial help to the needy students by giving them books and a few prizes.

Moderate facilities for playing indoor and outdoor games are available. Students have opportunities to express their artistic and literary talents by participating in cultural progrmmes.Students are also trained occasionally in histrionic talents.

The college publishes prospectus annually. The prospectus has information on the programme options, admission procedure, discipline rules and regulations, examination pattern, staff list, scholarships etc.,

Scholarships are provided to students under four heads.

Governing body consisting of Chairman, Secretary, Joint Secretary, Trustees and other Managing committee members is the apex body. As per the requisites of Mumbai University Act, the institution has Local Management Committee (LMC) consisting of eleven members including teachers' representatives and non-teaching staff representative. LMC meets atleast twice in a year.

Departmental meetings are conducted to discuss distribution of work load, preparation of teaching plan etc., Besides, the college has fourteen committees which are assigned specific functions to perform, thus ensuring participative management in the institution. Student council organizes various co-curricular and extra-curricular activities. The institution has effective internal co-ordinating and monitoring mechanism.

The college has inbuilt mechanism to check the work efficiency of the non-teaching staff.

Tuition fee and other fee are collected at the rates fixed by the University.

The accounts of the institution are audited by Internal auditors.

Grievance Cell and a suggession box are available to the students. A suggestion box is also installed in the institution.

Loans in terms of advances are available to the staff.

The peer team intends to mention following healthy practices being adopted in the institution.

The institution is sensitized to team work and planning

The institution adopts mechanism for internal quality checks.

Civic responsibilities are inculcated in students through participation in NSS.

The college has programmes which help students in their personality development.

Participative management is adopted in the institution.

Students are encouraged by the staff in their academic pursuits.

Dapoli Urban bank Senior Science College, was started just eight years back for providing service in the field of education to the people of Dapoli, a small town in the North Ratnagiri district in Maharashtra. It has been carrying on this mission by running the college on no grant basis.The college has produced consistently good result and the Department of Botany has produced 100% results in March 2002, 2003 and 2004. With a view to serve the society the college has conducted programmes like Blood Donation camps, AIDS awareness programmes etc. Teachers establish personal contact with students and slow learners are given remedial coaching. Similarly the college has good contacts with the parents. The College's involvement in the essay contest conducted by the Department of Atomic Energy is praiseworthy. An exhibition organized by college for school children is commendable.Students get ample opportunities to develop their cultural and creative talents. The Peer Team after going through the SSR and after verifying the statements made in it by holding discussions with the different stakeholders, wishes to make the following recommendations and suggestions.

The college should take immediate steps to provide the following facilities at the earliest: Computer Centre, Internet facility and well stocked library.

More number of journals,magazines and newspapers should be added to the libraby.

Laboratory facilities for Physics and Zoology should be improved further.

Hostels for girls and boys be started at the earliest.

Steps should be taken to start an NCC unit in the college

Computer literacy drive for students, teachers and administrative staff and computerization of office and library transactions should be given priority.

Counselling and placement centers have to be formally established at the earliest.

The Peer team feels that research has not been given proper attention. Teachers should be encouraged to register for Ph.D. and also to take up minor/major research projects. The fact that the college is situated in a far away small town cannot be cited as the reason for not undertaking research and all attempts should be taken to identify fields of local interest for pursuing research.

Teachers of the institution need more exposure and they should present papers in seminars/workshops/ conferences/ refresher courses etc. The college should also come forward to organize such programmes for the benefit of teachers.

Alumni Association should be strengthened and made to participate in the developmental activities of the college.

A strong Parent-Teacher Association will go a long way in strengthening the college's ties with the society.

The college should encourage the staff to use moderen teaching aids like OHP,Internet,LCD Projector to suppliment lecture method.

Though the NSS unit,the college should get involved in community oriented programmes on a larger scale.

Photocopying machine should be made available in the library for the use of staff and students.

Sports facilities have to be improved a lot.

Students should be encouraged and given facilities to participate in university/state/regional level sports and games.

The college should immediately start coachinf classes for competitive examinations for the benefit of students,alumni and local youth.

There should be more welfare programmes addressed to staff and students.

More attention should be given for upkeep of the campus.

The Peer Team would like to put on record its appreciation for the good work the college has done in the last eight years,particulrly to the good results in the university examinations. The college has great potentialities for growth and contextualising higher education by getting involved in the issues of relevance to surrounding villages.

Prof. A.H. Doctor

Prof. J. Dinakarlal Thavamony
(Member Coordinator)

Dr. B.S. Srikanta

Dr.Anant A.Sathe.
Dapoli Urban Bank Senior Science College
Dist. Ratnagiri

Date. 09-09-2004

Summary: Dapoli Education Societys Dapoli Urban Bank Senior Science College, Ratnagiri Maharashtra website, mobile, contact address and approval / recognition details.