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Krishnath College (KN College), Baharampur (Berhampore), West Bengal


Krishnath College (KN College), Baharampur (Berhampore), West Bengal
Address:Department of Physiology,
Post Graduate Section,
Kalyani University Campus
Baharampur (Berhampore) (District Murshidabad)
West Bengal, India
Pin Code : 742101

Krishnath College (KN College), Baharampur (Berhampore) West Bengal is a recognised institute / college. Krishnath College (KN College), Baharampur (Berhampore) West Bengal was established on / in 2002.

Principal of Krishnath College (KN College), Baharampur (Berhampore) West Bengal is Dr Somes Ray, Dr. Sujata Bagchi Banerjee.

Krishnath College (KN College) is situated in Baharampur (Berhampore) of West Bengal state (Province) in India. This data has been provided by www.punjabcolleges.com. Contact Person(s) of the Krishnath College (KN College), Baharampur (Berhampore) West Bengal is (are): Dr. R. Ganguly, Head, Dept of Physiology.

Residence Phone No(s) of concerned peron(s) of Krishnath College (KN College), Baharampur (Berhampore) West Bengal is (are) : 03482-250040.

Mobile No(s) of concerned persons at Krishnath College (KN College), Baharampur (Berhampore) West Bengal are 9333312003.

email ID(s) is Krishnath College (KN College) Baharampur (Berhampore) West Bengal

Website of Krishnath College (KN College), Baharampur (Berhampore) West Bengal is http://physiologykncollege.org, www.krishnath-college.org.

Contact Details of Krishnath College (KN College), Baharampur (Berhampore) West Bengal are : Telephone: 03482-252069
03483-275400, 274900

Foundation of K. N. College

In 1844-45, the Government of Bengal accepted a scheme to establish a Zilla school in each district and a Central College in every five districts. The object of that scheme was to found 22 Zilla schools and 5 Central Colleges, in addition to those already existing at Calcutta, Hooghly (1836), Dacca (1842), and Patna (1844). The proposed new Colleges were to be at Murshidabad, Chittagong, Cuttack, Krishnagar, and Bhagalpore. The Government expected that the cost of the College at Murshidabad would be defrayed out of the property bequeathed to the Government by Raja Krishnath Ray of Kasimbazar. The scheme was sanctioned by the Government of India on the 20th September, 1845, and by the. Court of Directors on the 25th August, 1847. The first fruit of this scheme was the foundation of Krishnagar College in 1845-46. But nothing more was done towards the foundation of the four other Colleges. The will of Raja Krishnath was declared invalid by the Supreme Court and the expectations of the Government were completely frustrated. In June, 1853, the Government, however, decided to establish a College either at Berhampore or Murshidabad by diverting the funds originally sanctioned for Bhagalpore or Cuttack.�

In order to ascertain the desire of the people about the establishment of a College in the Murshidabad district, a public meeting was held at Berhampore on the 10th August, 1853, for which invitations were sent to the Zamindars and planters and proclamations were issued throughout the district. The Bengal Hurkaru in its issue of the 16th August, 1853, reported that the meeting was attended by upwards of 200 men. The Friend of India in its issue of the 25th August, 1853, reported as follows:

Raja Krishnath

A meeting of those interested in the extension of education among the Natives, was called by the Local Committee of Public Instruction of Moorshedabad, and was held on Wednesday, the 10th instant, at the house of D. J. Money, Esq., for the purpose of taking into consideration the feasibility of establishing a College or School at Berhampore.
The Meeting was very numerously attended, many of the Zemindars having come from a considerable distance, and all present expressed themselves ready to aid the cause of education.
Mr. D. J. Money was voted into the chair, and the following resolutions were proposed and unanimously adopted, the Meeting having been addressed by several of the Native as well as European community.
Resolution 1st. 'The want of a well conducted public Seminary of education at Berhampore, having been long felt�this Meeting hails with delight the prospect of the establishment of such an institution, and fully relying on the assistance of the Native community of this and the neighbouring districts, express a hope that with their aid and such aid as the European community may afford, sufficient encouragement will be given for the establishment of a College on the same footing as the colleges of Krishnaghur and Hooghly.'
Resolution 2nd. 'It is proposed in the event of sufficient encouragement being obtained, that the: Government be requested through the Local Committee of Public Instruction at the station, to give the project their fullest support.'
Resolution 3rd, 'It is proposed that the thanks of the Meeting be conveyed to H. H. Ameerunissa Begum, H. H. Nujeeboonissa Begum, Rajah Pertab Sing, Baboo Poolin Beharee Sein, Baboo Prosononath Roy, (of Deegapattiah), and Baboo Nubookishen Roy (of Cossim Bazaar) for their liberal contributions and the handsome manner in which they have come forward to assist in so laudable an object.'
Resolution 4th. 'It is proposed that a copy of these resolutions be forwarded for insertion in the Calcutta English and Native daily and weekly papers, in the hope that others as well as those locally interested, who are anxious for the extension of a liberal education amongst the Native youth of Bengal, may be induced to support the undertaking,' Thanks were voted to the chair, and the Meeting separated after having subscribed upwards of Rupees 20,000 in aid of the meeting.

From the very day of its foundation, Berhampore College had been associated with some remarkable men and women and it had thrived on the liberality and benevolence of the people of Murshidabad and outside. Rani Swarnamayi of Kasimbazar (her title of Maharani was conferred in 1871) had already given evidence of her love for education, with which she had been inspired by the example of her husband Raja Krishnath, by making a gift of land, upwards of 30 bighas, to Krishnagar College under a deed of conveyance in 1851 �2 A full list of donors with the amount subscribed will be found in the Appendix. The total amount of donations till September, 1853, stood at Rs. 29,086. Rani Swarnamayi out-distanced all other donors by herself contributing Rs. 4,000 at that time. Among others, mention may be made here of Her Highness Amirunnessa Begum and Her Highness Najibunnessa Begum, both belonging to the Nawab family of Murshidabad; Raja Pratap Chandra Singh of Kandi, who helped to found the British India Association of which he was the Vice-President; Pulin Behari Sen, an influential Zamindar of Berhampore at that time; Raja Prasanna Nath Ray of Dighapatia; Dr. Ramdas Sen, a distinguished man of letters of the 19th Century; Pandit Madan Mohan Tarkalankar, a close associate of Pandit Ishwar Chandra Vidyasagar; Raja Mahesh Narayan Ray of Lalgola; Naba Krishna Ray of Kasimbazar; Raja Kirti Chandra and Kumar Uday Chandra of Nashipur; Raja Banwari Gobind of Banwaribadh and F. J. V. Seddon, the great linguist and once Principal of the Nizamat College. Not only feudal princes, Rajas and Nawabs, Zamindars and planters, not only men of enlightenment like Pandit Madan Mohan Tarkalankar or Dr. Ramdas Sen. but the common people of Murshidabad came forward with their small contributions for the College, which has stood as a symbol of love and affection of the people for a century. What is particularly interesting is that 84 common ryots of Pargana Rukunpur in Hariharpara Thana contributed one rupee each 'unsolicited and entirely voluntary.' The correspondent of the Bengal Hurkaru reported: I could not but notice the �widow�s mite� in this general collection. A poor native widow had sent her Rs. 25/- for the advancement of education. The Alma Mater owes not a little to the sweat and toil of the common man of Murshidabad.


Krishnath College (KN College), Baharampur (Berhampore) West Bengal runs course(s) in Arts, Commerce, Science stream(s).
M.S.C (Physiology), B.S.C Hons., B.S.C Pass

Approval details: Krishnath College (KN College) is affiliated with University of Kalyani, Kalyani

Profile of Krishnath College (KN College)

The Krishnath college authorities have introduced postgraduate course in physiology in the year 2002. The main objective of the introduction of PG course in the college was to provide postgraduate kevel studies to the local students and spread the knowledge of physiology at grassroots level. Since 2002 the department has successfully run the PG course. PG students toiled hard in the research projects that are beneficial to the down trodden people of Murshidabad.


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