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Rajendra Prasad Degree College, Meerganj, Meerganj, Uttar Pradesh


Rajendra Prasad Degree College, Meerganj, Meerganj, Uttar Pradesh
Address: Plot / Street / Area
Meerganj (District Bareilly)
Uttar Pradesh, India

Rajendra Prasad Degree College, Meerganj, Meerganj Uttar Pradesh is a recognised institute / college.
Rajendra Prasad Degree College, Meerganj is situated in Meerganj of Uttar Pradesh state (Province) in India. This data has been provided by www.punjabcolleges.com. Fax # of Rajendra Prasad Degree College, Meerganj, Meerganj Uttar Pradesh is +91-581-2565229.

Website of Rajendra Prasad Degree College, Meerganj, Meerganj Uttar Pradesh is http://www.rpdcbareilly.com, www.rpdcbareilly.org.

Contact Details of Rajendra Prasad Degree College, Meerganj, Meerganj Uttar Pradesh are : Telephone: +91-581-2565229

IT Faculty
Dr. Madhuri Verma
Mob: 9415051476
Dr. C.P. Pandey(MST)
Mob: 9450407100


Rajendra Prasad Degree College, Meerganj, Meerganj Uttar Pradesh runs course(s) in Arts, Commerce, Degree stream(s).

Approval details: Rajendra Prasad Degree College, Meerganj is affiliated with Mahatma Jyotiba Phule Rohilkhand University (MJPRU), Bareilly (Uttar Pradesh)

Profile of Rajendra Prasad Degree College, Meerganj

The College - Rajendra Prasad Degree College, Meerganj, Distt. Bareilly (U.P.) was established in remote, rural and backward area. The founder ofthe college late Dhaiam Dutt Vaidya - Freedom Fighter and Honble Health Minister in the then State Congress Government, established this college in 1968, due to the fact that most of the younger generation of this area was in dearth of higher education and they desperately needed an institution to cope with the problems.

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NAAC report of Rajendra Prasad Degree College, Meerganj

Rajendra Prasad Degree College, Meerganj, Distt. Bareilly (Uttar Pradesh) was established in 1968 by late Dharam Dutt Vaidya, Freedom Fighter and Hon'ble Minister of Health in the then State congress Government, to cater the needs of higher education in Meerganj which is a rural and a backward region in the Distt. Bareilly. The College is permanently affiliated to M.J.P Rohilkhand University, Bareilly and is recognized under 2(f) and 12 (B) by U.G.C since 1969 and 1973 respectively. Before the establishment of MJP Rohilkhand University in 1975, the college was affiliated to Agra University, Agra. The college is grant-in aid by the state Government and also receives grants from UGC as Development Grant.

The campus of the College is clean and spread over an area 24,780 Sq. Meters having a covered area of about 3156,05 Sq. Meters. The institution is having 63 rooms used as classrooms, lecture theaters, technical labs administrative rooms and rooms for health and recreation. The college is imparting co-education both at U.G and P.G levels in Arts Faculty. The college offers courses at graduate level in Hindi, English, Economics, Political Science, Sanskrit, Geography and Defence studies while at Post graduate level the subjects are Hindi, Geography and Defence studies. P.G course in Hindi is a regular course while the Geography and Defence Studies are under self-financing scheme. The college follows annual system of examination. Formerly college was also imparting education in the Faculty of Education under self-financing scheme. Apart from the regular courses, the college has a center for Distance Education, which is affiliated to Rajarshi Tandon Open University, Allahabad. The center is running 15 courses including Diploma and Certificate Courses. The college also runs evening classes.

There are 11 permanent staff members, out of the 11 permanent teachers 10 are Ph.D and one is P.G with NET qualification. Permanent teachers are selected by the UPHEC. The temporary teachers are 10 and part time teachers are 17 in numbers. About 16 teachers from these categories are having Doctorate Degree. The selection of temporary and part-time teachers are made by the Principal on the basis of the recommendation of the selection committee constituted as per the provisions of the affiliating University according to the need. The faculty members having seven years Post-graduate teaching experience are guiding research at the Ph.D. level. The administrative and technical staff are 18 and 03 respectively and the Director of Higher Education of the State appoints them.

The number of students in the degree classes is 1799 (session 2005-2006) including 1151 males and 648 are females and in P.G. Classes the number is 151, which includes 78 male and 35 females students. The students in SC category are 594 while 1181 belong to OBC category. There is no student from ST category. The unit cost excluding salary is Rs.918 whereas with salary it is Rs.1017. The drop out rate at P.G is nil whereas the drop out rate at U.G is negligible. The Central library is having 23904 books and the library is computerized. It subscribes to 10 Indian Journals and 16 magazines. The college has 10 computers. The institution has two well-maintained volleyball courts; one-basket ball courts and an open badminton court in addition to indoor games facilities comprising two Gyms and TT table. The college has three active NSS units, one NCC wing, eco-restoration and Rover- Rangers club. The college has various clubs and association to satisfy the co curricular needs of the students. The college observes 271 working days and 183 teaching days. The college library works for 216 days and opens for six days from 10 A.M to 5 P.M.

Rajendra Prasad Degree College, Meeraganj, District Barielly has volunteered to be assessed and accredited and submitted its Self-Study Report, giving details of various activities of the college under seven criteria laid down by NAAC. The NAAC appointed a Peer Team comprising Prof. Santosh Kumar, Former Vice Chancellor, Dr. Hari Singh Gour Vishwavidyalaya, Sagar (M.P.) (Chairman); Prof.Girish Sharma, Prof. of Philosophy, University of Gauhati, Gwahati (Assam), (Member), and Dr.Rutesh R. Shah, Principal, K.K. Shah Jaradwala Maninagar Science College, Rambaug, Ahmadabad, (Gujrat) (Member) to visit and validate the claims of the college. Dr. K.N. Madhusudanan Pillai, Academic Consultant NAAC coordinated the visit. The team visited the institution on 28- 30th September.2006. The peer team after visiting all departments and support services, interacting with the principal, teaching faculty, non- teaching staff, the students, parents, alumni and verifying all available documents, drafted the peer team report in the following paragraphs based on seven criteria laid down by the NAAC.

The college was established with the noble cause of providing higher education to the youth of the rural area like Meerganj. Since the college is affiliated to the Rohilkhand University, Bareilly, it follows the syllabus prescribed by the University. The college has no direct role in curriculum designing. However, the teachers of the college who are in the Board of Studies of the University as members and conveners of the respective subjects play an important role in the discussion on revising and redesigning the syllabi. Majority of the courses offered in the college are conventional in nature. The college offers undergraduate courses in eight subjects - Hindi, English, Economics, Sanskrit, Sociology, Political Science, Geography and Defence Studies and post-graduate courses in three subjects - Hindi, Geography and Defence Studies. The Post-Graduate programmes in Geography and Defence Studies are under self-finance scheme. Recently the college has introduced B.Ed. programme on self-financing basis. The college works in two shifts; first shift from 8.30 am to 12.30 pm and the second shift from 1.30 pm to 5.00 pm. Some nearby industries help the institution to organize seminars and conferences. However, the college is not established any formal industry institution networking nor has it introduced any course which require industry institution network. The college can introduce some need-based, job-oriented courses after getting feed-back from academic peers and potential employers.

The admission procedure of the college is as per the norms of the University. The students are admitted to various courses on the basis of their academic record. Though the University has fixed the cut-off percentage for admission to P.G. courses as 45 per cent, the minimum percentage for admission to P.G. courses in this college is above 55 per cent. The demand ratio for the P.G. programmes is 1:4. The college is conducting a remedial coaching for SC, ST and minority students with U.G.C. assistance. The remedial coaching can be organized for educationally disadvantaged section of students also. The teachers can motivate advanced learners by assigning to them projects, seminars etc. The college follows the conventional lecture method for class-room teaching. However, the departments of Geography and Defence Studies use OHP, LCD, slide projector, maps and charts to supplement their class-room teaching. The college encourages the teachers to prepare teaching plan for their respective subjects with the help of their Heads of the Departments. The Principal and the Head of the Department monitor the completion of the syllabus on time.

In academic year 2005-06 the college worked for 271 days out of which 183 were teaching days. The ratio of full-time to part-time teachers is 1:3 In the department of English all the teachers are part-time teachers. The permanent teachers are appointed by the U.P. Higher Education Commission and the part-time teachers are appointed by the Management with the approval of the University. The ratio of teaching to non-teaching staff is 27:21. The unit cost of education is Rs.918/- excluding salary and Rs.1017/- Including salary. The college does not follow any self-appraisal mechanism for teachers' evaluation but the evaluation of teachers' performance is carried out by the students with the help of a structured format supplied to them. The students' feed-back need to be analyzed and suggestions given by them may be implemented for the improvement of teaching, learning process in the college.

The college follows the annual system of evaluation as per the guidelines of the University. The college may conduct regular test papers and term examinations for continuously assessing the skill and level of knowledge of the students. The college provides opportunity to its teachers for participating in different orientation and refresher courses, workshops and symposia sponsored by the UGC.

Out of the total 11 permanent teachers 10 teachers are Ph.D. holders and out of 27 part-time teachers 16 are Ph.D. holders. Majority of the teachers are supervisors for Ph.D. Hindi Department is a recognized research center. At present the total strength of the students registered for Ph.D. under various research guides in the college is100.During the last five years 28 students of the college have been awarded Ph.D. degrees. The teachers of almost all departments have published papers and books. Many books are prescribed as text books. The teachers of the department of Hindi has published quite a substantial number of books. One of the teachers has received many honours for her writings. She is the founder editor of a bilingual journal 'Mandakini'. The Principal of the college is also the editor of research journal namely UP Journal of Political Science since 1998. A good number of teachers have attended seminars, conferences at regional and national levels. The teachers are mainly focused on producing Ph.Ds. and text books; they have to take interest in publishing the findings of their research in reputed peer reviewed journals in their area of specialization. Teachers should apply for major and minor research project and apply for financial assistance to carry out research work. Though a few teachers are members of their national level subject association, majority are yet to become members.

The teachers have not offered their expertise in any form of consultancy. The extension activities are undertaken mainly with the help of NSS and NCC. Besides organizing the routine NSS programmes, the college NSS unit has adopted a village named Churai Dalpathpur. They have constructed 1.5 kms. long approach road and an earthen bund in this village. The NSS, NCC and the college at large may take extension services with the help of NGOs for the benefit of the neighborhood communities.

The college master plan indicates the existing buildings and the projected expansion in the future. The Management Committee augments, the infrastructure to keep pace with the academic growth of the institution. The college maintains its infrastructure with the fund provided by the management. The college campus is situated on a total area of 24,780 sq. meters of land. The buildings are constructed around a central square plot. The campus is beautifully laid out with broad pavements, avenue trees, lawns and hedges. The infrastructural facilities include Principal's chamber, administrative office, teachers' room ,various departments, class rooms, lecture theatre, girl's common room, laboratory, library, gymnasium and sports facilities. Classrooms are spacious and well furnished. However, considering the huge number of admission in certain disciplines the size of the class rooms are inadequate. The Geography Laboratory and Defence Studies laboratory are well equipped. All the departments have their own departmental libraries. The central library has a total collection of 23904 books. It subscribes to ten journals, 19 periodicals and eight newspapers. Besides it has a book bank facility with about 1500 books. During the year 2005-06, 191 text books worth Rs.58,955.00 were added to the existing collection. The Library and Administration are computerized. Geography, Defence Studies and Remedial coaching center have personal computers and laptops. The college has no computer center. It has not developed any computer package for teaching. Keeping in view of the rapid development in Information and Communication Technology there is a need for the college to establish a Computer Laboratory with sufficient number of systems having internet connectivity. The college is not using services of inter-university center like IUCAA, CEC, INFLIBNET etc. The Departments of Geography and Defence Studies have OHP and LCD. Sports facilities include a multi-purpose grounds for football, hockey, cricket, kho-kho and a 200 mtr. athletic track It has facilities like volleyball, badminton and basketball courts. There is two multi-gym with 12 station facilities. One of this multi-gym facilities may be made available to the girls students. The college is not providing any hostel facilities, canteen facilities or health center facilities to its students in the campus.

The percentage of students completing the course and appearing for examination is about 99 per cent. The drop-out rate is neglible. The percentage of pass in various subjects is about 90 per cent. The college publishes its prospectus annually which contains informations about the courses, fee structure, details of examinations, student welfare facilities etc. The college has recently established an alumni association. It is essential to prepare a directory of the old students and utilize their services for the growth and development of the Institution. The college is giving scholarships to SC, ST and OBC students from the fund given by the Central and State Governments. The Proctorial Board looks after the overall discipline of the college, however, there is a need to establish a grievance redressal cell to redress the complaints of both staff and students. It has no record of its students' progression for further study or employment. Students' support services like placement cell and career counseling cell are essential to help students in getting admission for further studies and for jobs. To encourage the creative talent of the students the college may publish a magazine every year. During the year 2005-06, 14 NCC candidates passed B-certificates and six candidates passed C-certificates. The college may encourage the students to participate in the cultural activities and universities level youth festivals. The college team and yoga team participated in Inter collegiate competitions and brought laurels to the college.

The college is established by a society registered under UP Society Act. A Management Committee elected for three years with a total number of 21 numbers, which include one non-teacher, two teachers and Principal as ex-officio members and all others elected by the General Body. The Management is very positive and give all support to the Principal for his academic and administrative functioning. There is a cordial atmosphere among the Management, Principal, staff and the students. The college is financially sound and the fund is generated through the fees collected from the self-finance courses and rental income through interest from bank on fixed deposits. There is no major objections in the annual audit report. Some of the staff members were sent to academic staff college of the University for administrative and computer training. There is a need to constitute more committees for the effective functioning of the college.

The Peer Team observed the following healthy practices in the college:

The Proctorial Board looks after the discipline of the college and the students are disciplined and well-behaved.

The inter-personal relationship among the various sections of the college is healthy.
The management is cooperative and very positive.

The college campus is green, clean and pollution free.

The percentage of students qualifying for examination is very high and the drop-out rate is negligible.

The number of Ph.D. produced by the teachers are appreciable.

The college is generating fund through rental charges and through the income generated from the interest on the fixed deposits.

Rajendra Prasad degree College, Meerganj is situated in the rural and backward area of District Bareilly. It has been established in 1968 by late Dharam Dutt Vaidya, Freedom Fighter and Hon'ble Minister of Health to broaden the horizon of students and to make them useful citizens with full awareness about the social and cultural heritage of the state and the country. The institution is spread over an area measuring 24,780 Sq. Meters. The building and infrastructure facilities are utilized for college purposes in shift wise manner. The motto of the College is to impart Higher Education to rural, backward and economically poor masses.

The college is permanently affiliated to MJP Rohilkhand University and is recognized by U.G.C under 2 (f) and 12 (b) since1969 and 1973. It is grant-in aid college and also receives grant from UGC. The institution is running under graduate in 8 subjects on regular basis while Post Graduate courses in two subjects on self-finance basis. There is only single Arts faculty. The College Library is computerized. Although large numbers of teachers are having Doctorate degree, there is no major or minor Research project of UGC. There is healthy cooperation among students, teachers, non-teaching staff and the Principal. After visiting the college and meeting with different stakeholders and verifying documents presented before the team, the Peer Team makes the following commendations and recommendations.

The NSS of the college is involved with the community and have been contributing to enhance the quality of the life of the poor through literacy classes, coaching classes, promoting environmental concerns, health and hygiene. The students of the college are getting Merit and Merit cum-Means (SC &ST) scholarships. College results are satisfactory. The selection of two students in UGC Net examination is commendable. Publications of large numbers of research papers and books both text- books and reference books are appreciable. One teacher in Hindi participated in foreign conference at London and France is also commendable

The teachers of the college are to be encouraged to apply for major and minor project to UGC or any funding agencies.

There is need to introduce non-conventional Post-graduate and Undergraduate courses in the faculty of Commerce and Science, immediately, on self-financing basis.

The college may also think of introducing job-oriented, market friendly or area specific courses such as E.commerce, information technology, agriculture economics, and short-term programed courses in personality development, communication skill, and spoken English among others.

Teachers need to encourage to make greater use of new technological Audiovisual aids in teaching such as OHP, LCD and other computer related devices

The college could think of starting a formal center for helping students to appear for various competitive exams. both of the state, center and other national institutions.

The feedback received from the students on staff evaluation can be better utilized for the enhancement of the quality of teaching.

The college needs to provide and canteen facility.

The college may establish a computer center with Internet connectivity.

An auditorium with multimedia facilities may be constructed for activating the extra curricular, co-curricular and cultural activities in this college.

More book bank facilities to be provided to students. More Seminars/Workshops are to be arranged.

Grievance redressal cell should function efficiently.

The teacher taught ratio may be brought to reasonable level for effective teaching-learning.

Steps may be taken up to fill up the sanctioned vacancies.

The Peer Team expresses sincere thanks to the members of the committee, Principal of the college, teaching and non-teaching staff members, the students of the college, representatives of parents and alumni for their immense goodwill, courtesy and cooperation which they extended during its visit to the college. It has been a pleasant experience to the team being with the college. The team only hopes that the visit would help the college to dream big and thus tune education in the college to the emerging needs of the nation.

Prof. Santosh Kumar

Prof.Girish Sharma

Dr.Rutesh R. Shah

Dr. K.N. Madhusudanan Pillai
Coodinating officer, NAAC

Dr.Nageshwar Prasad


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