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Shikshak Sanchalit Shikshan Sansthas Arts and Commerce College, Wada, Maharashtra


Shikshak Sanchalit Shikshan Sansthas Arts and Commerce College, Wada, Maharashtra
Wada (District Thane)
Maharashtra, India
Pin Code : 421303

Shikshak Sanchalit Shikshan Sansthas Arts and Commerce College, Wada Maharashtra is a recognised institute / college. Status: Non-Aided. Shikshak Sanchalit Shikshan Sansthas Arts and Commerce College, Wada Maharashtra was established on / in 1981.

Principal of Shikshak Sanchalit Shikshan Sansthas Arts and Commerce College, Wada Maharashtra is NK PHADKE.

Shikshak Sanchalit Shikshan Sansthas Arts and Commerce College is situated in Wada of Maharashtra state (Province) in India. This data has been provided by www.punjabcolleges.com. Mobile No(s) of concerned persons at Shikshak Sanchalit Shikshan Sansthas Arts and Commerce College, Wada Maharashtra are 9270806250, 9273748764, 9422681951.

email ID(s) is Shikshak Sanchalit Shikshan Sansthas Arts and Commerce College Wada Maharashtra

Contact Details of Shikshak Sanchalit Shikshan Sansthas Arts and Commerce College, Wada Maharashtra are : Telephone: +91-2526-271466


Shikshak Sanchalit Shikshan Sansthas Arts and Commerce College, Wada Maharashtra runs course(s) in Arts, Commerce stream(s).

Approval details: Shikshak Sanchalit Shikshan Sansthas Arts and Commerce College is affiliated with University of Mumbai (UoM), Mumbai (Maharashtra)


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Asstt Professor for Chemistry and Botany (Shikshak Sanchalit Shikshan Sansthas Arts and Commerce College)
Job Vacancy: 25th December, 2013
Asstt Professor for Chemistry and Botany

Asstt Professor for Chemistry and Botany (Job Vacancy)

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NAAC report of Shikshak Sanchalit Shikshan Sansthas Arts and Commerce College

Shikshak Sanchalit Shikshan Sanstha's, Wada established the Arts and Commerce College in the year 1981 under the leadership of Hon. S.P. Kulkarni to provide education to the tribal and worker sections of the region and to bring cultural transmission through education. The main aim of the institution is to bring all round developments of the younger generation.

It is located in the tribal area of Thane district of Maharashtra State having five acres of land. The college provides education in Arts and Commerce faculties. It is affiliated to university of Bombay and is a Gant-in-aid institution and is recognised by UGC under 2f and 12B during July 2003. The college is offering 05 UG and one certificate course MS-CIT. There are 5 departments in faculty of Arts and one department in faculty of Commerce. Courses in science subjects are not offered in the college.

There are 12 permanent teachers out of which 05 are M.Phil degree holders. The total number of Administration staff is 10. The student strength of the college is 730 (411 Boys + 319 girls) in the aided section and 146 (114 Boys + 32 Girls) in self-financing course. The unit cost of education is Rs.5,951.00 during 2002-03. It is following annual system and examinations are held as per regulations of University of Bombay. College is offering few supporting services for the benefit of students.

Shikshak Sanchalit Shikshan Sanstha's Arts and Commerce College, has requested NAAC, Bangalore, for accreditation and submitted its Self-study Report on 4th Dec 2003. NAAC constituted the Peer team consisting of the following members to visit the college.

Dr. M. Abdul Rahiman, Chairman & Coordinator
Former VC, Kannur and Calicut Universities,
'Haleyon' Kaprigudda New Road,
Mangalore - 575 001, Karnataka

Prof. V. Sengodan, Member
Professor of Electronics,
Principal & Secretary,
SNR Sons College,
Coimbatore - 641 006, Tamil Nadu

Prof. P. Murali Krishna, Member
Vice-Principal, Hindu College,
Guntur - 522 00,
Andhra Pradesh

The peer team visited the college on 30th and 31st January, 2004 and held extensive discussion with Principal, Management, Teaching staff, Non-teaching staff, students, parents and Alumni. Peer team visited various departments, computer laboratory, office, playgrounds and other infrastructural facilities with a view of validating the self-study report. All aspects given in criteria I to VII of the self-study report were analysed and validated by the team. A detailed report is given in the following paragraph.

Shikshak Sanchalit Shikshan Sanstha's Arts and Commerce College offers 5 under graduate programmes and one certificate course. The college is affiliated to the University of Bombay and there is no scope for making changes in the curriculum. The total number of students enrolled is 730 of which 319 students are female students that constitute 43.7% of females in the total strength. The faculty strength on permanent basis is 12 and temporary 2 and the non-teaching staff of 10. The college initiated only 5 UG programmes to suit the needs of the people in that region.

The programmes offered by the college are conventional courses and with the available resources, the college is imparting higher education to the local people. The college offers only one certificate programme to help the students to acquire skills and this will not be sufficient and some more certificate courses have to be introduced to help the students to get employment opportunities.

The college is catering mainly to local population only and the college should explore the possibilities of attracting the students from other areas and from other states also.

The college should also explore the possibilities of introducing job-oriented programmes so that the students will get more employment opportunities not only in our country but also abroad. Also if value education is incorporated in the curriculum, it will help the students to face life with confidence.

The college admits students based on 'first come first served' basis. Since the college is situated in a tribal area the downtrodden students are given preference. The college has the provision of assessing students after admission in two branches namely, English and Economics. And the same can be extended to other branches of study also. The college should explore the possibility of providing Communicative English, Bridge & Remedial Programmes for the benefits of the students. Some of the certificate courses may also be introduced so that the students can get employment opportunities. The advanced learners may be motivated to help the weaker section of the students in the classroom. However, it is not reflected in the final outcome. This needs improvement.

The faculty is informed by the head of the institution to prepare teaching-plan in advance as per the teaching schedule. The college conducts university examinations and there are monthly tests to evaluate students' continuous performance. This has to be improved. 12 members of staff participated National and State Level Seminars. The college has also conducted Seminars, Workshops etc. This may be further enhanced in future.

The college collects students' evaluation feed back from the faculties of Marathi and English, which has to be extended to all other branches of study. The principal and other faculty members are members of different committees in university and colleges.

The academic linkage and collaboration should be further strengthened by the college as that may pave the way for academic interaction and helps in improving teaching and learning. Teachers can further be motivated to interact with Peer by attending Seminars, Symposiums, Workshop etc. and also by seeking the membership of professional bodies and societies.

Department of English has organised a National Conference on 'Multiculturism' during September 8th to 10th, 2001. 81 teachers from 8 Universities participated in this conference. Several seminars and workshops are organised by the departments like English, Marathi, History, Economics, political science & Commerce for the benefit of the students. These seminar are attended by the final year students of 'Cluster Colleges' of University Of Mumbai

Ms-CIT Course has been introduced in the college on self-finance basis and at present there are 50 students undergoing this course.

3 Girl students are teaching under 'Earn & Learn' scheme.

The college offers no research programmes both at Ph.D. and M.Phil. levels. Two candidates are doing part time Ph D. This indicates the college is mainly concentrating on teaching only. The college should encourage and facilitate research activities in a few programmes because without research activities academic credibility could not be appreciable. Only five teachers have completed their M.Phil. This is not significant for an institution of higher learning and the teachers are to be persuaded to initiate research activities in the college.

The college has not explored the possibilities of consultancy even though tremendous potential exists.

The college has initiated a number of extension activities such as AIDS Awareness, Health and Hygienic Awareness, Blood Donation Camp, Environmental Awareness etc.
The faculty and the students shall be encouraged to participate in the extension activities more effectively.

Mumbai University awarded Best Volunteer award during 2002 - 2003 for the NSS volunteers of the college for adapting Malvada village. One of the NSS student represented Maharashtra NSS in the Republic Day parade held during 2002 in New- Delhi. Water conservation (Vanrai Bhandara) project is being done by NSS unit of the college. They have also won IInd prize in street play competition held in CHM College, Ulhasnagar during 2003 - 2004 and they are winners skit competition at district level programme conducted by G. M. Momin Women's college, Bhiwandi.

The college is located in the tribal area and functioning in its own land measuring five acres. The maintenance of the buildings and other infrastructure is taken care by the management with its own fund providing necessary manpower. The ratio of library books to the number of students enrolled is 16:1 as per the records, which has to be improved. The college has minimum computer facilities including internet. The college should have adequate terminals to facilitate the students to know the information in various areas globally.

The college has a Physical Education room with facilities for indoor and outdoor games in the campus. 29 students participated in the sports meets organised by the university and this has to be improved. The outstanding sports persons are provided incentives by way of giving medals, certificates and also grace marks of 10 in total.

Percentage of students appearing for the final examination after a minimum period of study has not mentioned along with dropouts. Prominent positions held by alumni are very good and most of them are in academic and in administrative positions.

UGC NET examination is passed by only one teacher.

The prospectus is published annually and scholarships for BCs and SCs are given properly.

In this college there are different agencies to help BC students and Ex servicemen. They are also helping financial assistance to EBC and STC groups also.

The role of Employment Cell and Placement Office is not properly designed.

Alumni Association is formed during this academic year and it has just started functioning but it is not yet registered.

The college follows the rules and regulations of Mumbai University for the admission of students to all courses.

There are games and sports activities in the college. 3 students from the college represented Mumbai University Handball team during this year. Kho Kho (Ladies) team won the Gold medal in the second zone competition of Mumbai University during October 1999. One student of the college has been invited by 'Amateur Handball Association Of Mumbai' to participate in the International Invitational Handball Championship known as 'PARTILLE CUP' to be held at Sweden during June - July 2004. The Sanstha has appointed a coach to train students in the well-equipped Gymnasium. There is no Indoor games facilities in the college.

It is observed that in this college student's support and progression is at the beginning stage but not fully equipped nor developed.

The college is having internal coordination and also monitoring mechanism. Principal plays a very important role for governing body of the college as well as the internal working system in the college for effective administration. The Principal will have more contacts with the students and the staff and running the college on smooth lines. There are no external agencies and committees for organisation and management.

The college has an inbuilt mechanism to check work efficiency of non-teaching staff. It also conducts internal audit and weekly reporting.

There is a special committee for preparing academic calendar and to give suggestions for improving the standard of education. The selection of the committee is being approved by the governing body.

The college is also conducting development programmes for non-teaching staff like sending them to university workshops and government workshops.

The tuition and other fees are as per the government orders. They are getting
Rs. 3997081 and expenditure is Rs. 5321971-50 and there is a deficit budget.

The internal auditors suggested various methods to overcome this deficit.
There are different welfare programmes for the development of the college and they are maintaining grievance redressal cell in the college. The complaint of the student and staff are collected and action is taken.

Loans are made available to the employees of the institute from the different agencies like SBI, HDFC, Provident Fund, Kalyana Janata Sahakari Bank Limited etc.

All the major items in the college will be purchased by the decision of the committee.

The employees of Shikshak Sanchalit Shikshan Sanstha have formed Shikshak Sevak Sahakari Credit Society. The credit society aims at providing financial aid to the needy members.

In this criteria we can easily mention a lot of drawbacks and many more steps have to be taken for the development.

The College is adopting internal quality assurance cell to asses the teaching performance and also monitoring the non-teaching staff.

Strategic planning is done in the meetings of the staff with Principal. They have got the best teamwork. Staff meetings are conducted. All the decisions are taken in the meetings collectively. The Principal conducts the meetings. For the all extra curricular activities committees are formed consisting of the Chairman and other members.

This college has started Ms-CIT Course, on self-financing basis.

In this college it is observed that they give more importance to moral values and also for good organisation of the college and they are instructing in different ways and the students are motivated for civic responsibilities also.

They follow strict discipline which is the motto of the college and also they organise Teachers' day, Women's day etc.

NSS is playing their own roles in conducting different extension activities for the benefit of the local community.

The college is encouraging youth festival, local and university level competitions and also annual local gatherings.

To achieve the goals and objectives, the college gives admission to economically backward students. The faculty members visit the villages and Padas to convince the parents to send their son/daughter for higher education.

Through NSS, the college reaches to the grass root level on various issues.

The capacity to learn depends on the physical, financial and intellectual properties of the learner. The Book Bank scheme provides books for the financial weaker students & students of reserve categories.

Communication skills are promoted by encouraging the students to participate in elocution, essay, debating competitions, at various levels.

The exposure of Internet is given to the students in Ms-CIT Lab but there is no fully qualified Computer Science Teacher in the institution.

The college is 22 years old of its existence; the college has shown steady progress as an affiliated college under the University of Bombay. The College organizes various programmes like moral values, value-based education, Communication English etc. for students' development. Academic programmes are examination oriented whereas co-curricular activities help the students for their development. It is believed that the college strikes a good balance between these two. The Institution is trying for institutional growth in terms of introducing management courses. The teacher-student administration interaction in the college is positive.

Shikshak Sanchalit Shikshan Sanstha's Arts and Commerce College, Wada, functions in a very democratic and transparent manner with the help of various committees and advisory bodies. It also tries its best to provide an overall healthy and congenial environment for its students and faculty members.

The college has been consistently securing good results in the university of Bombay examinations.

The college endeavors look at problems of students from perspective of social background and conducts a diverse range of programmes and teaching directed towards their overall development and social justice.

The faculty is focusing on teaching programmes that seek solutions to the current issues of social importance.

The college is having a partially computerized library facility with adequate number of books. They are subscribing to - Magazines, Journals, Newspapers. Few more journals may be subscribed in different subjects of Arts and Commerce.

Science courses in applied subjects may be started on self-finance scheme.

Internet facility is available in the Ms-CIT Lab of the college. However, immediate step should be taken to install Internet facility in the Central Library for the benefit of students and faculty.

A fully qualified teacher in Computer Science may be appointed at the earliest.

Evening classes in computer sciences may be offered to enable all students and staff to undergo basic training in the topic.

In addition to the existing sports facilities, facility for more games may added. Further services of more coaches in different field of sports may be provided on self-finance basis.

The students are actively engaged in various cultural activities and for further improvement incentives may be given.

No hostel facility is available. Hostel facility may be added.

PG courses in need based subjects may be started to meet the requirement of the student passing out of this institution. .

Diploma/Certificate Courses in applied subjects like Apiculture, Horticulture, Tissuculture, Floriculture, Computer Science, Farm Management etc may be started by the college for the benefits of children of Tribal and Rural population of the region (Self finance basis).

More space may be provided in the Library to accommodate large number of students.
More books may be added to the Library in the phased manner.

Reprographic facility may be provided in the library.

Teachers should be encouraged to apply for FIP of UGC to enable them to improve their academic qualifications.

Alumni Association may be involved actively to participate in various developmental activities of the college.

A center may be set up to coach and prepare the students for competitive exams in State and Central levels.

College is not having health care facilities. A health center may be set up in the campus.

A English Language Lab may be set up in the college to train the students in communicative skills.

Government may be requested to sanction to start a NCC unit in the college.

Remedial courses are only for SC students. It should be extended to all students with special reference to those who are academically backward.

All teachers should use Audio-visual facilities existing in the college. Modern teaching aids such as TV, VCR, VCD, LCD may be provided.

A canteen may be set up for the benefit of students and teachers.

College can develop linkages with National / Local institutions.

The college may initiate to start certificate / Diploma / PG Diploma in need based subjects.
College may organize more seminars in the popular topics by inviting experts in different subjects.

A women cell may be set up to look into the grievances of girl students.

Students' attendance and progress could be computerized and made available to the Principal, Heads of departments, Parents and student councellors.

There is no twinning programme and student exchange programme in the college. And also there is no formal MOU with any industry and research organization. The lacunae should be filled at the earliest.

College should focus on the evaluation of performance appraisal of teachers by adopting a suitable mechanism.

Bigger classrooms has to be provided as per the strength of the classes. College may change the present timings to 8.30 a.m. instead of 7.50 a.m. to suit the convenience of students

NCC units may be started in the college.

The student guidance bureau and councelling centers may set up for the benefit of students.

Girl's Common Rooms are not up to the mark. Immediate attention may be given to provide all required facilities to aid students.

With regard to the basic infrastructural facilities, a separate toilet may be provided for the Principal and Staff members.

Prof. M. Abdul Rahiman, Chairman & Coordinator

Prof. V. Sengodan, Member

Prof. P. Murali Krishna,. Member

Date: 31st January 2004.

Summary: Shikshak Sanchalit Shikshan Sansthas Arts and Commerce College, Wada Maharashtra website, mobile, contact address and approval / recognition details.