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Raje Ramrao Mahavidyalaya, Sangli, Maharashtra


Raje Ramrao Mahavidyalaya, Sangli, Maharashtra
Address: Plot / Street / Area
Sangli (District Sangli)
Maharashtra, India
Pin Code : 416404

Raje Ramrao Mahavidyalaya, Sangli Maharashtra is a recognised institute / college. Status: Aided. Raje Ramrao Mahavidyalaya, Sangli Maharashtra is managed by Society: Shri Swami Vivekanand Shikshan Sanstha 204 . Raje Ramrao Mahavidyalaya, Sangli Maharashtra was established on / in 1969.

Principal of Raje Ramrao Mahavidyalaya, Sangli Maharashtra is Dr. S. Y. Hongekar.

Raje Ramrao Mahavidyalaya is situated in Sangli of Maharashtra state (Province) in India. This data has been provided by www.punjabcolleges.com. Sangli comes under Jath Tehsil, Sangli District.

Fax # of Raje Ramrao Mahavidyalaya, Sangli Maharashtra is 02344-247541.

Contact Person(s) of the Raje Ramrao Mahavidyalaya, Sangli Maharashtra is (are): Centre Co-ordinator Prof. S. D. Chavan.

email ID(s) is Raje Ramrao Mahavidyalaya Sangli Maharashtra

Contact Details of Raje Ramrao Mahavidyalaya, Sangli Maharashtra are : Telephone: 02344-246251, 2691729


Raje Ramrao Mahavidyalaya, Sangli Maharashtra runs course(s) in Degree stream(s).

Approval details: Raje Ramrao Mahavidyalaya is affiliated with Shivaji University, Kolhapur

Media coverage of Raje Ramrao Mahavidyalaya, Sangli Maharashtra, Maharashtra

NAAC report of Raje Ramrao Mahavidyalaya

Raje Ramrao Mahavidyalaya in Jath of Sangli district is affiliated to Shivaji University, Kolhapur, Maharashtra. The college is spread over an area of 28.35 acres and situated in rural surroundings. This college was established in the year 1969 and got U.G.C. recognition under 2f and 12B in 1971. The management of the college, Shri Swami Vivekanand Shikshan Sanstha, Kolhapur, a predominantly teacher organization, is running many other educational institutes other than the present one. In this college there are 16 departments - eight in the faculty of Arts, seven in the Science faculty and one department of Industrial management and Accountancy in the faculty of Commerce. Among 47 members of the teaching staff, 33 are permanent and nine are part time teachers. There are 27 non-teaching staff working in this college. The student enrolment is 1364. The student dropout rate is more in Arts and Commerce compared to Science. The temporal plan of academic work of this college is annual. The college is running on a shift basis from 7:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. and sharing the facilities with the junior college.

Raje Ramrao Mahavidyalaya volunteered to be assessed by the National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC) and submitted the self-study report in Feb. 2003. Consequently, NAAC has constituted a Peer Team to visit the institution and validate the self-study report. The Peer Team consisting of Prof. (Mrs.) Vidyavati, Former Vice-Chancellor, Kakatiya University as Chairperson and Prof. Jagadeesha, Registrar, Karnataka State Open University, Mysore and Prof. Vaddi Krishna Kumar, Programme Chairperson, Gitam Institute of Foreign Trade, Vishakhapatanam, A.P. as members visited the institution for three days from 26th to 28th August 2003. Dr. K.N.Madhusudanan Pillai, Academic Consultant, NAAC, co-ordinated the visit.

The Peer Team carefully perused and analyzed the self study report submitted by the college. During institutional visits the team went through all relevant documents, visited the departments and faculties and interacted with the various components of the college. The Peer Team also discussed at length with the Local Management Committee, interacted with the Principal, faculty members, non-teaching staff, students, parents and alumni. Based on the above exercise and keeping in mind the seven criteria identified by NAAC, the Peer Team has drafted the report as detailed in the following paragraphs.

Raje Ramrao Mahavidyalaya Jath, Maharastra is a co-education College affiliated to Shivaji University, Kolhapur. It offers three UGC degree programs in Arts, Commerce and Science. In B.A., English, Marathi, Hindi, Economics, Political Science, History and Geography subjects are included. Advanced Accounting, and Industrial Management are offered in B.Com. Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Botany and Zoology are offered in B.Sc. The College is also offering B.Sc. in Computer Science on self-finance basis.

Majority of the programs offered by the college are based on conventional mode. However, the subject namely, Industrial Management included in the B. Com. syllabus is of career oriented or job oriented. This way the college is committed with its mission of spreading education for knowledge, science and inculcating cultural values.

Some of the teachers are members of BOS and Academic Committee of the University. Such teachers bring appropriate changes in the curricula. It is an affiliated college, as such it can't review or redesign existing syllabus at its own level. Generally the college takes one year to introduce new academic programme.

The college has introduced only one programme i.e. B.Sc. in Computer Science in 2001 during the last thirteen years. The college may think of offering diploma/certificate courses, which are valuable to the area and also according to the need of the local society. The college is yet to develop formal mechanism to get feedback from academic peers and employers to assess the compatibility of the programme offered by the college or to initiate need based courses.

Students of commerce department visit the industrial establishment of Sangli district. Similarly, students of economics organize visit to banks in the area. These visits help students to have practical exposures of their study.

The college may offer some P.G. course specially Marathi and Economics which would help the students of the college mostly from the rural villages of Sangli district to move vertically.

Teaching learning process at the college is moderately good. The UGC stipulated a minimum teaching of 180 days is observed by the college.

The college after admitting its own students from junior college, admits students from out side specially from rural area. The admission is based on the merit-reservation policy of the state Government. Teachers provide remedial coaching program in English under UGC sponsored remedial coaching system.

Teachers prepare detail plan of teaching for every academic year. The periodic meeting at the departmental level monitors the effective completion of the syllabus. The classroom teaching is of conventional lecture method. In the wake of advanced technology development, there is a need to develop classroom teaching with latest teaching aids like audio visual, projectors, LCD etc. The teachers give home assignment to students and conduct unit tests thrice in a year. Terminal examinations conducted help in assessing the performance of the students and thereby enable them to prepare for the university examination. The college conducts various quiz programs to enhance the general knowledge of the students.

There are 27 teachers appointed by the college based on the guidelines of Shivaji University and the State Government. The management also appoints temporary teachers to fill up the positions under Stop-Gap Arrangements.

The college follows self-appraisal method to evaluate the performance of the teachers as per the guidelines of the U.G.C. Teachers evaluation by the students ensures transparency and accountability of teaching learning. It is therefore suggested that teacher's evaluation by the students may be introduced early.

The college authorities encourage the teachers to participate seminars/conference/workshops at national and international level. College also encourages teachers to undergo Faculty Development Programme, such as orientation and refresher course. Department of English has organized two one-day workshops for the benefits of teachers teaching English.

Three teachers have received meritorious award of teaching from Shivaji University. 'Ramvijay', a yearly publication and 'Vijay' a wallpaper brings out achievements made by the college as a whole.

Three teachers have acquired Ph.D and seven teachers have obtained M.phil. degree about six teachers have registered themselves in pursuading Ph.D. degree. As per the UGC rules, the management of the college as provision of adjusting teaching schedule in respect of those who go on study leave by appointing teachers on adhoc-basis.

Teacher from Statistics and Botany have presented research paper at national and international conferences. A science conference under Participation of Teachers in Academic Conference (PTAC) sponsored by the U.G.C. was conducted in 1998-99. This conference has benefited over 80 teacher-participants. Teachers from Dept. of Physics, Statistics, Mathematics have published papers in reputed journals. Dept of Botany, Mathematics and Statistics have on going minor projects funded by the UGC. Some of the teachers of Statistics and Economics department have submitted proposal of a project of Cattle Feed in this drought prone area.

The extension activity undertaken by the college is worth noting. The broad areas of such activities include community development,social work , health and hygiene awareness , medical camps ,adult education, literacy , blood donation camp, AIDS awareness, environmental awareness, pulse polio immunization awareness, 'Vriksha Dindi' and Students Aid Fund N.S.S unit had adopted a village for development of road . N.C.C. a strong unit help N.S.S. to develops extension activities. All these activities carried out taking support of the teacher.

The college has hardly any consultancy, which is very important to make higher Educational Institution financially stronger. The Peer Team suggest that Department of Commerce and Management having potential can offer consultancy service for the benefit of the college.

IV : Infrastructure and Learning Resources .
The Infrastructure and Learning Resources that provide support to teaching learning process in the college include halls for lectures, rooms for the Principal and administration, rooms for the faculty , laboratory for science departments Central Library, Computer Center, Language Lab, Gymkhana, Ground for Sports, Laboratories for Science Departments ,rooms for N.S.S. and N.C.C. activities and room for the women Students. The college, however, does not have a canteen, Health center, and Hostels for boys and girls. The college has also started a book bank facility for the benefit of students besides receiving them through the central Library which function under the guidance and advice of a Library Committee constituted for the purpose. The Botany Department maintains a small Botanical Garden. There are other facilities such as portable generator, cooler to provide drinking water , toilets for boys and girls, cycle stand and news paper reading room. The College has a plan to construct an administrative building, auditorium and recreation hall.

The College utilizes its infrastructral facilities optimally by sharing with junior college. The college also extends facilities to operate a center of Yashwantrao Chavan Maharashtra Open University,Nashik. The college may construct hostel for its boys and girls. The college central library need to be strengthened in many ways. The management of library calls for more professional approach in maintaining the accession registers,classification of books arrangement of stacks. The annual budget for the college library is inadequate. The library subscribed only a very few journals established in top small. The college may subscribe atleast five (5) journals (Indian) in each subject . The language Lab set up in the college is good for a beginning and it can be strengthened to offer short term program in spoken English to the people in the neighbourhood. The computer center has internet facility, but its use by the faculty as well as students is limited. The faculty as well as students should be encouraged to use internet. The computer center may also offer some short term programs to people in the neighbourhood to spread computer literacy and to encourage people in the drought hit area.

The college may consider earmarking some space for cultural activities and also provide instruments for the same. The college may also consider provide for health center on a permanent based for the benefit of students, faculty, and non teaching staff. There is also need to strengthend the laboratories attached to science departments. There are many schemes that U.G.C. has made available for the benefit of college in rural areas. May be the college can take leverage out of these schemes. To develop the infrastructure facilities. The college has very good facilities for sports and games. It has Gymkhana with multigym facilities, playground for football,handball,cricket kabadi kho-kho and basketball besides 400 meter athletic tracks

The progress of students in any college hinges up on the support that college provides. There are two areas here students look up for college support. One is placement support for employment, two is support to move up vertically or horizontally in academic persuits. The college may address the problem urgently by instituting a placement and career counseling The college at present does not provide for vertical mobility in academic Pursuits as it does not offer courses in Post Graduate level. At the same time, it also does not provide for horizontal mobility for students in Program option. As such it may consider to plan for need based and relevant educational programs at graduate, post graduate, and diploma level.

The students drop out rate in Arts, Science, & Commerce is not only high, but it is also increasing every year. The college maylook into the reasons for this and do the needful. The importance of alumni association needs no emphasis. As a matter of fact,alumini always comes to the rescue of the college for raising moneyy for the college, Strengthening linkages with industry and giving support to students for placement. The college has no alumni association at present. It should be formed immediately and strengthend. There are many schemes of financial aid central state, and students avail all these. The faculty is reported to have been very helpful to students not only in professional matters but also in providing guidance and counseling students in their personal problem. However the college may consider to plan for a separate guidance and counseling cell and run it in a professional way.

The college bring out a magazine once in a year and give opportunity to student to give expresion to their literary talents. It is really good. The college brings out every year its prospectus containing full information about the management, Courses it offers, admission Criteria, fees and others in a professional way. This is again good. Another good support service that college provides is organizing every year three quizzes- Science,General and economics quizzes. This is in addition to organizing many other competitions and exhibition. One of the best support service that college gives a by organizing an active N.C.C. wing. The college as a result has produced a senior under officer who won a bronze medal from the Duke of Edinburgh at the international level. The players and athletes of the college have performed well at the university, state and national level competitions and brought laurels to the Institution.

There are many students who evince interest in appearing for UPSC and other examination. The college may consider to organize a separate cell to train students for UPSC MPSC examinations. Similarly the college may consider to plan to provide for coaching students for professional courses such as chartered accountancy, secretarial practice and certified financial analysts.

The organization for the management of the college is as given below :
Management Committee
Local Management Board
Principal/ Voice-Principal
Committees Constituted for Various Proposes in the College

The Management Committee which is the highest body responsible for institutional governance consists of President, two Vice-President, one Secretary and sixteen life members. The Management Committee is responsible for the governance of not only the college but also many other institutions that it runs.

The Local Management Committee as the name suggests looks into formulating policies and procedures for the administration of the college. This consists of president, Teacher Representatives one Secretary and One Joint Secretary.

Given the policies and procedures by the Local Management Committee, the principal looks after the day to day administration of the college with the help of Vice-Principal and a number of committees constituted by him for a variety of proposes.

The student and Teacher Ratio is an important ratio that reflects the quality of teaching and also recruitment of faculty. The ratio at this college is high. The college may look into it to reduce by recruiting more faculty members who are NET qualified. The college has a proper system for redressing the grievances of faculty and non teaching staff. Which operates at the level of Principal, and also at the level of Local Management Committee.

The college runs a cooperative credit society for the benefit of its faculty and non-teaching staff besides making arrangements with financial institutional for loan and other facilities for its employees. The college has a proper internal audit system in place besides external auditing by a Chartered Accountant . The college depends for its financial resources on the student pay fees, State grant-in-aid and donation managed by the Management Committee and the Local Management Committee. For the past two years, the College budgets shows deficit. In view of the need to make a quick progression, the College Management Committee may be more innovative in raising money .Donations from alumni, encouraging the faculty to go for research and Consultancy works and offering short term training programs, on self finance basis are some of the sources to generate funds

The college organizes, exhibition, of drawing/painting, fashion jweleries, crafts and other fancy items prepared by the students, in and outside the college to encourage the students talents

The Principal enjoys academic and administrative freedom to run the college, with the help of Heads of the departments and various comities.

There is harmony between students, staff management and Principal.

The infrastructure facilities are optimally utilized by sharing the facilities for a number of academic, cultural and social activities

The college maintains high discipline and the attendance of students in the classes are quite satisfactory.

Among students various competitions were arranged in essay writing elocution, poetry,recitation, rangoli.economic and science quizzes.

The attendance of the students is strictly monitored.

The campus is maintained clean and green. The college has instituted a system to make the campus free from the use of gutaka and tobacco.

The college conduct three - four unit tests in addition to the terminal examinations.

The computer center imparts training to teachers free of cost after the class hours.

A number of N.C.C. Cadets who cleared the 'C' Certificate examination get opportunity to join defense service.

The college has opened a study center of Yashawantrao Chavan Maharashtra Open University Nashik.

The mission, to provide education to the rural students in the remote villages of Sangli District, has been successfully carried out by the college. The college has maintained discipline among students. There exists harmony between the various constituents of this college. The management has a positive attitude towards the development of the college. The N.S.S. is doing very good extension services. The achievements of the N.C.C. cadets are commendable. The college has groomed many a talent in the field of sports and games. However, the Peer Team wishes to suggest following recommendations to improve the quality of education imparted by the college.

The college may introduce more job orientated certificate and diploma courses which are need based and relevant to the regions like Computer Courses , Water Management, Drought - resistant, agriculture courses, cattle feed management etc. The college may also offer courses like BPEd. and PG courses in Marathi and Economics.

The college should arrange advanced lectures by inviting experts from Universities, Institutions and other centers of higher learning and Industries.

Teachers are to be encouraged:
to register for Ph.D. degrees.
to attend national / international seminars.
to apply for minor/major research projects.
to publish papers in reputed journals.
to take up consultancy services.

Teaching-learning process could be made interesting, effective and efficient by using modern techniques like OHP, LCD, models and CDs.

Intensive coaching and bridge courses can be offered in all disciplines especially in languages.

Coaching classes for state level competitive examination can be arranged during hours after the classes.

A formal alumni association may be constituted and it can be utilized as a perenneal sourse for the development of the college.

8. Library needs to look into the following immediately.

The books should be kept in racks

The books stacked in shelves on the walls which are out of reach of the students should be removed.

The accession register should furnish all details including the year of publication of the books

The books are to be made accessible to the students. Hence complete rearrangement of stacking is necessary

Major space of the library remains unutilized and proper management of space is essential for judicial utilization of library facilities .

Reprographic facilities may be provided in the library

Computerization of the library is essential

The chemistry Laboratory is congested and safety measures are inadequate. The laboratory may be shifted to the new building and it require modernization

Considering the the achievements made in cultural activities, the college may plan for the construction of a multimedia auditorium.

Hostel facilities may be provided to the students.

Computer education can be extended to all students of the college.

Prof. Vidyavati


Prof.Vaddi Krishna Kumar

Dr.Yuraj A.Bhosale

Date : 28 August 28, 2003

Summary: Raje Ramrao Mahavidyalaya, Sangli Maharashtra website, mobile, contact address and approval / recognition details.